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Tihvsieians acconnted
wisej searched vainly for the
Elixir of Life, or the knowledge
whereby life might be prolonged.
We now know that there is no such thin?
as an Elixir of Life. But we have learned
that life may be prolonged by those who
take the right measures.
Any man or woman who will take care of
health and take the right remedies for ill
health, may live to a ripe old age. When
a man feels out of sorts, when he gets np
in the morning tired out after a restless
night, and goes home in the evening com
pletely knocked out with his day's work,
'without appetite or ambition, he is a sick
man. If he does not take the right remedy
lie will soon be in the grasp of consump
tion, nervous prostration, malaria, or some
other serious malady, i
A man in this condition should at once
jresort to Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. It is the best of all medicines for
hard-working men and women. It makes
the appetite keen and hearty. It gives
sound and refreshing sleep. It tones and
strengthens the whole system. It invigor
ates the heart and nerves. It makes diges
tion perfect, the liver active and the blood
pure. It cures 98 per cent, of all cases of
consumption. It strengthens weak lungs,
and cures bronchitis, spitting of blood and
obstinate coughs. It is the great blood
maker and flesh-builder. It does not make
flabby flesh like cod liver oil, but firm,
healthy, muscular tissue.' It does not make
corpulent people more corpulent. Thou
sands have testified to its marvelous merits.
Sold by all medicine dealers.
You know what yon want. It is not a
dealer's business to tell you.
Send to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.t
for a free copy of the "People's Common
Sense Medical Adviser. For paper-covered
copy enclose 21 one-cent stamps to cover
mailing only. Cloth-bound 31 stamps.
For Our Parmer Readers.
The comb of the faeD is a pretty
good index of the health of the hen.
To prevent pigs from getting the
: thumps compel them to take plenty of
active exercise. The busyig seldom
gets sick.
If the pasture cannot be put into
rotation it would be well to have
it divided so that a part of it -could be
treated to maaure and grass seed
while the other part is being used.
The breeders of good horses expect
a good time in the near future, as the
farmers are waking up to the fact that
only by buying good stallious can they
expect to breed horses that will make
their ' mark in. the markets of the
Do not turn the cattle onto the
pasture too early. It is better to al
low the grass to get a good start, so
that it will be less easy for the cattle
to eat it down to the roots, it is far
better to feed them for some days
longer in the stable.
A new use for corn, it is claimed,
has been discovered which will, if true,
greatly increase the consumption of
this grain. By a process of vulcaniz
ing the oil of corn the chemists say
that a product superior to that of the
South American rubber tree resul ts,
more resilient and lasting than the
latter. The corn plant can certainly
be stretched to meet many purposes,
The farmer who feeds his pigs all
corn should remember how quickly
he tires of one kind of food, tie
should further remember that the di
gestive organs of the pig are mo're
similar to his own than . those of any
other animal. If he will appreciate
this and feed the pigs something as
he feeds himself, he will get rewarded
with many grunts of satisfaction and
more money in his pocket.
The effect of good breeding will
show up more quickly in swine than
. in anyjother kind of live stock. Hence
the farmer can better afford to pay for
good brood sows and a pure-bred boar
such prices as are high, in proportion
to the market value of the offspring
when ready for sale. With hardy sire
and dam the litter, properly cared for,
wjlLmake"tm2" money invested bring
.v tarly and profitable returns.
In the New York markets the white
egg commands the highest price. In
Boston the Brown egg sells the best,
and yet the color of the shell has
nothing to do with the inside! Neith
er has the breed anything to do with
the richness of tbe inside, but the food
consumed has a great deal to do with
it. Feed onions to the fowls and the
eggs will taste of them. Any kind of
filth that the hens may eat will have
an influence on the ""contents of the
egg.. '
Every swine breeder should know
that a sow costive at farrowing time
is likely to . make trouble of . various
kinds. Almost invariable it is costive
saws that eat their pigs. This trouble
torments them so much at that time
that they are ready to eat almost any-
tKinir tWflt is eatable that happens to
. A
be in' reach. A pound of linseed
meal a day with her other food for
month or more before farrowing will
obviate this difficulty. If one cannot
get this meal, or whole flaxseed
boil into jelly to feed her, he can,
least, feed wheat brand enough to
accomplish the purpose. Also give
her salt and ashes, and charred corn
Wherever it is intended to let the
seeding He more than two years be
fore plowing, some grass seed should
always be sown with clover. In fact
we think some grass seed ought to be
sown anyway, as failure to get
seeding somewhere else may make
necessary to keep the field in grass
a year longer than is intended. The
only question is, what grass seed shall
be sown? Timothy is the universal
standby. But it is not ready to cut
when the clover is, and it also runs
out after a few years, unless annually
top dressed. . Orchard grass is more
permanent, but it requires three or
four years to fully cover the surface
If clover and timothy" and orchard
grass are sown together, they will cov
er the land in the same alternation we
have named. -American Cultivator.
