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. a ?.TAVOim.S4.ud Prop.
C Stared et the poevofflee at KeyteavUle.llo
.,. Friday, K7 10. 119$.
Border County Xotcs.
Miami township bas organized a
camp of Confederate veterans with
-BO members.
"The graduating class of Slater
echoolls to be aid reused this yar
by John 8. Crosby, an ableawjer of
Kansas City. . ' -
May 27th is the time, 'or.
Democrats of Saline county fb meet
aVUarshaland express JheJr views
onlhe financial question'.
m CTbV'good Baptists ;of . Marshall
tent a car load of clothes, provisions
and grain: to Oklahoma -sufferers,
opposing the railroad would carry
Itlss ol ehargsiba last heard lrom
thslr donation the articlee were
being held at their destination for
freight charges. ...
Andrew C, the 5-year-old son of
Frank Hubbard, wae run over by
Hat Baire ice wagon an J killed on
Sunday of last week In Slater. The
little fellow climbed on the step of
tia-wagon without the knowledge
ofthe driver and when the wagon
atarted the child fell off and was
killed as stated, i" ' '.
The constable of Slater went up to
Kansas City one day last week to
.get a boy that had been arrested
tfisre on suspicion . of being one
ol the thieves that broke Into
Hauferth Qaisenberry's store
and took away a lot of knives, ra
fprt, mt- The boy-said be wae from
Cincinnati, that another boy stole
the goods and that bs got half of
thsm. He was sent to Jail to await
the action of the grand Jury.
The town of Lingo in Macon coun
ty has many Msons," such as J ol?
son, Tykeeon, Stephenson, Steven
on, Anderson, McPherson and
While out riding last Sanday week
two young ladies, Misses Mattie
llenifee and Mabel Jordan, bad the
misfortune to fall backward off their
horse, and were both severely In
Frank Hester,', a, colored man of
llacon, was shot through the knee
and severely wounded by Watchman
Peak last Saturday morning. Last
iall a warrant was sworn out
.against Hester for carrying conceal
ed weapons. He had evaded arrest.
Putting In an appearance again he
wae arrested and attempted to es
cape, with the result named above.
Recorder Ham el of Macon came
dear losing his breath one day last
week when a . couple .entered hie of-'
flea that were anxioosUo become
nan and wife. A marriage license
was wanted, but the man first
wanted divorce from a; former
wifs.whlcb' the -recorder": could not
Issue, Cl which fact It took-Conelder
able tints to satisfy the applicant.
Unch disappointed they went away,
not having a high appreciation of
the law.
A novel and very important case
tried In the Macon county, drcult
court during last session was a 70
eent damage suit;; A'young man
broke down a ehVlf used to hold'tbd
water bucket in uf rural school
house and the school board assessed
seventy cent 1n mages against him.
He refused to iy it and the case
was tried in a justice court which
resulted in a bung jury. The case
was taken to the circuit court and
the costs are already over $200.
On Monday bight of. lastiweeka
guest at the Palace hotel in Macoo
on retiring to a rod in; lighted with
an incandescent electric light, in
stead of turning off the current
wrapped a towel around the globe
and went to bed and to sleep.
Shortly afterward the. towel caught
fire and fallins: onth..cuIpt the
whole building was' soon iiTdanger
of a destructive conflagratioo,rbut
being discovered in time, the flames
were sxtinguifheJ f before a iS
amount oWaiaage was dcme.v
Grandma Tuttle and Grandma
Blanksnship of Chariton township,
achinthe 84th year of her age,
were visiting friends In Macon last
tjeefc.and met at the host o! 4
Blankenshlp. Both these old ladies
are active Intellectually "add physic
ally, with excellent memories of past
events. 'They had not met for 18
years and their meeting was a tery
happy one. A very remarkable oc
currence in the history of Mrs Tut
tle le related by her and other people
of her acquaintance, and, it i said,
can bs veriflad by a hundred reliable
witnesses in Macon county. She
bad never learned to read and up to
her 60th year had never read h syl
lable. Daring a very severe epell of
sickness she took down a Bible and
commenced to read and has since
read the New Testament through
more than 100 times. The gift or
ability to read, she eavs. came to
her in direct answer to her prayers.
Macon Democrat,
At the late meeting of the board
of directors of the Woman's IMiel
Corps. Soldiers Horns association.
La Plata secured the location of the
Soldiers' home, ! having ' donated
therefor a good farm consisting of
100 acres of land with valuable Im
" Carrollton high school . is to have
10 graduates this year.
