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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, May 18, 1894, Image 7

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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C P. VASDIVZK. Ed. &nd Prop.
Keytesville as Follows:
No li 8t. Loci Mail and Ex.
It 13 a ml
No S Chicago Exp
In p
f No 22 UoberlyAe. Freight.
t!o,VJ AcKreurbt
e OS p m
Ma H -!. lr.Mi
1 43
Mm 1 Cnu fllv Ffm
ft 4S a n
"Noll KCJfailaad
tNo 21 Accommodation Frieght
No 7 Oman tipr
2 li an
Daily, t Daily except 8nadaT.
Iree)nd iwBaflet sleeping cr to Kaaaaa
Nna 1 .n.l A h. T. llin-.-r airier. t I
(Sty and Chicago without change.
io. A will atop at KeyteeTlUa for pa .ng-ra
from Couucou. or poiata north of Cbuu
For Rate. Tickets, Tim Table. tc ap-
Art-, KeyteeTille, Mo
-- r.v ..-. I
- - r n .
Gea'l Manage-. Oenl Paaa. Tkk. Ugt.
CO U -54 'J.' X Ci'-t'CK, K.fl.
Milton R. Williame
.PYo eating Attorn-.
TTiiiK PrWe0t
laa.C. Wallace
y aaiTii: piss:rsus lute
' fTXlIMaTPridrot "f0ea 10 its securing th's wonder
'idfCotintyCoBrt.lJ.A.Riduiff.w.Ditfulofrerforit readers. I'sinanage
jlerk County Conri.
.R. D. EJwarda
ladira of Probata
.11. C. Winter
Probata twrk
.Tboa. E. Mfkj
J. E. rinpaT
A. L. Welrb
Pablie AdmiaUtrator.
ponnty Dorrrjor.
R. P. Moor
..Rami Carter
.Dr. J. P. UrtnitMd
toantr School CommiMioDr J. P Cuteaaa
Imit Curt
.11. B. Rirhardon
B. II. Smith
Mbtiodut Caxara fSoath) Rt. J. B.
ka.paator.Serrirva third 8bhatt. norainjc
rtA aviminir. And fonrth 8aadaT nisht of
kch month. Babbath-arhool rrttf Sabbath
ornlnir at 9 o'clock. Prayr m Unga w ad
Saday aratunjc.
Pinirrttu Cscaca ReT. O. 8. Barton.
Wor. PrMM-hinf arrond Sunday la ach
Lnntk mnrnintr and rvniniT.
iT Birrirt fiJin-HfT. J. J. 8qnlr.
kator. lrachin on tha Brat Sunday in
ch month, morning and aTenmg-.
KBrrcaTiLLit LiaaiaTMra. JohnCMiRar,
brarian. Library opn avery tnuay ai
oon from 3 to 5.
it . .... f jiw 'n 71. A. V. and A. if.
I W. Andnoa.Maatr. L. D. AppKatt
!ary Rnrala rowUnga Batarday nlng
Waiinx foil moon.
raArro! Ixoos. No. 177, A. O. V. W.J.
.WaiUca M. W.: R. II. Tiadal. Krorder.
'fnUr mwUmra 2nd and 4th Tacaday aTen-
AarroxCo. MtWCAL Botirrr. MU th
irth Thuraday in aach month at Saliabn rr
axarr K.!norra. A. O. C. VT. MhU nd
I Friday aTrninjrii In each month. J. J.
!-.r. 8. Ca R. U. TiadaW. R.
AtrnrxLOT Lome. No. 243 Knijrhta Py
V B. H. 8mith. Chancellor Commander.
iC Miller. Keeper of ne-oro ana ni
haUr maatincn avery Wedneaday eTenin.
rrrBfTiLLr Looo. No. 471. 1. 0. 0. F
LI. Bmlth. Nobla Grand; K. V. tiwaroa.
M3rnd; O. B. Anieraon. oecreuiry.
meetinga arery Monday erening.
