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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, April 07, 1870, Image 4

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(i,,i,,,,,,,,.,,..,..i....ei.eHM...m.......i ..
rjMli: HIST IN
I'SK.-Kmlors Chill-
o re . .
'in: KlornO.tr.lcn will be opened next
Uur. "It
L fill
1- i
r nnd Undershirts, nt ft wirlfleo
P. KelP4, "!l 0nio I','v',f;'.
. . Tl- . .il.-.j ... 11.,..
..... ! nr' WHO oi. .nii.win.--. s
..Hiiiiin .unction room, should not liu for-
lillcll. ' ' '
t . . !... ..tt.tti . nuili
n,nniK?T!itlc tn-;rf.M tl tney orgTiiiiw; a
.inoi r.i'ic CliU'.
.n... .... i. i.ii.li 'Mill t'nlro U li' 'II"
J llllllilllll I'V III nmni iiii.n mi. !,
i . .i .1.1.1 1.... ..ii
till! .Mississippi VlllK'.V.
. if ...1 . ..r ii... !tt n Kit vi.rv i ml tin.
. . ai... ,f iifitntilrntinn thn
.i f.. .
'III"V mv- - O
Tin: oHIcIhI iirivocdlngi! of Iho meeting
u.. . i.. i r ll,lnnnn l,ol,1 1t Man.
... it. i t.n.i i . .. ........
IliT i"'
i i J.. -tt... -1 nil nml II nr.
I x.ui"wvj ..x.. r
. in. 1
oniic homo lnstltutloni. Buy from th
?Urcby. .
it. t..,i, -i.K.ti7in hut iiciuonpu ma I
L',.,,,.11 i,ilpndhlm5000. lothntho nnty.
ir. .iivj'ii " j i
iinMMfullv nroocuto tliobuitlnoMor man-
J . . ..I... r.. ...Ii..... .!... auali anil in I
'orth. Tho petition is in tlio imnu oi
A co:.onr. ecntlcman, ono of the warm
)ftrn5nii .. , j j
t ... .n ,.ri.niAnt to work for $50 until
i .!. . i . numiti v.iiinriiAV nnicrea
he nnl whlU- frost, or Iho persimmons fell.
Tho contract Is in writing, ana nas oeon
flgni-d, wiili'd nnd delivered.
t..v I.V,.r., tlm I
. i r I
ni.iiMt.iirt! -i i
1 1 if ill - - ---n t I
f..-ir a iirmon nil ni on uiii wunn i
ImHtnuf.t on. wus an noio arguinciii, um
i. k.i iv..i.i on his ud tors. Ho voted
.. .1!...... .i ionn .i...lnL tho ordinanco
'which he had knocked Into pi with logic.
' ...... 1
. : n . ..
A " ... . . iw in t.. I
i IllTlllur VlilHlnu'"-"."" "-- 1
Vldg o. 0118, t . a m '
IipU at Masonic Hall uus iinun
,lnv ovcninir at 1 o'clock, A. L. 6870,
' vor in v. n. decree. Visitors frotcr-
II v ci -
nallv Invited. Jkwktt AVitcox,
j, hocrotary.
.... "a ..Un. 1, onlnion
ino iii"i -i -
that Mr Cyrus Clow has no legal claim
H5uinst tho city for $75 paid by him for
sidewalk ae.sment .... certain lots which
liolmd purchased at a city tax sale, but
m.i, tlw, owner redeemed, refusing to pay
to Lim tho usscssmcnt.
LU..a Al.lUn liA I
...i...i ,n ..rortnln tho w of tho Peoiilo
in reference, to suUeriblng 100,000 city
bond., to tho Juuctlon Rallaoud Company,
..... i i. ti, lln.r.l of AU
derman to a cc.ii.iltteo of three. Tho
....:ntn.i Arior Wlninrtid Lon-
k '
There Is Jt now, lively competition
amoni! our merchants who deal in dry-
gixnls, und as a consequent tho puhllo aro
obtaining splondld bargains. The price
of every kltiilorgixxiit na won pui uo Mjm, jieon w But now, the iu
to the lowest po,lblu figure, and each ,ri.in(((.0rt Jmvlng doclded that tho city
muivhunt !' endeavoring to secure tho no ,,rpf,rtv in tho wharf, taxes should
ll.m s sham or tho public patronage. ow
.. .i . . .I....I. .....1 liuri.iilnt nnfl
n i mi time io jinn.-!, k""" "r 'i
our citizens should not allow It to pa by
Mr. A. Comings beliuves that his day
has now come. Ho Is anxious step into
Mr. Morgan' shoo as principal of our
public school., and is therefore taking a
ereat Internal In tho iiiinroiiehliig election
for rchool directors. His eandldiito is Mr.