There is no question that there is
going to be a shortage in the supply
of horses for a few years to come
There has hardly been any colts rais
ed since 1894, and we have notibegun
to feel the effect of these short crops
of colts as we will in a few years or
more. We believe the best quality of
horses in one or two years will be as
high as they ever were. There is a
great export demand upon us, and it
is increasing every day as business
increases and it will not be long be
fore this class of horses will be ex
tremely high. The horse -business
has a grand future, and there never
was a time when it offered so great
inducements for breeding and raising
as at the present time.. The scarcity
of good horses and the strong demand,
both foreign and domestic, surely
mean high prices and a stronger de
mand than was ever known before.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
By local applications, as Jhey cannot
reach the diseased portion the ear.
There is only one way to cure deaf
ness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous lin
ing of the eustachian tube. When this
tube gets inflamed you have a rumb
ling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed deafness is
the result, and unless the inflammation
can be taken out and this tube restor
ed to its normal condition, hearing
will be destroyed forever; nine cases
out of ten "are caused by catarrh, which
is nothing but an inflamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will give $100 for any case of
deafness (caused by catarrh) than can
not be cured by HalPs Catarrh Cure.
Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
J6 Sold by druggists, 75c.
Plcklnz Out a Husband.
A contemporary gives the following
advice to its fair readers: "For a
man's birth, look to his linen and
finger nails, and observe the inflec
tions of his voice. For his tastes,
study the color of his ties, the pattern
and hang of his trousers, his friends
and his rings if any For his pro
pensities, walk round and look care
fully at the back of his head. A sym
metrical cerrebellum, with well trim
med hair, is an indication of self-control
and energy. If you want a suc
cessful man, see that he has a neat
foot; he will move quicker, get over
obstacles faster, than a man who falls
over his own toes and trips up other
folks with 'em, too. For his breed
ing, talk sentiment to him when he is
starving and ask him to carry a band
box down the public street when you
have just had a row. v To test his
temper, tell him nose is just a little on
one side and you don't like the way
his hair grows. There are other
ways which will suggest themselves
naturally to a bright woman. "
It is not a remedy put up by any
Tom, Dick or Harry; it is compound
ed by expert pharmacists. Ely Bros,
offer a 10-cent trial size. - Ask your
druggist.- Full size Cream Balm 50
cents. We mail it. ELY BROS., 56
Warren street, New York City. v
Since 1 8 6 1 I have been a great
sufferer from catarrh. I ' tried Ely's
Cream Balm and to all appearances
am cured. Terrible headaches from
which I had long suffered are gone. -W.
J. Hitchcock, late Major U. S.
Vol. and A. A. Gen., Buffalo, N. Y.
Coral is Coming.
Coral is coming into favor again.
The pale pink coral is especially
liked as a' beading for the low, oval"
shaped combs that ate now displacing
the high-back comb in favor.
A unique comb, wider than it is
high, of amber tortoise shell, has a
heading an inch wide, formed of diamond-shaped
medallions of pale pink
coral beads.
Another shows the coral interwoven
with a delicate lacework of the amber
shell. In other ornaments shaded
coral is used as a mosaic work, set
down into the shell facing.
Belts are shown made of tortoise
shell, in the dark variety, and an inch
or more in width, having the clasp
fastening made entirely of coral.
The tortoise shell panels thus
manipulated are laid on some elastic
substance, and the quality of coral
used in the buckle is rare enough to
be worthy of the unique combination.
The lighter tints of coral combine
best with the amber shell. It is in
troduced sometimes in the inexpensive
silver gilt appointments, and again in
the handsome dead gold ornaments of
costly make.
There is no commodity used by
jewelers that differs more in price and
grade than coral. It can be had very
cheap, not only in cost, but appear
ance; and, then again, only a small
trimming of it causes the price of the
article to go into the hundreds.
The vivid red coral is usually placed
in conjunction with ebony, onyx and
other dark, richly-tinted surfaces that
display it to advantage, while the pale
pink is used with delicate enameling
and with backgrounds light in color.-
St. Louis Republic.
Are You Superstitious?
An English authority is resp6nsible
for the assertion that a man's destiny
depends upon the month of his birth.
