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The Louisiana populist. (Natchitoches, Natchitoches Parish, La.) 1894-1898, August 24, 1894, Image 2

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It ll L-.I I:\.FI:Y k ilDAY 1BY 7i1E
N.1AT(' ll 1f ('Il.-l '< 1 1:.1-1IN ;
ENTf:I)E A \T tt.1: '311( !I ift P' I
(FFI"I'E .'. >I'((:.( 1. ý-- M1 \T I FI:.
NI . P .M A C I |E N . l: 1! t ,,r A f l , - : , "
II. L . B R IA N , - - A ,or,.:,t e E"i, or.
W . II. LATIIAM, - ' ,lil.,r.
Si'riSCITTPTI'1tN-iOn. S1:+r ... ..... 1 r
Six MoS nth..............
F" our M ,tth .. .... . 4
wiaL . in n io : no+ 3 miln (4 1 t'i.. 1
1 inlthu .' (' 55 '4 ,o 0 511 19t 1S (1 i
2 1och.e 5 o0A 9 1l 15 01) .() Ire
3 inch.e 7 ii 11 00 12 5011 19 () 2,5 '
4 inbllbe P 59 14 ( IS 110) 3 n :I Si
5 inci'I s 1 0 1( 1 0I 17 (1) '7 (10 23, e
u uinhes I '5 n1 1MOr 19 SIl 30 (h1 40o 'nI
7 inlh'es 11 7) ?o 21n O 21 0 1 r o 0 44 1n
S intchelne 15 11I 22 (0 241 91 ) fn 4. o(I
I tolumnn 1 40 no 50 (a1 55 (14 (tS (00 10w1 (mI
Transient advrlrtis o".not, $1 per qn.are Iirot ij.
aertlyln: each uheollunt inertioe ti ce1,ntl 1
Oftticial or teoal advertiaemente. $1 p.r r nar l
firt itnertlon . a, 1 l h .ul ( nt li. ltin 50 r.ent
Ir 'l uarn.
1IrZ l adrertioemento. 10 r.,its p1"r in .
F ldtorial noticd. fitrst inertltln 13 ce.ntw p r
line; rnabel1u.ntl-y 1 -"ent" pI't lin-.
l Cnlmonltratkmnea are loilrltrll hot w e will not he
repnanalth.l for nv ,l· i .w . th1 r in i-xpr·-.- t.
Aildrn.e all .onluniation I. to I.. th it l usine
nlalllin cinatll Oinw int. ,.1.-I ftr p,1(l i :iti, l huld
name of thll' llutlo.r no.t fr pulid.S .10 but al n an
evidence of t,- faith on tlh, pta1 of tIlh. writr,.
A fll rr to 111 .i will .1'n.iln thnm to the waste
FRII)AY, August 24. 1891.
MAesrn. W. H. Lathamn andl . II.
Ateaux are authorized to solicit andil Ion-1
tract for adtvertinementt., jol work anwi
subscriptiolns, 1and atlly contracts ia(1'de lby
them will be fully recognized and carried
out Iy ti. l'ruting tiat the people nmay
give nt a liberal supply of their patron
S e promise in retullr to enldeavor to
all business relations pleaaant.
We send out several samplle
copies this week, take them and
read them, and if you think you
can Support a paper that is run in
the interest of the people, send us
your dollar andi we will send you
the paper for one year, or if you
land rather take it on trial for six
months send us fifty cents. Give
us a trial anyway.
In appearing before the peoplej
of the great city and parish of
Natchitoches an;d the public at
large as editor of the LorsrANA
POPULIST, we do so fully realizing
the sacred duties and obligations
we assume toward a great people.
Human nature is vari&l and there
are as many minds as there are
many men, and for any man to pre
same his ability to please all would
be assuming an arrogance border
lng. on imbecility. Therefore, in
our mind the only safe line of poli
ey to pursue is one that will give
equal justice to all, commending
what is right and condemning that
which is wrong, contending for the
sad that will bring lpeace, happi
ness and prosperity to all alike.
