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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, January 14, 1898, Image 6

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ffihe Weakness
'-d$m Womniwnio
A xvomon xvho has suffered eighteen years, tcha has
leen cured aUr a life cf misery and lives again in the
sunshine of happiness, speaks to otlier, women in words
ef no uncertain meaning.
Jtft a woman's story
ridt straxtt because it happens every day.
got romantic or ihf01ia& but fust a story oi
'ealscry and ivXZcrtQg suca as only '
iFor cfefitcca yean. Sm E. Bowcn, of
Pint In
i3;t carried a burden oi pain,
Wfht and day. without respite. she sui
fcrcd th most dreadful experience that crcr
k3 to the lot ol woman.
' That si dii not dia fa almost beyond
That if fa well to-day fa a miracle.
Mn. Bowca's trouble requires no descrfp.
tioo beyond t&c symptom, which rrery
woman will inttaaUy rcooroUc.
la describing them Mrs. Bowen saytt
"For eighteen years I suffered with
weakness rrmT'ir to my sex
I was a broken down piece of human
ity t a shadow of a woman.
"My brain was tortured tmtH I could re
member but little. 1 could not sleep or cat
and was reduced la weight to a mere skele
ton. VThat Lttk I dU cat could oot be di
gested m my weakened state, and caused
ine tmtold cniscry.
"My sUa wis maddy. my eyes were
heavy. 1 was duxy all the time and to
tally amfit lor rrcn ordinary home wot k.
Doctor prescribed lor me without araH.
m recommended and taken m
aatity but it did no good.
Tame tim agam 1 was at the brink
la la bar's RtMlau
Japan has 1,511 basks.
Tsisco has an elevator giiL
There's a glass eye for horses.
Oar stoves have reached Africa.
John Bull eats American butter.
France has 2,150 women writers.
Buffalo has 3,500 manufactories.
'Frisco has Chinese agar makers.
Parisians sell counterfeit oysters.
England boasts a pheasant farm.
St Louis has 2,700 dressmakers.
India uses American emery wheels.
Am erica Imports
eggs from . Aus-
Ed gland is building
108 war ves
are used in Berlin
Ireland has 3.000,000 acres of
The world has
200,000 postmas
Even Central Africa boasts of bi
cycles. A us-
Milwaukee makes engines for
Mexico uses cur agricultural imple
There are 400,000,000 guns in
mm 1 atiV. am
1UE "- - j
frog farms.
- i w v tit w n -m v 11 1 1 wrw rii
America contains 6,300 women
Tr- tasy talk of disdaining
trmitn and prowess vnui
Doomsday, tut the tact
remains that he cannot
look st a picture of aa
old-time knight, magnifi
cent in his physical pro
portions, dsontless ia
bis physical
a a A ts A w
snd eager for a contest
comer, without a thrill
Mental superior-
i17.1 Ji?wle
of admiration, i
and admirable.
bat is the "game
worth the can
dle," when it is
won at the ex
pense of phys
ical neaim
Tbe unhealthy
man ma v rain the
pity and even the admiration of men and
man ever thoroughly gains their respect.
51 00 Kcaii ir?.
o nmull to the t ik. nrrroos man. wane
runs -
? Tw... in th worM wrill AA an inch
a A
R physical 1
t.a man's sutnrc, there is one famous
3 ? m;4m that will fill the veins and arte-
. itfs with the rich, red, bounding blood of
5 Xfrfcct health. It i Dr. Pierce's Golden
tS BcScb. Disco vrrv. It U tbe great blood-
X "3aa:rSal oiooa-pBTjBCT.
