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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, June 14, 1895, Image 7

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C P. VAHDIVia.E4l.an4 Prop.
Wo 13 St. Loci Mall and Ex 11 IS em
Ho 6 Chicago Express 8 43pm
tXo 22 UoUrljAe. freight 4 33 p m
tilo 83 Ae. Kreight 105pm
Jf 8 Ontha Eiptw 143mm
1 gMM HtT ElPrH
fi 43 a m
8 23pm
No 11 Kl'HtU and t-xp
li)1 irrommodatioi Vrieffht 1 0 &0 a
No T Oiaaha Eiprsa 211am
Dafly. t Daily except 8anday.
5os. lend Chat Rini& f. lruir(araU
- trtt) tail w Ct Sktptcgsrs to Khmi
City aad Chicago without than.
Ho. R U1 atop at KytTiH lor paaaeager
from Chillieothe, or points aorta of aillt
eotaa For Batea. Tfcksta, Tlsas Table. t, ap-
C H. Cbaib.
Ca. U. Hat. Oeal Paa. Tkk. Oft.
Tin-Pre, aad Gta'l aUaager.
Prosecuting Attorney.
, Tho. P. Schooler
laa.C. W liars
f L. U. Herrtoir. Preaideot
Jadge Co. Ojnrt, C. IL Allen. ,W. Dist,
IHenry Uye.E. "
Clerk Coonty loort.-. K. D. Edward
J ndr of Probata II. C. Winter
ProbatO lerk.
Thoa. E. ileckay
J. E-Dempaey
A. L. Welch
U V. Moore
Pahlie Administrator..
Coanty oorvvjor.
.Sam'l Carter
, Dr. O. if. Dewey
rrntit RrhaAl CnramiMiontr J- P CoUntan
Orenit CUrk H. B. Richardson
Kecorder B. II. Smith
UtnoMT Cacaca (South) Rer. C. fcw.
Shilling. pator.8rTic 3d Sabbath, mornin
aaderening, and onrth Sunday night of
oca month. Babbath-achool every Sabbath
morning at 9 o'clock. rrajtr me tings Wed -ady
Pbesbttbbiar Caraca Ct. J. J. 8o,nire,
pastor. Preaching second Bonday la each
month, morning and evening.
Ptirr Birm Carmen Rer. II. C Hartou,
pastor. Preaching. 2d and 4th 8undaj ia
each month, morning and erening.
CaAarro Co. Medical Socibtt. Meet the
last Thursday ia aach month at Salisbury.
rtrrtiTiLH Libbabt lira. JohaOKiHer,
Librarian. Library pen every Friday aJ
taraooa from 3 to S.
Sbxxtt Kbiobt. A. O. D. W. MeU 2nd
4th Friday Tnlng la aach taonth. J.J.
Moor. B. C; It. 11. ftadaW. R.
Kbttcs tills Tbst. No 83 K. O. T. M.
J. A. Collet, 8. K. C. Meet oa tbe first and
third Thursday evening of aach month
Csabtto Lome, No. 177, A.O.C WJio.
Chlvers. if. W. B, 11. TieJale, Recorder.
Bscular meetings 2ad aad 4 th Tasaday srtn
tag at 7 o cloak.
WAaaBLopa',No.74.A.P.aa4 A.M.
Ed. T. atlllar. Master: L- u. appieg. dm.
rvtary Regular masting Saturday STsaing
preee ling roll moon.
KrrrsrmXB Lome. No. 471, 1. 0. 0. F
W. O. Agee, nobla uraaa; 4. x umapj.
TkaHiraJKl; O. . -Anirson, otwmtj.
Bar masting STtry htoaday crsaing.
v ... tm ! 91S KTnLrhtS Pv
thiaa C U Park. ChaacaUor Commaadsr,
H. C. MUir, Karpsr oi iv-roru
Sssralax masuaic arsry xnujTiu.
Joatph UsLamAa.
Hsnry Rkl
Hansman & Rick,
Pure : Wines : ail : Upi
B3-T& CsUbratad Aahsoasr-Boach Lagai
Bar always oadraagbt. W olid, a abr
of th pabtte patroaag
L.M. ArrLxaATB. j.C. Waiaac.