1ealizrng the great andt powerful
influence wielded by the public
piess our efiorts will be directed to
the aoial, moral and religious up
buildinllg of a eeuntry we love, be
eauuse it is oar native land, leaving
every one free to exercise his own
moral, religious, social and political
ogiaions as dictated by his own
iPdipgment and couscieunce, at the
i ie Ale offering our columns to
iin who may differ with us for a
she and dispaseonate discussion
e· lAimportant issues, for in the
multitude of oldion great truths
are revealel.
In polities the POPULIST will be
devoted to the education of the
people in the great principles of the
keople's party. We believe that in
,all republican forms of government
the masses of the people ahould be
a,r ht intoelese relationship with
the Indamental principles of that
mvernment. This can only be
deme by a gteui of education that
ea reseh the nma at the plow, at
the re, and in all stations iand
·mdilk Sin s in life, this the People's
- proposes to do and by this
S us wry a wonderful reform to
'a 01ostsful termination. It is a
eeatl .reetion upon this country
tht after . most wonderfhl eareer
e over lO  years of what we are
jleased to call enllightened eivilisa- ,
Mir, may of its States and amomng I
ohem oer belovedr ,usiaai , are
meaveriag to ad th-t I
r..il! \. . .. i... .... -i . .th oftl.ir , "ii
iens from the lii;ht of snuIlrag. on
fl 'ouniiit of ignorallce.
The I'c 1,1e ' l:, p rty leis set ,,n
i I ' :1 si stelll i oif el llc at;l ii, th:;t
\%ill d \'via; tc thli' Inces..ity Gr ,li
ftI tlchi lini the A1lerian citizllen.
alnl \C r ,~;:ltl it as the dluty of
r. v'ery- Iiberty o.v-h in.1.g r perm in this
coiuntry to fi iiari I lithis iefirin:t
.. ihtu . (' ,l 'it l;es i tia:e llh n and
" Ilii' n  i I i lt e nelver to Ii . hut
hiitory fails to recolrd : sinle ili
.tanee it lhieh a i reait relit' lationl
00 has been crushed out. Thirref,,e.
we believe we are right in esjliins
ing the cnse oif lite people, aud it
l, will bc o1r highest aim to fearless
Ily and firnly, but at the samei time
courteouiisly, aldVocate the prinii
ples that are tlund in tihe Peophl's
party mand no where else.
Ill (0I1 humbll e opinhio wheni a
Scountry, either State or naltiionl, is
ildominated by a horde of political
des ipoi rs it is neallri'ii c a dlespotism
Y that threatens the liiberties of Iithat
id country. Such 'all not exist aluung
a free people, onle or the other Iust
StsuretntlIi, and as to which shall str
vitve depends largely ipon1 a fait
count. Therefore, we ask all just
.men to assist us in (ontendl'ug for
at free vote iand it fatir iount, with
out it our boasted freedomi is but a
r mockery.
Asking assistance from all goet
ci itizens in our endeavor to miain
t tin right, we proumise u1I)oni olnr
Spart tihe gIeatest endeavor to make
our relationship agreeable and
" lpleasant. Riespectfiully,
Democrantic Economy.
The )Demiocrats in the last eain
paign proit:sed to give us aln Cecno)
mical administration if elected. but
instead they have extended their
extravagance beyond all human
comprehension, in otfher words, ex
elusive of pensions. President
Cleveland, fbr his first full fiscal
year expended $1,295,677 more to
carry on the government than was
expended in the final fiscal year
ending President Harrison's ad
There have been many increases
in the salaries of l)eiocrtic offi
cials, especially in diplomnatic and
consular service. The salary of
the first assistant Secretary of State
is increased fromt $3,500 to $4,500.
