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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, September 21, 1894, Image 7

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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C P. VAN DIVER. Ed.and Prop.
Kcytesville cs Fc!!os:
1J St. Loci Mail an.l Ex II 13 n ri
C ChU-nro KiprM y 4 p la
2J-4(oVrIjr.c. n.y;Ut 4S:ipn
SJ Ac. rrc.zSt . O.'i p m
8 Otaj'uu i!xjivH 143uu
11 K C Mai! ana Kip re n "5 n m
21 ArcomTao.!ation 1'rir ht..10 50 a m
"Omshn !IxriTi 2 11am
Dailr. fDiiilT xrrr.t io:.JnT.
. 1 on 1 6brT lr;inii-l'hairl'ani(mt
ana new Collet n-cpm.; lnr to Kana
and ITM.-nsro wjthont cbrrr.
. M will trnpat KeTt-Ti;!e or pawnirTii
CkniirotLe, or poiats north of Chiiit
r Kates, Ticir in. Time TaMea, tc. np-
Apt.. KTtrsTille, ilo.
h'l ilannz-. Heal To. A Tirk. Hat
. BUatt from ZUa Bora.
Money talk hut it often fails to tell
the truth.
No odp ran neglect the poor and
be true to Christ.'
Great danger surroutd the man
wIiopp lire in nlmlips.
Whenever any church really mams
n revival, it get it.
Th greatest wrong we can do n
man i to ui j-i Jr hira.
Km p the hart rrirli t and th" fret
will not go f ir n!trn3.
TI.o? who lend children ought to
kvp wry tit to Chrit.
It i hard to plrr.e th- man who
r.ever know what ho want.
-rntaMve. ....Milton H. Vi!.:aniii
eating Attorney-... ...Jn. I. V.'iit'.ner
(J. 11 JlT.Io, Vni Wnt
Coant j Tonrt, l . K. Allen. ,W . It
(Jnt.Ni-kron. K. "
Conntjr Court... II. l. 1M wants
of ProK-.t- II. C. Mintcr
ttrk Tbo. K. Mrkrt
7 J . II. IVm;ffv
nrr...,r , , . .,..,. ... AT 1.. Welch
Administrator. .. V I". Moore
T Kiirrtjn , -Ann 1 Carter
T . Dr. J . F. Linn tea J
j School Co mini. oner J . 1' Colrmnn
: I wrk ,.11. II. ui-harion
tier ; IX. Il.ru.th
ruukt fariirn (South) It. J. H.
adtor.Serrkrw third Sbtth,.aorr.:;-.
en;nc. an-I fourth SunJajr riht of
lontlt. r.v!ilith -hool eTerr fvx!ath
at H o'clork. J'rajrrr vie ting Wetl-
UmrTEKUM Catirj Krr. J. J. Sitiif.
voch;cR prcoTxl hanuny In enro
lu ;uf!l-V.rr. II. It. na.-ton.
lr t Mt Knn, .ir in
ontb, moreu
' ee l erenins.
rjtrck mn: joi! hrtck-hli jp
wiiP'i tlf'.r ir.fom i iir:M J.
A rfit i!-al of ftcaiir i- hririj;
di ti t'at dot x,ot go !y that
A thousand jf;)?r want to live
Ior to whTiJ oti' unjjt. to liv.' wtll.
IVoji!'? who can lo fj oiled ly
hom -t i'rx:f nro not much account
to bia with.
Then ar uirn who npvrr help the
wor'd much until they gr-t out of it.
XInr.y v. ho v.cro not well known on
arth r.ttiact nttt Dtiou in havrn. I
IMiion that i kept for Sondnj
u In coruv rnncid in tin middle rf
til' wct'k.
The Lord Cad it hard to work
through M'oj h uhof ? religion if nil
in their head?.
The tli-nl will con-:jt in your
kipln nin? of tho commandiarnt!",
ii you tiro willing to break tii ti nth.
Mot of I'aul'H lftters wtittrn
froui ri?oa, nnl yet he npver wrote
a lino that had a groan in it.
It f a dangrou dav for n Chris
tian when ho begins to think that he
hi more nliion than his pastor.
