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FRIDAY, March 5, 1897.
Clhurch Services.
Slrvices at the MAth.odist church eve
ry First and Third Sunday at 11 a. i!.,
and 7:80 p. mn., by the Pastor. IH. W.
Rickey. Prayer meeting every Wednes
day night at 7:30 p, m.
IAPrrisr-T-M. E. Weaver, pastor. Re^
ular ierviees, seconl and forth Sundays.
11 ta u.. and 8. p. In ; Sunday School, 10
O. m.; Prayer nm:etiug, Weldneshlay, S p.
in. All invited.
Pbhnix Lodge No. 38, A. F. & A. M.
ST.O alliou. W. M.: J. C. 'ITric:hljr., S~ec.
Meets first and third Wedndcsdlay.s, at 7
Cantle Hall No. 89, Knitlits of Pythias
-J. 1. llrceda, C. !.; Adolph LTlTerisont,
K. of R. 8. Meets second and fourth
Thursdays, at 8 i. nm.
Mr. E. J. Gamble of St. Man
rice, was in our city Monday zat
tending court.
The good ladies of the Baptist
church are collecting funds to put
in some more seats, which are nec
essary to accommodate the large
congregations that attend there.
We want 500 customers to buy
B. IL Pants.
Williams, Weaver & O'Quin.
A residence on corner of 4th
and St. Denis streets, belonging to
Mrs. E. Nores, was completely
destroyed by fire on last Priday
night. The house was occupied by
Mr. John Pearson and family.
who saved most of their furniture.
A juvenile party was in progress
at the house, and a fire in a seldom
used chimney started the blaze
through its defective flue. There
Ms $500 insurance, leaving a net
osu of about $300.
If you want to see the prettiest
line of Shirt Waists in town. Ca'll
on Williams, Weaver & O'Quin
the have them, and prices to lead
$11 competitors.
' he Supreme Court has decided
.I e iTease case from this parish
a 1favor of Licenses, so if some
Other tack is not taken by the pro
blMtioUtsts, the saloons will soon
licn fll blast once more in the
uant City.A No decision was
1-id i: t.h Sherif's case. It will
nlot now be read until next Mon
4~Wi1o Clark stands
dk nowi A the kead and
pp ahejgj --~ has given the
ilto.ll high prices and
l-T' Work-;is motto is to live
8j,. When you come to
 i~habtlaat~d let him re
a :iB$ right dollar will
a son of hev.
eo fBoyos, is in the
t s a elass Ifn Pen.
Prtof. A.
teachiar at
.: s[: ee .; '..
f4 3:
'I ~ ·:
Court Pro(tcc(illngs.
The civil term of the Dist rict
Court with a jiury do jure, opened
last Monday with Jud&ge E. North
Cullom presiding, District Attor'
ney Brc'azeale, 15 jurors, and the
local bar present.
The following case. were dis
posed of up to Wednesday night :
State vs. Love Bradley-.Assalt
with dangermis weap:,,n. P1 ,:(l
guilty ; F10 an,! costs, or k30 clays
in jail.
State vs. Pierre Leblrun-As;;lt
with dangerous wcapon ; tried and
State vs. Hunt Parker, Jr., T'Ires
pass. Plead guilty ; 10 andri costs,
or 15 !lays in jail.
State vs. Nelson Lewis-- money
under falso pretenses. PIlead guil
ty: parish jail m 1110. and costs.
-State vs. Charley Jones-cruel
ty to animals. Convicted ; $lu and(
costs, or 20 days in jail.
State vs. Chas. Smith-Carrying
concealed weapons. lTried and con
victed ; 815 and costs, or 2;J days.
State vs. Peter Johnson Jr.,-
racing, etc. Plead guilty; 810
and costs, or 20 days.
State vs. Jno. -No!,y-S.elling
whikey without licno; noll, pr'os.
state vs. Billy Carsoni-Larccny.
Tried and found not guilty.
State vs. Albert Jones-Carry
ingl concealedt weapons. Plead
gtilty ; 4 days in jail.