A larger acreage of corn baa been
planted in Carroll county this year
than was planted last year.
Rev. CL T. Phelpe of Carroll county
sold his Uamblstonian colt to Ed
Rea of Ray county for $500.
The best rains in Carroll county
were in the northern and southern
portions. Carroll did not have as
heavv a down Doer as was desira
On April 23th the 10-year-old eon
of Chas. Pollock, living near the
river, died from injuries received 10
days previous, from being burned.
His whole right side was burned to
a crisp.
The "fanny fellows' otCarrollton
are reported to hold meetings every
dav at noon in front of the Demo-
crat office. Capt. Eads Is chairman,
and Wm. Standley and Thos. Hoi
laway are vice-presidents.
Carroll papers are making a vigor
one kick against the state board of
equalisation for; raising the . assess
ment. In .that, county,- the raise on
personal property being $58,229.20
and on real estate $515,844. CO.
A "dog belonging to Bedford Hud
son of Carrollton ' Sit Edgar Flem
ing, a small boy. and fears were
entertained that the dog wae mad,
but as yet there have been no d
velopments in the case to prove it.
r. Isaac .McCombs,' a notary public,
of Carrollton "is in trouble with the
government. He has been found
guilty of irregularities in taking ac
knowledgments to pension papers.
It is not thought hs did so inten
tionally, r
Carrollton came near having a
serious conflagration last week when
fife broke but in the rear of Heins
Brothers' shop. The flames soon
reached Ballew'a lumber yard sheds,
but were extinguished by the prompt
work ' of the fire v company before
much damsge was done.
While . A. Scovern of Carrollton
was trimming the; fetlocks ol.bie
boczv horse last Sunday wek. the
horse, raised up and fell backward
striking - his ' head heavily on '. the
groond.He never reco Tared con
sciouneesaad the owner s killed him
Monday morning. Moral: Don't
trim fetlocks on Sunday morning.
v, i, . :y?t i, -
f On TQetday of . last week a strong
er .called wat; the livery barn of Col
bert Scott at Carrollton and hired
a team to drive 10 miles north. 7He
left town at 1 o'clock, and said be
would 'bo back : about 9' o'clock,
which he failed to do. Several days
afterward a card was received noti
fying the liverymen that the team
wae at Lexington Junction, but the
man who hired it failed to make
known his hereabouts.
CanolJ county has three citizens in
the toils of "Uncle Sam'e" court at
Kansas City under a charge of con
spiracy to defraud the government
by securing a pension for Mrs. Eliia;
beth Jacobs. The gentlemen In
tron M AfcQR? If. Ca"rpentl"rjT7i f.
McCombs and ThosTWatlaceT be
ing jreepecUfely-Npeosion attprney.
notary public and Tealjratate agent.
They have all been tried and found
guDtKbutMnt119 has hot been
passed upon them. McCombs, as a
notary, certified that some of the
witnesses were personally known by
him .that were not, an error though t
lessly lcbnunitted i by many notary
pubiicjt0xi .oHivceivoI
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Without rood blood conning through
jour TtLoj yoa wUl aoon look wriakUd and
drtoi up. A bw dcM of Bg' Blood
Purifier and BJood Maker wUl chanf jour
whole STStcia, jirlnxyou a balthj,frAh and
youthfal spfarano. ' Bold aad guaranteed
bj jo r popular draggfct, 1L L. 8nMd.
The war over an organ in the
Christian church at Ludlow bas
broken out afresh to the great de
Ifcht of his satanic maiesty no
J. T. Kennedy of Winnegan
charged with selling liquor without
license, was tried In the U. S. court
at Kansas City last week and
The ChilllcotheConsriroliofl speaks
of a heavy wind and dust storm
followed by a good rain, in tha
city. The largest waterfall occurred
south of ChUlicothe.
The editor of the Chilllcothe Trib
one has turned - into a spring poet,
and the editor of the Ma.il &vd Star
is criticising his productions. Per
haps It's a case of tour grapes.
The Livingston county board o
equalization raised the assessed val
nation of 'property as follower On
land 20 per cent, on town lots 15
per cent, and on personal property
15 per cent. '
The clearings of the ChUlicothe
banks for the month of April amount
to f 115,222.20, which is certainly a
goad showing and indicates a sat
isfactory revival of trade in the
capital of Livingston.
