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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, March 02, 1894, Image 7

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Cr.TANOim.Zdanil Prop.
Saw at tha poat-oHlea at Kiytaavilla Jl o..
aa arood-elaaa nail matUr.
Friday, KarcaS.lSM.
PBorder County jNotes.
Oat are selling it 22 cts a
at tlanta.
Bevier celebrated tbe 30th anni
Ternary of Pythianlsm in an appro
priate manner on Feb. 19tb.
Tbe temperance people, at La Pla
ta, bare nominated a fall ticket for
tbe Tartan office ol tbat city.
J. W." Overstout, formerly of
Macon, baa moTed to La Plata and
opened a law office at tbat place.
1 load of corn in tbe Ticinity of
Forrest sold one day last week for
il5 cts a bushel. Corn is corn up in
Oo. W. Swind and Mies Dollie
Bnnre were recently married at the
residenca of tbe bride parent, In
Mr. Geo. A. Perry and Miss Lollie
Leffier were married at tbe residence
ot tbe bride's father, Elder J. L. Lef
fier. in Callao township, on Feb
: F. A. Dessert has been appointed
poetmavter at Macon. It is fitting
that a man of sn:b a name sbonld
be admitted to tbe Democratic pie
Mrs. J. W. Damerell, ot Macon,
ortaented her husband with twin
eons on Feb. 20tb. One of them
weighed 7 1-2 and tbe other 8
I Mite Sabra Nichols, a Chariton
county teacher of Mendoo, has been
'employed to teach the spring term
'of ecbiHd in tbe White district, near
Lilian t a, Macon county.
Mrs. E. C Conklin, of Eagle town
ship, wbo is now visiting her mother
Wiironsin, write back to her
utband that enow is twelve feet
eep in that part of th country.
P. Coulter, of Excello. was in the
Icimty cf Salisbury several days
Vutweek buvinar a burn i;rade of
Cows and heifers which be expects
o keep for breed ingjmrpose.
Cbas. Higgle, ot Ardmore, recently
old the Widow lieaaon a mule, and
klpp?d for parts unknown. It is
low believed that Higgle stole tbe
inimal. or at least such is the talk
Vround Ardmore.
L Plata's postmaster M spoken
f by a correspondent to tbe Macon
rimes as "genial and handsome,"
'nrl Tt he Is a ReDublican who has
. 4, loii Knnnxwrt anI atilt arritoa
M. after bis name.
re. Y.T. Days, ot Macon, who
aa been in "S t. Louis tbe past four
jiontbs under medical treatment for
pmething lik) polypus ot the ear,
la returned with the assurance of
r physician tbat she is entirely
Mr. and Mrs. Naylor E-gle, ol Ten
;1a tncnihlri- arhr. littplv retnrnpil
po a visit to California, report
I having seen on their return home,
'nre number of cattle Ivinir dead
j hMV ayaav v A -
Lttle were among tbe resul of the
tent blizzard in that state.
The Democratic candidate for
ii.ty ot!ie- nr bobbing cp ee-
)iy in Unit m county, and several
them be announced in their
rty organs, nhose editor smile a
?y rake in the V on announce-
pt fees, aud are made to sneeze by
bracing breeze, each candidate
Ire the editor, about tteir having
coopetitor, that they are euro to
elected whil their apponent are
aring the wte sma hour ot .last
arday morning a burglar enter-
; ie residence of Lawyer llobt. G.
tchell, at Macon, and made hi es-
witb a suit ot clothr. tbe pock
I of which contained 15 In
ney, a gold-filled watcb and sev
.1 note amounting to f 250. Tbe
were the property of the law
j of Dysart Jt Mitchell, and were
iliStrent Macon county cltl-
L McKeo, ot Macon, whose name
ban been mentioned in connection
w'th tbe Republican nomination for
cod pre in that (IbwThird) district,
deuire tbat be has any aspirations
in that repct, and say that he
could not conscientiously become a
defender of McKinleyiem, but pre-
fern to stand upon tbe platform Of
honeet money and the old Demo
cratic doctrine of a tariff tbat wil
raiee sufficient revenue to meet the
current expenses of the government
without selling government bond.