I EXVPlaaoa lo.Oraaa fas. Wmi
lIIca-lTTaa.lM-li".T. t-
gad Hotary Publle.
0Sra oa Broadway orer Peopla' Banka.
riej at Lai & Kolaij Pile,
Will pra tic la all tha Stab Court.
Notary JPublic.
Xiiais PniDlIf LWiM lo.
Ofica with tha Probata J adga.
ILw ail Notary PiMic,
CoUactlau a tpadaltj.
fflca with Crawlay AJSon. oppoaita tha
XBj-aHai ail Hctan Pillic
witk WJlW.ykar.la-waiCo
thz cutrxEurs zrasrsisz.
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of oar unprecedented dabbing offer
with the great Sunday Post-Dispatch
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A Mudtrtr Wlpa out aa Entira Family.
Gas Meek s, his wife and four rbi?
dren, were murdered two miles east
of Browning the night of May 10th.
The bodies were found at daylight
the next morning horribly mutila
ted, near a straw, stack. They had
been slashed with a knife. The rei
denti in that vicinity hare captured
the murderer and may lynch him
Meeics is a prominent witness in a
cattle stealing case of last Septem
ber, and his assassination is suppos
ed to hare been planned to get him
outoftbeway. It is belie fed his
asraain was identified and then the
family was butchered to prevent
them telling the story.
Meeks and his family left the city
yesterday to visit friends at Brown
ing. Additional Facts; TeU phone ad
vices from Browning, 12 xoiles north
of Linneus. state that Gus Meeks
and wife and two children were mur
dered last night about two tuiles
southeast of Browning.
Meeks was recently pardoned from
the penitentiary by Gov, Stone for
the purpose of testifying against
Wm. and George Taylor of Brown
ing in a cattle-stealing case, in which
he (Meeks) had been Implicated, but
had confeeeed, laying the weight of
the crime on the Taylor.
Last night as Meeks and bis family
were going by George Taylor's farm
to visit a relative they were fired up
on. Meeks was killed instantly, bis
wife and two children were killed with
an ax, and another child, a girl, was
so badly injuied that the villains
thought her dead.
The bodies 0 all five were bidden
in a straw stack on Taylor's farm,
but this morning the little girl re
covered sufficiently to get out and
give the alarm.
Officers know who did the work
and are making arrests. The sur
viving child is about C years old.
Feeling about here i running high.
as this is the culmination of an old
A Phh.ed elphi a newspaper has
discovered that the czar of Bussia
plays the cornet. No wonder Nihil
ism is spreading io his domain. " Z
Form men recently stole th gats
receipts from Mrs. GoogarV lecture
Miuevrl Votes.
Burglars are getting in their work
at Nevada.
The potato bug is getting in its
work, at Fayette.
J. J. Hitchey,a hardware merchant
of Sturgeon has flailed.
If your feet have bad breath,
Howell county is prepared to supply
a remedy.
James W. Johnston, of theMonroe
City Democrat, has been appointed
postmaster at that pluce.
Hannibal proposes to keep a stiff
upper lip and a biled shirt by estab
lishing a Btarchiai factory.
Miss Grace Newmaster is announc
ed as a Democratic candidate for the
office of recorder of Clark county.
Small-pox has broken out in Platte
county across in Missouri from
a . a
Atcninsoo ana several lamuies are
Richard Thompson, a farmer, was
killed by a Wabash engine while
standing on the track, near Camden,
last Saturday.
County Clerk M. S. Burr, of Jack
son county, has resigned on account
of the county court's raising bis of
ficial bond from $10,000 to f 20.000.
All insurance policies have been
cancelled, at Boliver, because the
local ueuts refused to join the trust
and advance the rates.
Clark county will perhaps increase
her colored population this year as
she proposes to embarK extensively
in raising watermelons.
