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Salisbury Scribbling.
Mrs. J. R. Gallemore is visiting her
father's family in Illinois.
IL XL Miller was over Wednesday
shaking hands and hunting up stray
rotes. .
Carl Pratt, son of Prof. Pratt, has been
sick for several days, but is now im
proving. Joel Callison is suffering from
Bright' disease and is in a poor state
of health.
The residence on the farm of A.
Colyer west of town burned a few
nights ago. Insured.
A "road case0 will occupy the
attention of the Salisbury township
board Thursday, Dec 9th.
The pecan man of Dal ton was on
our streets Wednesday selling that
luscious fruit at $ a per bushel-
Ed. Ouinn, the pastor, will preach
at the Christian church the and Sun
day in this month instead of the 3rd.
Drs. Baker, Welch and Philpott
were in Fayette this week as were also
Ho&is Wilhite.R. Win free and others.
A a-Tear-old child of Geo. Wilkin
son west of town died Sunday. This
family has met with many misfortunes
The proofs, of death of Joseph
AEia have been made out and forward
ed to headquarters. He was a mem
' ber of the A. O. U. W. and his widow
will receire $1,000.
Hon-' I. H. Kinley of Kansas City stop
ped offhere a few moments Wednesday
afternoon whale on his way home from
Fayette, where he had been assisting
in the Elliott insurance cases.
Judge Minter. O. F. Wayland and
Dr. Baker sal as judges at the debate
Friday nieht and decided the question,
"Resolved, That Hawaii should be
annexea 10 me umico owes, u tuc
W. S. StockweD, Fred Lamb, C. C.
Hammond and A. W. Johnson, with
with several witnesses, went to Fay
ette Sunday afternoon in order to be
present the next day at the trial of the
cases of Hettie V. Elliott vs Massa
chusetts Benefit Life association and
samevs Monroe City Safety Fund
association in the Howard circuit
court en change of venue from this
county. The first case was compro
mised and settled before going into
tri1 mrl wit dismissed. Mr.
- FJliott gets a preferred claim against
the assets ot the company, now in the
hands of a receiver, for $1,000.
The second case was tried before the
court and resulted in a verdict for
plaintiff for the full amount of policy
($2,000) and six per cent interest
. from date of filing proofs of loss.
These policies were issued on the life
of Coda M. FJliott, who committed
suicide March 1st. 1896, and her
mother, the beneficiary, has recovered
judgments for something over $S,ooo.
Both cases tried were appealed.
Edward McDonald of Sumner and
Miss Minnie Carlstead of Cunningham
were united in wedlock at the residence
of the parents of the bride in the pres
ence of about 60 relatives and
friends. Rev. C E. Hedgepeth of Sal
isbury officiating. Among the many
wedding presents was a . handsome and
serviceable rocking chair to which was
attached a card on which was neatly
inscribed, "From R. B. Kilpatrick and
wife and Lewis Like.
There were no services at any of the
churches hete Thanksgiving, but the
day was celebrated by a supper given
by the ladies of the M. E. church.
which was well patronized. There
weiC also masked balls at both the Dick
son opera house and the Lotus club
rooms. Notwithstanding the incle
mency of the weather there were about
5 couples at each. The town pre
sented a lively appearance until
o'clock Friday morning, but there were
no distefbances or unpleasantnesses.
The M. E. supper netted $25.
Qathridf Mill Gossip.
Most all oi the corn is gathered in
this neighborhood.
Geo. Lewis took a load of corn to
Marceline Tuesday.
Mesdames Whhe and Fry were the
guests of Mr. Stevens Thursday.
Rev. Webb failed to fill his appoint
ment at ML Pleasant last Sunday.
Rev. Jos. Stevens will preach at Mt
Pleasant the and Sunday in Decern
John White and Miss Effie Lewis o
Brookfield were married Wednesday
of last week.
- Overcoats and cloaks are now ap
propriate articles of dress for those
who have them.
Sim Oldham and wife were the
guests of George Lewis and family
last Lord's day.
Mrs. John Munden gave birth to
twin boys, but, we are sorry to say,
one of them died the next day.
We will forbear saying anything
about the weather, but 'will remark
that water is getting scarce up this
"Ye scribe' and better half visited
at Dr. A. J. Darrah's Sunday. The
doctor had got wolfish and had killed
a sheep. .
If we are not badly mistaken in the
- of the times, there will be
another wedding in this viciuiiy in the
sweet pretty soon. -
John Anderson and James Bills
have set up their saw-mill on Long
branch on Widow Brammer's land.
and will be constantly found at their
post, ready for business.
Samatr hqalbs.
Mrs. Scott, aged about 55, who re-
tided two miles southeast of Sumner,
died on the a 5th inst Her remains
were taken to Marceline for interment.
