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U P. 7AHD17EB, Eiitsr snl Prajriator. MAN WAS - to hustle. 1ERMS : siyaas vszizz-
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Ask Any Wife
Who has tried Blanke'a
Coffee what she thinks of it.
See if she doesn't praise it io
the skies."
Ask any hnsband tvho has
tried a cnp of this line-flavored
drink. See if he doesn't tell
3ou it's the best he ever" drank.
Ask your doctor, your law.
yer, ask anybody, and the
opinion will always be the
Blanke's Coffee is better
than any other brand in the
world. That is all I claim for
"it. The price is 33 1-3 cents a
pound, or three pounds for a
1 Don't
Tae any chances at all in
my business. It never pnys to
experiment in Groceries. I
aimply buy the kinds of food
that have a klgi reputation.
Then I know my customers
will be satislie.l.
Is it a'ny wonder, then,
'that I'm known as the leading
grocer in Keytesville? Is it
any wonder that my bnsines is
always booming when other
folks .are talking about dull
Pure Food Grocer.
Republican Coaaty Convention.
Pursuant to call the Republicans, of
Chariton county, met in convention at
Kcytcsville. Saturday. August ist, 1S96.
for the J urposc of nominating a coun
ty ticket. The central committee
recommenced F.C Sasse as temjorary
ciiairman and O. F. Smith as tempora
ry secretary of the convention. At
1 o'clock, when the convention was
called to order, on motion the tem
porary officer were made the perma
nent ofF.cers of the convention.
On rr.v.ion. a committee convoked
of one f.om each toAn!;ij, was ao
pointed cn credentials and order cf
business Al-'o a committee, com
;scd of one fiom each township, was
ar p r.ted on rciohr.ijr.s.
The committee on credentials and
order cfbusir.es submitted the follow
ing report:
Ycur committee on credentials and
order cf business lcg leave to rcjort
that there are no corrects coming
from r.ry of the ton r. ship, and wc
therefore, rccr'uvv.crvl that the dele
gates present frvi the various town
'.?;: be entitled to seats in this con
xr.tion and cmpowtrcd t cast the
vtte d ;'- :r several townships.
Your cnv.rvttce r it.l further re
port the f '' in g order i-i" bu siness:
1 Action ucn the rc::it of the
cc.;.:::'.it:.e cn credentials and order
f huiir.e-:.
2 A '.ion upon the report of the
comm;:ee on resolution:.
3 Calling the mil of t :e tov.n h:ps
for names of central committeemen.
4 Nomination cf c ar.dilatcs for
county c:'::cs in the fellow ing order:
Representative, prosecuting attorney.
sheritT, treasurer, survey r, public ad
ministrator, coroner. judge of the east
ern district, judge of the western dis
trict, a" cf which is repectfulh suV
rr.itted. F. M. Le vi;, chahmen. 1.
T. .Smith, secretary cf the committee.
Oa motion the report of ht com
mittee was received and adopted and
the committee discharged.
The committee on resolutions sub
mitted the following report: .
The Republicans, of Chariton coun
ty, in delegated convention assembled,
declare as follows;
First. We heartily endorse the
national and state Republican plat
forms adopted at the St. Louis and
Springfield conventions and believe
that the future prosperity of our na
tion depends upon the ratification of
the same by the voters of out country
at the ensuing election.
Second. We recognize the good
judgment ot the delegates t3 said con
ventions by nominating the patriots
and statesmen, McKinley tor presi
dent, and G. A. Ilobartfor vice-president,
on our national ticket, and entire
state ticket, headed by Hon. R. K.
I.ewis for governor, and pledge then
our undivided and hearty support.
Third. We denounce the national
Democratic platform adopted at Chica
go, and call attention to its anarchic
tendencies. It questions the honor
and integrity of our higest tribunal, the
supreme court of the United States,
and lend its aid to riot and lawJcsncss
by characterizing as an arbitrary in
tcrferancc the lawful intervention of the
Federal authority to suppress disorder.
