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Chariton courier. (Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo.) 1878-current, March 03, 1899, Image 2

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Pay Up
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Big Prize-
By special arrangements made with
the publishers of the FARM JOUR
NAL we are enabled to offer a 5 -year
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Courier one year ahead; and the
same offer is made to every old sub
scriber who will pay all back duis and
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Old-Time Eloquence
During the session of the Miisouri
legislature in 1859, Representative
Pitt offered a resolution "that the
speaker be authorized to cause to be
printed and posted 100 bill announc
ing the 8th of January, 1859," and
made the following speech in its sup
port; Mr. Speaker This house passed
resolutions, sir, to celebrate, in an ap
propriate manner, the 8th of January.
In order to get the FARM JOUR- j This re80lution is simply asking that
NAL as a premium for advance pay
ment it will be necessary to walk right
up to the captain's office, for we have
only a limited number of 5-year sub
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JOURNAL is on a solid foundation
and 'perfectly trustworthy.
Anotiii k new wora has appeared
in Kansas. Down in Cowley county
when a politician is keeping under
cover and is s:!ent on an open issue,
they say he is 'xhigering.''
John E. Stewart. Carmel, Ind.,
writes: "My daughter has weak lungs
and catches cold at almost every
change of weather. We have tried
many remedies, but nothing stops her
cough equal to Beggs Cherry Cough
Syrup." We keep it. Sneed Drug
When the Chicago Democrat or
any other paper says that -'Democracy
stands for bimetallism at any ratio," it
is not speaking for the Democratic
party. All true bimetallists are for
silver at the ratio of 16 to 1 and on
this ratio only no matter what any
Chicago paper may say.
notice be given to the public of that
day. We have declared an intention,
and now, when we come to publish it,
some gentleman is suddenly seized
with the "retrenchment trripes, ' and
squirms around like a long red worm
on a pin hook. Gentlemen, keep con
tinually talking about economy. I,
myself, do not believe in tying the
public purse with cobweb strings, but
when retrenchment ccmes in contact while suspender buttons are at a pre
with patriotism, it assumes the form of mium in ORce haPPr honies; drsing
"smaliness." Such economy is like
ed husband pleaded his own case, and
made such a strong presentation of
the facts that the court and jury were
in tears during his peroration. A ver
dict granting him absolute divorce
and alimony was rendered before the
hired counsel for his wife was allowed
to earn his miserable fee.
His example has inspired other
western married men with courage,
and some of the trans-Missouri news
papers are calling attention to the
numerous divorce bills now being filed
by husbands who have been regarded
for years past as incurable victims of
the apron string. Net among the
least serious of the charges preferred
against their wives are: Attending bar
gain sales habitually to the neglect of
their homes; 'rading off their husband's
best trousers for decorated chinaware;
going to pink teas while the baby had
the croup; attending whist parties
that ot old bkinflmt, who had a pair
of boots made for his little boy, without
soles, that they might last the longer
I reverence "the day we celebrate."
It is fraucht with reminiscences the
so that the husband's creditors believe
he has drawn money in a lottery, and
so on. Chicago Inter Ocean.
Robbed ths Grave.
A startling incident, of which Mr.
mast stirring; it brings to mind one of Uohn OIiver of Philadelphia was the
Not a minute need be wasted in
curing your cold if you take Beggs
Cherry Cough Syrup. It acts the
quickest and surest of any known
remedy. No matter how bad you
cough, you can sleep if you take this
remedy on going to bed. Kept by
Sneed Drug Company.
"Whknevkr an old girl marries,"
says the Atchison Globe, "some one
starts the story that the man has been
in love with her for years and yeari.
Then why didn't he get her before?
Girls are not surrounded by barb-wire
fences. If a peach i admired on
tree why wait till it is withered before
gathering it?"
the grandest events ever recorded in
letters of living fire upon the walla of
the temple of fame by the strong right
arm of the god of war! On such oc
casions we should rise above party
lines and political distinctions.
I never fought under the banner of
Old Hickory, but, by the eternal, I
wish I had. If the old war horse was
here now he would not know his own
subject, is narrated by him as follows:
"I was in a most dreadful condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunk
en, tongue coated, pain continually in
back and sides, no appetite gradual
ly growing weaker day by day. Three
physicians had given me up. Fortun
ately, a friend advised trying Electric
Bitters, and to my great joy and sur
prise, the first bottle made a decided
improvement. I continued their use
children from the side of Joseph's coat for three weeks and am now a. well
of many colors Whig Know-Nothing, man. I know they saved my life and
bled and fried: Lincolnites, Douglas- No one should fail to try them. Only
ites and blatherskites' I belong tn no 5 cents a bottle at W. C. Gaston's
party; I am free, unbridled, unsad
drug store.