A protracted meeting commenced
here Wednesday nizht at the Metho
dist church utder the conductorship of
Rev. J. D. Cam. assisted by other able
Rv. Spring of the Baptist church at
MeadriHe lectured to a good audience
here Dec 1st His subiectwas, "rra
ternal Societies and their Relation to
tfc Church" and he handled the
theme well.
The ladies of the Christian church
rave a novelty social at the rooms of
the Lakewood hotel. In the nagnoor
Vwt nf ca ut down to supper. The
mw w j ' mm
punu was an unique and attractive one.
and we hope it will be repeated.
An I. O. G. T. lodge will be insti
ruled here next Saturday evening
L W. Recce lectured in the interest o
the above order at the M. E. church
here last Saturday evening, and at the
Christian church in Cunningham Sun
day and Monday.
Mrs. Nellie Burger, a prominen
member of the W. C. T. U., delivered
an address at the M. E. church to a
large audience Tuesday evening. Sub
ject. "Who xs My Brotherr bhe says
. . . - . . .. .
if it be desired and receives sumaent
notice, she will deliver the next 4th of
July oration here.
The Klepper Bros., finding their
present premises far too cramped for
their extensive stock, have purchased
lots 16 and 17 in block 19 on one of
which they will erect a 26x7a footbrick
structure. They win commence mov
ing their present two-story frame struct
ure m a few days to the adjoining lot,
and will strt to tmfld as soon as a
contract for the same is concluded.
Most every person is through
gathering corn in this vicinity.
"Uncle Peter" Smith has treated !
his house to a nice new roof.
Sen-ices at Siloara chapel Sunday
and Sunday night were well attended.
C D. Turner and Thomas Foster
are delivering corn at Marceline this
Capt Stevenson, is transacting
business in the Allen neighborhood
this week.
News being so scarce we failed to
nrvar in the last issue, but hone to
ri :
do better in the future.
Cox Bros, delivered 200 bushels
of corn to Marceline parties last
Wednesday for C D. Turner.
Thomas Foster and son, Willie,
are the guests ot trie former s mouier
Mrs. Foster of near Centenary chapel.
C D. Turner sold to George Allen
of Marceline 1 00 bushels of corn for
whi:h he received 30 cents per bushel.
Isaac Allen went to Rothvillc. Satur
day for the purpose of obtaining some
of McKinley's breads-tuff corn meal.
Mrs. C D: Turner was the guest of
her mother. Mrs. Melvina Leach of I
" 1
near Glasgow, the latter part of last
U m
H. O. Grubbs & Son purchased
12 head of cattle last week to - finish
out their car load for which' they j
paid $3.60 per cwt
CD. Turner purchased a new
corn sheller the first of lsst . week.
which he is now running every day
shelling his corn for market.
Mrs. C D. Turner had the mis-
ortune to lose 24 fine chickens Thurs
day and Friday morning of last week
by Mi. Mink. Amongst them was a
favorite of the family, VLittle , Jim." a
white Bantam rooster. .... -
Several of our neighbors had quite
a time fighting fire Saturday. . evening
of last week, as a renter on "Uncle
Peter1 Smith's farm put out some fire for
the purpose of burning off some high
weeds so he could not plow under, and
the wind was so strong it blew the
fire over the plowed furrows into an
adjoining field belonging to Mr.
Ghnes, burning all his stalk field, and
had it not been for hard work it
would have burnt Mr. Sterner out of
a house and home. The fire spread
over several large fields bcfoie it
could be gotten under control. People
should be more careful with fire,
especially in such a dry lime.r? This
one did considerable damage id stalk
fields and meadows and caused a
great deal of excitement. ' '-' ;
ml UN!
ol and O
?!! come 1
mi Kl
os. ir 1111 r 1 1
mi u m m
Tripltt Timet.
Ira Malone is here this
'E believe that we should be your Clothierfor
we are . . .
n in syi,
W m Quality,
in Quantity and
in LovV Prices,
Arid if you buy your Clothing of us you arp sure
to have a fit, and nobody objects to having a fit
under such circumstances-in fact, a fit is the only
thing for you to have, for no genteel gentleman
wants his clothes to hang on him like a shirt on
a broomstick. We ALWAYS give our customers
fits. We also carry, besides our unsurpassed
line of Clothing, a well-selected stock of Gents'
Furnishing Goods, consisting of Hats, Caps,
lJUUtof Kjuuco, Muix uo, wuuci wceu, liUUUy
wear, Etc., and are prepared to rig you out in
anything from a working costume to full dress,
and at the very lowest figures, too.
If you are thinking of buying an Overcoat, you should not
fail to see us, as we have decided to offer special inducements
ii t a i i j.1 J- xl n -i
in tms department ior me next inree or iour weeKS.
Yours Truly,
C. 0. PARKS, Manager,
Nov. 19th, '97.
