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Mr. Business Han:
Bvery Person,..
One of the greatest iiim to raidera
business is tlie l'beual and judicious use of
i " in Ink.. Can'l sve sell you some and
apply it?
I 1 in
It eal j.r.hCi
in. ir ha ' ; n:
intending fo.;
: lee:; o s pr-i figs
Ilt pitld.
lived in; eauw
or in an wily
shutihi Ink 'In!
Apply For Ad. Rates.
$i,&5 per Year.
' E A N SPIirRii:
At. rTi-.BHUAK,Y
NO. 5V.
Ocean Springs Progress.
lOflici :! . ournal
of Ocean Springs.
Hfficial Journal of Jackson County.!
Enured at nostoffice in
lm-i: as second class luaUct
F. M. Weed.
Ji. S. Davis.
' S. P. Surks.
.' F. Dick
At Lai'ste ....
First Ward..
Second iJA' ard
Third Ward .
E. I ...
W. T.
. . . ..J. c.
Geo. h
. . .E. E. C
,.4?ourtli Ward .
Sheriff. v
Dep'tv shcviil. .
. V. p. Kamsay.
. . . Sim George
'rank H. Lewis.'
A. Dautkier.
. .1). D. Cowan.
'.-1,.,-U of Courts. .
S.tipt. of Schools, .
(). L. Ilailey, President.
F J. Lundy, Secretary
W. C. West,
T. R. Friar,
V M. Dick,
Notary Public,
attorney? Bt Xaw.
OGcati Series. :
. ;. . DEN LIST r '
hoe .verT';s.t s;""',
bhAnt, miihsH'l:
Talbot x mmm
Ovrtek' riulfon's Sew WhU
rutdjef, s8.
Eiiesst-!!!' nfg -.afc be n
pltoue n. ;imlime
BfluB pallenlS.
Sidiffc' ii
'fit '
. BXPiilttSt '.
Tiubi Mark
Oo"?neMTi6 &e.
nr- ft . RhtOh f-'-fi S OTlfWOfl r.
lsS33.f-.'.,llNC.fS! iP"g-
tic Hmttlcai
aiilr WSdWIP i"5r
' lii-Ati-ualav to 4r3m,-i Js : w''l1f-l-,a -jivuh-iied .4''iifV tf.t-t"week ' S .Mj ' . ''' ' " -' ; ' 1 :' ' i f 1 ' ' V ' ' J."
iK-AX ui'. wis.. lijti.x j- uh,-;, flii-vrWi I.-;. - ; Jfrom pfeeA springs, tfjpt? 2&o-r
y.wi-tiDM ....- -y . , . ;;a,. ,.t t.i . .01 it,, .;.,,. t in: ..--
IMal -
If You Are
To .hotr.d writ. a
aw He,. i rr.rl to the f.cilltiM r.fin
by th.
Louisville &
Nashville R. R,
. Mi
Thursday at tfao beautiful home
I of Mr. Slid Mr. D. C Smith, oe-
I i11'1'-''' first of a series of social
.vents winch tney nope to continue
"tiiOvoiigfoOHt the winter. About
' fifty guests were present and most
' pleasant
time was enjoyed. Sirs.
Smith was assisted by Mrs. Rounds
of Cedar Falls, Iowa. It was im -
posible in so short a time to refteJ)
all tourists, but a general luvitatton
is grvefi to all the 1 1 lies to be pres.
ent at the next meeting winch .will
be held March 2nd at Sirs. .Chase's
in the Illing coitugo.
Tl'e list of those present is as
follows, Mr B. C. felfiith. Miss
Lydia iSmilli, Mis .1, Jioppv. Mrs.
.lolin hwsinap, Ji-frs. II, M.. Stacy,
M.s. 1U . El. Wi Hit m. Miss Nettle,
Wi Ilia ma, Mia Nettle
aiMoillc,' 111; Hi. -W-Mrs.
A. J. N.-nis, of
Pope, oi
H. Hound,
j Cedar Falls. Iowa; M
bof Defiance, Ohio;
rs. W. L. Hilt,
Mrs. N. J.
Francis, Eldorado, III ; Mrs. A..
