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J8T 1:1 el Ifl IMU , . tJ n ! Hr v IIFíf.Stñf IF IV
Santa Fe, New Mexico,1 j December 18, 1858.
Tonemos mucho gusto en anunciar i los co
merciantes del Nuevo Méjico que hemos logra
'do ahorrarles el trabajo de ir i San Luis cara
iomprtr su . i '
pues hornos establecido nn establecimiento en
este lugar, para la fabrica de jabón, rolas de
aceite de manteca, de la estrelle y de cebo, las
cuales podremos suplir í nuestros amigos en el
Huero Méjico ,
Con la determinación de hacer un articulo
superior esperamoi recibir muchos encar
Noviorabre 18 de 1855
Comerciante por mayor y en menudeo de toda
late de efectos, ropa hecha, sombreros, cachuchas,
botas y montos te. ,
Calls del llio entre le calle principal y nogal.
Ciudad de Kuusus, Jisuri.
Los NnelMltei Nuevo Mejlnuicn will Sulli'IUwlof de veulr
m tUHt, KiitM ilc lister sus cuni)mt eu otra parte.
Julio 12, ;
H. M. Sartliru. J. S. Chl . ' I. K. TlirellieM
J. S, Chick )' Cn
(Sucesores de Northrup y Chick.)
Comerciiuitss por mayor se toda clase de Mercan
ias, y Negvviantes de Comestibles, Licores, Cigar
ros, íc.
CouiirnnlM r VNiilrmni tal claw de tseroi, pielu, ode ido
tris, ier ilineru cimtttlo.
Julio 12.
Pabriciintes y Comerciantes por mayor y ruó
uor tie sillas y guuniieioues, cuartas, ; i
" ' ; OtipUolttflj ' '
la la cosa anteriormente ocupada con la tienda de
J. C. Hansom, Callo del llio cutre la calle principal
y la del Nogal,
Ciudad de Kuusus, Misuri.
Julio 12. '
DR. mis Ei Mvmim,
tf WWl'i JihUIiot llio Coiiutj Cinlrthiiun nail Jan. -ga
i.mii: nr m:iKitin mmi iv
NOTICE is hereby given that I will apply to the
l'rubiito Court of the County of Taos at its reg
ular term to be begun and held on the first Monday
of January 18Ü9, at Fornaudo d Taos, for a final
settlement of said estate.
Ilarslay'sFort, N. M. WILLIAM KRONIQ
December 1st, 1858, j Administrator.
. Siweyor Genkkal's Office,)
,'' Saxta Fk, Ntw Mexico,
. November 24th, 1858)
NOTICE is hereby giren that by virtue ot the
provisión, of' the act of Congress approved
May 24th, 1868, the duties of Register of Public
Lands and Keceivcr of Public Moneys, oonferred
upon this office, cease from and after thisdate, those
duties being performed by the Hegister and Ke
ieiver appointed uuder said act
WM. l'ELIIAM, Surveyor General
44;8t of NewMciion.
Ekoister an1) Ukceivbr's Office, ) '
'. '' ' Santa Fi, Kíw Mkxioo, '
' - November 25th, 1858. :
"YTOTICE Is hereby given that the undersigned
IV' Register of Public Lands and Receiver of
l'ublio Moneys, have this day entered upon the du
ties conferred upon tliem by law: and the offiue is
now opened for persons claiming public lands In
this Territory under existing pre-emption laws.
. : W M. A. DAVIDSON, Register.
44tf ' WM. A. STREET, Receiver.
SE avisa porestas presentes que intento aplicar i
la Corte de Pruebas del Condudo de Taos en su
sesión regular que principiará on Don Feniaudei de
Taos el primer Lunes de Enero de 1869, por un
. J. IJ-I J.lü l-ál! l ...
arreglo nuai ata mu uei unnuo Aitganuro uarciay,
Barclay's Fort, N. M. 1 WILLIAM KRONIG,
luciemoro ( ue jooo.
40: it.
