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- . ? 1 n m i mm . i
9, K, UAYSan.
. W. I IK AN
f rr.tntoit $tstt
' F. J. LUNOY, Cashier Ocean Springs Rrnnch.
J. W. STEWART. Cashier Moss Point Prancle.
1 ransacts a general lanking business. Safely deposit boxes for rout,
"fcing in prion from 4o V year. Free-to jiltton. Interest paid oa
tune deposits in our savings department.
Capital Paid In $50,000.00.
Surplus and Net Undivided Profits $10,000.00.
DIRECTORS: J. W. Stewart, Ed Mitchell,
U ,M..;,u, K, J. Uiudy. 1'. K. Mayers.
O. Randall, II S. R,m rite, J.
L. & N. Time Table.
W. 2 10:60 p. n.
" 4 11:49 a.m.
" 10:12 a. m.
" 10. Local coast train 7:10 p. m
" 14. Sunday excursion. .. .11:00 a. m.
" lit..... 10:34 p. m.
No. 1 5:47 p. m.
J. 4.H7 a. m.
' 6 3:00 p. m.
" 0. Local coast train 5:45 a. m.
" 15. Sunday excursion 4:45 p. m.
" 97. Don't stop.... 11:02 n. m.
V. M, WEJfil), Agent.
local "Mews Items,
imnos wood 6oai yard
We have just received a big lot of char
coal tor tbe retail trade. Let its supply
you. Keineinbi-r, wedelivui free. ,
We will Cut Your Wood !
Parties bavins' wood oftheir own which they want cut in stove
wood length cm have same out at our yards at- tlie following prices:
Pine, 50 cents per cord; Oak, 75 cents per cord.
feed for light
W. O. Wkst.
by Mrs. W. A.
enough for you
Stuart Pecan
Stationery ,
The Latest Styles
in Shapes and
A Nice, New Lino just liecived.
Call an Inspect.
(Xbos. IT. 1Rq3, j
A Suitable
Make some all cut friend n N'-w
Years present of n years sub-Hi-rtption
to Tin: P&OGBMB, It
will be appreciated.
$1.25 pays the bill.
Wanted. A horse to
Passenger trains ate ritnnfllg on lime
Stove wood for sa!
Well, has it been cool
this week?
Hay for sale. Inquir
Co. Ph. .ne !I2.
II. P. Russell went to N.-w Orleans
this morning.
K N. Ramsay was a visitor to the
county seat Monday.
s The wood dealer is a vert imnoraut
personage these days.
Nexi July you'll be wishing for some
west her just like this.
Eyes tested and glasses titled by I),
Walls, ul Valife Hi. use.
J, W. Depricst, of Hrcwlon, is In
town today on business.
Prof. II. 1). Cowan spent Sunday with
his children iu tit is oily,
For latest sheet rousic call on or
write Post it Sun. Biloxl;
Attv. R. I). Wiggintoti transacted
business. at Scran ton Tlfur Htkj
Mr, Holier, ul Detroit, Mich,, is a re
cent arrival at the Vullle H .use.
All kin is of job , riming done at Tub
pRoaKKSS ollice Doii'l forget that.
Will Slgerson e ine over from New
Orleans last Suhdni t., spend I he day.
Mrs- M. M. Rlohurdsoii and daughter,
Mis .Miiu.i-, visited New Orleans Sun"
Mrs. I. I
Bill pur Harness and verses
of every disoriptloil from the
J(mE, ALA.
rest block 111
Write them for pictures snd prices.
Long distance lines and telephones of
this Company enable you to talk almost
anywhero In Southern Indiana, Southern
Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi
and Louisiana. We can put you In quick
and satisfactory communication with the
people of this great section of the country.
Wa solicit vour patronage. Rates reason
able. Equipments and facilities unsur
passed. ..Mr- - CALDWELL. LCLAND HUME. It O
W. T AMES, Local Manager.
flarblc Works Co.
,:,-. ,..eineiil this .linn will sell 110000.00
Ktunmetits at hilt nsml price. Bend for tdtie
We will inaranlee workmanship second to none
Idteied and tielneied r . . M your t.a
This i rfianos
Autlioitj Bti
tin accunt of ctanirr of
M-nrth of hi-adstonei" and "
lartuta of what von w ant
ii : - - imlttttjilll
" i"'""- --" . . , ; ... i.r,..,,,,.
mat nappt ii" -
IT V atf A V.O.V7.