Rote llig.us Mr. Wary Beakerof
Chicago, ill.: 'Mrs. Fred. Rtw,
Miss Em ill If an, T We-. Pullman, j " been U)K eonlroll.ng Oil
HI.; Mt'Pni1. J J. UWiiley , Mi'ss!'" tbe eoml-iel of ihu. naner. It i
Viieinia Chester, (.'haninaisrn, II.;
Mrs. Ji. -V. Gill, Mrs
(jeorge Skinner, sx;
Burt, Mi.-s Josephine
'riimas A
Burt, Mir.
rbana, Ilh':
.lisH" Litisie
eten, Mrs.
Mrs. 6Hms.
mpletou of
J. M. Tim-
ti,m in a Ijesore, o. 1
Mrs. II. J. MclliMth,
(.lass, Jrs. Iv'ss g
Sarab E. K.Tnmlids,
1 eilijdeton, Mif
lJaiT.lsbrgi III.; I
mas oi Mft.iietfsler
man I!: ckley of
Mrs. An (Tew Allen
t HI.; I
1, 111,1
Mrs. Julia It, Pnrdv, Jlylaud P;irk,
ML"; Mis- Minnie. Snyder oftlil
iiian, 111.; Mrs. 0. A. IlTiriio
of Mut?a.naboro, III.: .Mrs. It. F.
Harvey, Mi?. T ' H. GJiaN Mrs.
L: D kio.ss kji,L.g; rs Parle III.:
Mas. J. S. Karno-ilL .Taniiiico, 111.:
Mr Et I.eafVfifcll'iili.
jmfoiafi V,i.li rh
noLce, if
set of rtf "! -''
..T'iile.- ihis statue tl
ibey 'oMcsiVe, a nil secure the co
t.p.iatlbn of lht .ijifcilice justice, can
S'I ii'a fa: Aortjiless while and
blac.lfliai'a.'Hes with I'veJ, upon tin
bofly jioiilic. . '
In-.lt ad, id glvfn the professional
OrapJ spoolers ,A laoderale' tine or
letting h im go Sj: ''-sst of eviaWuee
n i- -miii'ii -. es-i-i.iiii tlis- vagrancy
law can bo fwuif -l.t lutO I'iav on
(tnoiii wprthtess -ha rasters, and ihe
result will V01.11 rid the city of this
in-eot swai'in, "nho tuil hot neither
do thev spin."
The transient tramp
ItfhuvM not he so sevVrelf
or halm 1
1 ..1, .,;.(,
variety which fasten themselves
like b-echei on a coin in unity and
lick closer liian a carhuncle on the
aftermath of a poor man's anatomy.
This bubo is often looking for
work, and work is hit teiiie.ly.
When he t;etH a job he is no longer
a bubo. Cut the town loafal ol ihe,
semi-criminal class, a great ni:ij-.iiy
I of which is composed of negroes I
has no excuse to offer and should
soon be yiven lb-option between
I his ocevpitno: 01 'clismiia hi. jt-ti -
patinn or changing "his cliuiatic and j
, . .. it I
g-01 apiiic.ii m, 1 1 ..nun 111 1;-
of the j
The other ordinance is
'mo-, e on"' variety, it is intended
to clear tbe sidewalks, j. uliculai I y
Ma J-.-S. Kim Sail Tjjjiimco, 111.: s-"--' e. V'.'e prefer a plao-of hoiitii
Jk Htirdei! lium-ay, M : -s ,-Me "ai the firesides of our homes rathsrj ji
Raififay of, i'oii.j-'E:, f&rZ&m:? Uibe tb montli-picee oFpl
.Sfergiiret -'VValker ol yTv.av'so:ida!nlJta,rs; 1114! i'nV puryiiyer I " "'
....t-v ' 9-t 1TI-I 1 Wn.'l'UlS,'. Iii l J - J AT H nr;mj- s.-. W . i '
'" - ' -,:' ' "jrVi'i.f 'he-";s hi-Tde-l'-si.stlHin-W'd fe-' of- e.'- "!'.. . - ' ' " ,
r-anisuii un.-ies uie niy ' "' ' . " .... . i. 1 n ...
