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Every Person;..
Mr. Business Man:
One of the greateat aids to modern
business is the liberal and judicious use of
Printer's Ink. Can't we sell you some and
apply it?
Apply For Ad. Rates.
Living in", or having lived in; owning
property Or intending to; or Ml nny way in
terested in Ocean Spriugs should take the
local papei. Be posted.
...$1.35 per Year.
NO. 45.
rvvfnmci Dhavkaoo
.r lauei A 1 uv 1 ijlJlJ.
Official Journal or. Ocean Springs.
Official Journal of Jackson County.
Entered at postoffice in Ocean
Springs an second class matter
rHON'K NtalUEB 50.
Treasurer .
. F. M. Weed.
,E. S. Davis.
..T. J. Ames,
. . F. M. Oick
At Lar, A, Jofephjfppsiini.
Second! NY ard . Peter Geiger.
Third Ward ....... Oeo. L. Friar.
Fourth I Ward. .A. V. Rosambeau.
. . w ninrSTADV
iv 1 t 1 ii n rr.vj i un .
J. I). Minor.
u : iv ' ' 1 Ck iwiU
1 .... t 1. u 1 ..,:
v uui I n 1 ... - " - . .. -
. . LJ !.L
Schools, .... D. 1). Cowan.
J. L. Bailey. President.
J. Luhdy, Secretary
IV. U. West.
i' li 1.'
M. Dick,
iry Public,
fjstice of tlie Pea :e,
Oscar L. Bailey,
fl lllllll .VI. V UMV1TV
tromptly LUJitrered night W
fficoat store, Phone io. 'JO.
lmaf inn VnTAKV Pl'llLlC.
" " "
.V U.aala. nan lliaa
attorney Bt Xaw.
Ocean SpriiiQS, Miss.
BloomflWd, R. G cowan.
Attorneys at Law.
i Del mas Ave., sear Oanrthoutt,
aciice in all courts, Slate and Fed
i Attention giveoto legal business
William .Salftot,
nmiw ik i i . ' iu iu"" 1 i
1ULUX1, lliSS.
. '. 1- I,,- Into.
:met 1 can oe uiaue
Hours B a. m, tJ 5:,io p. m.
appointments by tclepohne at any hoi
O t Phon- 190. Uesidenee nt,-2
Post Son,
. . M mT nn a Trnnfl
1 1 ' I A V Si
A inciLCt
hllA.lMf rnmellls .Hid
on Howard ave-
-Abaoc Marks
id dworlptin may
free woetoer an
. mmmonlca
Baadbook on Pat enu
cvner for McnMnc paUeti
nrj for MC
cuffh Mun
t chartre. li
without charvre, in
f n?X a. TIaaaa mIaau
i it nmencdn.
f hmmat dr.
0. Tern:. S3 .
. lj, ncn luin
Sjm. t r su WMbbatoB. D C.
1 Tnl L m i t h XlTh
wv. ra. .. .v... ii n
Wark. Bio. Evecuted
azotes anfc
January term 1004.
All members and officers present.
The Board organized by electing
NV. R. David, president.
Course in road No. 29 changed
near Cunningham residence.
Road 73 divided as follow: Up
per Division) from Letter Box Hill
to R. R. crossing. (Lower Divis
ion) from R. R. crossing to Red
Sim and Jim Byrd, assigned to
road 18.
Wm. and Earl Hamilton assigned
to road 25.
Claim of R. L. McKay for al
leged damage to horse denied.
Report of D. D. Cowan, Supt.
Education, approved.
Report of county treasurer ap
Petition of P. B. Carter et al foi
public road approved and J. B
Havens. A. B. Havens, L. E. Ha
vens and J. H. Hall assigned there
to with P. B. Carter as overseer.
Dave Chandler and Frank Dixon
assigned to road 148.
Tlie Board visited county convict
camp and jail and found same in
good condition.
Supplemental lists jf real and
personal assei-smeiiis filed by J. D.
Minor, sheriff, approved,
P. K. Mayers & C?., awarded
contract for publish proceeding:
and notices for year 1984.
Denny & Denny, are appointed
attorneys tor Hoard for year 1904.
All overseers rep rts filed approv
ed, and all in default by Feb, 1904
to be fined as the law directs.
W. R. David and C G. Steede
appointed to inject bridges on road
1 j3 when eompleted.
The fallowing overseers are ap
pointed for 1904, to-wit:
District No. 1.