... i o. . reels. mm' - uu.v..u
Kovai ami ri
Local Asent
et i-, of Chicago, is ai her
East lieach resitl'-hfe It) reiniiin some
A carload of shells for use on iIh
streets twaa received Hie liisl .1 the
Mrs. O. A Ril(r and children, or
(In If port, are visiting- .Mrs. ,M. B. Mu
Clure. D. Walls, waieli maker ami jeweler,
lias located St the Vallle House. Work
What's lb" ulc kickini! abtrul the
weather. Thin.K whal they're gen ng
in I he nort h.
Misses lone and H'Hen Klmbadugl.
.t.re over from Biloxl I'hucsday to
to Spend i he day.
Maun Simmons was over from he
ruy asi Sunday In spend ihe da) with
relatives and friends.
David Nolan and Andre McAdaWs,
of rhicag. , arrived Mondaj nijiht and
are 1 1 i he "ahh- House.
Misses jffiile U ' I
Ftsli'dad spent the early partofths ueek
In Ni-w tlrh'iiiis sightseeing.
James Boden, who is working In New
Orleans, came over U) llceati Springs
Sunday Ih-.i la spend the tiny.
The County Board if Supervisors hold
th-ir reiiular Mouthly irn-eiing ai
Scr.inton next Uouday, Feb. 1st
Invllations io ihe coming mnrdl gras
ball at Firemen's Hall are being issued.
It Wjil doubtless be .1 log success.
Mrs. Drey ToutiS enteri ne 1 the
Ladle's Aflern mil Ruchre Cluli Uburs
diy at its reguiar wreitlv meellug.
KeroMne oil for sale at Mrs. iorton
J. K. Porter, of Chl0asx, arrived
Thursday to remain awhile and look
after business mailers. Mr. Porter, it
will be remeoiberei), speut several
weeks here last year.
Now the following pr iblem has sue
oeetled Ann's age ss a topic of interest
among the fii o'eui : "How much wood
would a woodchucVcbuek if a woml
chuck would chuck wood?"
Grace K. Hullas. Osteopathic phys
Oiau. graduale iincl.-r A. T. St ill. l-'tu nd
es of Science, will be at Mrs. ,1. K
Ball's every Monday and Thursday
rrom 12 lo .1 p. m. Call mid see hei.
There will be a meeting of the U. II.
C. Monday . I 3:00 p. m. at the residence
of Mrs. '1. W. Grayson. All members
are requested to at lend. The president
Mrs. A. Jackson, expects to be present,
The mail service out of New CrleaU
has been pretty poor this week on ac
count of the damaged railroad bridge at
Pearl river. Everything is running in
good shup" now, Ihe damage having
b en repaired.
Among the arrivals from Ihe north
ihe past week was Miss Anna Kiliii.lge,
of Madison, Wis. Miss Ki it ridge spent
seven) months in Ocean Springs last
year and made many friends who cor
dially welcome her return. She isslop
ping at the Shamiahau House.
tjuile a number of land seekers aie
visiting Ocean Springs i lo se das, and
tl is quite probable that ere long our
population will largely iucsease by 'lie
settlement ol 'much of our vacant land
by truck la mors. The tide is jusi sel
ling in. They are not going west now,
bul souths
Hie second enierlainmeni of Hen
drlcksou and llosani i Firemen's Hall
last 8a'. urdaj night was not a stitces
. ry
i 59
He If r -n I
i oati lor I Ii
, turn i d M
ul where sh
visiting llr. and Mrs. ttos A. Swiizer.
vTe are pleased to learn that st.erisT
Willie P. Ramsay is recovering iron.
1 lie
Mrs. O. Swilze
long froni Scraot
os. Ti le
niday eve
has been
soon t i be
i-v nmti rnAlM ITTP
m i ? i iriiiiaj yiiviiitiitj.
C L. llltlll ll llltl smvarf-vv--"
fregb gcrggg Butter, fPilh, Cream,
ctrcamCbsc, ButtcrmUft, tc.