The corner stone of the new court
bouse, at Joplin, is a piece of Mis
souri granite from Lieutenant Gov
ernor O'Meara's quarries and cost
lti accorJunce with an official order
of Uncle Sam, Monroe City has been
made a weather signal station, and
is now putting on more airs than
Many Pike county farms have
been recent I3 badly damaged by
swollen streams, while fences have
been washed away and bridges weak
ened. D, U. Shields. W. T. Chamberlain,
T. J. Cousins, J. A.Cunnell and W
G. Osborne have organized the
Uannibal Shoe company with f 2,000
Breckinridge claims to have lorg
been known for excellent sidewalkF,
bence is the envy of nearly every
town io the state, Keytesville not
A new road was refused in Shelby
county because on of the road
notices was posted in an obscure
locality. The law says ''three
public places."
Louis Martin, a St. Joseph,
saloonkeeper, committed suicide last
Friday by shooting himself through
the head. He was oVspondtnt over
business losses.
Mm. Nitila Sharbona, of llanni
tal. is a errand mother at the age of
27 years. Sh was married when
only 12 years old and her daughter
at the age of 13.
The republican state convention
will be held at ExceMor Springs
August loth, but no political Bar
kis will spend nsKCb money to get a
nomination on that ticket.
Albert Brooks, a farmer living
about five miles north of Cape Gir
ardeau, shot an1 killed himself Wed
nesdav. of last week. Business
reverses Lad made him despondent.
The Chicago aud Alton train, No.
.12, was struck by a landslide six
miles west of Louisiana, Thursday
morning. The engine and baggage
car were aeraueo. lae passengers
escaped Injury.
a a wa
W. B. Shelton, of Lamar, a pros
perous business man, has volun
tarilly gone to tie insane asylum, at
Nevada to be treated. Close appli-
eition to business had weakened his
nervous system.
Clyde Morris, a 17-year-old toy of
Urbana, Dallas county, was lately
released from tbestate reform school,
at Booneville, and broke into four
stores and stole a lot of small track
ai soon as possible.
Cashier Thompson has so com
pletely looted tbe First National
bank, at Sedalia, that Receiver Lati
mer will be compelled -to make a
levy of $259,000 upon the stock
holders to settle all claims. ;
- .
" Col, Sam Melton, who was recent
ly nominated in Balls county for the
TonT b,n D8d V J 8bePPH
M-Ison is now one of the wealthiest
men In Ralls county. .
Mrs. Louis Martin, of St. Joseph,
died a month ago. Her death made factory." It is claimed it will em
her husband very disconsolate, and ploy 100 hands, pay out monthly
Friday afternoon be committed for waces S2.Kno nrt i nnn .
suiciaeoy shooting himself in the
head. A lift la rt.toa-rM km. uA
only surviving member o! the fami-
wrs. inotnas bhaler and daughter,
living near roreetuty, were fishing
bist Thursday, when the boat was
upset. Mrs. bhaler was drowned,
:... ou l
tint? asnorp. Sha thn mmmnnsH u
, . ...
eearcbiDcr nartv and recovered tha
1 i, k
The unfinished Winner bridge over
the Missouri river, near Kansas
City, is Iikelj to be finished at an
early date. The Kansas City and
Atlantic rail fray has offers from
several other roads to use the bridge,
and negotiations are now being
male for a double-track structure.
The Democrats of the Ninth dis-
tnct renominated Congressman
Champ Clark, last Thursday There
aa. nn nnnniiflnn A komo im I
the senatorial convention for thet
Eleventh district met and nominat-
ed Judge Charles E. Peers for senator
bv acclamation. Both conventions
were held at Montgomery City.
tr n t . . A.
