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Santa fe iUcckln ajette
Alburqucrque Exchange.
The above name! establishment is now onen
TERMS, for tlio accommodation of travelers anil others,
rrpifrv. .1 mi vcar. navililr inviril1v in " Alluirnncrtiue NeW Mexico. Tho table 11
advance i single conies 1Í 1-i cents. Advertise- : bo- supplied with tha'.bi-st the market affords,
'. n 1 . a , . i- .1 . . 1 1 .1. 1 til. 4l. .Ln! . I! Tl. 1
merit, $1 OÜ per square of ten lines for the first
insertion, auu u )cis. ut y suuowucui uucruon
The Surveyor General of New Mexico, by ac
of Congiess approved on the 22ud July 1851, is re
quired lo "make a full report on nil sii'h chum as
originated ''before the cession of the Ten it", y lo
the United Mates "by the trea.y of (ii.iii iiii- Hi
dalgo of 1818, denoting the v ,'.i, v. n w li'ie
with his descision thciem .) i., 'i, i. ; . n-
validity of eaeh of the -t awl.' i! I o- e-
ges, and custom of tl " . '. c i:ei."t; "it. -e--
to (he United States," m in- i- ul . ir.p.i.ni
"m ke a report in regai I t. II VV. cvi.-iiii,: ,
the Territory, showing ill.- extent an:! loc'.i'iiv '
each, stating the miinbei of inliilni.inls in ihe mi. I
Ptiebloi respectively, n I (lie na'uie of then- lines
lothehnd. Such repoil 'o he i.i.ide aeeoidbie: to
the form which may ne pi escribed by líi Se. ica
ry of the Interior; which reKt shall be l.nd before
Congress for such actiei, t:o.'iooii -s may bt deem
ed just an I proper with u view to confirm li na li le
grants ami give full eil'eel io lie Treaty or IH1S,
tietwepll lb.' Ulli'd 'tales Li M- Xl.'n,
Claiintuts iti eveiy cae e. u oe reipiri.d to file
a written noliee, sl'ini f.i i!i 'be lame of the
''p-esent eliimaiit." i - ' '::'.n.il claimant"
nature "f claim. , t - or i..;rCoct its
dulel' ni .v'ilau'n oio'.ie.l tit1: was
derived Willi a refeience ti lie evidence of the
newer and auihuiitv under which Hie grut'tiii' oi-
nnd the liar with the choioost liquors. Tho house
contains eomfortablo rooms for tho accommo
dation of strangers, and attached, aro good
stables for animals.
Alburrpierqtio X. M.
January 2sth 1855.-0. m.
svr 1 1, . vi:v .m-;xic(i.
, o : :'! 'i1 : 'H-.' 1'ol'llie, ly ( e , i ii Vers.
j.vi;:i,i:xorA'tK to ssvn
N 1 W A Kit V
ticer mav have acied ouantity churned, locanlv,
notice and exient of contlieiing claims, if my. with
a reference to Ihe documentary evidence am) testi
mony relied upon to esiabhsh 'bp rlaun, an I In
show t ansfer nf ribi from tie- M'iina! lautei-1'
to present claimant."
Every claimant will al-o be ixjnii'e.l to funiii.li
an au:bentical plat of Survey, if mi rey lia beee
extended, or other eviilence, shown g lb' :)f cise
locality and ex .1 of the tr ct claimed.
To en ble the Surveyor Gener I lo execute Mie
duty thiii iinjio-ed on bim. by law h" ha- 'o ie
quest all tliose individuals wlio laimed Ian
New Mexico before the treaty of IS IK. ie modoce
the evidences of such claims at tins oliice a1 S -hií
Fe as soon as possible
The act of Congress, above referred I... giants
lot) bcios oí Inml lo every white male i iie.eti f
the United Slates, or every w hile male above the
age of 21 ve rs, who bus declared bis intention lo
become a cili7.ee, ii"W resoling in New Mexico,
and who was so lesnling ;i ,í:m lo Is' J.miiaiv IN-l
and tn every white inaie , .'. iy.-n of 1'ie Uoid sta
tes, and to every w bite male above the See of 21
years, who h s ileclareil Ins iiiteiition to become a
citizen, who was residing in the Ten iiory en the
1st January 181)3 or who shall remove lo ami set
tle there at any lime irior to Hie 1st January ISbS
the same law also grants It)'.) aces of puldir laud.
