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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, December 27, 1895, Image 6

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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T& Da jr li ArvrUd Ij VtLig
"Nearly forty years a so, after
some weeks of sickness, my hair
turned fray and began falling out
so rapidly that I was threatened
with immediate baldness. Hearing
Ayer Ilalr Vigor highly spoken of.
I commenced using this prepara-
tlon. and was so well satisfied with
the result that I liare ceTer tried
any other kind of dressing. It stop
ped the hair from falling out, stimu
lated a new growth of hair, and kept
the scalp free from dandruff. Only
an occasional application Is now
seeded to keep my hair of pool,
natural color. I neTer hesitate to
recommend any of Ajer's mediclr.rs
to my friends. Mrs. II. M. IUicnT,
Aroca, Neh.
AVer's Hair Vigor
rmrrABED vr
n tb coure ol forty years there
080 Fabbatbe. with all their
rri? isrfs. What will a man
, . clled to an account for
tor abuts of them? What
'est be If the seed time
I ha. -a Kreat many peopl.
trying to climb . P P"1"00
and become fames fta
that there a U P eomewhere
? , tt 1 1 T le Mount
tain of fm. n u.
- . . ... tual enow
- Blanc, corrr4 Tilth PC'P-
- T aim are
X.narmnMsina chorcfa I
Aa Old Paper.
Mr. Wo. L. Crete, a former dtlxsn
o! Callaway county, who Is spending
the winter with bis niece, Mrs. sena
tor Uack ay, of Keyte.Tillf, Ti.ited
thm Coraiza sanetom the other day
aod showed ns a copy of the Berkley
Int$Uitncer. a 4-coIumn. quarto
ntw.pa per publUhed at Martin.burjf.
Berkley county, Virginia, uecmoer
2Stb, 1799. But before telling all
about this ancient produrt o! the
.. nrupatif " win ear some
tMncr about the Crate family in which
m nanr baa hn si kind of belr-
loom for three generation..
lie. John Cral. the great-fcrand-
father of Wm. L. Crate, was a native
of Irelatd, wasedocated inEdinburg,
Scotland, for a Presbyterian minis
ter. He came to America In 1743
iri at1ri In Ancoita count. Vir
ginia, where he organized the first
to PiesbTterian churches ever e
tabtiabed within that colonj. Alter
preaching for these churches 27
w.m KaliJ and eeerr since has
slept In one of I beir cemeteries. These
facte are gathered from Sprague.
Ui-tory of PreebyUrian.fn Virginia
VTir. L. Craig- father was
horn in the same year
this ropy of te IotelllxeBCtr
... m.ntPd. When a boy be
T9 vmm , .
found It am org the archives ol bit
f.ih.r a fftmilr. At bit death it fell
Into Willis m's posseeelon and be has
bn careful a!l three years to pre
urfi it.
In examining it our attention was
direct) to its habiliments ol mourn
log, wide dark lines around thbor
der, and almost Involuntarily we In
qnlred. "Wbo'e dead?" Upon exam
nation we found It to be no less a
parsonage than George Washington,
our first president.
Supposing our readere will be as
much Interreted as oureelf we repro
duce it, verbatim, except we do not
use f for a all printers did at
that time. We also omit for lack of
space the order of procession at th
ALEXANDRIA, December 21.
Ur. Priee.
Presuming that some account of the
late illness and deain 01 uiskil
WASHINGTON will be generally In
teresting, and particularly so to the
Profeeeore and praetitlonsrs ol Med
iclos throughout Amebic, w re
quest yoa to publish the following
SOME tii2 lo tbs night of Friday,
. . ...1 . fn h
the beat ol a corp.. ru. Xr.tV.T. utn hn exno.ed
nn- It ifl novrr enliveoe J, IK is nertr iim ioib iuin .
rt r,o,nln, .n ,b. .loon, -Bow- SVrf b. .broa.. .
r. ..nt. of stricture In the same part, a
Iarn from you-earlieet years 10 ifflmilt. rather than a
.. ituuuuu'- -r- - ....
constant drea I ol imD.ir.nj- . soggestlng iteell to
ean eihJ J lit ya are in con- Qtotnil b procured a bleeder In
rhood. who took from
LUe Is a wnrUr; and be I hli Brm in tb night 12 or 14 ounces
.. 1 .4. .1..rtM ft dOUblel . ... it. Mnl.l nnk ht .HOT
.,. k. h.travs the nobWit proper-1 hB nretBuKi Oo by the family
tTot'mnn, wh'ehlsdauntlees resolu-l endIofthe attending physician
ntl h rrl-cts the providescl ... . . tjowl0ir mornor iho ar
I ..-..i;.tnt ttinz who cuid"S I , j iinnm Vrnon at nboot 11
Ol BU biiiv. r. - nVU o
ane PLock on Saturday. Discovering
mt half after 11 on oaiaroay
nlgbt, retaining the full possession of
his intellect when he expirea wun-
out a struggle!
