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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, April 12, 1870, Image 4

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v rt 44 iH I rtt 1V
lllll MIlllUTT 1'OCKLT.
,., vl.xi.iu- miinonltion n will say.
t iwtvyniir street'lt in money . Ilt.x
"i . , t ,i ii.i. ftttVii
.. . p. and pocket the tliilcreiiee.
roil" ' ., . .. . , ,
,lletJh,. nA vitality In ''"'I'''-'';
nn.KlMU.ttl1o,ty, is mark "'"'W",1 '
tifl- Brm..rt-h.ntif epMSllJ?fuKftill
inkfM jth:lu-ine t ' 3 '. I I f J
prlOvi K'. than liftr Fifteenth Amend.
l: when asked thelK.iihtnui by tlm
tiitv of nii,Wtloii,yisrrilriy,- enirerU
1 rwercil "WAVWloK
in Mr. AV 5iUiinVlhurletjliJVtil- nl'Tp
trnl-thli-i ninlii lK'lng"c.inteved!tn
fJni I'l'i- f ir"ititcrmenf. H! IrleniN
lt'tr sup,.rhitr Itvan nviillisl himeli
'h h the npportnniiy presented by the elec
!'?', yesterday, to enlarge hi lift of ir
lim i HtiMe tf sirrM trf.
ihli'ii .hould not 1)0, for n single tmmlctit,
liir.g0tleiil tlmt you nro not required to
tiel'v vour M met tnx In cash. X tender of
rey scrip I nll-sufllclcnt.
Jtiu government tug leaves for Mound
:littvat precisely 9 o'clock to-morrow morn-
'q, l'artiei desiring to invot in naval
-'ires should mnkn a note of thin.
'Vlie report of idiot guns my bo heard nt
'Sequent Interval along tho margin of
c !nko Slinncsy, ouch report flgimllng tho
Slighter of snipe by thu hnlf dozen.
The ordinance ny there shall bo four
dice constables. Mayor Wilton ny
era 'hall bo fix, and there are nix.
ho two extra aro John Cahlll and Kd
.n t
A rtn miili In .Tllftrvn HnL'np unA 111-
e;yor of Uutom, Finher, havo entered nn
f..)pcarnnce. It it fomewhat rcinarkabla
II tjnt lincu the ratification of tho Fifteenth
. .iiicnilnient tho rndical Imvo nothing but
ru i (Mover A: .Sun, yim und lockinlth,
"en Ave removed tothocornor of Klghtecnth
ii fid Comtnorehd avenurt. They vrlll, as
imeirotofdro, cervo patrons in first ,clni
j to vie. They tiro flnUlied moclmnlci und
venV'titlcmcn, nnd doerve unbounded iuc
W e.'M.
M An individual laboring under tho influ
hl"ieo of too much lKonier-nlclo, created
l.vl"jUe nn exuitument on Comincrclul HVcne
u,,ciiter(lay evening, by tiring hl hot gun
t)" tho itreet, and behaving himself in a
0 "try boUtroui manner otherwise. No
'tvlv hurt nnd no arretti mudc.
Ticket In Mr. Ilcllly'a gift enterprise
)mmand rewly inle, for rcaion flrt, that
r property i among the molt dcilrablo.
O .1 t I 1. 1 1.. A.!. 1.
1 mo CUV, itnu lb it uv iii i inir vnu
r1"- i - J' - .
... now tlmt thu ntliilr will bo coiflucted
,!' flth tho ino-t rcritpuloii!' nxat'tiii-. and
illw . '
Urn (.'.
n us
,, A ladle grttr, full twenty liiche. In
... I. I A.l...t...
I0UI bl,l IVlllMI VII MM IV. v-. .n
0lljiid the ehiboriitvne of it ornumenttttioti
vtxM ruro and untMiiul, tho owner may,
1(,mrobnbly, value It highly. Kvidonce m to
niwnehhlp, will bo patiently heard at thu
,roiULu:Ti.v olllce.
itv The Ituvi-rcnd (.'. II. Foote reeelviil In-
... ....ii .i. i t.f .