A man born in January will be a
hard worker, a lover of good wine, a
fine singer and a great manager. A
woman born in that month will be af
fable, will have domestic tastes and
will be capable of great endurance.
A man born in February will love
money much, but women more. He
will be stingy at home, but prodigal
abroad. The woman will be an affec
tionate wife and a good mother.
The man born in March will be
handsome, honest and prudent; yet
he will die poor. The woman will be
tall and stout and witty.
The man born in April will not
necessarily be a fool, even if his birth
day is the day after March 31st. The
woman will be a chatterbox and will
have advanced ideas. She will be a
leading member of the shrieking sister
hood. The man born in May will be ami
able and will make his life partner
happy. The woman will equal him in
amiability and all other desirable
The man born in June will be of
small stature and very fond of women
and children. The woman will be
flighty and a high lfver, but will , re
pent and sober down at forty.
The man born in July will be of
military tastes, a trifle pompous, but a
good fellow withal. The woman will
pout and be handsome.
The man born in August will be
ambitious and courageous. The wo
man will be what Americans call
capable. She will be equal to run
ning a farm or editing a newspaper.
The man born in September will be
strong and wise; he will make few
mistakes and live and die rich. . The
woman will be loved by her friends,
have many suitors and die an old
The man born in October will write
poetry when young; then he will dab
ble in politics, and wind up as a re
former. The woman will be pretty,
and late in life an apostle of total
The man born in November will
have a fine face, great address and if
not careful he will be a gay Lothario.
The woman will be large, liberal-
minded and fond of novels.
The man born in December , will
have a passionate' temper, yet he will
be the first to forgive. ' The woman
will be a friend to the deserving poor,
but aterrpr to tramps and the wilfully
Your hair can be saved Beggs
Hair Renewer will do it, as it acts
directly on the scalp and hair follicals
The effect is wonderfu and perma
nent. Sold by Sneed Drug Company.
Do You Know?
That, as a rule, the person who
carries a guitar on the street can't play
very well?
That the best after-dinner speaker
we know of, is the man who oflers to
pay the bill?
That women may be a delusion and
a snare, but man was always prone to
hug a delusion?
That the man who is too stingy to
take a paper oughtn't to expect a very
long obituary notice?
That there is no place like home
and that is why so many men spend
their evenings down town?
That it is the man who . has to live
on cornbread at home, who finds the
most fault with the pie when he travels?
That in a majority of cases where a
man kills himself because a girl
wouldn't have him, the girl had mon
ey? That ladies look into glasses when
coloring their faces, while some men
look into glasses while coloring their
That every mother thinks that her
boy. is about perfect although he may
be the veriest rascal and simpleton on
That one reason why some people
are not so wicked as other people, is
because they do not have the same
That all the women who have been
disappointed in love are not old
maids? The majority of them are
That if a woman wants a welcome
when she returns home, she should
leave her husband with the baby when
she goes? .
That it is curious how a woman
who screams at a mouse is not start
led at a millinery bill that makes a
man tremble? .
That if some men loved their wives
as they do themselves, there would be
much more felicity than there is now?
St. Louts Humorist.
Sure Sljtns.
When a girl goes around looking
like a Salvation army prima donna,
with no more style about her than an
old horse blanket, it is a sure , sign
that love has played smash with her
prospects, and when you behold a
damsel with eyes like those of a dam
aged mackerel, whose nose is blue at
the tip and sharp-pointed from much
weeping, sniffling around the house in
an old dress and makes a man feel
like fleeing to the mountains, you can
salt it down for a certainty that she
wants to marry a man too worthless to
make a good fish bait. Some night
when least expected, she will skip out
by the light of the moon to elope
with the scalawag, leaving more love
in the home ffora which she steals
away than she will ever find in his
bosom, and from that time on she is
his to command under all circum stan
ces, no matter whether he steals a
horse or goes to congress, and so
long as he treats her half white, noth
ing but the discovery that he has gone
mashed on some other woman can
change her feeling towards him.
Brenham Banner.
Freaks ot nature.
"Five dollars reward. Being in
the Museum Business, would like to
hear from any freaks of nature or
monstosities. either in the animal or
human family, which may exist in this
county or anywhere else.
"The above reward of "five dollars
will be paid to anyone giving us the
information regarding the above,
which may lead to our making ar
rangements -for the purpose of exhib
iting any. such curiosity. For further
particulars address
; Neal Van Dorxum, St. Louis, Mo.,
care of General Delivery P. O."
Mil Hons Ulven Away.
