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C. P.'YAIDIYEE, Eiitr aiPrc;ri!cr.- : ' van was-xaje to eustlb. . . TERM: $1,511 Per Teari In AiTaics-
' -
' i i I i ' ' ' i ' ' ' - - ' ' .-.
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School Elecuca.
. . The school election for the Key tea
Tille village school elicited considera
ble Interest Iat .Tuesday owing to
the vot on a proposition to increase
the levy 1 Gets oa the $100 valuation
In'addition to the CScts which bas
been the levy, for several years
The proposition lor the 5ct in
crea carried by a vote of 73 for
to 62 against. The increased rate
will enable us to bare 8 months in
stead of 7 a months school.
Xhe election for school directors
(there were two to elect) resulted ni
II. B. Richardson, . 121
.J. C. Wallace,........- -
O. B. Anderson,.... ...... ........... Gl
J. C. Crawley,- . 2
Ja T. Cooley ....... .... .....
J. S. Rucker,......... 1
In justice to th three last named
gentium en wwill say. .that neither
of them was a candidate, and it wns
not known that Mr. Anderfeon would
be ft candidate until Tuesday morn
ing: Then, too. Messrs. Richardson
and Wallace wer the only candi
dates whose names were printed On
the ticket. .
Bsal EiUU Trsiuf cr.
W. W. Rucker and wife to S. M.
White.. a certain lot situate In the
-town of Keytesville beginning 73 feet
south of a point on the south side of
Bridge street, 2 chains and 45 links
north, 12 chains west, thence south
along theeast linn of street 70. ft.
thence east 274 ft, thence north 72
It, tbence.west along south" line of
lot conveyed to Warner Ford $375
J. X. Mitchell to Julia Moss, lot G,
In block 29, town of Triplett-20.
Richard Price and wife to J. 11.
Buddenberg, 33 acres, south 1-2 of
the (vast side of . the se 1-4, sec 12,
two 53, r 10-$1,090.
Agnes M. Tippett and husband to
'Q.X. Earl, nw 1-4, tec lS.'twp 56 r
Albert W. Evans and .wife to
George W. Green, nw 1-4, ne 1 4, sec
-33, twp 50. r 18 $G10. .
Wm. B. Richardson and wife to
George W. Gren, w 1-2. se 1-4 sec
33. twp 56, r 18 $1,400.
Martha T. Lynn and husband to
Ferdinand Schwatx, lot 12. in block
20, town of Dalton $202.
John 11. Turner and wife to Jerre
Hayes, n 1-2, se 14, sec 4, twp 53, r
A.J. Crocket to O. L. Hampton,
30 acres, e part n 1-2, nw 1-4, sec 22'
twp 54. r 20-3900.
Warner Ford and wife to. B. R.
Bufflogton, e 12, nw 1-4, tec 2, also
than parte 1-2. aw 1-4, sec 2, twp
53, r 18-12,200.
.Jas. L.rhelptto PeterAgee.2 3
twl-4.se 1-4, sec 6, twp 32, r-18
Levi J. Harris and wit to James
O. Anderson, tw 1-4, ne 1-4, tec 8,
"twp 53, r 16 $1,110.
John W. Caxzsll and wife to Ber
nard Brocks, 70 acres, se l-4,sw 1-4,
tec 27, twp 52, r 18 $l.G0O.
Martha Britt to.T. J. Gann, lots 7
8 and 9, in block 13, town of Trip
lett $550.
Wm. P. Allegi to Sam'l T. and
John G. Allegn, 24 acres, more or
lee, sw corner ! the sw 1-4, sec 12,
" and 20 ani". 1-2. se 1-4, ne 14,
tec 11, and mI. hII that part of the
n 1-2. se 1-4, ; ll.ljiog north ol
Wabash r;!r.Hd, containing 40
acres, more ir lee, and all of said
lands being in twp 53, r 18 $1,
Dewitt Guthridge and wife to M. J.
Smith, nw 1-4, tw 1-4, ne 1-4, sec 29,
"twp 25, r 19, containing 10 acrvs,
, more or less $250.
' ilenry Oldham nw 1-4, nw 14, sec
2, twp 56, r 18 alo the ns 1-4. nl-4
ec3. twp 56, r 18 and containing
77 atres, more or less $1,000.
