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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, January 08, 1897, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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ft r.-'yi " - - - '-tV;
1L;1 the StczL-V-in crd Bov. els cf
Prehears Cirtion.Chccrful
ncss tnd fcsl-Gonfoias nciUxr
Opnan.Morphir.c corrlfarnb
JUJba SmJ-
Awrfcct Remedy for Consump
tion. Sour StomactuDkirrtoca.
TacSiaaW Signature cf
hew ironic.
i mm m mm i iw iinwJtuw'jj' 1 " 1
AYIIl buy ami sell or exchange lands for parties on the most rca
'sonablc terms, and wul furnish reliable information as to the loca
tibo, improvements and quality of any tiact of land in the county.
AYe now hare the foUowiag lands lifted for sale, and can give you
socae good bargains:
I. VAactra. C -3 mUft northwest
C-run-rlil.?: linDTuvr! tv in
ipjud orchanl ol ;w fltoiy urt
ftnod wxfrr lor mil purpo; oRr
artcrxf ciititvatto:t: l.imw Ijnrn. i'
xratt; tide pcrkxl. Will Ue ajlJ
at m tmrynln.
J. tS9 ten, Kill- M3t f Jlwllltf.
He ! Cc lln-l ;t-k t.iT. In
utrtton cxrt3r : la.v' !wrU!r s iu
mmK tMn. iii-.M-Hin tnJ'.i vai.-:i.
tUrtc In ?!. rrf fi. -U: itj n!i
la.r: irrjir runninir mrrtjtm t-f
arrr : I Hnr icivvu to rrl cf I La ;-.r-ttk
ivrt tirri. t Mttric r ir: r'-T
a. y-rjrr" f -m. T IfK-o nnilvr? fj
b-KW : r-lteni tt t'V?r- '.'( U .j
at a tncn)n.
a. CD e-sr, 7 rr.r!f- rtortTivrt ei aj
irill; vil HnwuT4-J. w rivet
l.(VT4l rpvl uun: nil in caiitr
lko; wrll !. rv-il : tiiut-i tenor.
tT, Hii Kr-irMt orrtnirt; -wliLii.
2 fctlr t.l-ol!iv (jinVTtiictti
c:ur"ii rj -iu !: a!l : or l?l
. & 0.-r 2 I S north f tot I'rylr.
. Iiv"an'i U-.ni : wi ll -!.
4 w:ii !;! Mi'ic'lcnttail I.t.c.
Call and Se .. Ofiicv. in Coiirt-Imusf.
GEO. II EMIG 5 60., Managers.
x'lrw l with 01I-fJTil
MiijiiM and jmrrl:nhe
iitli tnwaiil batidfac
iiii. ::::::
It shimmers i:h
- gEATINQ -Eici?ck.
Art CMr.1yzv3 4c la Slamtm
Cutart In yrt rf Is m dn fettle ca!j. It
U xti sU 1 fcilr, Drat Bw as jcb u m3
jt aajtlbf elss c ti ! tr pnauaa tiat It
la "lirf r'ul'iin aarvrr am f rrr-
p." v&r tiU joa 3-A-S-T-O-Bl.
mo-t all In r: atoat S o
ICO mr 1 l-IniiTm rt of trnVn
rv vatrr. Th t I he tmi
tartnj in Ctaii'.oo countr. L
No. 10 C!
new lo-:onr' dirtflinic It
rwms. Ianr trnme Imm 2ltt fo-i
rn-J a!l nr.irjr cut tuUrtinr
MTi-.l'lp. N. rouns orr'i??
1 lrr ttn-l Hn!i rf 01M!
truitM. Tt r-E'Hi'ltt ' rll- fnrt
tMKwi-i n lll. IZincn- in nt.:lvT
thf. Iilarr-.f f-. a i.l '
l '.11 at D!Mr. fr.u n lii7.a.n
l:it: t-i-nt j:x J f U
r.r-rnry t.ut I -oll-tiurn.
jfiiv fr I ! nwr t Tir
I : !ir i l!ir. w -i!r. Ti l" !'
wire Int'in na-l Uit l-'-n 'n ful-
1i I llu. r a'oj tti! trm t
1!m tijr n inn! t M
K;n:n. H?.u!taif .:' f.nr
at or.tv uid r t Itril cl-nw o
-Slut's. ?iril in'tctf ft rrri-
plKi- : r II tnjprnTr: : jr -ml Z f-'uC
tT!lic-Vi is-. trfia C rvori. 2
conin'aflrlr K-w: Hn
1-k.ic tan. let; "t-'t l.w
ftr.Ti. in r It i v- t on nnf IO r
I jiurr : KfluM f iv ul r --:
l-rxfati! li,ro-l niwlr. V.f v-
l-lrulv r-wl rirnifi a'.rr. Thl.
farm c i-r .r.'.