(i.tiulier, muldlng near Uixdn.-ter, .New ork.
irteho ltevemnd gentleman took (ho nfter
,.Krooii truin, Intonding to bo preiit at tho
llVf to of tho. biirtul. Ho hu tho ilncero
...-vmnathltn of our citizen lu hi deep
in i
Mljll'i v "
tir. Hunt, h'tiinl, X t o.
K-r. Linton .V
Gu in thu
ico bus!-
Thev tiro gt'iitlennju ot meuu and
I, nurgy, imd wo Imsirtily woleoine them to
.'urmldt. T'leir mnniinotli ie-hou'e
. dtolninir the St. Chwrle will bu filled, ill
J uu tlinw, with uorthorn luku lee, Jenough
lliu" "'I'!'' "".v polbl deniiuid, of the en
hami t'col''u'r llvertiniuient.
l .. .. .x - . . 11. 1 ...
Illt. r UK Kb riiAiir, oi imiinrn i-ouniy
ns a meitt thop on Commercial uveuue, be-
,Aecn l'Jth and UUtli tmut, to which ho
jik the attcutloii i4 nil that nelghliorhood.
In .nt. ilint ln kill, none but tho beit
,t,.jidfjtte-t nittlo und corn-fed hog, und
..,.Vei therefore, uolio but tlm choiceit
ind of in 'Mt. I iirtliormore, lio Mys no
.III ii. l.i..r Iki i-.nitti t tin 1 1 iimv ntlier
re " b - o j -
iitflmr nn teliilt to L-lvo. If Blivbodv U
110! . D . . . ...
joreaulou', a to iiuytning nero niueu,
wj'harp would pri him to call upon a hu
jjj confident that ho run initUfy overy one
tll(;iut uch doubt nro groundlc a thu
.un'lU'i laurio oi u uream. i
Ti... ..w.....:..uiti.i. .r ilia iiu..i. tu iiittkli
!j t tho Conervatory, will begin on Tuo.
ftV"" woning nt 7J o'clock. Friend of tho
IjiupiU will 1 prcMSiitwl with ticket. Tho
' iuinler of vMlore will U llmltol each
'venlni?, o that hII can bo provided with
Vat.. Thu muiicul eiitertuinmeiit will
UBdowon Frlday ovenlng with a grund con
11 jert, of which duo notico will bo given.
.U Thi; nqxt )erm'iif tho CoiiKrvHtury will
ifglu on Moiday, April IPth, nnd con
j(lnuo 10 weeks. 'Tuition in' ml
0pn)ct, npUCu
it hixekai.Vateiw.
r( t'lllsT Ot'TIIC NKASOX
0, KiiMiigeii, Sclter, and Ulua Lick
a:Vater., und nil tho other variety of
pvvuteri from tho celebrated spring, of Oor
imny und America, on draft und for ale
'y tho glu.4 gallon or barrel ut thu drug
ttoroof L.T. Whitiiker, No. 10S Commur- ;
lulhvcnue. Cairo III. Nt)ll2lf 1
0 A HOUII Ui' aovicj:.
4 Mother, know tho importance uttuched
"lithe care of teething children. lead tlm
Jfivertlsoment of Mr.. Whitcomb'i Syrup
ID tnothor enlnmn .nlliUwIw.
mi: siw. vatkh.
The. ronjrctttru hitherto entertained tli:it
n l.irg" pnrt oftlia fl"W!itpr tlmt period
iciilly Nvcuiiiulmm III I'urtuiii dupre-ed
portion of uity site, wm tine to tlie liu
pcHViit tiniiiiicr in wlili'h the. sewer- wore
wHntrtMrtcl, in now deh.nMstml.h, feet.
' ? Mt.g trim the ewer contribute to
v -- "'
Block , In the city U divided Into
' ,
tnreo basin by twiM-mbiinkmentK of i-iirth
,ndln from Tonth .to Klevonth str.ot..