Jack Huzbe. who wns released
from the Macon connty jail on Feb.
lGtb, after serving out a sentence of
15 days for stealing eomeclothes from
ifort Lawson, of Macon, is again be
hind tbe bars of the county bastile
to await the action of tbe grand
jury for stealing a box of flag to
bacco from Frank Schwekhans, a
Macon saloon-keeper. Hughes had
obtained tbe services of John Curtly,
col., to assist him in getting the box
of tobacco over a high plank fence
at tbe rear of tbe saloon, but Cnrtly
gave the project away to City Mar
shal Meodows, resulting in Hughes'
arrest, just as be climbed back over
tbe fence after banding tbe box of
tobacco to Cnrtly.
Benj. Cox, ot Meadville, is now in
jail, at Linneus laying out a fine for
tbe illegal sale of liquor.
A 0. A. R. camp fire and hard
times supper were given by the
Urand Army post and Woman' Re
lief corps, of Brook field, on Saturday
night of last week.
Mr. Cbas. Gable, of tbe Forker
neighborhood, an old and highly re
spected citizen of Linn county, has
rented his farm and will move to
Nebraska this week.
John C. Wbitaker. formerly of
Ducklln, is now manufacturing bak
inz powder, at Elkhart, Ind., lie Is
also engaged in the wholesale and
retail drug business.
Marceline Hinon Hints of a se
cret marriage in wbtch a young
Marceline professional man figures
as groom, ahd a young laiy of a
neighboring city tbe bride, are beard
on tbe corners. Tbe knot is suppos
ed to have been tied last month.
On Thursday night of last week J.
W. Jackson's general merchandise
store, at Bucklin, was burglarized.
the thieves gaining entrance by
breaking in th back window, and
carrying off jewelry, shoes, pocket
knives, underwear, jeans pant and
other articles, all of which were val
ned at about 1200. Mr. Jackson
has offered a reward ot $50 for tbe
arrest and conviction ot the robbers
and the return of bis goeds. The
same night an unsuccessful attempt
was made to rob the store of Sbel
don & Ilawk, also ot Bucklin. No
arrests have been reported.
Cat. McCanlin,'a butcher of Mar
celine, was very unfortunate last
week by becoming deranged, men
tally, and is now in care of his fami
ly physician, at Brook field. A year
and a half ago a brother of Mr.
McCauslin met a tragic death at a
bridge, near Marceline, while cross
ing with a separator. The heavy
machine toppled over, threw the
young man off and crushed him be
neath it ponderous weight. This
trouble so suddenly brought on the
amily is said to have preyed on the
mind of Mr. Cuuslin until a state of,
temporary insanity has resulted.
Allen Mayo, the oldest settler of
Randolph county, died ot his home,
near Mt. Airy, Wednesday of last
week, at 1 o'clock p. m.
Ex-Senator J. M. 1'ioctor, ot Stur
geon, Mo., La purchased the inter
est ot Jas W. llammettin the bank
of J. M. llt'iisuett & Co., of Hunts
G. A. Gordon, a traveling man,
lost f 45 in tbe iloberly steam laun
dry Thursday ot last week. The
money was In the pocket of a night
shirt nhUb Mr. Gordon forgot to re
move when sending bis clothes to
tbe laundry. One 5 dollar bill was
saved, the rest being entirely de.
Dlla Ilussell, a domestic at tbe
Wabash hotel, in Moberly. took an
over dose of morphine on Thursday
night of last week. It is not known
whether the woman took the doee
with suicidal intent or not. Fbysi
dans were summoned but at last ae
ro ants she bad not regained con
Cbillicotbe ha 8a widows and 20
widowers. '
The residence ot Col. J. T. Kemp,
of Cbillicotbe, was destroyed by fire
one day last week. ,
Louis llugbes and Mir Maud Wal
ker, of Spring 11 ill, were married on
Thursday of last week.
