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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, March 30, 1870, Image 2

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' M.MER THE ' '71 W
A YD T I 77: v RtOfTS,
(. v. r:
-or Palmer ha declined AH ap.
v-iiniment T"wriwiii1 tor llflnoli
if tn moftalhHI oenntred in N'-w York
0 a'd the Cubans. Two reason are us
LgBOd bj Ml l' . Ml. r t. : the .! i iliut Ivli:
' i. BwniMcti'1 l"v not iliink it c onilatent
villi till' J ".' "i tll CoV.M II. ' o 'I '
h 1' rilled iiali i to aid iimurgcnts ngiiidi
1 ...4k..nlft ..f .. rf.il'i1ntnMi( ttorb t'b; V
In I'bitod ' hr at peace
. B m- lit" lia no evidence i lint ihe
J-o!lfd 'patriotic party of th hrvo
th - Mlolif ion ol lu vt-rv . a
fTet Governor ha bowed blmtelf erj
LiUoJl' outuA'aa eial'Sirn-niig p.nit ion ;
ptfew p. nom w!ii are acquainted with
,i nl wlUiy Uilu credit for ! -ii . y
i In. (. .,i.-1 ilfrKtl it tic rijlit-
f tliff Sin'"- m: 1 t In proper di nl f lie:
'lNi ftoviiiiin nt. lew. In' -h
:tn eld-fallieucd Mtnfc- riirhts num. I
Sirttld tiid.jliW'ri'.'ro with the proper rlutio
lib. Federal goreTDIunnt, and resist nl;
a'eroec,imont fmtn that qnnrtor uporl Ihe
rop, rpowcre nd dutic "I thu Mjios.
Iiki the !un;nMgi. ol'e fJcinoerat sonked
hroiiifh with tin' gitim! doctrine of the
nrt) of thi imitation. In it it duet not I o-
atiirthc mmith nf Ui u who belong in n
rtjr which l - att.i. ked nil tin rit; lit of
heStatet and ha consolidated in the irov
rnraenl aliu.wt tuipreino authority, it'
birernor Padtuerls. In tnith, what lit- pro-
,vf to be, wWy din's lie Imw run
u it patiently by and ronu-mplmi'
.ithuut protest the ipet'tacle now to
w. iw.fi nt "Wnsti irit .n City,
rhift tin' (Vinirt'M, artinK tindi-r a OSD
titutimi in whirh tlie power di'lt-gali'd to
he Federal autltorily are rwiordi'U, In.,
rectwl itpf into a body poviiffpn-d if ub
dute noteroigntyi and i delecatlni p"W
r and nifhu to StnttH of tln I'nlon,
liilt it is reserving to itnelf oiTtaiii pow
n i4 coiiiUnt with the old-l'iisbii'inid
i. ..f Males riihts ab.mi whieh the tinv
tier nt unfri j n n 1 1 y Ipewhi in termi of
ipli , . iiiiiiendittion '' It rmitint lio p--.-le
that (ii.vernor Puliuer U hunesi whm
I ptfaM t" bl a State Kii;hU mini nf
M eld i'bo.il. If he Iff he in at the MMM
me n patWMl hypocrite, sini e hiv prtevptl
nd practice in nwpexil to the ri(hU of
:bU and the pvWen of the Feiii rnl Of
nniMit ar.' iliamntrii-ally uppusite ti.
Ii Pthet If we take fur grunt, -.1 the
nvtrn..r insertion that he i. nn nld-fl.
ned Slate right man, hi Orel re- .n
r refusing while (ioywot of a s of i chia-l citizen. i likely to commit the mi
ie baited Slata to l'iin a nianilajr of I take ofaliuot every tmng urgMtur.ation
as to. lat.oti organ.' d to give aid and ; that ha flourished in any age of tb world.
.luforltoiuturgcnt against tlie authority j
a nation at peace with the government,
ill rummeiid itelf to the approval of i'V
y latelllgent citiaen ; but looking at the
at.ui given a me ex-prcsainn of an m-
ucere man endeavoring to escape re.
(oiiibility by the ns. nf glittering t , i .
itie, it will ha a diffieuh task to withhold
"in the tiovernor that kind ol adtuir.i
n which the harp practict of all rat
1 aleove the ordinary grade never fa'i to
'a from the public.
The other tvas.'ii of the (iovcnmr ..r re
utegtOgiVV his sy iupathy in the Cuban
VgaMi ,. bo aifixMl reason. If thi- in -rgenl
have uot aboliehod slavery, neither
.- Spain aad the ojnmtioii thai tin f .
n..i i a.kwl to antwer is With wMch
you lympatklw? Willi u- Cuban
no are tlruggliug f..r tin r .-nt of ...f.
vert. to, nt, nnd wb i. for all you know.
iy nave d,.ri -l i!.e destne'ilon of
tvery, or witn Ihe Spani h C 'Verntu. nt
' I alt... .(.. ... I. ..I. I In ...II. .
m.v ...fc; .', in -ui '; llNI Kill
unwilling people, and Inch. y..ti ' n,,.
iigniaet .invery as an institution eatitlad
the I rotection of the .troiu an i of cov.
inieni ' The ovnir itm.i fu.d nder
nnd to iiiti,l iiioii tliau bis .i- nd
i ton f.,r refj. ing to give aid and nnuforl
the ttrii,'u ing pcop'e ,.f I i, I k
i i s' j i s r.i.i.i,.