IV,, of IIipms busl.. cmmminlcHto with u
, .tfWor; lu? UllJ third orient...- doe. not.
Xow, irony prii will takv the trouble
, tu VMt the apot be will sen that tho-e
j hii-lns that communicate with the sower
are well tilled bywntor, while the thinl or
i center linIti tliut has m outlet, contains.
only a few thc1io of what is clearlv rain
awater. Mow tan thi extra tleptlenl water
( In (he basin, with which -owor conimiinl- l
cut- bt .i. iMiinli-1 fur. if it I liul eh.i:i;i.i
rVn the n'ecnuht Urtlie foU'ols .
It U Wfll-k'nKwn that .'ind Uratuiu
underlie) n portion of thu city, and that
thU iitratum i, during every conilderablo
ri-o of tho river, 'charged with water. It
lit u the develojinient of thi water upon
tho urfarivnwc owo our Ipo water.
Thl fact i not unknown to tho Council
that contracted with Messrs. ltankin,
Wood & Hoylo for tho comtructlon of the
maiu'portion of tho sower. Thu Council,
therefore; stipulated that only tho best,
hard-burnt brick should bo uod, nnd tlmt
theo should not only Iks laid in hydraulic
cement, but grouted and plastered witlt tho
imme, so a tolnsuro water-tight work. In
utter contempt of tho contract the contrac
tor! ued exactly such brick as they plcn.cd,
and these they laid in common lime nnd
sand mortar, making scarcely a feint In
complianco with that provision of the con
tract that called for tho plastering or
back-bedding, or grouting. Tho result
wa, when tho tower wero completed
thoy "leaked like a riddle!" and tho Hoard
of Public Work reported against receiving
To thut imperfect work, for which a
high prico was paid, und mostly in tcush,
aro our citizens to-day indebted for u con
siderable nnd very annoying uddltion to tho
annunl accumulations of slpo water. From
thi conclusion there is no escape; and tho
most exasperating feature of the matter I
that patch-work or repair will not remedy
tho evil. Now and wutor-tightiowcrs nro
thejonly ofTectlvo euro that can over bo ap
plied. Embankments built around the
inland mouth of tho sowers would prevent
u discharge of tho leukings upon tho adja
cent territory j but whether the end will
justify tho mean, is a question, of course,
for the decision of our City Father. It I
our opinion that it would.
Juliu Koblnfcon, a lusty darkey, ofliue
physical '.proportion', und unnii.tukubb!
Nubian contour, wu onu of thu number
who accompanied sheritl' Myr to Jollet.
In utter contempt of his marital vow-,
pledged with a very rprightly "colored
ludy' Juliu had loved a "white woman,"
too wvlk but not wily. Uecautu of this,
,.'11 protract hi absence over n
pinCj '.hlrty day.
T!-i?uxorublt) clutche of the law, toro
tho white woman from Juliu' breai-t, last
r?ummer, nnd ditringa period of lx month
confined her in tho penitentiary. How this
"whitu woman" threshed her liltle child
ren becauo thev would tiotlovoJuliiivntid
call him father, Is a matter of no cou.o
quenco now. They had no lmiiii, prob
ably, to bo children. IlutJtillii recoivinl
n warning then that hU couro of life was
dellterioiii to hi "wholeomo." In fuel
hu nerved a short term in tho county jail,
.and narrowly cuoaped tho penitentiary.
Tho warning, however, walo.tupon him.
When tho "whitu woman" returned from
Jollet, Jujiuk' arm were found wlde-.pmad
to receive her, and .he lluw into them.
Tlm raptiiro of the meeting was scarcely
allayiil before thu numo inexorable law
ntralu interfered and, in hi turn, sent oil'
Juliu. "Turn about," remarked tlm
able philosopher on leaving, "1 fair mo
now and tho while lady next time. Ha'
ha I boh !"