Prr-Oi illy Gtfj tor ay ih
KwrviliioK IVfrilf rale
V If. Dir., M-nit;r.
JvTprompleyetain U. fi. sssl tortg:
ami reUil dealer in
Fish and Oyster
CraU, Sin imp, stte.
free r;port on m'entbilKr Fo: t
T r'U
Ills severe illlo
back on d u 1 ag.il n
siivist i Orandall, "I nshine, III.,
was caih-d home Til uraday Boo 11. Mr.
CraoUall has been stofiphi at tin
Vahle House for on H n" past,
For Rent, a four room cot luge, com
p'. tel., furnished, located on Washing
Ion avenue, near the I ea'ii. Apply lo
The Progress ollice for particulars.
Xlr. and Mrs J. B. tlweu and two
Sbildren arrived last Saturday from
M ilwaukee, and are ai Ihe Ocean
Springs Hotel for an extended Stag.
On Seconal of ihe dgflgagg to i he
bridge al P ari river i he Const irm.i mi
only lo Kay St. Louis l'u.-sda atom log
and on Weduesdu;. Jul not run al sit.
James M. Day, v( Xew Aib.mv. lad.,
stopped off at Ocean Springs M- nday
as! to spend the day with Ins sifter,
Ms W. C. Wesl. Mr. D.iv was on his
way to Ihe city ol Mexico.
J. L MeOaatel lis rented the iow-.-r
floor of the K. of P buildihg and moved
his fruit and vegeinble stand from the
Artesian House. He is usina ih re ir
pari of t he house for a dwelling.
Mrs M. U Hnlcomb has conveyed to
Then. Bechtel a deed for thirty arr.s of
I ol hsMeO bv linn for ihe past three
tear-., and used as a pecan nursery. Ii
is locai'-d on Hole .nib M ul-vsrd.
Mr Win S. Craiv. of (ilifnr-is. Mil.
surT.-r-d for y.-ars fii.m rhe;im;ilism and
lomb.ign. He was flimlly advised In try
Chamberlain's Puin Halm, which h
ilul and ii effected a comph te cur-.
This Hsiriral is for sale by Ocean
SprLncs Drui: llulll.
No., u e.ghl tict e:s w. re so'd at his
point for ih excursion lo New Orleans
Ins! Suodav. I.srge crowds weie ihe
rule at si! coast points. The excursion
was the largest ever carried to the ciiy
from 1 he coast.
Whn inn like Bawrl Tastrlem
f'hill Tonic b-caae ihe formula is
pliinlv printed on every b'-ltV ho
nig that it is simply Ir -n sad Qniinn
i i last.-less form. No cor.-, gw a-aorts.
from a financial point, of view. The
performers gave a first class show bul
ih. audience was sma'l, so the public
school, for whose benefit the entertain
ment was glvgn, did BOt realize a Cent.
Conductor H'm. Johnson has decided
o m tke t cean Springs his permanent
nUf. I.asi week he purchased the
Wing properly from A. Q. lVbo. This
splendid place is located on Washing-
.ton avenue near ih" beach and has a
frontage of five hunitrcd feet. It is one
oi the m ost desirable properties in town,
W. A. Worih, of Chit-ago. who
bought the Dr. Todd farm east of town,
is here lor a few days Mr. Worth is
forming a laou company lor ihe pur
pose of settling ii n ihe cou n I r t bei ween
ibis city and Fl UayoU, The land will
be Sold in snvill tracts to truck growers
and ul Iters who will engage in limit ami
P'-cau raising.
Mrs, 9. K. Curtis, of Madison, Wis ,
is ii ih Ocean Springs Hotel lor h -r
u.oal winter sojourn. Wnh the excep
tion of I .si year, w hen sin- visited
ICurope, Mrs. Ourljs has bei-n h regit
lar v isitor to Ocean Springs for several
years past, and Is always Cordiallv Web
0 isged by a host of friends uti ber ar
rival in our midst.