ZT sZ7Z7 a a . a S-. at... twl .f
4t iSnr
LfidS3sl Uie life front clement that
a Bosr.'a wen' imae i vk wmj, i im-
? ft SseSorT B wiWVww l3&
hHaCSy VTood, it i impossible to
ialv raters. Wben the walls 01
bt stetmch sns TA-urbcd with healthy
taixd?Tpcpia aad Ir.drestion are im-
sWV5ili5tv n tSe Uver.is supplied
cthy blooj At is mfuvfid tn be active,
m that 3s, fiocrriAberwfih fcealtbr
5b s&KrrUbetf'wnb fc
w$l be clcsrrd rebog low with
w.v. - j
x. 'p JoWca Me4iaXlCPvr cored
of despair. Day fcr day my trouble ftew
worse, and dark indeed was the day before
my delhrcrancc
u A friend of mine told me about Dr.TTit,
ams Pink Pills for Pale People and what
they r-f accomplished tor others in my
It was the first gumpse ot the sun ot hap-
tine through the dark maery.
I boueht a box and took them. Even I
" TheyLberaled me from the most trrrile
bonds that ever tortured a woman. They
brought me new Lie when death was
Ml recommend them to my friends, and I
do not hesitaU to say to rrery suffering
woman la the world that Dr. V mil mi
Pink Pills wrffl am her."
Dr. Vmiams Pmk Puis for Pale People
arc a specific lor all forms of weakness.
The blood ii vitalised and becomes preg
nant with Cat elements of life. The ner
vous system fs reorganized, all imguliritcs
arc corrected, strength returns and disease
disappears. So remarkable hare been the
cures performed by these little piSs that
thrir hat kii reread to the far ends of
crruixatkn. Wherever you go you will
f:nA the most important article in every
dnrz store to be Dr. V Olam Ptsk PHls
lor Pale People
Ex-Senator Brice pays
$1,200 for
1,000 agars.
Illinois convict cigar factory
been abolished.
Phosphorus is being manufactured
electrically in Niagara. N. Y.
One pound of sheep's wool is capa
ble of producing one yard of cloth.
One man has been employed
a Midlothian (England) paper mill
A cigar stand has been added
the outfit of a Minneapolis department
The first paper mill in the Dutch
Indies is being erected at Batavia by
a Germaa firm.
California boasts an artificial lake
containing half a million eallons of
red wine, valued at $ico.oor.
It is claimed that by a new
the artificial aging of whisky
accomplished in a few hours.
T Chicago bootblacks have
can be
the department stores to abolish "free
Frisco has eight Chinese police
men. Thev are emrioved by the
Chinese consul.
The manufacture of liaen articles
from Oregon flax is to be undertake a
in Portland, Ore., by foreign capitalists.
A Newark iudze fined the street
tr w
railway company $25 for not having
equipped a car with a vestibuled plat
Bulgaria makes every person in re-1
ceipt of a government salary wear
clothes and shoes of native material
and manufacture only.
Shanghai. China, is to (have a per-
manent exposition of American man-1
ufactures and machinery. A company
of Chicago capitalists is engineering
the project.
' The Belgium government has of
fered a prize of $ 1 0,000 to any one
who will discover a chemical to take
' the place of white phosphorus in the
. manufacture of matches.
The largest export shipment of cop-
per that has been made for a lone
time was sent recently from New
York Gty to Rotterdam in the steam-
shiD SDaarndam. Its total value was
$72,522 in plates and bars.
Chief Arthur and other representa-
tives of unions of railroad employes
are in ashington. They want con
gres, to appoint a national labor com
mission, and will insist that a compul
..... .
; enrv irhitrihon uv be nasseXL
! J
I Girls and women employed in Japan
icotton factoncs earn on an average
j, tv,. mTn.
5 cenu P1 I tit mills
' . 4-a S I
. ated day ana merit ana on .aunaays,
lCXCCPtOQ two Sundays VCT month.
.... . ,
U-v ' tT
40 Hour
Herald corresrwndent. empioved in
the mills are not allowed to leave the
service within the period contracted
for, and if any operative violates this
clause, her unpaid wages as well as
the money deposited by her with the
shall be confiscated, and if
found working in another mill
t-i ''. ! a. t I . 1 I. 1
I-- a
Graphic Deeerletlesi mt the Pewwr f
Wlad mmA Ware.
Wind and wares presented a spectac
ular performance outside the Golden
Gate on a recent morning' that dwarfed
Into significance all human efforts.