.Since the introduction of l'halou . VI
talia or Salvation lor the Hair, ladle who
formerly unjd dye, nro universally nbnn
doning them. They llnd tho new urticlo
harmlcM, mi clean und pure, to pleasant to
tho neimct, and withal 'o uperior u u
mean of renewing the original color, that
they absolutely shudder when they think
of tho filthy stuff they once used,
i:w oootiH.
Opening of new millinery good at K.
H. (Hwuld Si Co', on Thursday, Friduy
and Saturday next, at which time will be
displayed an unimmlly largo and attractive
assortment of millinery, notion, traveling
and work baskeU, etc. Alo a tine stock of
Singer's celebrated cowing machine, for
sale The public, and epeeially the ladle,
are Invited to attend tho opening,
(io to 0. W. HondeMon for anything in
the lino of Hardware, such a Hut, Lock,
Screw., and a goneral assortment of shelf
hardware. Also, a lot of (iarden Iinpll
menu, such as Hakes, Hoe, .Manure and
Hay Forks, etc., etc.
Mr. Henderson has alo Jut received
thelarge.t and best stock of cooking stoves,
ever brought to thu city, und Mills cheup
for cutili.
the nii'Ki'H or thi: kkdkkmkui
Services will bo held in tho Church of
tint Redeemer every day during the week,
commencing ul 11 o'clock a. in., tho Itev.
Mr. Coan, officiating. There will also be
sorotces on Wednesday and Friday
vnlnj(, at 7 o'clock. aprllfil.
FnrllipCuIrn Ilulltlii
ItO.MVS li.W
IIAMIV llltl MIVlMl!..
h, tuiioiiiy lmri to frii'iloni' ly
Tlmt tin ) limy lie iioIoiikiiI,
Aliil, 'mid the elmiK of thr:ktf , eltlnm
The ini)er nf I rUa'ls' Mrmixed !
Cili tune my taiip tu fnCilotn' In)
Tlmt, v llli tliolrnvrj nil, . "V ''
tlaeelmnl ini tirnnie soul lo ilenl
Tliiityet tuft) hnvo avail.
Our nriiuia re lint uf reeeilt ilito,
Not; w the lint t ff fl Hi p.ilu i -Mm
nrnncii nice u Mere t Oiontunr
AiiJirslli l'I's rliirilut iiiulPj , ,
rho.e liirnys wlm, loopioiul lo iloo'i'i ' ' '
Urt Intider' voiIh
TIip hotiti')tliiit bjf 'lrnil rlsM" 'VV
' Wm llicli , "ilut lliiiir-, Iitji-H.l. t
'l int Kliui'l tlm luiiol.eilivif .,.r)'iiii(f,
lli-ili'treil ih'll V.ill! Ulnl lull.
Sim coiir-oi I UiiiUjili Jlie Minis of llmi'.i
wleielrlm llinr iintlrtn still ,
tu I tifiii)i wi li.il, i( ilii ilnf, ilo
I'yri'iiiieli wrontj with tiilglit,, ; ( "
"i lit iSi. HaerAi)il fir.'Vof arm-
ri mireterv rii;lii
; .
Tlin tmitf. nf irelnad'. iirnmlvi on
l.'i) tilt-ched In irUT eliiuej
Tliolf footprint tlurVr IIiikUiiJ Mniie
Tu rulgiiln pnwrr riililliiii.1.
Then why not In A'iiueotiru'ii
Unite with common teal
To wlpu oppression from our sell
Anil nil their repeal t
Vcs, III by cannon' thnmlfrin nttnJ
WVII litlclt the vcuoin forth
Tlmt pent for centuries In our iwr
Has glren FrnlAii worth.
And with thur.hf lp, l.jr holler pnwfr,
jWe'll rf r hope aad pry
Thut Ireland nnd lirr snns Im ft .-i
lly ni-xtSt. Ciilrfitk'n tiny.
Hu.. I). J. lUkki, preiidiiiK!