The minister to Belgium is increas
ed front $7,500 to $10,000. The
ministers to Switzerland and Port
ugal, Messrs. Caruth and Brcadij
head, are increased from $5,000 to
$6,500. The minister to Mexico,
who receives an annual salary of
$17,500 has the salary of his secre
tary of legation increased from
$t000 to $2,550. The minister to
Nicaragua and Costa ltica, for the
first time, are allowed secretaries
of legation at $1800. Inl addition
to this, there has been estahblished
the ofIlioe of a clerk tfr each mer
ber of Congres, at a salary of $100
per mouth, anti other extravagance
too numerous to mention here.
How can the Democrats ask the
farmers of this country, whose pro
duc has! ,en shrinking in vahle
at a ruitous ate, or the laborers, I
whose wages have been reduced
to starvatioin rates, to support I
or fellow it any longer. It is
ertaitunly not reasonable that the
people will follow any flrther a
party that has deceived them. The
people who have these increased
salaries to pay, must increase the
sweat drops in order that more cot i
ton, corn, wheat, oats, etc., may be I
forthcomting. They rire forced to
compete with a declining market
produced by the destruction of one- ti
half of the money of the people, t
and this done too by the party that
detnatds more sweat for the increa s- f
ed salaries of oflcials. Why should c
Cleveland'*appoinaeee xeceive more
salary than hmas been paid others a,
for doing the same work for years? ii
We see tino justice in it. li
The strike Commwuion is still at
work, and many prominent men
have testihed before the committee
that all the destruction of proper-!
ty and other devilment done 4ur'
ing the great strike, was done by
totghs that were not strikers, or i ;
any manner eoniiaeted with the ,
ralroad. The conseniius of ophnioii ii
is that the most practical manner ,
of settling the differei'es between
railroad emiployes atad emiiljloyers is, a
the goverumnnt owuershlil of raill-i
roads. ie
i het 1 I u, 'r-t'l111 1 E::~ ', , O live .
ti lIal.iit . lt I li,, i , . httt' il; i , l i t. lit i
'.'li,' tldi~ ;lt- 1 li, ii I,:t t ,i i w i -wiii
x' l i tn If.-. . i ,-t i mit ,r its oiv.lite
\\'1'r It'l: 'V* ill ;1 I % ]li 4 ' i Ilwl" t '- tV
]m ine , ;l n that the' n ill ,t tile
I It dlht box is nell ,houbt hu the si
rti it lr llalwt ii tlhe l l sl \t V I , lie i
lie ,-v that a p; h' i lie If liet i) :\ 1 ituiil
i i tllt Iusit ., l ik Ill;it altel t lii tii,lir.'l
t; e tIIit'nI e 111t tl I  lt it t i'es f of the
t Il'opilh. T; hatl" nolel b It emopet nt.
1 li:I t i , \ e Is 1;114 l t1 011 ( ill, t lll'it l . t -
int hlolnet ul- 4i-tIl st 1itili c a nlt ' ic
hout e eI t a i 'll tdlit. \ ie ielie 'e: in
i .jl ic s ; lll elir mllti , cln ' . Idllil-.
ltI tr thio n the 1 ie st illt i lir " tis l e it i
tion, p e t. e T atI I : t'rinh tle thuiat
e ih ldV t'ht 'ii.e (oi tir t i lle
taxation he reduced to jif t a sula
rieapyt ti e st i ii l. 'tl al l t hse
I of tit, g i tv'Le ieitt, tectno!i(t ally
I : iniintL ertd. i This bt4t i i gfortve
it etinent of the lio ,le, for the it eo
tle o 11d by tihel' lIoln , s and i'n o der
thal t thl s te (priit lels aian c al s I f- 'r
ried oul,iui oit, 2 Iiluris retltcltnd f1'
I unolistl erleicti of la uitd a freeih
r liti thte iublie sTeh'ollsvsten it hould
hIe fostered and owtouraged, :Intd
i thrat uitable allroi ial tiro sll shon(lic I
ie madell to f thnle hat; all tie cil
ii pen ,f ourl land ralgiy e eduinted
4 hc1olnlelt' itelligent ew( rleand
\\'1onll. IWe believe in the enll;cIt
I'al l's foL' tied stii( l tlLtne tll l tws It "I
whichi cleomasingls, trus city and oll
p I 'st ' tail le ('rusll hed out of sio t
Sene, aen the isgce to and enforce
1nent of such law- as will absolute
ly lprotect the iinterest oºf the lalor
il)nclasses, ilerde th' lir anlt ly e- I
reaip l its diSuli re ; itr i ntil all l ie i
tlaws icre lpassed tand ellfrrted, por
tlerity mswill not co'i. Theretfore it
is to tle iiterest of every piltlist i
citizen to losok to and ork for the
lttllllcnin,t o this end lef; the niajori
ty of the people callor cee iusf they
will ucorite, but divided they must y
The reajury in he Callahan case af- t
ter Leing out 12 hours returned anot
teunqualiled verdie wto of guilty, which I
levins that John T. Callahan if not !