TIIE pirtaprelilp hcivtoliiro cxiHtinn botweuii tho nndrrelgned
nmW tnn nAinA aiiiI ntyleofj. All Mcroire, van rllnsnlv(d na
'the flnt of Ortober, 1S67, by nntunl cunioiit. JoHeph Mercure
avlug purobttiied ail tnil overv Inwreet la Ule Crin will erttle
foaM Vt, Kew UnolOe. M,18M. 41;-tt H.SIKIvCUKK.
, THE 8.UNDAY TIME8 ,, ...
rpHlS large and handsome Kundny newspapor is
i published weekly in the olty of New York, and
is mailed to subscribers at the very low rate of One
Dollar per annum. It is thoroughly national is its
.sentiments, and advocates the principles of the
great Deraooratic party of the Union. Its thirty-
two columns are filled with editorial discussions of
the current topics of the day and with the most
.choice literature, an eopies win De furnished to
.clubs far five dollars. - Address, post-paid,
,'. . , 162 Nassau St, N,I.'
12S56 From Alburquerque, via Peralta and
Muniuno, to Fort Stanton, 140 miles
and back, onco' a fortnight.
Leave Alburquerque every other Monday
' at 7 a. m i
Arrive at Fort Stanton sect Saturday by
12 m; :
Leave Fort Stanton every other Monday
at 7 m j .
Arrive at Alburquerque next Saturday
by 12 m ;
Proposals for weekly trips, going and
returning in a week, by a schedule
to be proposed by the bidder, will
be considered.
12857 From ilburquorooe, by Cibolleta and
Cuvero, to , Fort DeSaoce, 100 miles
and back, once a fortnight.
Leave Alburquerque every other Monda;
at 7 a in;
Arrive at fort DeGance next Saturday
by 2 o m ,
Leave Fort Defiance every ether Monday
at 7 u; n;'1
Arrive at Alburquerque next Saturday
by2p m , , ,
Bids for weekly trips are invited. ' . ,
128Ó8 From Fort Union by üuadalopita, Santa
Gertrudis, San Antonio, Agua Negra,
Riuoouos, Cantonment 2urgwin, and
Ranolio, to Fernaudei de Taos, 150
miles and back, onee a fortnight.
Leave Fort Union every other Monday
at 7 am .
. Arrive at Fernandex de Taos next Satur
day by 12 m j , , ' i ; -
: Leave Fernandos de Taos every other
Monday at 7 a m
Arrive at Fort Union next Saturday by
12m. ' ' . '
11 Bids to run weekly will be considered. 1
12859 From La Mesilla to La Mesa, 12 miles
' and back, weekly.,
,! ,, . ,.. v ., . ' . -.. ,i.i mn-.; ...
'; i. , , i i) ,.-. ;,; l.i. ; !.'
; Leave La MesillaWsdnesdayiai 7am;
Arrive at L& Meia by 12 a ;
, Leave La Mesa Wednesdays sí p m ;
- Arrive at La Mesilla by 6 ñ m. "
' Bids to ran through to Las Cruces, 10
. miles in all, also to uakejfero trips a
week, are invited.
12860 From Santa Fe( by Cañada, Abiquio,
ana Rito, in Rio Arriba coutty, to San
Antonio, (Los Conejos,) in Taos eoun.
ty, 75 miles and book, enoe s fortnight.
' Leave Santa Fe every other Thursday at
6am; J '
. Arrive at Los Conejos neitds? by 8 pmj
Leave Los Conejos every othei Monday at
0 am;
Arrive at Santa Fe next day I y 6 p m.
Bids for weekly trips are invited. ;
128&V From Taos, by Arroyo flond4,Bio Colo
rado, and Culebra, to íort Massachu
setts, 115 miles and back, ouoe a fort
night. ' ,
Leave Taos every other Mondty at 7 a m;
. Arrive at Fort Massachusetts next
Wednesday by 3 p m v
Leave Fort Massachusetts every other
Thursday at 7 a u; -j ,
Arrive at 1'uos next Saturday bi 3 p m.