Prscidat. TSea-PrsaUsBt
H. C Mri.i.EB. A. F. Toolkt.
Aas'tCaaalar CaahWr.
faarShaTlag, shampooing aad hair ratting
Erwythlag aaat aad claaa. BUp right la.
yoa ar axt
Attoniej at La & Hotarj PiWic,
BV-WCI practka la all th 8tU Court.
Notary Iubllc.
CollEttioa Piaplly AtleM to.
Ofiea with th Probata J adg.
aad Vstary PakUa.'
CTOacwo Broadway onr Faapl' Baaka
Some of the papers are mak-
ab . . a .
ing a note or ine met mac
many more girls than boys are
graduating from the schools
this year.
Many pursuits in life are
open to women now that were
once followed only by the op
posite seje. There are already
more female than male. teach
ers in our schools. The girls
are becoming stenographers,
ype-writers and telegraphers,
some of them are aspiring to
he law, medicine, etc. Many
of them have already reached
positions in the business world
hat secure to them a good
iving if not a competency.
They are not now compelled to
marry Just to get a home or
some one to take care of them.
They are taking care of them
selves for which they deserve
much credit. If more of our
young men do not give them
selves to study and a prepara-
ion for business pursuits in
life they will find, ere long,
that they have been beaten in
the race of life by the fair sex.
The time was when girls looked
to their fathers and brothers
for support, expecting this bur
den to Iw transferred to their
husbands after marriag, but
they are- observing that many
times marriage is a failure so
far as its securing a comforta
ble living is concerned. Often
it ends in divorce and other
things that make life misera
The girls are taking in the
situation and are providing
against future want by making
the necessary preparations to
become self-sustaininir. e
honor them for it.
I bare two little grandchildren
who are teething this Lot summer
wttther and are troubled with bowel
complaint. I gave them Chamber-
lam's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and it Acts IiVe a charm. I
earnestly recommend it for children
with bowel troubles. I was myself
taken with a severe attack of bloody
a . a
Ilux, with cramps and pains in my
stomach, one-third of a bottle of thi
remedy cured me. Within twenty
four hours I was out of bed and doing
my house-work. Mrs. W. L. Dana
gan, Bon-aqua , Hickman county,
Tennessee. For sale by W. C. Gas
ton: The Ham's Horn says that
last year it cost the Baptists, in
Chicago, $280 for each conver
sion, the Presbyterians $533,
the Congregationalists $5S0,the
Methodists $3S4, or an average
of $425 for each conversion.
The Ram's Horn considers this
expensive salvation.
Tsar Big laecsssss.
Having the tieeded merit to more
than make good all the advertising
claimed for them, the followii g luur
remedies have reached a phenomenal
ale. Dr. King's New Discovery, for
consumption, Coughs and Colds, each
bottle guaranteed Electric Bitters,
the great remedy for Liver, Stomach
and Kidneys. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, and Dr.
King's New Life Fills, which are a
perfect pill. All tnese remedies are
guaranteed to do jut what is claimed
for them and t1e dealer whose name
is attached herewith will be glad to
tell you more of them. Sold atV.
C. Gaston's Drug Store.
The X. I. T. ranch, in Texas,
is the largest In the world. It
is owned by .a company of
which J. V. Farwell, ofChica
go, is president, and consists of
3,500,000 acres of land. This
spring 120,000 head of "cattle
and 3l,300 head of calves are
grazing on it.
RjfETkf ATlRlf CCBKD 15 A 1AT.
Mystic Core" tor rheumatism and
neuralgia, radically curve in 1 to 3
days. Its action upon the system is
remarkabaand mytteriouf. lt re
move at once tbe cause and the
dlseasa Immediately disappears. The
first do greatly .benefit. Gets.
Fold by J. A. Egan. dress, y-tesvOle.
A Missouri paper is authori
ty for the following which oc
curred in'Kansas:
A boy going along the road
had a dog with a rope tied
around his neck and was call
ing him to "Come along, Pop,
you onery cuss:"
A by-stander asked the lad
why he called the dog, "Pop."