- It is certainly gratifying to the pub
lic to know of one concern in the land
who are not afraid to be generous to
the needy and suffering. The propri
etors of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs -end Colds, have
given away over 10,000,000 trial bot
tles of this great medicine; and have
the satisfaction of knowing it has ab
solutely cured thousands of hopeless
cases. Asthma, Bronchitis, Hoarse
ness and all diseases of the Throat,
Chest and Lungs are surely cured by
it Call on W. C Gaston, druggist,
and get a trial bottle free. Regular
size 50c and $1. Every bottle guar
anteed or price refunded.
The discom
forts and
dangers of
child-birth can
be almost en-:
tirelv avoided.
relieves ex
pectant moth
ers. It gives
toneto the gen
ital organs, and
puts them in
condition to do their work
perfectly. That makes preg
nancy less painful, shortens
labor and hastens recovery after
child-birth. It helps a woman
bear strong healthy children.
has also brought happiness to
thousands of homes barren for
years. A few doses often brings
joy to loving hearts that long
for a darling baby. No woman
should neglect to try it for thi3
trouble. It cures nine cases out
of ten. All druggists sell Wine
of Cardui. $ 1.00 per bottle.
For advice In cases requiring" special
directions, address, giving symptoms,
the "Ladles' Advisory Department."
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chatta
nooga, Term.
of Jefferson, Ga., says:
"When I first took Wine of Cardui
we had been married three years, but
could not have any children. Nine
months later I had a fine Qirl baby."
Paragraphs From Everywhere.
Cotton of 1 2 different colors grows
in Peru.
In Germany there are no fewer
than 1,430 Barons.
There is one policeman to every
175 persons in England and Wales.
The Royal arsenal at Woodwich
employs about 15,000 workmen, and
has 40 miles of internal railways.
More cases of consumption appear
among needlemakers and filemakers
than among any other class of labor
ers. Twelve million pounds worth of
leather is required every year to pro
vide boots and shoes for the inhabi
tants of Great Britain.
The Jewish Year Book estimates
that there are in the world about n,
000,000 of that race, more than half
being under Russian jurisdiction.
The Japanese cultivate chrysan-'
themums in 269 varieties of colors.
Of these 87 are white, 63 yellow, 31
pink, 30 red, 12 russet, and 14 of
mixed hues.
Farm For Sale.
The A. V. Salisbury farm, contain
ing 150 acres, has been placed in my
hands for sale. There are 125 acres
in cultivation, and two houses, three
barns, one cistern, one living well, a
good orchard, a pair of splendid stock
scales and six large feeding troughs
on the premises for use in fattening
cattle. The place is located only one
half mile from Echo, which affords a
good market for butter and eggs.
Only one-half mile to school-house
and 2 1-2 miles to flouring mill.
Farm is all under fence. Terms: I
will take $3,000 for the place $1,200
down, and the balance in equal annual
payments runniog five years, deferred
payments to bear eight per cent
annual inrerest. Call on or address.
F. Bion McCurry,
Salisbury, Mo.
Notice is hereby given, that In obedience
to and in pursuance 01 an oraer ox tne uoun
tv Court ot Charlton County. State of Mis
Bouri, made and entered of record at the
May term, a.d. , lsas, 01 eaia uourt.a certi
fied copy ol -which has been delivered to me,
by the Uieric 01 sam court, i, uonn k- uemp-sey.-
Sherifl ot the County -ol Chariton.
aforesaid, will during the session of the
Circuit Court ot Chariton County, state
aforesaid, on
SATURDAY, JULY 23rd, 1898,
It being the sixth day of the Circuit Court
01 said county, oetween toe nours 01 uiue
o'clock In the forenoon and five o'clock in
the afternoon of that day at the front door
ot the court-house in the city 01 aajusoury,
State ot Missouri, County of Charlton,
aforesaid, expose to sale, at public vendue,
to the highest bidder, the following describ
ed sixteenth section school lands situated in
the County of Chariton, State of Missouri,
as follows, towit: The northeast quarter o
the northwest quarter of section sixteen
(16), township Ifllty-six (56), rangs sixteen
(16). Sale to be upon the following terms
as directed by the County Court, towit:
Cash in hand. Given under my hand as
Sheriff, aforesaid, this 5th day ot May, A.
John R. Dempsey,
Sheriff Chariton County, Missouri.
Redbud, Gordon Co.. Ga,
Beggs Mfg. Co.
Please send by express at once one
dozen Beggs' Blood Purifier. It is the
most wonderful medicine I ever tried
for Scrofula. S. R. Taylor.
Sold by Sneed Drug Company.
I JDS 110'
Room and Breakfast. $1.00.