We hate rec.dv.sl file' llrs.' iiiimlifr of
a, A ,i '., m bit rout and satirical
ekly p-r. Ii is puld j.n.-. bj tin
nil :. ,,. I'ubiisiiiiig Company. So. S
tran Mr.ei. .N, w A ork. to which addr.
ominuiiicatiuiia, r. tiultan.s - tc.. should
put tine copy one J'-ar, in advance.
I I.i i ), to... i pri p fttimi. pap -i of
kin ,-t,., pubiisio I in Aincri, and
i bayetpd il doubt an ahb r huiuKTian
kit than any that has yet made it
arkie The rlr-t iiuinhcr i. w.,ith all
ll'llllUl. of all hutllolollt I'hlH l. ever
1 'hi i iu tie I'tliotV Ii the pul
re I n , a liberal up-
tiicy siioiiM be deprived of the jm.w.t
Saturd . I.,--, ti.e H i, piarr s,mlc
at New Orleans. Tlie dec.awd wa
if the remarkable m ti of the ua
l in France, after a Mount) Ufa in hi.
country, he came an i vi'i, to AMr-
etit. re.l the proi -i ,n ,, tn- IhW" Iu..
I nited State Henatorj w.t- at one
ministar to Spain ; ,,pp -,., , ,. rela-l-
an i ift the South rather than link hit
in e. w ith the Ira -eat ing di-uuioaiatti
me l to New tirltmn after the wur; and
year, while actively fMMgld in hi. j,r .-
n v ii, hit on became suddml) and
mri 'i.tly intane. The cause, yf
tel haw never Wn divulged.
are ..r.der obligations to our member
ii i i M I rels, i..i inaiis
Mr Creh, bj making a faithful
' ' 1.. It, i , r,'.,,i,iAli v u u..A mm , s.,1.
mnt ,11 I,- reward. I I
iti ..ii for ret-lection. lie i. jutt tin
o bi .!!,- th.. wurdy Muim, and defeat
i'h n,i,lr,et cbt ar.r.e.. .,, ,1 (tUrmrcli
rrj BtctUng oontMt, fur municipal
v. lii i -. i- now piiio,riw-.iiig Hi K unovilU'.
' I ii ! -it i.r. I- ii ' .r.i i-h-
rji i.i i xi'.l ingot her.
- . ..
aMT l)i-rnoli tin- Hritisl, '.,iteniMn of
llci'irw d ...ent linn written another ni.vl,
which will bo puhlUhvd in LondoA in My
The rhdui ujt lltrtiiii hat tin allele on
I ' ... rnt .. tir... . We lii.pi- lli,. Her
at . will hereafter antocl rum ehaorftil iub
t r la. 'rii comment.
fflTT!,, l!,'v. Mr. Hug) .v. w
ul,;i iitiuu- ..hi of ri'linionist i-
i. a
ip the t'atb'jlic- if Mt Carniel wl ,
1 "tiir ple. II
i ilnnn fur an unpleee
! mil to ...
The nttemptuf the Hon. I. Muim to
InVi.iii a C 'nre.siinui i- a iuei(atllHoii
of iiudt.i i"t. Hinl'iti..ii Htiiliitiun nil' tl..
j .nine ni ice w Ith thai which Indnced the t'rua;
j lo burtl ifl ittfinpl to s.. l,.i the pro-
portion ol mi m. The eflpftii a. launha-
hle a- ill.- in. i. that Louisville ii now lost
i ii, amaaonii iit alnnit a h. whose proud
soui spurii the lowly estate therein he waa
eriiatedi ami buRia with a Bubln innbittuB
i I ime :i rhinoeerous.
ajrtr"The I 'nrl.. .iidiile A'etff Era doet not
admire the, nan whoooatfolfl the.Metn.po-
lit '(.. ulfutur, the able and diitingtiiiibfid
McCartney, and ha fallen to abusing him
in a moat aCHiidaloUs manner, hi the limt
iue of the WtW Em, Mi'Cnrtney in
informed that he has liinl without cause or
on -anion. 'You have showed yrnir jack
assity, the al.utive paragraph any, "in
trying to find fault with the .Vrv Br, and
imw you lie like the devil to coVit vour
stupidity. ' And thi to M.Ortney
What will Mr. Ilntndy say ?
r ,r
The May field ( Ky i ttrmntraf, returning
thank to the I'miIucbIi Ktntutkfmm f'.r a I
,. , .
cotiipliiiienlarv notice, nay, that 'th(J
,. . . ' . . ' .... ,
kind w..rds, coming in the habllinienta
.iLulttdibiiu.. in the infancy of the Urtrtb-
cmt. ar. a grateful a the unfolding muaic
r .i x- ii i , . ,
ol the .F.ol.a .harp, borne upon .,lt wind
from tl rune gr.ive of the South !"