There was wonderful grandeur in this
display, and at the same time such an
Tf rsvhelmlng mastery of the elements
that the spectator could but look with
i awed amazement while the water ran
riot and took possession of all space.
Foam -crested wares thundered In
toward the land in magnificent proces
sion, and seemed to threaten the granite
cliffs that have stood -the brunt ox
storms since the beginning of time.
Far to the westward the giant rollers
could be seen, their white crowns toss
ing the spray high in the sir, and this
In turn was caught by the wind and
thrown Into a misty cloud which relied
the scene until an air of myatery
seemed to hover over the earth, sea and
fck Lashed into foam by the wind.
churned Into a road caldron by the con-
flictln? currents, the breakers followed
In quick succession nntil the whole
ocean appeared as a vast, seething-, surg
ing pit whose- capacious maw eagerly
opened to draw down to destruction all
11 ring beings that would clsvre venture
wltLln its domain.
Across the bar there was but a mass
of foam, sclntillsting and glittering un
der the sun like a vast field of ruble,
emeralds and diamonds, now raised
high in the air, to break In prismatic
globules as the angry waters fretted at
the obstruction, in their path, and then
eddying and whirling in apparent but
deceptive calm, lying like an Immense
bed of molten opals, shimmering in
the yellow glare.
Far to the north the long whilte lines
showed where the giant ware were
dashed sgalnst the rock-bound coast,
and. following- down the line, became
larger and heavier until off the rocks In
front of the Cliff house they towered
mountain high and appeared as If they
would emrulf the peninsula Itself.
Thundering and crashing with terrific
force, they beat upon the rocks, dashed
against the bniufings and tore awsy
portions of the cliff, scattered boards
and heary timbers from below the bath
house like so mnch chaff before a gale.
Beginning seven miles off shore the
white caps could be seen rushing shore
ward, and by the time they reached the
sea rocks tbey had grown into over
whelming billows that rose folly 30
feet above the largest rock and dashed
their spray in the windows of the sec
ond balcony of the Cliff house. Enor
mous breakers would wash over the
highest seal rock and submerge the
herd of scale that had climbed to the
topmost point for protection against
the heavy waves. Even the birds were
driven Inland, finding no foothold on
the rocks, and being unable to rest upon
the water even inside the little channel
between the shore and the home of the
Hat while the. elements seemed to
reign supreme roan's God-given right of
dominion over earth, air and sea was
evidenced as the white sails of ships and
trailing smoke of steamers came ont
ef the misty distance and steadily
battled toward the entrance of the har
bor. At first It was difficult to dls
tinguisQ oetween white-capped wave
and glistening sail, bat as the vessels
came with all canvas, set they presented
such pictures as are never seen on
painters" walls, for the lights and
shades, the colors and tones; the tint
and mnltlchromes were such as no ha
man mind could invent and no hand
eould flxj San Francisco CalL
ar Rid of Hwm. wt(, of acsitss
wit Drokra Rife aad Kae-e.
Few men possess such grit and de
termination aa Mrs. West, of Seattle,
vTash., is endowed with. Itecently
wniie naing ner wneei sne met wiin an
accident in which she sustained a
broken rib, a split kneecap, a painful
wound on- the face and the loss of four
teeth. Thus sorely disabled she pluck
11 remounted the bicycle and rode 20
miles to her home.
It all came about from being too am
bitions to ride down hill. She wss an
expert bicyclist and had coasted down
so many hills thst she had long since
ceased trying to keep any account of
them. It Is claimed she would bow only
to the rioted Mrs. RInehart. of Denver,
as her superior In the conduct of the
wheel. The road nenr Lake Washing
ton where Mrs. West and a friend were
taking a little spin hsd been hit In the
middle with a stone of considerable sire
an the tone had Tetnalned where It
had struck. Mrs. West dismounted
when she reached the cret of the bill.