Road 1. Weslev NV Cochran, road
VT ,, ,. , , T u i
Jas A Howall, road 3, J H Davis,
road 4 G NV Howell, road 6 Chas
Pierce, road 7 Leon Vice, road II
Jno H Parker, road 9 Eli Howell,
road 10 Jas Moody, road 1 1 C F
Ward, road 12 A W Gardner, road
13 W D Ratliffe, road 14 Jas Mai.
lctt, road 11 Webster Howell, Toad
15 Gabriel Moffett, road Id James
Helvestion, road 17 Singleton Fer
riU, road 18 NVm T Howell, road
19 Jno Ward, road lo7 Wm Davis,,
road 115 D I Reves, road 129 Jas
T Howell, road 1 4a Joe Parker, load :
IH 1. W ITmuml. road I A3 .1 A ;
District Xo. 2.
Road B Edw Adams, road 20 .NI
V Tanner, road 21 Harry (irirlin,
road 22 E l Jones, road 23 Lonie
Roberts,. 94 Jim Polk, road 2: J C
Ely, Jr, road 26 E G Hiaetle, re ad
27 S D Coleman, road 28 S !i
Johnson, Jr, road 29 M C Goff,
road 30 R L Ferrill, road 31 .1 J
Carter, road 32 Lyman Cumbe '.
road 33 Wesley NV Guff, road 3
Chas E Coleman, road 115 Henry
DlSTHlCT No. la
Road 35 Geo Parker, road II
Arthur Oliver, road 37 Geo Dudlev,
road 38 Stalum, road 39 Willie
Mclunis, road 40 V A Leiinup,
road 42 E E Krebs, road 43 W L
McLcod, road 45 las Trehern, road
46 S J NValters, road 47 Robt De
inony, load 48 H'-nry Maples, road
49 Ambrose Lmder, road 13 Geote
Brewer, road 88 J.I PetularviN. road
94 John Brabaaa, road 96 E Me.In
nis, road 103 Jno Robinson, road
34 NVm farby, road I It Jaa NVatt,
road 124 Robt TrrhoTV, road 126
T W Woodard, road IM II Perkins
Dnmot No 4.
Ruad No 58 ban Snyder, nad
59 hhilo Webb, r..a I 60, Ea ;e
Davis, road 61 Lilt McDaniel, road
62 W H Westlall.
road II .1 W
1 ootle, road 04 Geo Forehand, road
65 J P NVare, road 66 A R Carroll,
road U Allium Koaers, iud H
. .. r
J E Roberts, load ,0 (t li Mania,
road 73 Harin.in Wilhou, Mad 7:1
(lower division) .ias Hilt oi. r ad 7ti
N I Latimer, roaii 77 Eldie Cate,
road 89 Nora Nohillg, road 98 NV
,.nliirni.V,f nA TT-U..
1 i " ii. iii, iiiiiii n i ai i.iii nr. i .
I " - ' ' I I , ' V. - ,
with e.tno.. ,a -- - '
W Smith, road 99 Benj Gallon-,
road 100 SM Bilbo, road 110 E
Bullock, .oad 111 J W Flurry, road
125 Frank Flowers, road 133 An
drew Quave, read 134 C P Scar
borough, road 153 Scott Ramsay,
road 152 Elaby, road 136 J W Cox.
District No. 5.
Koad 72 W K Uainsay, road 78
Wash Fairley, road 79 E J Cooper,
road 80 W C Havens, road 81 E F
Caraway, road 82 (lower division)
Henry Wilkerson, road 83 Lewis
Fortner, road 85 Lewis Roberts,
road 108 Roily Hunt, road 114
Major Pipkins, road 120 Jim Cald
well, road 127 Allen Smith, road
128 W W Mizelle, road 131 W S
Overstreet, road 146 J L Flurry,
road 147 C E Dees, road )4t R S
Byrd and roae 151 Juo M Flurry.
The following allowances were
made, to-wits
M Ashcrafl, Constable, annual
allowance 9 25 00
(i Wood, J T, annual allowance. 25 00
O Wood, J P, feBConvlotl work
ed on road 9 10
Johnson Ware, 1' annual al
lowance 4(0
(Jiias Ferrer Constable, annual .
allowance 10 75
W W Woodman, constable, an
nual allowance . S 00
A I) Kr"bs, .1 1' annual allow
ance 25 00
A D Krebs. J P fees convicts
worked on road
F H Lewis Cir Clerk fees con
victs worked on road
.1 U Minor, sheriff, fee.-, convicts
worked 00 road
J D Minor, sheriff fees Habeas
Corpus C T Ellis
Idel Quiu witness lor si ate . ...