Ther nre jn?t five steps leading
to eternal lift, and thia i tho highest
ur: "L.ovf ihy lu-Ighbor im thy-
The man who doe- not preac'i with
lave in hi hfurt would d'j tl. Lord
raoro good by kerpirg out of th
Sin i natural, anil not n growth.
Adaoi' firit-born p'ev hii !rjther,
and hi-lft cannot do any more
than that.
J4ctt Atoat Sliver.
rTii i c 1jbKT Mr. Jonn manner, , rrin iur .-i.uti..p .cirrjctin.
an. Lit.rnry open eTry tri-laj el-
i from 3 to -
ij.rnir. No. T4. A. F. ar.J A. II.
Ln'ro.Miter. 1- l. ArplnratvSrt-
lUrul-n rat-n.l CiicrvjJj rruitR
ng full xoon.
STo Turor. No. 17T, A. O. V. Vi
new M. W. 1' 11. TU-laV. lcorJpr.
Htinz 2a J nni 4ta TucJay Tn-
? o ck.il.
UotCo. i!rpaLF:rrr. Mwh th
ILnr.ly la act ciontnai."'aiuiiarT
t KiaaT. A. O. L". W.-MU n l
Iit Terirri ia each month. J. J.
xi nr Ioot. No. 845 kcteat l'y
J A. Colt. fbanrl'.or l'onsman.cr,
Ali'.Ur. Krpr of lUwrdJ and Nal
r tntiwr urtrr Kr'ly cTrninc
jomixs Itor.No. 171, 1. 0. JT
1'aoshiMJ. NoM Uran.l; J. A. lolat,
Lntl; O. U. AnriMo. tVcrrtnry. lg-
tin Trry ilonaay fTrninn.
ML U. lillADLKY,
ad ZTctiry Fillie.
'.o 6h iirortanJ oTer ropl' Bant.
3 at JiH & Kelarj Mils,
:2 practic la nil the Eta t Courts
Xolur! Public,
t-Lav Etl HcIciY
RrnimLvr tiit ii hilver dollar in
in 1873 wa worth $1.03 in gold.
lVrntraber that Mulhall's Table
ehow that for ."10 jcar?. Incla lino;
1S02, gidd nnd.filrer have been pro-dun-d
in a ! f 3 ratio than l.'l to 1.
Iteucmhcr that siN cr coined 10 to
1 and enrrvicp; th minor coinagv
cantiot be, tilrcr wis not over
valued in 1878.
llerccaibrr that tho "overproduc
tion li U simply n lie. often repeat
ed to deceive and continue thedecep
tion. Ikaiember all truthful tables in
cluding those taade by the mining
ofllcial, prove tho overproduction
theory to be fale,
Ilmeraber that from Jiflirroa to
Graut (1S33) the "unit of value"
was uuchangsd and was 071 1-4
grains of purt biiver, and that th:
gold in a dollar was twicJ changed
to f qual this 371 14 tllvif unit.
Il'mimbfr that th Unit-1 States
mint report show that for tho 100
years beg'aning 1792 nnd ending
lb)2 gold and silver v;cn produced
at less than IT. to 1.
K"cifmbrr that no LL'ger falc
hoo 1 exii-t than that overpoduction
A?l!3r vtctnej.
We do not recall n. time when there
was a$ much filth in the metropoli
tan papers as now. The Brecken
ridge contet,the Yanderbllt ecandal,
th Dm ton divorce case, the Stew
art charge, with corea of minor,
but equally di.ifU9tirg matters are
rvlatrd nt l.ngth. They treat of
matters about whiih no p.uiv-mind
p.: man or n cn.'.u ran read without
drlll.'iarut. And t?He fubjt-ct? are
tratrd in th mo?t mggf Mive and
foi.H-ious form Po.-eiM.. Th ac
count nr." ILY.v 1 with Ftnfincnt.-i
that can not be r-ad aloud in any
ia:x d company cat-i 1 the pcarlet
honv an-i with alIu-;ion that tie
actually ob.-crn.
Tii evd wroi'ght by thr;5'? wide
epread publication c m rut be cf t
mated. Th'-y are bk" a moral p..-'ti-lenc'?
ewM'pT.g through the land.
