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' Afro-American Courier
Published Every Other Month by and the Official Organ of
117 Commercial Street, Yazoo City, Miss. PHONE 850
Business Office: L. D. 850, Yazoo City, Miss.
A Magazine Published Every Other Month, Devoted to the
Promotion of Education and tile General Uplift of Humanity
l E. EDWARDS__Editor
I. j. HUDDLESTON, SR______Associate Editor
Entered at the Post Office in Yazoo City, Miss., as Second-Class
Matter Under Act of Congress
Supreme President's Message
Dear Afro Members:
First of all I want to thank the
many Afro lodges and individuals
for the fine showing they made on
Hospital ')ay, Sunday, March 21st.
1 t'c day .v'as rough from the point
of weather but I was happy to see
a full house at 1:00 p. m. They not
only came in person but they came
financially. It was pleasing to note
how th<■ many Financial Secretaries
filed by he secretary and paid
their PROMISED quotas. Many had
planned to be present but were
hindered by stormy weather. How
ever, the following few days
brought their quotas to the office.
Those who PLAN to DO will DO.
There were many who did not at
tend the celebration or send in their
quotas. This act forced me to send
a letter to all delinquent lodges
requesting that they pay up and
many have responded. However, I
shall continue to request the quota
until it is paid. Some lodges did
not send their full quotas and that
balance IVfUST be reported AT
I am very anxious that the Na
tional Hospital Day celebration,
Sunday evening, May 12, at 3:00
p m. be a success in general at
Jltndance. l odges are NOT assess
es . >axert lor this occasion but
A public offering will be had. See
the hospital: visit the lounge aoA
the patients and count one in mak
ing YOllR hospital rank with the
omer leading hospitals in the nation
by celebrating this great day. Our
own Dr. Cyril A. Vvalwyn will be
the principal speaker. Others will
appear on the program and re
freshments will be served all free
of charge at the close. The pro
gram will be rendered on the hos
pital lawn and it will be decked
with comfortable folding chairs. In
the event of rain the program will
be at the Mount Vernon Baptist
Since the Hospital Day quotas
have been badly confused I shall
extend the time for all lodges to
report in full to Wednesday, May
15. The next issue of the Courier
will definitely carry the names of
lodges that did and did not pay.
The Custodian's Birthday is a vol
unteer affair so far as the amount
lodges contribute, but all lodges
sure the response will be favor
able. Therefore, 1 am requesting
that all lodges look forward to cele
brating the Custodian’s birthday,
June, 1st, and get donations in the
mau Monday morning, June 3rd.
By all means say- it is for the Cus
todian’s birthday.
__ Most Alros do not fully realize
what they have. I am asking all
Afros to become fully race con
scious and get the full spirit of
group ownership. Come to Yazoo
City in person and look in and
around your hospital. Go up town
and visit your Home office building.
Compare the present condition of
things with the past and you will
automatically have a higher appre
ciation of the present administra
tion Every effort is being made
to improve in APPEARANCE and
SERVICE along all lines.
Again, I want to insist that all
Financial Secretaries make special
effoirts to add new members for
the next GO days. Some few are
sending in applications every week
and 1 am certain there are others
who could do the same. Let me
hear from you*.
The Grand Lodge will meet in
Hattiesburg, Miss.,«in August and
1 want to see all lodges represent
ed with delegates. We had a grand
time there in 1930 and after 27
years we want that section to feel
and know we are very much alive.
Start raising funds NOW.
I regretted very much to have
to resign my position of Vice-Mayor
and Alderman of the town of Mound
Bayou. It is very necessary that
I give all my time to the promotion
of the Afro-American Sons &
Daughters. Our administrative staff
is very limited and these are press
ing times and concerns of note
must have close and personal sup
ervision. Promoting the Afros can
not ancf must not be considered a
“sideline” by its officials. There
fore, I am giving now, as in the
past, my full time to the Afros and.
I have no outside inteferences or
attractions from a financial point
oi view. This same reason caused
me to not offer as a candidate
for re-election as trustee for the
Mound Bayou Consolidated School
on March 2nd. I served as trustee
and chairman of the board for six
teen (16) consecutive years and
never missed a monthly meeting.
May God’s choicest blessings be
unto you and yours.
Fraternally yours,
I. E. EDWARDS, President
Afro-American Sons &
$1000 Raised
At Celebration
On Hospital Day
Annual Hospital Day Celebra
tion, Sunday, March 31st, will be
a day long remembered by the pre
sent officials of the Afro organi
zation and the Afro-American Hos-|
pital. It will not be because of the
gay celebration of the occasion or
the payment of annual quotas by
lodges, for this portion of the an-1
nual affair is nothing new. The1
astonishing part of the whole day
was the manner in which the many!
representatives from every section
of the state poured into Yazoo City
in spite of the constant rainfall and
tornado warning. The spacious Mt.
Vernon Baptist church was filled!
with hundreds of Afros who now
realize what they have and are'
ready and willing to brave stormy1
weather to answer to the call. A
survey shows that obly.those dis-:
tant ones who were eager to wit
ness the dedication of the hospital
lounge at 11 a. m. were the ones
to be present The packed house
was the result of larger delegations
attending from each lodge or com
munity The Robert Johnson lodge
of Clarksdale brought a large bus
load as usual. The officials of this
lodge are worthy of all praises that
can be given them.
Over $1,000 was collected and
more is being reported almost
daily. The deadline for reporting
Hospital Day quotas by lodges has
been extended to May 15th to allow
allow' all lodges to pay their full
or balance quota. Fair weather
would have meant a record break
er in finance. However, the exten
sion is granted to permit obtaining
the mild goal of $1500 or over.