Fi.her, and ho oxpecU to securo tho clec-
tlon of Unit gentleman oy un am u.
. . . . ... .i.-.ij .i.
neijro vote. He seems to have a clear
lleld. The Du.i.ifrats are not filing to
move their hand. They havo concluded
to Ifttho .natter go by default.
iiiitki. lltltlVAI.S.
hi. Nicliolm Hotel, April 7, ISTO.
Mrs. K- K. Hoblnson, Ky.; John Hlch-
w .in .1. 1.... T ftll...l
riinn. i o.: .1. .1. Wieii", ivy u. ji'"ii
SL Louis, Mo.j A. ti. Williams, jongom.
T Hemnek, 111.; F. McLitne, Dongoia ;
Humors, do.; J. M. Copelem, do.;
C. HotTer. Wetaug ; J. M. oils, Ky.;
C, M. lluruvoll, Dongolla; C. Luce, Hal
lard Co- Ky.: J. M. poneo, III.; K. 0
Finch, M04 J. 0. Hemlock, Dongolla; A,
K. Bochans, city: r. J. JIcjjoiiiioi, i;on
golin ; C. K. Clark, city.
Milium- I.SC I'K Vkom UKOWMMl
Since tho rise In the rivers drift-wood
has lodged at several place along tho Ohio
and Mississippi levees, una ino uoysoiino
cltv run nianv risks in venturing upon It.
Tho other day, u son of Mr. H. F. Purkor,
while playing on tlio drill laugea against
Hindu's wJmiMioat, icu inrougu up io jus
nB..v n the river, but iuckuv ssveu iiuusou
. .. ... . ii ii
from going entirely under, But Loon
heart Lawrence, about 12 years old, and
Houston Dickey, about 9, had a much nar
rower escape on last Tuesday. They got
ujkmi a drift pile back of tho slaughter-
house, und while tnoy were piay.ng it
broke looso and to pieces nnu noatouawuy
The boys managed to got upon a log.
they wero floating, crying for help, a man
on thn khnrn cried out to them : "Drown
vou s sol' l s." and turned his back ujv
on them and walked away, 'lhat tellow
ought to bo strung up. Justin tho nick
ortlmo Mr. Slack passing tilong the leveo
aw tho little follows, und procuring a skiff
vtnt to tlmlr rescuo.
TIOX, At 10 ni'loek lust night R miliar pre
vailed In St. l.oiii that the pt.hiti.il steninnr
Civhiitund, lim! struck tlm bunk nt Rush
Tower Htiil 'was In u ulnklnt' condition.
The urew were throwing overboard the
freight fj suvo'her. nnd It win thought Unit
she c.uilil to kept titlout 10 or VI hour.
o.k tiiohhamj mn.u.itt
Tin Itoii'il of Aldermen, ut l!i" iiiku'"'
tJRti-t.i the Mayor, hrw ..dupled mi I'itliit
unct' tif..iiintl the wliiirMnt.il now lyliif,'
i.t ihi! wlmrf of thu Trustee of tiiu t-utro
City Property to pay i,00t u!riinmnn, us
ulieenuto dobtislnos. The, powurto puss
tills bill, In tho opinion of thu niPtnliers oi
tho Uonrd of Aldormun, 1 to 'bo found in
.t.. r tlm oltv which uuthomes
tho Council to "license, rogulnto or up-
I .iJ v. lint Ji k-
wlmrf linAtn." T i l nrOVIfilon 01 llio
chnrtor does not give tho Council niithorl-
ty. to liei'iuo, iupprci or rogulnto wimri
bouts t tho wlinrr oi .-uoiiipuis or
St. Louis, but ul mo wnnri oi vuu
City of Cairo. Now, whoro U tlm wimri
ofthlcltv7 Ithftjnono. 'llio ouprcmo
r, . i i..t.i,i ihiii tin. wiinri inn cuv
viOUr( iiniui-viuw.
itin.l ,ioli not bolons to It but to tho
f,.Iro cltv property ; and tlio city iih' no
i i i .....,.1nln tlw. wlmrf l)OllH III
ti,0 - whrf of tho Tmt'e inim n nm av
tho whrf of Memptiu. o nave uri-
fore made those .MiggeUi.m
but tnoy,
with other equally as strong,
worn presented to tbo Board 1"t
night in n speech by Alderman MoKeo, a
synopsis of which wo shall endeavor to lay
before our readers to-morrow. Tho que-
tlonthon arises: Cannot the cltyderivo
. ...... .-niif.rrnm llinWtlrt l)ORU f UllUCr
.t i.t.... ..ftls riinttltMtfnn wiilcn
y- - . .
tiiiii nruvisujn ui mu ww.., - --
.. m
ucciares mm mnw -
un doubt fit can collect moro man u mer-
rlinfs liconso: but wo think, in consider
...... . . 1 ..Dim
t!on of tho raci mai mu propncwi. . ...
lnti .In moro business. IBP "I'icr nicr-
Chants, OI me giij, iii...h......