Tbe roller mills, at Dawn, made an
assignment Inst Friday. The liabil
ities are placed at $11,000; assets
The residence of Jas. Allen.of Jack
son township, was destroyed by fire
on Sunday night of last week. Loss.
$2,000; insurance ?G00.
Cbillicotbe is all vrorked np over a
K.Hnlr" hnmla rm onf. m hnn.oa
a e i vr t
Mrs. iwcuara nuesiues, me wne
of a farmer residinc near Cbillicotbe.
0,,m!nt.fD -xn n '
ant child on last Thursday night
by mistake causing 'the little one's
Farmer in tbe neighborhood of
Sampsel report heavy losses of
snoats, corn, etc. Iliese stealings
have been going on for some time.
and seem to have been committed
-by an organized gang of thieves,
who operate in a systematic man
Carrollton printerscontemplateor-
ganizing a local typhograpbical un
ion. Mrs. David Francis, of White-Hock
neighborhood, near Miami, died on
!fZt 7 8 '
r - . s i . i n
C 1 f n tl 1
f... . . .
... . . , uuuuutvui uuv.
Miss Ltt uazzaro, oi uaiiatin, were
. . . .
ummnuuiuB.iu iuoi.., i i ouo
The Carrollton RepubUtan has
donned a new drees and is being is-
sued on a cream tint paper, which
adds much to the appearance of that
On Tuesday of last week Mr. p.
1'arseley and Miss Itose Uanners. oi
. . . . . . I
Tina, were married at the residence
of Phillip Hanner in that city.
Rev. Mendenball officiating.
On .Wedneadaw evening of last
week Mr. Irving G. Law re nee and
Mies Lutie Williams, two of Carroll
tonis popular young people, were
united In marriaire at the Baptist
A "regular Sam Jones revival"
was in progress at the M. E. church
in Boswortb. last week. Twentv two
: 4.. i o j- I
' "r1 . B3r
Digutanuaiargenumoer eacu SUC-
ceeding night during the week.
Tbe uniform rank of tbe Knights
of Pythias, of Carrollton, held the
annual election of o dicers Monday
night of last week. The following
otlicers were elected; Sir Knight,
Captain, W. 11. Kelly; Lieutenant,
Jas. II. Hart; UeralL J. L. Kin-
kead; Recorder, J. W.
Treasurer, Louis lleitz,
N. Crouch; Sentinel. L.
C. al-
Charles Randall, of iS'ew York,
passed through Boswortb, Monday
of last en route for San Francibco.
?20,0U0 of which he receives one-
half if he makes it nitbin 97 davs.
He has until April 13. to complete
me irip in. tie is xne man tnat
wheeled the 85 pound keg ot beer
from New York during tbe world'
fair. He also made a walking trip
across Africa. Hi record is C4
mile in ten hours. He walked from
Boswortb to Norborne, a distance of
22 mile in two hours.
11 Iff best Honors World Fair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartu Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
larroucoo Journal: The Journal
x . . ...
. I. ' Wee lQ tat,p Mrs. E. T. Maber. east of this
that Mr. rank Yehle bad stolen a place, returned Tuesday from Cen
horeeanda $70 check from Mr. tralia where ohe had been attending
Auiumuies. air. lebie brought tbe
news to town, but the man wto
took the hora n nhir . n om.
ni..nf u. ... v.u.1
w v v a a a v- a a w a w au
honorable gentleman, well known in
the county, and we hasten to correct
any leflections upon bis good name
and character. Error will creep in
to newspapers however much 1ipv
are regretted or precaution taken to
guard against them.
Boswortb Sentineh A terrible ac
cident occured in this city early
Thursday morning of last week.
Mm. Tilda .Tnnoa rrJfai nf EVonlr
t, ..' .