but the prospect of coasting was too al
luring to be foregone for the safer, but
more laborious, alternative of walking
down. She again bestrode the wheel
and started back-pedaling down the
unfortunately she failed to observe
the rock In her pathway, with the result
that the front wheel of the bicycle col
lided with it and threw the rider over
the handle bars several feet forward
Into the road. She lay unconscious for
some time. II er friend, upon reaching
her, found her Injured as above de
scribed and was hopeless of getting her
uome or to a piace -nut re reuei mign 1
A , , If.. A
be summoned. It was a des perate sit- j everywhere as if they had been show
nation. Then It was that true western ered down from the clouds like hall;
grit came to the rescue. Klsing to her
feet, the disabled heroine painfully got
upon her wheel and. almost fainting
nd coxtn th b,ood- "'fr i . and mosses on which they seem to
She is progressing favorably, but it is
doubtful whether she will ever be able
to ride sgsin. Chicago Chronicle.
Wlsvmlaar Ols a 4 "Will.
wWhrwer TOuaxarxxIOQS tobeTjleaa-
ant to that man? One would think
were under some great obligation to
him.- (
"lie la my dentist and I expect to fcste
a tooth filled to-nrerTOwV-ChJct0
Dally Kews.
Sack la Arliolg-y aa4 Ethaoloar
Its Parsalt la America.
In the diversion of American arch
aeology and ethnology at Harvard, sv
full-fledged department of the univer
sity, that institution has a school that
Is in advance of any other in the coun
try, and that is equaled by only one in
Europe. In Faria there is a school of
anthropology, an institution, the first
of its kind in the world, which is not
connected with any college or univer
sity. In the other great centers of
education on the continent anthro
pology may be studied as a special fea
ture, but in no one of them has it been
permitted the dignity or importance of
department. At Harvard, however.
It Is a full division, entitled to the same
consideration as languages or natural
history. Of course, rrof. F. W.Futnam
Is at the head of the Cambridge school,
and In its establishment there has been
realized a project the importance of
which has been made evident by his
own experience in xne orancn 01 re
search to which he has devoted his life.
The courses are conducted by rrof.
Putnam and his assistant. Instructor
Frank Rassell. In the lecture rooms and
laboratories of the reabody museum,
the splendid library of which is open to
the students. The lectures include
utilitarian and aesthetic arts, social life
of natural races, which will include gov
ernment, aboriginal marriage, primi
tive law and morals. Religion is the
subject of another course of lectures,
mythology of still another, and lan
guage, in all lta varieties, spoken, ges
tural and written, of a fourth. Other
lectures will consider the distribution
of man over the earth and his diversion
into croups, races and migrations.
Man leaves behind him, when he dies,
his bones, his tools and his monuments,
and these are the things from which
have been derived all the items of our
knowledge of him and his progress up
to the time when he learned to write.
And even In the historic age the story
would be much less complete but for his
inscriptions, his art and his relics.
After these matters are all in hand,
there is ceolo;ry to be studied, both
theoretical and practical. The whole
story of man's early residence In New
Jersey Is dependent upon the position
of certain bits of worked stone in cer
tain banks of dirt. The value of the find
is therefore dependent absolutely on
the geological knowledge and reputa
tion of the man who finds them and the
care with which he records the circum
stance of their discovery.
Thus It may be seen that archaeology
Is the culmination of all studies, and he
who has been thus prepared Is ready to
ro through the world with his eyes
open, and is able to rain knowledge and
enjoyment In a thousand ways which
are closed to ordinary mortals. De
spite the complexity of the subject,
workers In this department have hap
pened to enter it by accident, and not as
a result of Intention, so l'ror. J mi nam
has had In mind the preparation of stu
dents especially for the work by giving
them under the most favorable condi
tions and environment the great prin
ciples underlying the science, so that
they may secure the necessary training
in a recular and systematic manner,
and come into the investieations of
archaeology ready to begin where, un
der the former lack of system, it was
necessary to stop. With this Idea In
mind. Prof. Tutnam has been at work
for a number of years quietly advanc
ing the Interests of the department
whenever opportunity presented Itself.
It Is now on such a basis that it is recog
nizee? as n full departmeut of the uni-
versitr, the fimt degrees In It to be
given at the expiration of the present
academic year. There are now 15 sro
denta. the majority of whom Intend to
follow archaeology os a profession, and
such Is the demand for skilled workers
that the grsdnates of the present year
have already engagements to take
charge of museums at the completion
of their studies. Boston Transcript.
n4a ( Flower Asntel the Sstew. f
the Arctic Zone.