As will be noticed by a legid adv r
lIsSTtnnl now running in this paper,
Col. Newcomb Clark has I u appoint-
d administrator of the psiate ui Ihe
lie Col. A 0. Bheldun, The elect ion
is no doubt in keeping wi'h Col. .-'Iiel-
d n -. wish, for Col. Clark was intimate
Ij sat MJlaled wnh Mr. Blinldon in lbs
oonuoci oT his affairs for sometime
prior io the laiter'i death ami i
tboroaghty posted in all Us details, Hl
S'-l.'Ci ton is ntvi e. . ; -
J. A Wily will pase accept ur
Hanks fur two line red fish, which
were hit at our office last Sainrdat
wilh his compliments, Mr. Willy is
.ne of the ring leaders of a party ol
ab on a half a dozen gentlemen who
hate been malting Some great calclu-s
of fish within ihe last ten dart Their
catch consists mostly of red fi.-di and
trout, and in fourtTines out they 'have
landed some'hii.g over four hundred
lish. Consid'-ring ihe sreathcr and lbs
bait IheV had thin is a remkablv good
r cord and stamps the genii m.-n of tin
pa. ly as anglers ol no mean abiliy.
Albert B Aokander, the Chicago geu-
h o an isl t ar bought a tract ol
land j i i ' ul town, m -ar the Bert nc
clnl place, is mskiugextetrsive Improve
ments on ihe properly. He has plowed
up quiie a piece of land snd will set out
pecan and fruit trees at once. He will
also erect a small house and such out-
buildings as are needed. Mr. Ackandcr
tlo -s not intend to r mam here perma
nently, at least not this year, as he has
a lucrative government position which
he is not ready lo give up, but he in
tends lo siari his farm now so that il
will he mal nring and growing in value.
When In- comes south to live he will
have his farm on a paying basis.
Oom Oat Hunting Thursday Morning tad
Has Not Beta Sesa Sines.
Tin- family and friends -r H.-n Dick,
or this cil.v, are deeply concerned over
Ills si range disappunr-iice.
B'-u lefi his home Thursday morning
to go h.iu.iog. saying he would be gone
but a shori nine. He went to ihe home
of John t.euugeg and borrowed a gun
and some sheila, lie. told Mr. Reaugt-z
he luteuded to go nut back of lite Weeks
place and hum around awhile, bul did
not expect to be gone very long. He
left the Hunugcii home and has not been'
seen since, nor lias any trace of him
t-eeii found.
When lie faihd lo return loone el
lllglil his family became alarmed anil
InSllgaled a search. Several parlies
were formed and scoured the wo ids all
uigbi Ion,;, but couhl Hud no trace of
Yesterday the search was continued,
but wii houl avail.
tnereir e uuciew llml would in-
iicate his whereabouts or his fale, if an
icuidi in has befallen him. From ihe
time he left lleaug.-s's he has not been
seen. ,No .me saw him on i on East
Beach, and It is not known for a cer
latntv thai he went mil that way. .
The s'-.irch is being continued today
and it is faintly hoped that lie will turn
up all right, lie is a brother of F. M.
Dick, ami has several children w ho are
dependent on him for support. His
wife died about I wo months ago after a
king illness. Since then Mr. Dick aud
one of lits children have also been sick.
They had bolh recovered, however, and
there is no reason lo believe that he
would comma suicide ur desert Ins
At noon to-daj ih re is still no news
or I moo of ihe missing man.
Chilis and Fever is a bot tle or Urove's
Tasteless dull Tonic. It la simply
iron and quinine in tasteless form. ' No
cure no pay. Price 50c.
Weather Indications.
When u man saves his cigar money
io buy his wile u new hat, ii indicates
a spell of sunshine.
When a man promises lo lake his
wife to. a' party and changes his mind
we may expect a
ves a bill for goods
UuUnoWU to him,
and Itgbttllhg,
home ami llnds
Hie ui, and wife
it is likelj lo be
after sin- la dressed,
. When a man repel
bis w ife has bought
look out lor thunder
When a mall com
no su pper read y, t ; i
visiting neighbors,
Oout forget your subscription. "
Silas Boyd bas been spending the past
week with home folks.
There has beeu no freight out of New
Orleans this week, on account of the
damaged bridge at Pearl river.