Aorenia A. Ilendeison and John
V. llenderson to J. W. McCully, ne
l-4.swl4. and 10 acres off the
north aide of the se 1-4, tw 1-4, sec
- The new house of W. W. Laughlin,
near Mendoo, it receiving the finish
ing touches.
City Council Proceeding.
Board of al dermra of th rity ot Kjts
vills met in mruUr e-iion.in the mayor's of
tirf, Monday nibt. April 2nd. with the fol
lowing otOcera prrwot:
R f. Ford, mayor J S flacker. J A Etran.
II C Miller and II D Hunt, aldermen; W T
Curran. manhal, and J A Collet elerk and
Minn tea otlaet regular and special meetings
read and approTed.
The following accounts presented and war
rants ordered drawn:
bill of coats in raw of rity of KeytcsTilla ts
Herbert White, drawn in faTor of W. T. Cnr
ran for 14.05.
R C Ford, 13.33, salary na mayor for
March. 1804.
KeyteflTilleSijaA, f 2Jt), priotin.
W. T. Curran. 12.1. one raoatlt's aalary a
marshal from March S to April 6. 1894. CO
c. serriDK notira on J P. Tippett and Mrs.
Geo M WiUon. and f 3. roata in caam of city
of Keyteerille anInt FJiu Johnaon, Emma
J. Htrother and Kxnraa Goode.
Taylor Harold. 1.50, work on etreet.
Keytesrille Lumber Co, 22.23, eupplies to
Ed Curran and Cbas. Nichols, f 2, work on
Same, 2. tame.
J 1 Tippett. f 1.55, euppliea to city.
Hunt & Co. 12.75. aame.
J A follett. f 8.8.1 1-3, aalary aa clerk and
attorney for March, 1 8D4.
It appearing to the aatUfartion of the
hoard that treet and poll taxes of Pi ter
O'Oryan for the years 1 890. '91 and '02 bar
teen paid, O' Bryan bgiTen credit for an Id
taxes tor anid year.
Ordered by the board that the city coIW
lector procd to collect by law. If nereeaary,
t'je back Uxn tor the year 1 893.
Ordered that J A Collet take charge of the
eaea of the city of KeyterHT Oncnr Smith,
jr.. now peodinjr in the circuit conrt.
On motion board adjourned to meet Wed
nesday night. April 4th..
The following proceedingf at the adjourn
ed meeting- of the .board were had on
Wednesday night:
All of the ofSrers preeenL , ;
Alderman II C Miller'a report oo treaaur
ers report receited, and treaunr"s rrport
accepted and approTed.
Alderman M B Hunt's n-port on the clerka,
report received and clerk reports approved
and occepted.
Alderman J A Egan's report on collector'
report reei red, and collector' report "ac
cepted and approved.
Motion that collector be charged with on
eufltcted dry taxea for tlw;.- jcir 1893, car
Tied. T
Ordered that the fine and cost in case ot
city of Keytnaville against Sam'l Lesley oa
Julylat.lbV3.be collect M from Lessley's
aaretk-s. J J Moore, Thos II Johnson and
Henry Kick, by law, if necetfuary.
Mayor's report r-eived and approved.
On motion it is ordered that a statement
of th financial condition of the city bn pub
lished. Ordered that proceedings be inatitutMl to
collect all fines dee the city yet remaining
Ordered that the street crossing, trading
from tbs southeast corner of Wm E Hill's
residence property to the northwest corner of
th residencs property owned ly W E Hyde,
be repaired.
Tbecanvuiieg of the rota at Tuesday's
city election showed the following results:
1 XL O'Urian ... ... 40
P. K. O'Urian 47
Chas. Schell . 1
Thos. E. Mackay 30
TIjOS jf IVIiiCst ft '4 ft
J. S. Kucker 40
Geo. L Swain 41
A. F. Toolejr 1
Chas. Scbelt .". 1
U. C. Miller..;. : 1
Chai. 1. Thra-h 43
The old board adjourned, after which
Aldermen -elect J 8 Rrcker and U L 8wain
The new board waa called to order and ad
journed till last night, at which time Mar-
ha I -elect 1 KOTryn it:id Alderman-elect;
C P Thrash duly quil.ff-d.