Kail eongMng has begun AVIII'I K
I'lNK -Syrup is Leginniiig tc MIL
I'eople think as much of it as ever,
ll certainly is a GOOB Kkmkot for
Cough, Cold hi os rsesesi and ur
di, i iiy Thr.tal Troubles.'
23 Cents Per Bottfe.
t c
r Ocean Springs Drug Store.
L-jV Kr-
It la ii!) unusual thing for
Progress to suppress news of a
I national and snlic.ious eliafC-taj1
piioiicauon ui
.huh would he
i ly i'ftlcrostintr
specially to hi: evil.
minded. Wi.
that some or 1 1
is legitimate so far as the right of
iicwfiwi'er to .publish it is coueerne
j but
publication of sucl) mailer is
contrary to ihe pulley of tjns paper.
Tliese ate .ome of the equations for
nu editor to decide:
Will the publication of sensational
news do more harm than goodf.
Are nut the facts." Mifficieiltly
known in order that the eviNdoer
may he brought to the bar "f justice4
Are tbere not limojcnt woman
and children who will suffer all
WUo.se lives ma
inane inise
l.v a nnhlioaiion ot Fuels lor the
lstenceof which they are in no wis
(.'. ...... ..:..,., .k,.,. .
... hi wjnjiren spy" ifw
should meet i ilh an nllirmalive ; J
answer. liul these are not the onl y i
reasons. I here is another which
U" "lake The Progress worthy of the
reaptot aitti ooiiftdur.ee of every
housiiold in w hich it enters. We j
want it to be a welcome Visitor -net
a dreaded 'on.;. In" order to ac-
i'oinpli.-h ihis il. columns niiift oOn-
lain nothing but what is clean, pure
and wholesome, ami we will-sui.-
. press the liulli ii its public
i will do more ham: than
Doubtful j
details. of s
sown iii tin
okes, smutty paety
L'.udals are seed, which if
families oT the land wiii
harvest of coi'o; l
winked deeds. -'I'll.!
s engaged in a work of
in not tearing down;
ei'irvioe sunshine jLii'l bappni8a
aditreyjpr it o .-s!o. mvd
"f lonaa-ftsifial ihijs
ilieir UHtJertakliias as tneiMUj'G
ways "to ihe rescue' of a t iyA" "
whenovei his I. on
ftie- kiii''. The
visited by file
memiiors of the
ks dsmon-to save
rind as ti general
hat the people of
ot only feel proud
in ,wiy way it is
show their appro-
Iflks wars t
jtlis citv should fi
d, but help ificin
u 1 liwir power to
is not often that the
e before the people
I, but as it is for the
people that they are
litenieus e.01
iskinr for 1
benefit of tin
bnyinor dnn now hoe we think it is
nothing but right that they should
alv4'd for assistance from them and
it is safe to say lh.it they will meet
ih success.
for thev deserve it.
nure, no matter
be but show th
reioi mb. i them.
how Rltiail
: Kreuieiv: '
it may
bat y..u
on the more crowded theseugbfsres,
of the loilorinej Ibfoiig of expfclo
aating biinianilT which is esie.-ia!ly
noticeable around the CUteranoe of ;
stone o' li.e saloon- and oilier public
plaees. Biluti Herald.
Is often eanssd i,v tvres, atcera
ble''. of Flan. Hoct-. Mtch.. sa.vs:
bsve used Baoklso's Arnica Slvt. fo
cancers thnteal away j-.uir skin.
I'lcers, Stires and t'ancrs. lt is tbe I
best hesliM dta-ssintr i pier t...,,i,l" 1
Soulhes and duals tutu, burns audi
sea M s. '.T,.' nt Ocean Springs I r.i ir store :
Jtuir aiilsfd.
e .. i : : -. i . w w - ' ' -.v . . .