"For short," answered the
"Well, what's his full
"Populist," answered the
"Why call him PopulistJ"
asked the stranger.
"Well, sir," the boy said,
"because he is just like a Pop
ulist He is the orneryest dog
in Kansas. He ain't worth a
dura only to sit on his tail and
There is more Catarrh in this sec
tion of the country than all other
diseases put together, and until the
last few years was supposed to be in
curable. For a great many years
doctors pronounced it a local disease,
and prescribed local remedies, and by
constantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has provtn caurrh to be a
constitutional disease, and, therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is the only const'tutional cure on the
market. It is. taken internally xu
doses from 10 crops to a teaspoonful.
It acts directly on. the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any case
it fails to cure. Seed for ciiculars
and testimonials. Address,
F. J. fHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
SaTSold by Druggists, 75c.
Texas cattle at some points
are reduced one-nan; tue
drouth and the low price have
discouraged the ranchmen un
til the advance in beef cattle
the past month. Now all is
changed; a clamor for grazing
cattle, but few ranchmen or
farmers have any cattle to sell.
Secretary Morton is admitting
Mexican cattle free of duty,
and thousands of long, lean,
lank ranchers are coming over
to eat up the grass of Texas,
but they will make poor beef,
only canners of the meanest
kind, and they may bring dis
ease. Western Agriculturist
MlUioa Tnsaaa.
A friend in need is a friend indeed,
andnotlea than one million people
have found just such a fnend in Dr.
King's New .Discovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Cold 4 If yoa have
never u.ed ibis Great Ccugh Medi
cine, one trial will convince you that
it has wonderfu? curative powers in
all diseases of Throat, Chest and
Lungs. Each bottle guaranteed to
do all that is claimed or money will
be refunded. Trial bottles free at
W. C. Gaston's drug store. Large
bottles 50c. and $1.00.
Twenty students from Mis
souri, 15 of them from Kansas
City, attended the Kansas uni
versity last year. We would
be pleased to see the attrac
tions of our own university so
strong, and its edacational ad
vantages so great, that no stu
dent could be allured from the
state to attend school.
Bucklsa'a Araisa fatra.
Tbe beet salve in the world for
Cuts. Braises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores,. Tetter, Chap
ped bands. Chilblains, Coras, and al
Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles, or no par required. It
is guarateed to give perfect satis
faction, or monev relunded. f rice
25 cents a box. for oale by
V- Gastojc.
Sprinkle cabbtrge with a
mixture of equal parts of salt
and sulphur, repeating in a
week; the worms will disap
pear, and the powder is clean
and. nou poisonous, . writes a
Vermont, cabbage grower, who
has used it successfully for
several years.
Dr. D II. Shields,-of Hanni
bal, who for several years was
chairman of the state. Demo
cratic central committee, has
recently returned from a tour
of some of 'the eastern states.
He says the silver sentiment
is growing in the East. He
observed that men in the ordi
nary avocations of life are in
favor of free &ilver, and they
are largely in the majority.
He thinks there will be a polit
ical landslide at the next elec
tion in some of the eastern
btates where it is least expected.
Soa't Tobacco Spit or Bmoks Tour Lils Away
is tbe truthful, startling title of a
book about No-To Bac, the harm
lees, guaranteed tobacco babit cure
that braces up nicotiniied nerves,
eliminates tbe nicotine.poisoo.maken
weak men gain etrenglb, vigor and
manhood. You mn no physical or
financial risk, as N oToBac is sold
W.C Gaston under a guarantee to
cure or money refundf-d. Book free.
Address Sterling Remedy Co., New
York or Chicago.