The Progress learns from those who
I are organizing iheOysiermen's Protect
Ive Association, that Ihe local lodge will
begin wilh a membership of about
A Mississippi rural school-ma'am has
taught seventy -i wo lerms or school,
never missing bul a half a day when
she couldn't swim a creek. Ii is esti
muted thai the switches she has used;
placed end to end, would reach across
Mississippi aud tickle the browse end
of Louisiana. The crayons she used, if
placed end oil end ill an upright posi
tion, the lop would be frozen into a
solid icicle, and the quids of gum she
has chewed; placed) side by side, would
reach from here to yonder.
A Puiso.NKit in Hun Own Housb. j
Mrs. W. H. Layah. of 1001 Agues Ave.
Kansas City. Mo. has lor several years '
been troubled with severe hoarseness I
anil al limes a hard cough, which she '
says, "would keep me indoors for davs.
1 was prescribed for by physicians wilh f
no mineable results. A friend of rhine
gave me part ot a bottle of Chamber-,
Iain's Cough Remedy with instructions I
to closely follow directions and I wish .
In iate that alter tin- Urst day I could
notice a decided change for the batter, .
aud al I h is lime af I e i using it for I wo '
weeks, have no hesitation in saying I
realize that I am entirely cured." This !
remedy is for sale by Ocean Springs ;
Drug isilore.
For 5ale.
Three les,rable cottage
ou DeSota Avenue bring
ing in steady rent.
One large vottagu on
.South side of Iberville
avc. Large grounds.
These properties will be
sold at a bargain.
For Rent.
Oottagea, furnished and
unfurnished for rent flTr-
parts of town. Desirable
for Summer Visitors.
Call on me for anything
you. desire in the line of
real estate. I can supply,
your wauta.
Whereas letters of administration on
on t he eslale of M.L. Clemenls, deceased
were granted lo the undersigned by the
Chancery Court of Jackson County,
Mississippi, on the 29th day of January,
1004. Now therefore, all persons hav
ing claims against said estate will pre
senlsame and have them probated and
registered within one year from this
date, or be forever tiarretl bv law.
This the 30! h or January, 1804.
E. E. Clements, Administrator,
V. E. Frederic, President.
F. D. Recbl, Vice President.
Edmund ,1, Jane, Cashier.
C. R. Hall, Assistant Cashier.
MOSS POINT BRANCH, J. J. Mcintosh, Cashier.
Merchants and Marine Bank,
Capital Paid In $25,000, Surplus, $12,500.
Does a legitimate banking business in all its branches.
Interest Paid on Deposits in our Savings department.
W.Frederic. Ohr'S Nelsoh P. Feore, B. D. Valverde,
11. J. Jane, McVea Young, J.J.Mcintosh, J.
F. D. Bechl.
J. Feore,
Administrators Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given I hat letters of
Administration were this day granted
to l he undersigned as administrator of
the eslale of A. I). Sheldon, deceased,
and that all persons holding debts or
claims against said estate must have
the same probated or proved as required
by law or tliev will be forever barred
NliWCOMIi I I. Ant.
Administrator of the estate of A. D.
Sheldon, deceased.
u i le i es a pretty
i money, and she
der, a change is
List of Letters.
Remaiuini; unclaimed in the Post ol
lice al ocean Springs, Miss . lor Ihe
week ending iaa 80, I MM.
J. Mlll.
Mr-. C.-.lt in kyan
Mis M. E. battlefield,
Cant. Tony Chriestion.
M r. Prank Carl wriiihl.
Persons claimi ne Iheabove Still pie. is.
sax Advertised Tiios. 1. Kkvs. 1' M.
Feed Statue.
Wnen in Oc -in Sunn.'- feed a I sta
hle xoui harass al Mrs W A. Huflu
Manure Cheap!
By carload h is. PSKMM 45. Ocean
Spr ngs. M iss.
Mr. John H. (Mtaa. editor of lb
Garland. Texas. Heart, SSI written a
letter of congest ulatuMis to the raahu
faci a rem of t 'hamb-rlsm's ' ouch Ken.
dv, as loltowv "Msleen y.-ars u-
when our flrsi child was a baby he was
subject io crui.py spills and ne-would
b t.-rt unasy aooiii him. WisAagan
ii-ing Chamberlain's Cotieh Kena-dV in
18s7. and find, ne il such a reliable fern
-dv lor colds mid croup, we have nf ver
r en wit mini it in Ihe house since lha J jf , n. red icn dttapamn sn-l Ihe line
When a man do- -widow
tt ith pient
CODIItl -..Ces In po
a.iout to cum--
When you see a man going home at
two o'clock in ihe moriiii.g, and his
wife is up waning for him, it will prop
atdy turn mil siornit !