Airer th"n cim.e unctfan imugin-
ing. evil hji-aking and the moat t;r
ribl j criaio. Tin r-fj,o.-ibi!ily (or
many wrvckfd h)tn" and ruined
livt'd rrMt with tho? who circulate
thi arrion.
Itir.o fXcu- to eny that th"
taste ' ed the people demand
puc!i stufi. S i ther demand f r
bad wt:tn ti and vih' coctioii ol
all kinds', bat that doi not giv- hx
cu.1" to th" ?aloon-k- prr and the
prorurvr. We can iot e-t. the di-
finctian b-'twet-n tir corrupter
oi tho in!:i 1 and th corrapttr
of- th- body. Ii thr? i.- (li?
tim tluu it i in favor of th latter.
Thi damage he jutlieta i- the h es.
Uoth ply tlx :r trade f;)r niar.ey an.l
b'it!i nirit rx-vration.
Th time will c w!u th inde
cat n"Ap ipT will have to fin.
Yt'hen thit1 time shall b. dep nds on
the p"?pl-. In it place thon wail be
a cl-au, hon-st, nwny, ent rpri-ing
journal tint -.omfii at.d rhd-.-ii
can piek tip tvithout tor.g and men
without ili"gut.
Why 6ton i a Seciocnt.
JefTenon City Tribune.
As there are many Demo
crats who have not the faintest
idea why they are members of
the old Bourbon party, and as
there are many others who
have but a vague notion, which
they cannot express, it is an
interesting novelty to read o:i
the subject the declarations ol
Cart ct roeL
From th New Yotk Evening World.
Most servants and, indeed,
too many housewives," burn a
great deal too much fuel in
cooking. It is simbly waste to
fill up the grate with coal and
then punch and poke U fill it
nearly melts tho tuti ori" re
stove only to p ; t!ir.:;g!i rV
,i , . process airain '. ;: r, :i :
a gentleman who is now a fv-i , Vt-, " , . "I '
cmor r.d !,as a lofty aBteh I ,l!rn:d out- J? !!; 7" "
to Wne a United Stnt-s ..-a- t"',rn,"s. SU "V" "1 f-
're -
TllC etock raff ol Western
K:in-a, where 1.0 crop was rai.-nl
thi tpupon, have begun shipping
hi ir stocl: to S rut1' act Khlph and
Wt Mii-f':ri nnd prJIicg tl.rm r.t
prl;' t:ti: I-h:ngly lttw. Uourcar
load of hog wre tmlo idetl in tint
a'ctionth" other day an 1 Fold rapidly
to furni'T for trotn 0 cat. to ?3
hor lietid. Othrrcar loads wrie rent
to (jirard. Lunar timl othrr town.
Th eh'pp"rt 11 thm for just
enough to pay th transportation.
rathr r thnn h't then Mnrve, whtre
thrr i. r.o hed far tlura. The hogs
UuloaJiti were eagerly bought
by an excited crowd tf purchaftrs.
and the recce a Cor Jed wa a covrl-
Solium time ng . about the
end of Ir.st m.-.uth, C. . Mead,
the editor of :!:.. St L-.:s:s
lay Jfirf-r. wrote a number of
prominent state Democrats
asking them why thy wor.-? sc.
Among the replies was the fol
lowing from the chief executive
of the state;
"IVimaiily for the reason,
iii.ii AiiUi. .leiierson was a
Democrat and not a Federalist,
b'econdly, because I am opi)os
ed to the protective tariff. I am
in favor of free silver coinage,
and for those policies generally
wiucti are atlvocated bv the
Democratic pai ty.
Jloic'tt Tit!!
ViV o:i?r oi hundr-d "joll.ir rr
w-ird h:r r.y ca. c;f catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hair catarrh
I I 11"
F. J. rnr.NNY Co., To! !, 0.
We, the undersigned, l:;iv know'ii
P. .T. Cl-.rney for th- Iat 15 vars
avl b li;Te liita prt.Ttl" hoaorald"
i'i t:ll busia- tr-Mi-action and
i'.n ' tk' i li y nll to carry iat any oh
Ivration taad by th :r tiriu.
