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JA1U8L. COUiNo, ri'llIJSHIB,
johkt. mim.i, EUIIllR.
SANTA I'MArilltDAf, AUJUill! 1191.
Feríale II idWH vllhout ezceplloa.
feroaevetr, ,,, ..II.SO
lor ill moiuiu. , 1,W
for three niuDtu 1-uO
Buitfl cupJn, 10
The Election.
Knit Monday two weeks being the day fixed,
bylaw fur tho election or a Delegate to Congress
as well ue county officers, it becomes tliu voten
to dnsider wull bow they shall wat that suffrages
Tilo importance to our Territory of having an nbe,
efficient, working representative cunool be deuied
The magnitude ol' tho iutereste entrusted to his
ch irge id so great tli.it th.i futurti prospdrity ol'
Now alexioo in a groat measure depends upon the
ciortloM or tho Delegate to Congress. 8I1 jultl
hit labora be crownud with success during tho two
year for which ha will bo elected to ierra, the
Territory will inpidly march on tho road to prog
row; our present embarrassments will bo permanou
tly removed and hereafter our own resources v ill be
sufficient to enable us to grapple successlully with
whatever difficulties may arise in our career.
Iu years past the general government has become
the debtor of the citizens of New Mexico In the
amount of millions of dollars for losses sustained
from Indian depredations. These Urge amounts
of money are justly due our citizens and many of
them should have been paid long since, But hav
lag beeu witheld tho active business of I In Territo
has been crippled for the want of the capital tu
which it is I )f -i ii it ily entitle 1, an t o ijwhich it is
wrongfully deprived by tile slow action of tho Gov-
amount. One of thj candidates has made th.ise
claims the subject of his attention for a long series
of years, and is perfectly familiar with their n irits.
Ilo is also wall ucqu i nted with tlieprneti :al w ir
kings of tha diffin ent Depart uents of the Gov.
ern nent, a .d with the rui n of practice iu the
courts at Washington through which th piyin 'tit
of the claims will h ive to be socare I. Wiihiut
these advantages, which cun only be obtained by
1 ng experience no man is quulilied fur the I access"
(a! dischard of tho duties required tobe performed
Id this department of a Delegato . business; The
other candidate is wholly Inexperienced In all mat
ters pertaining to these affairs. He has never oc
onpied positions that con Id enable him to familiar
lie himself with thoia, even if he were endowed
by nature with thsramtil capacity requinte so to
do. Every voter, therefore, who wishes these
claims to be paid and the money to bo put in cir
culation iu New Mexico, thereby Increasing the
wealth and business of the Territory will cast his
suffrage for
Tha Indians continua to devastate the country
and murder our people. Weekly have wo reports
of their deproilati ins, in which are committed all
the outrages included in the catalogue of crimes
For succor and protection from these savage cruel
ties we look to the general Government. It has
bargained to give us adequate protection, und if
our condition is properly presented it will do so.
One of the can lid ites lor Dalogate Is possessed
of all tho qualifications necessary to enable him to
m ike out our case and h ive our rights awar
ded us. He Is a reudy debator, eloquent udvo-
cate and skillful manager In American polities.
He is personally acquainted with the President
members of the cabinet and many of the Senutors
and Representatives in Congress. The other
candidate is utterly disqualified for the discharge
of these duties because of his Inability to speak
the English language, which alone Is used In
Washington City. Were he to go to the Federal
Capital as our Delegate he would be there an
ntlre stranger to men, manners, language end
tistoms. At every step he would take he would
meet with impediments that he could not over
come. All his communications would have to be
made thronjh the medium of an Interpreter.
Whilst in his seat in Congress ho would not un
derstand one word that might be said and tha
enemies of the Territory could inflict upon us in
his very presence injuries of the m st serious na -
lare without his being cognisant of the fact Ears
woald he have, but oould not hear. His tingue
would bo as useless to him as if ho were a mute.
