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Mcndon Mention.
Hogs axe doing better since it has
t, .t hot.
The hay crop bids fa:x for a h?rv,
yie'd this year.
J. M. Bartlett and wife were I rook-
feld callers last Vccday.
Miss Ilulda Moore of Cunningham
is visiting in town this week.
W. G. Herndon loaned his watch
while in Chicago last week.
Master Clay Hart, who has had the
typhoid fever, is ab!e to sit up.
Mrs. Reed of Hale was visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Joe Ingram, last week.
Several young people Irom Fothville
were Men don visitors last Sunday even
H. M. Allen is getting along nicely
with moving h;s buildings to their new
Geo. Grotz received a very severe
and painful kick on the left thi-h from
a male last Tuesday.
W. H. Walters, the popular stock
commission merchant of Chicago, was
here on business last Friday.
Mrs. Dr. Warinner returned home
from Richmond, Mo., last Tuesday,
where shs hadbeen visiting for the past
Next Sunday will be childrens dav
at the M. F.r church. A splendid pro
gramme will be rendered. Everybody
Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Norm re
turned Tuesday evening from a p'eas
ant v'.i.t to their sun. Dr. Ncrris, at
Scbrll City. Mo.
Chas. Stoscr Track Sanders
are each goin to s!i:p their thrch:Dz
outfits to Oktahomt where the gtain
crops are reported gooJ.
Djh Vi',ons to'.ks are bavin a
time r;th sickness, two of the children
being dim with the fever, but at
rejorrs were getting a!cng nircJy.
Farmers cO'nrla:n of worms
last .
stropng the yoang corn, and quite a
numb;r of tnem have had to replant
some of them as often as the third
Th: lodge of the Modern Woodmen
of America at this place is in a fl -writhing
con ii don. They initiated to
new members last Monday evening
and have two more for neat Monday
Last week David Woodward. Dill
Ward and iirose Wood bought a car
load of fioe bogs for shipment, and
after the hogs had been dclivtred
Brose turned philanthropist and sas
"Now, boys. 1 don't need mooey, ani
will sacriice my profit on this had if
)0u will just set tip a bottle of -Iler's
lemonade. "
One day last week the village mar
shal, Robt. Fletcher, took tip a horse
which had been running at large on
our streets for the past 1 5 or 20 days,
and put him in the pound, but during
the night some one took the liberty to
burst open the gate and set the horse
at liberty. The next morning the ani
mal was found in the owner's bitn
bright and early. It is wonderful
what some people will do for $0 ceats.
Sstlsbary Scrlbbllnr.
We will have a wedding to chron
icle next wee.
Mrs. W. R. Sweeney and soa arc
visiting relatives in HuntsvUle.
Fihmr rvirtiM ta nut almost everv
day. but the fLh market remains good I
just the same.
The recent rains have given ne
life to oats and grass and both are
growing rapidly.
The strawberry crop 1 err is the fin
est ever known and our people are
faring fine while they last.
A. W. Baker has returned from an
extended trip to Indiana and reports
times as dull there as here.
Commencement exercises of the N.
M. I. begin next Sunday, Rev. ? c
Murry J reaching the annual sermon.
We regret to learn of the death of
the 10-year oM daughter of Joseph
Windson. She was sick only two or
three days.
Rev. Stockda-'e has taken up his
residence here and Fid. Edwards will
be at home after this week. Salisbury
has many resident preachers.
O. F. Wayland and J. A. Collet
were j over Tuesday oa business.
Whilst here they closi up a trade
with Guy Cox fcr some real estate. .
Hagen Bros, have of Brunswick
opened up a butcher shop in the Taylor
buddicg on West Broadway, formerly
D UUU: eg on
the stand of 1
Fhey come w
I "ih them su
f A Salisburj
the stand of Damerca & Champion.
well recommended and we
Salisbury coon, w!osc wife was
inclined to put in a part " of her time
chatting other men than her husband.
received a cood switching at the
herself and all is quiet in the
The neat residence of Wir. Micser
was destroyed by fire since our last
writing. A part of the futn'ture was
tare i hut in a dams?- d condition.