The Salisbcry rrm-Sfrttater says:
An eflbrt i$ 1 tk- n adi by rcerubers
of t ie C P. chuohof the vicinity of
the Tarts scJ. col-house, south cf Mu.
sclfork, and members of Coiinth con
gregation, near O.rinevi'.Ic, to c!o
away with the churdi at the lat:n
place and erect a new bui dinj 1 a
jx:nt more convenient to bo a cva-"rcnticn-j
and tnstc as tn; chanh.
The Cor'r'.h thurch is cr.c amen 5 ti e
oldest in the co.i:.iy. I c:c; CTc.aw"ii
in Auuai; 1S52, by Ktv. J. V. Mcr-ro-.
Its orii.!"! lutn lcswic Juhu.
and S. li, I iacris, V. (. &r.d Atu
M.Stcir.son; M. U. Ca:!.; S. 1'.
and Harriet Moss; S. R. (Uvcns;
Dai.ie: and N. IC. Cu'.bcr!sm and G. r.ih
Cash. In days past it was a ktron t-
ganliation. bat in latter years has been
diminished, numerically. vp'JI the
present following is r.ot aWe. Ciancia!
ly, to maintain the services of a ici:
lar pastor.
Though the Twire--Vcek Kffak'i:
of SL I-ouis cicelled all other western
weekly papers in publishing the news
of the campaign, it r.ovr anncunces
1 hat it has exterdcil its dcws seiv.ce,
and hereati r it w'.Il give its readers
the best paper in the country. This
means much, because tr e next twelve
months will le rowded with news of
big events. Vlih all the improve
ments to its service the yearly sub
scription will be the same one dollar
a jear, by mail, twice a week.
Her 7 ii a problem that our ex
changes are propounding to their
readers: A freight train one mi'e in
length stopped with the caboose just
opposite the depot- The conductor
got orders to move his train to the
next station, wh'ch was just five miles
distant. He gave the engineer ordcis
to move which he did, while the con
ductor walked over a) ead on top of
the cars and got there just as the en
gine ariived at the next town, where
he got ofT. The question is, how far
did he walk, or as h : was walking tbc
entire five mile, did he tide at all!
You can get lr. Kitmer's Swamp-
Root, tlic gTeat Kidney. Liver and
Bladder remedy, at J. A. Egan s City
Drug Siore. They are sole agents for
Kcytcsvilie. Munuw sue, 50c
1-ak(;k SI2K, $t.co
ZccJty Crl on Si?;. . uW,hS$ .XaJaaU ndJWUa.
. . a I
Mis Ojtx lUxline. the bcauttful,
talented and accomplished daughter of
R.. N. lJoliric. congrc5sman-tIect irom
this, the Second, tliv.rict. has decided
U r.o cn the stac. ibe left cn Ikc
31st for Fott W1id1. Tex , where th;
i!l join the Clay Citi.nr.t Theatrical
company. She has an cngagtm;-r.t to
tukc the role of Mora May Randolph
in Cktrtnt's re'ebrated tlay, "TKc
New lK!u:n:.en
The ar.nounccmcnt was a great sur
prise to Ian society. aJ'.nougn nr
several years Mis licdinc has had
go on the stage.
Miss l!o.Iinc has ilwa)S taken a lead
ing prt in h:mo talent pbys and
well fitted for the stage.
Her l.iL'ur. rnnther and nil relatives
arc very blttci'y opposed to her am
biiii.n. but were i naMe to thwait it-
lr mny years Mis Ik:linc lias been
a leader in IV.iis sotiety circles.
C.I.V Hi; CL'klil).
T. A. M'K-u-i. ! I"., i:..?;pr-nl f,"!:-:n let and
Jirtrni-t. NVi'l S,-r.f1. Inc. Thr. ltltVA
ol tin l-'"uvrrl R.r.i U
t-u:! rri.