In Iowa they have a Town
Mutual Dwelling House Insur
ance association, in which
members pay 20 to 35 cents
per $100, insured for a live
years' policy, which has so far
covered all losses without as
sessments. This mutual in
surance company is becoming
quite popular and saves the
people a large outlay of mon
ey usually expended in foreign
insurance. One favorable fea
ture of it is the money paid for
insurance is kept at home, in
stead of going to some other
Wanted: Man or lady for general
agent and collector. No traveling;
business conducted at home and by
correspondence. Experience n t
Deceesary. Salary $ 50.00 pr month
aorj all expense. Most be willing t
learn business and engage perma
nently. Only few hours a day nec
essary. Send four references and 10
cte. for full particulars. Addree,
J oh Finney, Manager,
P. O. Box 484, St. Louis, Mo.
Mrs. John Jackson, living
about 0 miles from Paris, re
cently had a turkey to hatch
out a brood of young turkeys.
One of the eggs hatched a
double turkey, which is the
first case of the kind that we
ever heard of. The little turks
died a bornin'.
"Many of tbe citizens of Rainsville,
Indiana, are never without a bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Rmedy in
the house,' says Jacob Brown, the
leading merchant of the place. This
remedy bas proven of so much value
for colds, croup and , whooping
cough in children that few mothers
who know its worth are willing to
be without It. . For sals by W.C.
A. C. Shinn, vice-president
of the Kansas Bimetallic
league, has issued a call for a
silver convention to meet, at
Topeka, June 18th. It is pro
posed to make the meeting
non-Dartisan. A number of
silver men of all parties have
been invited.
Of a nic bead of bair josi through atgli
Kdc. When yottr hair begin to fall oat.
don't neglect it, bat get a bottle of Begs'
11 air Renewsr which will stop its falling oat.
and if tot aing gray, wiJl rastor It natural
color. Tor sal by Saeed, th druggist.
Steps are being taken to
have a silver convention in
Indiana. It is said that Sena
tor Voorhees opposes the move
ment. A Lovely lletut of Ilohr
I omtliing that erery woman shoald be
proad of and la something that ststj person
can hare if they as Beggs' Bair Benwr. A
positive guarantee with Tery bottle. Sold
bj Sneed, tbdrogxit.
Rubber how, .belting, iteara fit
tings aod'pnmps of all kinds al Geo.
Herman's, Salisbury, Mo.
With any Form of Female Com
plaint Should Read What
Dr. Hart man Saye.
It would be impossible to present
an exhaustive array of tbe symp
toms caused by these trouble?, for
their name is legion, but prominent
among them nre to be mentioned
smarting, th robbing, scalding, beat
ing, burning, quivering, aching,
trembling, bloating, flashes of beat,
tremors of cold, prickly sensations,
sinking feelings, faintness, nun bness,
indescribable puncturing, piercing
pains flying from part to part with
provoking uncertainty, mocking tbe
victim with momentary relief, to be
gin its tortures elsewhere. No two
cases are exactly alike in number or
severity of symptom', some being
only slightly annoyed, others being
actually confined to the bed.
In all of tbeee perverted functions
of the female organ take a table
spoonful of Pe-ru-na before each
meal and between meal, and enough
Man-A-lia at bedtime to keep tbe
bowels continually in a natural con
dition. Vaginal injections of hot
water should be taken three times a
Book on female diseases sent free
by The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufactur
ing Company, of Columbus, Ohio.
for free bonk on cancer address
Dr. Hartman, Columbus Ohio.
What a Boy Can Do.
Iowa Le Mars Sentinel.
Not a hundred mile from our city
there lives a lG-year-old boy who ie
by nature bent a successful farmer,
lie cultivated seventy acres of land
lastceaeon, raising a splendid crop
of corn, oats and barley. He bor
rowed $20 of bis father, who is a
traveling man, and with this he pur
chased a sow and six pigs. Tnia
vras last June, tie sold the sow
wben fattened for $27, and now is
about to market the pigs for $ 144.
tie paid his father the $20 of bor
rowed money, and keeps an exact
account of bis expenses and receipts.
Ue rents land, pays cash rent and
works tbe same' with a 5-year-old
team which be broke in when colts.
For n lG-year-old lad to manage a
seventy-acre farm and raise 1,000
bushels of oats, a large amount of
corn, which ha feeds to stock, pay all
bills when doe end comes out at tbe
vear'e end with a handsome sum of
money in his pocket, is indeed an en
viable record, and one which could
not be possible in any other part of
the world than this.