At the meeting lnr mht the following np
poiativ Ere wre t!U-.I:
J A ColWt. rU-rk auI nttorney: atreet com
misaioner. U ii riK-r ForO: treasurer and sup
erintendent d the rity cemetery, M. W. An
derson, wtir'.i appointment were duly coa
firmed by the board.
Council adjourned to first Monday night
la May.
Notice Is hereby riven that a meeting of
the stockholders ot tn Farmer" flank of
Chariton County, at Keytesville. Missouri,
will I held at the office of said bank in the
city, ot Keytesville. ia said Chariton eoanty
andstsUof Missouri, on the 10th day of
May. 1894. at J o'clock a. m., of that day,
lor the purpoeof voting upon the proposi
tion, then and tLere to be submitted to it
stockholder, to Increase the cspitaJ stock of
said baak from ten thousand dslJars. its
present anthoriwd sspital. to twenty-five
thoaasad dollars.
J. O. Martin. L. M. Applegate,
U. T. Oaraett. ' J. C. WalUe.
J.A Fb. Thos. J. Martia. .
Geo. H Applegate, H II. Davis.
W. W. flacker. A. F. Tooley,
C Courtney 4 os, J La P. Tippett.
April Tina, 1S9 4.
The regular April term of the Chariton cir
cuit ehurt eonveneil at the court-house, in
KeytesrilleJast Monday. April 2nd, with the
following officers present:
Hon. W. W. Kncker, jtidw Capt J. C. Wal
lace, prosecntinic attorney: J. E. Dcxnpeey,
sherit!; II. B. Kichardson, clerk, and Wm.
Uallinger oCcial stenographer.
" By order of the court Sheriff Drropsey pro
claims court open tor the transaction ot
business. ' - .
Sheriff Derapsey and J. U. Dempeey and Y.
M. Yea tcb, deputy ahenfl. duly e worn, in
scording to law.
Venire returned for grand jurors as follows:
Geo. W. Long, J. E. Lewis, II. K. Harr, R
W. Green, Wm. Me Kee. Marry Bennett. J.J
Kendrick. W. Joseph Tillotson. W. H. Ms jo,
J. P. Hampton. S. D. Brockman, and John
lUddttll. who ' after being duly sworn and
charged, orzanixed by the appointment, by
the court, ot Jobn L. Judueli, as foreman.
The following gentlemen compose the regu
lar panel of petit jurors: -
0. VY. Akers, It. T. Girvin, I. C. Couch
Henry ZUtnmn.W. U. Brandt, J. II. Morgan."
II. B. Adams. F. W. Knott. W. II.' Egan,
Wm. Stevens, j. T. Cooley. J. J.'Dinsmore.
A. J. Coy. U. W. Goll. T. E. Prather, J. W.
Hershey. J.J. Sorutchfleld. A. C. Fleetwood,
B. Bci'gelsberser, John Uerhaxdt,AT J. Crock
ett, jr., and Columbia Gray. '
State of M'xMouri vs. Walter Blakley et
al. assault;derouTer to indictm'entoverruled.
Severance granted on application of , defend
ants. Defendant Walter Blakley waives
formal arraignment and pleads not guilty.
Withdraws plea of not Kuilty and jury, dis
charged. IX-feudant enters plea 'of guilty.
Punishment fixed at a fine of 100 and 12
months ia the county jail. Th Blakley and
Ed Sportsman case grew out of cutting
affray between Win. and Walter Blakley and
Ed Sportsman and Sanders Bros, at a dance
at Chas. Blevins.' near Mendon, on the night
of the 17th of October. 1893. -
Same vs. ' Wesley Lnrob, seduction; nolle
prosequi. ' . ;
. Santera. Jobn SUIworth. unlawful fishing
in the water of tile state: continued on ap
plication of defendant,
Same vs. Tomlinsoa und Twitchell.diatuTb-Ingn-ligou
worship; severance . granted oa
application of Kalph Twltchell.- Defendnijt
Twiti heU waive formal arraignmeat and en
ters plea of guilty. Punishment aafiosHed aat
s fine of IU and costs. As to Tomlinson,
recognixssce forfeited, cira facias' ordered,
alios capaiks, and continued, , , , V z .r f
." bius -va Xlailn-UUrr.Xislonla;x?aj'.
sault; defendant waives formal arraignment
and enter pica of guilty. Punishment fixed
at a fine off lOO.Tbie is the case wherein Clui
borne Oliver shot and wounded Wm. II. Wil
son with a hot gun.m-ar Ucstville, hut Oc
Samevs Walter Maddox, selling liquor
without license; defendant waives formal ar
raignment and enters plea of guilty. Punish
ment fixed at a fin ot 40. Maddoxuse to
run a "dive" a Forest Green,
f am vs same, same; same.