.Mx. Juiin (). IUhms.v, Clerk;
J. V. MCitiisitr, I'msecming Attornj .
Tunil.y, A. .11.
Itobcrt AV. Miller v. Leander Axloy, ct
ul. On foreclosure. Cutise stricken from
docket with lcavo to'relrntato.
Leo Klob v. Frederick Ulankenbiirg.
On foreclourej bill dlsmUsed.
Leo Kleb vs. John Hu, et ul. On fore
closure; billdlmlstiHl.
Ualley S. Harrell v. Cask V Althoue.
Assumpsit; suit dismissed. .
L. L. M. Harlow vs. Frederick llm.
Ejectment; casoon trial.
Court then udjourned until thi iilternoon
at 2 o'clock.
now wi: Ain:it in: sh tmiKii.
Tho Street Tax 1 payable In Trip. Wo
made thi fact public tho other day; und
by all that li Jocose, the announcement
threw the itreet Supervisor into a palon,
nnd he stormed like an equinoctial gale.
Ho would rathor collect the tnx in money
nnd pay 'crip Into the treasury, don't you
sio? Ho declares on hi honor that wu
are ruining tho Democratic party, nnd
that v.v .hall, m we shall, lo; subscriber
by our course. Ho is right. To tell tint
peoplo that scrip I payable for the Street
Tax f.i uu attack on thu Demoeriitie party
a 'hot that lilt it between wind and wa
ter. We expect to sou It dlo in a short
time; and then shall wo, nut hear the voice
lit thy liiiiil luuivntiittun.. f)h, ltyntl, JIIV
lioy? Will not your eyes exhudu tours a
largo nt turkey egg? And wo am going
to lose Mibseriber', too. We know we tiro.
And all because wu told the giod people of
Cairo that the .Street Tax might bo paid
in crlp instead of mutiny' What u
wretchedly Indiscreet publisher wo urel
Hut how much greater would our los l.o, If
thi- man and his friend, should suliTriho
for tho Itui.i.KTiK instead of !orrowing it
from their neighbors who take and pay for
If Wm feel crushed to earth: but being
Truth, we shall ri-o again.
rn: siiiooi. i;u:t no.N wvmiiuv.
There wero M7 votes pulld for School
Director yesterday, being fullv threa time.
the number that nro ordinarily polled
hero ut election. of that nature. Tho rest
ou for this is, clilelly, that theenfraiielii.ed
Africans, having mi opportunity to vote,
availed .themselves of it. Tho entito-t for
thu olllco of Director wa between .ror.
0. WInton mid I. M. Warwick, tho
colored voter-, almost to a man, voting
for the luttir. Mr. Winston uunounced
him-clf a. a candidate, "irre.peclivu of
party,'' a fai t that o.top the radical, from
laying any claim to u party triumph, how
over much they may feo di'pn-il t,, ,n
mi. The votu stood ; '
Kor I.. M. Wiirwink m Vut
" llr. Wlllstnll
Warwick'" Majority tsj
Thu election for School Trustees re-tilted
In tho cholou. of Mr. J. T. Hennlo. -Mr.
William Htruttoii received a very respect
nblo votej but the u- of his name was tin
authorized. There were nt least four hundred demo
crats In tho city who took no part in tint
election whatever, whlehfaet ijuiutu.surcs
us that Cairo is, und by union of effort on
tho part of democrat, will remain, demo
cnitlo. liM.uttiui i.int.iirv.
An intelligent iivgro, who did not veto
with tho majority of his fellow, yesterday,
avowed hitmclf n standing far in advnnco
of Sumner, In hl advocacy of freedom to
"'I ...
till' colored nice, lift declare, tlial nil ml- I
, I,, ii i , , . I
oretl men lionld not only liavn tlie riulit
to vote, but tlio right to voto tlio doni-
t'rittlc ticket, when they wunt to, without '
1 ' 1
Intui rin denunciation
ciiltioi! and ilall(,'er. Tlm '
utterance did credit alike to hit head and
heart: nnd in the uood democratic dnv
coming, tho eticurged liberty ho advo
cate will ho enjoyed by ovory one.