Julia Kelt witness for Stall
John Robinson member school
John Eli no mber school board..
lo 60
8 .0
12 15
3 00
3 00
8 00
3 00
a oo
6 00
5 75
32 50
100 ou
41 00
M IV David member "' "
I., S Ward
O J Truussell board Tor pauper. .
V J Lundv supplies lo El liayou
City of Seraulon lights and wa
ter lo Jan 1 11)04
P K Mavers & Co 6 mo publish
ing proceed ngs
Scran ion Chronicle Stationery
for county orticers
U A Wallers convict foreman
salary for December
Jas Tiehern guard salary for Dec.
E Hine ' "
Palace Pharmacy medicine lo
80 00
0 00
10 oO
00 40
D A Walters convict
i a HUekwell liauliug acc't con-
De.lean fc Milchel' Co supplies
to convicts
V M Canty supplies to convicts.
R V Rogers " "
8 50
23 08
17 At
3 00
W J Htirnson hauling acc't con-
viols 5 00
L E Cox supplies to convicts. ... 3 00
James Trehorn wood lor convict
camp 8 Oil
D 1) Cjwan Supt BduO&lloQ al
lowance for postage
J D Minor sheriff oonviotl work
ed on road
J D Minor feeding prisoners in
10 00
1 00
4 20
P It l.iiids janlUlf -alary lor
Deeem ber
10 oo
:io 00
LFayard keeper Ft Bayou bridge
F II "Lewis Cl rk ami paid leie-
phone for ueCi
J l Minor ;imt puid telephone
for sheriff s ortice
S R ThompSOU supplies lo coc-
24 ?5
3 00
8 50
15 50
50 00
IV R Keii M D visits to i vloli.
F II Lewis olerk notis In ease
JaeUson Co VS J K-n i. .
J D Minor sheriff cost- In case
loekson On vs J Emanuel ,
Hail v 1 1 c 'ol v mc service
lo Nov 1 1904
lo I
F. H. Uvb, W
R David,
President .
i disi i iyd by man n man en
dnring pains of aooidenMl Cm-,
Wounds, Braises, Bums, Scalds,
Sore feet or Stiff j.iints. Bui
theie's no need for it. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will kill the pain and
cure the trouble. Il s the best
Salve oi earth foe Plies, loo. -2)o
at Ocean Springs Drug Store.
And now conies aman who says
there is as muuh feeding value in
the corn c oh as there is la the gram
rhal grew OSJ it. This fellow must
be in the employ of some break fax
food oompaii), a in 1 his duties are to
tell people what's I at without till
ing them whv.
A fonttner naaaat o n land in
1 Japan, alibo a ml uber ol fore
ere may organize ihemsi lv, - into a
SOSnpaay, to be know n an I lei -tm
! as a '-juridicial person," and Ibia
i i n .u. i..
tMmrmm3 u" l"T ,li
I of a native citi.en.
Saved From 1 kkriri.k Dkath
, . .. r ...
The lamilv id Mr- M. L. I
,u f Barg.rton, Tenn. saw Ism
dv :ng and were powerle.- to Savi
bet. The most skillful obiraieiaas
and every remt-dy u-ed, failnl.
while consumption was slow ly but
surely tak.no ber life. In this ter
rible hour Di . King's New Ducov
ery for Consumption turned despair
into joy. The first bottle brought
immediate relief and Its continued
use completly cured her. It'- ihe
most certain cure In the world foi
all throat and lung troubles. Guar
suited Bottle- Mfcj and II. on. Trial
B"ttles Free at Ocean Spring- Dr.iu
One Hundred pairs of Shoes
slightly soiled and marked in
the recent fire are offered at
35 to 50 per cent below usual
price to close out. Mostly lad
ies' and children's sizes. Ask
Albert about it.
The Country Weekly.
There is onlv one of the lower
animal that cares anything about
a newspaper. This is the goal, and
be does not want it to read but to eat.
The other animals do not ef Ncribe
for them. In this they set . tod
example to the man, wl O is but ! s
tie above them, who will lake a
newspaper a whole year without
paying for it and then return it
through tlie postoffice marked "re
fused," or the man will take a paper
as long as he can without paying
for it and then stop it when requir
ed lo pay up. There is not a coun
try weekly ill any town in Missis
jsippi, however poorly edited and
liirinlpd llifii la mil venrth manv
1 nines its subscription price to any
; citizen of the community in which
; . . , t. fi i i
;il is printed. It is on the side ol
' the moral, material and intellectual
j ftdvrtiioouaeut of tho people of its
town' and county. It insy not ha e
a prosperous and up to. dale appear
ance, but it has its influence and is
a power for good. It is close to
the people. Meridian Star.