The property was Inured and we hope
the foss will nnt prov peat.
Brunt-wrick Babble.
C P. Van direr spent Monday
J. A. Eidsoa was here a few days
this wee':.
Miss Dcssie Fast 00J visited here
this week.
Mrs. Moorman of Kansas City is
visiting here.
1 1. W. Patrick and wife are stopping
in E run snick.
Miss Nell Rucker spent Monday
with her uncle.
Misses White and Grossman visited
in town Monday.
Mks ScoGcld spent Monday aith
Brunswick friends.
Mrs. Cocke is visiting her daughter.
Mrs. S. C Everlv.
J. J. Darner spend several days in
CarrolltOD last week.
James Jordan left Wednesday for
Kansas City to spend a week.
Mrs. Hayes of Salibuiy is visiting
her sister, Mrs.- R. II. Hodge.
Miss Olive Davis visited friends and
relatives ia Rrunswici this week and
Mr. Evcrly and wife are fcclifg hap
py over the arrival of a fine f,itl hut
iiansman ;
visited their si
and sister. Miss
stcr, Mr. Henry
Saub. Monday, j
Mrs. Lon Hrorn has returned home
afiet a week's viit with hir parents.
!, iK T.rtnn ami a-ift
Memonal tLy weather was de-
hghtful. A large crowd present, good
s; -caking and a nice entertainment at!
Misses Dora IJroan and Ida Iewis
returned home Friday n:ght from a
three wee viiit in Iory Gty and
Kansas Gty.
Mrs. C R. Mason attended com.
menccment cuuixis at Pritchctt col
lege, Glasgow, where her sod gradu
ated this L
Miss Bertie DoUoa returned to
Brunswick Tuesday after a two weeks,
visit in Carrolltoo, 91A will spend scv-
t ral Jays here before she rctui ns home.
Mrs. G. W. Tudor is on the sick
list this week.
P. C Stacy made a bminesstrip to
Fc rest Green last Monday.
Miss Mauie Crams returned Moo-
day from a visit to Mobetry.
Oscar Stacy spent several days with
bis father the first of the week.
The Glasgow train
ran over a cow
Tedemver last
belonging to Wm.
Judge Henry Hayes and niece. Miss
jenne Dodson, visited relatives here
I ooday.
Mrs. Benjamin Hayes returned
Wednesday "from a ccks visit with
Biunswick relatives.
?. uses Mau leand Mabel Gams are
attending the commencement cxer-
cises at Pritchett CfcllegC
P. D. Mitchell and brother, Eugene,
j visited friends and relative east of
Shannondale the first of the week. ,
Fred Lamb, who has recently located .
at aansoury, was nere 1 uesoay as at
- W WWW a
torney in the Y2kcrsoo-Kiiting case.
Quarterly roeet'n will be odd at
Asbury, June 18th to zoih. There
will be two services Saturday with din
ner on the ground u
Mrs. Belle Butts closed her school at
Bentley school-house last Friday. Un
der the pain-staking management of
Mrs. Butts, Bentley has moved onward
and upward to a remarkable degr re
prosecuting Attorney Collet and O.
F. Wayland of Keytesville were here
Tuesday on tie case cf WT.kcrson
against Kiiung. After examining the
first witness the prosecutia attorney
entered a no'eros, and ihe lookerson,
who were for the most part of the
sterner sex, and possessed of no cur
iosity or inclination to gossip, were sad
ly disappointed.
Utile Hilt Locals.
. Rev. Qayburg will preach at Eccles
next Sunday.
C W. Garhart took 1 is best girl to
church last Sunday.
Mrs. O. R. Jaco of Eccles visited
her son, J. II, one day last week.
Miss Olive Kelso, a charming belle
of near Pee Dee, is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Wm. Ffeifcr, this meek.
hinds of the Utter. She now
I A goodly cumber from this neigh
borhood anticipate attending the bac-
calaoreate sermon 01 the N. M. L. at
the Salislnuy opera bouse next Sunday.