Fourth. We believe that the interest
cf the citizens and tax-payers, cf Char
iton county, will be best subserved by
the maintenance in good faith of the
township organization, and we con
demn all direct and indirect attacks
upon this system of local self govern
ment and especially all attempts to
cripple said system by withholding the
needful appropriation and failing to
set apart the necessary amount of the
county revenue to which the townships
arc entitled under the law.
lifth. While we arc not concerned
as partisans in the manner in w hich
the Democrats manage their internal
affairs yet, we as citizens of Chariton
county, have an interest in the admin
istration of public affairs by the of
ficers nominated by the Democratic
part-; and we believe that due regard
to the character and jversonal conduct
of candidates who secure nominations
is a matter of public concern and that
whenever unlawful meaus arc cm
ployed to secure a nomination consid
ered tantamount to an election the
laws of the state should be observed,
and for these reasons wc condemn the
shameful manner of open and
notorious briber) of voters as practiced
at the late iKrmocratie primary, and
we call u;on ai! well disposed person?,
irrespective of party, t a.i-t us in de
feating these corrupt practices to be
crowned by success at the polls.
Sixth. Wc believe that the best in
terests of the people cf this state can
be subserved by the publication c f
shoo! books used in the public
schools bv the ft.tte. and sId to the
people for enough only M cover pul
lication and transportation tost, and
our candidate fr representative
pledges his lct endeavor to i e- urc
such reform concerning our school
text lookj.
On motion the report of the com
mittee on resolutions was adopted and
the committee discharged.
The ro!l of tirvn.hips v. as then
called for the names o! the iue:nlers
of the county Republic an central c om
r.iittcc selected fix the tut ensuing
tuj years. r.Jrch rc;ortcd a follows:
I lee Rrnnth
IJowl'.ng Orecn. . .
Mendon. .......
Muscl Fork
Salt Creek
Yellow Crr-.k
..Win. I.. CLirk
F. C .Sasse
Ceo. HeJ.lcr
John F. Rrewer
F. M. Lewis
. II. Renr.e
M. C. Hol o ub
II. M. Allen
. . .Jacob S. ?dcycT
S. S. Kc!jo
. .Wm. R. Sccney
1. T. Smith
W. II. Conrad
. S. 1 ean
After which the ixv&vcstioa io-
ceeded to nominate the following
named candidates to fill the various
offices to be elected at the next gen
eral election:
For representative, I.uctan A. Spen
cer; for prosecuting attorney, F. C
Sasse; for sheriff, F. B. McCurry; for
treasurer, F. F. Bartholomew; for sur
veyor, R. A. Roberts; for public ad
ministrator, Ceorge W. Smith; for
coroner. Dr. G. M. Dewey, for judge
of eastern district, F. M. Meyer; for
judge of western district, Charles W.
There being no further business the
convention adjourned.
O. F. Smith, F. C. Sxssk,
Secretary. Cliairman.
After the adjournment of the con
vention the members of the centra!
committee met and organized for the
next ensuing two years by the election
of F. C Sasse, chairman; Ik F. Mc
Curry, secretary, and Ceorce I Icchler,
treasurer. The committee adjourned
subject to the call of the chairman.
F. li. McCcrxv. F. C. S vssu.
Secretary. Chairman.
IrOunty Court Proceedings.
County court convened in regular
session at Keytesville Aug. 3rd. 1S96.
There were present L. II. Herring,
I (residing justice, Henry Hays and
C II Allen, associate justices, J. F.
Dempscy, shcrift. and R. D. Kdivards,
A. I Wires, deputy bridge com
missioner, presents rqiort of the com
pletion of bridge across Iikc creek,
and recommending the payment of
$135 to (Icorge Ilartec for the build
in; of same.
Same makes report of re-placement
of bridge across Salt creek and recom
mends that George IJartcc, the con
tractor, be piid $96 thcrclor.