graviiouted a new trial through some- tl
technicality of the law will go to
the lien for period ran.ging fro
one to five yTears.
We commend li to bhe New Orleans
paoer for e tler setand tiiey fiave ta
ken t the interest of good govern
irelt, and ihope- thallt itey maye s tu- it
eitd in cleanrsini the city govern
hangnt of the leorruptio that has so c
long been or disgrace to a greatn it wit
city. o
iDemocrats leave their party bie- ti
eiuse they dislike its principles. a
lReapublicaus leave their party for !1
the same reasonit il Thoey laind cobn- it
moih groulld with the Populist riv o
and loin them Think rof tthe cheek
it takes to ask demo rats or re
pblclan, who havtre oeft their parb
ties by te front door smicltause theyt will, '
itwere inconrrupt, to re-enter thioem by t
the rear door i Cearsi of reforll.d 'it
ten there, there was no use of their it
leaving. Fusion thereuireis bothu i,
vicious and ridictlounlls.-iNolcont ti
formi s, t. ..,
Wte wohitiolke to beo ably, tly give t
about thicssi te tari ff b ill a ford y te
iireseit iogle l , bf;it tlee that te mi- l
ueit is srlnirouled slly oli os pl;ace d w r
the bill or tihe free list, ign idet with- ai
which ttle sugar tust' will derive otli
of eit. The pIuild itrotes of thie oth lii
Oirse., cothe elsul'er il 0111' . Theoio i t
ol resinrk thble tth re of rte bilgar l to
sayw . .l). ,t' I rat ' Ih in ' ri arc ; w
rI~ath tt i i:f the i put i.t tnr
t:i i; hill \. I 1 I)1 ( 11 t 1 1 i
itairuL ..it : ni; t t al' .'ll c' i th '1 ? a :I :
hart wl, . 1: ! tl o ::1, p , i :1t , :f .
lill :l Ii ' lf 1.1 ), t .y .ftumf ri
, ,, . the l-,eol a ' \IN\ il Pll-lleai tl. :r:oIl
al d tit' ,Ii art' i" itn s tu..'" It 1
rat 11 the w it:!:.." f tli e peop1 1, is
to lw f'x,\ thet tarift le.Rs1'u it I ):
of Itil Il" in, irati l varty. i
lii t' "ul ,ii the Irºle i ity pIro: n
ise, :1v:.l a l:ih\h wa.. to ilh w
throu h all haunnl; (It' i;,11u try.
we are to l .e ;l ,L': t 1 cy the pr.lIt
i ,,f , o t i , ratr. t i,('t f' r :
,oot ti hat it \.ill d1 it, e t llsi ia sg
interest ,of the 'ncointry iint f nor the
tsalati4 ,,f the l)oteI, n tietclsh larty.
eIs th1e -.. i it' im i of. the party to i. e
piaraPil: n it to all otlher islses? I
ithat Ire, staei relieft' nerr tio hein'
lThe l ,, o ,f r this f· r c try hg:ti ve
elto tilt. )tmcan rea.ltit h arkl, ty e.'c
h\y l, *,til,:Z :11 (oV('1'\( lht,]lllin,_, 111,
jrity. what ut nood ats it dnel, e. i I
the l, t iai is a rob.ley as the ll t'; - i
(rats have eductated the people to
belietve, athey sh tid have given
s-omrethin.., the henafits Iof whic
wontl nolwt have to comin through
stump speakers.