The principal speaker of the day,
Dr. Laurence C. Jones of Piney
Join the Afros today—tomorrow
may be too late!
Afro-American Hospital Auxiliary Report
Sunday, December 9, 1956
Yazoo City, Mississippi
Total Reported by States _ . $723.79
Total Reported by Lodges . 36.50
Public Offering.. » 41.48
Total Income $801.77
President's Expense
Telephone calls $ 5.56
Postage___ . 17.00
Travel _ 12.73
Secretarial Service 3.25
Stationery & Supplies 7.00 - *
$ 50.54
General Expense
Paid Guest Speaker (Mrs. Bates) 30.00
Entertainment of Guest 10.30
Draperies and Rods .. 29 25
Singers Travel Expense 12.00
Magazine Rack, Extension Cords, Ash
trays & Pressing Draperies 7.48 .
Two (2) trips to Jackson r 11.52
Five (5) Meals at 75c each 3.75
Janitorial Service _ _ . 2.00
Additional Cost of Prizes 10.68
Total Expense
Balance $634.25
Submitted By:
ELM A G EDWARDS, President
State Afro Hospital Auxiliary
Woods, Miss., made a very inter
esting address. Others appearing
vn the-program were Dr. Cyril A;
Walwyn, physician and surgeon at
the Afro-American Hospital; Mr. T.
J. Huddleston Jr., Assistant Cus
todian and Office Manager of the
Afro-American Sons & Daughters;
Mr. I. E. Edwards, Supreme Presi
dent of the Afro-American Sons St
Daughters; Rev. Allen L. Johnson,
Yazoo City; Mrs. Elma G. Ed
wards, President of the State Afro
American Hospital Auxiliary and
many others. The matchless wel
come adress was made by Mrs.
Ruth Sanders, Afro' office clerk,
and the response was made by the
one and only Mrs. Sallie Duraen of
Clarksdale, Miss.
The members and visitors made
a complete inspection of the entire
hospital and many expressed their
appreciation for the manner in
which the entire plant is being op
reated and the courtesy shown by
the staff. The administration is
proud of those, and many more,
faorable comments, but would j
have all to know that EVERY day |
is "Hospital Day” at the Afro-;
American Hospital so far as clean- j
lincss, courtesy and genuine service
is concerned. The institution has
no "front” or “show”. Make your
visits often.
By all means join tlje crowd in
celebrating National Hospital Day
on the Afro-American Hospital lawn
Sunday, May 12, at 3 p. m.
Vending Machines
Now In Hospital
Most people who visit the Afro
American Hospital are cigarette
smokers. A cigarette machine, con
taining ALL the popular brands,
is in the hall of the hospital and
the price is the same as elsewhere.
When cigarettes are bought from
THIS machine the very small pro
fit goes to the Afro-American Hos
pital Auxiliary, a non-profit organi
zation supporting the hospital. Make
it a habit to drop by the hospital
\ory often and by all means have
at least one nieklc and one quarter
for your favorite brand of cigar
The gum and nab machines are
also under the supervision of the
Hospital. Auxiliary and the public
K 'Ss'k^d to ^patronize them also.
A candy machine will soon be in
operation along with the others.
The profit is small but if the vol
ume is big the small profits total
Mayor Green,
Four Aldermen
Seeking Re-Election
Mayor B. A. Green, a Fisk Uni
versity and Harvard Law School
graduate, is seeking re-election as
Mayor of the town of Mound Ba
you. Miss., a position he has held
for nearly forty years. He is being
opposed by Mr. f. M. Peterson,
local printer, and Dr. Ef P. Burton,
surgeon at the Friendship Clinic.
Mayor Green announced to the
town board on March 5th that he
woul not be a candidate for re
election. However, one month lat
er he announced his physical con
dition had greatly improved and
he would definitely be a candidate
for re-election on June 4th.
Four of the present aldermen
are seeking re-election. They »V.\
Wesley Liddell, Jim Shaffer, Dr.
P. M. George and Rev. H. A. Rid
dle. They are being opposed by
Montgomery Strong, Dan Ishmon,
Miss Minnie Fisher, Frank Perkins
and others.
Ezell Anderson, City Marshall
and local undertaker, is being op
posed by A. G. “Sweet” Terrell,
who has served as Marshall in prev
ious years.
Local town politics are at their
greatest height since the days of
the famous Booze and Green fac
wil be worthwhile. The purpose of
this article is to call the attention
of ALL Afros and the general pub
lic to patronizing ALL the hospi
tal vendor machines.
The two cold drink boxes in the
hospital are operated by the hos
pital and the profit from both go
into the general hospital fund. Ev
ery Coke or pop you drink adds a
fraction of a cent to the Hospital
Fund, Driijk Ayr them ofiembu^
pleace leave the bottldf’in the cas?
provided for “empties.”
Join the Afros today—tomorrow
may be too late!
Coming Events
Of The
Afro-American Sons &
For 1957
MAY 12, 1957 — National Hospital
Day Celebration on Afro Hospital
JUNE 1, 1957 — Custodian's Birth
day Celebrated by local lodges in
their communities for benefit of
AUGUST 21, 22, 23, 1957 — Grand
Lodge meeting, Hattiesburg, Miss.
DECEMBER, 1957 — Annual State
Meeting of Afro-American Hospital
Auxiliary at Yazoo City. (Exact date
to be selected).

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