Rural Journalism is Exciting.
A newspaper man who recently
went up the state to take charge of a
rural sheet and give his tired brain a
rest has come back to town and is
hustling for his old job. " The coun
try is all right," he declares, "but
there is too much happsning, and I
came back to town to find a more
restful atmosphere. There were two
papers in town, and I had to watch
the other one. Both published Fri
day, and we could not afford to let the
other fellows beat us on news. The
firsr issue looked all right, but the old
man kicked because we were scooped
on the death of a cow on a farm three
miles out of town, and would not be
consoled when I showed him that the
opposition missed a story we had on
an accident in the railroad yard. The
next week it was the same way; we
did not announce that the baker had
lost ten loves of bread from his delivery
cart, and there was a howl that rather
sickened me of the country.
"The third week settled the job. We
were all ready to start the press when
the old man rushed in, greatly excited,
and announced that he had a beat.
We lifted off one form and waited
while the old chap wrote out his story,
and this is what I had to kill one of
my pet small editorials for: 'We notice
that George W. Haskins is making
preparations to improve the appear
ance of his cozy honae on Protection
street. We noticed Mr. Haskins in
close conversation with Mr. Smith,
. i
me painter, whose advertisement ap
pears in another column, and learn
that he will have his residence painted
a light buff, with white trimmings and
green shutters, when the weather mod
erates. This will greatly enhance the
appearance of our little village. Oth
ers should do likewise.' Then I came
4 home. The life was too feverish."
LV. St. Louis
n istiii r
9:10 a. m
3:30 p. m
5:50 p. m
"Wabash No. 4, leaving Keytesville a 12:20 a. m. connects
with the Continental Limited at St. Louis Union Station. For
further information call on D C. Severs, Agnnr, Keytesville.
you t.y freight C. O. D. subject to uxa.miua.tiou. j -i ..n onniiie it at your ireitht te pot ami if ..u 11 ml it
Borl. IO AY IOO. TOP BI GOT yuu ever per:e.-i: v RU.-f nrtory and the (.KAMltbT tUKt.Alji Mil' HAVE
OUR SPECIAL UFFER PRICE S55.00 "na rc'bt chaws, less the
Cns Dollar sent with order.
pay the railroad a (rout
cut this nd out and send to us and if yotl
x-aav ui it:i? itorKv mountains we wiii
The item to the effect that a Missou
ri man was fined $20 for beating his
mule and only $2 for whipping his
wife, is being commented upon in the
eastern papers as a reflection on Mis
souri justice. It is no such a thirg.
In Missouri a mule is worth $100 and
a woman who would stay with a man
who wouid whip her isn't worth a
tinker's dam. Louisana Press.
Mr. T. H. S trout, Parker sburg, W
Va., says: "Gentlemen: I found that
Beggs Cherry Cough Syrup does the
business every time. Not once has
it failed to cure my children of cold or
croup. Even la grippe gives up its
hold when tackled with Beggs Cherry
Cough Syrup. I would sooner be
without life insurance than not to
keep a good supply of this medicine
in my house. Sold by Sneed Diug
A farmer's wife bought a box of
matches in a shop in Limerick on her
weekly visit to that city. On the next
market day she returned the matches
as they were damp. "They're all
right, ma'am." said the shopkeeper.
'Look at this;" and he lit one of the
matches by rubbing it on the seat of
his trousers. "Arrah, get out with
you," cried the countrywoman. "Whin
I want to light a fire must I come in
six miles from Uallyneety to strike a
match, co yer ould britches?"
At a revival meeting up the coun
try a preacher said: '-When the proph
et announced that Sodom would be
destroyed by fire, the brass band of
that thriving little city, in order to
celebrate the approaching event,
struck up the tune of 'There'll be a
hot time in the old town to-night,'
and that Mrs. Lot, in her flight to
safety, heard the music and could not
resist the last opportunity of taking a
bird's-eye view over her shoulder at
her native city, and was immediately
turned to a pillar of salt."
died, in the political pasture. Like a
bobtailed bull in fly-time, I charge
around in the high grass and fight my
own flies. Gentlemen, let us show
our liberality on patriotic occasions
u hy, some men have no more pat
riotism than you could stuff in the eye
He Misjudged Eis Audience.