The Democrat deserves rcdit 'or
getting out such an excellent dai'f 1.-st
week. That paper is in the hands of a
scholarly genCeman now, and it is
hoped it will be a better paper ia the
future than it has formerly been.
The little infant of Martin Tavtor.of
whom we made mention last week.
wc are sorry to learn is but little im
proved. Dr. Welch is attending, and
these is any way possible to restore
its health the parents may feel assured
of its recovery.
OKI Prairie 1 1 31 church was dedi
rated Sunday last, and the occasion
proved to be a very pleasant affair. It
ill henceforth be known as a M Union
church." Rev. Stockc'ale preached a
very impressive sermon in the fore
noon, while Rtv. Pettis Sears filled the
pulpit in the afternoon. The graves
w-rrr T1 Orrn aith wreaths of roses
land clusters of beautiful floweTS, which
made the cemetery a place lovely to
behold. It should be the theme of aU
living humanity to rerpect the dead,
and to beauu'fy the graves of their
loved ones, lids done, they can do
no more.
Qvthridz Mitts llosslp.
Ellct DcWccsc and wife Sunday ed
at Pole Fiy's.
No slckn'-ss to report in these dig-
gin's at this writing.
I Ames Severe and wife were the
gvests ot "ye scribe ' last :atuMay.
Mis Anna Bcl'c Prewcr visited
ihoaic fs llst Sunday.
John Hintrn and Chris Stoner de-
Ji venal hogs at Mcndon last Satin-day
V isses Sarah White and Rosa Tcit
ianiwerc the cues is of Miss Anna
IlrcNvrr List Sunday.
Ben EJcniana funiislK?d t!ic fljwcrs
to decorate the craves of the silent
dead Monday at SJoam cemetery.
Rev. Morgan of Dalton filled his ap-
poinlmeiit at Mt. lleasant bst Sun
day. Mr. Morgan is a fluent speaker
and a descrviug young man.
Franklin Ellis lias 2S0 acres of corn
planted. Ftarklin is an extensive tar
tuer and a hustler. Being a bachelor
cuts no figure in his business.
Henry Draer, who was form- r'y a
blacksmith at Hess, but who now re
sides at Bloomfictd, Iowa, is in this
community collecting old blacksmith
Mr. Editor, in order to keep the
readers of the Courier interested 'in
one of the best pap-rs in tlie county
we always give the best we have in
tne shop."
Geo. Lewis is all smiles over a boy
that arrived at his home Friday niht.
Mother and babe are doing well, and
it is thought George will soon get all
right by close attention.
DoU Hess, who works for Scott Her
they, while returning from home to Mc
Hcrshey's laU Sunday was thrown
from his horse and so badly hurt that
he was laid op all the week.
A cold wave struck here Saturday
night, and a hot stove was found to be
very comfortable all day Sunday to
those, at least, who didn't take aboard
a Itucral supply of stimulants.
S. F. Fry celebrated his birthday
last Thursday, all of his children and
grand-children being present except
M Gnda. Among the rcfireshaienis
served was the tontents of the tittle
brown jug.
A little boy of James Hess' was badly
hurt ooe day last week Ly being
thrown from a runaway horse hitched
to a single plow. The horse was also
considerably injured by running against
a rail fence, one of the rails sticking
into the animal's body.
We hive a man on Id'e ridge whom
the McKin'ey administration has ser
iously alTectcd. He says he has got
pocrer every day incc the election,
and that it has all taken effect at once.
We don't know, however, but what he
was affected piior to that time.
Sjuire Edemann, Thos. White, B
R. G lines and Misses Sarah White and
Maggie Edemann all went to M ar ce
ll ne Last Saturday to attend the decor
ation day exercises. An address was
delivered by Rev. Grant A. Robbins of
Macon, Mo., but formerly of Mendoo.
We notice the Mcndon correspond
ent siys that Mendon has a smart
Aleck. We have more than one, but
they are not as smart as they seem
ingly arc. ou can't tell by its looks
how far a toad can jump. The cn
doa scribe don't sa whether or n t
they have any good men. We have
some of them, too.