. . .... .., . I.nltitr nil
portunlty, that ttaoy ahould be willing to
pay at least $300 per annum, ii woum uo
better to do this, than Ut enter into a long,
voY.ttnn. nd xnensivo law suit, no
undertUnd tho wharf boat men havo ex
tirosvid a wllllngnoss to do this. Tho pro-
Losltlon is the basis of a fair and cquiUblo
... .... .... . . i,.
compromise, ana mo cuy, i n
true interest , will not hesitate to, .ntar In-
to It Wo call this , rr Uiihe attention
of the Select Council, and ask tho member.
to consider tho matter without prejudice,
and with deliberation.
........ au Till WIIIIIV
Tho Trustees oftheuairo vmy xropn,
have paid stato and county taxes on their
wharf every year ineoi .eye
and cltv taxes on all of it until 180i; and,
since then, on all but that portion of It
which lies between Fourteenth and ourln
troct. When Mr. Wilson became Mayor
In lH.'irt Im fiillml to havo the wharf a-
Lossedforelty taxes, on tho ground that
the cUy cIllImud It nd.tintU that question
, . , .tx..x u would bo bud policy
cUcct taxes. Slnco that time, for tho
mma r0lUor,t Il0 u4,owm(.nt for city pur-
. j,,, coHocted from tin owner; but
I " ..... . .i
CJiro should bo tuken to make tho in-sess.
nii.nl not unreasonable. Tho interests of
tlio city will bo put into leopunly if tlio
city takes counsel ofpnjudice, or n u.po.
tlon to becomo lmlllgurent
Is thcro anything moro licautiful than
flowers, or moro toothsomo than vegeta
hies 7 Jno. Koehlor, whoso place of bus!
nens, as nearly ovcry body iti tho city
iini U mi Kli.hth itreeL between Com
n -c.a mt Wa,hIngton avenues, bclluve
.. . .j M nd h0, for tho accomoila
tol ((f t(e .1Hj,nC has, provided lilnielf
wtJl ,10 Australian and Urazllian Caitu
jjne jio.pn, Flowers of every kind, and all
tlio seasonablo vegetables, which he i sell
i M. .i.n imvPlit market nrieev Ho In
yitM Ul0 ,,ublio to call on him, and oxaui
I 1 ....
i,u ttnnl m nueiirta ill li s lir ces
Uomember tho placo: Llghtli street, I'
twecn Commercial and Washington avo
HellbroiiA; Wull, 144 Commercial ave
nue.'now otrer to soli at the greatest sacrill eo
they havo over made, an! as low as tho
lowest. Thoy have a tlno stocK, co.isiiing
of Dry Goods, Notions, Ho.Mory, Jewelry
Clothintr. Furnishing (lootls. Vrunks, Hat
r,nu i.mtt stvh-s of Fancv Parasols and
guJ( gj, ftmi uspeclally call attention
t t,iclr itocj- 0f -yiiito Uoods tina Jiar
.mc. M,A Hlso to tholr fine lot of Km
i,rod0rcd Goods. They invito tho publi
t0 Cttn upon them, with tho assurance that
,i . wjn Kivo satisfaction both in pr.coa.u
. . .
quality. Bemotnbor the place m uoni.
mcrclal avenue. at4t
tiooit apvh'i:.
Bradley made a little speech at tho
meetlngfif colored citizens, held at Elder
Brown's church last night. Ho said ho
was not a party man, had not Joined any
club or other political organization, but
ho rejoiced ovor tlio enirancnisoiiieni oi
his raeo in America, und with hhi congre
gation would turn out and celebrate on
the 13th Inst. Ho hoped every colored
citizens would do so and that they would
earn tho good opinion of tho public by be
ing orderly and eschewing profanity and
strong drink.
Ile-t. It. J. HiKKn, pri-i'llnui
Mll..lnll(J. I! KM an , l-i k,
J. V, Mi('atm.i, I'r illiii .Mlutni'j .
TticDfln)', A.M.
Mr. I. lliiiniltoii v. Home Muliiiil ijifu
Insuraucu Co. Debt. Change of
vonuc to U,S. Circuit Cnj.rl, ullowud, by
tiling bond of 2- jUO for p.tym 'lit of cost.
Jolin U. MeConni'll, Win. Winter, Jler
innn Myer, security on the bond.
Tlilirolii', Airlt 7 A. 31.