Sam vs same, same: same.
Kama vs same, same; dismissed at defend
ant' cost.
Same va aame, saire; same.
Sam v Edward Sportsman, assault;
defendant waives formal arraignment and
nter plea of guilty.- Punishtaeut fixed at
a Site off 100. Sportsman was one of the
parties to the Blakley-Sportemnn-Sanders
cutting affray at Cha. ltlevin,' near Men
don, last October.
v nrib uaes.
Dirabeth WalU r va Dinah Brooke.chang
of venue from Howard county; tried by
court. Decision not yet Landed down.
Elizabeth Walter vs James Dodson, same;
continued by agreement.
Mary Jans Aebby v tna L. Ashby, par
tition; conlinuol by agreement.
City o( Brunswick vs J. T. Hartman. ap
peal; dismissed by plaintiff.
Sam'l BalcL vs Chas. Meyers, change of
venue from Carroll county; continued by
agreement, j
Same vs Chas. Curry, same; same.
Same vs Seth Mareb, same; same.
J smes A Snyder vs W. O. McLeod. debt;
continued by agreement.
W. O. McLeod vs James A Snyder, river-
aal: plaintiff has CO days to file amended pe
tition and cause continued.
Emma J.Taylor et al ts Laura Roudy et
si, action to quiet title; continued.
Susan E Ramsey, ex parte, partition; or
der of sale of sw 1-4 4-oG-lO renewed, and
land ordered sold for cash in hand and cauae
K. B. tuple, truster, va Wm. Latham
ejectment; continued on demurrer to peti
Siaith-Fraxier Boot & Shoe Co vs Cash Jt
Uaiads, B. J. Wbeelor, interpleader, attorn
ment: continued a per stipulation filed
C C llaiusater A Co v same, same; urn.
Henry Kcpobl et al va aame, same; same.
W 11 Fox v J W Jlerabey, appeal: contin
ued on application ot plaintiff and at his
James Wren va Wm Kuhler, replevin; con
tinued by agreement.
Mary E. Cooper v Wm Atfaigner et al,
damages; dismissed fur failure of plaintiff to
file boud for coat.
Chariton County Exchange bauk. appeal:
continued by agreement at plaintiJ cost.
Wm. E. Hill vs J L Veal,ejcetment; trial by
court and takea under advisement.
A we go to press the damage auit of Jane
Smith, col., against city of Brunaaick is be
ing tried. Mrs. Smith was injured by falling
on a Brum sick eidewalk.
Further proceedings will be given in our
next issue.
Mis Alice Hancock returned home lsat
Wednesdsy from Cnss county where she baa
been teaching school, and a certs i a Keytes
tUle young man is aU smiles.
Mrs. Emily Garrison died , at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. .Eliza
beth Clark, in Keytesville. 'Tuesday,
April 3rd, 1894. In her 87th year.
Her death waa due to la. grippe.
-Mrs. Garrison was a native of
Smith county, Tenn.. where she was
born March 14th. 1808,
hut bad made made 'her home in
Missouri for the past 35 years. She
was not a member of any church,
tut made a profession of religion on
her deatb-bed and died happily.
I7ive children survive her. '
.. Interment took place at the Key
tesville cemetery, Wednesday.
tDiLL: Mrs. Georjre Dill, of John
son county, Kansas, nee Mis Dora
lusjrraves, of near Chraneville, this
county, died last Monday of heart
ilure. She leaves
a husband and
iree little boys.
Hancock-Carroll Case.
The case of T. J. Iiancock. against
obn Carroll for the possession of a
certain male hog, which. after bavim;
been tried first in justico court.and
?nbsequntly in cirouit court, re
sulting at both trials in a verdict for
defendant, Carroll, and was then ap
pealed, by plaintiff Iiancock, to the
Kansas City court of appeals.'
A decision was handed down by
he higher conrt last Monday, in
Which the finding of the lower courts
fvas sustained.
f -The costs in the case amount to
between $70 and $80, not including
the respective attorneys' fees of both
litigants. , " .