He, therefore, who would huve our Territory pro
tected from the ravages of tha Indians an I troops
provided for their subjection will vote for tha elec
tion of
Many other interests are to be cared for. The
capital building is incomplete. An appropriation
ihould be made for it, which would give labor and
good wages to great numbers of our people
Military roads ought to be constructed In tho
Territory which would not only faci ltate tho
movements of troops and enhance the value of
prope'ty bat would also put larga amounts of
money in circulation in our midst. For the rea
sons above recited avery body who wishes such
desirable object to be accomplished will put bis
shoulder to the wheal and do all he cao to secure
tha election of i
Look to the recent past aud see if what has
been said in referenoe to the efficiency of the ser
vices of Judge Watts in the city of Washington
is not true. Never, perhaps, since the formation
of the Territorial government has any one man
had so much iufiuence with an administration as
he has hud with that of President Lincoln. That
influence too his been exerted for the benufit of
the whole Territory and not, as is customary In
such cases, for the promotion of partisan friends
and the advancement of party Interests. A man
who has proved liim-elf thus efficient and thus
impartial is certainly worthy of the confidence of
the good people of Now Mexico. They can rely
upon it that his whole energies will be directed to
the fuithful prosecution of their business In the
Federal capital and if they will only commission
him us their d ily elected Representative bis power
to do good in the.r behalf will bo increased ten
f ld more than it has been in the past whilst he
was actio,, for them merely iu the capacity of a
prívalo citii n.
Pity feelings of private vinJIctivenesi have
produced on the part of some smalt minded men
an active, though limited opposition to tho Judgo.
It is p-iifylugtoknowthit this opposition finds
but small countenance union; the messes of the
pouple. who have no faith in the Integrity of those
who huve been instrumental in placing Mr. Archa
lela before them as a candidate. They understand
perfectly well that Archuleta was not made a can
didate from patriotic motives, or with a view to
i lie promotion of any public interest. Hence the
unfounded reports that are originated and put in
circulation with tho purpose of securing him votes
and to damage the prospects of Judía Watts
have but a limited cITict. No sensible man should
d i moro th in trace them to ihoir source, to satisfy
himself of Hie amount of impudence and credit
that should bo attached to them. Put forth for
the sole purpose of inducing tho people to vote in
direct opposition to theirowa iuturests, they shuull
be received with souru and not eveu bs honored
with an investigation.
Ceeuity- Conreutlim.
Pursuant to a call of the Executive Committee
the convention lor paula Fe county, assembled al
the court house in Santa Fe on the 1 1th inst-, and
was oiuauizi'i! by electing the Hon. Jose M. Gull-
eos us president, and Don Suoiiugo Boca and
uud llr. J. M. hldgur us secretaries.
1 no following deloirutcs presented their creden
tials us incomers ut tile oonvuulloll.
Precinct No. 1. Messrs. Vicente Valdcz.
Pablo y Homero, Jose Polito Humero, Jose de
la Liu Hoival, ami lliugo SaJiuiir.
Precinct Xo. I Messrs. José Ma. Gonzales,
Jose M. Domínguez, and Jose Antonio Garcia.
Precinct Xo. H. Messrs. José Manuel Gallegos.
Francisco Archivenno, Miguel b. fino, Juan A,
Sena, Amistado Borrego. José Francisco Suna.
Kamon Sena, llamón Martin, Juan Moya ano
Jiiiin Miiii,l Orilleo.
Precinct No. 4. Messrs. Francisco Ortiz 7 Do
rado, Augustin liaron, Carlos Hlumner. Jesús Ma.
loca y Salazar. U. 1. Uovey. Vlccnto Gu' a.
Anostacio sandovul, lieorge urtiz, facundo mío,
and Antonio Urtiz y Solazar.
frecinct .No. 5. .Messrs. folilo .Houtoya nnu
To bio Lope.
Pricinct Xo. .Messrs. Josc naca y ueigauo,
Francisco Bastamente, Jon Romero y Marlin
and Miguel Montoya.
Precinct Xo. 7 Messrs. Josc Rafael Martinez
ami Pedro Montoya.
Precinct Xo 8. Messrs. José de la Cruz Cha
ves José Manuel Sandoval, Juan Ortoz, Estovan
Sena, and Alejandro Mora.
Precinct No. II. Messrs, Ksqnipulo Gonzales.
Bulluzar Uoibut, Carmel Gomes. Francisco Lujan,
and Victor García.
On motion of Mr. Facundo Pino, a Committee
was appointed tor the purpose of reporting a
Platform to the Convention; which committee
was composed of the following gentlemen: Fuvuo
do Pino, Gonzales Homero. Archiveqtie, Lopez,
Homaro y Martiu, Chavez. Esquipulo Gonzales,
and Martin.