ele. Addre'.;er s bL:a:ig(c iitoe
Ihltim ore, A11d, _11,. :'2.-(ictl
oral Mastert Workman Sovereign,
of the K. of L., oiadrt,...setd 'a lhltge
meetlirne of workin.mut lsi st tniht,
in the courste i" \hcI h,' said :
ble the f egirm ring metn started
equally, but now the one class has
nearly everything. u :vt mIillious.I
though wtilling to t,'s k ir' on the
verge of starvation. Whileo oil
lions are starving the rich still find
ou place on earth fa r magniticetlt
they maye hunt and enjoy life as
they please to do. In America to
ray the re ari 3,00t,000 men willing
and ready to wtork who are idle for
want of work to do--l-moldintg then)
selves otr rather being molded into
felons and beggars. Charity hasI
been strained as it was never
strained beforee , but still theory for
bread from star-ving throats ii
iheard all o' or the land. Theseil
men are being turned into tramps.l
"The tramp is dre scribed as a
cross between poverty and crime,
but I think the dude, a prodlt, of t
our ciilization, an just as accur-,
ately be describetd as cross be- o
tween nobody anti nothing. Bloth I
aire the result o tle ofrtcolen of
monoploly-the monoply that unless I
it is throttled will cause the deatho I
hof the repsblie." i
They Da Not Know Their Power. I
tele cs.notweal movtnhvr, the ti trikrtles,
linaut lbor, to rid himself of the inceuhug
thp the hiIll, we r at hton ehd at thei
thn rnal power they p us sest. h
Rouert Ingersoll, and Prof. Brie, of
Aoirleni, arotled, in his e tlebratid I
fhork, "The Amcrican Conufurwealth,"
anhader XoIw, says when writing atnti
khe nuhjrt how the house of reprnsant
iren is supalied with legislative ma
terial; "Nothing prevents ait Vrtisat
lren being returnobi to i ougrets. But
xorking clarii . to send one of them
:elves." Yt in this very nativi uttcr
-cnce, Professor Brice lets out the ittin
ihat he ia lat.' ished at the spetchtut.
itd no wonder. Now hit us turn to lhat
'a'ter orator ald -ututit lawyer, hlget.rf
W11, in "tn article in the Marth nturl.r,
•fi the North Amrisa ' Rcview for 1t7.
w'otktngman: "Caurttla nas the 'ivy
iud army, te legisiative, i-a'd jstdiiiial,
l thliveixts ut delartmnt. hl'i,
he rich ciml,1ine, it is fir t .e p art,. of
texchanging ideas.' Wher the i t I "
romine it ii a enspirany. I" thi y actt
i concert, if they really do somnethiX,
P1u1trol th . hpartaIta of gtver.11l
Palimyra, X.'.h k
I.)o- illio ::li. ; il iI i1:1jI: ,
1' h:
a. ... . Id : 1 1 . ,
S IIItI I ila l \ i, t, ri. I
, 1. r l .. ..' t II (" \ i, 1 -
- , to hl , ine Jr -. , . . 'f ,.!u it '
t, h . ,I "t ! . t , t1i -," 1 i.. ... .
Iti! , l- .I . I ,, i th ,.l.a ri.i Ii , , li,.