This story is told of a conjurer who
was performing before a rough-and-ready
audience in Kentucky:
"I am now about to undertake 9.
s nte a
cents till the eagle on it rp
locomotive or an old maid. i.et us
print the bills and inform the country
that we are as full of patriotism as are
Illinois swamps of tadpoles. I don't
believe in doing things by halves
feat," he said, "in which I shall re-
of a needle. Lut us not squeeze five quire the temporary loan of a pint
There was a dead silence.
"Will some gentleman in the audi
ence favor me with a pint flask .of
4 '
There was no response, and the
conjurer began to look blank.
"Surely," he said, "in a southern
Kentucky town I ought not to have to
ask a second time for sure a thing. I
give you my word I will retnrn it un
injured. Is there no"
"Stranger,?' said a tall, gaunt man,
as he rose slowly from a front seat,
"wouldn't a quart flask do jest as
"Why, certainly, I merely"
But before he could finish the gen-
open-handed audience had
on honor from tin? t-sit mutt-rial nionev can buy. AM!e in
our Free Bugpy Cataloue we show, "top Butteries maile by
other maktrs at $2i.50, $28.75 and S34.75 ti e exact
nm burey that are i"M by machinery dealers, at iM5 i0 to
675.00 and are beinir wi -lelr advertised by many at (35.00 to 60.00.
OUR ACME QUEEN AT S5S.OO is the moot
wonderful value ever offered, THK LOW EST PKiCK fcVKR
VILOltl OS TilK BfcPT HI (,. THAT CAM liK Kt 1LT. We maintain
our own five Btory bupg-y factory for the !e
tiurpone of builillntr anil t-cllmcr e. HET1I R Pl't.KY
Every Buggy We Make Is Cuaranteed
Five Years and Thev Will out wear Five
Ordinary Factory Riga.
I cost more than doublr that in the ordinary factory
bupny. We use a i.tu cu&hion cloth, eotne ue
90 cent; we use a II .iO bead limner, some une 40 cent ;
e use JS ent leather, some use ! cent; euef .f
rolnmand varnishes, some ue 75cent and tl.00 WE
PAY ALMOST DOUBLE the price most makers
ACME QUEEN. (OUR OWN MAKE.) wk iST thk BKST. Our whee.Vear.nd
bodies ore WalrrRobbrd and Oi-3Utrrial and Labor In Painting OUR ACME QUEEN, ooald paint three ch-ap bn.irl-s.
$55.00 BARELY COVERS COST of material and labor, leaving us the smallest proflt ImaclnRhle,
but we are building 70 but?Kie3 a day and to advertise our buurg-y factory we are willing to SKIXTHKM Oil
1 1. on nioKlT KAt H. We know 70.00 daily proliton 70 busfriea will satisfy us, advertise us everywhere
THE ACME QUEEN e buiid in narrow or wi.ie track, cloth or leather trimmed, end springs, buffed
leather quarter top. solid punel back, sprinps in back. Iratbrr toim-A Bowa and NuU, fcubber Ku-pa, Ycltet tarp-t,
body.-ix.St inches. No. 1 Sarven's patent screwed rim wheels, painted in 16 eoaa. body black, pcaruark preen with
Terv delicate modet stripins, complete with shafts, side anil back curtains, boot storm apron and ami. rattlers
and'-hafts. Pole, Nerajoke and WhiHlriren in plare of ahafu. l .75 eiira. HLOI.Y Vi KMiHS 40O POl Mib and the freight
will awrace for SlOO mllr. PS.OOt 3I0 ttilr. ti. TS: 400 mllea. 3.23: SIX! milra. S.SO: l.OOrt mile. .(.
CCMn MU C ri"l I A with vour ord r, K UlAKAJiThK the Barry to Krarh Yoo Mfrly and
x? C Pa It J r C UJ la-tl jf satisfactory, pay the railroad aeent balance, fji.oo ajid
frcIrMchare.a, otherwise pnv nothing and the agent will return bui?ry at our expense and we will return your CI .00.
DON'T BUY A CHEAP FACTORY BUGOY now sol i almost exclusively by all Machinery IValers
and Catalogue Houses. BUY THE BEST BUCCY MONEY CAN BUILD, direct from the Maker
Andres. S EA RS- ROEBUCK & CO. i! n c.)f CHICACO, ILL.
S16.50 rSSS--'--'
S90.oo ' X K" " K H I
AND Y (A 1 1
n r,
r v ' d -r-j -rrff
A Thousand Tongue3
Could not express the rapture of
Annie E. Springer, ot 1125 Howard
street, Philadelphia, when she found
that Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption had completely cured
her of a hacking cough that for many
years had made life a burden. All
other remedies and doctors could give
her no help, but she says of this royal
cure: "It soon removed the pain in erous,
my chest and I can now sleep sound- risen like one man aud was on its way
ly, something I can scarcely remember to the platform in a body. Cincinnati
doing before. I feel like sounding its Fniuirer,
praises throughout the universe." So
That Throbbing Headacho
Would quickly leave you if you used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their match
less merit for sick and nervous head
aches. They make pure blood and
strong nerves and build up your
health. Easy to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
cured. Sold by W. C. Gaston, druggist.