No claim lo any suchMonation is valid unless the
land has or nhall be settled on, ami cultivated, for
J'unr successive years; and r.o such ilonalion claim
is allowed to interfere in anv manner with any
claim recognized by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hi
dalgo. All individuals claiming the benefit of such du
ration will find it to their interest to give the ear
liest possible information to the Surveyor General
as to Ihe localities of their settlements in order to
enable him lo direct his surveying operations ac
cordingly The localities in each county shall be
described as distinctly as possible in reference to
any and all notable objects in the vicinity.
Given under my hand at my office at
Santa Ft this 18 day of Jan. A. D. 1855.
Surveyor General of New Mexico.
Santa ie, Jan. 27, 18j5.-ly.-31.
By virtue of an execution, lo me direcled from
and under the seal of the United States District Co
urt for the First Judicial District of the Territory
of New Mexico, and County of Santa Fa, dated
September 25th A. D. 1851, in favor of Fnncis Jt.
Cunningham, and against Alexander W Reynolds,
for the sum of $i!785 11 dollars, damages and $21
CO dollars costs of suit, with interest thereon from
the 22nd day of June A. D. 1855, until paid and
also the costs that may accrue, on which execution
credits amounting to $1108 50 dollars have been
allowed, I will expose to public sale, and sell to
the highest bidder for cash in hand, in front of the
court house in the city and county of Santa Fe,
on the first day of the next term of the U. S. dis
tiict court, for said rounty, to be begun , rut held
in Santa Fe, on the 19th day of March next, he
tween the usual houis of sale of said day ail the
right, title ani interest of the said Alexander
IV. Reynolds, in and to Ihe following described
real estate, to wit:
A certain house and lot of giound or lai d, witl
all the buildings thereon, containing is '-ooir.s in
of which are now occupied as t1 ri-on of Ihe
county of -anta Fe, hounded on the nortli by the
main street Isading weslwardlv fiom the public
plaza, and by the house of Concepción M.uioni,
on the east by an alley running southwardly from
the said last mentioned street to the Uio Chiqiiilo,
and by the house and lands of said Con ein-ion Ma
rioui, south by Ihe Rio Chiquito, and west by the
house and lands of Manuela Jaramilhi.
Sania Fe, February Mill A. D. 185D.-5 t.
t. r. 1 t
SANTA I'K I'll UIKKN, "i'i
ci"sshig 'hi (il.ois t'. w .
that the nlitteisigne 1 will '.'V 'b I
Mail from li te,enii, i.e lo S.n.ln
yea'-, eolnloelM illg on ihe firs' d..- .d
in sin ,'es dra.vi, bv six m iles
T'ieir siméis ni'l leitve I'elenev leu
Fe on 'be lb si of ea- h liionili T,.
lely new. lilid coinfoitalile for j.a-.e
giiardtd. and rnnn'd'.g lili' iiell. ea -b w
twen'v to twei.ty-fivp dues Tiav k
New 'Venen, will ilonblle.s fuel ilA
ilio-l exoeil'liolis and comlVrt.ible. ,t.
:!ieape-l '"ode f crossing 'lie plan
From November M lo Mav l-i.
Fi.mi Mav tirst lo N. vniher I t
vant, West Levant, F.xte
er, East Saugcrville, auú
From Bangor, to t'ppi :
From Bangor, by Horn
Newport, Newport, 1'iilt
naau, to Skowhegan.
From Bangor, by Ens
South Hampden, Nortli
Mills, North Senrsport,
From Bangor, bv Bret
den, North Ellsworth, .u
From Uangor, by Bron
rinu't'Ui, South Orringl
HiicksHii't (.'outre; Bncks
Cnstlll'1. I rr t ' un . i
Frp"l B.lie.O!', bv Wt
k.ig. ..i.n h . I'm1-!' Mil
P..-V, 'A'.i.-' lliii: , M 1 1 ii
I s!.i!e.. i 'i-1!'!- V'M 1' i .on, s.i
If for four VYm-Lw. to W.eel '.'ille.