Kansas City is making mouths at
Excelsior Springs because the latter
;. .an.ii i ki:
Oanlinn f hia vrri m Tina. L. nnana I
itv Vflnr fhA onrth nnH a. u hnlo
t . . j a
, ,
lliimnirfllti mnvantmn anil la nna
tviug eviueuce 01 remorse ax. uui
getting the Ilepublisan convention,
.!. ..11. ,. . f . . . . . . l
The platform laid down by the
Chariton county Democracy at Tues
day's convention is a solid and
sound structure at every point. No
charge of sectionalism can be
brought against it. And the demand Policeman Charles Quayle of Mob
it makes for a national policy by re- erly, has recieved an appointment
duciog all tariff laws to a revenue
basis, tending to ultimate free trade,
and by taking away the advantages
our present financial policy given to
vail Street" by substituting bi-
metalism by meno-metalUm, will
meet the hearty approval of the
vast majority of our people. It is a
nlatfnrm on which ire can confident
ly ask our populist brethren to
r 1
stand with us, and seek to make it
the plutform of a wise national ad-
ministration. The endorsement oi
Mr.BlandforhHuncompromig and
patriotic stand in our behalf was a
merited tribute to tbat incorrupt-
Lt. 1 I I
the front ranks, where he deserves to I
stand, of those entitled to be the
presidential standard bearer of the
....i .... uisni.
We call tbe attention of onr read
ers to the remarkable clubbing offer
in this i, eue, by which we can snd
this paper and tb Sunday Post-Dispatch
to the same address for one
year for the iow sum of $ 2. This is
tbe best offer ever made by a coun
try weekly newspaper o its readers.
In addition to this, every subscriber
to tbeCouRicu and the Sunday Tost
Dfcpatch, under this arrangement,
can secure the beautiful world's fair
photographs, gems of art, alone
worth more than tbe combined cost
of the two newspaper.
Theee offers are made by our ar
rangement with the fit. Louis Post
Dispatch, and only those who pay up
back dues and renew, or subscribe
for tbe Cocfier are entitled to them.
110W8 Tina.
Va offer oa 2iundrM dollars rewar for
arf rae of CaUirrh that rannnot ba stared
by II all' Cartarrh Cora
K. J. CaK.inr Jt Co., Propa.. Toledo, O.
W tbe ondermfftied, have I nown F. J. Che
ney-for tha lt 15 yeere, and Iwlieve him
perWtly honorable in all botinesa traaaae
tiocai and flnanallj able to carry oat aoj
oblixntions made by their Asia.
Wewt A Taca.x, Wholesale Drosxi-ts,
Toledo. O.
Wiuhxo. Kixmai A UiRW, VTboleaale
Dng&tM, Toledo. O.
Hal'a Catarrh Core Ls ukao interaa-y.
acting directly apa the blood mnd taacauui
arfante of the aystii. Price 75eta per bat
tle. 8ald by all Draggiata. ratimoniaia
It is said that Mark Twain may
be driven to the lecture platform to
retrieve his financial fortunes.
i a .
CozxTtsM baa demonstrated that
I (Continued from 3d page.)
lish in Macon City "a Da tent barrell
rough lumber,
L Bjf,der of the f,unt thfl
sheriff has removed from the Insane
Asylum at Fulton to the county
farm county insane patients as fol
low-. Chas. Boberts. Con Cam
Marion Burnett, Louis Koel, John
Condon and Joe Forne.
I 10 ais unug maun 10 ortranize
I "
I anti-saloon leagues in Macon coun
. u tuuu
I y- An adjourned meeting of those
Interested in the movement will be
held in tbe First Pre6bvterian church
of Macon City May 20th to Lear the
report of a committe appointed on
the work.
The "shed" of a large black snake,
and later his snake-ship himself,
measuring seven feet, two inches,
was captured by Wallace Smith and
A. II. Wilev while huntioc npnr Mr
ron ritv w wp. Th....M u.
Koa n.aM
lhe Macon county Bankers' Asao-
a .
ciation has been organized with the
following officers: W. J. Biggs of
the La Mats Savings Bank, Presi
iaent;John bcoven, First National
. K.n V-'A. V
ri: 'T"m
J : aawu.
I .
ty banks are all in solid financial
I -.Jt4.s J 1 .
I condition, and have been enjoying
tf f.
I HnlPnrf 1M hnainoaa
1 tr
Moberly is making it unprofitable
for the "can ruehers".