THylor A: Pursoiir v.. .Mary K. llov4 mid
Geo. Ilns, nilnor. Leave a'keil to amend
bill. H. P. Wheeler appointed guardian of
ilefonda.it. Rule on ;,'Uiirilinii to nnwer
lo-mrtrrw. W, 15. Gilbert, iillorney for
Sherniiin . Harris & Allen. Demur to
declaration. Contlinied until to-morrow
Taylor A: I'.ir-oiii. v. .Ino. S. Moore and
Tlm.-. l'orter, ileleiidaiit. Cullud. Di
fault. Decree pro eonlo. ItutV-rri'il to
Mnter in Chancery to leuvrtnin iniiou.it
Taylor & Parsons v. Geo. W. MeKen
xie and Jno. W. Trover. Default. Decree
proconfesso. Iterorred to Muster In Chun
cory to ascortaln amount duo.
Taylor & Parson vs. Schoenmyer A;
Popj)- Continued for sale and report.
MIpIiaoI Sehott vs. Frank Gutter. Uut-
lor for plalntlll'i Lliiegnr for dufendant.
ltulo on plalntlll' to answer to-morrow
Cavender vs. Finch. Demur to plea of
defendant. Demur sustained. I.eavo given
to amend plcn.
Chas. W. G reon v. V, in. French It to.
Continued for service. ,
Perry Powers v. Win, Cooley. Hutler
for pM.ititl'. In appeal. Defendant dead.
Case continued for service on hi ailiiil.il
trator. l'OLICK CUVHT.
mfiH)LtxssHOi r. m., m not. no.
Kobccca Baker struck Peter Xelfont.
Illglun arrested her. Cne continued
until to-morrow.
Nancy Brown, nnd hall' dozen others,
arrested for lieing Inmate of a hotio of ill-
fanui. Continued until to-morrow.
John White is a pilot and was broti!;ht
into court a a witness. The ease ilidn t
come on as soon as he wished it to, and ho
expressed his determination to take him
self oil". Ho said he would be damned 11
ho'd stay, llross fined him for con
tempt of court. Whlto then repented tho
olfense, and llross repeated thellno. Again
the otTcnder returned to the assault, and
again wont down under a lino of $o. Cheap
as dirt. Any man ought to bo willing to
pay $15 and cots for thn privilege of speak
ing his mind freely.
Gen. J. M. Corse, and family, of Chicago,
am now in the city, attheSt. Charles hotel.
Tho General lias" becomo Interested in u
railroad cntcrpriro In Louiiinu, and Is
removing temporarily to Now Orleans.
HnviiiL' in tho performance of his duty as a
soldier, been instrumental in depriving tho
people of the South of their prosperity, ho
is now about to give to them a helping hand
In tho work of building up their shuttered
fortune Wo had tho pleasure of a call
from thcGcnerul yesterday.
Jinn Al.lo.Colilinhii Mllbrey, PinliK'nh
(Mil Fellow, do Hllvrr Spray, Clnclnn
Marble City. i l.mil T llrmi, .Ne llrlrao
KriuisTillr, r.r;iii.illr llrlli. Vi-rnun, ihi
Mary Milh-r, d-i M i:t.Tt, du
llrllr l,r.'. do Mar.No.1, its.
Mortn. Memphis Tynme. .VmhTllle
si Joseph, Jo i: lleii.ti-y, ArU nvsr
Wild Duck, IMtsljiir.
i.. .1.1. ri.iiiiliiiH Mlltriv. I'AdiiO'ih
Kihe'rMiry..NVH Orl'ns MirMe Olty. 'lokiur
Maty Miller, oo Kvan-rllle, l.vaniim
liM.l liu,,! rit l.niio. Htorm. I'.tUhlirJ
Tli.'ii. do Hrll Veniuii, Cincinnati
M Klirrl. hUr.Min, ..oiiiine
lMlrnslry, do M J.ph, et I.ouls
The weathor is not so clear as on yoster
day, but is still pleasant. Signs of rain
beirin to be developed.
Tho river has risen flvo Inches .Ineo Int
Tho M isslsslppl Is still rising at St. Louis,
but verv slow v. and very little morn
. . .
water U expected from above.
The Ohio is falling at Pittsburg with l!J
feet water in tho channel, and tho weather
changeable. The river ! falling at Louis
villo at tlio rate of nearly two lnche. per
hour, and Is stationary at Kvanvllle.
Tho Cumberland is still falling.
Business horccontlnues moderate.
Tho Marble City received 100 tons hern
for Vickiluirg nnd way points.
Tho Belle L'Q went no higher than
Kvnnavlllo. satWlled that there was no
froiL'lit for her on the Ohio rivor. Slio re
turned hero this inor..itigiiluio.t Unlit, and
will take all she can Und hero.