Same as to bridge across Clark's
branch ant! recommends the payment
of $102 to A. I- Armstrong, contract
or. Ordered, upon consent of securities
of Mrs. N. F. Mann to school fund for
$6ao. release one acre of land des
cribed as a part of the land mortgaged
to secure pa) mcnt of said fund.
G. H. II igginbottom granted license
to keep "dram shop in Brunswick, he
having filed the re-juircd petition and
Ordered that $60 be appropriated
to build a bridge in Cockrcll township
Ictccn sections 5 and 6, township
55. range 17.
A. I- Wires, deputy bridge com
mi.wor.cr, contract for building sus
pension l.ri fge across the Giariton
river near the Butter Mill site, award
ed to Rtinyon Bridge construction
i-otopar.y, at ad for the sum of $1350.
Al.l.on WCI. AS 101I.OV.
George B.utee. for building
bridge acrovi Fake creek..:? 133 co
Sane f.r replacing bridge
ariose Si!t creek 9S 00
A. I .. Armstrong for repairs to
bridge across (Hark's branch 10: ca
A. G. Sterner for cash paid
for lalcr in repairing bridge
atrov; Give branch in
V.i)!e.rd M-nd;ip 5 00
Jno. O. I -lughtrty for sup;or:
IV.'y Montgomery o:i.
M. T. P.ivcr.;M,rt ;
ten Icr.t of county povr farm
f -r Kr
Tlv.o. B.'.fingt i;i for servi -es
ns lab Tcr at county po.iT
f.-.r 'i cme m r.th
J. C. Wa'h'.c e salary as j-roi-c:.iig
attorney for July. . .
;o 00
1 : co
Letter List.
The fnl'otving is tlic li.t of unciaim
cl letters in the Kcytcsvi.'lo, Mo., pst
o.'ii: Aug. Tlh. 1S3C.
J. W. Gladstone.
John Hughs.
B. F. Medley.
V'h.cn calling for the abo-.e letters
plcaiC sjy
J-.::x Ciixvrr-s, V. M.
iaW eJ-i.7
A c:r tori c f barrel
ccived. Jt L. F. Cock'
; The lopallst Convention.
The Populists, of Chariton county,
heTii a convention last Tucs lay for
the" purpose of nominating a ticket.
C. Hedgepeth, of Salisbury, was
elc'ed chairman and W. T. Davis, of
Byt emville, was elected secretary.
The townships it was found had
there representation present as follows:
Tovg&mps. ieixi;ates
Dec Branch 7
Bowjing Green
Brut.iwick 3
Chipton 1
CUr'tf 1
Cur.rungham 1
CocixeU 1
Keyr:sville 6
Missouri : 2
Mussel Fork 4
Salistury 6
Salt Creek 1
TripSat 1
Way-Lod 1
Yellow Creek 1
Wood nominated A. C Yo
cum hr representative. Rules were
suspended and Yocum was nominated
by acclamation.
Samuel Elliott nominated Oscar
Wooct for shcriiT. Chairman an
nounded that Mr. Wood had about all
the honor he could well carry, as at the
Scdalia convention, last week, he had
been nominated for state treasurer,
whereupon Mr. Flliott withdrew the
name of Mr. Wood. John Crawford
nominated Robert Cooper for sheriff
and Mr. Cooper declined the honor,
John Fogrpn nominated F. M. Flliott
and Mr. Flliott also declined for the
reason that he expected to move out
I o : ty mty heqre . the jelec;o
Isaac Hickerson nominated Avm.
leather for sherifT.
A. C. Yocum nominated F. Byon
McCurry who is also the RquMican
nominee for the same office. The
vote being taken and counted it was
found that McCurry had 16 votes.
Blather 17 and Cooper 3.
On second ballot Cooper's name
was withdrawn McCurry had 16
votes and Prathcr 20. Brather was
declared the nominee.
Win. II. Taylor was nominated for
treasurer by acclamation, his name
being presented by A. C Yocum.
J. W. Miller nominated J. X. Gip
son for judge of the Fastern district.