SlilttoC'S .-stomach i'ltOl'BLH I'URCD.
I w us I roil Wed with a distress in my
stouiae.il. .-our slomacli and yomiTilig
spells, an I can i rutlifullv sa V thai
Chaiuoi-rlaiu's Stoma ill and f,iv -r Tali
ets ..-..red ne. Una. f, V. Wii.UAMs.
Lamgsbmg, Mieh. These labh-i.s are
ai'ftitiiriw ui Vfirs'i'-'iVVi-'i,.',':::" "--
by Ocean sipnns cnigstlore.
The Judiciary committee of the Mis
sissippi house reioreil favorably on
Hon lay n bill to recodify i he In ws. The
bill provides that the Uovernor appoint
a cdilier from each of the supreme
court disl ricrs on a salary of $1,500 to
do ihe work.
The Pearl River bridge, was badly
dam iged last Monday night by a
schooner running lulu it, and as a con
sequence all railroad trallic lias been
badly demoralised. Until ihe damage
was repaired all passengers, mall, nod
baggage had to be transferred by
from Baldwin Lodge lo Lookout siai n
where another train carried them on to
New Orleans
A regular "old fashi med winter"
reigns over the greater portion of the
country, temperatures ot from .111 lo
10 degrees below zero have recently
b-eu read ii) Ihe Norlhirn stales. I lie
snow-fall "up country" has been i h
heaviesl certaMy since the spring' of
18IKX and delayed trams have put pas
sengers lo serious inconvenience Mini
Suffer lag. Disastrous Hoods and, ice
gorges are now reported at many points.
Tlo re whs a meeting of oyslermeti at
i In- T. -xv Hall ThurtuHajjshirhi lor ihe
purpose of orcanlxndPn hrVich of Ihe
i Ivaterntcu's Protective Association
There was a go. d attendance and the
m llog. had jes-t r t do vii lo litis o s
by electing J. M. Bird, prettdeni aiiu
teat and J N Vane.. on. secretafj and
I reasurer pro tem srben Hi'- news of
Ben Dick's dirapi rss ieanied.
I h. Breetlag lmm :' 1 ! n tj i irued and
a larire searghiog party tv.ia form.-tl.
I'he next ajfjel mg will lleld oq Fen.
Notice to Confirm Tax Title.
The Stale of Mississippi:
To The Unknown Owners, and to nil
persons having or clai iniiig any niter-esi.eiih-r
legal or equitable in the
land in Jackson County, Mississippi,
described as follows, m-wil :
That certain tract rliece or parcel of
land iu Section io. T i .-v U 11 W. and
known as loi nun her 2, oonlaitiing tor
ty.two acres more or less.
" Ymt are commanded lo appear before
the Chancery Court of the Connti of
Jackson, iu said State on llie
2nd Monday the Mi day of Feb'y, 104
to defend ih- suii of W. F. Bullock
wherein you a re defends n I .
Tills IBill day of Nov. ill,):!.
P. II. L -.-.vis. Clerk.
Kotlcs to Confinn TI i'i Ifc
Stnif .1' Mis. sippi.
In P. I. II ..vtMi, iT llVdJig. am' W,
itlliliiwg IttTJ 1 lei-.-si iu ihe loilo
log ilesorlued I Is tiz: K i and N W
of S.-t-t. -JO. Township S. Range 8 W .
i.. appear before tlo- Chancery Cnurl of
Jackson County, on lie- Second Moiidat
of February A. II. MI84. in then and
I her.- show caU'S why Ihe title of Oil as
I,, Snvder, to said It wis should no' b
couflrmeil. Uefein fail mil ur judgment
will tie entered against you.
Witness my hand nd seal of court,
this the 101 11 day of D.-ceinber. UI03.
F. II. Lkwis.
Clerk ul Chancery Court.
r ifrtar'
Conttanlly On Hand. Your Patronage Soltcitol.
TELEPTl 'NE 8,1.
Thos. R. Friar.
Keep Your Eye on
Tli Spa66.