I r r
voujo uw-u eiairv Buoruj aireri
breakfast wrapped in a sheet of
flames. She ran out of the house fol-
It i, n uj
- uuu.pun, wBU w8
1 ' "f ' , lue.uueB
on a snow drift, and with the assis
tance of II. W. White, who was pass-
i0ff near by, tbe .flames were soon
Lmothered. Her arms, bands, face
and Dodj are badlj barnedf and lhe
doctors pronounce her In a critical
condition. Theonrin of the fire is
unknown, but it is supposed her
clothing took fire from the stove.
The Christian church, at Fayette,
uww ua0 uew ?uou organ.
The assessed valuation of Howard
county's personal property and real
I a e rc' a m a I
i a wrec uccurrea on xne sa. rw. cc
IT flf PlllAft Ctntinn f
- . ..., w "J
o-a j .1
oamruay oi last week-, in wnicn
i ucmuuiuru.
i Th.ra toit nr frv.t
started at Favette. with Harrv M
son and Louis McCollum, both late
of the Ad rertisert aa editor and fore
man. respectively.
air. jasiienneny, oitayette, and
Miss Mollie Denny were married at
luw r-ueucB n me onae e parents,
aL. : J m At a t . I
- mile ea9t ol t ayette, on Wednee-
aoJ eD - U. bbuck,
Major Smith, formerly of Fayette,
shot and instantly killed Esaw
Skinner, at Throckmorton, Texas,
recently. The killing was tbe result
Pf a qal which grew out of a law-
suit, and is supposed to have been
done in 'self defense.
Mr. Georgia Jones, of Fayette,
recently received f 4,620.90 from the
C. & A. railroad, for Iniuries sustain- i
ed while n .
. " " . - "
01 mac company, at Uigbee,
u . ...
ouwul mu jcuu nu. ue company 1
j 1 j a a . K
made a hard fight but was com pell
ed to "whack up" when the appelate
court confirmed the decision of tbe
lower court.
James M. Stone, ot Marshall, died
on Feb. 21st, of pneumonia, aged 57
Hamlin's Wizard Oil company
filled a week's engagement at Slater
,a8t week.
Mr- r Tantrnn n-
years, dienl at her home, in Mnr
shall, on Feb. 20th.
The fine two-story farm residence
of M. U. Leis. o! two miles south
west ot Matta Bend, wos destroyed
by fire on Saturday of last week.
Two negroes, exonvicts, got into
n run iu a uuitur, Oittier.QO
Friday night of last week, which re'
suited in one of the
seriously, if not fatally, stabbed.
Rev. G. K. Maiden, of Slater, de-
livered a most interesting lectrre at
the Baptist church, in that city, on
Tuesday night of last week. Sub
ject; "The Devil Trot Line."
Mrs. Lease came out best in tbe
tilt with Gov. Lewelling, of Kansas,
aI a. e a a . .
lueBuprem court oimaiswienoia- ' " - iadiciouely, tbey would find it a r
ing that the governor bad no richt thought be was asking about her ' :.nu' K .i
. a II t . 1 I
ioousi aim. ieaseirom tne ivancaa i
uuoru ui cuiiriiicii wiiuoub ursb pre-
ferring and sustaining charges
agatnsr ner. i
the oasines man. say the Mon-I
- "...
roe Uty Aerrs, wbo would keep 55
millions of dollar worth of dead
silver in stock and borrow GO mil
lion dollar with which to continue
business would be called a fool.
Dut tbe government Isn't a fool.
Carlisle la secretary of state.
Shannondale stfttuga.
a eick sister.
"uot rweraon. oi oausoury. was
f la a. a. f 1 a a a
here Tuesday trying to buy stock
1 M " right and a Mr. 11 are, to-
bacconist of Louisville, Ky., were
- nere the first of tbe week interviewing
tbe tobacco growers of this vicini
Mr. J. C. Cravens, of Salisbury,
accompanied by Miss Louella Stacy,
an academy pupil, spent Snnday
with friends at this place and atten
ded services at the Christian church
J. B. Hayes, of Salisbury,
I .
airs, jonn r.rnaruc spent several
davs since our last writing with
I "
Mrs. B. J. Moore.