Vi"t u Traax. whoisah Druggi-t,
Tol"t!o, (. Wj;!.jjng, ICiiin a fc
Mirvin, Whol'a!" druggist, To!e
Io. O.
prime condition andct-'ul: even
thing on top of the stove just
a:, fast as though the vessels
were dancing a jig from the
When a thing
can't make it
immense hear.
is coking
cook any 'faster- without spoil
ing it by burning or drying it
ioo ias:. so u .is witn a
heating stove. If voa let the
cval in the latrobe all get on
fire at once it will drive yotout
of the room with heat, but it all
burns to white ashes in au
hour, when by feeding down
properly it would have heated
the house, and the one feeder
ful would have sufficed for a
whole day.
l!nUn catarrh cure i ta!
n it
tor;:a!?y, a "ting iliri'ctly upon f!i
b'ood and rnneoea t:rlaeef of tii
-te:n. Tttimo;.;aU tent Ire.'.
Pre- 7.1c. per t r.ttl '. Sai l by nl!
How pair nil other tat-s e.pp-ir
to the cfu!g.aica of imperial Missouri!
What other comunity can chow
within the ppacn rf n wn k 100 ber
ries on one teni, a horf'i colt and a
mulo colt that are twice, n thrrc
pound halo, a mule tam that
draw 0,8-0 poui.d with case, a
pnnke with thirty rattles, u tdack
man turned white, a make full of
Fquirre!, carrot that grow ia cir
cle?, a bottle in u. t-oliJ log, nine
inches of branch bearing eighteen
large plum, a LIteen-hct nevtn
Inch cornstalk, an eighteen-pound
baby and n gobler that hatchen
chickens? If the title of next spring'
immigration is not all this v. uy there
is r.o v. tight in fact? about resources.
Post Dispatch.
Try, Try, Ajtia.
From Ccod IIeusa;rr,for.
Soaking milde.Tcd clothe in but
termilk, ncd f prcading on the gras ?
in the eun.
Whitening yellow linn by boiliog
half on hour in one pounJ of fine
roap mlted In one gallon of milk.
or fall in value ld to deraor.ctiza-1 Then washing in suds, th?n in two
Ccl!:U33 a Spoclalty.
with Crawly X'.fon. rpoViU th
XHlUJ nl Kctary Fiiilis
KEirLSVILLF.. 310.
ith W. W. i:arkr In rr l Kar
ri ok.
StioDa promptly attended to.
fresh groceries are always
3le. Ago Bro.:kep then?.
numerat or ti nt however ekihfully
the rfloct are claimed as caue it is
simplv a !. ception.
llmcabcr that nil tho gold in the
world, per capita, I 11, that all
th t-dvt r, p r capita, is 2.17, that
of bath i C10M.
ltui?mL r that a gold standard
means that nil valur in the world
are to t qua!;- on a per capita circu
lation of 2.11.
Ilerr.rruber that this means rtar
vation, Isolation, barbari5in, if
ctintinU'd Olty years.
ltemmber that the purchasing
power of money is ingly and alone
du to the quauity in circulation,
and the per capjtjjjonjr $2.51, all
other form 'nt eo-callel money are
credit money, atrndiog on thi3 nar
row $2.51 per capita.
coM natTS.with n littl blueing.
Washing nr. oIIdoMt with a Haun-d
and warm water, wiping dry, and
nbbir g a little s-kimmrd trilk owr.
l'urifjing jr front grease, ru
by soaking ii4 ftror.g cda wat-r.
Ia the rictdsg watrr for pink it
gre-n calicoes, vinegar added.
For washing ceiling blackened by
a kerosene lamp, soda water.
Th Bi'jls lar E:a::Jbc;r.
I'n. D. C. ij;im:i;j. in tV ("osnopolitan.
An acquaintance v;ith the
Uible should be required of ev
ery schoolboy. College profes
sors have latelv been sliowing
Iiov.- igntrant the youth of
America are of the history, the
geography, the biography, and
tii literature? of tho sacred
books. I do not now refer to
its religious lessons, but I
sneak of the Diblo as a basis
of our social fabric, as the em
bodiment of the most instruct
ive human experiences; as a
collection of poem1, histories,
precepts, laws and examples,
priceless in importance to the
human race. .These scriptures
have pervaded our literature.
