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The Ocean Springs progress. (Ocean Springs, Miss.) 1905-1905, March 18, 1905, Image 1

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pie Ocean Springs Progress.
NO. 2.
The Ocean Springs Progress.
j ' Published by Ernest E. Beaugez.
Ocean Springs, - - - Miss.
President. Vice-President. Cashier. Assistant.
TTTTT rTT7 ATI I I ' If I I I ' IV 11- t-i I I I M . I .
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After more than three weeks spent iu
tlie consideration of the ease of Judge
Swayne the senate lias decided he is
not guilty. Judge Swayue it is said has
I0t been nervous about the result from
the beginning and he doubtless feels
now that the senate is indebted to him
fcr having acted as the boulder on the
track to prevent legislation on other
and more embarnssiug subjects.
Be it known that ma this the 20th day of j
1 Januar A. D.- 1905, O. . Bailey. Geo, K. ;
At'lHlt, Hi r. KUseil, r. ivi- vvitu, w x.
Ames, f. O. Whittle, O. I,. briar, Joseph
Kotzum, Mrs. Hosa Siffersun, Sidney An
arson, A. I,. Staples. N. Seymour & Son,
K. Schmidt, . CVKeefe. J. D. Minor, K. W.
Illing, Khury & O'Neal, H.G. McGowan.
O. Switzer, K. H. Clement, Mrs. Hauna
Johnson. Nt$. M. V. Russell, Mrs. A. I,.
Benjlinail, Chas, K. Pabst, Ofey Young and
associates, by virtue of the provision of
Chapter Twenty-five (25) of the Annotated
Code of Mississippi, and the acts amenda
tory thereof, do hereby found and orga
nize a corporation for the objects and pur
poses hereinafter enumerated, and to that
end and purposes they do by these pres
ents, with the approval of the Governor of
the State of Mississippi form and con
stitute themse'ves ami all such other per
Moris as may hereafter become associated
With them whether by subscription, pur
chase or otherwise, into a body politic and j
corporate in law under the following
articles of the Chatter of said corporation, j
to -wit:
A&TTCXK 1ST. The name and s.yle of!
thi- corporation shall be the OCEAN
'SPRINGS STATE BANK, and 111 that1
name it shall exist for fifty years from the j
(dale of the approval of this Charter, and,
J may by purchase or otherwise acquire,
- j have, hold and enjovjaach real and per
. srmoj property as may oe required fr the I
j purpose) (ot which this organization is'
j formed, not to exceed however the limit j
; fixed by the laws of the State of Missis- I
I sippi. for corporations ol this character.
and shall 111 additi-ui possess all the rights,
powers and privileges which corporations
under the general laws ofthe State of Mis- j
sissippi are authorized to exercise or
Akticlk 2N11. The domiele of tbia cor
poration shall be at Ocean Springs, Jack-
son County, Mississippi.
iKTtCLK KD. the capital stock o this
or po ration ! nereny uxeu at ruteen I
Thousand Uonrtrs(5i5,oqo.oo), divided into
Three Hundred shares of Fifty Dollars
($50,003 each but may at anytime he m
cr eased to Twenty-five Thousand (S25,
000. 00) Uollars, bv a vote of the majorityof
the stockholders. As soon as this Charter
shall be approved the said (). L. Bailey, A.
L. Staoles. H. P. Russell, F. M . Weed. W.
T. Ames, h O. Whittle, G. U. Friar, Joseph
Kotzum, Mrs. Rosa Sigerson, Sidney An
derson, Geo. H. Arndt, N. S?vtuoiir & Son,
F. Schmidt, J. O'Keele, . I Minor, B.W.
Illing. Flurry & O'Neal, H. G. McGowan,
O. Switzer, K. K. Clement, Mrs. Hanua
Johnson, Mrs. M. V. Russell, Mrs. A. U,
ttenjiman, Chas. H. Pabst, (Jrey Voting
and associates, shall at the domi'de of the
corporation open b. ks it subscription to
the stotfc oi said bank, and when Ten
rb 09 sattd ($10,000.00) Dollars shall have
been subseribed a meeting of such sub
scribers and stockholders shall be called
Of which meeting the said subscribers to
slock or stockholders shall elect Seven
Directors of said bank, each of wlmm shall
be the owner of at least one share of the
stock of said bank, to serve as such until
the first Monday in January A. I)., 906.
Aktic.i.1': 4TII. The objects and purposes
ill this corporation are hereby declared to
be to receive and safely keep moneys left
on deposit and to pay the same to the
depositor on demand, the buying ol
domestic and foreign exchange fur profit
and discount, bills, notes and other com
mercial paper, to lend money at l.iwlul
rates of interest and to do a geiieal bank
ing business,
Akticlk 5TH. The corporate powers ot
this corporation shall be vested iu a Board
of Seven Directors, eacn 01 wuum snail
be a stockholder ia said Bank who shall
be elected by the Stockholders within 1
thirty days alter the approval ol this char- I
ter, and on the first Monday in January
A. D., 1900. and annually thereafter on the j
first Monday in Unuary ot each year.