Tho directors of tho St. Ltuis nnd Me...
phis packet company have elected Capt
John A. Scudder, President, vice Capt
H. W. Smith deeascd. W. D. I.oto taki
Capt.Scudder's jiluco as Secretary, our old
... . . . . -1.! M...
time friend and uairo .eiiow-i-iii'.uii, n m
H. Botlnirvr succeeds Mr. Love as mljusti1
of rate. -lr llotlnger hits a host of J
fric.iils, nnd is fully competent to llll his
new position.
Tlio City of Kvausvillo brought out fi4
bbls whisky, H bbls eggs and n low lots
sundries for reshipmont South, mid the
following for Cairo: P. Cuhl, 110 bbls
flour; Barclay Hros., II pkgs drugs;
various consignees, ti pkgs household
goods and sundries. vWo aro pleased to
learn that the speed of tho City of Kva.is-
vlllo is constantly Increasing us her ma- .
chincry settles to Its bearing and becomes (
moro smooth, and that sho is anything eU
than a failure, us tho Louisville papcj.
The popular Nushvlllo jmcket Tyrono
brought 50bhdi tobacco to Paducah, not-
withstanding tho citizens of that energetic
town own it Cumberland river nnd Pn
duenh packet. Tlio Tyrono brought here
1'.' lilnls tobacbo for rcshlpmuiit to Chicago
pur rail, o tons b-ir iron, "0 pkgs cedar
ware for reslilpmeiit to St. i.ouls, 100 bbls
Hour for Memphis, 100 ditto, 2'JhlnU tobae-
eo, 5 ton iiimlriei for ru-hlpmoiit to ow
A report arrived hero this morning to
tho etleet tint tlm niiig.illleent steamer
Bioh.noiid win in. u sinking condition in
lluh Tower Bond, oO miles below St.
Louis. No particulars were received,
The Sam. Orr is the regular Cairo and
Evnnsvilli! packet till evening.
The Mllbrey is now running in a daily
packet between tin city and I'ndueiih.
Tiie City of Cairo U tho regular packet
for MompiiU thU evening.
Capt. Cha. T. Hindu l ngent for the
above hints.
To TIihiiih I.ei, Kill A Mi'reiU'tli, Kill A llrn.,
ln i'l J. Ii.mer, Jr...ir. t. .n. nnimi.ini, '""
nrlA. lllnnclriril. Tnjlnr A l'riitiN, vu k'k A
Hr.'riiMrll nml all ollier.i lntereteil.
Yi'U. ninl i'.k-Ii of vnu, iirr liiTcliy tiotlfinl tlist
ut iinli'iif lainl ninl' lulu iiimli' liy.luelfi.Morpin,
Mn'Mll n.l x.omjlio..llclor of tiixi'lii ami f.ir
.Mi'Miinl.'ri'oiiiilv, Wain of Illinois atilifdoor ol
tlll'KIIIIl llllllH'tllfrtlrO, IlltlllMfJlllltVOf AI''"1?
ilvraloicMliI, oil Thursday, the )th day nf Julv
,, li. ism, ninl c.tiTluirii(iy, tin' TUiilny of .iik''.
A. It. inc. I.onli. Juwimen J.uri;hncil !
Iimlim iIi'htiIh'iI Intu diluiiti'il in th1 city of i ulro
ami iiillie l"lrt and Knurlli .tiMllions lu ald elty
of cjulro, in n ilil oonnty for tlicHinli'.l.ounty, itl.
trlot S'IuhiI nml Mea l mxruniU eo-M tlirreon ror
the Jiiir A. D. tn.wlli .
. . liiMliosi' name 1 Clly tWro
c ! Mssrssril, taxed v I or additions
lj. nml rold. 2 thereto
l.. no lotitn l.''vl... i City Cairo
1" 'mi sun'" 0 S'.'l do
in,. 7 i:ilAMetedrth 3 . addition
.? Tl ""' al tin
i. .( sniiu 7 31 do
.. 7KIII. llro do
.i r wime 0 .1' do ,
.. 7 mini' 'a :i do
i 7 siiiiiu II 'J do
-I mini 12 .T do
Iliiv n,'lSTldlll.lt(rrJr ai (7 do
' .. ;vi')lii R. U IIoiIsidd S S I'll
tlit 7'rsinuU.tlUsSrd - ,V'i dn
julv :ii's;lf r.rwss 2l7! do
. :iiil,f.iM(iiau I tl 4ih addition
" :l same - Wl 'J"
" :l same ;; 1,1
" :i sAnu' ' ,Ji '"
mi mine J' '' "
:w riimr 'J '!"