Fj'ntu Colt.iku: X bae di cov-
erel a ntiabic cure fkr Consmiiplion
arvJ all ll.-ciu J.ial. Thru-t snl Lung
D.stae. Gcnral I Vt.iir.c. lss of
F.csh and a.l o.tHliwciii cf V"astr
Away, l'y it ti'uely ue tlioussmls
of apparently hof.cifs CAes have
Incn cuicd. So prcof-posilive am I
of iis jHjwcr ti cure, thit to make i:s
nx-rits knonn. I will senl. free, n any
jfilctttl reader ot your paper, three
bottles of my Nclv Discovered Rem
edies iqion receipt of Iapress and
lostoflirc address. T. A. SIX)CUM,
M. C. 9S Vine Street. New York.
Vben -rtllnjc Ibe Doctor, plcaao msntloa
tbU vaTcr.
A pretty good story is told by if
DeWitt IhraU on a rather 'nervous
young lady w ho was standing near a
railroad crossitg while the trainmen
were doing some switching. As the
train backed up one of the brakemen second day.
called to the other "Jump onto her j Thirty-nine hours and fifteen min
asshe comes by, run her down be- t from Kansas Gty to New York.
hind the coal chute and cut her in
two and bring the head end up to the
depot. It is said that the young
Lady jumped up and down and! veiled
"xauxdex" as loud as she could-
Little Men
7c eJl then littk men and
little -woiren, tut they are
neither. Thry have an J
ways ail their ovr n. Fcrttr
natily they soon brccmc foni
cf cod-!ivcr cIL vrhen it is
oiven to them in the fem cf M
is t!r meet valu-efcls remedy in
existence-for all the vszzilz
dlixaecs ct eerly life. The
pc6r!y nourished, scrofulous
chili; the thin, v.-cak, fretting
child; the ycun? chili vho
does not grow; ail talic Scott's
Emulsion vilhout force or
bribe It seems as if they knew
that this meant nourishment
Vrowth for fcener, muscles
more about it, free
It wont pay to try a sutxtitote for
Scott's Iunttls?oa whh the chZdrea.
TJary wul re!Lh the real thing.
'For sale at 50c. and IJX), by all
SCOTT & BOWKE. Kew York.
An You Qullty?
Hon. J. D. Stoll, editor of the
SowMBcod find.) 77.vx says: Sub-
serif Is of county newspapers often
,.,t..:..,:. ... k
aUgXq their subscriptions to become
delinquent through carelessness, and
yet feel insulted if their paper is
stopped or a statement of their delin
quency is sect to them. They do not ,
expect any courtesy from metropolitan
(tapers, but the country papers are ex
pected to come on whether they are
jvaiil for or not. This is an unjust ex
action. Iecause he is editor of a
country newspaper is np reason why a
roofi should carry you year after year.
The income fiom subscriptions to a
newspaper is an important item.
Ijl c sno flakes they arc individually
sni 11, but when aggregated they pile
up wonderfully. They should be
co iing in every day in the year.
'IT y must come if the publisher pays
hiUlls which fall
due every month in
Tk r-- J
Isaac Toojcuu a farmer ot John
son county, moved h's f imilv to War
rensburg to educate hi children while
he stayed at t'i j Ltrm with a fam"!y
named lJron to keep house for bi n.
lie became infatuated xyltli Diy.
the i5ycar-old daughter of Ilrown,
and she w ith him, at any rate they
eloped one day last week fur parts un
Inotv.t, Tocktir.i sleallnj the team and
w agon that took lhc:n a way. The
o.1i.crs ae huitin th pay o'.d voter
an.anddthcvfiadh.intheywi.l hold.
bim fjr cii.nir.a! assault and
larceny, p:rh.ip b'g ViW abo.
b fa vy )JJ vU3 &
fU a n jiLa t t c t n a r ti.
rni tin I f r. ' r h r;t:n
lT"f ;n e-t . :J l.y all fUrc-::.
L. uly l' l to t.kc !.'-.' Kr-o:-x..Iic
Wa;:x John Rvans and Mis Mary
Welsh wt r cro-.sirg the Mi souri Ia-
i.T.r ialrtafl track at Ca.iiorr.UL, Mo,,
in a UO hor.-e-"mgp
train ran itti .h
la;t Sunday a
teim, kill rg
both hores nnd nuking a complete
wreck of t.ie liie'SV 'Ibc occupants
miraculous'y escaped widi slight iu
jory. m mm num.