State vs. Fra"nk IIarris-Carry
ing conceald(.i weapons. Plead guil
ty; t15 and costs, or 20 dlays,
S~:ate vs. Riobt. Livingston-as
sault with dangerous weapon.
Plead guilty; $10 and costs, or 30
State vs. Oscar HIaygood-La r
cony. 2 counts.' Plead guilty; 21
months Penitentiary.
State vs. Calvin Hillyard-Sell
ing whiskey without license, Con
victed; $100 and costs, or 30 days.
State vs. Gus Lignoski-Selling
whiskey without license. Tried;
convicted. .ot yet sentenced.
State vs. Gus Fontenot-selling
whiskey without license. Plead
guilty; $100 and costs, or 30 (lays.
State vs. Jno. S&arhorough-
selling whiskey without license.
Tric(d and cleared.
State vs. Tonoy Curry-selling
whiskey without license. Tried
and found guilty; $150 and costs,
or 60 days.
State vs. Edw'd. Davion-assault
with a dangerous weapon. Plead
guilty. Not yet-sentenced.
State vs. Jim Coleman-assault
with dangerous weapon. Tried
and convicted; $25 and costs, and
30 (lays, or in default 60 (lays.
St ate vs. John Lacour-larceny.
Tried and cleared.
State vs. Charley Gay-assault
ataid lattery. Plead guilty; $50
and costs, or 60 days.
IMass-mneeting in Ward 2.
At a Massmeeting held at Pleas
ant Hill church in- ward 2, Feb
roary 26, 1897, Hon. M. it. Joy
nor was made Chairman, and Dr.
W: G. Saunders, Secretary.
Mr. J. R. Weaver, member of the
Parish Relief Committee, offered
the following resolutions, which
were, tnanimously adopted:
Whereas, After making a care
ful canvass of the ward as to the
extent of destitution, we find that
there are twenty-five hundred peo
pile whoare in destitute circumstan
ce e owing tO the failure of last years
or.p Manly of them have nothing
to subsist upon except what they
rentiV from donations front the
,itat, they havenothing to eat ex
cept corn bread; no tmeat flour,
Sp or anything else, and noth
i1 to feed their stock on; we find
thhave enough bread-stuff to
Sabowt weeks, by that
ie'l be consumed,
adthe n -ui they get further
the i tr will beap
h·rie* ~b~e it resolved, that
bel lai massmeeting as
*pla'- _espeoully ask our State
uReUts Committees in the
n 0ieo emi humanity to con
l ~ors in behalf of these
p pl until they can
c rop,
pit~rth keeolved, that we
th views of Chairman
**eState advisory com
r vieito king th State
ro ci e Fvedl tiha we
S_.tat e
0·· I
'The a:l,ovC meietin, was c hl.i last
Fri'i'lay. 'hey had but :3 weel.'h
r:ttions then, and only bread. In
2 weeks. more , bouit ;(00) p)oph.
in tl:'se two w'ards will be" without
re;,l. Bly a notice from our Par
is.h Relief Coninitte appearing
elsewhere it will be seen that the
little help now in sight mnust be
confined to the widows and orphans.
Are we going to let our fellow
men starve right in sight and hoar
ing of u:?
Why don't our relief committee
take illup personal collections right
hore at home ? As stated last week,
we will give $5.00, and there are
those here who could give $10i00
with less sacritice.
Sonething must be done.
A fresh hAnid attractive line of
Spring' Dry Goods, at Williams,
W\eaver & O'Quin.
We Offer You a Remedy Which Insures
SAFETY to LIFE of Both
Mother and Child.
Endorsed and recommended by physi
elans, mldwlvoes and those who haveo used
It. Beware of substitutes and imitations.
Sent bY express or mail, on receipt of prlei
P1.00 per bottle. Book "TO MOTHIE d"
mailed filw, containing voluntary testiaonials.
e5 .r oC .. Y
Best Passenger Service
Cannon Bal Train
Lea~ve Fort Horth, 7:05.a. m.; Dallas
8:05 a. m.; Union Depot, 8:15 a. m. Ar
rives St. Louis, 7:25 a. m. next day.