Nsmrjin mad Czicll.
C B. TiEerson is on tic sick iLt
this week.
R. L. Warhnrst was ia this octb-
borhood Friday.
Ben Keiman made a bu&ioess tri
to Da!ton Friday.
H. B. Ileiman was slicpping in
Keytesvine Thursday.
Miss Ida Kruse entett-vi ei a few of
her friends Sucxlay afternoon.
Little Miss Nora Gpcr has a very
sore face, cauzsod from poison oalc
Master Chester Rcnahan has been
quite sick, but is better at this writir j.
Ben Elliott is growing weaker, but,
we hope, as the weather grows warmer
he will improve.
' Horace Hernia and sister. Miss
Lillian, attended decoration day exer
cises at Brunswick Mcr d ly.
Mr. Rcnahan was cal!ed to the bed
side of his sister. Mrs. Fields of Boon
borough, faturday, who is ery iU with
"What made her look so vale Men
day morning! We thought she was
proof against that, but, perhaps, it
was turning h.r head from side to side
to keep up with the run of conversa
tion. Masse Hark Meea.
Miss Annie Chapman is viiiunjj at
Arthur Walter was in Prairie Hill
Monday looking after a school.
Tom Berncy is viiiting his father-in-law.
James Shaughncssy, and family at
- Henry Kemper and Utcr, Miss
Lena, visited at C. B. Kavaoaugh's
Saturday and S;mday.
Don Maon says he feels sortcr
like" a widow r. Wonder how he
knows 1kw a widower feels?
That Republican wave of prosperity
has surely sttm k this country fir hogs
have got all the way up to three
Fred Docghty and sister. Miss Gir-
rie, and Miss Ruth Giet-n attended
the. academy exercises at Salisbury
last week.
The Catholic church of this ne;gh-
borhood Inrld quite a scries of meet
ings last week at their church, whidi
resulted in five additions.
? Luther Walter is around interview
ing the denizens of this community.
selling fruit trees and "sich." He
says be is having very good success.
Dr. Brooks and wife are visiting the
doctor's brother, Jesse, and family,
eating fish and talking about old
times. The doctor seldom leaves
1 tie farmers are all busy, some
cultivating, some planting and many
replanting their corn. They are hav
ine a hard time ectnnjr. a stand of
corn this year.
Messrs. Carlstead, Wilson,. Jesse
Green and Elder Brooks, with their
better halves, spent last Sunday on
the' river fishing and ptcoicing, and
failed to get back in time for Sunday
school. Geo. Winstow of Salisbury was in
this neighborhood tins week venting
out policies for some of the natives.
He represents the Home Insurance
Co., and. by the way, George makes a
tigjtJt good nger.t.
Hickory Orore mill.
llowing corn is all the rage.
Patrick Kiley had the misfortune to
lose one of his best work horses.
Quite a number of people from our
mklt celebrated decoration day at
Drauswick last Monday.
Mis Mary Riley very pJeisaatly en
tertained Misses Alice and Sadie
liarrcs Monday last.
Miss M attic Elliott, one of luO"
Iints winsome hclles. who has been
visiting in Kansas Citf for a short
time, returned home last week.
Quite a number of our neighbors at
tended the fish-fry at Whitcsides lake
last Saturday. All report a pleasant
time, but fih was not abundantly
Mrs. Ellen Thralls, tue Gavin, and
iule daughter of Chicago are visiting
her parents, Mr. and rs. George
Qavia, of near Indian Grove at this
Miss Georgia Harper, who has been
quite sick, wc arc glad to stale is much
improved in health, and was able to at
tend Sabbath-school at Indian Grove
last Lord's day.
Mrs. Walter Glenn and rcother.Mrs.
lizzie Williams, visited the former's
mother-in-law, Mrs. Henry Glenn, last
Monday. We are sorry to state Mrr.
Glenn's health is much worse
Bynamxrille Badjxt.
B. R. Collet spent a few days this
week working; oa his farm.