'i- ".! F' ,:,, C-!f4... "v W,!
non- i
will 0.
in ins, and -uilnilllltlo,' Í '
d In
.1 I.
F:om !lel;,'i:i
cor, and !rk.
Fiom Ke''!r i
New vlnil"ll.
,tills. lo Nui'h
, i.-
Itelhcl, by f'Vwiy
. p..
'he Pron-leiio-s.
P ckajes and exl e ba'Tie W''l ''.o'-noi'
wllin i -ilile lo ilo o. at '
poned II' the soiiiiiier. a- I 111 l-'li'- in 1'ie W'iel"l,
'"it no p.ickT'e will be ''no'seil le.- thu, one ,' d
The proprietor will not be responsible for rmv
I'.trkage worlh more than tittv dolbir-, mii'"-s imii
tents given and specially con'nieted for. and a!' Ii.ig
gage at all times at ihe ri-k of the owner thereof
(Jj? In all c ses Ihe passage money must he
(Him in advance, and passengers, must stipulate to
eoufoini lo the rules which may be established by
(be undersigned, for the government of their line
of stages, and those traveling wild Ihem on the
plains. No passenger allowed more that forty po
unds of baggage in addition the necessary bcddir.g.
W. W. II. Davis, Esq., at Santa Fe, and Mr.
John S. Harris at Weslport. Mo., and our Mail
Conductors on Ihe line, are our authorized agents
to engage passengers and receipt for pissago mo
June 12th, 1851 -If. 15
Rner, atel Gi. if'"1
From liuidelmd
ire. W.iicilioi"'ikr:i
li'ld. N'.'"' IV-
11 i" ' ;
t Dot-
if I'd, to
i, East
.. Ca-
i ipden
; Hoi
s, to
' piii't,
. North
. r, Ki-
. h I.C-
. vpni't,
ui, to
e. Fric
l, and
. , and
... B'-'jr
is Cen-'.ir.soti-,
lo .Ma
in, and
rpilK subsciibers oll'pr for sale by (irivte eou
JL tract tbeiremises cominnnly known as Bar
clays F"rt on the Mora river, embrasnig the title
to a large tract of laud, 200 acres of which is on
der cultivation, with a good grist mill attached, and
inexbaiisable timber in the neighborhood.
The fine unbounded surrounding pasturage and
convenient watering places manifest its excellence
as a grazing locality, its desirable position at the
junction of the two main routes from the United
States to Santa Fe via Cimarron river and Hatnn
mountain is further enhatii ed by the establishment
of a military post in the vicinity thus presenting to
he iiidustioiis and persevering specul dor extrane
ous lucrative advantages unsurpassed by any in N.
Terms arcommodaling as the parties aredefcmusto
engage in oilier business, and can he taken with or
without the crop as now standing
If noi disposed of before the Ifllh day of March
1855 it will then he put up at auction on the pre
it ises and sold to the highest bidder.
Member 1854. t-f.
By vigtue of nn elocution, to mo directed
from uinj under the seal of tho United States
District Court, for tho first judicial district of
tho Territory of New Mexico, and for tho Coun
ty of Santa fe, bearing dato 25 of September
A. U. 1854, in favor of Francis A. Cunning
ham, and against Alexander W. Reynolds, for
Ihe sum of $2785, 41 dollars, damages, and 24
0 dollars costs of suit, with Interest thereou
from the 22nd of June A. D. 1853 until paid,
and also tho costs that may accrue, on which
ejeculiou a credit of the amount' of 11U8. 50
dollars have been allowed, 1 will expose to pn
Uii! sale, and s.ul to the highest bidder fur cash
in nano, in trout ot the court house in the p1
za ami county of S.m .Miguel hi (ho . on I
day of 'he i, ex. i rui of lb United .Sinn. ,; p
trie: o. . 'o - c begun utid hiod in s-nil .? in
house .o. ii.- tii'si Mon i iv in Apr, i next, to wit:
on tue til. i i ila of April l.sjj. diit.ng 'h iJ
ul huais of sate of said day, ail the ngin tiile
and imore.st of iho said Alcun der V. K.'vno -
Us in auu to ttii! loHowmg ii.".eni"'i ,m.p i .
viz: A curtain puntu or parcel of lnti l (o')
touted lying uiul being m the uaz. of ,mii Mi
gucl, county of Nun Miguel, measuring about
lie, to
rd, and
i Blue
i i'odge-
lo, To
Orient, lis, and
1U and
. .South
n' Mills,
General onlfiliirg establishment Weslport Missouri.