The Moberly council redeemed and
burned 15 bonds of the city aggre
tot w-0t" '"a"
under jj. &. Marshal Lynch.
The city council of Moberly elected
three new policemen at its session
last week. They are Reynolds. Penn
and Landrum.
The Monitor professes to be on
to the tricks of a neighboring editor
who has a habit of coming to ana
'"" MUU'J "J lUB "K
1 -. : n . A i t- u
Dirk Burtons' barn, six miles east
of Moberly, was struck by lighten
,-D- tnb night of May 4th andlentirely
consumed together with contents.
The barn d hd
I 'l 1 CI W I 1
'-uariee ouaw oi aiooeny was mar
to M.M Llien MorRan m Uunts.
nun jjoi ofu, ouruueu uv r ruu.
I X - 1 II' T - 1 1
inu iriT.Bttuu aiies rranKie uai
Dream, onaw win contmtue to re
side in Moberly where he is now put
ting up a dwelling.
George Vinsonshaler, manager of
the Wabush hotel, Moberly, has re
signed his position, und after travel
ling in the west for a few weeks, will
again enter the employ of the same
company at one of their hotels in
the east.
a . a -aa .
A man giving his name as Mar
tin, after a chase of a quarter of a
mile, waej captured by officer Fox ol
Moberly May 7tb. lie is r-uppoaed
to be wanted for burglary coLuii:itfd
in Olathe. Kan., recently. But he
talks like a crazy man.
Victor Atterbury, 24 years old and
his wife, tbe former stone blind, ar
rived io Moberly My 8th, to which
place they had walked from Mexico.
Tbey were entirely penniless, but wi ra
furnished traneporation as far as
Brunswick. They were trying to
reach Kansas city.
The tailor ah op of Chas. Itandez
gerin Hunts. He, was burglarized,
May Tib, and three suka of clothes
stolen. John iiagan, who had dis
posed of tbe stolen goods at the mi.!
fit store of Lou8 Hall, in Moberly,
was arrested tbe next day and sent
to jail to await the gran jury.
Thos. 8. Kelly, poet master of
Moberly under Harrison, has lately
been promoted to weigh master of
"Uncle Sams" mail at tbe Cnion de
pot in St. Louis. It is more hon-
arable to be a weigher of mail tinder
a Democratic administration than
it is to draw a bix salary under Re-
iblican Vol. doing nothing.
''The city election in HiaUville
Tuesday Mar 8th' ie7u.led';as ' fol
lows: . Mayor, 8. 0. Hicheson,
(Ral-ur Oraklaatea.)
Are the le adtnv and most aacceMfnl ipeclalltts siJ
VUl lT JOQ kelp.
Yorn? and mid
dle aged men.
RemarkmMe re.
ralu have follow
ed our treatment,
Many your of
Tmrled and kuccev
ful cxptMeac
In tbe use of cur
tlve method thmS
we alone own SDct
control for all
ordersof ntea who
have weak, unde
veloped or dli-
;eaea onrcnt, or
swho are ufTcrln(r
from errors of
oath and excesa
r who are r.enroaa
, nd I potest,
fthe acorn of their
eiiowa and tha
contemot of their
friend and com-
Danlona. I. ait nm
to rwaaat to all patient. If they can poMibly
be rtre4. tir owa cxelaalve treataeat
WOMEX! Don't yon want to get cured of that
wcakirN with a treatment that yon cn one at
home without Instrument? Our wonderful treat
ment baa eared others. Why not you? Try It.
CATARRH, and diseases of the Skin. Blood.
Heart. Li.er and Kidney.
TPII I LIS The most rnpld. safe and eCectlra
remedy. A complete Care Oaaratee4.
8KIX SISCASKA of an kinds eared whera
many others have failed.
I'SSATl'RAL l)IRriIABBF nrrmntl.
eairdlntfcw dava. Oulclc, sure and safe. Thla
Includes Gleet and Gonorhcea.
We hT nw eaaea of rtirmlit D va
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lata and medical Institute.