A recent suit in Louisville, Ky., to
recover a coon dog occupied the at
tention for an entire day of a judge,
:ce a A ?
six aiiorne)s, me jua.iui.iii a.uu de
fendant, the jury, which included two
Baptist ministers, and a room full of
witnesses. During the hearing of the
case the dog slept under a table in
the custody of the sheriff.
rvini s
Trust Thoss Who Have Tried.
I suffered from catarrh of the worst
kind and never hoped for cure, but
Ely's Cream Balm seems to do even
that. Oscar Ostrom. 45 Warren ave
nue, Chicago, 111.
I suffered from catarrh; it got so
bad I could not work; I used Ely's
The western married man is begin- Cream Balm and am entirely well.
ning to assert himself. He has submit- A.C.Clarke, 341 Shawmut avenue,
ted for several decades not only to the Boston, Mass.
dictation, but to the persecution of the A 10c trial size or the 50c size of
married woman, and he proposes, juir Ely's Cream Balm will be' mailed.
will every one who tries Dr
New Discorery for any trouble of the
throat, chest or lungs. Price 5c
$1. Trial bottles free at W. C.
ton's drug store; every bottle
The Wora Has Turned.
How They Died.
"A crank came running into the of
fice yesterday," says the Lacon Jour
nal, "and said that a man had just
swallowed a two foot rule and was dj
ing by inches. We started out to
learn further particulars of the death
and meeting a doctor we told him
about the case. He said that was
nothing, that he had a patient who
swallowed a thermometer and died by
degrees. A couple of bystanders just
then chimed in. One said it remind
ed him of a fellow down in Kansas who
swallowed a pistol and went off easy.
The other said he had friend in Lacon
who took a quart of apple-jack and
died in good spirits. But according j
Ask your
for a generous
10 dEHvr
Trial JSiaso.
h .
Ely's Cream mFMtM
contains no cocaine, f ceVvr&f
Future comfort for present
seeming economy, but buy the
sewing machine with an estab
lished reputation, that guar
antees you long and satisfac
tory service, j &
t ;
mercury nor anyj-
. . . ; : , . . . 1 . . . i 'A
It is ciuickly afa-JWy
sorbed. ft. j;
Gives relief at.i.?
cllUesPe NasalCOLDHEAD
Allays Inflammation. Heals and Protects
the Membrane. Restores the Senses of
Taste and Smell. Full size 50c; trial size 10c,
at druggists or by mail
ELY KHOSi, 5; Warren St., New Yrok.
A Correction
The readers of the Daily Press were
astonished, Thursday, to read in its
usually teuthful columns an item to the
effect that a man had received some
jack rabit eggs from Texas and the
still further astonishing statement that
they were thirteen inches from tip to
tip. The statement was due to a
typographicol mistake and should have
read "ears" instead of "eggs."
We hunted up a jack book and oth-
to the story of one of our undertakers, er works on rabbit transit for a tip
the above cases are nothing compared j and we find that jack rabbits do not
with the man who broke into his of- j hy eggs. Louisana Press.
131 -iSS'l
fice and drank the contents of a bottle
of embalming fluid and died hard."
A Frightful Blunder
Kept by druggists. Ely Brothers, 56
Warren street. New York.
for a change, to throw off the galling
yoke. One of the most conspicuous
grievances is that he is almost invari
ably the defendant in divorce suits. Maxima for Marriage.
It is he, nearly always, who is cruel. Never marry except for love.
unfaithful, dissipated and neglectful. Never forget these rules when the
It is he who must stand shamefaced knot is tied:
before the court and listen to allega- Never taunt with a past mistake
tions from the plaintiff and her friendt. Never meet without a loving wel
which, if true and they are generall come.
accepted without question brand him Never both be angry at the same
as a moral wreck and brute. He has time
allowed himself to be sacrificed, as it Never forget to let self-denial be the
were, on the altar of devotion.
