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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, October 04, 1895, Image 6

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Sis So Zrtr Zaowm. Wsri cf Tnb
fron aVrvYsrk Lsdjfsr
M I would like to add b j tettimony to
th&l of othexs who Lsts cl Ajer's
nils, and to u; thsi I Lsts ukea them
for xnsaj years, and Always derired the
beet mult from their nee. For stom
ach and liter troubles, and for the cure
of headache caused by these derange
ments, Aycr's Fills cannot be equaled.
lea ay friesAs ask ree what is the
it remedy for dlsoHere ef the etom
k, llrer. or bowsls, sty IsTsxUbls
answer Is, JLyer's Pills. Tka la
son, they will break up a cold, prersat
lfTPP,chsck fertr. and rralU the
difsstire eixaas. Thsy are escy to
take, and ar, ladsed, the bast alloaad
family medicine I hare ret kaown."
Mrs. liar Josursov, SCS Rider Arsons,
New Tork City.
Highest Honors at World's Fair.
Ajir'i SintrOa Cam iB Blaal Dttaricn.
From Chester to Oxford." Ia ths
Lod of Georje Eliot. Tom
Browo'a Rogbj. Old Co re a-
try Ad rent arts,
Oxford, Sept 3, 1695.
We were destined nnttoleare Ches
ter without a ptsodaI aoarenir in
the way of n reminiscence that will
'keep ber nrr irrn In memory. We
Jtiad spent a quiet Bandar, attending
terries at the Co oli cathedral and
aioitiT piHM". v leit at peace
with God and man as we etarted
oat of town that bright Monday
We wen not lontr, bowerer, In thia
rich stat il contenimcnl, for while
riding alon tar n street car, or
train, a thy r VI it her, it sudden
ly stopped and n vmiuk 1'idr nltht
ed. lostPMd of turn and proctttj
ingasKou!d b expcrf, h ad
raoccd to the Mir, or did the craw
fish art. N-w th preacher was not
rjaed to the rVeree wnltr morrment
and in spit ..f bin Iraotic eflorte to
eseap, a collision nrcurrtd. There
was a dull thud aud mau and "bike
went to th K"ua'l. The lady waa
uninjured, but rery nmrry. With
apology, we started ou quite tore
from th fall, and anxious about the
outcome Two blocks away und we
were stopped hy th blur-coat and
hurried to th- pilic- et'ttion. After
they bad looked ui over tbj tried
to make the ibarj;? of riding faster
than the corporation limit, which is
ten miles per hour, bat we showed
our cyclometer and t x plained that
we were rery confident we were not
making any such speed. No doubt
our innocent and guileless appear
ante had much influence, for, after a
fatherly admonition, they turned as
loose, sadder but wiser men.
Through a delightfully pleaiant,
rolling country, with broad fields of
ripening grain upon either side,
wheeling in Cheshire, realizes all our
dreams of English roads. Some
twenty miles brought us into Whits
church, where we turned to the east
and in the erening, by the light ot
our "bike limps, si found our
c clomsters had rfgietered eixty-flee
mile for the day's run.
After a good night's sltep, ws were
on early next day. The roads across
Staffordshire are not equal to those
ot Cheshire, but still good. A thirty
mile run brought us to Litrbflsls.
We demounted under the shades of
Its famous cathedral, by far ths
richest in external adornment we
hare yet seen. Its three towers catch
and hold the ere charmed by their
symmetry ot solid masonwork, yet
they are eo delicately adorned as to
surprise one that ttono can be made
to express so much. As the eye wan
ders doanliom the heights It alights
wpon the cathedral's pride, the west
facade.' Tbe building is of red sand
stotc I. ruis a rich background
for tri aha bandied or more niches
and status ot satnU aad krsgs cs
rounded by ths most delleats sl
exqolslts ot tracsry. One ait
hers and study the beauty ot tflseta
and ths graeral plcturesfueness ot
the building for hours. The Interior
is in keeping, and the red stone ot
the" build log again adds its rich ef
fect. Hut a few steps away and we stood
at the door of the house where Dr.
Samcel Johnson was born. It Is a
plain, old, solid structure standing
upon the corner with maseire itone
pillars supporting a porch roof.
Some twenty miUs brought us to
Nuneaton, the liilby ot George Eliot,
and a little fart hi-r on we caught a
glimpee of her birthplace and home;
then the three tall spires of Coun
try eeen for milee away, told us that
we were near our stopping place for
the night.
An eleren mile run, tender, bright
skise. with the biids sioeinz In the
hedge rows, the dew sparkling grass
and leaf, gare us a farm hand ap
petite for breakfast; and comforta
bly seated in a cafe but a few doors
from the lluguy government school,
wf lingered over our tea and 1st fancy
bring back Tom Brown, his pranks
and trials.
The old school building Is but
slightly changed; here are tbe Identi
cal little dsns In which tbe boys hare
crammeel Latin and Grsek tor that
many years. Thsy are six fsst square,
sontalnlng a deck, a chair and ths
regulation book rack. Tbe study ot
the sixth form boy is about twice as
Urge. As ws roamed through these
rooms and halls, where every door
and beam shows tbe mark and
names of those who have here laid
their foundation and gone out to
Oxford and Cambridge ts reappear
in tbe world, w felt that we were
at the fountain head ot thoie great
.There are eerveral "new bouses"
grouped about tbe iplendid chapel in
ths rear ot tbe old, but the boys cling
to the rooms so celebrated, and hap
py is he who finds himself In tbe
dormitory were Tom elept and the
den where be studied.
We ran across tha nams ofG. E.