One Hour to N'ew Orleans.
a0nLn TWO TrS
Texas anrt eowt York.
Pullman Bain et Sleepong Cars to
Set. Louis, Chicago, New;0rleans
and Pacific Coast.
Through day Coaches each way be
tween Fort Worth and Memphis.
For Tickets and forther information,
call on or address your sepin arest ticket
Agent or
3ld Vice-Plfeie & Ge. gn.r. Ge. P[ae. & Tk. Agt
tW. A.DASHIca LL, Tray.
Passinger AC't.,
Watchmaker & Jewreler.
kinds of JEWELRY rephired on
short notice, andlstisfaction guar
Orders taken for .fine watches
am{ jewelry.
S4pzeolacting the .very -liberal
ange ived . for the past
, hwa iporesaeod our force
jifactillot t f:doing Arst class
 ~d abilicit the trade. :
iour sijn on St. l)enis, near
y:~irt stb a~ tohe, a
We Zgmna-W s[Utntom!i.l
The Old Reliablo AxanacaN NoxcowpoapRtlr
is again in the family that gave it birth, and is edleo
brating lito return by a more vigorous, bold and out
spoken demand for radical reforms than any other
journal of national circulation. It is edited and pub
lished by Prof. C. Vincent, who is well known as
apolitical speaker it more than 20 states. It is spicy
but not iconoclastic; brlght,but not bitter; logical
and profound, but not dry and prosy. In short, it is
just what every Populist familyshouldread,and every
populiat should delight in extending itacirculation in
ie locality. Itsa dprtunta are
A most completo news service
1EW , is give n and no other Populist
aper gviesflll Market Reporta
MARKET that are equal to thoso of the
IRPOBTS, great dailies.
Its "'open conrt" where anyone
PEOPLES' may say what he pleases, is
OBUUM . worth many times the coat of
the paper.
Here is found the cream of the
reform thought of the nation.
The exchange department Is in
EXCiANGEi charge of a special editor to
COL)LUJ4M, that a subscription to the o
coiNPoRNTar is equal to taking
a wagonload. You get the best
from all in the one.
Among it regular contributors
are Hen. John Davis, Heon. W.
Spelal A. Petler, Prof. lBidpath, Rev.
lorrespondene, Myron Reedanda host of others
whose writings are sought with
eagerneesand read withinterest
It keeps its readers informed on
the work of Congress. No other
soagrcslonal , paper has so high a reputation
Doings. as the NONVO,'ORIxsT for
furnishing full information on
public matters.
and ABLEST Populist paper in the United States,
and It is read in every quarter of the otuntry. Itis
a six column, 8 page weekly journal of estabhlihed
reputationndecirculation, foundedin 1879. Subscrip
tion price, $1.00 year. Trial trip. 3 months, 25 cents.
Send postal card for samuple copy. Address,
D. C. SCA11OR:O:Gil . 3. I. CAHRVE.
Attorneys at Law.
Will p:actie in the l)i'trtit ('our' in
the a'is .he of Natt hit, .,es 1R *" ivr
and S:tlbilt', a7nd in t!ie Spir, in: C('ourt
of Louliala::. and thl! Ir. S. )District aind
Circuit C(OurtQrs fur the Western l)i-trie
of Lotui:lna, jun 17-1y
Namuel J. IIclnry,
Attorney at Law.
Will practice in all the State and Fed
rial Con t it.
SAV E StISnd for our new 1890 Cat
0 A1,, U- logue, ill iustrtcd I colori
N nIeollon o ido U m thlltr def l lscrptione of
I all our Pianos and ()ras.
lI lS FREE! FfR,9,to,
Belliw neiend yt the hn e o ,, ,,rm of actual manufacturcr s
elltler l to tho gul.cral pitbll direct, at factro cort--the only firm'where you get the
el ict Tale for your oney. There re no Azente', Dealers' or Mildleaen'., rta
edoc toCASH or oi EoASPAYMENT s,
Np g to l res'ane. aue ra o thirtyou n days trIal In
Sowhome ndr or pe warrant twety e. o
qvfrets dtfin . 8qftDf tyopuer cnar guaranteed.
y " a ., am th e w.itor of ttIs p.ror, - l TBRMS t No Satlsfhctioa. o ,P'iyt. Q
thmullbe o f patewronbaer or e pc pl or l
sh durint the peat 5yeani. Oar new n ito ad aed s $160,
"The Heart of the People," 'cntalfoa a am o o Ua I AO O&.ONS O .
f sa i l l oe sar W uw lbi ida t s t er . XA.