;v, MIiir I" do
:s! same HI du
' 30 SSlllH i' ' "
ani saili.1 M' ' ,l"
tin 07
'.ii 07
IT r.i
17 HI
17 tit
17 el
17 Hi
17 lit
M Al
I'l ,V
.1 T7
7 SO
4 0
4 on
4 0
I Ii
4 isi
I 0
4 On
4 US
4 iw
Ami that llie lime allowed y lw for the t. Heinp;
...... nr ...1.1 ii. will eti.lrn nn the .i(h oav of
July and the tth l ivof .VUii'l A. !. JsTit.
1,(11 IS JllltliK.NshN, I'lif' liAki r.
Cairo, 111., Apr I st.i, ism. i..rii.un
Contains 110 ((.itlnliic or Arsenle,
1m not L'iiilmaiitil lulti Tastrl
Children Mill lake It without tirallw
The puhllo and many eminent physicians, niter
u lulr trial, pronounce It tn
Best Medicine Known
For the. speedy and
Chill- aul Fever ste rnued from a renun
poison exi.tuw in the atmosphero knovin s
miliaria. It re luces tha mtality of the Mo.xl
relards tl;e action of tan dittrreot orMn, and
cmi-ei lllllioiisness, Co-slipntiim, etc., and In
llii way piepares the system lor any disease of n
more serious nature which may follow. To amid
further ItouUe, mid tilltnn yomself of Inin
ill.e.lse, t iku
i:m)i:k.s ciiim. cum:.
It stimulate tlionrk'HUs 10 perinrm tneirilittereni
fin ctiuns, and ci us tin antldoin to tne imisnn
wmcn cause the Feier and Acne, ami llierehy
restores the system to health and tone: nnd a (ood
tome siicti as
Vi'ilU'lK' sttenctliandappelile, u II desiioy that
ti elinir of weariness that clings u tenai ionly to
an) one when ric.f run: Irmu Hit d .i-u.i', 11 1
Imdily revoinineniled for the euro of Ii)sepiH,
r:.n.bf: wi:akm-Jssj.
And for coukIik, cold, lironehlllt and eomumti.
linn, ll l nut to le -ur-red. A" A'tO.Mt'
lU'.VKItAISK It i uaeqlialli'd, and Is ,1 iiiii pie.
veiiliii. iiaint Ch.lU mid 1'Vier If taken ri'liU
Urly. lr. F. II. Kmlcrs, la
diH'tili, K.v.
Kor Salehy 1IAUCI.AV IlltOri., Ohio Iee.
joiIX .1TI5K
I'.ojirietor of Ilia
ltllllurd Saloon nnd Bur llooiu
EI Dorado
IOU oiiiiiirtlul Ave,
Cairo, - - - - Illinois
-joii.y iiylakivh naloo.v.
In kiiiiplled with all klnda or
Boor, illo, cSbo.,
lletiteeii Klijhth and .Ninth Street,
The-thirsty, win loin koo.I ll(tior, should nio
li 111, a call, and iIiom' ulio uant a
Can hiT their wsnti supplied in his hsr.
Tlm Sionlli UVflirii l'rinlliitf nml lillillililn I
AiMoi lHtionlmii' i'oiiiii'U'il arraDK"iiifiitinri
I.V tliej iiik iliillik-il to rllplily mull nllb-frilHTN, J
I'itlirr rlnclv. or In i nil". (Hi Hie
at iniMili'rn' Imient clnli rti' i lllnT oi inr
follinvlim H "XI l'orii"ll'l at l Jur biiiuiiii,
Mr,, Harper' Mnuiiiinf, II rn'i' .'rkly, lla
li.i.n'a Miipir.il"', Aiiplcto.fa Jciinril,
...ii. t.,.f.in.i. tiinnUu I'i. rraiik
li!r iir..ir. aiiimiiic .auhiiiiiv, i m . ...... i
lllii.t.iilnir .Mimllill'. 1'lMllL I.l'.lll''" lit 11
K.... nl,l i.ii.I Vnu. Tim (!hlninp iortier.
llemtl. i.i.l Home. Klilirr.Sf th" fttllywlMW '
Periodicals at 81 JB.ylf! J-odi's's Liidii'' H. i.
Mai nine .irinori"i .moiuoiv, io.; " "'":;"":
l........ I 'I'l... In Inu-inn 2 .'.O IVrlo JlOotl lit
mii, sis. 'I lie lllKTcliU', I'scKiinr ainnir ('
Lmlli'V rrli'lid. The fullimhitf Wlsi rerlodli'iil
....u. ..i.. in... l.v.l. ...it Mm., i.nln. Kvrrv Sfitllr.
iliiv. Thr .Nnllnll. Til" lollowlnu plllillsllrii at S'JI"
nnd SI fin, Mi. The Yoiiliic fiHl.. T.ft. Arthur
Ho.iieMiiiliwIiie, rctfr-on' .MuKMlnw. A l'lu,
t", W, I'rililltix Hon riiini'ooi'K .i-nii"ii.
iniii'llia 'r Itox 41, t'lnclnnuli, nhln,
Cor. Third and Mnrket Mlrreln.
rr. LOUIS.