He was fully Impreeiea ai me oe
elnnlng of his complaint, as well as
. iii
through evsry succeeding siags 01 u,
that Its conclusion would be mortal;
submitting to the several exertions
mads for bis recovery, rather as a
duty, than from any expectation of
k.t. II considered the
suia j
nnr.tions of death upon bis system
as eoevil with the diseas-; and sever
al hours before bis death, alter re
routed florts to be understood, suc
ceeded In expressing a desire that he
might be permitted to die wunou
further interruption.
During the short period of bis ill
ness, be ceconomlzed bis time. In the
arrangement of such few concerns ae
required hi attention, with the ut
most serenity; and anticipates n-s
approachiog dissolution with every
demonstration of that equanimity
for which uis whole life has been so un
Hormlj d tatl-aSSSSg
Attending Pbys'n.
Consulting Pbys'n.
Mourn, O ColumbiaI thy Fatheb
and Pbotectob is no mor! klourn,
reader, of whaterer kindred, tongue
or clime thou be, thj Friknd. the
Fbix.id of Liberty and of Man, is
gone! "gone to that country from
whose bourn no traveller returns"
Tte Ilero, Patriot, Sage, sent awhile
as a kind emanation from the Dity,
to enlighten the dark night of our
tribulation and to guide the Youth
ful steps of our country. Is snatched
back to the bosom of bis God. , O
may bis Intercession there as much
avaUbisdi8ried people as bis pres
ence did on earth may his last fer
vent wishes tor the harmony ana
rntnnlDifl of his country, preserve
her in the bonds of union, amity and
n.r-and may the recollection ol
bis viitues. which the recording An
gel has enreglstered In Heaven, on
earth forever so dear the acrea
memory and name of WASHING
W fi-el not disposed, were we com
petent, to gire a cold delineation of
his virtues they are deeply engrar-
en nwvery heart, and the sighs of bis
people shall be a lasting and Donor
able testimony as well of the sinceri
toot their sorrow, and of the fer
vency of tbeir love.
Cecum gro UaMta aaij
. j r-m, mm vhMi tm tm moantdl Mild:
Aod ColTr Vlrt UU abocSw
Besides tne tuneral notice ol Gen-
.r.i WA.hlncton other Items ot in-
vi wt .
teres t. among which wsr several
eominunicatlone from President
Tnhn Admi to contrrees. Also cor-
Foondence between the American
cMn.h miniatcrfl in reference to
o, u va a m . m - -
n0-otiatlons between their respect
tlvftconntriee. A letter irom rai-
rlrk Uearr to Mr. Adams' secretary
- . .
rf utate-notiiTinr him that owing
o olJ ace and the feeble state 01 nis
h.Alth. he (tienry) could not serve
on the commission to which the
President appointed bim to- nego-
tiRtN with France.
News from Europe published is
from two and a halt to three months
old. Several merchants ol Martins-
burg advertise new goods and nottly
their customers to pay op.
William Kiddle" oners flO re-
ard for a rnnaway negro, if taken
By bnying your Hardware of other dealers without giving WVDj Vaughaui
an opportunity to show you his splendid stock and quote youprices.
A Coal or Wood Thief
is pilfering in your bin, and you per-
overfed to be coaxed to cook at all,
and dumps it's fuel without digesting
it is a downright robber.
Majestic $-fecl Rang?
eaves food and fuel enough in two
years to pay for itself. All parts un
breakable steel and malleable iron.
It'e heat can't escape. A quick and
prpn rnlr "Von enn lpnrn nil nTnnt
the Majestic Cooking Range at our
store. The Majestic is such a saver
that it pays to discard a cast iron stove
for one.
Superior Cook Stoves.
Guaranteed to cive satisfaction; tire-back
warranted for It) years. Consumes less
wood than any other stove on the mar
fcloore's Air Tight Heater,
For coal keep fire 24 hours- with doors
closed. A stove that ,you can-regnlate
the heat with perfect ease.
Wilson Wood Heater, '
Four different styles, with top draft andi
ash pan.
Garland Base Heater,
Both upright and horizontal:. Champion
stoves of the world.
Perfectly air tight. A stove so simple
that a child can regulate the heat:
Superior and Economy Todd Wood Heaters
Sheet ironf beautiful designs, and5 give
perfect satisfaction. .
Best line of General Hardware, Cutlery,
Queens ware, etc-.y.to be found in Keytesville. .