All this inheritance we possess
in a version which is unique.
Its marvellous diction, secured
by the revisions of many cen
turies, and its substantial ac
curacy, the care of many gen
erations of Fcholars, are beyond
our praise. Dut how little
study does the schoolboy give
to this book in secular or sa
cred hours; how ignorant may
he really be of that which is
supposed to be his daily coun
0.u of our young gentlemen who
ha a poti.: f ver, and w ho is now
rending Moore, fend in the follow
ing pathetic tato: "I tood on the
po'e'i in thrt evening vhen the fuo
went filrntly down, and the June-
hag bright, in the starry niht, 2ew
merrily thro' th1 town. Oh, eveet
were th.i gent!; zephyrs that blew
frntn the bnlmv flanfh. and rd were
the lip arid Mvcer tin dn that I
took fm .-a !;-T pretty taaurh. tier
tiny waist was eneircl-d by my arms
so strong and trur. Said I, "Whose
duck are you, love?" "Yourn," the
murmured, and who are 30U?"
Ola, the hallowed hours thatevening.
Oh. th cruel eanrioe of fate! Her
father unkind, stol ; up from behind,
and kicked mo over the gat" Ex.
(Secular Graduates.)
wiuipjVa'yoa "belplf mt acceicful cpsclaltsts tad
Yottaz cad tnlS
CZe ased men.'
RcraarkaMB rem
mit have follow
fd our treatment.
Many yenr; oZ
vnrictl and success. '
ful experience
in tlie uw of cur,
tlvc method thaC
ve oloneowniD
cttr.trul 1ttr nil
'i ' fcftvo weak, unde
.. "'r"i velonc4 or dli-
,oa:a orrrr.rm, or
vonth and excess
.-, ...or to aronen-oos
:i"vj '..:Sncl lm:otcnt,
' tfis scorn of their
.';''? ':' dr cllawa and t b a
.':...: confmpt of their
occamnteotooa pnt!?n. If they run jxsibi
ri-.tfel, cur or.a exclusive trcatiucna '
will s.f unia cure.
"VO'.tr.Vt T5oat yon vir.t to wt cur-& rl that
jv?nlin villi a. trcatiipnt tlist yon cr.n v-e ac
;.'.iTi. v.i(!ioni :s.frti'.ii-.Ki? Oi:r wor.dT.. i.ca
r: 'n;..43ccicUoiUjrs. TVliytotyou? Try It.
ivvT irrnii. m v.zszzza ct ttn i,r:3o
nTTSXJII.rS TTk? TTi.-tr-r!. p.fe ant eCe-tlxa
retac Jy. A tiiinp'.cw Co Oiiuractcrd.
STCIV I-STI.3.sn3 of cH tfcds cared her3
rs7.TV2.. nr5?crrAiiOrs rrortir
ru-u tnf.-vr ti-iyn. Ou: k, euro end tac this
"? Tir :TjreJ rnc5 cf Chron:? Tlrryv. tfcst
"."R t'li-d To i;"t iUf 1 1 tu !ua!io'c;'i'T -ri f Ld.
-- ,M. tn. ... 11...-.
- 'f ho rQ suflcrtna
fl-iX ?c -vstrom rrrora
-- . -VVoJlt
or . uu. c-tii.u.t cu 01 !?. as vi ;i imj
tl.-ne. O'jaia o :r trcaiaicat ii c;...s;.
il--:-rr of fn-j r.r.:l c'i t " .-r
t.V; to r.'i uiOft rr.U '-.i:r c t
.? nitil. riiOi-uuuU r .
ft .!-. A h !:? 'r--r?7i, r s:-. ' ;
'tc'. c-l f ir bym iinni i, ; :; .
: .w-:.uOPWWcr ' I p' ,.n.i : .
r. t.j.' a. Cntvre tr'v.:i!.-i...-' ;..
-wu. i..'.tr t our pu.ioiiU, I-.
t-. '.-.nva
! :-::,!fnl
. oor
: nty
. r . icn;
-' '! corra- .