The most extensive, least spoiled and
most nnspeilable of the gardens of the
continent are the vast tundras of Alas
ka. Every summer they extend smooth,
even, undulating, continuous beds of
flowers smd leaves from about latitude
62 degrees to the shores of the Arctio
ocean. And in winter, sheets of snow
flowers make all the country shine, one
mass of white radiance like a star. Nor
are these Arctic plant people the piti
ful frost-pinched unfortunates they are
guessed to be by 'those who have never
seen them. Though lowly In stature.
keeping near the frozen ground as if
loving it, they are bright and cheery,
and speak nature's love as plainly aa
their big relatives of the south. Ten
derly happed and tucked In beneath
downy snow to sleep through the huge
white winter, they make haste to bloom
In the spring without trying to grow
talL though some rise high enough to
ripple and wave In tbe wind and dis
play masses of color yellow, purple
and blue so rich they look like beds of
rainbows, and are risible miles and
miles away. And In Septem
ber the tundra glows in creamy golden
sunshine, and the colors of the ripe
foliage, of the heathworts, willows.
and birch, red, purple and yellow, in
pure bright tones, are enriched with
those of berries which are scattered
their colors, with those of the leaves
and stems, blending harmoniously with
the neutral tinta of the ground of lich-
Apt waisisres-ftsm.
Lady (apparently very nerrwas at bar-
train counter) Oh. demrl I eawTt think
of what I wank
Affable Clerk You'd letter ro to the
notion counter, rnadamj- TOac?elphia
Tf a trr www W swwtfl b. frn THhla
reading by UHdng about itv Washing -
ton Democrat. .
Tie RELIABLE SPECIALISTS. Titular Graduate in Jfafieiae, Authorized by (a Stats.
Six National Banks for Financial Refereaos. thousands of Cored Patterns all over the
United States aa to or prof esalonal ability- Ail business conducted on a strictly profes
sional basis and strictly confidential CmsattatJoaFreeatofflceorbymaU. Treatmentsenfi
evcrjriraer4re 1 ram ooscrvauon. xo inienerenoe wiurcra&iness wiuia using medicines.
sTC mm m mar a wrwwWs? a
.vJ tnuihood-ete- cared
sreUoinrai, naui aineta,
VI aezDsJ power.reatore nerre and brain powex,eolarg and auenctaea
VJ veak parts and make yon fit for man-lage.
V Cvrthilie that terrible disease. In all Its forms and stare. cured
Oypni for Ufa. Blood Polaontnic Bkln Dlseaaea, Ulcere, 8wel
tings. Sores, GonoiTba a Gleet, and alt forms of PrlTate Diseases cured.
c-rir4-t.M permanently cured wiiboat canst !o or cutting- Kopain,
J-'1 V'' no exposure. PaUen can nsa tbe treatment at home,
if firttfKZ v cusa those delicate diseases peculiar to your sex. at
1 1"16 Tonr own borne without instramenta. ManT cared after
f j 1 1 oueraoctor psTeraiieo. can sire yon pr
J Rheumaticm The Grei Krencb Rheummtlo Cure. A m U&I! fc
J and pats tn Joints a cure U buaad to take placeTSend statement of cast
r4 rttVtlC lwr ulu "'. VKta, wiiq iuii aescnption oi soots aiaeasesuiw euecia ana cans, svaiea
U ZZf' , InplalB wrmpper, tree. Read this little book and send for fiymptom Blank. Ko.tforMeni
tur niwici) xiuwsior Baraxisessesi xo.iortaiarro.
1 ox no cAamcrtaMaoOtai U best bg conmiting
' 70 Dearkora SL, Cor. Kaodolph Chicago, DL I
HavinK purchased the Knappenberger Abstracts we have the only complete Abstracts
of Title to all the land and Town Lots in the county. Will furnish reliable Abstracts, Lea
Money on unincumbered real estate at a low rats of interest, boy and sell real estate, m
amine land titles, prepare conveyances, and
a ixmrt Mouse.
durilartoa'M rtew Obserrmtlon
Vestibuled Trains.