Will keep constantly on hand a variety of mer
chandize of (II descriptions adapted to 'be Califor
nia and Santa Fe trad. Persons going across tha
plai:is would do well lo give them a call. Will
also have on hand Wagons, Oxen and other neces
saries suitable for emigrants All order from relian!-'
sources promptly attended to.
ta Fe New Mexico Oct. 7 18&U 5.f.
W. H. Chick
Commission Merchants, Kansas Mo.
acria to
Col Robert Campbell, Mesar. Riley 4, Christy
Saint Louii Mo. Saint Louis Mo.
Santa Fe New Mexico October 7, 1854 1. 1.
V-n lietieiord, bv f
l!i Ibdiis, lo Limeriel
I'loia H11-I01, by New
fiom Brooks, by M01
and Hampden, to Bangor
From Brunswick to f!
From Brownsville, by 1
Kattadkia Iron Works.
From Buckfield, by Su . 1
From liiiclisfiebl, by E
Canton .'fills, to Canton.
From Bucksport, b 1 '
Hill, Bluo Hill, Bluo II
wick, and Door Isle, to 1
From Calais, by W
gue's Falls, Bailovillo,
pslicld, Jackson, Broo
Amity, and llogdon, to
From Canulen, by lb ' . .
North Appleton, to So
From i'anideii to N 0'
From Charlotte, by !
to Alexander.
Frota iherryfield, by
l ruin Aeunvsville, bj ,
ton, to Red Bench.
From Dexter, by I
West Dover, to Dure
From Dexter, by W
Mills, and Dover, to F
From Dixlield, by ' m
and l,ivii(orc.s:ta Strickland Ferry Depot
i VcgitrlJixiíioíit, by North Dinnoiit, l'hinoutli
to East New Port.
From Dover, by Enst Dover, South Sobeo,
.Milu Kirniurnock, mid Muxlield, to Howland.
From East Corinth, by Charleston, Atkinson,
North Atkinson, Soben, uud Williamsburg, to
From East Machias, by Whiling and West
Lubeo, to Lubec.
From East Mach'us, by North Cutler, to Cut
or. From the east lino of the State, by Fort Euir
field, Manchester, und I'rcsnue Islo, to Aroos
took. From East Eddington, by Amliorest, Aurora,
Wesley, and Crawford, to Bailevville.
From Ellsworth, by Orland, Bueksport, Pror
pool Ferrv, Prospect, South Prospect, aud Scars
port, to iiellfnst.
From Ellsworth to Wuttham.
From Ellsworth, by Surry, Blue Hill, Peno
bscot, and North Castiiie, to Caslino.
Iriun Kllswoith, by West Trenton, Eden, ouj
Mount Desert, to South West Harbor.
From Ellsworth, by llnneoe-i, West Sullivan,
Subivsn, East Sullivan, We-i Gol l.ib'Ji'i), Uolils
iiO'O, und Steuiien, tu N inn:' itig'ts.
l'l'iun Ellsworth, by Norih llaucock, Franklin,
N n'.igii ig.is, Harrington, Cu uiubia, Joncsbo
id i iüi U hituoivi!:. , to M u bias.
From Ellsworth, by Ziiden, North Mnnarille,
mh'i'est, lururn, lo Great Pund.
. From Kxier. by West Garlnnd, .South San
.M i'lielil, aii'l Guilford, to Abbot.
From l'ai'iiiingiii'ii, by Knit Strong, New VÍ
iiev .id, ami New I'oi tiun l, to King-jeld.
r 10111 I lio Corks d Moose itivr.
