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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, March 16, 1894, Image 6

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Joplix it to hae a 1 15,000 court-
f oaf ts. Spasca.
Some time ago Colonel Will 8.
Majp, of Louisrille, the eonjr poet.
Philip Fetcie.oI Loop port, Intl.. wrote Colonel Robert Ingers oil, ask
killed hie wife through a fit of jeal- ioff Dim the foIlovriDg question:
ootj and then threw biuieelf uoder a btch baa the most powerful n
train. Ifluence on the mind, an eloquent
an 1 flowery speech, ora plaintive and
Mm. Nettie Walker." ot Fori pretty little borne balladr'
Scott. Kas., bus suh1 Jo ot Keeper In uue time Colonel liajrs recti red
Lafe Arderscn for $2,000 for eellm tb lollowlog reply:
liquor to her kushaud.
"If I made the most eloquent and
flowerj epeech that Hps ever uttered
and Ton would come along with
six-hit fiddle and play "Home Sweet
iiome." across the street from where
I was pouring forth my eloquence
you'd steal the crowd and leave me
talk mi? to thi emntv nir in thrp
An amendment h.-ui been adopted mInae .A srch. no matter how
. i I Ml f I I 1! at I
to tDe rron.uitiun out mruiuurop iBe flQ anJ eluqnPnr ente the
W A. 1- I
The New York atate etnatee ju
diciary committee Las unanimously
re do r ted a till making baz:i:r in
college a criminal offen.
pale of liqnorn io untMrunte or other
floor exrvpt, the grouui floors of
It i eiid ttat the Missouri river le
becutuiii partial to Callaway coun
ty, aud in about to (ear Jefferson
City without h bout btndioir. This
and like a br-tutltb tramp, walks
eliggUhly donn tae by-ways o
toeuory, knocks at the door of tht
heart, is nfcsvd admittance, and
die on the roid to the graveyard o
f jrftfulnet?. Dut a f org, "Mollie
DirKng," comes skipping along
with her aoron full of flowers, iamrjs
u anoi nr reiieou wny oeHjaua roouiu intn tb- aUnv oath of memorv
.-... .i ...... ..:! I " ' J
ua.r.u-tmiuwiii.a.. thrnwin.r lor rn Hrht nl 1. ffr
anJ kisses at the bird, until she
AKoTHtK cowboy has run off with (grows wetr of her frolic with na
a Chicngu birn, makiog about the! lure, then pasting in front of the
eighth or iiiijih las of matrimony I mansions of memory, knocks at the
In that city for which Buffalo Bill's I door of the heart, goes in and Uvea
Wild Wret how i distinctly rev pot -I there. Home, Sweet Home, will
Bible. Ill vp Inner m f rp Mia mmt nnaret-fnl
r, - - - f ---
gifted and eloquent speech evernt
Ikstascls of extreme old age are! terej bT tne jjp8 0f man wjI bur.
.mom common amoug those wno eti n tbe mind of men and forgot
cxerrtee uieniMivea wnn gardening i tga
Iban iu any other employement. But
sooif to we Lever did like to
In a garden nor rhop wood.
Park'i Gmfch Svrup cures Cold's,
Coo?li, Croup aud Whooping Cough.
The standard home remedy in thou
sand of taroilie lor nil lone diseases.
Guaranteed by W. C Gaston.
Sxxator Cockbell introduced a
bill iu the. senate last Friday for the
couet ruction of a bridge across the
llieeonri river.at Jefferson City. The
bridge will b constructed by the
Jefferson City Bridge nnd Trunsit
Loed Kohebebry, England's new
Premier, is a large stock-holder in
the Southern States Land aud Tim
ber company, hd English corpora
tion that bus MTfral lar mill in
this country and it general office
In Pensacola. Fla.