But he has revolted at lait. The
worm has turned. The bruised aud
battered victim of social tyranny hat
arisen with a fixed determination to do
or die. Western married manhood in
i this contest for freedom was charn-
Odix. Kas
Brc.r.s Mi 'o Co. Sirs: I have used
your Cherrv Cough Syrun the past P"ned in the person of Charles Ver
week for , riffe, and can cheerfully 1 mehron- who lives in a Missouri town
sny it is a sure cure for that disease, j Wlth the appropriate name of Inde
as it cured me in a short time, and pendenee. He has just been granted
wiil cure others if they use it faithfully. ! a divorce on the ground that his wife
F. Shadle. Sold by Sneed Drug J read novels all the time when she was
Company. ! not gossiping in society.
The outrag-
daily aim and practice of each.
Never let the sun go down
any anger or grievance.
Never neglect each other; rather
neglect the whole world besides.
Never part for a day without loving
words to think of during absence.
Never find fault unless it is perfect
ly certain that fault has been cemmit
ed and always speak lovingly.
Never forget that the very nearest
approach to perfect domestic happi
ness on earth is the cultivation, on
both sides, of absolute unselfishness.
Will often cause a horribie burn, cut,
scald or bruise. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will kill
the pain and promptly heal it. Cures
old sores, fever sores, ulcers, boils,
felons, corns, all skin eruptions. Best
pile cure on earth. Only 25 cents a
box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by W.
C. Gaston, druggist.
Tin: sending of poison in sweet
meats through the mails is fast be
coming epidemic and already threatens
our most prominent citizens and es
teemed townsmen. The latest in
stance is at Lewiston, Me., where a
citizen received arsenic hidden in his
whiskey and sugar.
Somehow the cow never gets half
the care in the stable that the horse
does, especially as to currying and
brushing. Even in the field where a
cow lies down in green pastures sh j of
ten has scruff on her skin which causes
her to rub against trtes and posts.
We knew a farmer once who fastened
a pole between two posts just high
enough so that cows ot dinerent sizes
could go under it and rub their backs
against it. The institution was well-
, patronized and doubtless paid the
! cows' owner.
. . AND . .
(devices for regulating and
showing the exact tension) are
a few of the features that
emphasize the high grade
character of the White.
WmiE Sexg Macisaz: Co., i
For Sale ly Ito k Hit
Beggs Cherry Cough Syrup gives
you the essential qualities of the cherry
tree bark from which it derives its
name. It cures your stubborn colds,
coughs of long standing and croup. It
is the best known cure for la grippe.
Sold by Sneed Drug Company.
The mayor of Macon, Ga., is col
lecting subscriptions for supplying at
least one newspaper to each family
now without one. He believes that
this is in the interest of law and order
and wisdom and sobriety in the com
munity, and the local press unani
mously agrees with him. . I
If not, drink Grain-O made from pure
Krains. X lady writes: The first time I
made Grain-O I did not like it, but after
using it for one week nothing would induce
me to ko back to conVe '" It nourishes and
feeds the system. The children an drink
it freely with great benefit. It is the
strengthening substance of pure grains. Get
a pac kage today from your grocer, follow
the directions in making it and vou will
have a delicious and healthful table bever
age for old and young. 13 and J5c.
-The Celebrated Anheuser-IJupch Lager
ieer always on draught. Solicit a share of
the public patronage.
Rates: 75c. and $1.00 per Day.
SEED CORiN That Pays
One dollar per bushel Don't misstosend
live cents in stamps for three sample pack
ages of the corn that was awarded Gold
Medal at the Omaha exposition, and a 2h
pae book, "Hints to Growing Corn." Ad
dress Pleasant Valley Seed Corn Farm,
Box C- Shenandoah, Iowa.
No. 1 Htf S'ik. or Mutton Ovips. Potatoes.
Cikt-s ir War-s. Cufice'iritj nnJ l-ru't 30
Ko. - Han. Two Ls. Potatoes. Cakes or Wattles
a.l 1 Coffee or Tea .... 2't
l.o. :! Turk CNoj-s with Potatoes Cakes r
Watf'.es :r. i Coti e or Tea 2
N'J. 4 I-ske Trout, Butter Sat; . C-kes or W.-ttcs
! O.t'l fV or T i i!9
iVo. .". Oat Mi.il snJ Ct, or I. .-a.-ot;. f; ' .,::s.
i:t r ir i t r I . i 15
S . F-v T'-.-s, U oas: i:; ! i,t u fea..l3
1 .(. Market t. Car. iiir"-.t to i ' ' .
i l!ai'. Ciie.iji'.'L-t . otily
t ;om i t.
"'Mas p. mil' Fn " - --
Salisbury Machine Shops.
J. F. ROLING, Prop.
Engine Trimmings, Brass Goods,
and Lubricating Oils kept constantly
on hand. All kinds of machinery re
paired on short notice. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Give me a trial.

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