And le w. 1-t us hear no more about Hul-
w.-r - deecription of the UU.. ,.f Come, i
' .,.1
Tbi-writer of that aentence iced, wo have
no doubt, upon ruae leave, and (jjenche
hi thirst w ith delicate draught of pigeon !
, - ii, j
The lUpublican ,rtv, tluahed with I
' ' , ,
ronpletavlototy, and reinforced by thi
great army of recruit which will flock into j
it rmks from among the newly enfran- j
, tl..
Intoiicated with OSldMMt in it own
infallibility, and urg.-d to rnhna. bj the I -
baliefthat it Ii Invtactblo, it will most aaavf.
cd'.y rush into Mill greater excc. and
march upon it pol.ticul Mo..,,w, from
which it w ill fall back shattered atul wholh
dispirited. Already theri I. reason to la
Ii. c th, puny i. surtini; out upotiadit
ict (ii- oUBpaJgnj that it ted it power ,
uinl il, n,.t know how to use it properly.
It i. one thing o have . -I giant 'treugth but
it la Mother to uaa thai -treugth with wis
dom. Ami now come the Uray Ilia n.u-
,r,fic il saying to tl,, III I.i i:TIH :
nil. ui, vis- u lucre, nr. 1 pxu 1, e rt- (
ic . nl Now id .11 you know that there
i- DH a MM in tie- 1 9th btitrlot that tin-
ii III,,, Tie y Would -o luu, h dread t
on thetnukas Hun Mniin ! 'Mortify lag I
11- inie !
I. I... I A . 1 VI . I. .
Why l.inie row apace ; and. if tin
Itadu al editor. ...Mimic to water him he
will Mrlng up to the nltiiude of a ci.ur. li
.1. pic We. too, bate tauicht ouiflf to
luili. re that In is a grand, gloomy and p--ettllap
awtlttielaa. Aa the i-'r,iiclitiii.n .-oil
,. ... I, I. ' , of Niiu.hra tlr-t broke i
tip,,ni,i- i ,ew ii.- ii irnini ; n- i nmgni- ,
law) "y gri I think he is pretty
got d Hut (ol nil this e da not fear the
.- !-'- il i. l n: I' d ntt.-i i . ii .111 unit . .ri
we shall let loose itpoti him Iboii.-crtui.
orator who will, witiu ui aaj appaatatefs.
l'..it, ul.s.dutely annihilate hint We kn -w
this it acruul threat, but duty , uipl. u to
make il
Tear gather in the eye in annoiiiiein;
the fid lli it the pi, uis lieecber Harriet
ItMM IWaniped over AIi.no) iii Ii,-,
re. eta uiteiupt I , lilacketi the lliellionea of I
L .nl Myron an t Mra. Leigt. Old Stowe,
the Jirofcs.or utid her better half, will hate '
the profound syiupulhy the public in
In- present it.. iWlfortable situation, f'.r
th. icandal ninliirera Imm It, that llarri. I
sim e hur Ium, ha, not beien bleated with
UVe patience of Job, or with tbat geiitle
aoM "' dlapoaitioi winch i ald fi dittin
iuisi the members of angelic choir. Since
the ktory of hen-p. , k. d Itocratai ha. booa
(vpheled, and n thai retult, the much-
nhu.cl Xiititippe eh-vated tuddenly to the
Mtsitioii of a model dame, we are at aliaut'or
.i good illustration applicable to thi cate. i
Bit then, the "old taw" of ''grin and lnar
It I left us. and '..' -t that lliv : - -
tor will, for hi own peaceof mind, profit I
. , . i . l. lu a. . . I
OV n, aft nitre oe po running Miter new
gods but- kisMiid makeup.
Letter from lb Ua t i uot mt llllktttl ta
llou. I . M. lay , N t vt York.
Tin following letter from Uovernor
Puliuci iii'i-dt oo Kiplanation :
iter luineW. Ill . March it. 1170.
Hon. 0. M I'lai, .Neork i
in h ik: 1 Have tne Conor to
acknowledge the receipt of your favor of
-Uan-h lrtli, l-70, in which vou inform
in that at the inttanceof mv friend, lieu.
Jt-ni, A I. .linn, I have been Ml'lloilited
Praaldent, lor I llinoi, of the auocia.
t i n organiAal to aid the ( uban. I am
oblured b this evidence of the arood will
k 01
ofUenaral logan and youraoll, out duel it alalia
s. i .v,..t ... nut ine Mppoiiiuueni.