Infections shall be by ballot and each
Stockholder shall be entitled lo OtlC vote
lOi each share ol slock held by him to be
cast by the owner or his written !
pi OX?. The Board oi Directors
at their first nietting and an- j
mially thereafter following every election
ot stockholders shall organize by electing
a President, a Vice-President, a Cashier;
and an Assistant Cashier provided that the ;
offices of Cashier and Assistant Cashier
may be held by person wh- are not Direc
tors ol said Ban k .
1 he Directors and officers elected shall ,
h-ota Mice until theii successors ate elect- 1
J. LUNDY, Cashier Ocean Springs Branch.
W. STEWART, Cashier Moss Point Branch.
Transacts a gensral banking business. Safety deposit bokes for
rent, ranging in price from $4 to $7 year. Free to patrons.
paid on time deposits in our savings department.
Capital Paid in $50,000.06.
Surplus and Net Undivided Profits $33,823.58.
DIRECTORS: J W Stewart, Ed Mitchell. 0 Randall, H S
Rourke, J W Mead, F J Lundv, P K Mavers,
(seami Springs SddDire,
The New Fruit and Produce Store!
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J. A. Sigerson, Prop.
KnMONit J. Jank. President.
V. 0, Ri'XHT. Vice President,
CltVS. It. HaI.!.. Casllier.
J. J. Mcluiosh, Casliier Kos Point Branch.
E, S, Davis, Cashier Ocean Springs Branch.
Merchants Marine Bank,
:.ita! Paid in 325,000.
Scran ton,
Surplus and Undivided Profits $16,500
NBLSON, P. FnoRE, I! I), Vai.vi rdk,
McIntosh, J, J. I''eohr, V. I). Rkcht
DJ.RBCTOR8: Hdjioxd J. Jaxk, Chris
Wai.tuk Gautirr, McVra Youhg, J.J
All business will have prompt and careful attention Best facilities for handling and
speeial attention given to shipping business. We solicit your patronage.
ed. Vacancies occurrinp; on the Board of
Directors may be filled by the stockholders
at an election to be held for that pti osc
rn I'-n davs notice to be given in wrUi.Ig
to each person holdinir slock in said Kana
as shown by the books of the Haul:- A
majority oi the Board of Directors shall
Constitute a quorum; said Board may ap
point from tune to lime, also dismiss at
their pleasure such ulTicevs, agents, clerks
Cf Ochei employees as they may deem
necessary for the business and purposes pi
said Ban lluy may establish, ?s well ts
alter and amend all such by-laws, rules
and regulations as they ma.V deem neces
sary for the inauaEemeut ol said Bank.
IS Wrri;ss Wiikrkuf. the said inco. -porntors
h ieunto sfl their hands the day
and year first above written.
0. L. Bailev,
A. l Staples.
H. P. Russell.
P. M Weed,
V. T Ames,
0. Whittle,
O I,, Priar,
Joseph Kotzum,
Sirs. Rosa Sifjersuii
Sidnev Atidt-ison,
Veo. B. Arndt,
N. Seymour & Son,
P. Schmidt.
1 . O'Keele.
I . I. .Minor. .
K. W. mine;.
Flurry & O'Neal.
H. G. .1cGowan,
. . Switzer,
K. E. Clement,
UfS Hanna Johnson, i
Mrs. M. V. kussell,
Mrs. a. I.. Benjiman,
Chas. H. Pabst,
Orey Youiir.
There lias been no mat in the south
who has (ought President Roosevelt
Mlore bitterly on the negro fjuestion
th-ui Ibe present governor of this state.
Now, however, when the president is
showing isotli bv action aild speech
llt.it be has been m isu nd erstood on
this momentous question, and
t at instead of beiuj against
the south he is for it, .ni l when those
who have been prone to criticize are
now Commending him. where do -ve
find our lovemor? When asked to ex
press an opinion in St. Louis on Presi
dent Roosevelt's latest speech which
was reallv favorable to our section, he
answered. "I have nothing to say." A
man quick to condemn should also be
quick to commend
Brtligc Notice.
Nntlce la hereto' Riven t&u a contract for
the butldlnjrnf aorldfe over Cedar creek on
road X". t-'i La DHitrtct No. i. according to
plan-, and KpeciBcations on tile and win b
K" to t!if lowetit Wdder at the front door of
the court Hoove in the City of Puscagoula
on the tlriit Mmilavthe
3rd davof April A. D., 1005.
Bondt will he required accordtag to law
and th.-Hoard reserves the riht t reject
any and aii Wok.
mv order of the Hoard of Supervisors.
I II. LEWIS. Clerk
Sir Wilfred I,aurier says he would
not be a citizen ol the United States
even to be president. We guess not,
when the Governor General of Canada
els a salary just twice as great as that
of our president.

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