Dr. N.
Mrs. James Harper is sick with
Dr. W. F. Pumphrey went to
isbury Monday on business.
Mrs. Nettie G. Burger lectured on
temperance at the M. t,. church
Wednesday night. Mrs. Burger is
a fine talker and her lecture was good
and practical.
Chas. .Seneker whose house was
burned last week is preparing to
build again. Mr. Seneker had no in
surance and the loss was quite a blow
to him and his family.
Mrs. B. F. Fleetwood, who has
been down with tvnhoid fever for
some time, bat was' convalescing, is
not so well this week. We truly hope
she wiQ not have a serious relapse.
C F. Merrifield and P. A. Parton
rode the K. of P. goat last Monday
night No doubt but what the goat
was in good bucking order for he had
been fed on peanuts and fresh oysters
for some time.
Eld. J. W. Davis of Kirksville, Mo.,
filled his regular appointment at the
Christian church Sunday. While
here he preached three very interest
ing sermons and was employed to
preach another year.
At the regular meeting of Ruby
lodge. No. a6i, K. otPMonday night
the following officers were elected for
the ensuing yean CCR.T. More
head. C, Geo. Kiddle; prelate,
E. 3. Mahanner. M. W., Ed. Riddell;
M. at A., D. O. Campbell; M. of
Jno. G. Bartow, M. of F., W. P.
Gaines; I. G W. F. Pumphrey; O.
G., Chas. Stobaugh.
ladima Orove Items.
Daphne and Liexrell Moore are
quite sick at this writing.
Bose Newsome went to Moberly
last Wednesday returning home Mon-
Dr. A W. Zillman is making prepa
rations to build a barn and is also
erecting a hen-house.
Robert Wright and wife were the
guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Lewis, last Sunday,
Miller Gardner, accompanied by
his sister, Miss Etta of Keytesville,
were the guests of relatives at this
place Sunday. .
The party at L. Joseph's last Friday
night was quite a success. A large
crowd attended and all seemed to en
joy themselves.
Sunday-school at Indian Grove and
also at Bethel Sunday evening was
well attended.
Mrs. Dearmin. accompanied by her
son of DeWitt, was visinng friends
near here last week.
Mr. Baker, the teacher of the East
Indian Grove school, visited home
Pmnswiek Saturday and
Willie Clavin, Jr., who has been
sight-seeing in Oklahoma, returned to
his home last Wednesday. While in
Dklihoma Willie bouzht 160 head of
cattle, which he shipped home.
The "bean bake given by the
G. A. R. on Thanksgiving day was
not as well attended as was expected,
on account of the rainy weather.
Miss Ethel Bogard, who is attend
ing school at uoiumoia, spent
Thanksgiving with her sister, Mrs.
Dr. Zillman, returning Sunday.
Roll of Honor for the Indian Grove
school: Pearl Joseph, xo;, Leona
Hise, 99; Fannie Smith, 99 Annie
Rohwedder, 99; Rosie Tietjens, ,Jo;
Etta Knox, 94; Nellie Joseph, 95;
Gertie Clark, 96; Daphne Moore,
97; Pearl Riley, 98; Robert Newsome,
98; John Andy Hise. 99; Arthur
dark. 100; Floyd Clark, 97; Oscar
Joseph, 100; Dmer Joseph, 100;
Clarence Franklin, 98; Oscar Hender
son, 100.
Louisa N. Grinstead, Teacher.
Sew btll Naxittt.
John Vatter is erecting a new barn.
Isaac Allen is building an addition
to his barn.
Robert Partch has another bunch
of cattle on feed.
.WencDe Thome made a business
trip to Rothville Friday last.
Hickory drove Wats.
Grundy Walker has been hired as
sexton ai the Bethel church.
Mrs. Ed. Glenn, who has been very
sick, is no better at this writing.
A number of our people are suffer
ing from the eflects of neuralgia.
Johnnie Hibler of Tecumseh, Ok.,
is visiting relatives in this locality.
Mrs. James Clavin is very sick, but
we hope to note her recovery soon.
Miss Dollie Mitchell visited rela
tives near East Indian Grove Sunday
Meadoa Mention.
Miss Emma Howerton of near town
is very sick.
L.M. Fox is reported very sick
with stomach trouble.
Rev. G. W. Morris made a flying
trip to Carrollton last Wednesday.
Mrs. RobL Fletcher was visiting the
Misses Sublett of old Mendon a few
days ago.
Dr. W. B. Lucas sold seven fine
young mules last Tuesday to Ed. Doyle
for wbich he got a good price.
Mrs. Geo. Hubbard and little
riaucrhter. Maud, are visitinz her
o ' .
brother in Carroll county this week.