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for Ywu. Consult no other, a you may waste valuaala
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Brwar Of frM !! rhrin tiitrnrati XT.t (
the best and moat scientific treatment ct mclorate v
prices as Iowa can be done for aafo und ti-,i:fni
IreatmenU FBEU eoasaltattlon at thoOulceor
by malL Thorough examination and csrcful dlar-
nosla. A borne traatm.nt in h-lv.n In .ini'tnrtrv
f casea. Send for Symptom Blank No. 1 for Men;
No. 3 for Women t Ko. S for eicln Dlscaacs. All Corre- '
spondenee answered promptly. Bosln.eR.irlctly con
adentlal. Eatlra trfitmrntu-iit f inm ni.m. "
Uon. Befer to our prnlr pi,. baioXs and tuinM men.
Address or call oa
Corner Slxtl. aadrrllxSts.,SiaBUl
(Up Slalrs. T. JOSEPH. HO.
proposition to surrender the present
charter and organize as a tity of
the fourth class was carried bv a
$ood majority.
A few weeks ago arepresentativect
the Chicago Canning and Improve
ment company came to Moberly and
solcited stock buyers. A number
of citizens tinned what they believed
to Ijh an application, but which now
turns out to he a cod tract- Aoother
agent now offers to compromise oa
tie reciept of $2.50 for each $100
Mrs Pete Hare, an ebony hued
dama-l, and "Jack the Ripper" both
of Moberly have been sentenced by
Judge Mcench to 15 days each in
the county jail. The Harse woman
accused "Jack" of stealing her pock
et book, but tbe judge di 1 not be-
ieve her story.
The Populists of the county have
nominated the following ticket:
Representative, J. J. Ridgeway; Cir
cuit Clerk, S. A. Mieheal; Prosecut-
ne Attorney, Ira Whitcomb; Sheriff,
W. H. Butler, County Clerk, W. T.
Terrill, Collector, J. H. Sherwood,
Recorder, J. H. EroAnt'eld, Treasur
er, T. D. Bailey, Probate Judge, Jes-
se Perkins, Judge F. District, Ben
Huntsman, Judge W. District, Mike
Leonard, Coroner, George Bryant,
Assessor, S. J. Jones. The party
polled 185 votes at tne last election.
A new "iloodo" trick on the mer
chants has been developed in Moberly
by a stranger. He purchases a nick
les worth of candy of a grocery mer
chant and presents a $5 bill in
payment therefor. As the change is
about to be made he exclaims. "Oh,
never mind changing the bill, I have
a nickel". The merchants thera
cpon hands back tbe bill which the
wonld be purchaser put a in his pock
et. He there upon discovers he
cannot find tbe nickel, and reaching
down in bis pocket pretends to hand
out tha same $5 bill, but which ;a
really a $1 bill. The UDAiispcting
merchant bands out $4.1)5 change,'"'
and the "beat" leaves that much .
ahead of the came.
"1 he safeguards adopted by the
bank of England to prevent that
institution being robbed, says the
Globe-Democrat, are about aa
thorough and complete as human ,
ingenuity and mechanism can de
vise," said Mervin O. Todd, of Man
chester, England, who was at th
Laclede yesterday. "It's Gutr
doors are so finely balanced that a
clerk by pressing a knob under hia
desk can close them instantly, and .
tbey can not be opened again except -
V. I I
by special process. Tbe bullion de- "
partment is nightly . submerged in
several feet of water by the i action v: ?
of machinery, and in some of thmri U&n
banks tbe bullion department is: ; -w?
connected with the manager, -sleep--ing
! apartments,, to -.that., an,; en
trance can not be effected wftliacitt
setting pff an alarm . near thto'. tew. i'I ol
edn'ehead-, tti dishonest. official ; o
daring Uidajjr nigbthoilirtjbr:i
Ten one from, a pile of a .thnrS a im -
sovereigns, the' whole'file would fc i-
on "Ortsd.! - TbU I another cas of
- i 1 1 ..
M V ,' '

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