Proposals tor weekly trips are tinted.
12S62 From Tucson, by Tubao and Canbstas,
to tort liuchanan, (Agua Ctliente)
100 miles aud back, once a fortnight.
Leave Tuoson every other Wednesday at
Arrive at Fort Buchunaa next Saturday
by 11 a m ;
leave Fort Buchanan every otherWednes-
day at 7 a m; . ...
Arrive at Tuoson next Saturday by 11 a in
ciusior weegiy trips win Deoossiaerod
128C3 From Tucson, by Sopor! to Agua Cali
ente, (ron Duchanan,) 1UU miles ana
uaoE, once a fortnight. - !.
Leave Tuoson every other Monday ata7
Arrive at Fort Buchanan next Wednes
day by 4 p in ;
Leave Fort Buchanan overy other Thurs
day at 7 am; :
Arrive at Tucson next Saturday by 4 p m
Bids for weekly trips will be oonsidered;
aiso bids to run from Tucson,by Sopo.
ri, to Tubao, 5b miles and back, onoe a
week, by a schedule to be stated, in
uoa ol tne route ana servios mention'
ei. .
Containing candiliont to It tmbractd in the
contracts to the trieiit the Department may
item proper
1. No nav will bo made for the tries not eor
lorned i and lor each of such omissions, not
satisfactorily explained, throe times the pay
of the trip may bo deducted. For arrival so
far behind time as to break connexion with
depending mails, and not sufficiently excused,
one fourth of the compensation for the trip is
subject to forfeiture. Deduction will alio be
ordered for a grade of perfomrance inferior to
that specilied in the contract. For repeated
delinquencies of tne kind nerelu specihed, eu
Urged penalties, proportioned to the nature
there uf and the importance of the mail, may be
2. For leaving behind or throwing off the
mails, or any portion of them, for the admis
sion of passengers; or for being concerned in
setting up or running an express conveying
intelligence in advance of the mail, a quarter's
pay may ue oeuuetou.
" 3. Fines will be imposod, unless tho dolin
queney be promptly and satisfactorily oxplained
by certificates of postmasters, or the affidavits
of other credible persons, for failing to arrive
in contract time ; ior noglecting to take the
mail from or deliver it into a postoflice; end for
suffering it (owing either to the unsuitableness
of the place or manner of oarrying it) to be wet,
injurou, aetiroyeu,roooea, or iosi.
4. The Postmaster General may annul the
eontra.it for repeated failures to run agreeably
to contract ; fur violating the post offito laws,
or disobeyiog theinstruotioos of the department;
tor rcfusinz h aisouarge a carrier wien requi
red by the department to do so ; for aesigning
the contract without tne assent ol tne r oilmas'
ter Oencrnl ; for running an express ; or for
transporting persons er packages containing
mailable matter out of the mail.
5. Tho Post; Master Uenoral may order an
increase of service on a route by allowing there
for a tro rata increase en the oontroat nav.-
lle may change schedules of departures and
arrivals without incroase of pay, provided the
running tune be not abridge! lie may also
curtail or discontinue the service, in whols or in
part, at rao rata decrease of pity, allowing one
month's extra compensation on the amount dis
pensed with, whenever in his opinion the pub
lie interests do not require the same, or in ease
he desires to supersede it by a different grade
of transportation. - 1,1
d .Payments will be made for the servios by
collections from or drafts on postmasters, or
otherwise, after the expiration of each quarter
say in February, May, August, and November.
7. The distanuos are given according to the
best information ; but no increased pay will be
allowed should they be greater than advertised,
if the points to be supplied be correctly stated.