L. Bartholomew had his fine stallion
hurt Tuesday by running a nail ia bis
Wm. Podge of PraVe Hill is in our
town visiting his brothers, E. D. and
F. E. Dodge.
A prairte schooner passed through
our town Tuesday en tvuu for Lingo,
Macon county.
Miss Betiie Tysart is at present
confined to her room with a severe at
tack of malaria.
L. IL Wilson and family of New
Cambria, were down Sunday visit
i g Irien ls at th pce.1
Jas. F. Wilson went to New Cambria
the first of Uie week for lumber for the
new s. ho l-ti.uj;e, h.h he is build
irg. We noticed Calvin DeCourcy, an ex
resident of the place, but now of Mar
ctrline, on our streets the first of the
Our young folks spent a few pleas
ant hour-, a- a social party last Satur
day night, given by Sam Sportsman
and sister.
Leonard Prockman, a knight of the
p urt 1 rush, was the guest ot F. E.
Dodge and family during the first of
the week.
Jess Ramcy, trave'in,; salesman for
the F. S. Taker Medicine Co. of
Keokuk, Iowa, is in our neighborhood
this week making his usual canvass.
Our fishermen are spending some ot
their time on the banks of the Chari
ton river fihing. The stream seems
to be well sr.ocked with carp, and
some nice ones have been caught.
W. P. White of the firm of Wescott
& White of Trade was over in our
vicinity last week trjirg to buy our
merchant's produce. He did not buy,
Dr. Tr'ppeer and Dennis Sharp of
I?gonda Here in our ton Monday
evening. As the doctor was tot!
equipped wiih his professional outfit
we surmise there was a woman in the
The infant son of Geo. and Mollie
Thonias died Friday evening of wttoop
ing coujh. Remains were interred at
the Johi!on cemetery Saturday. We
extend our syrnpatlucs to the bereaved
Ja Prisoner.
There are now 10 prisoners con
fined in the county jail as follows:
Thos. lirown, colored, serving out a
fine of $50 and costs for carrying con
cealed weapons.
Sterling IDakehr, serving out a fine
of $100 aud costs-, and a jail sentence
of three months for felonious assault on
Albert RaJph of near Mendoo.
George Crawford, awaiting trial for
felonious assault 00 Dill Lcntz of near
Robt. Green, awaiting trial on two
indictments for rape oa his own daugh
ter, Atraa Grace Green.
Chas. Hartford, serving out a len
days jail sentence and costs for larceny 1
fiora David LongsdorflTs residence
near Indian Grove.
James Lewis, colored, awaiting the
action of the grand jury for felonious
assault on James Pearon, colored, of
Chis. Litchlidcr, serving out a jail
sentence of 10 days and costs for
stealing a couple of razors from D. M.
Ware, a Sumner tentorial artist.
Ephraim yartin, colcrcd. serving
out a fine of $50 and costs for carry
ing concealed weapons. Martin's time
expires to-Jay.
Daniel Williams, colored, awaiting
the action of the grand jury for assault
on George Dali, colored, of Kevtes-
George WoodnxT, serving out a fine
of $10 and costs and a jail sentence
for assault and battery on Geo. Smith
of near Triplelt, a' so a sentence Of five
days and costs for carrying concealed
I have sold mr real estate in Mis
souri and Intend about September tst,
next, to remove to Texas. On every
Saturday from this date to tliat time I
can be found in Keytesville prepared
to pay 100 cents on the dollar on all
the debts I owe. and I want everybody
who owes me to do likewise. I must
have what is owing me or I will be
compelled to bring suit on the same.
Jxo. Q. Perkixs.
KeytcsviSe. Ma, May 14th, '97.
Bzltsl Belts!
Metal, jeweled, leather and linen
belts at Mrs. C P. Vaadivcr's from 1 o
cents to $f.?o.
Wealt Tired, Kemms
liver and Kidney Trout; ka and Pe
pltatlon of th Keart-Appetft
Poor and Could Mot Sleep.