The to-fced hypocrite is th
xnoet contemptible rf God' crea
ture. To your face he i all good
tea) and to your bark be Is mot
veoomcoi than a rntle wnnke. W
wouldn't gie a cnnrlUd lo-teg
stamp for tb friendehip of euch
being. '
A piano mnde for Napoleon In
1810 tin t-eii tmearthed in Lon lcn
In ehnp it ie grar.d with silver keyr,
anl curiously etionh, thert nre fli
pcdji'a. Two id the work a drm
cux) ry mnl himI were reaan ably
adW-t in rt mplimut to the military
tski'o of th i uij4 ror.
El-'jOVERXOU Jou.i EVAXf, of Col
ordo, celebrated the bOtb nnnirp-.
aarv of hi lirth Fndi.
Tbe oocaa'.on vrai als' appropriately
recognized be religious atd eluHt-
ioanl institutions id thia city, whi.-ii
belli liberally endowed, aud by t li
Chamber of C-tame rce, which boJy
prrs n!ed bim iih a U-autif'dy
boood ccngrai ulatury a!div8.
Bb careful imw yim rirctiuie a
story detrimental to the chirt.cter
of a woman. Your n other is a r.o-
tsan. Your wile i a woman. Your
Wfttheart is or will Uf a women.
Ah! tbert'e uoihui iu all the
woU so eucnd to u uiau aa a wn
xna'a chnractet! Bltr that n
ilixvn bad women go without pubhc
ccBtun thau that i ur oor inno
aot should 8uffr froai ilaL.den.U'
If yoa are not feeling strong and
healthy, try Electric Bitters. If "La
Grippe" haa left yoa weak and weary
nse Electric Bitters. This remedy
acta directly on Liver, Stomach and
Kidneys, gently aiding those organs
to perform their functions. If you
are afflicted with Sick Ueadache.you
will find speedy and permanent relief
by taking Electric Bitters. One tril
will convince you that this ia the
remedy yoa need. Large bottlea on
ly GOcna at W. C. Gaston'e dtu
Womtaaad Hirrti.
A great deal of tbe real or imagi
nary troubl that women (xperienc
frjm their nerve are largely due to
tun fact that they do not take
enough reet when they can. Tbi
Iih-j not apply to tbe cat-oapa and
extra long hours of ilamler, but to
that economy ot nerve force thatcxn
b- pntcticvd dutlug the everyday
pursuits. For instate, in the kitch
ii a woman will stand while she
beats the eggs or stonea the raisin
iuntead of eitting down quietly, and
iu this way eaviog her strength be
for it ia too late to take preventive
mi.surei. If a women l waiting for
any oa, bow do a ihe do it? Gener
ally by pHciog np and down, r, ar
my rate, standing close to a win
do v or door instead of sent lag her
telt comfortably.
I i grief be wrings her hnndn an I
walks, in anger tbe walk, in fact.
00 type of emotion or work ia nifcde
Ire- destructive to tbe system
through the agency id a woman
1 a f ir herself. She will go to any
tioihl to leci)ine leutiful, but
eear gives n thought to her
he.tlih. Loaf, fister mine, hmf a
ion r hi. d m often aa ia oeihlr, it
you w.ali t l free (torn nerou
hysterica and uatimely wriaklre
Michael Flynn, a busioesa man of
Newcastle, Wyo., w as robbed in Chi
cago Wednesday night by two
chance acquaintances of $1,450 and
thrown Into the river. Passers-by
rescued him.
fincklta's Armea, Sim.
The best salve In the world lor
Cuts, Braises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter. Chap
ped hands, Chilblain?, Corns, and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect eatia
faction, or money refunded. Price
25 cents a box. For wale by
. W. C. Gastox.
TSIPLSTT, - 110.
Firvt data ri? and salill fcorwn on hand
at all times. Call answered daj and nijtht.
Oi IScytcsdillc, Missouri,
Respectfully calls your attention to the fact that he has just received
a finer line of Superior & Garland cooking stoves ihan ever before.