I n,, not tl.n.k it (oual.tent With tl
Dttbllc duty of the (Snveriior .if ..ue of the
I'nltod Sluti i. Hid ineuifti'titi Hgainul die
aiiihority c! a (uverniiieiit with whieh thu
United State are at pun. The Federal
pivrrnnieiit is repontlble to the StMee for
the MnaenieiiteBd proper control of oor
relttlon.s with foroigi Dtitlon, and Uu
tJovertiiT nf I iHnuia i annul with propriety
act aa tint vir reidi'iit ..; an nuaoowtiori
nvi'f uhi ... ..i...r.i, i.Tik ha hai i mi
and tua: mav. 1'. r .i. t i ii he can d . i
. .. ,
prevent it. violato the net u' i.oIikivks,
..-J . . . . i: I i
i'iiu.u u 10 iiit'.iri, i,iir ii iiirniuv. i am
an oM-t'ii-hi 1 Utati i n it- man. 1
u,...l.l ..... ; '..... .. .ii. ,i .1 ,,i
-., .. . . i I.
of the r wl, .ml tfovi-rii in. nt. mi, I l e-i-t all
unroaclimentx from thai quin t, r upon the
proper J,gvur and dutie. ,,f tbe ..iie.
Mut if nut pri'VenUnI by the I'urvoing eoii
dlton IVoin accepiitur ibis P"ltk)n, there
nre olbera that aru aaraclenJ o. prevent nn
from doinu so.
I have n,i tvidMca that tl HCnlled ''pn-
trlotie party" In Cubahatrati - ranftht abol
it ion of ulavery. and the fact that their luadcr
i. UiTicrnl .Ionian, who we foryeirt in arm-
' "' avie.i.imiiv. o orFi iu-
at" upv. ry, attorii" 1 1 1 no very lalHlitctor;
evl'leru faueh nn intention. The curst.
of ( 'ul,., i-sla ..iy l i.e political -lavi ry of
one i in-- and the personal servitude o; the
hlii, k and mixe, I nice, ' hava no lytn
pnlhv with or for Ih eholdoin or the frit'ndii
..J' -Invery, nnd until the in. urgent innty
of Cuba opealy and nob mnlr dennunce the
inatitutioii ,,f hgtniiti elavVry nrhi n,.ik'
thatii.elwi s rcfpnaalMe fist it- ofenlir, .. T
am unwilling to a.. it ihein orii-k otl
do Wi. I have the. honor to I"-m i i, -pe, l
fullv. .HiHV M PALMKM.
OM.V I IKTV WiiVII i Mi ( int..
Col. C. JU Baker, who rommanded the
troop who lately butchered the men,
women mid children of an In. linn village,
write to Gen, Sheridan, from Kort Klli.
Montana Territory . under date of M:,r h
:itl,,a full. - :
In answer to vo ir t ); r -o , w)
r'vei' "n '"fclunt. I report t
after ha in ii made over effort to iret the
ia,,ifiu , ;,. "i. . j i
judgment ol the ofJicrsin command, lam
t sKtistlcd the lolh.u, illg nillnb.'rs nppr. vi
niate a nearly to the exact truth a p.... i 1.1 u:
Thenumberi killed nt the I'i.gan villager
waa 17.1. of whom In cre able-lnslied
n ,in(l M n H,, ,.l,;Mr,,1 u,
women and child ron w nft rw:,i i cup.
lured an, I r. .. .... .1
J Mi-re ,-v. ry effort w i- made by th
oftVur Mini men to sum thi Don i mlnt-
,,, ,,nfj t,,t i, woman and rh Iren
a wer, killed wer.- accidenth killed
Tnt report publiibad In the Ratam p o, r-
l wholly aad mallei OUlly falae, Ii
ilierodihie that tlie fnlse aaBertloni of two
;.r"":- ""V"" W'' M
effort to (Dior in hiinecll m 1 1 i Un
hould outwtigli rh- report of tho.
engaged in the right, and who feel tbat
th',r hate nothing topailiat" ..r c i ii
neir roniiui'l. All that tlie ,,n , r. ilo-
inand of the authorities i a full and
complete invettigation of the cainpajgn.
and lest than thi cannot be concedouto
J J 4 I.LI DAY ItltO Til I RS.
AB'I Vg-Bts -f
( 1
-uis-hio; i Kjii.,aii,
Commission Merchant
CAIRO. Ildld
a I' lie,
V.. I tear
A KM A 4 4.,
firiiJMM in
ta4 tleneiwl
Commission Merchants
- - - - t nn nrtrititn ri gn nnj j tn
1AIKO II A It It KL KAt I tilt 1
all o ; iv oh
Ai ti,f ri.uo Barrel raekary,
Foot of Fourth Street.
0a koal or la aarrkoaae, boa al fall.
, - -tr.
fcUPlMIH T llll tii; I MM M It A
Mr I, is oaai
Mo. 1. kiU tl
Mo. I. n;it.
ItiPK Mtrlniw Bad, Ky. pr lb
flnd ntadr. pr lb
Manilla, pei lb
ICBxPr lb
OAl.T-Per bbl
ofA -Hi Catmu (, par Ih
" laLvtrs, o, Ik
. 0.1 .,,
... .,,.
a, t,7
WM ' - 1
4.VI K If S1I.K.
Sti.ieuf Iliinnm, AkanmleeOMtv, "s. lleMB-
'i"r Ootrot) t;iren 1 1 iii rt,
lli the matter of The Mini Central hall Road
Coniiiniiy, vs. WilMaro Haiker.