Terms $2 Per Day.
Honsc FornlsbBd with Best Spriiis Beds
lloil'erentnilly located. Hu for ail If lt
(lenerol II. II. and Mtcamlont 'I ickct ntll " 1.1 tin'
.1. CHKfSI.Kl, rmprieior.
4SS VS-4tSl, 4
OMiciCMir to JO.inw. ll.ir.tiin & u .1
74, Second Floor, OHIO LEVEE,
Onix-o, 111.,
Buy and Sell Ileal Estate
xprsr TAXES,
fjl AM. KINliN.
i:ti:k cuhl,
.. D
Millers' Agent,
00 oxzzo
Orders Nollrllnl, and Prt'ripll' and
Nnllafactorlly Fllltd.
Z. Ii. .Mathiiss. K. C. fht.
jyjATIItSK A I'll!.,
AM .
Commission Merchants
1 il.'i Ohio I.f vco, CAI 110, 1 l.l.l NOIS.
Special attention i;Uen t. the purchase and isle of
iti:ii:Hs to
Ih County National Kns, DHon.IH.i A m. I hi,
liunn. Ill ; cuv Natmn.il llink, fMr. UUnm;
Mathews, Ilolar A (. ),, Ctimmilnn Merchants,
Chlcauo, III.; lUldwln A Hone, Com. Merchants,
thicujto, III., iww, jioran i u., na-mv.
I. nnlhlnu o aluable a Perfect Hiaht,
nnd I'crfectMKhtcan only he obtained hy i.slnn
t'KIte-IXT Sl'KCTACI.K-1 Tlteillllleullyof 1'ro.
eurlni; which .s wull know n.
Mtws. laZ.uiFs .- 310KRIS,
UAKirOKIl, co.
Manilfuclurer of tlm (Vh brated
Perfected Spectacles!
Having, afteryear ut i:terlenee, Kxperiment,
all'l llll' erei'llOII III rosiljl llim-llllirij, i.-u .nnu'
led lo preiliirel.iuiiirain. .H'siiieraoiiii,
Forfoot OpcotnoloH,
Which have hec u scld , i.h unlimited satisfaction
to Iho wearers in M.u'liils1 lla. Il.ioue iuinu.i on.
nci tlciit, New llaiiiiishire, Vermont, Mimic. New
Vnrlt. New Jersev. lvnii'ilrnula. tiliio. Miclilcan.
A'ii.riiniii. Illinois. .Minnesoiu. Kansas. Missouri.
Iowa, anil all the llritih I'roiinces, durini; Iho
mt sixteen years. Those ccle.iratfl I'crtceteil
t m ii 1
ISTevor Tiro tlio Eye
And la.. .many year, without chno. Mes.ra
..aiarii" .Morns nave aj.poiiur..
Taber Brothers
Dealers In all kinds of
American und Fiiroltrn Wntclies,
i...,.ir.. th, i, in, n,l. Snlld Silver. I'latcd
Ware; also Mmiulacturer of Jewelry nnd Dia
mond Ktlln;.
TSTo. 83 Ohro Levee
ole Agents for till place, from uhoin only can
l -v l.f. obtained NO l'KDW.UUS KMI'IAA EU.
Maniifacturliiir Opticians, Hartford, Conn.
Hill I!
I'M un I'lTI
i niriiiii.
J-SLViW Jills' iM ifi.
(ill en to nil Auillithl)' Poind,
St, Louis, Cairo & New
Orleans racket lo,
i.'f.JU. u-J- Till. MTKAMf.llS
f SfcsW SS iSfc. m
II I H ,l A It C 1ST K.MUJ.iK, .lU.le ,
1. 1'. '.IK (II I.I. I'NK.I. Ma.ler.
tO.M.MIl.WK.I.TII . .ni.M.V, Slwlif,
IIIIKA'I' ltKI't'III.IC.VA.S l.t tlK Ma-tet
MISMHll'ri ... lillh. V, Masier,
I'llO.SII'MS.V l)KA.M....l'Kfl'Kn. Master
CII'V "If AI.IO.N VdKK. Mvier
OI.IVK ItltA.-stS II Jh'i (ltl. Master.
M II I.I.I I. .S II 1.1 --. . ...,lil.l., .vaier
S O.N I I.N IA'I',1 1 Mc( l.OV, Ma.lef
W. It. Alt I II I'll Itl'iK. .Ms.ler.
(..sinpr ll - sll the tl.ie.l and Isrt'i 'l lt out "I
I. J,Oltlk.
,,f.NiH tlri.siik Ti.e M.atiier
... aaler
ai'imi. rtti
roliuis'lini! a. Nesi ttrleati wilt. IWmi l.loe ut
Stekloet" lo
I.I vrrjmol, . VurU, llualiiii, anil f'al .
s e.iun, 1 una. r
l'sen!erk and f limpets I'i. rely 1.11 one .. Cfie.e
tat lini.nK lire piinptiisllr aie.