AdJitioun to rented premise, wheu
tnalebyihe tuaut, should nevr
be Uftened with n-ii. hut will
KCtei. SiiouM t!i teuaut w
Xoo smI take lite litrij)t with him,
beraa tb. u do so, but if nails r.
uu. itf-u if can i ao ao. id
Orijta ct -Xtp U Uu -CljaV
A jude d ih eupriue court thua
exlaini why in England vihicla
lumto tbe loft la pars'Dg tach
othc': "Tbe foot traveler pawed to
the rght that tb ehi. Id on th leTt
artu m:pht bo interposed to ward eff
u treacheioua blow, and 1'hvo the
riijlit or ewcrd arm, free to ttxike.
Uors mu, however, uxually bail
mail to pi tret thrci, nnd these watt
mote safety ia being near the an
tagonist than in fca?ing to ktrik
acros th hr re. as wuu:d h ive I n
U'Tei'Sary had they turned to the
rUhr. When vehicle cam ioo uee
later driver iutu.cively follow il
tbe old ho sback custom and turn
ed to iLe It-It. Iu tin country
hor were acarce for several gener
at'.ona after tbe first eettlrrs. aud
W II II I ...
l-h t ' l',e ro'' pasH-nger, 'Keep
to tb K ght.' was tne only one ttiut
obtained. When conveyance he
cam commou they atdl followed the
MQj ' more fmilar custom ot the pedee-
if put there bj tne tmant it is his, , M ' "
fattens them u Wi 1,u" -"u"l4J
oti property. If be
viU sails it ia the landlord's I rop-'
ertj. This ia the statement oi a
prominent SU Louis lawyer.
Joplix longs for tbe days when
he will have fewer dogs and more
Farmers, it will rav
you to buy of Bettel-
neim & uo tsrooKneia.
Mo. We are making
special prices to April
i nn rmoriTiTTr
that will save you
money. We also car
ry the largest line of
macninery, naraware.
and furniture in the
By Yir'o and atrt&oritT of a mneral
ration loaned from tb offlc of tbe clerw at
tba circuit roart Cbaritoa eoanty,
oori. rvtarnablo at tbe April term. lM'Ji, af
antd roart, and to- aie direrted. In fdToraf
J. 1'arke. admiaiCrator of tbe estate 4
Joba riunkett. dMeaaed. and airain
Alexandre Col jer and Peter Statenborker.. I
bare levied upon and eeiied all tbe riht, ti
tle, internet and claim of the aaid Alexander
Colrer. of. in and to tie following described
real estate to-wit: C0 acres o!T of tbe nortti
part of the went balf ( 1 -2). of the soathweet
qaarter 1-41. of sectwo 41. Also 60 acre
oft ot tbe east siile of the southeast quarter
I -4 J. section Are I j-I. all In townsbip flitv
three 53, ranfre seventeen 17. And I
ve also levied upon and seized all vie
right, title, interest and claim ot tbe said Pe
ter Htatenbocker, of. ui and to the following
deacrilied real estate to-wit 80 01-100 acres
oO tbe east half 1-2, of the northwest qaar
ter 11-4 J. oi section three 3 J, and 40 acres,
the southwest qnarter 1-4, ot tbe north
west qaarter 1-4. ol section eleven 1 1 and
'J 75-100 acre in tbe northwest corner of tbe
sooth west qaarter 1-4, of the southwest
unrtr 11-4 1, oi section two 21. all in town.
hip fifty-three 53 ranire seventeen 171f
All lying and being hi swid county, and
state of Missouri, anl I will, on
Tuesday, the 10th day of April, JL.
D., 1804,
between the hours eV niue o'clock ia the fore
noon and five oVVerk in the afternoaa of
that day. at the eait front door of tbe curt-
hoaee, in tbe city oi Keytesrille. county o
I'bariton aforesaid, sell the same, or so moch
thereof ns may tie required, at puMic vendue,
to tbe bio. best bidder, for rnh in band, (sub-
tct to all prior liees and iuilginents), to eat
fj said evecutioa and rests.