"ct I" era-
1 oiscra
1 ....nfci-4 tcca.
AUiIreKi cr call oa
N.n. Corrrr NIxth and rel!x fit., Hoomslacdj
CCf Su;l.-a. ii7'. ,;CXJI, MO.
v") in--
ri F
flnnc s a farmer' wa' to eTPt r,J
id rat. lb FayH he ha3 tried it
when they yer bntl and got rid of
th-.-rn all. Take one-half pint of
sifted me il and put into it a thim
bleful of colom.-I, Mich as i need in
familie?. Mix well and place ia
small tin? or some shallow vessel ia
or near the plae. wher th rat in
fet; all to bf used dry, and in u
a'lort time rat will he pcaree on the
pn ra:e. Ls.
1 o
Fcar-Lr?5.a Cilckea. .
A faurdegged chicken came into
the farbily of Dave Myler, of John
eon City. Mo. A" two of the Ieg9,
were for forward locomotion nnd the
other two alwajn insisted on walking
backward, thnt unfortanat chicken
found it dithcnlt to advance ia the
world and gave up the effort in
depai r. Downing Dcmncru t.
.1 he
or r? ts
L Pij That li t Canssity.
Aaron Taylor, of this city, ha9 a
pig that Is quit a curiosity. It was
born blind and without feet. There
h nothing to indieato wherj the eyes
ought to b. Ia all othpr respe cts
tfie pig ia fully developed and is la a
thrifty condition. It i -1 months
old and i aa heavy a? others of the
same. nge. Uigzinsvilte Adrnnrc.
A. M. Dailky, a well known citizen
of D.gen Oregon, pay hi wif. ha
tor years bn troubled with thror.ie.
diarrlaca nntl upetl many rerr.edi. 3
with little relief until ehe tried Cham
Lcrlaini colic, cholera and diurrhtca
r medy, which has cured, hfr eound
aud well. Givs it a trial and yon will
be urprised at the prompt relief It
aflordfl. 21 and 10 cent bottle for
ale by W. C Gaiton.
On the evening of tho 12th
inst the rear coach of a passen
ger train on the Iron Mountain
road was struck by a cyclone,
and the whole train except the
engine was overturned. A
woman and a child three years
old were 'killed, a man fatally
injured and all the passengers
some -10 in number were more
or less injured, some of them
:-eriouslv. The storm seems to
have been purely local, and of
small dimensions, r.o serious
damage was done except with
in the radius of a mile, in
which a small house was
thrown down, and corn crop
At noon day before yester
day North Memphis Tenn. was
struck by a tornado, by whicli
one man was killed and anoth
er severely, if not fatally injur
ed. A great many houses and
factories were blown down or
unroofed, and damages sus
tained aggregated 100,000.
A Hus-?an fight for empire, n
Turk for faith, n Dutchman for pay.
a Spaniard for j-aloay, an Italiat.1
for revenge, a (Wrnan for home, a
S.vif for liberty, a Frenchman for
lory, a Sentehman for kin. an Eng
lishman for trade, nn Irs-hmaa fo .
fun, a Yankee for peace nnd a for
for nothing.
In order t'
xat no one may
have an exc dse for not bejng
posted on 0 developments of
the politb jal campaigll of 1894,
Tw Tti Ar9 jia5 made these
rates, v XQX scarcely cover the
cost ' jf publication. Its news
facil' 4jes are unsurpassed, and
lt n Aiidles political news fully
an i fairlv.
Excr.tsu Spavin Liniment rrir lOVe
all hard, fot cr culioufed lamp j nn,j
blrrnirhrs from Iior.-f", blood ?p avsna,
curb?, pplint, B-.veeney, ring bone,
stifle, eprain, nil avollen .hroat,
cough, etc. Save. "10 by r j.q nf one
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ered in India, u working telephone
bien tlie two temple oi Pauj,
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eaia to havi ten in operation ut
Pauj for over 2,000 years. Egyp
tologists have found unmistakable
evidence of wirp eomunicatione be
tween eome nf the temples of the
earlier Egyptian dynasties, but
whether these eerved a telegraphic,
telephonic or other purposa is not
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Sold bj W. c. Gaston.

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