The new ice house in West Shan
nondale was filled Wednesday.
Mrs. Mary Bailey, of Salisbury,
came down Sunday to spend some
time with Mrs. Dave Tudor and oth -
er relatives.
Green Brockman and Peter Vitt.
h!PPed two car loads of hogs and
""a xueHuay.
I W. D. Lee was called to orest
Green the 1st o! the week to see hi
father, John Lee, who is suffering
from a severe attack of pneumonia.
The spelling given by Prof. Hurt.
of Hurt Rphool. Prirlftv OTPninir una
well attended and a Qnr .,r nronr
a8 well a9 enjoyment. We learn that
I Mlea Lena Ilorton carried off tbe
I honors.
0!orR,Uarri.on.jr..of G1go.
I Aiio uubiuctjb irip 10 mis piace
I fVia flraf -.f I.Q tx-aalr
I -
Mr8. r Williams, of Saliabnrv. in
i visltiDg Her pareiita, "Uncle John"
-Aiiea unu wue.
Miss Mollie Warhurst spent Satur-
day and bunday with her sister.
Mis? Mattie, who is teaching at For
est Green.
Mies Ella Bixby. of near Bruns-
wick, who spent last week with Mrs.
Joan Bailey, returned to her home
Sunday, and rumor say that ere
many days she will become the
bride of a worthy gentleman, living
near her home.
I'ralrte Hill Pointers.
Weather cool.
m 9m m m m
1. u. uariow, 01 iianaoipn coun
ty, bought 7 head of cows and
heifers of John and Vines Mathia the
1st of the week for which he paid
o 1-2 cts a Dound.
The young folks enjoyed a valen
tina maiik nnrtv nnthAi.irht.nl th
r . " ,
iiiuiuai., ai iuo nmueuco ui o tia
. , .
Thomas. They report havimr
nice, pleasant time.
Mr. Summer, of Ills., the gentle-
man wbo bought out "Uncle Add"
tiouston, 13 moving to bis
"Uncle Will" Carlstead has a
Cr for his farm at $30 per acre.
a. r. lamngton delivered a car
load of fat cattle to Summers &
Harlow last Saturday. They weigh
ed 1,200 pounds and were sold at 4c
per pound.
J. W. Fawks tjold 18 head of fat
steers to Wallace James, to be de-
Iiverd tbe first 20 days in next
June, at 5c per pound.
Born; On last Tuesday night to
the wife of L. P. Cummings, a fine
Ben Da-i- of Saliaburv. and Mr.
1 a. a 1 nui lu aj a in u uxz a aw ncin au liiib
U.vn.n.t, f . xn
vicinity the 1st of the week looking
foraged mules.
a pusher of the pencil went out to
report a party tbe other evening
where the home bad recently been
blessed by a new baby. Accompan
ied by bis best girl be met tbe host
ess at the door and after the usual
salutions asked about tbe baby's
health. The lady, who was quite
Irfaiof onrl ait tTuM n rv Tar 1 f h la rvulnnA
onl1 trA him hO f .ha 4 linn rw h 4- akii I
ufeuu DUO
" -j luo
ho1 Ana AB tvtnfae Kia aaee I
worst one sue ever nad; it kept ber
awase niguis a gooa aeai ana con
fined her to her bed. Then noticing
i t n n w nap mnn rvo tso rrar r inn no ia o n.f
a t . a t a
v i"""
...nn. .i,..nM .t,..nM .it I., t.:.
ut4 wuo puc ouo wu,u lc" Ui
looks tbat he was going to have
one just like hers, and ask him to
come in and sit down. Tbe paper
was out as usual next week but the
local editor has quit Inquiring about
"Wlea t3 Marry.
New York Erroing Poaf.