: 1 1 c.'- - . . ... . . - h .. .. '
! i " ' : i tio'n to vorji
The Mm lim ! te'd
I WHKRK Af.l. C.Kr'K GiM'il) STAU-Hr T K A l". . 1 ll.ey arv-.um to the siibj-ct wliiel.
htCil' I ' . ' ' J U may he l.ro.idlv leimcd town nn-
!s , ""s-K ' " " -xi pi'"Viiifiit. Hiivinej studied the j
J Jlll ErVrt!w1 J"s Arit'-fr-' 1 Jl-Sr ff .. Tele;!, they "hou'ld ni.pL its esn I
m.r 4, . w v v t) i S,v .4. t a m h n w V? a l ' ' -
il5 V . " l f raoticdiy. J iic:.-sity I'm- d-.-f
I I? w w ..nr. r I . .1 ill ilia so is cIH)iiiifei more DdsillVcIl i
mlTRtnOSOi ' . ,3f" .,y-ti i.,,,,;,
( ' ' . 'i to (he aoril. K.gbt oil w inter
nrt, ' r " I v''l,'r is. Uea'l stream of per-
i ffiSlAV) tit a OtTifc' :itllv,l,li'1 iun.ui'rauls from the north- j
S MM. . i 7'T' '-Mi&' ' ' v ami western slates.
J .k ' m. ire'-:".ijh.ij;d have no return for ,
; I Consisting of jfiioice Salt Meats. Canst. 1 Goods. 1 'e,-ra - L; -i Xi lir'eani wcuid s-v II1
i Klonr, Mt'il 'ami all 'arin-l 1. -..I it! a ;' BEaiy ' , , ' ,
;l , Class Oroocry Store. A I 1 'a : - wTb- ''" - ' ' i
T ' y - W 1 Images ami towns in I tit- i
1:;...,,. ...... r-. i,t.. ...A '" 'ji. 'I ) ' c 'Hi nt V 'itdont -Mliore "cnerally the
M'.J lo'iiicl . f '1 ; i i. . 1 ,! r: ii: i:i.; .
.... 11. U . .'I 1 s 1 ' 1 il ij . ,---t
H? ( . Famous Brand- 'M3mwxm
I us a ca.i. aun lie cinya'- ' ' iC'etVu XfOOM E - U 1
- X . .:r ' ),' 1 Cu"' 1""
' x tE. '. 6 . ,5- ife&t 1 I.00.I ai
i V.- : vr. :
:::::: ; z::j&z::z ; r jkt
1 SF"'1 '
? . ' JP ' &'" v.,;a .
' I I i , . 1- '1 ,..!wX.V.;l7,-,elv!,..he1,rov,nca
.Jtl B t .1. M.fy :& 4 v T ,i ,:, ,p.,l aiitlmtit.es.
; tJk 9 ' T": "'''rfH 1 i.'Lhe but ertilt will be reached
Sri 7
V .
4 fr
)?l'bat conies' Qff. loj,
b -or
' K- -s.
I iv'l
- -.,'-'
, ' -
e& 5...
We wilt oifei
A ti . .... ...,. i .
" IT .. ' i i Si ; ajta '..I i
i si. m-?-- - - ...... frjKv-.... ' ? i
In order to make room for stock
It will pay everyone interested in
the a'i.vve Vnc f:o 'tGnJ c-nr 5; ore.
F. J. Lttndy Si Co.
tlcltipbone 2$,
Mi.sisippi i li.e place to invest
i'n r- ai otate lor the best per cent.
I have lots for saleirom ihe bnefe
back w . ii.' ai d one half wile rang
ing in price from ',. lit glOOO.
(tn, on terms to sail purchaser.
V .Z,-nr vonr mo, - V " I $!..-.
lah m r f ,
TT Vf v.
r?.1"1'.1 2. ' .Ji J' '
t. ? I 1 .
; .
- .' - v
1 1
'. .
at Bargains in
is, .
.fa t-
,1:1. ATTI-'V I
7 p?iii:ie- U.ai ijrevail in tin sur-.-
uifMaji of its health reports,
'Veiyfeal stttlcd connnuuity
' Jk Jh .