EUROPEAN PLAN, $1.00 Per Day
Gccd Boras. Gocj Meals. ' BccsJ Serrlcs.
When you Visit St. Louis stop at
Imdraj aod Walaot. Strt Dan Dlrtct to HottS.
TURKISH BATHS, Open an Night. -
- i
Hiexico (fto.) Institute
Is a quiet, homelike place, where tho "
In tbe hands of competent Physicians
of many years' experience.
Vr particulars and literature , write to
Dr. S. C. ADAMS,
Brriaha Exposition
June 1st to October 3 1st
(except "World's Fair) ever planned in
the United States. Located within
cheap and quick access of the entire
Missouri and Mississippi Valleys, at
your own doors. Through tickets ,
beyond Omaha allow stop-overs. Re
duced excursion rates to Omaha.
the old and firmly established line to
and through Omaha in any direction.
HowardElliott, L. f . fateley, ;
General Manager. Gen. Paueager Ageat.
Kansas City
By Mall, Daily and Sunday, $4.30 a Yea.
The Weekly,-One Year - 25 Cents
Should be In Every Home and Library.
ins people's Eie nistoiy
T written by Riht Hon. Willlnm Ewart GInH.tone.
Kz-Premiar of Oraat Britian nad Ireland, Chester,
Eng.; Rer. A H. Snyce. Queen'n College. Oxford, Ent.i
Kev. Samael Ire Curtis, I). D., Ohicitso Theolocical
Seminary, Chicago, III.; Rev. Frederic W. Farrar, D.D.,
F.R.8.. Dean of Canterbury, Canterbury. Fnp.: Re.
lmer H.Capeu, D.I.,Tofta College, Somerriile, Mam.)
iter. Frank W. Gansaalos, 1. U., Armour Institute,
Chicago, III.; Key. George F. Pentecowt. D.D.. Ziaryle
bone Prenbrterian Church, London, dc.; Iy. K. 8.
MacArthor, IX D, Calvary Baptist Church, New York
City, N. V.; Kev. Mrtyn Bummerbell, V.V Main
Street Free Baptist Church, Lewiaton, Me.; Rev. Frank .
M. Bristol. D.D., Firwt Methodist Episcopal Church.
Evanston.Ili.; Rev. W. T. Moon, 1X.D- The Chris
tian Commonwealth." London, Eng.; Kev. Edward
Everett Hale, D.D.. South Congregational Church.
Boston, Masa.; Rev. Joseph Agar Beet, D.D., Veleyan.
College, Richmond, Eng.; Rev. Caspar Rene Gregory,
Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany: Kev. YVm.
Cleaver Wilkinson. D.D., University of Chicago, Chi
cago, 111.; Rev. Samuel Hart, D.D., Trinity College.
Hartford, Conn.; Rev. J. Monro Gibson, D.D.. St. John'a
Wood Presbyterian Church, London. Eng.; Rev. George
C. Lorimer, LL.D., The Templo. Boston, Man.
Port LAB ED11IOK. U paRsa, 67 fall-page Illustra
tions, gilt edges, cloth, liM); bait levant, $5.00; fall
"qtaRTtf'tDITIO!!. 1,288 page. 200 full-page Illustra
tions. Style A gilt edges, full levant, one volume,
f 16.0th Style B two volumes, full levant, tufted, tJD.UO ;
n 16 PARTS, quarto sire, review questions to each, stiff
paper covers, sewed, trimmed slightly, $1.00 each part.
For sale at all bookstores and by booksellem. For
further information, write HENRY O. SHEPARD,
Publisher, ii2 and 21 Monroe Street. Chicago, Illinois.
Ask your Grocer today to show you a pack
age of. GRAJN-O, the new food drink that
takes the place of coffee. The children may
drink it -without injury as -well as the ra; )..
All who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has mat
rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is
made from pure grains, and the most c.cll
cate stomach receives it without distress.
1-4 the price of coffee. 15 and 25 cents per
package. Sold by all grocers.
Sixty-four pages) for men and women who
are afflicted with acy form of private disease
peculiar to their sr.x, errors of youth, contagi
ous aiseases, female troubles, eto., etc.
Send two 2-cent stamps, to pay jpostage, to
the leading specialists and physicians in this
Country. PR. HATHAWAY & (XX.
70 Dearborn St., Cor. Randolph, Chicago, IlL
Beggs' German Salve is a cure for
Piles, no matter how bad the case may
be. They relieve at once Scalds, Old
Sores, Burns, Eczema, Rumors, etc..
Sold by Sneed Drug Company. -

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