Bidders must inform tubmsxlves on this joint ;
and also in reference to the weight of the mail,
the condition ot roads, hills, streams, Ac, and
all toll-bridges, ferries, or obstructions of any
kind oy which expense maybe incurred. No
claim for additional pay based on such greuuds
can be considered , nor for alleged mistakes or
misapprehensions as to the degree of services;1
nor for bridges destroyed, or other obstructions
increasing distance oocurring during contract
time. Offiaes established after this advertise
ment is issued, and also during the oontraot
term, are to be visited without extra pay, if the
distance be not increased. ,
8. The route, the service, the yearly pay, the
name and residonoe ot the bidder, (that is bis
nsual post office address,) and thoso of each
member of a firm where a i company offers,
should be distinctly stated ) also the mods ot
conveyance, if a higher mode than horse baok
be intended. The words 'With due celsrity,
,:, i. i;:-: i; - i - ; (- .'. - I,' " !i. du I
certainty, and security," inserted to indioata
tne mode of conveyance, win constitute a "star
Bin." When a "star bid" is sntended no spe
oifio conveyance must be nnmod.
I, . ., of county ot , State
or Territory of . nrenose to oonvev the
mails ot the United States from the 1st of July,
1859, to June30, 18G2, on route No ,
from to , agreeably to the adver
tisement of the Postmaster llenera!, dated 31st
of October, 1858, and by tho following mode of
conveyance, vis i
lor the annual sum ot
SS" This proposal is made with full knowl
edge of the distance of the route, the weigh: of
the mail to be carried, and all ether particulars
in reference to the route aud sorvloo, and also
after oareful examination of the laws and in
structions attached to tho advertisement.)
(Dated.) , (Signed.)
The undersigned, residing at, State
for Territory! of , undertake that, if the
foregoing bid for carrying the mail on route
No. be accepted by the Postmaster Gene
ral, the bidder shall, prior to tho 1st day of
July, 1859, enter into the required obligation,
or contract, to perform the sorvice proposed,
witk good and sulhoicnt sureties.
This we do, understanding distinctly the obli
gations and liabilities aseumod by guarantors
under the 27th section of the act of Congress
of July, 2, 1836.
(Uated.) (Signed by two guarantors')
The nndoreigced, postmaster of, State
(or Territory) of , certifies, unoke jus
oatu or ornen, that he is acquainted with the
above guarantors, and knows them to be men
of property, and able to make good the gua
(Dated.) (Signed.)
U. The bid should be scaled; subscribed
"Mail Proposals, Territory of," address
ed "Second Assistant Post Muster General, "
Contract Office, and sent by MAIL, not by er tí
an agent ; and postmasters will not enclose
proposals (or letters of uny kind) in their quar
terly returns.
The contracts are to be executed and return
ed to the Department by or before tho 1st of
July, 1859, but the sorvice must be commenced
on that date, whether the contracts bo oxecuted
er not.
Post Orncg Dei'artmimt,
October 31, 1858.
40 :4t AARON V. BROWN,
Postmaster General.
MilWiüd liy Authority.)