Tho Committee withdrew, und after r. short
absence relumed, and reported through their
President the following Platform:
Whereas, the first Monday of September Is
the day for the' election of a Delegate to the :17th.
Concri'ss of the United States, members of the
Isigi-lutivo Assembly and other Counly officers,
and whereas, a part of the petiole of the United
Im I,, l ,,,. I ,h (1., il ,,,
1 ivvj a, Government ol the said .States, eliden'
voting to overthrow tho glorious edihee whir
the iumi'irtal Wa-lungton, and other founders of
the Republic erected. "
Therefore. Resolved by the people of tho
Comity of Santa Fe, In Cuuventiou assembl
ed, without distinction of parly, thut we
emphutically deprecate said rebellion, declaring It
a subversion of the Constitution laws, and legitl-
aite Government of the United States of Ame
, rica.
Resolved, th it we the people of the County
Sania Fe nnreiiTveillv nledm nur faith, lives.
properly and inuataacred honor, in defensa of Ihe
Constitution, laws, und Government of the United
States, and In repelling any invasion that may
threaten tha integrity of our Territory, the honor
anil dignity of the Unites Sutes, ol the peace aud
good name of our fellciw-cllizens.
Reaolvud.thatatihe ensuing election in Sep-
tember the people of Santa Fe County, wdl sns-
tain the Hon. John S. Watta as Candidate for
Ilftl.tMlA tn llnnvNUl ftn.l uljn will a,inn.,rt. tint
1 other candidates whioh may be nominated in this
On motion of Mr. Miguel G. Pino the platform
was unanimously adopted by the Convnution.
On motion ol Mr. Vicenta Garcia the Conven-
vention proceeded to the nomination of candidates
for the Legislative Assembly and other County
On motion of Mr. Vicente Garcia, Don Facun
do Pino was unanimously declared by tha Con
vention a candidate for Senator.
On motion of Mr. M. E. Pino, Mr. 0. P. Hovey
was unanimously dclared br the Convention a
i candidate for the Hons of Representatives.
On motion of Mr. Anastaclo Sandoval, Mr.
3nt Manual Oallegoi wit Mailmoisly daelsrsd
by the Convention I candidate for the House of
On motion of Mr.. Facundo Pino, Mr.-'iTconte
Garcia was unanimously declared a caudidati for
the House of Representatives. i
On motion oí Mr. 0. P. Hovey Mr. Anastaclo
Sandoval was unanimously declared by lis Con
vention a candidate for Probate JuJae. i
On motion of Mr. E. Pino, Mr. Antonio
Ortiz y Salazar was unanimously declared by the
Convention a candidate for Sheriff. t
Uo motion of Col. M. E, Pino, Mr. Ramon
Sena was unanimously declared by the Conven
tion a candidate for Justice of Peace for frtciuct
No. 3.
On motion of the same gontlomnn, Mr. (Ramon
Garcia y Carda was utiuiiiiiioosly declared by the
Convention caodidate for ConstabUi for Precinct
No. J. j
On motion of Mr. Vicente Garcia, Mri Simon
Apidaca was unanimously declared by fa con
vention a candidate for Justice of the Ptssa for
Priciucl No. 4.
On motion of tho same gentleman, Mr. José
Ralaul Handoval was unanimously declared by the
Conveatiou a candidate tor Constable fur Pre
cinct No. 4.
On motion of Mr. F. Pino, tho name of the
Hon John A. Wutts hall be placed at tha head
ol the ticket, as a candidate for Delegate to Con
gress. On motion of the snmo gentlemen. It was re
solved that tho prtctmliuga of this Convention be
published in the Santa l-é Gazette.
On ol ition ol the same goiilie u. n the Convention
resolved itself into a general meeting: when:
Messrs. Facundo Pino, Hon. Kirby Uenedict, and
i',,i m;..,,,,! i.1 p; i.o ...i ..i..,, .-..j ....
u.... ,..i u. l ,w. UUII'triiiK exujuoilb a,u jur
.-uusivesuuechc ill favur of tho Constitution, laws.
ind Ooverinnuut of the United states, In support
of the candidates nominated bv the Convention
mid the election of the Hon. John S. Watts as
Delegute to Congress, which ware received with
great applause.
un to :i hi ol (Jul. a. & Pino, the meeting
aiijouruuu siis (ft.