"For nearly 10 yean I hava ben
troubled with ray lirer end kidneys st
palpitation ot the heart, and was osdec
tha doctor's care mcht ot the time.
could not lie oa my trfi side. My sppe
tlie was poor and I coold cot sleep. 1st
January the grip confined tne to Lba
house. I was very loir sad was sttcadaX
by the very best jphyuicLma 1 coi&i
get. It seeiaed u thoah octLiB
would help me. Ia ilarch I brgan tak
ing lTood's Saraapexllla. In I '3 Vhaa a
week I could cct s good night's Bleep. I
continued taking Hood's Se7exxirilla snd.
I am dow able to lie on my left side TrhSeh.
I bad not been able to do fcr years, lly
appetite fa good end I hare gain d in Sesbi
and strength." Mks. Nicholas Uaa
Independence, Iowa. Usui ember-
food's Sarsaparilla
Is the IIC5t In fact the One Tree Blood Purifies.
FoMr all druggists. t;sSafor$5.
mm n.af cnn Lirer SV.S; carr k
It OOa S PUIS take, easy to oyerr.w. Jo.
Cupid Aftermath.
"Without thcrn the rose was an
Edenic plant, from ahich Adam, ia
his hurried emigration, forgot to take
cuttings fcr his garden of the world,
and ocly the Olympian gods are per
mitted a constant diet of ambrosial
sweets without danger of post nausea.
These evil attendants are the result of
the imperfections of the ivorld and of
our physical natures. Yet we find the
sjmc hiatus to perfect enjoyment
when we come to cur spiritual or mor
al natures. Some men are as glut
tonous of the ether ial suhstauce on
which the immaterial body is fed as
on these things which are designed foe
the nourishment and pleasure of the
physical, and which, if partaken of too
greedily, will produce spiritual navsea,
gout or dyspepsia as aggravated as
ever attacked the corporeal system of
the greattst gourmaiid.
Tluu's what's now the matter with
our fellow-towusman, Jake Ray. He
has peinJctcd his soul to linger too
long at the table of Cupid, indu'gin
to an intemperate degree in the richv
sweets he sets at his feasts, until he is
now afflicted aith Cuptdiau nausea,
gout or dyspepsia, or all three. He
has loved a ell, but unwisely and too
Last week we gave an account of
Jake's latest devotions at Hymen's
shrine, whence he brought a blushing;
but willing bride, "and also gave av
short, but necessarially incomplete his
tory of his experiences in search of a
wife. . In that brief. sketch of his con
tests with Cupid we dwelt at some
length on the heartlessnes of one fair
but false siren, . who bf her sweet
cooing song of love had lured the sus
ceptible Jacob into her power and
-held him up" for $5, and then de
serted him.
We have since discovered that we
cruelly slandered the fair maid. It
was the subtle Jacob who performed
the siren act. Imbued with the same
cunning that animated his Jewish pro
tot ype of similar same, be simulated ,
th form of the lover, and, bearing his
rich offerings, obtained of the blinded
maiden, made so by love, the richest
bless'rgs a woman can give. Drop
ping methaphor in plain, unvarnished
English. Jacob Ray "worked the rab
bit foot" of love on Shepherd's wife's
sister, stoic her unsophisticated affec
tions and then couteraptuously cast the;
same aside, for the reason, he averr,
"hc would not set the day. If the
woman's story is to be believed and
our gl!aatry 'forbids us to believe any
thing else Jacob is that most despic,
able of all human beings a male flirt.
Soon afier learning of his treachery ia
marrying Mrs. Coy, Shepherd's wife's
sister came to see the gay and false
Jacob and demanJed financial balnc
for her wounded vaniry and lacerated
a.Tections in the sum of $500. When,
he refused to supply that amount his
heart-broken victim concluJed that
$100 would heal the bieach made ia
her affections, and even that sma
amount he refused to supply, and
sternly ordered -to git o-ut." Jake
seemi to be perfectly unconcerned at
the prospect for a 'dam ige suit for
breach of promise of marriage.
Fine Tailoring.
A perfect fitting, well-made tailor
suit of clothe from ufadable goods
of appropriate pattern is necessary ta
every well-dressed man. I keep al
ways on hand a large line of samples,
and guarantee satisfaction.
A. Hasus

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