CORNISH & CO., Piano and Organ Makers. ashlngton, N. J
h ,Variabloe Friction Feed Saw Mills,
hPlaners and Matchers,
aTurbine Water 17eeles,
"Hungry Elephant" Baling Press,
iitEngines and Boilers.
D.old al spec ialt Ay.
Scauses nearl a t tronbe i life, and more ep',l
FR IQ machinery. Our VARIABLB FRICTION as " pind to '
s,- , aw MIlls and Planers enables the operatr to take lst
what he needs and no more, Warranted to yield a capcity twen'ty per
Cent. greater than the old style with same power.
9? Saw Mills sold In owe oatoM proves its wonderful popularIty,
The DeLoach Variable Friction Peed Pliner,
Matcher and Moulder beats them all.
.Write at 6ace for larue Illustrated catalogue.
DeLoach Mill Mfg. Co., Atlanta, la.
15 Wasbl:lgot St, Nw York Ciy, and lII S. 11th St., St. Lculs, Mi.'
G. IL Prothro,
Diseases of Women and Chil
iron a speciality.
Office in theoTrichel:Drug, Store.
* 8
presides over the FAMOUS. Ton
soral Parlors on ~nd Street, near
the Courthouse, will give you the
best and quikest slavc in town.
+:: dc quting in all t~ latest
Styý i e to prfectiorl (,Uotj
RHEU, AISM, NEURALGIA, an telous cu.
cieuon of with amzementl
at the most remarkable rec
ord of cures ever Iknown a
the World's history,
Hundreds of thousands of Sufferers cured witbout a slngle failure
B. , Though so universally used and tested did ou over hear anyone
speak ill of this great remedy? No,,you never dl, and never will, for
if taken as directed and in the proper quantity '5 Drops" cannot fail
to euro any of the diseases for which it is recommended. What
it has already done to relievo the suitering 13 told in thousands of
letters of grateful praisce.
Mir. 7. P. imeburnert widrly knownr for nany earl as the sar&cJ represeltative o/
I&- 1 oparlidts and Fret JSilv"cr Presi of the UcaJd States, has keiniy forwarded IAM
folluowing lettr (or public d n:
DEAB Snm-I am anxious for the Fake of the suffering and out of gratitude to you to
give my personal endorsement cf your wonderful remaedy. (in the Hth of January, 1897,
Iwas in Washington and was suddealy seized with an agcrnevated; ctuo of inflammatory
rheumatism; so tevoro and rlinful wat the att;ck t.ut within 21 hours my left arm .was
paralyzed and I was only able to dress with assi.tsantc. I secured a bottle of 5 DROPS
and took a dose that night, rubbing somtc on t:c'ti:mtlll as directed. The following
morning I was sunrpriedi to f:nd L3vtuf iiamnemreh'y rcl'ayvd, and continuing treatment
woke the second morning cured. Mly armnn wsLa ahluto:y frn from paitn, and all swelling
and stifunesa had disappeared. The gqu:knss eand c(~u:i,l:uness of ty cure was re
mnarkable. I havO known for ovr a 'a;r cf the e;reat curati\'v roperties ol your medicine
and have tveral friends who havu btenl eurcd by it of Neuralgia, Catarrh and Asthma.