(leueral Areot, linn-,
d'lie, on V.'hsrfl't. hiU" lnd nir.
Memphis and St. Louis
racket lompany.
The f. .li w tii! Iluate MIMT.-i' III l.ineand will
run 111 the foilowms oriter
Memphis Packets
Arnte at ( iro,iAtrieat !alr
i,. . tr.
KKLtr. ST LOtTS. 'Tuesday, & p.'r turday 1 a Ul
irr, si s. isr:
CITT OKCAIIU), Thursday p.. Muiday.l a.m
Malln, Ma.ler . .
nr.u.K nrnrui". .-a'.urnar. av.m J.iurs., i i.m
l tts, at.ur.
Vicksburg Packets.
Arrne t Ca.l',
ri le ( mru
MAItlll.Kl 1TV. f.ry ali.r- hut)
, Mastel, na'e fUli.. )', as'-- 'ii,
I.t'MIN.MtT, all a.m all a.m.
Conway, Mtr, " . , ..
jn.lA; r.ierr.li.r- I fery alier
ta.lalian, Master liste Wdues- -at. We'n'S-
IIIIUCIIN. i US), at i a in. nt,
Il.aVe, Slasier. " I
( iinne. t.natv' 1'U ""''h
.orllirrll Line I'arsiri s nniiii, ,
ICrnkuk I'seari .oiiimu ,
Uninlia I'arkrl Coiiiiinnyt
auJ Various llailioeil l.lltsa
At Memph's with
?ltlMililsann n mis iui.ii-.isii ..,
Arkaiisns Itlsrr Parkrl (-i.llipaliy,
lriiiilil s"il liarleslon II. It.,
and Mississippi A. Trlinrssre II. II ,
At V.ckshurif with
Vmximi uivrr i ifm i
Vli ksluiru and .sin Idlait Itwllrnart
Oltlnr Ihroi.nh lUs lad rn and ticket, to all !
au.i iHi.ut, hv ra or r er
' . HIVIIL' f:.n..sl 4.-nl.
Offsfr on WliaiMsial.
KP. K KIc-fi, T'-ketand I'assentier Aient
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
r r'..,il.ltni. (il llin l.llloulnr-
.ws-itfsple.iiliil pas.ener steamers:
STROM! Mister I k
Mates l.vr.y .sionimy ai 4
UAUMOX ...... Ma.ler rk
I, en, r.rry T.iurailiiy nt 4 l..M.
John Lunsden,
PAVls- Ma.ler Clara
I.ea,rH livery Kulurdtty at 4 l. M.
TlirniiKli Hills I.ntlintr (ilri'ii Via. Nash
tlile nml ('alio Packets ninl
(.'rei'.i I.Iue"
T Snalislllr, S'tialiHiiooifa, Tenn.i At-
Iniiln, S'.illiliiKii". iimiii'i
S.iiIik'w. H'Ht I'olnt, UfurKSrloMrti. Mils
It'ilKlllle tin.t KIllalllM, .iuni.
ciiniery. Alii.. Oiarlcalnn, St. ; Nelma,
Ala., Mi,iuinli. S.a.l VllniliiK"". M t'd
,"1 '""S.T. HINDI:,
At'cnt stjjf'isjlfj
Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company.
HENRY JONES. I'rcs't. HAM J. 1IA1.K, Kec'y.
Composed of lh lolinwrlnK nrsl
ela.e eliamers.
A I. Id'' li:A -loliti Mink, Msstrr
ItOll'l' IIMt.NN .f rfciikStllie.
MIXJsKSH.A W. II. Miller "
! sasaa Baa s. a IS ah f UnaaiAlaa S S
SlliTl.n mwva :r.".f ' ..
j. hai.i:.........w.i'. wiwr
Onyof .; hov s,j.euu '' -
. ;: . r - , .- v .
C1IAS. T. HIND):. Aucnt, Cairo, 111.
Ollice en Vharf.lat.
Evansville and Cairo
Packet Compan y.
ff2rK Consisting ol tho lollowlnR
rjjrWtjSpk'iiiliil Piisscngnr Stennii'i
DUSOUC1IET Master KOWI.HIt 0 ere.
I.Hvea Cairn fiimlay atis! Thursday at 5 n
PKXTRK Master (1HAI.MK!( CIuVj
Leaves Cairo IMesiiay ami Kriday al 5 p. in.
till AH. T. HINDK, A.nt.
CMS. !. Ill

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