I'ui.h.' notice is iieri'i. BiTeD, thai In iiiisiiiiTi.'e
ol i dearaU) ..r let bIt"I in il,i a'ivi. ntii' l
-.!.. m. n n
. , , n'.e null, tMi Win ilajr in Ittlp, A. V.
I 'Tii. of tl.i. lulj nn,, tinTi of, A. I lead. I,
.1 i.ii i. I, ... OMUf Maatei In
naneery ..f i1 !
il.i. Neeond da) '.f Arril A.
. Li. luu. i n
,-k Hi li"fli nf snl'l "liiV, , II Hi
I .ii"lie mi. tiun I,, il." limhi'i.1 l.i'l.n'i. Fit
the eoath'Weit iloorof theeovrt Houae In theclt
i , ..... ,,, ..... , ,,,,..lv. um uunrntma ileaerlhon
vl rst .ti. silt r.l. ,i, tli,' ,'l I'.sir,'. celllHV "f
v.,-. .n.i. r and rsmie ut lllim . .. lo an l.m i.i.in
inrid eiKiiteen ( 1$) in liinrii Bnmoered one (I II
. i.riilll lu ttie it.'i'l, Ifil intip il pint theii.'.l,
lufetliar wild all anil .inaiilnr ill leueiueuU an i
i.i'ieiliinii en's Ihernunto oelnliaing.
t.ls'Fr m chancel v
Oalro, in, a, . v. Miik-Ii tlth, . V. la:o.
Mart MM
8tl4.0 pi,,,,,,,, Ale.Xainl.
iinir. N. Aleiao-
tier ( .mil jr circuit vi.uri
llii 1 ntli r ol Hitlii'i. I -'.'ist. 'I .' nii.J K'la.U
I' is frateeol lh( 1 ,ir--, it) rnperi) vs.
, ,. . I,, tnmeyi nm, Andrm fa pp. 0$ bill
lo ,-i i..,ee Veaoor s I. .eh.
I'u uulioi tabereby alvea, thai m awfanHCJ
f a (I, . reial er.ler elite' ci In ihe ale. vo eat i Ileal
eauae, la aaid court, on tin nh iiv nf lfptem'
net . I', l.'. oj thf aj.p4i.mher icrm .iicrcef.
a. ii lav, i. JonnU. Hernia M .stci laChaaeerji
i.t uld reui.iv, mil, ' n the Nuilh du) l Ai l A.
le ia"H, . i i ,.'. .... k in tlie alien,., on I sanl ,lajr.
.ell ' ,;l In aactloB to the lugliest hlildati m
i-Msh, ..t iii. atdiih-weal il"or ui ini eearlNMtae
In Ii." eit) of Celio, ill an I em :nv the i.oiia
dm f I real tate, attuati m lb Third Aede
I", ii to tin- eiiy el t'mro in lli county of AU-inn-i,
r mi t "I. ile ..f llllli, ns, lo-ait l.ols iiiliiiuered
Tin Koai Hi . 1 1 1 1 Five (a), m ninek aumber.
edaia (a) aa traowe alio i- . . .o-.i .-a Um rw oru
ed maa or atat tbereol loaelnrl aitli all ami in
iiuliir ttie i in nn iii. and neredllauieatl tlii-reunio
itaataff in Cliau, ery.
Ca r, Ii. ii,. ... HartblMtVA. ! WIV,
O IK I..
a ie, sii i Afinvrtea, Mmtiiein Matiltl of
lllllioi. N.
MTheraaa, on the si Hay of .tanimrv, t D.
hrre, Jamea latlam lieu a iii-i in the insttn t
( i.rt i.r H.e I n. I. 'I -l.ites tor tin- suiutliern l
i , t n llllauw, igalnal the itoamhoal ''lleagal
I pi h bualo. ii'. kl', .., r, l ami fori, tur.
.ii.4 tiu.t itie ,.j.ii,r may lie eaa)danMied
. . ',v nrtaae ofproeaa In due form of
i 1 1 returnaolis an Ihe flrat Mop.
.no ui ' r . l i..,vc seiard apon and taken the
.,,.-,..,,.. Henaai nuhi kuai
ii e am, ii.e i-r-ix-r 01 s,,.i i.i
ai.r iri'l tl.-1 fiiriiituie. iii I, me the sine in my
, list,,, v.
Notice i berehy ien, that Irinttiet Oeart el
tie- I'ntti-.i ""tales Wnl i held at the Luu. e'tt
i . nt Room, in He city id I'uiro. en 'lie tlr-t vt ia
day la taste tier tertae trial el the ad breaneeAi
Mod the owaai "i atraen aad inreaa i"i ive
) ml. il lie rum, r lifrtjrriie)t
'sj .nd appear al the tl tie au. t, . , urs,l,tu
slintraanee faej ibet lutv aat V ree ii..nM
ii.,t be rriistr,t- , in i me eith the prcr nf
s o libel, J' ll N UWiN.
t la Mrhll.