It Soaks -Into
trie Flesh
right down through the '
fevered parts to where
the inflammation is
rooted. That is why
Mustang Liniment
44 cures all aches and
pains of man or beast."
If it evaporated or re
mained on the skin it
could not cure. That
is why volatile extracts
fail. Theycan'tgodown
through the inflamed ,
owes its success to its
power of penetration.
There is nothing mar
velous about its cura
tive powers. It is sim.
ply a few common sense
ingredients combined
in a way to make pen
etration possible and J
insure a cure.
Mustang Liniment
has been used for one
half a century.
Writ for "Fairy Btory Book," fflu
trated, also "Hint from a Hone-doo-tor's
Diary." Both book mailed free.
v Lyon Manufacturing Co.,
South 3th St., Brooklyn N. Y. ,
1 . I
. - . -
means so much more than i
you imagine serious and
fatal diseases result from
trifiinrf ailments neglected.
Don't play with Nature's i
greatest gift health.
If you arefelin
and ecncriily ex 1
havstcd. nervous, J
itic :iu appetite
and cau't work,
begin at once tak
ing the most relia.
ble strengthening
medicine.which is
Brown's Iron Bit
ters. A few bot
tles care benefit
very first dose H '
tv attun rnf
ttrtk. and it's
pleasant to Uka. J
It Cures
Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver
t rmm -. V
rvcuraigia, i rouo:es,
Constipation, Bad Blood
Malaria, Nervous ailments i
Women's complaints.
Get only the equine it has crossed red
lii.es on the wrapper. All others are sub-
stitutes. On receipt of two sc. stamps we J
will send set of Ten Beautiful World'
Fair Views and book free.
The local Republican organ re
marks: "It is probably true that
Japan would like to annex Hawaii,
but tbe United States has an option
in that matter which will not be
relinquished in favor of auy other
. The Democratic adminstration
has already relinquished tbe option
on Hawaii which the Harrison ad
ministration secured, by force, bnt
even il tne UeDublicane were ia
power it is doubtful whether they
would attempt to renew tbe option
or realize upon it if renewed. It
would probably depnd upon what
the trust magnates and bond
holder wanted.
Tbe United States had an ootion
to pay its bonded debt in silver, but
it relinquished that because the
bondholders preferred gold.
The United States had an option
to pay its treasury notes and
certificates in silver, but it surrender
ed that at the dictation of the
money power, to . the inestimable
lots oi the country. .
If the Reoublicans have ever refused
to surrender an ootion of the gov
ernment when its surrender would
benefit tbe favored few, who control
tiie slush funds, the instance is. not
recorded. Post Dispatch.
John Richinson, living west of
town, is 14 years old and weighs
214 pounds. An 8-year-old son of
Josh Kincheloe, east of town, weighs
100 pounds. Pet Hilee, of this city,
12 years old, only weighs 45
pounds. 'These three parties were
in Shelbyville one day last week,
and standing them in a row with
little Pet Hiles in the middle, yoa
had a first-class specimen of "before
and after takine" a iriven in the
almanacs ShflbyrHle Herald.
A becent count of the prisoners
at the penitentiary shows a total
of 2.201. This is five above the high
est mark of last January. The
shops are worked to t heir utmost
capacity and the cell buildings are
crowded to suffocation. Only about
1,200 of the convicts can be utilixed
under the contract system and
many must be kept in comparative
idleness. '
A good education is, says an ex
change, one of the greatest boone to
mortals given. Creditors cannot
attach it; fires cannot burn it. If
parents cannot give their children
wealth they can, in this enlightened ,
age, give them a good education. J'
A Savakicah man made a table
ont of willow strips, interlacing and
weaving them in beautiful fashion,
painting it, and ornamenting the
tips with gold. But now to his hor
ror, green sprouts are shooting from,
it in every direction.
A majt calling himself Jofef? the
Bantlst had succeeded in deeeivi'n m.
good many Gentry county people,'
until they got- tbe Information that
Herod slew the man some lime ago, "
Tex girls are now w'ariDgiuch Ibj
large sleeves r that , it takes two "
umbrellas to protect them from a
thunder shower.

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