1 rum Gull's Cornel's, by Auburn,
seventy varus long and 38 vina will wi h a
dwelling lioiiso siliiateil tli.'reon, cont.ining one i.ur StmH)1. , N(11,,, xvn,,..
8.110011, ten rooms, one stai.le, ouo placita, one yrom üufl Curriern. by East Tumor
corral and three portales; bounded on the north
by a street running from tho Pecos River west
wardly, on tho east by the property of Dolores
Baca and Justa linca, on the south by thu pro
perty of mid Dolores Baca, and on the west by
a public street.
San .Miguel N. M. February 19 A. D. 1855.-3.t-
By C. P. CLEVER, Deputv.
North Au-
rumisiiEU nir authority.
From Bangor, by North Bangor, Orono, j
West Great Works, Oldtown, Milford, Sunkha-
ie, Greenbush, Olamon, Passndumkeag, West
Enfield, South Lincoln, Lincoln Centro, and
North Lincoln, to Matawnrakeag.
From Bangor, by Six Mild Palls, Glenburn
Kirklnnd, Bradford, South Ornevillc, aud Mi
lo, to Brownsville.
From Bangor, by North JJormon, South Le-
North Turner Bridge, to Livermnre Centre.
From Gorlum, by Buxton Centre, to West
From Great Falls, by Lebanon. .S'unford,
Springvale, Emery Mills, Anton, Acton Corner,
North Acton, West New-field, West Parsons
field, EHingham, New Hampshire, Fllngham
lulls, nnu rreauoin, to Miton centre
I From Green Depot, by South Leed, to Lec
! ds.
From Guilford, by Parkimin and Cambridge,
' 10 Harmony.
From Hampden, by South Hampden, South
Newburg, DUmont, Morton's Corner, in Jack
son, to Jackson.
From llaynesikill, to Brancoft Plantations, to
From Houlton, by Montieello, Bridgowator,
and Presaue isle, to Fort Fairlield,
From lhulton to Woodstock, Now Bruns
wick. From Konnobuhk, by Wells, Ogonquit, Capo
Ncddick, and York, to Portsmoutu, New Hamp
shire. From Kondiiskcng, by Louth Corinth, West
Charleston, South Dover, Djvcr, Foisroft, Snu-
gerville, Guilford, and Abbott, to Munson.
From Lebanon, by Centro Lebanon, to West
From Leeds Station, bv Smith Leeds, Leeds,
North Leeds, Slncklniitl s Ferry Depot, and
East Liverniore, to Livermorj F ills.
From Letter I!. by Went worth's Location, to
Wilson's Mills.
From Limerick, by Newfield, Went Newfndd,
East Wakefield, Now Hampshire, and Lciglitou's
Corners, to Ossipec.
From Lincoln, by Leo .S'ir'iiHeU, Carroll,
an 1 Kossuth, ta TnpsluiM.
From Lincoln Centro, by P.ittaguinpus and
Chester, to NiclMi'lon.
Fi'oni Liverinoi'o Falls, bv .lav, North Jay,
itilton, anil bust n ilton. to i nnniiigtun.
From Luvell. by Nurlh t'rybiirgh, to Slow.
From .Machias, by East' Machias, Marion,
Dennysil!e, mid CliJi'lolte, to Calms.
Fro'in Machias, by Nortli I'airlield, Wesley,
t'iii'.vfoi'd, and Alexander, lo Princeton.
Feint M ichias to Macbinsport.
From Mattaw .tikeag, by South Mollineas,
lLiviie.-villo, and Linnaeus, to llouUiin.
Fro.n Mutawankoag, by Conway and Numb
er three, to Patten,
From Mechanic's Falls, by West Minot and
Fast Hebron, to llacklield.
From Mexico, by Rosebury, to Byron.
From Moiisoii, by Shirley' Mills uiU Shirley,
to Gi'ienville.
From 'Munson, by Abbot, Parkninn, South
Parkinan, Dexter, Pleasant Yale, uud Newport,
to Detroit.