Mreh. ITlh, IO'. ituarxi'MH
npiti si ki idiib
Vtotaaa, Perdu It V ti !i n.l .lo.erh I itwtl,
lie' h .- u.'l. lit tlie,r et-rtitiu (ee,i, irii,g aat.
the l i,lieihda of Aii.t.-i. A I'. lav, m l ro-
ffofded ui Bonk of lci-.l, on pi 1, in th
Rianir-if r (.fhVe of Alexander couoi , Jll,ne.,
I ilid co-it t in fee to tlie uielersiiiiel,' Jaii.e. Vt
I MeKmai'v, the follow I nf deerlud lolorMTCel
f luim. !. Loiniui. et,l llortl .eit .i7. in
t. s iciiol-n I Hfiy ine, ',). ,a the tt of Cairn,
. .t Alean ler an I ittaie t.f ti'm Pro-
. '.-.j, i. aver, tbii id cae (f defatili in
- -.- pKti,.-i,i ,.f , i-rtAiu prviM-.-." ante,
uf tt. sai l urdelni V. Atielt an I Jeeepfe
I. AtK'll lier hag even Hal With A Trust
I peect, for the .urn al Twite MMraa !
i I. lima. ih . - .' i tt, r .1. ,f tst.lt. pi
erni .-r i.uioiin lr- to to .lu. 'i ' el I p'i 'I, an I -t ie
in. I - le to tl. m r-i.-r hi ms i.iiirf.
aiawttd, Jui(-a W. Mi Kieaey, i tt..- Ijtj
u. ttmpk l ir,. ,n i months afre'r
ke ,11' ihfret.r, it. ,i ti.e oii'lcr. neu. tl.e
sail Jitnea W M Kiau.y, MM lei repre
tentative or att .ineyt nootd pi- aed aid
Mdllbeati'l premis, . ., I,y tttid aeeal .rot.n
fl. and asaeala to thi pttreaar f a aad r,d
. i teed, rot, vet ina dl Um i kI.i and i
, i i.r -si, 1 1 ,,r, I. Ii K aii aad Jitaeidi I (Ml
her i,nstK,ii,i, i- si,, i deed eaatoeet, la we .ui.ier
! L AM, ilifre. dflanli ia baM Wad ei
II,, o.vtlielit ol .M I note. Mini the ( lit re I ; la'lsl
Mui inn t. si their--1 leinauis lue ud unmoil
' ,. Itl, lefore. Iioliee is 1,,-iel,;, j, lt-, , taal tt)
titii, i I in terms Mini n,-iiiioi. ol aid I ru-i
It -I. I will, nn frelat, April 11, Mtu,al Hi" "in'
Muse la Cairo. Mime., at la aat . r i lu k,
III , ol laid ,1m), a. il 'le aire. al. if l, al
pi. I.I , vendue i.t the bfilM-si In ldat I. r i i,
I, .i, i. ..ad ail: aeeul and deliter n. n, ir,u ,
ar Utsed th-rtor
JAMI - w N hlNNK.
Mo rt,41.. e tint Trualet .
i. -n i, iisri, u'l i.
, I ooi-. .U..ieb Um. !: iii .rlls.
nl l: lima. Alennndert't .l.tj.s. Aleaan
di r ( .tiiaiy CtyaU i our:,
la ih ntait.rr.f jn.eph MiK.-orie aa, (tewioa
I . e. iii iii I Mefcenuea H , . , p, u i Zua
I. rintio. ni I -otwn f .r Merhanlea l.n u.
I'l l-l I l.t i-B la In-1. I.t P . , , ,- m t.,,P.I,.M.
"i tal fieri iei. ie lue hov ntni i 1
iaiie, m I ( -uiiot (.oiiiiuoii Ptaaa. 1,1 the cm
of t r , on Hie id ,,ij ,, . , il. r. A. Ie !,. ,
nf the S,,t, ii i. tin. Iti.7, t,l Midi ourtof Unni-
tu -in I'l, v, I it el '.ma ol'lei euu-rcl in ttts sanl
i rvuii rouit oi Ataaaaoer ei.tinty, on the lirst
da) ,, it i. i , r, A p. I"t., of lha.Vi leiuoer io In
"f s. i i. .it i t int, , Jehu H.ii.itu.
M katl in, , ry for u,4 eonrt, on the N nib
dal ,,i April A I1 l7n, at .1 o'clock in lb .fur
noin. ( .ui 1.11, ,ti ii i ,u.K ii.i,.,n u, ire
I. trl.e.i I,., i, i..; , for nam, a' th sontrTtle.t dnor of
III eo e I bouae la 'In- ell) l c r, la -,'i ua.
tt.il.ei, iohii jj dtsac.,'-, , ,- .'. , s.iuale IB I
'he I . i etion In tin i Cairo, vounty of
A.. iei. ad Mtate of III ' ui . .'m
i i ,.'uty.tght (ta; it, I . iiuiiiuered
Port) eihl itt) aTfctioaa and .I-. i.ld oalhe I
iavanle.iii.aa r Blal tbere.,1 t.....r with all
-nl .,,.".1... th. teee.i.ent. ti .redllalueBl.