The hog for which suit was brought
was valued at $7. . . .
- :. . WEDDING BELLS. . -
Stuioi-IUisek:- Mr. Jobn Sturm
and Miss Mary Kaiser were married;
atUrunswick, by Iter. F.G.Walther,
CiLThursday March 29th ,l-
WniTE G reen: M r. Wm. B.
White, of Marceline, and Miss Flor
ence E. Green, of near Whs tville, were
married at the residence of the
bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Green, Wednesday evening, April 4th,
1894. Quite a marriage feast was
spread and a number of guests were
hi attendance to witness what prom
fees to be n happy nnion of the pop
ular contracting couple.
Banks-i?cnoGGixs: Mr. Lee Banks
col., and Mies Elnora Scroggins, col ,
were married, at Dalton, on Thurs
day, March 29th.
Quarterly Seport ot District Evangelist lor
Chriitiaa Church, Brookfield," Uo.,
Days employed 90
Miles traveled .'. 408
Churches visited 10
Letters and cards written 105
Sermons preached........... 110
Fas tor al calls.....'. 125
Churches organized 1
Additions by baptism. C8
Additions otherwise C5
Total...... 133
Cash collected 112'.14
0. Lewis Sumner, Dist. Evang.,
400 S. Elm St., Cbillicothe.Mo.
According the Salisbury Democrat
Mayor D. K. Patterson and City At
torney C. C. Hammond, of that city,
have donned their war paint and
whetted up their scalping knife for
Salisbury's dlicit desU rs topple paint
or alcoholic beverages. Me.sis. Pat
terson and Hammond have a fiu
field in which to carry out theirgood
intentions, and should be given the
hearto support of every respectable
citizen and especially'of every pro
fessed Christian in that community.
The lecture on "Gladstone" by
Iev. J. J". Squire, of Brunswick, at
the Keytesville opera house last
Monday night, though not largely
attended, was thoroughly appreci
ated by those who were present. It
was an interesting, instructive end
scholarly production and a well de
served tribute to"thegrand old man"
and great English philantropist.
Sheriff J; E. Detnpeey and County
Treasurer A. L. Welch went up to
Tnplett last Friday afternoon to
enjoy a duck hunt. They returned
borne the1 next morning with about
a dozen of the toothsome quackert.
Q. A. Potts, an old Keytesville
boy. but now engaged in the jewelry
business, at Marceline, appeared at
at his best here last Sunday. LTxw
nrd's visit to Keytesville is said to
have smacked of the romantic,
but we promised not to go into details.
Newt Long, of near Mendon, buys
nails by the wagon load. But then
Mr. Long has one of the finest and
largest farms in all Missouri, and
which contains between 4,000 and 5,
000 acres. lie farms at wholesale
and buys his supplies at wholesale.
Dr. I. Knott, one of Clark town
ship's prominent citizens, . has our
thanks for renewing bis subscription
to the Cockier while at the capital
last Monday. We wish the Great
Favorite Weekly had many more
such estimable friends. asDr. Knott.
C. M. Kendricic, the handsome edi
tor of the Marceline Mirror, spent
Sunday in Keytesville. "Clarence"
seems to ba possessed of an ardent
desire to learn something of'Grace,"
and be saved from the bottonless
thraldom of bachelorhood.
Jos. Oliver, of Westville, attended
circuit court here last Monday on
crutches. He was kicked by a horse
some two or three weeks ago, which
broke the smaller bone of one of his
legs between tha knee and ankle. :
.'Squire X. A. Spencer, , of near
Forest Green, did the agreeable by
the Courier while at the capital last
Monday. If the world were made of
such men as Mr. Spencer "the . poor
printer" would never be in want.'
Hupner Bros., residing nearBruns
wick, and who are, perhaps, Chariton
County s"cL am pion- po tato raisirt
are said to have lost twenty acres of
potatoes which they had planted be
foe the freeze of two weeks ago.
Jonas Long, one of the Courier's
Mendon readers, has just completed
a dwelling bouse on his landed es
tate, near Mendon, which will be oc
cupied by Mr. Long's eon-in-law,
Wes Lamb, and wife.
Cal Cecil and wife, says the Sum
ner St&r, started Thursday for Col
umbus, Ohio, where Mrs. Cecil will
take a course of treatment for a can
cer which has made its appearance
on one of her eyes.