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed by a oompe
ent, practical workman. Respectfully, .
W. D. VATJGHAN, Keytesville, Ho.
.'.ON ALL . .
, a
Trimmed and UntrimmecL Hats and Misses and Chil
dren's baps and Baby Hoods
Now is your opportunity to get unprecedented bar-
grains in theise lines.
O -
ana run m io ciock du " - - ,
ttr, the caM to be highly alarmiop, and . out o! the countj, and 5 1! taiea to
Whentbehlp ba' ionoctiforefMjos:tbtxat8i xenaencj oi iufiine couuij.
... vchpn tormvi ., rm.nltlncr tthrnlcnDil PhllliD Pendleton, a farmer. d
afianltiritualtrulb.donotaban- wer, mmedlatelj tent lor, bo ar- Terti.e. alonjr lwt ol agrlcnlturai
don yoortell to tb Ud ol tb one at half pat tbrr, and the product?, togetbar nith tba prica ol
world that cannot rut. The abip olbef.alf0ar o'clock In the after- each.
. . j . k. ih ind . i. .i timo wrt m- Jnpnh Vance oRers bit aervicea in
roila In iDe wino, u "J ioool: m u i r . . ,
adianc..-Linh plojed two pretty coplon. bleeding, locating land warrants lor the eol-
A i1liberate purpose xo irp-uv u Bbiif(""afr r , , I " . . . Vi. -n
A aeuoeraiw 1 . . , .Am Anmm n! to- nntl TonereT adTertlsea hia
In in tne preieui v.k Mtd on the mil lm wanta a lonreTinan clock-
, ..; , t , 8fln:niiwi uu-vr. 1 - , .
Kr' ., ,1. hn mil wtthont bdt I maker, who ii a cood workman; aUO
thetkielol time I wn " , ,m mANrftnfnU and Lm. .ho krowi how to. read and
.1. 7nlT but the Immortal flrttol the contnltlnKpn5.icianf, apprenucf iio ifaraw- vrur
4not time only, uui y Itobert Phe na wanta the p
onL Ntf loa.
I call that a great gotpel tbaV Dr.
John.cn preached. ''CUar Tour
Uind o! Cantl" Uaw no trade with
... stand in the cold wind, la the
, father. . But let K be In jour
rftl torn eboee. That' will be
K.n.r for too." Uabomet aayt.
n.r5nn Ift the beet armor, but the
woret cloak. UypocrM ar ,ik ' P,c"
tore on cantae-they ehow talreet
at lartbert.-Aam.; :- ; -
Nkw York le eald to be comumlng
tnrkeya at the rate ol ha!! a million
und.prd.y. It 1. estimated that
between Thankfffitlng and Mw
Year'i day 3.000,000 poondt o! tur
key will bate TanUhed In the rapa-
m r.f nn Pnh.rr Phtlni viinti Iht MODII lO
WAa Bgriru, t i - -
eigne ol accumulation In the bron-1 know that he makte spinning whteli
t ni ini mniri. iu 11 t iu. una 11 naiur cumin iui cir
cami " " - . 1 " . 1
I etui t o! another bleeding, wnen m raul Vertier adteruiea a tan
-iLI.aI mmmra riMIH WltnOtll I In. (a
onncHoi uvuw , . .1 - ' .. , ,
the emalleet apparent aiietjaxion 01 wtliiam Bailey aarerutea dm '
. ji..... - v atwinri ii 1 TiorKBi nun 1 iincr kdq otiidz uunutiSi
lUV UH' -l . I r
water were-. irequenuy lunairu, nu hicdohi urnci ou humihj -t
Afonlnmel wereciren.eoceeea- .xrciient oeaeh brand t lor aale.
ed by repeated doset o! emetic tar- John lliller wants two Jourrf
... .Mnnnntr in all to 5 or 61
gralne, with no other effeet than al u.ank de. handomely rf011
wtiftrM iron tue uuwnr. nn irona racer, win ior iaia.v w-
n.r nt tt!i eeemidraow man!-1 rttllicrenccT office. Theani1?"6
. . . j i I ...
.it- .i.i4tnr tn th force 01 ise aim-1 i k intaintrenctr w aa t
inuj j'"""" w
order, bllitera were applied to the ont oan payable when the
.mft.e. toother with aeatapla receired the other ha1
t paper
at the
cm - 1 "
eln nt braa and tlnegar to the throar. lxpjrati0Q Q( ttie year.
8Deaklng, which waa palntul Irom Tq ioDgeriber the Ii
the beginning, now became " Uartred 75 eenti per eona
SSnoreS j .erU.em.nU lor three In.on.
lot ad-
w lg. 2 - J 2 a- ; - gv-;;g
i C j, I. I. o

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