J AM rs K. DfMrSET.
KheriH .aaritoo county, MUouri.
CD cd
CO o o
3? & Cf
g 3.2
03 O
CD 3
Repairing of all kinds promptly-and neatly executed by a compe
tent, practical .vorknian. Kespectfully,
W. D. VAUGHAN, Keytesville, Mo.
Py virtue and authority of a srwrlal exe
cution iued from the oftlcv of the rlt-rk of
the circuit rourt of Chariton t'uanty. MU-
socri. returnable at the April term. 1804, of
tM court, and to me directed. favor ol
tote to ne l A.I. nU-h, tressurer nnd
z-oillrio rollrctor of Chariton iunty. Mis
souri, and axainit Janus UuthrWce. 1 bate
levied upon nnd K-u.-d all the right, title, in
crest and cl.i 1 iu the km id Jniaert (utbtidits
for tan-s for the vetrs lH.sy,
1M0O. lbOl. of. ia and to tbe following tie-
srrild real eetnte, to-wit: Ml acres the
oath half ( l-tfl. of the north wt quartr
1-4). ot eeriioo 'J. tosnehip fifty five
.".". rn ntre t Urbtren I H, aUi 1 10 nrns ot
rust hnlf I--J. nbl south west quarter 1-4
ot north st qnsrter 1-4, ot section twen-
yt lht -J. townhn filiy-flve rati-e
tehtren INI. All lying sml Uicjr in tLe
s.ii.1 county, and state of liiouri. anil 1
will, on
uee.lay, the 10th !ay of April,
!irnn the Lours of nine 01 lock in the fore
noon and five o'clock in the hfu-rnoon of
that ?My. at tbe met front door of the court
bouse, iu the r:iy of KejttetiKe. county of
Chariton, atorvuii. t-'l tht stme, or so
much tbrrof aa may be rit:uirid. at public
trrtiiue, to the highest r. for eah in
band, (eul ji-ct to all prior litr.s nnd indu
menta), to katUfy sjM execution cud costs.
J am ts K. LKirr.Y,
Sheriff of lliatitou lounty, MiMouru
Py virtuo and authority of a special execn
tioa i4Ud from theotticv- of therk-rk of the
ciTuit court of I ha rit ou county. SJiMouri.
returnable at the April term. Ih04. of said
court, and to rue dirvctrl. in favor of the
elite of SJiiwourito the Vr of A.'L. Welch.
trMtsan-r and rx-olilcio eolW-ctor of t barifon
runty. Mo., and against hterling Ferguson,
I bv kvid upon and sriird uil tLe right,
title, interest and cl.i i in ot the w.id Sterling
Kergueon, for taxes fwr the year l(?'.l.of. in
anil to the follow ii.g d-scritti real estate to
wit: Kory(40) acrvs, the southeast quar-terfl-4)
of the southeust quarter ( 1-4 ), of
svetioa twenty-four (24. tosnehip fifty-four
f"4j. range eighteen 18, all lying and be
iig in if tbe said county, and stats of Missou
ri, and 1 aUi on
Tuesday, the 10th Day ot April, A.
between thfvLoam of n.ne o'clock in the fore
noon and five o'clock in the . afternoon of
thnt day, at the east front door ot the court
bouse, iu the city of Keytesville. county of
Chariton aforesaid, sell the same, or so much
thereof as may be required, at public vendue,
to tbs highest bidder, tor cash in band, sub-
(set to all prior liens and jozments, to satia
y said execution and costs.
Jamx E. Dxxrtrr,
Bhsria ol Cbaritoa County, If o.