- " .,,N u g4
Cairo, ill, no ., Hmk tttaVA. P i:e
in ri-
w m i
si. i. nl n"i. Alexander ri.iuiiy. ,. Aleiaa- J
Intl. rroif rratlliiiioiaivatral RalRit I va
hanlti llenl Mod Will lamlliukei m. m,i t ,-a
I. -no - ii, i,,r a I. mi, ,
I ui."" nolle I hereby given, thai in pursuance
of a djcrelal order ,-i,u id ui lit ai.e tu-Ua i
Btise, iu s.id i oiirl, on the ii-ili il,.) ol Jmv,A.i.
itoj.t.i in,. .luiy i, riu iksatetaf, bJutinl,) Itaraaaa,
Mu-te. ia Cheater) ofeaM enuuiy.aill, oe ta a
i.i day of Apr,), a P.leTa, i it aVhwk la the
nixettottii , l ail ,ht. sell mt puUkvaoetioa i,, ,i,,
hifh' In, I lr, o: t nail, al the south vte.i I
in ivr.tiit i,,.i. iu t cut f I tint, ui tN'd conic
'. (h ail!" a .lite -le., i il i ri ,,1 e.t ,i,., . tiu,it. u,
Ihe elt) of Cairo, eonnu pf Aleaaader, aad oiaia
I I o .no . i i ait I.i, I niiuibt-rt'il .event, .-u ,i;
iat git a aumhered Oaa (I) aniordiaa la the ,..
cord. - ataa or phi Hereof, IO(thei tilth all und
. t, -i 'i ' i ii.i-i.i. .ill. iv,,utniei,t iitrr
Unio "t-l iliy nt.
Jtlll.N V. 1 1 ' I M ' .
Masi.. i -, i r,i,ii,i , ,
Ca ro. Hi , Match llih, A. 1. i: .
B, II 1 1
KI4 KM HI 111(111.
rae Hooth Weelara PriaMag aad Ihiellaatai
i at oahate eonioleled arraagejaenl wnere.
by iheyer enabled to aupph ma.l sin,., nu-ra,
itne. aiagiy, or loebibe, with the
UtlUKe Ai tiiAi.NKs a ivi:i:kui:s
" 1 . rs loWOtl elnli r. I either t lh( I
fnllawlaaAt ' Periodical .ti fn uu per anaum
iii Harpei , Majptaina, Hi r per Weekly, Har'
I' - Mr. Atlaiiliv Mui.ihli, The ttajaaa, Put. I
naiu Mujji.i no, Appieton uurnai, 1. cum
' I. ii, kt'liuil'l. halit I u
r i 1 ! 1 " " Monti, ,. rh
U'lie, In, ml. llu followluj t'.u, Peridil isala
t-C- il Vk- i 5 ., ' '""
i.t ..... ...... -,--..-.,,..
.. . "' 1
I.,,.. T.a. -...... l
tuns out, , .M'lllUliy, t I Itlk l.fie ,,., ,,..
heaaitbr, "i l ...el Xea, The t'himue Corner
lltu ili (mi Home. Kithor of tb toiiuaina aa ij
OOtv , . w " "' '"'.if a 1,1,' lie. HOOK, '
" st I ... ...... .i
- ,J .v 11,1. dl. .,
IV. t., i ,,.a., r,i. j
7oi lis I .v Vo v ii i ii
1J H. tit II
ntfu lins?, ,ii. 'is Km. rlli Wur.l i.r.
ettabli.iliment n
Kin I
i 'i niit ?!" itiih lt' iiaijtf'ly RHM l lle
1Im' Ii fytHHin hrifH. fi; Uie y-
Hosiery, Nations, Boots, Shoes
And Mcwrnplttr MiurtmDt ginraJlr.
Tli pttfOtlfcfr if fh piil lif i n. !, It.. 'M-tn-inr
itifrr int'-Mhu lo M Kkjrihlftg m hit fin,
ti.rv :d wgti Mfrtwi ! Hit ttty
It I t I VI III It VM Pl.AtK :
'ext Hi, or In I lie Corner of I'oplur
.ni,l Muclcciilli Street.
The Grocery Establishment at
the Corner ol Commercial Avenue
and Sixth Street will be main
tained as usual, one of the best
slocked in the city.
M. Ill I.i .
- VB
ratMUMttHI M I It I II NT,
M Keller, area. Utrrlianta of t air...
B. nn. i.i im.
lotiniiNiiiA niiu him
No. ! Ohio l.cli'C,
aperlnl aaaMMWI thru Iii i ;n
tenia and t 'MfKg OriUra.
. rauea.
I II r I
kJ Tit tTTOA A HI It l.
- i . ..on ioultun, tiu lMio a ( lark
W" liolMa l
A'l- "I ABtleat 1'iittdrr to., unit
slHliutarliirert ktjelila lor t ollmt itrit
XAoSaa i.,r.st
Zi t h7u7h.Y.'k".'""
It A tV 4 IK,
Monumental Designers
IMI'OKTIiKs 01 1 1 A I.I AH M tit III. K
M Oil II 4. It IMII. tt.
rttltUl t.Mi at, A.N.N -ll(k) I-
4v i:sm i. ii v
Monument., tilts, l.iatt tkaaaa, Van'V..