New Idea Woman's Magazine.
la Important and timely article
in the February number of the New
Ide,. Woman's Magazine IS entitled
'An American Girl as an English
Peeress." Is written by Michael
Wnite. an Englishman, who speaKS
authoritatively on the subject, and
who presents his opinions attract
ively. A second chapter of a sym
poaiura oalled "TLs I Iappiost Day
o' My Life" will Hud many appre
ciative rood is A special article
a poo taller-making under the heal
ing ol "The Country Woman's
Friend The l mv," by Kate V M.
Maur, is practical slid useful. The
Honrs are bright and interesting,
and the entire t.ibie of contents is a
least io wh im'oevei' partakes of it
good things as offered.
5'fGI T
Laxativ e Bromo-Qullllas Tableiscure
a eold in one day. ao Cure, No Pay.
Price 25 cents.
The New Year.
We shall apprec
iate your patron
age during 1904,
assuring one and
all of our contin
ed efforts to please
ocean sprinos )m store.
J. B GARRARD, Proprietor
Proposed Changes in the Primary Law.
Hon. S. N. Sample, one of the
Representatives from Holmes, has
iu'r dnoe I an amendment to the
primary law, making several very
important modifications. He is from
the i.ome coin ly ot ex-Senator Noel,
antlior of the present law, who
heartily favors all the propose I
changes. Among the change! pro
posit! are: a
1. No nominattoii without a
majority of the p pular vote, and
the total elimination of the electoral
I eat il re ol the prcsel.t law. and no
submission to a primary election
when there is bui one candidate for
an office, uncontested' nomination
being declared by executive com
mittees When llllle fOf submission
of names of candidate has elapsed.
2. The law is cleared of all am
biguiiy in regard to qualification of
votelsji Those wdio c.ti: ' ;! for
nominees, if oinerwise qnaliiii- i, can
vote lor nom, nations, doing awav
with the idea of registration four
months before the iriinar election.
I, The regulation as to expenses
to be paid by candidat. s are made
explicit and binding. All money
collected from candidates in excess
of what is required to." printing and
distributing tickets must be refund
ed alter the last primary..
4. Employment t person tc
canvas" for candidal - is obi hi ted,
though, of .oinse, this din not in
terfere with any one's voluii ar mil
unpurchased service for a friend or
5. I he date lor the meet ol
the exeouiM e committees io appoint
precinct eflcers is fixed for two
weeks ! I.. it. any regular primary
election, and the election ottoer ar
lequired, a hen practicable, lo be
selected I mm Mipaoriei - of compel
ing caudida e- , tu that all conflict
ing interests may lie represented at
the polls.
Several othei doubtful provisions
have been ma le e.ear.
My, aow the bolters hate Bryi
i (lountv Iftews IWotee, I
Mount Pleasant.
Rev. Jeff Lntt was a pleasant
visitor here last week.
Ellis Goff, of Theodore, Ala., is
visiting his daughter here.
The sheep owners here are losinaj)
a good many sheep by dogs.
J P Smith and James Ware were
Monday visitors toScranton.
Barney Smith, of Escatawpa, was
a visitor here two days last week.
NV. T. MoSfilleu and two child
ren, of Brewlon, were visitors last
Sunday. "
Miss Minnie Moreen spent two
days at Vanclcave the guest of Mrs.
S. R. Ritliffe.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Ware and
two children were Vis. tors to the
count seat last week.
Misses Bursia and Carrie Roberts
entertained their young friends at a
singing last Sunday evening.
John McMillen, one of cur old
est residents, lias been quite sick,
but we arc glad to say he is im-
P :OVI g.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Goff and
little daughter, of Brewlon. were
pleasant visitors to Mr. Cochran's
family Sunday.
Rev. J. T. Atdey will till the pul
pit ai Mt. Pleasant the fonrth Sun
day in aiiua-y AH are cordially
invited to attend.
NVhat has become of tin- county
correspondents, Brewton Dais
IJea . Lake, let us hear Irom
and v nr debate! through the
umns of The Progre.
rqcuuii a toi.u IN okh oay.