From New Castle to Bristol,
From North Anson, by West Ennleii, Nurlh
New Portland, Eint New Portland, New Poll
land, and Freeman, to Stroll1';.
From North Anson, bv West Anson and East
New Vinoyarn, to New Vineyard.
From North Anson, bv Eniden, Solon. Bing
ham, un I Cariitunk, to the Forks.
From Nurlh Anson, by Etmlcu Centre, to
From North Lincoln, by Chester aud West
ludiun townships, to Nickt'on.
From North Berwick, by Smith Sanford, San
ford, Springvale, Allicl, and Wiilerborough,
to Waterboroiigh Centre.
From Nortli New Portland, by Lesiuton and
Dead River, to Flag Staff.
For Nonvav, l'Va o.foril, South Walorford.
and Sweden, to Luvell.
From Orono, by Unpor-atillvfuter. Oldtown:
Alton, and La Grange, to Kilmarnock.
I win Oldtown, by Argyll) und Edinburgh, to
From Passadutnpkeag, by Enfield and Lo
well, to Burlington.
From Patton, by Umcolcus, Nasardij, und
.lroostook, to Foil Kent.
From Paris, by North Paris, West Summer,
Summer, Eaat Summor, Hartford, Canton, Mil
ls, to Cantou.
Prom Plantations number eleven, called A
rojstook, to tho East lino of the State by Prcs
quo Isle, and Fort Fairfield Plantations.
From Portland, by Falmouth, Cumberland,
Yarmouth, New Gloucester, Upper Gloucester,
West Danville, Danville, Fast Portland, Minot,
M.'cluinics Falls, South Paris, Niu'lh Paris,
liryaut's P.nd, Lock's Mills, Bethel, West Be
thel, Uilcad, Shclburno, New Hampshire, Gor
luwii, Byrliu Fills, Berlin, Milan, Duinnier,
Stark, Northumberland, Stratford, uiul Bloomi,
Held, Vermont, to' Brighton. ''
From Portland, by FKlIinTiutliV Cui'iiberlnnil,
North Yarmouth. Frcepert, and Brun,?vi:k, to
From Portland, by Steven's Plains, West
Falmouth, West Cumberland, Gray, West Glou
cester, and Poland, to Moclianics Falls.
From Portland, by Oak Hill, Saco, Bidde-
ford, Kennebunk Depot, Kcnnebunk, Weils'
Depot, North Berwick, uud F.lliut, to Ports
mouth, New Hampshire.
From Portland, by Yarmouth prepport, Bruns
wick, Topsham, llowiloiuham, Richmond, Rose
du'.o, Gardinner, Pittston, Fartningsdale, nud
Hallowcll, to Augustn.
From Portland, by South Windham, Wind
oam, Nortli Wiudham, Uaymoud, and Naples,
to Briilgaton.
From Portland, by Sucnrappa Gorlmm, West
Gorh im, Stundish, Steep Falls, East Baldw in,
West Baldwin, llirain, Urowtillcld,, Fryburgh,
and Centre Couway, New llauipshiro, to Con
way. From Trosquc Isle, by Lyndon, Van Boron,
West Van Huron, Madawaska, uud West Mada
waska, to Fort Kent.
From Prcsquo Isle, to Number Eleven, Ran
ge Five Aroostook.
From Railroad Junction nt Dnnvillo, by doffs
Comers, Lcwiston, Green Comer, Green Leeds
Station, Manmoiiih, Winlhrop, licadliebl, nud
West Watorville, to Wuterville.
From the Railroad Depot, by Wetchville, to
From Railroad Depot, by Oxford, OtUfJeld,
Casco, and Edcs' Fulls, to Naples.
From Raymond, by East Raymond, Casco,
and Otisficld, to llloster's Mills.
From Rcadllcld, by Kont's Mills, North Fayet
te, Livcrmnro Falls, Juy Bridge, and North
Jav, to Wilton.