S. Yocum nominated J. W. Miller for
same office. Mr. Burrus nominated
John Crawford. Mr. Crawford de
clined. The ballot being taken re
sulted in the choice of Mr. Gipson,
who it will be remembered is a Demo
crat, and was a candidate before the
last primary election for representative
and made a good rare.
I or judge of the Western district,
J. W. Wilkinson, v.ho was defeateu in
the Republican nominating renvention
fjr the same ofiiee. Charles Stciman.
who is the Republican nominee and
C. F. Allen, who is the incumbent and
and the Democratic nominee nr re
election were severally nominated.
The vote being counted, Allen was de
clared the nominee by a handsome
majority, though wc have not the
exact vote.
James Johnson nominated A. F.
Arrington for county surveyor. Mr.
Airington is the nominee on the Dem
ocratic ticket for the same office. Jno.
Foggin nominated R. A. Roberts for
the same office. Mr. Roberts is the
Republican nominee also. Arrington
received 23 votes and Roberts 1.
When nominations for prosecuting
attorney were reached the chairman
called "Uncle Sam" Klliott to preside
whereupon Mr. Hedgepeth in clo-ptent
terms put in nomination Judge O. F.
Smith, which was seconded by Mr.
Wood. The thought no doubt 00
curred to many of the s-ec.tatojs that !
all the eloquence of the convention
had been bottled up for this one
occasion, but the clo pence of the tao
speeches was like "sweetness wasted
Vm the desert air.1
Judge Smith being present -rose
and in equally as clomcnt terms an-
nounccd to t!e convention that under
no circurailaaccs could he accept the
honor they had conferred, th it he hac
been entertained as well as amused at
their proceedings, but that he was a
Republican in good standing and no
longer than last Saturday had helped the
Republicans to nominate & candidate
for prosecuting attorney and would be
very far from consenting to become a
candidate against him. Mr. Coonts
moved that the office of prosecuting
attorney be left vacant so far as their
nomination was concerned. The vote
on this proposition was not taken. A.
C Yocum then nominated F. C Sasse,
the Republican nominee. The rules
were suspended and the nomination
of Mr. Sasse made unanimous.
For coroner, Mr. Wood nominated
I )r. Dewey, who is also the Republi
can and Democratic nominee. Mr.
Coonts nominated Dr. Bifieter. Bille
ter received 25 votes andDewey 1 1.
For public administrator J. W.
Miller, a Populist, and T- K. Mackay
the Democratic nominee were nomi
nominated. Miller received 29 votes
and Mackay -
The Populist nominees as declared
by the convention arc as follows:
Representative, A. C Yocum, Pop
ulist; sheriff, Wm. Prather, Populist;
treasurer, Wm. H. Taylor, Populist;
prosecuting attorney, F. C Sasse, Re
publican; surveyor A. F. Arrington.
Democrat; public administrator, J. W.
Miller, Populist; coroner. Dr. Billeter,
Populist; judge eastern district, J. N.
Gipson, Democrat: judge western dis
trict, C F. Allen, Democrat.
Judge Smith in his speech declining
the Populist nomination for prosecuting
atrvsy o-M-that ifnr.had -bwrerfcoth
entertained and amused" by the pro
ceedings of the convention. We sup
pose he had about the same experience
of many others who witnessed the per
formance. In the effort made to keep
in the middle of the road, which seems
to be the Populist motto, there was
considerable wobbling as shown by the
convention going outside its political
fold for several nominees.
Mr. Burrus, a delegate from Salis
bury had a grievance which he pre
sented to the convention in vigorous
terms. He had been appointed by a
former convention as an alternate
delegate to the SedaHa convention; the
delegate could not go but as the dele
gations from Chariton county needed
"a rpeaker," the delegates, or some
othtr parties who assumed the author
ity to do so, held a meeting, gave
Brother Hedrpeih, who is sery fluent
of ton uc, the credentials that Brother!
Burrus ought to have had and left
Ilrother Burrus at home. Mr. Barrus
said Populists had abused the old par
tics because of their permitting hossism.
but early in the history of the Populist,
in Chariton county, he met with a high
handed move among bosses that he
thought deserved rebuke.