Saxmon Baca, I u
J.M. linota. h00?''
Ai.BOQCsao.i t, N. M., Aug. 8, 1811.
M. KntTOn: Consnriiient upon a call of the
inhabitants of Albuquerque, a meeting convened
last eveniiiu (Aug. 7) ill the coan.inz room of Mr.
C. B. Clark lor the purnose of an organization of
themselves into a Home Gusrd. The meeting
was largely and loyally aiteuded and after o cull
to order and the placing of Mr 0. B Clark In the
elnilr. the object of the meeting was briefly stated
for the edification of those not oomph-tely iu..tric
ted as to the wishes of the peopl-, by Mr Joseph
McC. Bell, viz: that in consideration of tho various
reports which have reached as in tho guiso of
truth; the inarching of un armed rebellions force
upon our Territury and the evidence that we have
oftlie intentlen of these out In ws to pursue their
rebellious operations against the Constitution anil
fjiws of the United Htates. und agulust the pence
und security of ourselves and property by biing
ing tho war in upon us; und boiu awur- that there
are among us seditious and disloyal persini. who
are by activo acts and by passive recognitiun aid
in; and aliening the enemy: it is deemed netcssuy
for the safety of society and ouiselves, that hen
be oreanized a Home Guard for Albuquerque and
its vicinity for the protection of Government and
prtvnto property, and to hold a proper and com
plete aurvilliiince over those member of tliocom
uiunily whom we su-.pect of treasonable designs.
A nii.imiiums concunei.c - beincjexpressod In furor
nl the objects oftlie mewing as stated by Mr. Bell
under tho organizution of tho President tbs meet
ing proceeded to the election of officers, which re
sulted in the election of .Mr. Richard Kwlug as
Cnptuin; Don Ambrosia Armijo us First Lieuten
ant mid Mr. C. B. Glurk us Second Lientrnant.
A report of signers being mude we fouud tho
lome Guard swelled to the number of eighty a
committee consisting oftlie ofjiers will wuii upon
M.ij. Honell U. ii. A. to ascertain in how much
he enn assist us by the issue of arms, ninmiiiiitioii.
etc.. and for the proper instruction to mute as u
useful und available forco. ,
The Home Guard being entirely a volunteer
and independent company, does not expect either
pay or rutious from tho Government ol the I'uiled
7b He Peipk of he lemlory of Artim',
I.John R. Baylor, Lieut. Col. commanding the
Cuiifedenite Army in the Territory of Arizona,
hereby take possession of the said territory in the
nnuio uud buhulf of the Coul'edurule Sutes of
The social and political condition of Arizona
bam little abort of general anarchy and Ilia peo
ple being literally destitute of law, order and pro
tection, the said Territory from the date hareof, is
A. -ruby duolumd temporarily organized as a mili
tary government, uutd ducb time us Congress ftluy
ulbeiwi.-e provide.
For all f'B purposes herein specified, and until
otherwise decre.d or provided, the Territory of
Anzoeu shall comprise all thut p irtlon of the re
cent Territory or New Mexico lying south of the
thirty fourth parallel of North latitude.
All offices, both civil and military, heretofore
existing in this Torritory. either uudur the laws ol
tns late umteu stales, or the territory ol 1
Mexico, are hereby declared vacant, and from the
date hereof shall forever cease to exist.
'That the people of this Territory may enjoy the
full beuefi's of law, order and protection, and as
! far as possible, the blessings and advantages of a
free government, it is hereby decreed that the lawi
"d enactments existing in this Territory prior to
the duta uf this Proclamation, and oonsi tent with
the Constitution and laws of tho Confederate
States of America, and tha provisions of th a de-
cree, shall continue in full force and effect, with
out interruption, until such time aa tha Coufeder-
ate Oongress may otherwise provide.
The said Ten-it ry of Ariiona. from the date
hereof, ia hereby declared temporarily organized
under military government, until such time as
Congress Khali otherwise provide.
The said Government shall be divided Into two
separata and distinct departments, to wit; the ex
ecutive and Judicial.
Army in Arizona.