Take 1axatlve Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All di tiaiJlsta refund ih monej
If it i ails i.. cure. K, W. Urn e's siuiini
lure is on e it;h bos 25C
Kuasoas Why.
To go pil reasons why i very res
pectable thinking nuin sbouH sejuayr
put as oiteu and as hard as he can;
1. B UilUse it is such SB elegant
way ol e presMMg 'oie's thoughts.
2. li. c i .se it l i sucn conclusive
pioof 3l l.i le and good breeding.
3. Because il is positive ev idence
of acquain .nice Willi good litera-
t .re.
4 Because ii is silufa a sure way
Ol n akiug one's self agreeable lohis
I, Because it furnishes such a
good exauipli and tr.iiiiilig tor iio
6 B cause it is just what a man's
mi tb t enj ys having her son do.
7. Because it would look so nice
in print.
8. Because it is such i go. d
ay ol .inci easin one,s self respe ct.
9. Becau e it is hiioIi a help to
maul.ood and 'iilue iu many a'syl.
10. Bec.illse il is SUell UU iuf$l
iible way ol improving oik's ohan jc
in the iF-ieat'ci . E h i -1
Two men were disputing over
churches, line was a Method 1st and
the other a Baptist. Finally oneol
them called lo a neighbor who was
passing by aadWked Ins opinion as
to which a tb. only chinch lo la
save I. "WaJI neighbor," said lie,
son and 1 have been haul ing W heal
to mill nigh on lonv years. An
there's two roads lead lo the mill.
Olio's tb.- valley road and
nke- ovet tae WL Sotaei
ol II
ines 1
i be
go one, roineiimes t'other,
never yet, friend-. h'i- u
a-kel ii wliich road ' oo
al i s asks . ' is JTpui - a
Doiutsxtc iaotfatjts
Jl i-es ;. n lual 10 find .. familf.
whe hei irenodomeatieraptarm
iH-i a lot. 1 i out these UU be WS
i mil b : ii j Bt King New
l,ite Pilli iuii i Manij Ironbl
Hurt save b the. i great rk n
Btamaeh an-. L-v trouble. 1 lie
net only rrHevel ObNl.oaro. J 5c,
ai Qisan Sprint - Drag Store.
The N abingt n clerks ai'- in a
be.ij o i been ili ciil
ed thai . after aark 7
hoiii i - n hi kouf more
:. ali Msasl. ,1 . eoiir nler it an ex
treiiir bardabia Their average I
i ary is ll-!t'ti a year, and thev seem
inclined lo forget thai thev are paid
by men w ho.
k le Ol Ml let II ho It's
1 a day for
less t .an halt the ;u ok v .
Th' Ssr Oofttl f Oku. hii
AmmimA I thai . .-la an viic '
IMa iHi'e li I -11 f I
In-n mee n
Dead Lake.
Mr. Sam Rone of Cross Roads
visited Deed Lake Tuesday.
Miss Louella Holland is the guest
of Mrs. T. E. Holland this week.
Mrs . B. Qnimbley and damper
Ophelia, visited the family of H .
Holland Tuesday.
Messrs John Fletcher and Thos.
Lott, of McHenry visited Dead
Lake this week.
Miss Eva Riggin, teacher of the
Red Hill school was called lo hef
borne by the serious illness of her
Mr. Matthew Browdas, a Baptist
preacher of McHenry, preached in
ihe school house Sunday last. Quite
a number .vent to hear him.
T. E. Holland, photographer of
Dead Lake, in company with Lyman
Holland visitel Daisy, Rowble,
Lissa and Americtis this week tak
ing photos.
Mrs. Jeanette Holland received a
lively calendar from Prof. Q. D.
Sauls. The calendar is advertising
the Life Equitable Insurance Co.
and is indeed a little beamy
Laurence Foster, one of the
Dantzlcr tram road hands, as kill
ed by a laliing tret at this place
Saturday morning. His remains
were taken to his home in Brewlon,
Ala., accompanied by his brother,
J. Foster. a
Last year il cost "12u000000 to
uui New York Jit-, and it was a
Low ear too.
A Vkry Closk Call.
'I stuck to mi engine, although
every joint ached and every nerve
was racked with pain," writt - C. W.
Bellamy, a locomotive fireman, of
Burlington, Iowa. -'I was weak
and pale, without any appetite and
all run down. As 1 wa tsUu til to
give up, I gotsfjj&ottle of Electric
Bitters, and al'ttakino il, 1 felt as
Well Sit 1 evei
VVealfcjrfickly, r
ways ain new
vitior from their itise. Try .lliem
Satisfaction guaranteed by Oo an
Springs Drug Store. Price 50 cents.