Brother Yocum who took a good
share of the responsibility of the wrong
dene Brother Burrus to himself made
the "amende honorable' by acknowl
edging his error and saying "it was an
error of the hend and not of the heart."
In several speeches made by Mr.
Burrus. there were outbursts of princi
ples tainted with Democracy which
the Democrats present almost involun
tarily cheered to the echo, but Mr.
Yor um called attention to the fact that
the speakers w.is cheered by Demo
crats and not by Populists.
The Populi.'ti in the convention
here Tuesday made a great show cf
Jiberality by taking some of their nom
inee's from the Democrat pr.rly ard
some from the Re;ubhcan party. This
looks like liberality, but unless they
can show that this is tl.e:r practice
where they have a clear, unmistakable
majority, r.c arc not prepared to say
whether i:
is real i:ex:uinc liberality or
I want to trade a good 1 2-horse
power traction engine for a stationary
s engine and boiler from 25 to 40-horse
F. J. Ellis,
Guthridgc Mills, Mo.
A Most Delightful Leap Year Patty"
(liven at her fome Monday
Mi Hill,
at home.
Monday evening August the 3rd,
Eighteen hundrcl and ninety-six.
hall pa o'cloct.
to meet
Mi&i Keith. Miss Miss Garner.
Leap Year Dance.
In response to the above invitations
about 20 couples of Keytesville's most
charming society people assembled at
Castle Hill, the palatial home of Mr-
and Mrs. Wm. E. Hill, in north Key--
The beautiful home was the pictirer
of loveliness, and one never to hssF
forgotten by those present
The party was complimentary to
Misses Keith and Garner, of Kansas
City, and Miss Caldwell, of Paris, Mc.m
three lovely young ladies who are vis-
iting Mi;s Hill.
About 9:30 o'clock, after the
young ladies had filled out their pro
grammes, all retired to the beautifiX
lawn, which had been floored and
lighted by numerous Japanese lanterns,
and the following programme carried!
6. Waltz.
Duex Temps.
Duex Temps.
, .'4- , Waltz (Genilcm eaVchoxe ,
10. Schottische. ' -
1 1.
I 2.
14. '5
16. Waltz.
Deux Temps.
Deux Temps.
Miss Hill was assisted in entertain
ing by her sister. Miss Lucille, and
brother, Mr. Frank W., and were pro
nounced by one and all royal enter
At 11 p.m., during the intermis
sion, elegant refreshments were served.
and punch was served on the veranda.
About one o'clock the guests de
parted, and will ever cherish foad
memories of the hospitality of Miss
Exctiangs Reading Club.
There has been recently orgarietL
in Kcytesvi'c whit is known an an "Ex
change Readinjf club, with 4 x mem
bers with a prospect of more ntmcs
being obtained.
The preamble to the organ'zationt
reads as follows:
" Reorganizing the fact that good
books are among1 man's be it friends.
and that home reading is no longer 3.
luxury but a neccsity, and that necess
ity is made a possibility by the cheap
ness of books in general, and the
writings of the best authors extant as.
well, wc are prompted to an eifort to
place, at a mere nominal cost, the latest
and the best current magazine litera
ture into the hands of every family for
home reading.
Therefore, we the undersigned.
agTee to pay the sum of $1 into a.
general fund of not less than $20 to
be expended in the purchase of such.
b"oks, periodicals cn 1 monthly maga
zines as the members may elect."
The literature to be purchased, and
which is to circulate among the mem
bers of the club, consist; of the leading
magazines and periodicals of trc day,
and when used for a year will be sold,
at auction for what they will bring and
their place filled by the some or others
for the next year. The clu ' will have
stated meetings, nt which time the
matter of the magazines which have
been read by the members will bei
Young man with $ 1 ,00 o to $i,5co
to invest n good paying Lusiness
Muv. be of go a J mcral d aracter and!
a hustl z. InqtL-e at th'rs. office.

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