The Judicial power of this Territory shall
matjut in . llsnnnu (Innsfc. I.s ll'talriAfc llina I
m,uiviuuui-nw in loiters irom ui" o"s'- --- ---- j-.-- r - j .
The Executive authority of this Territo ahull b'y r ot t -d an undne share o' tern. In no ii and John Wilson. Iheywars eiponenrad iron
be vested in tha Oommandao . of tho Confederate , stance can we rec licet an offer to ttiht nn tq lal tlersmen, picked for the dangerona dnty tfiey bad
twoProbat tortiand Jastiow of tho Peaoa I natural, palpable Inferiors oí tha Southern rebels, spreads t aeaeral gloon i ovar th Moouiity.
iijetiwwitbiiKh omücipal and othar '-cior1 TisjviOTOÍCreo. McJJo (ron Alcieo- XmHa Ti, Juiy 87.
Courts as the wants of the people from time to
time require.
1 wo District Judges shall constitute the Su
preme Court, each of whom shall determine all ap
peals, exceptions, and writs of error removed
from the District Court wherein the other presides.
One of the said Judges shall be designated as the
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. There shall
bo but one session enoh year which shall be hoid
eu ut the seat of Government.
The District Judges shull hnve two terms of
Court every year, in their respective Judicial Dis
tricu. They may likewise hold special terms.
whenever in their opiuiou the euds of public jus
tice require it.
I no j udicial Ulstricts or tins Ter. ito'y shall bo
livlded as follows: Tho Frst Judi. I District
shall compri-eoll that portion of Arizona Ijiug
east of Apache Puss, the District and Probate
Courts whereof shall be holden ut La Mesilla.
I he Second Judicial District ahull coianrise the
remainder of tho I'Mritury; the District and Pro
bate Courts aha1! b: hold -n at I'ucsm. 'Hi; Gov
urnor shall likewise appoint one Probate Judue
uud Sheriff and the necessary Justices of the Peace
in nun lor eacti diniiciul Uistrict. I ho constublea
shell be appointed by the respective Justices of
the Pence.
Fni.h District Judge shall nnpoint his own clerk
who shall bo ox officio, clerk of the Probate Uourt
within such District.
The District and Probate Courts of the two
Districts hall bu holden ul such times as hereto
fore provided by the Leglslutinn of New Mexico
for the counties ol Dona Ana and Arizona.
AllsuiUaud other business now pending in nny
of the lute Courts of New Mexico within this
Territory, shall be iiniuediatelv transferred to the
corresponding Couits of this Territory as heroin
The style of all process shall be 'Tha Tcrrilorv
of Arizona." and u II prosecutions shall be carried
on iu the mime oi tha Territory of Arizona.
There shall likewise bo appointed by Ihe Gov
ernor, an Attorney Gonerul. Secretary of the Ter
ritory, Treasurer, and Marshal, whose duties ami
cjinpensiitiun srrol be th-' same as heretofore un
der the la vs ol N w Yexioi.
The i iiy of Mesilla is n -r by designated as the
seat ot tiovernnient or tins I ermory.
All Territorial officers shall hold their res nee
live terms of office until otherwise provided by
oonuri'hs, uoiess soouer rumoveu oy tho power
upjioiutiug them.
1'he salaries, fens anil compensation of n't Ter
ritorial officers sh ,11 remain the same u hereto-
lore in tile territory ot .New Mexico.
The Treasurer, -Marshall, Sheriffs and Consta
bles, before acting as such, shall execute tu the
Territory a bond, with good and sufficient encuri
ties, conditioned for the fuithful di.-churge of iheir
o:Hcial duties, in the same manner as heretofore
provided under the laws of New Mexico,
All Territorial ufficirs. before entering upon
their oUciul duties, shull take an oath or affirma
tion to support ihe Constitution and laws of the
Confederate States and of this Territory, and
faithfully to discharge all duties incumbeut upon
The Bill of Rights of tho Territory of New
.Mexico, so fur as consistent with the Constitution
and laws of the Confederate States and the pro
visions of tins Decree, are hereby declared ill full
force and effect in tho Territory of Arizona.
Given under my hand, at .W -silla, this 1st day
of August. lUtil, JON. It, BAYLOR.
Lt. Col. Com. iWid. R fies, C. S. A.