)it 11 I t uaot ttr-r.iavv
v nil i i
niii t 1., meant
tniiktui! a neiithbor-
rr,-itive,- lujalthv and safe, to
-""-. ,1 .
i'J'-: '
b;' ' : '"" '"'
''ni :.r. e,L l.v' or-aiii '-i! no: of rcsi
deTit-s, .wJmvseitiity is als
1 the
it ease
i.-ii 11 1 aufutjaa ..I
ll'ety. -ii'tat i.n-
tint utile;
il Ciiuiitt i-n:
rmrfty eo-operat
l'u)(Jj'j yiiirit
n pnit an
tt'cpilittfp an
It-'.l 1;
liiished Citeae
- .;:' 4 rR"; ile- ft jtit.Lel Of I en upon
MOimsfflH;ui! , (imf. "ii' .in y more
7' -w-"' 1
. iiL,ri:!a
hitter tin
alliei that a
.- uim...a.;Hi
PmIj l e-tfo!-.
tSirw 1 ' III
k'SiJtl anil ill'
I" attainnlenb The
1 luav be lain in tin
uatioii of e.ti,i us,
...Ubilli V
!,aieni!-,.Jiand fcfulj. a ii.ul.lii;
..ciatnor- or a villaoe im-
:-f.t sniftt iv. lor the Insl sten
'inn es;tl.o i.Uraelu eness
I Uftheir sunt linos. Fur. a lowti ,
-1 . ,. 1, 1, ..,,,1 .... ,t ;,(,
tilisis'. "i'1.'. ' 1 '
If'." ,v- -rcvir--,
iZ "beiifcV. iiluWS..r iT-t,ii.-iaP VUll tin.JP
' r.-ia, . - -. 1. , ; - . A.. ,1,
1 :: ' !::- ' srfcttoT il3tatw condrahiw
v r mm-. - -
H XV. Vi.nl in
Avw.T'.k m
. in. ... 10 .' . . 0'
F....V 1
Js He
1. Midi:',
i-l'. c' fcv
I iiidi'i 15U in-iu
1 wuiilft Imvc tmeii
0Uiut.'i a. 10
hpyy"ffeo)l' art
ueoais check.
1 hut
SIM I IM K ill .
ii loc ks t&e a very sinstnle', no
lo so
foolish, qiii-stion. and yottoms
is are beginning' to doubt
Whether is-on is really a cnnvucal glass while jwu hold It by the sobW,
; eietuent. They, think that instead of j it wilt emit fy certain note- k: BHft
being an elementary substance it ifiasee n pretty, deep one. On up
' may liti highly complex compound,.! proaching the glass rapidly to youi
and I2utt evonttutlly means may be mouth and houtfng into it tbo same
fouad of separating- or isolating tl.e note aa loutHy as possible;, the Tlhni
: boilies, or elements, of wbieb iron is tipilfl of tbe fchif-s bt Ing thereby ox
, made up. , , b uded. it will bo riiivert 1 into flag
Difterent substat'ces ere ordinarily ments. This used, to be n favorite
: combined either, by Ihoplo, intT- exporimt.'m of Labia ehe, tl.e re
! mixture, Ml oxygen Mid nitrnjfen aw jnowned bteeoi who. when In com
inltinnixed iii the ah', or by fct.lnii.'U puny tviih his friends, thus broht
or by cbe.miciil combination. 'one after tbe atber nil tlus glasses
Biit it bits of Uvte Iii suggested that were han6t)4tobiin.--r.vebange.
thai tbnra mav be a fourth state ol i
w.li tun intinmln ih 1
that which is implied by tbe ur,ta
evi.ressum. ' chmicd u'ii.n." 'lb.
,'.' uination of vei unbilled el-
BHAts ivbici, ra.- k-, vhat.v,eca!l iron
wonld be an example of this fom-tL
. . r
8 met this concepUon tieccaiates
Wy be judged from the facUthat
' '
fc ao a'.vay wiuniio (.torn w
tin smnil' -t etestientary particle oi
Blatter. In orb -, words, it ha,
b. en ewrgeatod ti t "atonn may bo
smssuen. amcsiiic-.; H.eat.irisof
ir:.o -,, e-.ld a-,-, riiiag : this i t-a, be
a method of discovering theetetwM
tary Ribetaooal that comyose it
t M ti' 'a Vtmpanion.