Wishing you every success and trusting that those siiliarly afflicted will at least
give this remedy a trial. Sincerely yours J. P LIMEBURNEB,
Burcau of PIeulist and efornm t'apers. Old SIxh /Excrtknge Baildicg, C/icrago,,l
Dnaw Stre:--I would like to thank you for your sreat remedy, "5 DROPS," and tell
ern what it bha done for nm. I had Kheimnuataisr in every joint and In the heart ;and I
ad Catarrh of thy head for ;sj year, I was so poorly that I lost the use of oy legs ana arms,
and could not tu ve withount lain. I wa. so crippled, that I had done but little work for
seven years, and our family phvysician, a good doctor, told de that my Rheumatism
and (rtarrh were incurable, and I believed him. hut now, after using "a DROPS" only
two momi,~!s, I can truly u ay I have not felt to well for seven yearn. This medliine does
mere than ,, clnte-d for it. At this tinme my Catarrh is much better, and 1 have scarcely
any Riheuntuatitm at all aUhd the heart weakness and pain are gono. My hearing is now goo
and mi cyesight in much better. I have gained more than 1 punds of esh and can do
a full dav'wo.:': it is the best medicine I over saw to give a mother who has a young child,
for it hua the tu.e effect on th c.hild as on the mother. It wards off Croup and cures the
hivesof the child and causes stveet and refreshing sleep to both yoeung and old
Ja . Yours reepectfully, WM. M. KELLEMS,
,Jan. 29, 86. Sibocria, Perry Co, Ind,
Wa received the followiaz4 letter froes Mr. 7. 7. Wilson ep' Omahla, 111 Mr. Wilsos has
ern for many years an inv-lid, and Yreain' the above leter w.. .A.. was fublo.red, wrote Mr.
'el_ ms, as/rir g if hi rrr s C dr zvus a , and recci,d:kms reply, whiak ;.;.frJardsds,.
DEAR bIur:-Your litter of recent date at hand, thetestimonial youu speak of is genuine.
The company who ranufactures and sells "5 Drops' published my testimonial just ua
I gave it to them ant every word of it is true, anm I could swear to it atcd prove it by
many witnesses. The company did not ask me for this letter. I sent it to them last
January for publication in order that poor suifeicrs, incurable as I once was, and as yon are,
might be cured. Get '5 Drops" and use it and it will cure you as it hbs cured me. I have
received many letters like yours, and it is a pleasure to me to answer all who write. Tell all
your neighbors what I have written about "5 Drops." I'know how to sympathize with those
who are afflicted, for though I suffered so long, it is now 8 months since I have felt any pain.
Dr. S. W. lellems my brother, uses "s Drops" in his practice, and joins mein, -
dorsing this great tledny. ieo says for a case like yours it is a positive cure.
Sept. 21, 19n. bIl. W. XI. AND DR. 6. W. KELLE S.
SIf you have notsufficent confidence after reading these letters to send for a large bottle,
send for a samplo bottle, which contains sufficient medicine to convince you of its merit. This
wonderful curative gives almost instant reliefc and is a permanent cure for Rbeumatilm,
Scnatka, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Backache, Asthma, Hay ever, Catarrh. Sleplqasness,
Nervousaess, Nervous and Neuralgic Headaches, eset Weakness, Tootthae, earace,
Creap, "La OrIppo." Malaria, Creeping Numbness, Bronchibtls and Kindred Disease.
"FIVE DROPSf" Is the name and dose. Large bottle (300 doses), $1.co. Six bottles for
W.0o. Sample bottle prepa8d by mail 260. Not sold byldruggists, but only byt, as and out
agents. Agents appoAnted In new territory.
SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURE CO., 167 Desrbornst,Gbicagoa
The State NormalSchool,
Maintained by the State forthe training of
Teachers. Affords thorough prepara
tion for the profession of Teaching
Full course of Academic study, practical training in \th art o
Teaching, one year of daily practice in model schools ufder
guidance of skilled training teachers. Class work ex- \
cmplifics the best of modern thought in matter
and method of instruction.
Diploma Entitles Graduates toTeach in, any publicjschool of
Eouisiana without examination.,
Tuition free to Students who teach one year
after Graduation.
Euntire Expeunse for sessionl of eig'ht eiontlhl, $1t 10
Twelfth Annual Session bregins'OCT. 1. 1896.
B. Ca CALD WELL; Preid#em..
" ""/:-" " , . -  -

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