In accordance with the provisions of a Proclam
ation dated August 1st. lrlCl, organizing tempo
rarily Ihe Torri'ory f Arizonn, I, John B. Baylor.
Governor of the said Territory, do hereby publish
und declare the following spp ointments. All ap
poin'ees are reqn -sted to quulify und enter upon
their respective official duties without delay:
Secretary of the'Territorv. .ruines A. Lucas.
Atlorni-y Gen 'ral. M. Ill UacWillhq
Tten.-ur.-r. F Angersteln;
xiirsl-all. It. x Fruí t;
Prubste Judge, 1st Judicial District, Frank
Justice nftho Pence. Dona Ana Co., L. W. Geek;
.Mesilla, 4th IVc, M. A. Venom-ndi; ñth precinct
Henry L. Dexter; La esa. Tlieo. J. aill. r; Pino
Alto. x. u. Steiulbul; Suulo Tomos, Cristobal
Given under my hand, at Mesilla, this 2d day of
August, A. 1). IMl.
Gov. aud Lieut. Col. Com'dg. md, Rifies, C. S. A.
the Trial br Batlle.
On or about the 1st of May hit, Tht iVeis
Orsoon CessiS'if proposed a speedy and decisive
arbitration r the matter in issue hetwoun the U.
S. A. and the C. H. A., ns follows:
"Let a proper battle field, giving both armies
equal chunoe of position, be selected. Jeff. Davis
should command a Southern army sy, lor the
convenlenceof round numbers, of fptv thnusand
men. Abe Lincoln for any person he may choose
to designate) shall command an Abolition army of
one hundred thousand men. The equipments of
botn urmiessnall lie equal we mean In aniall
arms; artillery, cavalry, 4o only that tho North.
ern army uutuiiuibering ihe South irn army In the
proportion of two to one. shall have twice the
namoer ot cannon, twice tne regiments oi cavalry,
etc.. that the HoRthera army shall have. All
around, it shall ha in prop irlion of two to ona iu
favor ot the North; ami llin position on the cattle
field is the only one in which there shell be. any
equality; an far as our proposition is concerned
ropojrupmcai equality, is tne oniy quality involv
ed. "Then let tho two armies engage, and forever
settle the qn"8lion between tho North and tha
Sontn. it Lincoln s one nnnnreu inousunu men
whip Jejf
I Davis's filt, thousand men. the people
inth are to bow submissively to wh' tover
I filiations Abolition Government
of the Si
laws nnd regu'
at Washin:
M!T .!Tfr.i, J." VI
Davis's filly
a :. H.Milnn anS i lii.t riidiinn
agro iwi an amioauiw -j -"",
of that which was once oommon property."
Snch propositions from reh-m-nt rebels to C"eh and a all .opposed to hav. bean murdeiwll
loyal Americans have heen frequently embodied Conductor Free hienas, Jo. tehnr. .VT ühum
iA . .l.. hi.,,i th.,,,), m have nr,,h.. n .,n John Portell. Roiit Avlln. Emmett M:r
terms but every challenge has been Trail h w h
ba'lnsult'to the loyal patriots of the Freo St tes,
tl I and has involved an assumption that they are the
dria, of Gen. McClellan in Weatera Virginia, and
the movements of Gen. Lyon, Siegel, 4c., in
Major-Gen. Fremont's district, are tha nnmur
answer of the loyal States to these persistant in-
uigimne. inu aoutnern llulaloa must now provt
themselves the natural mates and rulen of Iba
North by meeting and beating tha Union forces
in the open field, or mast stand exposed as
frothy braggarts to the contempt and jeera of the
civilized world. Two to one is the very smallest
odds they have proposed to iivo the North in
otherwise equal battle; If they now shrink from tht
combat, shut themselves up in Intrenched strong
holds, liui.t their operations tu plotting ambusca
des, setting traps and skulking up behind fences
end bushes to the vicinity of our pickets aud tak
ing a shot at a lone sentinel the springing to horaa
aud gulloping uff they will stsnd Justly eiposnj
. , ,-, m, mm K , mangind. '1 hoy hafe
bullied themselves Into dllemmai let us sua
whether they will fight out or aneak out I Tri
buno July 21).