From Kansas City and a'l points
West to SL Louis, Chicago, Toledo,
Detroit, New York and Boston.
Ieare Kansas City daily 6:20 p. m.;
arrive St Ixmis, 2:30 a. ni.; Chicago,
1:20 p. m.; Toledo. 2:35 p. m.;
t Detroit, 5:45 p- m. next day; New
York, 10:35 a. m.; Boston, 2:25 p. ra.
Only one change of sleepers.
I A fe.'.ki-ul wreck- occurred on the
Southern railway, near Birmingham,
Alabama, last Sunday morning in which
21 lives were lost by the wreck and
fire, besides nine "ethers,"' ho" were
mere cr less injured. The accident
occurred on a bridge across the Caho
ba river, and is said to be due to the
.displacement of a rail by someone
l.cr.tonlhe destruction of li:"o and
pp p.-rry. The cvs fell
brl lc 1 1 o fesi ta th
throu-jh the
02k? bolo-.v,
crusl.vig the cirs an J hjmin contents
into a shipc!e5s mass. Tlie dd-ris
caught fire antl ilit flames arbicd hor
ror to the already frihtftd disaster.
Several of the wounded were thought
to be fit ally injure J. A wounded
furvivor says, when he saw the cars
, leave the track he looked cut and saw
( three lavage-lcoku g men rush:rg from
; their huling places lo.var Ji tle water's
; edge; that tlcy went through the wreck-
age and robbed the dead and wounded.
Ihs Grandest Remedy.
Mr. R. D. Greeves, merchant, of
Chr.howic, Va certifies that he had
consumption, was given u: to die.
sought all medical treatment that
money could procure, tried all cough
I aaa
t emeu ics nc couiu near 01. iut got no
relief; spent many nights sitting up in
a chair; was induced to try Dr. King's
I New Discovery, and was cured by the
t use of two bottles. For past three
) cars has hecn amending to business,
atxl says Dr. King's Kew Discovery is
the grandest remedy ever made, as it
has done so much for him and also
for others in his community. Dr.
King's New Discovery is guaranteed
for Coughs. Co'ds and Consumption.
It don't fail. Trial bottle free at V.
C Gaston's drug store
Oaiy One.
How many people know that there
is one United States penitentiary in all
of the United States? Probably not
one out of a mi lion of the population
except those whose business it is to
know such things. In every newspa
per news items appear almost daily to
the effect that Federal prisoners have
been taken to this or that s ate peni
tentiary, but the tax-payer never in
quires by what right the government
s.-nds its prisoners to state prisons.
He never asks why it does not confine
its prisoners in Ucited States prisons.
If he were curious enough to ask why,
he would have discovered that the
government practically has no prisons
of its owu except military prisons,
which arc not at the disposal of the
civil authorities.
At Fort leavenworth is the only
prion which is a Ur.iied States peni
tentiary, and it is a made-over nilair
from a military pris-on. It will accom
modate a!out 525 prisoners. It is
now fuil to its capacity
It may be worth something to knew
that the cry beat mediriuc lor restor
ing the tired ojt r.eivous system to a
healthy vii;or is FJertric Uiiiers. This
Kxdirir.c is purely vegetable, acts by
g;ing to;e to the ncivc centres In the
sterna h. gTeat'.y stimulates the liver
- j t - 1 1 :. .1 :
hrowJ rI.Ls in lhe
I'ectiie I Sitters improves the apjetite,
aids dig-t:on. and is pronounced by
these who have tried it as the very
be.t blood purifitr and nerve tonic
Tavit- S ld for 50c or $1.00 per
1 ' bottle at W. C. Gaston's dru:i store.
- -
A! our Pensions.
The report of the secretary of the
interior has been made public. The
total amount paid by the overnm -i t
in jcn--iocs and the cost cf disbursing
the same for the past thirty-one years
is $2 o34,S7 769. This lac; only a
htllc over $34'. 7 12.5,000! being equal
to the high waier rnar; of interest
Inaring pubi c debt. The present
nun bjr of pensions, 570,978, is greater,
by 4,60 j, than in 1S93, hen the
uaoximuTii annual ot was reached.
and is greater than ever before. This
is due to the death of old soldi :rs, sud
the cominued payment of allowance to
their heirs, while the amount paid is
decreased through the death of invalid
pensioners., leaving no dependents.
I Cure wr Sosilpox.