The marriage of a girl in he
'"teens" is a much rarer occuranetf
tin this country to-day than it wa
a a af
25 years ago.
For many reatoLev
except perha pa tbe most importing
ooe,we have been doing oneoneci'ue
Iy that which scientists are no
agreed is the wisest and the I -erf
thing to do. lengthening the tim of
a young woman's developeiuent, nod
postponing marriage to at least hi
early maturity. It seems that if h
doctors are right there is a "pror
est"" day to marry as well as to
dance, and this day for a mauVr
does not come until she is betwm
20 and 30. For a man it does rot
arrive until he ia between 30 and 4(r.
An Austrian physician of proni'D ,
ence, who investigated oeveral thone
and cases in order to arrive at t hiar
conclusion, found that "where even
husband cr wife were under 20 the
offspring were generally weakly." In
London, too, the evils of early mar
I nage are beginning to receive atten-
I tion from the Diocesan Conference
1 Commencing -on' the discussion, a
I writer in the current North Amerieait
"tbild-bearing is one ol the moss
severe drains on strength of which
we have any knowledge, and for this?
uniul ol"w ,u luc "
Tery great amount of TeTVO
8tren& Not only this, but tbe girl
will, if 6he be in good health, ae-
Cumnlate maeh greater latent ener-
gy than her. brother. It may be
easily understood, however, tbat
this accumulation is not made until
after the girl has bad her growth
because, up to that time, she mu:
not only s;a8fy the daily needs
strength but she must also provider
I 4.1. .. T- t 4.U 1 A I .
iuo uiBKnaia lur Kniwiu. as inn
;rtM-f ,vio o.. -
aa mi w a vj wa iii sa vcovu bv 11 wn um i a
they are 17 it is from this aire on
la.t n.i . t n .
strength which will enable them to
undergo the physical strain of
motherhood takes place." .
Dr. Edison gives tbe average age)
of men married in New York City
in 1892. It is 28.29 years. Ti e
average age oi women married in
the same year was 24.43.
Someone has asked the Ne.v York
World "What is love?" and is an
swered as follows: "Love is a pecov
liar thrill which pervades your wholr
being, and when he or she ente 0
your presence your knees knock tH
gether as if you had the deliriu.it
tremens. It is a pleasant uneasi
ness, it is tne absolute forgetfuf
ness of one's self in tbe sweet remeut-
brance of another. It brings tears)
to a woman's eyes and, empties
. . .
man pocter
It is a tickling 6ei
sation of the heart, which cannot be
eased. It is a delicious confection
composed of heart thrills, blood
waves and willing life contraction."
Isn't that enough to make one for-
swear loving?
BacUen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve In the world far
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salfe
Rheum, Fever Soree, Tetter, Chap
ped hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles, or no pay required. It?
is guaranteed to give perfect eatw
faction, or money refunded. Prie
25 cents a box. For sale by
W. C. Gastoic.
The Boston Transcript prints this
wail of true grief: When you enter
a restaurant and the beans are all
gone, why cant' the waiter say sot
What does he want to insult a maa
for by saying: "All out of bean?;
Rot hajjh Has it come to this that
one cannot aek for beans without
raising the suspicion of impecunioev
itv? And in Boston, ton. th f-
,te lair of the nutritious legume. '
Cbas. Gee, Fayette's tailor, take
a whole page in last week Demo
ocrat-Dannert which will increase his?
business ten fold. If other tailor
and business men would advertise?
fh traAo OT1,i nrflTsnt;mr
0 0 r
them from wearing the seats of their
trouWT8 oot on counters and good
WaIp rv 17 vmn old mnir.tr-
j ' - - j , ,
ed in the Missouri Pacific shops, aft
Sedalia, was run over Saturday
night by a switch engine which bar
attempted to board, lie was - taken
to the Missouri Pacific hospitul, aft'
Knna nr. f-r ivntajpr. fjiar
I it, ?r wa." MPit'M'xifij . i rh

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