A protracted meeting is to be com
menced at the M. E. Church, South,
in Keytesville, on the Saturday
night before the third Sunday in this
month, llev. J. B. Bice, the pastor
in churge, will be aefieted in the ser
vices by Kev. Gibson, of Glasgow.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. West, of 2 1-2
miles north of town, bad a free silver
Democrat to arrive at their bouse
last Thursday night, but be will not
be able to vote for 21 years.
Miss Lucile Hill, one of Keytes
ville's winsomadaughters, wbo is at
tending school at Godfrey college,
Monticello, 111., visited, home folks
the fctter of last aud the first of this
C. C. Cbristal, a former popular
Wabasu agent, at this place, but who
is now located at XI rant Parish, La.,
provided ns with a day's rations this
week by sending us the cash on sub
scriptions. . .
We were a little previous in an
nouncing the death- of Kev.' .Wm.
Ashby, col., an insane iumate of the
county poor farm, in onr last issue
us he did not die until lastSaturday.
The proprietors of the mills and the
general store, at Guthridge Mills,
ant a smith, one a blacksmith and
the other a Smith to cook his bread,
so Kays Frank Ellis.
Lon & Wood, of Mendon, lost a
valuable feeding steer a few days
ago, from the effects of the animal's
having been injared in the back in
some way. .
Dr. Augusta Smith;
of St. Louis, Mo., will be in' Key tea'
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
April 12, 13 and 14, at the Keytes
ville liouse. She invites all aSicted
with any form of chronic disease to
call on her. -Uteri, Ulcerations, Old
Sores and Hemorrhoids cured by a
painless and safe methodDyspepsia,
Kidney and Bladder Disease, linen- -matiem
and catarrh in fact all
these diseases yield to the Ufew Pro
cess Cure." -i ' -
Tape Worms removed alive in from -1
to 2 v hours. No . , money
required until the . worm is expelled
head and all. Call and eee me.
' A Bad Bunaway. . -
While F. M., S. Nand J. W, Sanv
ders abd S ! J. Shaughnessy, of , New-,
half were coming ta Keytesville last
Monday. in a . spring - wagon to at
tend circuit court, tha. vehicle' w&3.
u'rned''ov erLearMtr 'Pleasant
church, and the team took frigtt
and ran away. All of the occupants
of the wagon werJ thrown out, but
none of them were hurt.- The wagon
was more or less demolished, and
one of the horses was seriously hurt.
By patching up the vehicle, and
hiring another horse the young men
succeeded "in reaching Keytesville,
tbongh looking eomewhat the woree
for their trip. .
Dr. Price's Cream Baking: Powder
' Most Perfect Made.
There is a rumor afloat to the ef
fect tha.t our contempory, theSignaf, .
is contemplating moving to Marce-
line. "Editor" Robertson 6ays that -Marceline
is far ahead of Keytesville,
and if that ia the way he feels the
sooner he moves to that place tbs .
better for both towne. Three pa- v
pers ought to do better in a town of '
3,500 than two papers in a town of
1,000 population. .'However, Mr.
Kolertson is. to judge ' as to that. '.
He has our best wishes and prayers
whether lie continues bis paper hero,
or takes his departure for the magic -city
of the Santa Fe. Mr. Robinson .
is a "bom journalist" and will suc
ceed wherever he may wield bia
trenchant quill. : "
We urge upon parties owing us
please come in and settle their
counts. We are now; in a position
where we need and musthave money.
You have bought our goods and
we want our monej. Just stop and
think. We can't sell' on credit and
keep up expense? nnles yoa remit.
Please don't put this off, but come
in ani settle at once.
Respectfully .
" . - S. M. White.
Succesbr to S. M. White & Co.
Un! Dr. J. b. Red, of near Sacre
nienfo, Cal and two little sous, are
viitinz Mrs. Reed's parents, Mr. and
Mm Clark. nar Westvill, and wilt
remain until fall. Dr. Reed is expec
ted to arrive some time iu August
next on a visit. , . ,.
Marriage LtccHe. -
Wm. B. White and Miss ' Florence
E. Green; Osier A. Boes and Misa
Flora M. Harris; Aodeew Swanegan.
coI, and Miss Annie Tucker, col.
t ' i f s i i jassassaway'l
v'j J III I l I j U.n'Tjub
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