The 7-year-old daughter of Charlee
LIpke of Jackson township was
drowned In a well. In attemntinir
to get some water from the well, shs
let her bucket fall and In tryintr to
recover the bucket fell In and was
The ChUlicothe papers are
set" against donating a
amount of space to advertise enter
tainments for a few complimentary
tickets, while the cheap John, up
stairs, job-printing establishments
print the tickets. The papers are
P. 11. Minor, one of the Short-
Horn cattle breeders of Livingston
county, sold 37 yearling Short-
Horn bulls, nearly all of . his own
breedingto the "J. A." ranch in
Armstrong, in the Pan Handle of
Texas, for between $1,800 and
$2,000, or at an average of some
thing like $50 a head.
D. T. Peters of Chilllcothe, a car
penter by trade, ran a rusty nail
through his foot, having jumped on
to a pile of boards, not seeing the
nail. Alter the nail was drawn out
the wound did not bleed, and the
foot swelled - rapidly. Fears of lock
jaw were entertained, but at last
accounts the sufferer was doing well.
At a recent session' of the county
court of Livingston county a grand
jury was selected for the May term
of the circuit court. Judge Broad-
dus says the grand jury thus chosen
will not be called upon to serve.
The county court Is given authority
to select grand jurors only for the
September and January terms of the
circuit court. The judge on the cir
cuit court bench may use his own
discretion as to whether orbota
grand jury for the May term Is need
Begg Little Ulant ruts.
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market. Guaranteed to care ConetlpatUon
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gist. H. L. Bneed. lie always keeps them.
Glasgow people are making ar
rangements to have their annual
4th of July picnic
Miss Bell of Salisbury has an ap
pointment at Glasgow May 13th to
. Awarded
Highest Honors TTorlds Fair.
ID El;
A pu:r Crape Orai of Tartar Powder. Free
free 'AinonL, AV-" r any other adulterer
i BfSE
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you a free sample package of Dr. Saw
yer'e Paetmes, which cores dieeaee peculiar
to womra. For sale by Bneed, the drag'
give an entertainment In elocution.
Frank Logeden is wanted in How
ard county to answer the charge of
burning a corn pen belonging to
G. C. liocker of near Franklin, con
taining obout 40 barrels of corn.
Lozedea has fled the county, but
there is a etate warrant out for him
and it is thought he will be captured.
J. C. Drake took 150 head of cat
tle to a point above Glasgow last
week with the view of making them
swim across the river to the Saline
county side. He and his force could
not make the cattle take to the
water and took them back to Glas
gow to.be ferried over. Twenty of
them were taken over at a time, the
first load, however, after being
landed, took to the water and swam
back to Glasgow. After that the
cattle were driven away from the
river as soon as they wero landed on
the other side. :
On the early morning of April
28th A. F. Davis of Fayotte found a
burglar in his house. Mr. Davis
fired one shot with his revolver, and
his son fired twice with his shot-gun,
which aroused the neighbors and
they went to the assistance of the
Davis family, but the burglar got
away. There was nothing missing
from the boose.
Judge Rocker and ex-Sheriff O. B.
Anderson of Eeytesville were in the
city a short while last Saturday on
business. Judge Rucker is circuit
judge ot our neighboring judicial dis
trict and attained an enviable noto
riety by the able manner in which he
conducted the celebrated Taylor
murder case at Carrollton recently.
The marriage of Mr. C.C. Parks
and Mies Zettfe K. Bean, both of
Kejtesville, took place at the Meth
odist church in KeytesvIIle, Tues
day, April 30th. The brde-electis
well known to our young society
people, having been a frequent visi
tor t6 Glasgow. The groom Is the
manager of one of the largest mer
cantile houses in KeytesvIIle. Mia
soartan, The. Democrat-Banner thinks it
strange that Hon. 8tonewall Pritch
ett should have made the statement
at the Democratic caucus In Jeffer
son City, that "Howard is one of
tho few Democratic, counties of the
state opposed to free coinage of
silver 1G to 1. There is strong talk
of calling a mass-meeting of Howard
county Democrats to show their
representative that hedoeenotun
derstand the sentiment of his con
stituents In this regard. - -
a lAttie Tartar
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annoying growth and leave the teeth white
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A small dog thought to be mad
was killed in Moberly by Assistant
Marshal Reynolds.