Hughes on the old dining room
table whieh is still preserved in one
otthe old halls. We dived into tbe
kitthen and saw ths hole where the
sugar lumps were given out. Dear
old soot. It Is no wonder to us now
that tbe boys love it, and that they
fight to preserve its old, time-worn
customs; we loosed to be boys agaio
and take our place with tbe others
at the term opening in the fall.
St. liicbael is tbe ooe thing in
tbe country which we shall nererfor-
get. Its tall spire (303 ft) is a master
piece rich in design; for more than a
hundred feet up there are frequent
niches with life-like statues, while tbe
beautiful earrings and adornments'
reach to ths very top.
From Coventry one should take a
whole day to visit Kenilworth and
Warwick, and ehould tarry for ulghts
and days, tt be can, at Shakespeare's
tfly e abetter. Itvasejlosei. The
Mi were either waken doors ia
waits or iron affairs twenty test high
a4 armed at the top with a cbe-
reaux-de-frise ot Iron. It was getting
sool. There was no oae about.
Night was settling down. What was
to be dons? tie grew frightened
He did not like the prospect ot spend
Ing the night in tbe meadows. lie
ran around like a caged animal and
had finally decided to swim tbe
stream when the window oi a house
near the park opened and a voice
bade him wait for tbe police who
would let him out. Tbfa was worse
still. What would tbe police do with
him? lie was scared. As be stood
thinking, a man came up a path out
side, took out a key, opened a great
gate, and let himeelf in. Our wheel
man s scars vanieneu. ine man
seemed email and weak, probably a
scholar. Before be could close the
gate our cyclist sprang forward and
put bis foot against it. The scholar
demanded who be was and what he
was doing there, tie explained but
tbe scholar would not have it and
rrfueed to let him paes, holding bim
by tbe coat.
Your American's blood was up. lis
was determined to be oat. iisstxcg
glsd moment or two, thsa punched
that scholar's face with both fists
until he was free of the grasp, when
he sped away and concealed himself
for tb rest I that sight In his
Bswsrs oi Olataiats lor catarrh that co&'
tala Miriury,
as mercury will surely destioy tbe
ecnee of smell and completely derange
the' whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles ehould neyer be used except
on prescription from reputable phy
sicians, as tbe damage they will do is
ten fold to the good you can possibly
derive from them. Hall s Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
& Co., Toledo.O., contains no mercury
and is taken internally, acting direct
ly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of tbe system In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be eure you get tbe
genuine, it is taken internally and
is made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
a a vt. a
ooid by uruggists, price Dc. rer
From Stratford to Oxford there is
some billy riding, that is, hilly for
England, but at home it would not
be considered at all bad. Oxford
seemed to us too complicated, too
finished, too perlect for comprehen
sion in less than years. Other places
may boast a single building or two
hoary with age, beauteous lu archi
tecture, rich in tbe association of
genius, but Oxford ie a city ot euch
building. Hawthorne said it was a
despair to lee such a placs and ever
leave it. We despaired ot hail see
ing or at all comprehending tbe
place. We wandered over tbe soft,
grassy quadrangles, gaxed with awe
at the structures where much of Eng
land's greatness has been ecbooled,
glanced into the museum and libra
ries, and came away daxed by the
multiplicity of great historical and
literary names, and by tbeextraord
inary splendor of richness ot carv
ings, and towers and oriels and gate
ways. A little adventure may be worth
noting. A fair park named Christ
Charcb meadow liee between the col
lege of that name and tberiver where
the boating is done. This meadow
contains a doubts row oi ths most
gigantic elm trees, with a walk be
tween known ae the Broad Walk.
It has also One walks beside the lets,
and about It goes every where either
the rirer or a high iron fence, or a
wall. The place Is open to tbe
public during certain hour, but is
closed early. One of us was strolling
about this park one night about
dark; starting for an exit, be was
eurpriseJ to Cod it locked. Another
was likewise fastened. He went has-
Rer. Irl K Hicks, editor of "Word
and Works" and general gueeser at
tbe antics of weather in America,
has the following to say in tbe Octo
ber number of his valuable paper:
"If we bad a daughter who insist
ed on riding a bicycle to church and
marching up tlie aisle In red bloom
ers to take ber place at tbe organ
to lead tbe church music, she would
have to decide mighty quick wheth
er berbome, orberbicycleand bloom
ers would be abandoned. Whether
tbe congregation all had grace
enough not to split upon tbe ques
tion, or whether they were all God
lees worldlings enough to applaud
and approve of her shameless imper
tinence, would have nothing to do
with our determination; we should
act purely on the merits of tbe cae
as we see it. Either she would not
be worthy to be my daughter, or 1
would not be her father. We couldn't
live in the same bouse and family.
Tbe pulpit hireling who could con
nive or tamely submit under such
circumstances, should not be tbe
pastor of my family."
Ipselasa Cum-
S. II. Clifford, New Caeel, Wis.,
was troubled with Neuralgia and
Rheumatism. Lis Stomach was dis
ordered, bis Livei was affected to an
alarming degree, appetite fell awy
and ha was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles of Elec
tric Bitters cured bim.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisbury.Ill.,
bad n running sore on bis leg of eight
years' standing. Used three bottles
of Electric Bitters and seyen boxes
of Bucklin's Arnica Salve, and bis leg
is sound and well John Speaker,
Catawda, 0., bad five larpe fever sor
es on his leg, doctors said he waa in
curable. One bott.e Electric Bitten
and one box of EucLlins Arniea Salve
cured eim entirely. Sold by W. C.
The Kansas City Times thinks
fair elections are assured after thie In
that city. Under tbe new election law
the governor Is authorized to ap
point two election commissioners
and the mayor one. The governor
has appointed U.Clay Arnold and
Hilton Moore, and the mayor has
named J. U. Harris. AH good men
torso Important a place.
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