Congrenl.n.l nspraawUtUft,
The following communication of tha Secretan
of tha Interior announces tho apportionment
among the several States under the eighth can
sos: DtrATKSKT or tbi limaran, I
Washwotok, July t, 1661. j
7b ihe SomW oiK, Bona ot JtepnmlrUiva
"1, Caleb B. Smith, Secretary of tha Interior,'
lo hereby rtify thut, la discharge of tha duty
devolved on me by the provisions of an act of
Congress, approved May 23, IBM), entitled -An
art providing fur the taking of the seventh and
aubseqnentcnsiisesofthe United States, asd to
tlx the number of the members of tha llouis ot
Representatives, and to provide for the latere ap
portionim nt among the several Kistes,' I bavo
apportioned the representatives of the Tkirly-eiu-hth
Oongr,s among the several States aa pro
vided for by said act in tha manner directed by
the twenty filth section thereof. And I do here
by further certify thut the following is a CJrrect
statement of the number of representatives sppor
tinned to each State under the last, or eighth, en
umeration of the population of the United Statu,
tnken In cenrdance with the act approved z3d
May. 18511. above referred to l
To the State of '
., ! Minnesota.... 1
. . 3 Mississippi 6
. . 8 Missouri 9
. .. 4 New Uampahira..,. 3
. 1 New Jersey 5
:.. 1 New York 31
.. 7 North Carolina 7
...13 Ohio IB
..11 Oregon 1
. .. A Pwnnavlvene . 9.3
Illinois ,
Indiana. ,
K"s 1 Rhode Island 1
Kentucky 8 South Carolina 4
Louisiana IS Tennessee 8
Maine...... 8 Tesas .-.4
Maryland f . Vermont.! 1
Massachusetts 10 Vlrainia 11
Michigan 1 1 Wisconsin (
The arereuale beini two hundred and thlrtt.
three (233) Representatives.
In testimony wh t of. I have hsreunto subscrib
ed my name and caused the seal of the Depart
ment of ihe Interior to be affixed this fifth da of
July, in the year of our Lord one thousand sight
hundred and sixty one, and of the Independence of
the United States of America the eighty sixth.
Lettucs asd Papp.bs ma vn Sicsdiio Siatis.
It must not be supposed that the expresa com
panies are making fortunes out of the business
which lies fallen to them by tha auspnsion of
mail facilities with the seceded States. The num
ber of letters sent from this city to all parts of the
South does not averaire above 300 a day, which
i only a small proportion of tha number carried
in the U. H. malls before "secession." Ths rata
uniformly adopted by all the companies in tha
city is 2.ri cents for a half ounce letter and ths
same for a fractional weight over. Letters must
m delivered to them in Government stamped en
velope (the ordinary red stamp, sluct on, will
not do), the expense of which is borne by the sen
ders. The letters thus put up and piepaid go to
Louisville, whee they puss into the hands of tha
"Soul hern Express Co.," who send them to
Nashville, where Confederate stamps are affixed
(the express company paying for them), and tha
letters then go on without interruption to their
destination. It is inferred from circumstances
thut nearly all the letters sre of a family or domes
tic nature, from relatives or dear friends tempof.
rnrily separated by the dire necessities of war. A
letter in a dashing mercantile hand is great
rarity. Business corrrespondence between th?
North and South has nearly ceased.
Not a single newspsner published in the North
Is sent to a "seceded tubteribtr th'ough any
express company. Twenty five copies of each of
the leading New York journals ara carried dai'y
by Adams' Express Co., and exchanged for
Soul hern paper at various pointa. By this meana
mill 'his alone, the reading public North aud
South Is kept Informed on the news of tha respec
tive sections.
The express companies have bean obliged to
discontinue all their brunches In seceded States,
but are connected with tho "Southern Expraas
Co.," whioh at preaent has a monopoly of the ex
press business in that region. Journal of Com
merce. Another Apaeh MafMflr.-TB Caltfanala,
Mall OeitroreflSeTesi sua saanlersd
An Express from Pino Alto oringsthssppallins'
; ''r . nai , na "J"
&l'"- which bit dU on -rtie .Oth, had
: Cook's W o, th. ITthand found si. Ua.
. , . j. ... 4.
The following perwns left Mesilla with tho
ti parrorm snil unoounteuiy nava ine inuiaia a,
most desperate struígla. Theysrar. jmeral fi.
vorites in the Rio Grande Vallef . and thair Ion

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