Tt-Mtrical Hint.
Man irl-iug wearily to let late
lotner jiaas to his seat in the theater)
-This ererna gtiUug up is really
Lute Conmr-I know it is; that ia
! the reason I never como in myself
Ui'. the cartaia is vp. Texas tif.inga
Has made a slaughter in Millinery!
all Hats left over will go at cost.
Hosiery, Underwear and all
staples at corresponding
prices to reduce wilt
ter stock.
!Sir tioyi", I wivnt In tin. y ft
A moth. Mi fa iiinl c..jo.1:
TWitl lUAltfl :. !iur llf : . - s.-ftl
If you lin. tl II an you ulreiila. .M
(jlwiy !l in ilm l. tt' r
Doflt -a" fttMilirla ''w4 .'l o-Ji
Till II call 1 no liBtn-r.
A'.H wlirtlier ni j-ur pMnn,
Oi-Ht rtiwly wei-k,
Don I t-11 liulf way i!abh!. i
Dpu'l U aiia "lfile 0 0.1 aliii k
Atid tbiak H ileesn't nti.
Thatimeh talk is' i rh!i-' fenrt "
for nnlll your task i. lePfiart
li taiieVariWi'ilvMOOKh.
If un .iu si
ilc unrvyoa so
Ivery IJot oud Ii
. It "ill iny, vol
To be eftrffuli
jh in. a-t
Vtrin ihcji l
yonM l-.-ic
To nay ttUUl ,n
mvkii joii Inilcin Sflvlit;
It vjll irtai!. yort no iiiii"',,H(nr.
riwn ii 'vei $ny "Ii'r l:oo l cirutic'
Till ii ma tt ao bttfer.
(hjiilt-n H.-iya.
A .i.liii:!(l Legend
"Very many years atttaVjaiJ :. A
ratilieadtxl Chinamao ij China
HnM ib-i'o..JI--u.' : 1 i: -fill!
,.. i-.,,:'l:ndovcr- en hi
fntwa Ws nanie, and bo
anil fair of eimpfoti. Fl
o 01
was m
cause not pittiMDf? in the eytwof ona (
of the mi.ueronn gials, Cbew Ft t
was known of ell over north CbJtio,
where he liyod Hfni1 gi'.w Ui twin 1
"One day it was disolbetHl to a fvw
of the faithful that, tins particular
Chinese with the red hair must rue..
. :
but wasitot.'xpj.uioyui.-o'i.y :
!" w,noc "w'l-0
vrny uwonw vtw,.,,
St.-J.'S WtfO t4K(
. .. 1 . 1. .. . .r. .
... ..... . - h s
as my k-t Ttit, nT-a -fearf nlfcea-c'-? !
w:.s -.viv-alt on mo Pvigrrtf-frw -.
laoet i n I'Mpiiif.. 1 1. .,,, ." ,
waters of tii! si a ov rf.owc 1 1!--lea d. !
en. uKinrj tbonsands t..f inhal-itiij.rh 1
Tvl o were CalTied nut to SCa by tbf '
reiotiiui,' wacpi.aud drownctl. I
"Tbe red haired Chinese wnaitr-t 1
Ifetisame tiini, and it MHuvc! wai
trai - t'teji jk I
roji-ions, vtfaiWe bo roost a i v.a j-j. -ulP t i
ft (' - ,-..tU. '-t
- Bl Pi-.tnil
jy,,- s(utj rrom r'tetin is too. 01 1 1- ie I
wil.li a solution J r 't v m-nrol
fc'nde alsmt the oon-i-iuc; of . -r.-..-. !
lt U;ll- ' L ' 4 ' ', "Ta a
ts easily nibbed oir when ders-tixd A.
..:,;.., , --'. a ,
pr'W. as- 1
T...I i.xli
j'.s can
J flWH
aeenisY Oeaesr r 11 - ery. n
jfjfain Wttshod with wab-r. R'nia
loved to dry awl poliabed wtith !
! weed . oil. Tbo iintunon v aollrti
as t
' bio.
Omi '..'ay t Rtc. til am.