Don Merry of Moberly was consid
erably bruised up one day last week
by having bis buggy turned over on
him while watering bis horse at the
public welL
The Wabash Railroad company
will have a well at their shops to get
much needed water to carry on their
works. The well will be eight inches
In diameter with a six inch casing.
with fire-bugs. The shed in the rear!
of Pokeberry college on Williams j
street was set on fire on Friday
- I
or nnflrann PrM nf
laet week. The wood-work and
trash in the shed had been liberally
saturated with coal oil. The timely
discovery of the fire prevented a
disastrous conflagration.
Burglaries have been so frequent in
Moberly of latetbateome of the
business men have taken steps to
prevent -their ' occurence. Messrs.
Burton & Suttler fixed a gun that
commanded the entrance to their
back door, but on Thursday night of
ast week the burglars were on hand,
breed the door about an inch, cut
the string that was intended to fire
the gun. then went In - and helped
themselves to about $30 worth of
Ladibs- Dr", Bawjer s raetflles are effect
ual for female weakness, pain on top of the
head aad lower part olthe back. It
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tkaijst. .. -.- - - '
Brookfleld voted laet week to
bond the city for an additional $10,
000 to apply on water-works.
A game of base ball between ' the
Marceline and Brookfleld dabs came
off at Brookfleld last Saturday with
a score of 32 to 15 in favor o
The Linneos Bulletin thinks the
docket for the June term of the Linn
county circuit court will be the
largest court ever held in the coun
ty. There will be over 150 cases
Some young "hoboes" in Linneus
recently made a rade on the public
school building and smashed many
window panes with stones and clubs
Three of them !were seen and will be
prosecuted for their vandalism.
a. . oaumons, wno lives near
Laclede, holds patents on four in
ventions. In the face of philoso
phers he has invented a machine
that is a puzzle to - machinists. ' The
inventor claims it will generate its
own motion, and . on testing It no
long since it ran with increasing
speed for five hours, when it had to
be stopped to keep It ' from tearing
itself to pieces. Who knows but Mr.
Saumons has really found a solution
to the question of perpetual motion
Adreat Load Lifted.
From the Aalanta Constitution.
"Now. look here," said the Old
Moonshiner to the Suspicions Char
acter, "you've been loafin 'round
here fer six days, an' I want to know
yer business."
"Well," said the Suspicious Char
acter, "1 love your daughter, and
1 I believe she loves me. and I I
would marry her."
"The geewhilikene! Is that all?"
"An1 you've got a license?"
"Yes, in my pocket!"
"Walk right in an' take her. It's
a great load off my mind. ' Ranged
if I didn't think you wuz one o'them
revenue detectives!"
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onefoot an hour. : It-h classed as
one of the most wonderful discover
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The Fleming Manufacturing com
pany of Huntsville, Mo., vs. the
XYT I. t' At
n m. u..
" OUI,' t , ay f " "
"u"1 MU-".U
AMMttew A MlAibtSiFS a e m VI f 1
luuu'J" l"a'uuu "BU"
551.05 from the defendant for dam
ages sustained by reason of sparks
from a pissing train setting fire to
and consuming the factory and im
plements of plaintiffs August 7th,
1804. .
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Wabash Low Sate Harvest Excursions lor
1895. -
will be run from all stations on the
Wabash railroad on April 30th,May
21st and June 11th to the ' West,
Northwest South, and Southwest. -.
For lull particulars, apply to the
nearest ticket . agent of the Wabash
o reconnecting lines or to
- C.S. Caairx,
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St. Louis, lio.
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careful examination the
prof esters . pronounced
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inrolvlng the entire
under Up and advised
an ecr.ly snig-ical opera
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. Saline County, Mo.
United States Senator Black- r
burn of Kentacky In an Interflow, ,
April 20, says: 4,In 1792 this conn-
try, with only , 4,000,000 of people, f
was bold - enough . to proTe' itself -. -able
to discard the. momentary sys- -tern
of Great Britlan and. establish a
one of ita own, which for nearly 100 ,;i
years met every , demand and stood -every
strain that the gvowth and
development of the country put Into
it. I believe that the destruction ' -
(entailed upon us by this demoneti
zation policy) of one-half of our re
demption money -has contributed
more than any cause to the shrink
age of all values, the depreciation of
all property, the stagnation of trade,
the paralysis of Industry-the finan
cial troubles in which we now find
; .
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Now, doctor, I want you to promise-
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I'll promise, nothing of the kind.''i;-
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of joyful resignation she exclaimed. ; ,
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