From lioadlield, by Kont's Mills, Fayetto,
North Fayotto, South Chcstcrviile, Chester-
ville, North Chestcrvllle, and East H'ilton, to
From Richmond to Lcwiston (.-lndroscnggm
C. 11.)
From Rockland, by Rockport, Camden, Lin
eolnvillo, Northport, and üast Northport, to
From Rockland, by Thomaslon, Warron, Wal
duborongli, Nobbiborough, Newcastle, Sboeps
coast Bridge, Wiscassett, and Woolwich, to
From Tfocklnud to Matini.'u'.
From Rockland to Islo au llaut.
From Skowhegan, by Cornvillo, Athens,
Brighton, Kingsbury, llluiicliurd, and Shirley,
to (irocnvillo.
From Skowhegan, by Eask Madison, and
boutli Solon, to ioli'li.
From S'fMilhwcst Harbor to Cranberry Islo,
From Springvale, by Hired Ross' Comoro
NewUcld, South PursonOold, nu4 Patsonliold,
to EHingham, New llauiiishiro.
Irom oouiii fans, by Norwny, Nortmyay,
t.oettn'a f tl? In U..IÍ...I "
- - ,
From South Paris, by Unrrison, North Brid
getnn, and West Bridgeton, lo Fryburgh.
From South Paris, by Snow's Falls, Wood
stock, North Woodstock, Ituinford, Rumford
Point, und .South Jndovcr, to .Jndorer.
From .Vtan lish, by Font l.iiuington, North
Limington, Liiuiugtoii, Cornish, and Kogar Fal .
Is, to Porter.
From Strong, by West Freeman to Sirl'em.
From ThomuMou, by St. George and; Tcn
an'.'s Harbor, to St. George.
From Thomaslon, by Cushliig, to 'riendSiliifi.
From Tilden, by .Inilnrcst m..uo.'ii, ti
From Union, by Njrlh Uu'on and Washing
ton, to Light's Comei's.
From Walerville, by Kendall's Mills, Fairfi
eld Comers, Pishon's Ferrv, Canaan, and Witt
Ibirllaiiil, to ll.ii'tliind.
From Walerville, by Wiuslow, Denton, Clin
ton, I'liirnliam Yillnge, Fast Burnhiim, Troy
Centre, Troy, North Dixmont, North Ncivburgli,
North 11,'iniiHlcn, West Hampden, nud Hamp
den, to Bangor.
From Watorville, by lairUoUl Laroqc, Cioow
la, to Nori'idgcwock.
From Watowillc, by Kend.iU' Mills, and
Benton, to Unity. k
From Walerville, by Bcnlon, Cluiton, Uurn
hiun Village, East PittshVld, Detroit, Plyiuuujtbv
Etna Centre, Carmel, and Hurnion, to Bangor.
From Watcrboro Corners, by Liiuoiioj und I U
mingtoii, to Stundish, .
From WaUlubi)ro, Jiy Suu,tlv Wuldolioro, nud
Frioudship; to dishing.
From Water ford, by North Wnlcrfurd, East
.Slonchain, North Lovell, and Centre Luvell. to
Lovell. ' '
From Wilton, by Noilh Wilton, to Teninla
Mills. 1
From Wiuthrop, by Wayne. East Livermoro.
North Liverniore, Cantou. D''.ficld, Meiico
East lUimfiird, to Bryant's Pond.
From Wimhrop, by Wayne, Nurtli Leeds,.
North Turin r Bridge, North Turner, South
Stratford, Bucklield, West Rucklleld, uud Pa
ris to Sou lh Paris.
From Wiseassi't, by Dresden Mills and Dro s
den, to Ilichmoud.
From Wiscassd, by .Una, Whitfield, iiudEn'i
Pittston, and Piltstoi'i, to Gardener.
From Wiscas.set, by North Edgccoiub, Edge
comb, Nortli Bootlibay, and Boothbiiy, tu IMg-son's-Mills,
From Yarniflulh, by North Yarmoiitli, Ea
North Yarmouth. Poland, West Durnain, lur
liam, T'inbon, Webster, uud Wales, to Mua-mouth,
Greonwood, Loeko's Mills, to Betiiel.
Froiu South Paris to ivorwny.
From .linherst, by Milfi.nl, East Wilton, Wil
ton, Míiboii, and Mason Nillage, to New Ips-
From Berlin Falls, bv Berlin, tu Millan.