Rjcperiments made with smallpox pa
tients in Oaxaca, Mexico, show that
by administering honey diluted in
water to smdlpox jat:entj the postulesl
of the worst variety disappear and the
fever is immediately diminished. The
matter attracts much attention. The
remedy was accidentally discovered by
a joung giri who was down w ith the
disease, who secretly refieshed hetself
with honey and water with astonishing
curative results, and it rs then 1 i d
with soldiers sick of the disease.
u. s.-pitn&sExis.
Csa You ts'atm Them sct wVbea
They Were laaujursUd.
1 Gecrge Wareington; 1759 -
2 John Adams 797
3 Thomas Jefferson 1 Sol "
4 James Madison.-
5 James .!onro2
6 Jcl.n Quincy. Adams.
7 Andrew John: on .'. . .
S Martin Van bur jn . . .
. 1 809 -
....1817 ,
. . . 1S20
. . - "J
. .1841
. . . . 1807
1861 .
j 9Vii:i:i:n II. Harrison
10 Jo'.m TvlvT
1 1 Jame; K. IVIlc
12 Zichiry Taylor
13.MiJU.rd lilmcri.
14 Franklia Tierce
1 5 James liuchanan
16 Abraham Lincoln
17 Andrew Johnsoa
iS Ulysses S. Grant
19 Rutherford I!. Caves ..1877
Ttrvt A - A A .00.
2 1 Chester A. Arthur 1 83 1
22 Grover Cleveland 1885
23 Benjamin Harrison 1889-
14 Grover Cleveland 'S93..
T. A. Sloccm. M. C. the Great Chemist and
' Scientist, Will Sond Free, to the A dieted,
Three liottlcs o; Iil3 Novly Discov
ered RoKCtlis to Cure Consump
tion and All Lung Trochlea.
Nothing could be C-irer, more phil-
. 1 r . . -
aninronic t)r carry more iov 10 me ai-
flicted, than the offer cf T. A. Slocum,
M. C, of New York Gty.
Confident that he has discovered a
reliable cure for consumption and all
oroncmar, tnroar ana lung ciseases,
general decline and weakness, loss oF"
rich and all conditions of wasting, and
to make its great merits known, he
will send, free, three bottles to any
reader of the Courier who may be
.Already this "new scientific course
of medicine" has peimanently cured
thousands of apparently, hopeless
cases. '
The doctor considers it his rel:gioiis
duty a duty which he owes to bu
rr anity to donate his infallible cure.
He has proved the dreaded con
sumption to be a curable disease be
yond any .doubt, and has on file in his
American and European laboratories
testimonials of experience from those?
benefited and cured, in all parts of the
Don't delay until it is too late.
Consumption, uninterrupted, means
speedy and certain death. Address
T. A. S!ocu-. M. C. cS Pice street.
New Yorl:, nd when wriu'ng the doc
tor, give express and post-cSice ad
dress, ami p!e.i?e mention reading this
artirle in t'le Coumer.
i n
D!p:hcric Cure.
The fouov. ing clipping is from the
Scientific American: "At the first in
dication ot diptheria in throat, make
the rocm c'ose, then tt.ke a tin cup
and pour into it an equd quantity of
tar and turpc mine, then hold the cup
over the f.rc; so as to fill the room
with the fumes. The patient on in
haling ihe fumes will cough out the
membrr.no is i.utter and dipthcria will
pass o.T. The fumes of tar and tur
pentir.c leoren the throat and thus af
ford the relief that has baflled the
skill of physicians
n l M nu.uiiJ nuw into i'.ai
railway crossing, looking out of a win
dow the other day, saw a laborer
jump from one track to the other to
escape an approacf.ing freight train
.He was appareutly dazed by terror
and stood fail, not seeing that an ex
press train was rushing down upon
him. ; The g!rl saT that before she
could make hi!n understand his dan
ger it would be too late. She there
fore threw up her arms, shrieking;
wildlyi 'he!p! help! help!" trusting to
the impulse which sends a man on the
instant to the relief of a woman in dis
tress, i I'm coming!" shouted the la
borerj springing toward her in time to
escape the engine as it rushed past
He stared back at it, and then at the
woman crying and laughing in the
window, and taking off his . hat with
shaking hands, he said, "I ; owe yea
something. Miss " and walked away.
Tiie treasurer cf Bary county is
reported $"13000 short in his ac
counts. .-
Sit 7i si -

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