An Act to provide for the Culle inn and Sufe-
keeping of 1'itblic Archiva in the Slate of
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Rcpraentatms of the united states oj America
in Congress assembled, That it shall bo the
duty ot the Secretary of the Interior to causo
to be collected and deposited In tlio Surveyor
General's offieo iu California, all official books,
papers, instruments of writing, documents,
archives, official seals, stamps, or dies, that
may be found in the unauthorized possession of
any individual, relating tc oud used in the
administration of government mid public uf
fairs iu the department el' Upper California,
and which belonged to the government duriiig
the existence of Spanish or Mexican authority
iu Uppor California ; and the same, when de
posited iu his office, shall be safely nnd securely
kept by tho Surveyoror-Geuerul in tho ar
chives of his office aud copies thereof, authen
ticated by tho Surveyor-ticnerul under the
seal of his office, shall bo evidence in all discs
where the originals would be evidence : I'rc
tidtd, That at the time of depositing said
books, papers, writings, and documents iu said
archives, a schedule uud uccuratc description
thereof, shall bo mado by the Surveyor-General,
with a statement of the time and place
whero the same wero found, and whens they
were deposited in tho archives, which shall be
certified under tho seal of the Surveyor-General,
and filed in his offiue; anda certified copy
of said scliednlo shall be trnnsinitlcd to the
Commissioner of the General Land-Office,
and also to the Attorucy General.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That if
the Surveyor-General shall have omisa to sus
pect a concealment ol any such official books,
papers, writings, documents, archives, or offi
cial seals, stamps, or dies aforesaid, in any
particular dwelling-house, building, or place,
any judge er commissioner of the UnitedStates
may, on affidavit showing tho facts und cir
cumstances upon which such suspicious are
founded, grant to theSurvoyor-CJoiicral, or to
any marshal of the United States, a warrant
to enter such house, building or place, and
there to search for such official books, papers,
writings, documents, archivos, seals, stumps,
or dies, and to take possession thereof and
deposit them in tho Surveyor-General's office
as aforesaid. '
Sue. 3. And be U further enacted, Tha if
any person shall without lawful authority wil
fully tuk'e from the archives of the said Surveyor-General's
office any espediente, map,
dlsofio, book, paper, writing, record, document,
seal, stump, or die, deposited iu said archives;
or hall couceul or unlawfully withhold from
the possession of the Surveyor- Gunerul, or on
demand refuse to delirar to him any espediente,
map, diseño, official look, paper, writing,
document, archive, record, seal, stamp ,or die
relating to or used la tho administration of
government iu the department of Upper Cali.
fornia, and belonging to the government du
ring the existence of Spanish or Mexican nn- '
thority lu said department; or shall wilfully
alter, deface, mutilate, ninko away with or
destroy any such ofQciul book, cspedientc.raap,
diseño, paper, writing, doeiirncut, archivo, re
cord, seal, stamp or dio, tho person so offend
ing shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,'
aud on couviction thereof in any court of
competent jurisdiction, shall forfeit and pny a
fine, not exceeding ten thousand dollars, nt
tho discretion of the court, and bo imprisoued
for a term not exceeding teu years, nt the
like diserotion.
Skc. 4. And be it further enacted, That if
any person shall wilfully, seerctly, and fraudu
cntiy place ot cause to be placed in or among
the archives of the Snrvoyor-Uencrul's office,
any espediente, book, paper, disdeflo, map,
draught, record, or uuy instrument of writing
mirpoi ting to be a petition, decree, order,
report, concession, grant, confirmation, map.
dlsdefio, cspwliente, or pari ot an espediente,
denouncement, title-pnpcr, or evidence of
right, title, or claim to nny land, mino or
mineral, or nny book, writing, pnper, or docu
ment whatever, the person so olleniling shall
be deemed and adjudged guilty of a misde
mcauor, and upon conviction thorcof by any
court of competent jurisdiction, shall forfeit
and pay a line not exceeding live thousand
dollars, nnd bo imprisoned for a term not
exceeding three years ; or be both lined and
imprisoned within said limits, at the discretion
of tho court.
Approved, May 18, 1858-
An Act for the I retention and Punishment of
Frauds in Land Titles in Califwn'a.