MilloMng, f . rt.cute.1 ttith aunrKir BMk
ii ill If,, al .,e.t pi
i.i. . i-l.. i.ertaaa a.l Hehrew Irtianag done
ln"1' '
"-"'4' and i.raniia K.fiirc., I.t ,.-.( iilp-
" " ' - mn-i.
.l wo, k .,,.. .,
' '
4 AHL L. IIIOIlN. Auini,
i ..in. r i: ( . .
j 'I'OltA
W. F. M KEE&BaO.,
llat.na piius ied Ifcatl arriuiic uirm.
Hot .' till
Al aa LOW I'll ii i s na Oi aam njkU.
ly ol Mroonia can In- piireliaaetl
elk it in , . .
a,."rilr e i t il.i tt,.re i i i.. ,. ', , ,
oral ine
MauDfactory, H WiMkt Street.
WTWKII W tl g I I Ml i KDak,
W II l e proiuptlt AtaOd to.
iiiuci. I,) until .In, ii , 1 1 n.,re,td to
Wt I . Wt ltl l, A ItltO..
K 0. Prawai AIM UJL.
Three Dry-goods Clerks
'ii,'i", gl,iv , ,in, nie.i with lite l.uai
n. S..I... oil,.- .,..., ki.i.1
4ufc. r, ,,m.."ioTa3.C...0 lilt.
W. II. Morrle.
Ni.iary Pnhlie.
.S'ol.ir) l'iill il'i I'
I nnitn sioner.
ei ri
' l' r.'
i-J : ". 'm
MtTXA, ii ttt f roitn.
I... I BSMteaM AIT
OIM II ATI Kit It , PA .
At.il i.T'ilL.'fio on
II A It I I OK II. 4 O W.
A.ti U.X It IO ft
IHfaj I.Hi.llH att
Aa.s.i-1 I. 5:t 3WH 17
PI WHAM ii am i roan.
A.Mfla fMtit 7il
Inula 5l..w7:i
IMW m.i mil
t,M -I ftlA.ttTa) 4it
Atii iti a u:TRtu no..
IfagUla .1110.000 oo
4 l. nt I I 41. I. IKK.
At ate I :iO.OOO.OOO OO
I.II a A At t MUM.
tudi i.'.oo.hoo oo
v. It AX K I ., II A III..
Safford. forriss 4 Candee,
71 oiiio m;vi:k
CrIi o, 111.
U kB Kslaiti II rlli.
It I tit III A 4 O.. Acta
AVInltrN llloclt. t iiriier fe t nlli
kdrt-vt .iimI nmiiM n l.il
A t'li in.
i.uito a i J.rots.
i, i fetetit th,, init-iteiaa Uding.
lid l r-d- a .1. , iulstr.,ts
-. "...
Mllll IHVt In.. I. of llilearot
t PIT Alt AM' - i.i ii . aan,ti4e 03
SY.n ItlTV In.. I .... of Vw Vork;
OA 11 itt in at ol? o at
OOMHBII I tl. Ins. I i... of I hlcaifo
UAPITAI. ci 1 1 -ii a.i.ia.aua aS
imifi'i:mh:m i .s. itotoat
i API I a I. tMi - iii - r.ejo am na
AMlAlO In-. Caa, of prlnirfleldt
i.ti'irti. iM, -i i. i'i i - a3A,o7 7
A I MM In. C r turora, III. 1
I IPITAL A2ID in 1 1 - ati.-n ill aa
PiTATE l ire Ins. I o of I levelaod, O.
CAPITAL ANlJ :!'. I - awe). 17
I IM tl' lii. I n nf I liicnrn.
IP! TAL A n i -mi'i.i- ai.iaa.ooo oo
(..... ,... . . Uervbaattw
. M..i., ,d M , HMt
. ,,,t I. msW tiiiU imSi
"d u-s
. . iiiiihili aim a..
mm.M.mMM9U ex ro,, t4pn
X in ITU ru, .X. '. :
AtVMTI i,jn,'ie no
jei'iniii)iu, V.;
amwrtm oi.oaa.s'Ai ra
I Ijiii. . vr, Y,
ASS. MS ; . i,. 7 in
Rgpulll0 -'. TA . ;
V SI I". SII4.IW. oo
4 1H talpg I lie Itdtrt ltrrAaajr.
onlttTH, IN. T". ;
ASSL'IH t-7,,U la
Alhnnx Ciljt';
ANNK'I M a I 1 l,IUJ a
1 ''in'iu'n'a l,,unct,H.F.
ABtSLIM a7M,0OO 00
Hfc?urit. , IX. V. Marine;
ANSKTS ai.4'4,k0 00
H--'..i,s, Uarllka, Kuri,.i,,re, linn and
aiifoe, ui-, ne t ut nn, , ua htloiuUv aa Hull)'!,
yOnaailenl .eel, I u t mllBWrtailt.
IreepeclfuHy .k of itie atlipnut nt Cairu .
luueel Hieir i croi.ag.
4 . V. Ill 4.11 KN,
Otfl- - tat I'tiai NaaMlaaI li.i.,

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