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will be effected
A new sveteia : c ill - eg T thai 'rub
Imt necks" n a telephone line has been
wvenlej. Tfcs new stst-m is so at
r mge.lt!. t ' 'o '. si . . uuin V-r max
be selected trd the r -' "t the bImsmh
on the line col oC I.Vatral i.-overns
i!t eoiir. line, gti Sjalteg wliether
I iiere are a I'.oxeu or a liundreil pi ones
set tire ha. An ingtrotnent at used b
crsuiral eaBrd S selector. One hu-idred
and I wi ul -. -lix e pli :;.- ca'i be ;.cc .ni
BtmlaUd Kg a siu-rt-lnrd ten incites
lo. g. Slid t o Ilich-S W ill". Wll.-O ih"
user of I ' I NHS c ui . 3 from c-ntr-il, .
a p'n? Is pel Ir. lit- h.de nuniri.-red :t on
Ihe s : ct -r nl tt If rung, no mailer '
how in itiv lion.-s are on Ihe line, all
exc pi N.-. 3 are i hr i i: "if tlo- circuit
and -oi. Ihe one beii rings. Al ihe
lainr thrr a leal card is thrown into'
i-ie-v in a litlle larg- i on .-very phone j
oa tin- which indicate that the,
line is sassy. A soon is ih- u'er rings
will ctve you
All the Latest News
la the Leading Democratic
Paper of the South...
Foil Associated Press Dtspstches,
All the ltest In Politics,
Daily Stock and Market Rsports,
op ttli closing of Exchanges.
Special Daily Commercial column,
Delivered at Year PoatoOce.
1 year, f OOl 6 mo. , 3.BO
anus. Jj.1 76) Inn, tO.tW
10 to 30 pages. 1 year, $1.60
Published Beery Wedneeday and
Saturday. 104 Copies la a
year for SI. 00
If you need any work .lone, jileasi. rcmember
that we an- hole for that purpose. Wea wanl to do
pi'illtijlg ami have 0tlippeii oux-.-j.tilv-aaji'sjtflT'-TfVnotYy up-to-date.
Prices Down to Bed Rock.
tfGive us your Order.
Louisville & Nashville
Railroad Company.
Tne Ureal Vhroagh Trunk Line between the cities of Cincinnati!,
Ijoaintftou, louiville, Kvatieville, St, Louis, Nashville, Mcnipbis, Mont-
gomeri ami New ilrleani
Without Change and Speed Unrivaled.
Shortest and Quickest routo from New Orleans, Mobile and Mont
MHRery to Northern and Kastertt Cities. Tbronh coaches from Chata
IIU...M ami Naabviila to St. Louis, Boanenting direct for oit.es in the
Northwest . Iiniiiiixtants seeking hDines on line of this road will reoeive
Hpectal Rales, See aocols for tales, routes, etc. or write
New Orle m . i.a.
Div. Snpt. C. L. STONE, A. P. A.,
i". II. VVKKD, Local Agent Louisville, Kj.
i .teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-e .
I XL. B. ITler
36iloii'0 tWcw Jeweler.
TT.-is a fine uck of Silver Novelties. Clocks, Watches, Gold
I 'reus (lot I Hpeotaolt-s and the larg'st stock of Fine Uold
shown on the
Jewelry, lliamoii is, Utatla, etc., ever
ami at
Les'i than you Pay in N'evv Orleans
for the sa-.ne goutis.
,T. A. ILER.
ex ,- e ee
lime We hav.- ne rniiilri-n and liaxi
en-en i' to all of them wilh cent resulis
line aiHid feature "I this remedy is Ilia:
it i. ool disaer-eahie la lake and our
bab'e- reallv like it. AieOh-r is lhal ii
is noi dane -rous, and iherp is no risk
from eiving an nv- rdose I rtingrtu
lale von upon ihe iiirrpx, of your rem
rdv. ' For i-ale hy Uaeaa Springs Ilm.
is sgam rrn
for SSISlai
, .-ea a CoU fei One Day,
. 4t-
2 Days
on every
House and Sip Painter,
CalMimininu and Col. trai t Work.
Standard Materia! Uesai.
Fresh Bread and Cakes,
B'ins, Rolls, Cookies, etc,

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