lie it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of
America in Congress atscmbltd, That if uny
person shall falsely make, order, forgo or
counterfeit, or cause or procuro to bo falsely
made, altered, lorgcd, or counterfeited ; or
willingly aid aud assist iu the fulse uiuking,
altering, forging, or couuteri'citiug any pen
tlou, certificate, order, report, dcereo, conces
sion, denouncement, deed, patent, confirmation
diseño, map, espedieutc, or purl of an espedi
ente, or any title-paper, or evidence of right,
title, or claim to lands, mines, or miueruls in
Caliloruia, or any instrument of writing what
ever iu relation to lands or mines or miueruls
iu tlio State of California ; for the purpose of
setting up or establishing against the united
Stutes any claim, right, or tille to lauds, miiiess,
or minerals Within the IStute of California, or
fur the purpose ol enabling uny person to set
up or estublish any such claim ; or if any per
son, for the purposes aforesaid, or cither of
them, shall utter or publish as true uud genu
ine, any such false, forged, Itercd, or counter
feited petition, cert fi :utc, order, report, Octree,
concession, denouncement, tleid, patent, con
firmation, diseño; muy, espediente or part of
au cspwliente, title-paper, evidence of right,
title, or claim to lauds or mines or minerals in
the State of California, or nny instrument of
writing whatever in relation to lauds or mines
or tumorals iu the State of California, the
person so offending shall be deemed uud ad
judged guilty of a misdemeanor ; and, bc.ng
therco! duly convicted, shall be sentenced lo
be imprisoned uud kept nt hard labor for u
period not less tbau three years, and not more
llmu ten years, and shall be lined not exceed
ing ten thousand dollars. '
Sec, 2. And Le it further enacted, That if
any person shall make, or cause or procure to
be nude, or ahull willingly aid uuu itssist iu
making any falsely dated petition, certificate,
order, report, decree, concession, denouuec
uieut, deed, patent, confirmation, diseño, map,
espediente, or part of an espediente, or nny
title-puper, or written evidence of right, title,
or claim, under Mexican authority, to uny
lands, mines or miueruls in tlio Stute ol Cali
fornia, having a fulse date, or falsely purport
ing to be nmuu by any Mexican officer or au
thority prior to the aeveiith day of July, A.
I), eighteen hundred and !crly-six, for the
purpose ofsettiug up or establishing uny claim
aguiust the United Suites to lands or, mines
or minerals within the Stute ol California, or
of enabling uuy person lo set up or estublish
any such claim ; or if any person shall sign
his name asgoveruor, secretary, or other pub
lic officer acting uuder Mexican authority, to
auy instrument of writingfalsely purporting ta
be a grant, couecssiou, or denouncement uuder
Mexican authority, aud during its existence
iu California, of lands, mines or minerals, or
falsely purporting to be au informe, report,
record, coulirmation, or other proceeding on
an application for a grant, couecssiou, or de
nouncement under Mexican authority, during
its existenco iu California, of lands, mines or
minerals, the person so oU'euding shall be
deemed and adjudged guilty of a misdeme mor:
rand, being thereof duly convicted, shall be
sentenced to be imprisoned and kept at bard
labor fur a period not less than three years,
uor more than ten years, aud shall bo lined
not exceeding ten thousand dollars.
Sko. 8. And le it farther enacted, That if
any person, for the purpose of setting up or
establishing auy claim tgakst tlio United
States to lands, mines, or minerals within the
Stute of California, shall present, or cause or
procure to ba presented, before any court,
judge, commission, or commissioner, or other
officer of the United States, any false, forged,
altered, or counterfeited petitionf certificate,
Thorn ' '' " '

Joyikos tm Mato t ai msnudeo,
ÍNO. 7 5 guíelos de narmolal lado (luí Norte
' . ''" de la calle 4.
Sax Luis Misuri."
Ties vi de continuo el mas grande surtido en loe
Estados Uuidüs de relojes de oro, relojes fran
pges de mesa, Joyas de diamanto, ajuares de piata
ra en juegos a prctfci cómodos. Componen j
erantli in relojes finos. Piedras preciosas se eu
nstan en todo) estilos.
Ití-Se paga el mas alto precio por plata vieja."
AtjrTion constantemente premios pura ferias. "(ya
Ulc&ico Cirujano, ., ,
4sT &l OfliiinaoiU poco uní arriba quo U Corcel del Condado
IlAItl VA'ltlt rid.. i)..Ua.L. ... A.4. .1- ....i Jt
IwiitT uita i-íciif l, til ilmju til unulo tioiio I limwr ili- avUnr al
iniltHco (iiu 0 Iíh rluitrtt do IHcli-mbro prójimo i- al'i'lré uní
tura, Aritiiititm, ÜoociiifWi, , y U MúhI Vucul. , .
can te, au ti uvtuiire do l&ñ. Ilin, 0. A. J. NOEL.