By virtaw and authority of a special execu
tion issued from the ofCee of tne clerk of the
circuit cooat of Charitsa county. Missouru
returnable at the April term, 1894, of eaii
roart. and to me directed, in favor of tho
state of Missouri, to tbe asa of A. L. Welch,
treasurer aad ex-ofucio wllector of Chariton-
county. Miisouri. and against Marshal Car
mon.and ICate Cartnon.l ave levied upon and
seized all the right, title,.iatent and claim
of tbe said Marshal Carson and Kate Car
mon. for la ars for the years of 1888, 1889,
J 81)0. 189 K of. in and to. the following de
scribed real estate, to-wit: 70 acres south
side of tbe nsrtheast quarter (1-4), of section
St. Lreais Etebe - Berrieerat,
8 rags eacl Tacsday aniFWdaj;l6 paes trery weet
si "SS'iA Great WPw! Only One Dol&r a Year!
Toeeday,.the 10th Day of April, A.
D.t 194,
between tbe- hours of niwe o'clock in the
toreuoon ani five o'clock in the afternoon
of that day., at the easo front door of the
court house,, in tbe Citgr of Keytesville,
County of Chariton, aforesaid, sell tbe
same, or so- much thereof as may be re
quired, at psidie vendue, to the highest
bidder, for cash in band, (subject to all
prior liens and judgments), to satisfy
said executian and costs.
James R Dempskt.
Sheriff tf Chariton County, Missouri.
Any reaipr orthin paper can get it free by HPcurinj? a club of three eob
aerioer and forwardino; their nrmes, ON THIS BLANK, with f3.00.
Jmit by HarJi Draft, Pot-otfice or Express Money Ordeivor Regie t
d Letter. Sample copies will be sent free oa application.
By virtus-and authority of a special execu
tion issued frwnx the ofQce of the clerk of the
circuit const of Chariton- county. Mi.ouri.
returnable at the April term, 1894, of said
court, and to me directed, in favor of state
of Missouri to the unwof A. 1.. Welch, treas
ure" and evofficlo collector of Cburituu coun
ty, Io., nnd against Hhzabetb M Hunter, i
Win. U Hunter. hnrh A Hunter, John f
Hunter, l harka U Hunter, Leirs of John F
II an ter. deceased, and 'Ae unknown heirs of
said Join K Hunter, deeeased. 1 have levied
upon nad seixel all the- rwbt. title, interest
and claim of the said LHuiheth M. Hunter.
W10. U Hunter, Surah A Hunter. John P
Hunter, Charles D HuiUer. heirs of John F
lluntvr. deceaeeil. ami he unknown heirs of
siidJohnK Hunter. ivceHl. for taxes for
the year lH01. of. in aaf to thf following
described real estate to-wit: 17 ?!-ltit
ucrs, northeast quarter (1-4), northwest
quarter (1-4); 27 7 .VI 00 ncree. sonthweot
quarter (1-4), northwest quarter (1-4); '21
75-100 nrvs. southenst quarter (1-4). north
west qunrter (l-4).ot section seven (7) town-
hip tlliy five rw eighteen (18): nU
y.l acres north part of soiithHt qnatter
(1-4). of the northettt qmirter (1-4). and 4i
acres northet quarter (1-4). of iiorthseot
quarter ( 1-4). of section eight (). township
hftv five ZZ). rungweuhteeen (18), all lying
and leing in the said couuty, and state of
Misdouri, and 1 will, on,
Tiufday, tliH 10th Day of April, A.
D., 18'Ji.
Ijetwren tho hours of nine o'elock in the
forenoon nnd five o'clock in the nfter
noon ot that 1n.v, at the east front door
of the court houe, in tbe lty of Key
tsville. County of Chnri'on, aforesaid,
sell the nue, or so much thereof as may
le reijuiml. nt public vendue, to the
highest bidder, for cnh in hand, (subject to
all prior liens and judgments), to satbify
said execution nnd coats.
James K. Demiiet
Sheriff of I huriton County, Misuari.
Staie oi MisJHiriu.l
County of Chariton. '
In the circuit court of Hmriton county, in
Vfe.it ion. f'eli. 1.7th. 1804.