Mrs. J. T. Nelson has been very
ill for the past two weeks, and. we are
snrrv ta sav. is no better at this
Jno. Carpenter was called to Har
rison county last Monday by a telegram
announcinflr the serious illlness of his
o .
Thos. Austin is moving his butcher
shop from beside the Monarch hotel to
the lots recently purchased by him
from B. C Smutz.
D. O. Herndon started last Monday
for Iowa where he goes to auction off
a stock of iewelery. Oswald will stop
off at Kansas City for a few days.
Miss Co rine Blakey, our post
mistress, of whom all Mendou town
ship is proud as a lady and P. M.,
was in Salisbury last Saturday attend
ing the funeral of her uncle, Jas. Allen.
The vault door to our bank got out
of fix last Friday and after a great
amount of trouble, access was gained
hv etitriner through the wall and un-
1 - - -
locking the door from the inside.
Protracted 'meeting began at the M.
rhnreh last Mondav nieht with
Rev. Geo. W. Norris at the helm.' A
good meeting is expected. Everybody
cordially invited to come and help us
make this a gathering for the Lord.
Mrs. W. W. Potter and two sons.
Frank and Arthur, left the first of the
week for Kansas where they were called
by the illness of their husband and
father, W. W. Potter, who had gone
there to visit his daughter and see if
the change would not do him some
good as he had been suffering with
stomach trouble for a long time.
Miss Lulu McCoy, of whose illness
we spoke last week, passed away the
morning of Nov. 25th, and was laid to
rest in the Newcomer burying ground.
She Was born near Bethany, Harrison
county, Mo., Sept 6th, 1878. and
was aged 19 years 2 months and i 9
days. Lula suffered x x long months
with that dread disease, consumption,
but through her long suffering she
never lost faith in the Lord . Jesus
Dentist asd Oral Surgeon- : ;
wiumui pun,
No charge
made tor ex
where Dartlea
want Dlatee.
Fine Gold Fill
ings, Cro-vn
u vi a 1 tun
WOrK a arwvi alrv i ti -. - .
sruaranteed Office V2SSrK2
cantue Co. s' store Con.nitVtV.
wvuci m LB
Dissolution Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that the co-partnership
heretofore existing In the black-mlthlng.vood-workand
agricultural Im
plement business under the firm name ot
Keetlng & Walter at Keytesville. If o. . Is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. Edward
Walter retiring and Tony Keeting contiau-
ifUt U Mlfl nronrt Afnv nf ..l - ...
. w. nuvi uusiucw. Alt I
of the notes and accounts due the late firm Jx
of Keetlng & Walter are due and payable t a
Edward Walter, and all debts owed. by N
the firm -sill be tald bv Edvami wait.f i
Tokt KsxTnro.
Edward fW Alter.
-.cjicavLue. MO. , Nov. 30th, 1887. v
Attornenyn and Prominent People Mt
Court. '
Besides our local disciples of
Blackstone we note the following at
torneys and a few other prominent
people from a distance in attendance
upon the Ootober adjourned term of
circuit court this week:
Carrollton John T. Morris
R. F. Lozier.
Marceline Col. J. W. McFall and
H. K. West.
Brunswick J. W. Davis and F. C
Salisbury Maj. W. H. Bradley and
Hon. W. S. Stockwell.
Sheriff H. S. Lewis of Carroll coun
ty; J. W. Lay ol the Wabash railway's
secret service, St Louis; Deputy
Sheriff Ed. Morris of Livingston coun
ry;iConductors W.O. Beckley'and Mike
McCabe of the Wabash railway, and
ex-City Marshal A. C Shelton .of Carrollton.
New Repelr Shop.
Having returned to Keytesville
from Slater, I have opened a repair
shop in the WHIett property, just op
posite Mrs. Hansman's restaurant,
where I am prepared to do all kinds
of repairing to sewing machines, gas
oline stoves, guns, pistols, docks, etc
I make grinding scissors a specialty.
When you want any kind of tinkering
done, give me a call. Satisfaction
Yours Respectfully,
Julius Reich knbach.
Marriaxe Licenses.
An effort is being made to organize
a Debating and Literary society at Men
don, perhaps for the purpose of set
tling the Cuban controversy, the finan
cial question and the tariff issue.
'. Ehrhardt. age 28
Miss Mary T,
jC. H. Meyer age 27
( Miss Mary Raub age 21
( T. J. Harris, age 25.. Bovier
( mss saran A. McMullin. age 18.. Salisbury
j Stephen O. Blllue, age 19..
i Miss Lula PhelM. am 19
( Strother Cuddy, age 38
) Miss Lou C, Powell age 20 ,
Letter List.
The following is a list of unclaimed
letters in the Keytesville, Mo., post
office, Dec 3rd, 1897:
J. C Taylor.
When calling for the above letter
please say "advertised., . .
Jno. Chivzrs, P. M.

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