It is sjearcbly cretUbh. 'nit
; fact, ilmt a glaas tian be Ijrol
'the voice If you strike a Ui
, .r. . In tl.e s,.:ith,
! Negro gravs in tl e tar,. -nth are ,
.-uriou, ly ga.-mKhia with
the hot. es f medlt ,ue uaj I by thl
mti.eiri.md .!.'.. and t.,e
jdurat - .m of the mautdy -s eas.ilj
gueseed by the number ot ixtiuoe.
Often these are the only things to ,
".T"" '"
oLiiii I i.K.r'.iVoViiri -i Vs n 1 . " i
; . - M
'-' kastc che -us i,-,. . snpei .
i1.tiousIK....pUm. - ,ll.,mt,. . ..tmceiu
N " s i,; Pro i
A voiiug nan tit. .m. -uia. uuvins
u an at Nil
been crossed in have, w dked out to
tlm precipice, gave tan lingering look
st tlx1 gulf bUDeath him ai'd - went
home. His' body was ftmuil vn:
morning in l-'d
- Th suggestion is passed on tint
' books '.villi v hlto an 1 v wry thdic: tcly
tinted binding Hrecleitned in be I
(stores by rubbing the oorers with a
bit. f ofaauK) dipped in powdorod
pumioe ti.no.
ril.k. Performed With il.r. uvurlng;4SI
r.iont unil Tttulr ttrigin.
Juggling with fVe was ji-::etii4iB
very utn :-u' tiinos. Many of the
tricks of 'that so: t which are best
known today wcro oinployetl to tie
sbivo tbo vularuj- tieTOiu ' yer
ago. Thci is nothing even now
W) ic.b docs mote to ite the aston-Ishn.-ent
ot tie.' it,;', rant tbail tb
; r.0.1 . ::iTV of s'i; mo. e. hi-b is a decojv
ti-s.i .. in down fr.-ta remoto an-
Wioi! 'Am if - ''i..-;ly roso in
Rbetltoa a'oout CO B. C. and took
cruel revottgo for the wrongs they
Iwtd rati, tin re was among rbctd
a .-'.-,.-, ha. .ied Fluutw, HiMvns a
man bl . -: ;at cvaft ami courage, and
huvii: - .-.-. n mucji of the world he
bad b of. iacipj:jinted with a varioty
of little known nets, lie jirctendoil
to ha i:mnetliat.' cbnuntWlbafidft
with tin goHs, and as ia tisualinsilt?!!
(itaea ;c ctmilrmed bis divwe mis-.
sioH by .inraek'i. Wlion ticiai'otis of
j insrpinng in . otluvers wttti foaragw,
ireal - tf'tiapifgan 1 spnriw atnonjf
it " osidr's nit.tith.
:!''. in order to perform
Gtiaua jicie'id a nut-
endsi :: ad-bavins;. fill!
1 -lilting substance bo
8 month ahd brbathod
The same trick is per-'.-ttar
iii.wndjya. Tbe
tins laa'rv
fbell fit hi
it wit!; $ 1
put it into.
Birou riit
4. Jtc,. W'.is Lociner-auuic utt-x ui
hep it-.tv a u.d abeul tue size of a
fi wab.o.i.. -.vi.icii ho seta on firo, pei
J miit;. ' i' ic lc.rn until it U nearly
I cpTiSUiiied, T3u.ii Ui 1 oils about ft
I more fiqa v, bile it is yet burning, and
by this means trie fire may oe retained
ir. Ui f ' ' Ions time. When be
r is ready to do bis act, h slips, the
I boll Into bis month unperceiyed and
! breatboH through it. His breath r
rivet tii" lire, so that spark's uroceed
from it. and die perfonuer sustaius
oi!1JU,y io lotlf. M be inhaies'uia
brfcatti -biv;iu.h h: tfeatrilrouly
this an U:e Basbi Bar-Cot
ba. in
. u-r i-i,.i .j 1 . 1 c 11- .,. ,11. , 1 . I
Ii!(l; . , (:u!(J fbo clv()uious '' Kb
, . !:V9 ...at be wa Ihe h:K
tiok.tl i'.a Jit-siab.