Athena, Tonn., Jan. 27, 1901.
Brer since tho first appearance of rar
mensos they were very irregular and I
suffered with groat p'ain in iny hips,
back, stomach and tegs, with terrible
bearing doun pains in the atulomen.
During the ;.ast mouth I have been
takingWi- if Cardui and Thedford'a
Black-Dr; r,and I passed the month
ly period wnuout pain for the first time
in years. Nas-nib Ham.
What Is Ills worth to s woman suffor
Ing like Nannis Davis sullersd? Yai
thero are women in thousands ol homes
to-day who are bearing those terrible
menstrual pains in silence. II you are
one of thsse ws wsnt to oay thai this
will bring you permanent relief. Con
sole yourself with the knowledge that
1,000,000 women have boen completely
cured by Wins ol Csrdui. These wom
en suffered from leucorrhoea, irregular
menses, headache, backache, and
bearing down psins. Wine ol Cardui
will stop all Ihsss sches and pains
lor you. Purchsse s $1.00 bottle ol
Wine ol Cardui to-day snd take It in
the privacy of your home.
For Ml Tic and 11 usne urr address, r ;ri r.g symp
toms, "The Lwues' Anvi.rr Oepartiiirnt,"
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga,
Wood's Seeds.
SANDVETCrrTiiakes a hay or
forage crop superior in feeding and
nutritive qualities to Timothy
Hay. It will also mase the largest
yield of dry feed of any crop that
can be sown in the Fall. In this
respect it is superior to Crimson
Clover as it not only makes a larger
yield than that crop, but is very
much superior in feeding qualities.
Wood's Fall Catalogue tells all
about Seeds for Fall Planting,
Sei Wheat, Oats, Rye,
Bftrlev. Vetches, Qrasaand
Clover Seeds, etc
rite (or Catalogue and prices
oi any SeedB desired.
Seedsmen, Richmond, Ya.
WrwJ's Fall fiaWMM Mlm twintibou:
Vegetable ana Flower Seeds, Straw
erry and Vegetable Plants, I .am n
Omas, Hyaclnlhs, Tulipa. eti
Catalagne meil'd free upon ".teei
If You Are
You should write end ftt correct Infor
mation in regard to the facilltiea offered
by the
Louisville &
Nashville R, R.
I (I. RlUVGiSTEN, Pais. Alt.. ll!D9tlS, Till.
Your home
fully rovers the field of local
news, but progressive people
require information beyond
that current events from
everywhere by wire, special
telegraphic service and cor
respondence. Such is the
want only filled by a big me
tropolitan newspaper, and
is that kind of a newspaper.
T. 1 1,. 1.. ln..1alAM infill.
ence avA popularity in the I
South, and in every way (
comes up to all the require- ('
ments of a hieli grade home '
and business newspaper. i
t?..l,,riK ,in. throllffh V
) SjK
) 0AHY, p sums 11-00
( " Tu Yaar M.00
I MMMT. rsr Yssr
) Stai WltKLY, P.r Yr I.N
) C
The Times-Democrat, ()
N.w Orleans, La. (i
Why Is the
New ... I)
The Favorite
Uroippi Paper?
tKsacn rr is
The Best Paper
In the South.
Its Bureau at Jackson, umler the
able Tianngernent of EDGAR S.
NVILSON, who lets nothing of in
terest escape, makes it a morning
paper to Mississippians from tiie
Capital of their state.
It also contains
Superior Market Repot ts.
Dally Picay une.
Twelve Months $u on
Six Months 6 oo
Three Months 300
One Month 1 00
Weekly Sixteen Pages.
Twelve Months $1 00
dunday Picayune by Mall.
Twelve Months -(2 oa
All the Latest News
Is the Leading; Democratic
Paper of the South...
Fall AssocUt.d Preas Diipatchn,
All the Latest lo P lit
Dally Stock and Market RavporU,
up till closing ol Exchanges.
Special IVaily Oommarcial column,
Deltveret 1; lsur ftietottioe.
1 year, $700) aaos., S3.80
9 snos. $175: 1 mn , ao.os
I6to20paff. 1 year, $1 0
Pxfbliahed Bvory Wadnaaday snd
Saturday. 104 Copies la a
yaar for $1.00
1 N snnivr;s. MISSISSIPPI
ii H'i shi ad

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