S.iS to -'at'n, ,. inte r t"a-. tat ' li.' t
"t.\. w 11 '1 11 t 1 a' ele" th 1 .'. !at 'It
whlicl wil. it .-)itt 't rl aital tat its t, l 'h'
1 1an t in ! I'. ',h " t ' i i -],, . .I !.. I I I t1 I t. Ii t til,
ct ,l- 1\ .ia~' " .t Iah I acI n'
IIS ;Intt'I o :il 111 sti tii tio1 - s h, af  11
lie ediiantit n has tatc lity inoftleaI to
istatira i that e hlllv a Isserts tlhat
;'11, .--l V .t:.. io ii , 1t:,! \\ L, I t . 1., , I,(
thi elin trele tie wla t n i l , i clisllt, l
(I i I'-o lalar tnihe this ilea tll h .atri.' it
tin whic'h it, said. i'That as11 :, ,
rthi' Irt' n dorat th. at p ,chin" ti
s.( to per el tuati rethat i lsaty,"
;st - ,itir a'o ster ist t ai is the a) -
ltiommeut ha troe 1ruet (io e u t
itrati, thiaty!! and1 that m( ma'hiiery
ise t e l t to I t(rpetn h ate its exi.i ,
tetion ite isinee asa tate. of afi
If ais thn the ,casin inthe
lie eodltr eln a thea t i o), i eo-i tl
itrt a'tillr that the idly a' e otil toft
slr'era, ifha areit regLe lrdmle syt
the ler. otericlls il ne mt lie
1o(11 to s egt'ai ilte tha t atelinit stii lra
fIll lpopsnl foa r tlke 'tresoil tio a le u
Let i.t ave o\ hoilve.rt l.etion laiii
nld a free i it l a daia, fI onint,
iand preenif a majority i of t e ay
that dlr. Foste- is the mll ill i
Lae,'bor Leader's Pr'esentl IlesIo-'
eltionlls for the free coin-e
t'Vii ngiitr toya , s .iug. 1or'lepland
ar isltionsl fo the free cohinage of
ilver, which aoire rgardedl by the
free silveri adv~icas as one ofA the
most significant exptressiolis ii tha
vor oftheir dLoctrine which have
beeni elicited by the aglitation of the
past year. The resolutions have
iv the ineseit oer i a the ateionl
rowers'ul labor oralnizalyt.ol 'i'tt of the
11o1tr', ai're sitloigl w(toied a.iiid
sare igned oy thl chief ottllt lesi' of
t'he various uniiol. The signer
wIr'kmant's anll Joh ies. laye.1.
Arthreti 'Iy and otrle hll.eii'rl of the
KLigl. ot ie lo tabri eaus; el A lnl
iiersi presitdent of t he A' narhie'
Fedte ratioli of Labr;i c Malion liht
let pllesidetiai"t Ao' tit n'alti;rii
"arernt' Allianae; he'nry Ii. Trina
aior . Vt. A 1ihllt, id !), ,. M11 liie.
tec'etasryr of' I tline litherhtooti tit
Larpiir otiites' ' annd ]oil r.; 1. M.a
itti.li, president of the Itaulintel'
thallli' hntait A..eriati.n; Ffalk
A''eaoiupiaying the i'Cesolutiaas is
an anal ress. "To the mmb'm r ofIt
o(rganiized lalbor and all othel" aIro.
duceria asl tailers tIhroughoti flui
IUiited Sta.tes," ' lhici led to theira
allaoition. The atldhrest dhliii-.l.
that "in view of ti' geliral '
tre.s at a titnte whet, graaiariie.ai-,'
full in lhlie natlitral ot'der ofI liay;.s
prlodhlcer-s autll tiihl'rs shouht Ill' 'i.
jaaying the 'iaiiits of their labors - it
.cenl. that the timne has .ome or
iliiitt.d atIlioii oil lhe [arii't of latv.a
w ho (lteilt' the wi'alrh of the ea . aii.
iry." )Iae of the i.auCes  i.]
have brought about this c6inthtitja,,
144 ' :1i
t 41" ; . ,
It ill t
~ lll I t , _ t ~ l t
I~l .1l'1 4 It h t;. t .
oil1't i~~l "ý11.1, 1 . "tiiiti ilitý
l ý 111. 11'111 ( ,1t~ l ' f xll Till
. i.1.1 1 ! 1. l, il ll l 1' t':tt .i it
,1 \ 11' 1 I t.T 41j.1':i 41' ,1111 I'1,111l1s 1 ofco
II" t, r ' 1 1.1\1' .i lid t Iliil. lt
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