Lkrathy Virginia Ijoi". plaiutifl vs. I'.m h
ard H. MangliH. defendant.
At this day tomes the plaintiff herein. Iy
her attorney and lilts her jwtition ami alii
d.iiit. alleging among other things, that tie
f luinnt is n non-resiiient of the st ito of Mu
sonri: WLerrupon it i-t ordered by the clerk in va
cation that said d feudant lie notified by
pabliration that plaintiff has comnionevd n
uit uguint biui in a court, the object nnd
general nature of which is to obtain judg
ment in this court against said di fondant,
for the sum of ."00.OU. nnd that unless the
naid defendant, tlicbard It. Muushs. I and
appear at this court, at tbe next term there
of, to le l-'gun and holden at tbe court
bouse in the town of Keytesville ia said
county, on the
Second Day of April, next
and on or before tbe sixth day of said term,
it the term ihnll so long continue, and if not.
then on or Iwfore the hint day of said term,
answer or plead to the petition in said raue.
tlie same will lie taken as conftTJ and iudg
ment will be rendered accordingly. And it is
further ordered that a ropy hereof be pub
lished according, to law, ia the Charito a3v
eieb. a weekly uewspaper published in said
county. H. B. 1UC1I A1CDSON.
Circuit Clerk.
A true copv from the record.
vjutn Witness my hand and the seal of
ftcCkVi tb circuit court of Chariton
VCYV county, this 13th day of Febru
ary, 1894.
11. B. RfCHAKMO.
Circuit Clerk.
7o GL0I2E rftlXTIStt CO., St. Lonlu, Mo.
Uorpwith find $3.00, and the names of thtve subscribers on blank
pipped from the Oiariton t'ocRiER, jmblisbed at Keytesville, Mo. Please
nd the Tuesday and Friday GIobe-Demoerat for one year to me and to.
ach of the PubecriberM nunfte.
Nam of fender. '.
Pnsi -office
Namee oft Sab-Ktrilr
1.. ......
IC2 & (04 W. 9th St., KANSAS ClfY, H3.
it-Old RtUalU Docior. A Rrpilar Crmduatt im ifeJicitu. CUttt in
Agt and Lontti LocaUtL
Authorized by tfcs State to treat CH.tQfttC. NCRV0U8 and SPECIAL
0KiASeS. Cures tuarantred cr money refunded. All iredtcines
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ness, losses, pimples and blotches 011 tho face, rushes ot blood to the heal,pai in thebaclc
contusod ideal aad fortwtfulncs?. b33biclness. aversion to socictv, lossof &exil power loss
ot manhood, to, cured for life, lean Mcp ail night losses, restore lost sexual nowe'r re-
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lor me. xtioou roisoning, tsaa m.seatics.
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Gleet, and all form.- of Privato Disease
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awrv turcs. true to lifo. with full A.
criptioa of above diseases, tbo effect an 7i
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lief: a few doses remove fever and t-ain in
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me-uke models and wax nsruresdey'y impress the tzand ; a school ot just ruc
tion a sermon without words. A. B. I haot 9500 dspcitdtn th bank, which I
mull far f tit for aboot Sose taot I rwwt curt.
---11 IWIi! , ' M.
tlii J V'V i-t s-r.fl li"- 0
.A-r ? V l ' v i "reH.r v sn..'. -i R
'..is t.-'f.l li,5 It,' . l-v --j.-?. .1 :A
U .'e- t.' laat --Vi. itv. will
I f.lA A
tc. S t Vi I V 4
. V -.l- M
f ' 1 V'i ? Hr-r 'nl-rrSea,Varl.
" ','t vu"?,, '
r .... - . .1.1 i,z
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Keytesville, Missouri.
Pies, cakes, bread, ride', lemonade and light drinks, cigars, tobaccos, candies, nuts.etet
Good lunch at all hours. Oysters in season- Opposite G. If. Dewey A co's hardware store.

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