F.L Sellor SAiitlofo K. Kalilun balilcniloen vtit-ltn i Aint& Fi'.
ttmKC tuowuniilitoiilrece iui ivfck'fli etli,nliKii(ie smlinie. ft.
nelojiTlA Mi mtiiiwlH on lu I'liiKH liajn tt purlM iue corre de la
tiflidft lie Htt'k y Jotianoa lincia la Fondt. Siembre eatHrá Unía
de rt'NVrar ó cuinpoiier cuoliulvr cloje do ri'lújiv ó lie JnyeriH
en precios muj burstiio, . 4l;tt'
Dehi'acho DEL AoRIUrKBOK Generai
' Santa Ffc, Nuevo Míjico.
1 á24deNovembreilcl858.
QE avisa al público que en virtud de las provisiones
O del deorcto del Congreso aprobado el 24 de
Mayo de lP58,oearán do ahora en tutelante los debe
res do Rogistrador do TerrenoB l'úblicos.y Deposi
tario do Dineros Públicos que fueron conferidos a
este Despacho, el cumplimiento do cuyo deber reca
íra sobre las personas nombradas bajo dicho decreto.
41;3t WAI. Í'ULIIAM, Agrimensor tíeneral.
Despacho del Registrador de Terrenos
y Depositario de Dineros I'cbi.icos,
Suut Fé, Nuevo Méjico,
SE avisa por estas presentes que los infrascritos
como Registrador de Terrenos y Depositario de
Dineros Públicos han cmpeiudo hoy el desempeño
ue ios aeDorcs que les son concedidos por laley y el
Despacho se halla abierto para todos aquellos que
redaman terrenos en esto Territorio bnjo la ley de
primacías. : WM. A. DA VIDaON, Registrador.
44;tf . WM, A. STKISUT, Depositario .
pOR cuanto la infrascrita ha sido nombrada por
X la Corte de Pruebas del Condado de Bernalillo
como Administradora de la masa del finado Josí
Chavos, por tanto doy aviso por estas presentes á
toda persona que tenga reclamo alguuo contra la
dicha masa i que este' debiendo á ella que se requi
ere que todas tales cuentas sean arregladas umedia
nieute eon la administradora.
Administrrdora de la dicha masa.
Bernalillo, Noviembre 27 de 1858. 44;3ui
AJEsnraiisraAoaz' jjiDvtm
1 VlltlUiAS the undersigned has been appointed
by tho Probate court of the county of Ber
nalillo as Administratrix of the ostate of José Cha
vo, late of saidoounty, deceased, all persons having
claims against said estate or being indebted thereto
are hereby notified to come liiriwrd and settle the
same Witn tno administratrix. .
Adm'xof JoséChavoi, dee'd.
Bibxaullo, Nov. Ü7, 1858. 44;3ra
An Independtnt Democratic Journal.
Is published at Wcstport, Mo., every week, and
contains a summary of all important events in the
States and Territories up to the hour of going to
It is recommended to the patronago of English
residents ol santa Fe and adjacent country.
Terms I Two Sellan per year in advance.
Subscriptions or advertisements may be left with
tho Lüitur ot tuo unta Fe üaictte.
ma e. sihnk,
THE inberrllKT would lliflirin bis old frli'tidi Olid nitrons that
he iiiw returned to Siiiia Ke end it ue.nln reedr to eerve thorn at
liiaukt Rluml, two down Imve Henry Minure'i etorwon the
i luz. He will reiHlr WHli'hi nun rlorke auu Jewelry of any
Kind st tat, eliortoet nutleo and lu a miionor elylo. 4 l:tr
1IL LUTUtii.
PROPOSALS for carrying the mails of the
United States from the 1st of July, I860, to 1st
of July, 1802, on the following routes in the
Territory of INew Mexico, will be received at
the Contract Office of the Post Office Depart
ment until 3 p. m. of the 15'.b of April next,
to be decided by the lata ol the same month

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