The most complete dally trains in
the West, for all classes of trarel, are
just out of the Buriington's shops.
These are trains Nos. 15 and 16. be
tween St. Louis and Kansas Cifyt St.
Joseph Colorado and Montana. These
are restibuled throughout with the
handsome wide observation Pintseh
light vistibulcs. The chair cars have
oak and mahogany finish, Pintseh light
and courteous free porters' service.
The latest productions of compart
ment sleepers, between St Louis and
Kansas City, offer the exclusiveness of
drawing rooms without any additional
berth charges. TJicsc are the only
wide vestibuted trains from St. Loucs
to Kansas City and Denver. These
are also the trains from St. Louis, St.
Joseph and Kansas City for all travel
via the Burlington's short Northwest
Main Line to Montana, Washington,
Tacoma, Seattle, etc.
Howard EiiroiT, L. W. Wakeley,
Gen. Man Gen. Passenger Ag't.
St. Joseph, Mo. St. Louis, Mo.
Did You Ever
Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for
your troubles! If not, get a bottle
now and eet relief. This medicine
tias been found to be peculiarly adapt
ed to the relief and cure of all Female
Complaints, exerting a wonderful direct
influence in giving strength and tone
to the or cans. If you have loss f
appetite. Constipation, Headache,
Fainting Spells, or are nervous, bJeep-
ess. Excitable, Melencholy or troablea
with Diary Spells, Electric Bitters is
the medicine you need. Health and
Strength are guaranteed by its use. 50
cents and $1.00 per bottle at TV. ;C
Gaston'sDrug Store.
So many Illinois statesmen are wait
ing for Senator Cuyom to shuck his
toga that there may be danger ot an
unseemlv rush to snatch it from his
senatorial person.
Mere talk of publishing the pension
list is resulting in the surrender of
fraudulent pensions. This is the best
of evidence that the list should appear
without delay.
Sheriff's Sale in Partition.
rat NESM1TH. Defendant.
In tbe Circuit Court ot Chariton County,
Missouri. .
rt virtue and authority of a decree and
order of sale made by the said court In tbe
above entitled cause, and of a certified copy
thereof, dated July LZtn, uen, 1 wui. on
Saturday. January 22nd, 1898,
between the hours ot nine o'clock In the tore
neon and five o'clock in the afternoon ot
thst dsy, at the front door ot the Court
House in the city of Salisbury, in Chariton
County. Missouri, sell, at public vendue, to
the highest bidder, the following described
real estate, tis:
Tn irm aft the aouth side of the south
half of the northwest fractional quarter of
section sixteen 1 18) , township Of ty-lour (54).
rann Iv.ntT I2QI.
Terms ot sale as follows. Tlx: Cash In
8herlS of Chariton County, Missouri.
Creditor and all others Interested" fa the
estate ot 8. A. C. Overton, deceased, are
hereby notified that at the next regular term
of the Charlton County Probate Court, to be
bewun and held en tne secona ssonaay iu
February, IW. at the court-house In Keytes.
i in. ia said ciunty. I shall make final i
1 Ucment 01 MUte- j. w. hawkins.
S 9 "w m 0m r wswwsissaaB
Seminal Weakness and Sexual Dcbiiitv I
;rMM w - ir avw-w.ar w; J US SUtHUS SUU CX
eeaaea, producing Bervonsneta, losses, pimples and blotches oa the f see,
rb?a of blood to I tie bead, pain In the back, confuted Ideaaaod lor-
IVTl T sTlT MnmiJt ttVVAn1tn1 ATiff - ?
for Ufa. Wa can a ton nlirht Iomn. mum Lt
ave rsionto society, lots or exnt power, lots of
I KE. The rreatest aiscor-
lne, Ooedosa rives relief t a few doses rensove fever
. Send statement of case.