Viirious Iboorics
faiicetl u: account ft
have been ad
r 'be other li-tita
UKlUtiOQed. Il will lie reinonibesod
that dr., hut the middle !2-:-s the guilt
or iti.i...; ; - of persVms aceused of
cru'-.t-.-- v.i.-i often di'tfrinined by ur
dc : . Ii dctendant'-being obbtfed to
b mI t it-iocs of redbot iron in bis
haOd This was another case of Jug
(rlin;. soch trials being conducted by
pfiesta, who rovered the bands of
til - - iv Coy desired should es
cape wiil. a protective pa. to. A soln
tioa ,-i i.-erwi.icetl m suit nunc mliei
tfrjt !W. -a . "Vo," '
ln , lM ,iiml !ar, sl;l;";"B
thjk.,..!iut k!o u a-.h-y who bw a aapryt
... .::a:,.n,.-'-i
'. n&lgii j$gffitt afo-'uti.A Co any-
. tidrSn t:-n his ir.othor may say.
Tn is
,: !.',- i'.u.i;t4 one' hs Very, much
: . r . ,tb M-ueHtioil put to bins
1 'ii-'i u lie BTfit 1 ntert-ti
U-tV'--::. a .'eb - Af'tCl giving
-a her he was. askotl,
; ;'; r's tlei irmtion'l"
,s bis reply iu a
i Tatht r's businessl
titled tyiloi
!,.: VFIiy he dorit do uothin. Ha
hist buNSes, see'' the I my answered,
in a nil i aggrieved Wav
The o o. s aitit : ts toremnit in (he
street cleaning departmeiil, and his
s..n had sejp him itireetiBg tbe men
under hiiu, aud so eonsiilertsl ii oa
Insult that any ore should support
that Lis father wcrlted liko ordinary
mortals. -Sew Vorfc Tite
Hot U.-.j. In Ctl fomla.
California, notwithstanding Ite fa
ds i isly gei nUmnte; still holds the
high temperature in this
country. t)n June 17, lbS9, the tea
re :.: San Fratieiscio and Hants.
Barba rose suddonly ft'oia 77 do
::; de -:n es ill ti'-i shade ia
-, . ;-. coof a hot norttiwoHt desert)
wind which prevailed for several
Tl t gn at beat dffl w.t tort Ion ?,
intJcrel r i dlin ..- to Ti -iH(s'iroe
h; ," p to oh the .me date,
Lot it d I tromeadt us damnfir in tbo
:ie . .M Santa U rbura nil
fin tni I a'aitnal tit o wrjxiwed . mat
awful I !:: t !t'tl fr ui tho t'ffccts of
it. On :i.'.-:.m-' C y - n faiupeKtur
. a i . ;i'"-. u ; i. ft :- ' ami llT
m zi w c i if i a. u. t'.l. Piite
tuia Db ; t a.
1 ".1-aiiM ! Lie.
man v ho sres i abject to
i . it i lism v a - seen to
ot'.xota In tbe middle of
1 A Bull!
fits lf a
leave hi
ri.e nltrhi
-.. y ' -itn ' il foi rwuig.
; nut. tvho I ml is itiKtrueteil
::y oai -l ;,lo::i '3 tiefail
him, f. i v.-ed hihi to file sfcudt Th
gentlemau, htivint procured the key,
i iJochttl the tlts.r, sibgled out Uia
favoi ' ' - sadtUed ard bridled
fcim si I at I. ngtlr mounted him.
Thi servant, eeiaing another horse,
M 1 ii.-li.a-,-r f. .r several miloa.
The sleeper eviutnady returned
i i :'. . hi, norm in rhi s'ahle apd
art at at k to bed He batl Bo reeoie
lecti his midnight it. .j wak
bag m the norninr KiMton Utoba
aa .n.o.nt K.t.Hofc
at tjm ld two yards across at tha
wiftst end sysmn of criatdlne u
adopted, wben it dis-". cv.ii? it only
I rrthat our la.lies will Ir. a-, ever,
imply iinaipnivhable. Pkiladea
hti pmn
ind hi'i
.,fe Pills
, j l i -. S'I r

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