From Bradford, by .Newbury and Newport, to
From Bristol, by Bridg"v.iter and Hebron, to
From Bristol, by BriJgiW.iter and West I'lv
mouth, to Itiimnoy.
From Brookline tc Railroad Deput atl'eppor
yille. From Canterbury Depot, bv Canlerl url 'o
.Slrik.ir Villa'"'. "
From Cliarlestown, by .Icworlh, to Lempstir.
Fruu Chester, by Ueny, to Lawrence Mas
saehusetts. From Claroinont, by Covnish. Flats, Mariden,
and East Plainlield, (o Lebanon.
From Concord, by West Concord, Hopkinton,
Contotook Yillago, Warner, Bradfurd, Newbu
ry, and Newport, to Chiremont.
rroiu toncoM, by canterbury. .Sunbormoit
Bridge, Sanbornlon, East .Sanb'orntoii, North
.S'nnbornton, Lake Village, New I lampion, We
ir's Bridge, Meredith Yillnge, Ilolderness, Ply
mouth, West Plymouth, Ruinuey, West Kuni
dcv, aud Woutworth, to Wurrcii.
From Concord, by Chichester, North Ches
ter, PittsliclJ, Bariistead, Strull'ord, and Ba
rington, to Dover.
I'roni Concord, by London, London Briilgo,
and Gilmanton, to Giltnniiion Iron Works.-
From Concord, by London, London Centre..
Lower Giloiauton, und Gilmuuion Iron Works,
to Alton.
From Concord, by North Dumbarton, to
From Concord, by West Concord Mast Yard.
Hopkinton, Coutotook I'llluge, and Warner, to
From Concord, bv Fisherville, BoscayrcnySa
lisbury, Franklin, L'ust Andovcr, Andovor, West
Andovcr, Danbury, Graflun, Centre, East Ca
iman, Canaan, Enlield, West Caimiin, North
Eulield, East Sebanon, Lebanon, West Leba
non, to White, River Junction, Vermont, sixty
nine miles and back, t waive times week, with
a, bntnoli from Franklin, by Hill, to Bristol.
From Concord, by Pembroko, dllcntown,'
South Dceifield, Candía, Raymond; Epping,
Strntham, and (r'roenlnnd, to Portsmouth.
From Concord, by Chichester, F.nipson, West
Northwood, East Norlhwoud und Nuttioghum
Turnpike, to Durham.
From Concord, by Hooksct, Autoskeag, Man
chestor, Heed's Ferry, Thornton's Ferry' Nas
hua, Tyngsborough", Massachusetts, North
Chelmsford, and Middlesojt Yillago td Lowell.
From Coutotouk Village, by Henuikor, to
Hillsboro Bridge
From Conway, by North Conway, I.oworBar
tlett, l!nrtlet),llori's Location, Crawford Ho
use, White Mountain, and Balilclieiu, to Little
ton. From Dorcr; by Conio, Rochester, Farming
ton, New Durham, Downing' Mills, and Al
ton, to Alton Buy.
From Dover, by North Harrington, cAralTurd
Comers, and North Strafford, lo North Baru
stc.ul. From Dublin, by Harrsvillo and Nelson, to
From East Wilton, by Peterborough, Dublin,
and Marlborough, to lvoenc.
From East Wilton, by South Lyndeboriiugli,
(iroondold, Hancock, South Stoddard, Stoddard,
Marlon, aud New Aleload, to Paper Mill, Vit
íligo. . '
From r.ppinr, by Nottingham. NorlUwood.
and Epson, to Pittsliold.
Prom Errolt to Lottor B.
(Cofifnttirf on fourth jpiy)

I lo 't'.ll 'lis.
I Fr.Mii l!.u;.;'r. by X-:
1 wit. H'iger.-' ('orli"rs, S
I ' rimia, (Joriinii.i C"iil
i j Fiom 1). if i-'. Ir, I. .is! r
"..r--; w-11
V, In I'i OKI
and fiom
the ,f..,
'"'I as the
From Barringlon, l v Centre Strafiiird nndi
Centre Barnstead, to Barnsieii.l.

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