Us IeaCiRg UpeaatUU fa CM VMtei Btatet,
Real Estate
pay taxes for non-residents and others O0t
Room aod Breakfast, $1.00
EUROPEAN PLAN. $1.00 Per Day.
6:1 Ess.. GccJi:. C::iS:rr!w3a
When yoa Tistl St. Lotus stop at
wX9awvn4Walat. Strt Car Otrti to Burnt
TURKISH BATHS. Open all Nlht.
Send us a ' model or roach pencil ' c
T SKETCH of your invention acd we will A
O EXAMINE nl rerort as to iss paten. i
fa alulity. - Inventors' Guide or liow so Get 4
tfk a Patent," tent tree. $
Lswvers aaa Soncttors of Amsricoa asd
raraga raisnia,
When writing jaennon this paper.
County 01 Chariton,
In the Circuit Coart of Charitoa. County.
Missouri. October Term. 18S7.
The State of Missouri, at the relation and
to tbe use of John Knappenberger. Collector
of tbe Re-venue ot Charlton County in the
State ot Missouri, plaintiff, ajesinst J. N.
Gaines, S. P. Thorpe, Geo. A. boutherland,
A. C. Nun. K. B. sUipatncK, Lewis Lisle, o.
D. Wbittier. Wm. W. Whtttier, Afarata.
Paxllment and James C. Whlttler. defend-
At thla day comes tne piaintsx herein, by
hia attorney, aad it appearing, to the court
that the above named defendants. S. P.
Thorpe. O. D. Whittier, Afarata Parllment.
Wm. w. Wbittier and James C. Whittier can
not be summoned in this action by the or
dinary prxcesa of court.
Whereupon It is ordered by the court that
said defendants be notified by publication
that plaintiff has commenced a suit against
them In this court, tbe object and general
nature of which la to obtain Judgment at the
relation and to tbe ure aforesaid tor the sum
ot ten and' 6-100ths dollars, the aggregate
amount ot taxes delinquent and unpaid,
against the following described real estate,
situate la said county and state, to-wit:
Forty (10) acres, the southeast quarter ot
the northwest quarteroi section fifteen (15),
township! fifty five (55), range twenty
one (2ii ialso forty (10 acres, the southeast
quarter ot the northeast quarter of section
fifteen (15), township fifty-five (55). range
twenty-one (21); also forty (10) acies. the
southwest quarter of the northeast quarter
ot section fifteen (15), township fifty-five
range twenty-one (21), for the years
vsxs ana it&t.-witn interest tnereon
at one per cent, per month from the 1st
day of January next after the said taxes
were due, respectively, for the years 1892,
1893 and 1894, with 10 per cent, per annum
interest thereon from the 1st day ot Jan
uary next after said taxes were due
respectively, together with tees, commis
sions and costs of this proceeding, and to
declare and enforce a lien in favor cf the state
of Missouri against the above described real
estate, and to obtain further an order for tbe
sale of said real estate, or so much thereof
ss may be necessary to satisfy said Judgment
and a special srtciM Issued to the sheriff
thereon; and that unless the said S. P.
Thorpe, O D. Whittier, Afarata Pariiment,
Wm. W. Whittier and James C. Wbittier bo
and appeal at this court, at the next term
1, to oe oegui
K. Knmi n 1 1 A Y, a- i ...
house in the city of Keyteaville. ia aid
county, on the 4th day of April next, and on
or before the sixth day of said term. the sui24
will be taken as confessed, and JudgmuM
will be rendered accordingly.
And it is further ordered that a copy here .f
be published according to law in tbe Chaju
tow Courier, a weekly newspaper published
in said county. a. B. RICHARDSON ,
Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
fZJarZ Witness my hand and the seal ot
43MVvi the Circuit Court of Chariton
Vva- County, this 3d day of January,
Circuit Clerk.
Creditors snd all others Interested In the
estate of Emmett Hayes, deceased, are here
by notified that at the next regular term of
tbe Charlton County Probate Court, to be
be run and held on the second Monday In
February, 18S8. at the court-house in Keytes
Uie, in said county, I shall make final set
tlement ot said estate.
HENRY HAYES. -Administrator.
n .
3 3

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