Ax lndivldtml eiif;ai;od nt tho work of
'brenkiiiej up'' tho ground,-, this morning,
turned uji tho bone of h full grown mini.
It win supposed, from tin iipjienriiiii'ti of
tho bones, that tho body must havo been
Interred there thirty or forty your no
a very old settler, or un Indian.
,)! i ii' ' i'ii
UHATH.V. Thi day will long live In tlm meiiion, of
tho Cairo colored peoplo. Score of year
honco colored gland fathers will detail to
their deoendant how the treut of Cairo
were filled with u long lino of men with
badges, regalia, lings and banners, and
how the day opened with the sound of ctiii
iioii and tio-ed willi music, revelry and
mirth. They will tell how thirty six little
colored glrN, clothed In white, nnd wearing
wreath", und red and bluo sashes,
at Inn highly ornamented cur, as repres
entatives of the diUurent States, nnd how.
in their mldt, u hand'omo colored girl,
per-miiiting the godde-s of Liberty, sup.
ported thu color of tho country the whole
forming an object tlmt wa gazed upon
with pride and exultation. Thoy will toll,
too. bi'W well dressed, well In hav.-l color
ed iHi-ti, numliorlug nearly :i thousand,
t'ormi' I a column In the rear, bearing aloft
buutiers proclaiming the orders to which
thoy belonged ; that "Hepubllcan l'rln
'clplos" (not thu party I shall ever live; '
that "I'nited Wo Stand, Divided Wu
Full;" that "All men uro Created
Kqtuil," and ithcr mottoe suggested by
the time nnd sentiment of tho people. All
this they will tell, and more, but having n
'word to say ourselves, wo will beg "grand
father's'' pardon and proceed to ay It.
The column, morn than a half mile in
length, moved through thu principal street
of tho city, drawing crowd to tint tddc
wnlk along the entire line of march,
until, about i) o'clock p. in., when the vast
throng assembled in Washington Hall,
nnd listened tocnthttsca'tic uddro-'cs from
-Mosr Munn, llird and l.lucgnr. What
the speakers said, how tho utidietico re
lieved it, and many other thing entirely
Worthy of publication must, however, be
reserved for to-morrow.
I'un AUe. C Knr-)tli, Vh k.t'ltrif
iniit!iri'k,.-(. I.iiui l.iiii-L'on ior on
Tutu lUs tin i.im-r. m. Loin-
Ull Ur.inch m Ili-ri'ii1. I'llt.lmrK
(.'. II. t huteli ilo Kerry I'j'ltimli
.1 I. Mdiill ilu I' W Minwli-r .t l.ou
It K l.ee ,,u tli'tler Un
Il.m Aliti' Col i"Ati r St l. ili.i
llistiiiirck ilo Kor-.Mh do
Tom llo.it Ti nn IUmt Ulim Hranchil
l.iitlcCi'telnr I'umi'roy Mitilll tlri
MruUr I,oiimIii A llal(r Tstm rr
It I) l.i'e Cv.iu.lllle ThII.IIIsii fsa-liTlllis
Ilerellli s .1 U Kun r I'ltlsUir
Tho weather i clear anil bountiful to-day,
with tho mercury nt T.'l.
limine., good.
Tho rlvo has fallen about one Inch In
tint pan 'J I hour.
Tho Mississippi I reported rMngn little
atSt. f.oul from tho riu In tho Al t--ijuri,
but this will not la't long.
The Ohio is stationary a I'ittsburg with
8 feet In tho channel, but ! receding rap
idly ut Cincinnati, thirteen feet water h
reported in tho canal ut I.oui.vtllo.
. The II. M.Mireovcfor Vlck.burg; Hello
St. l.ouis for .Memplil-, tire due till even
in tr.
The Thompson Dean. Shark, for New
Orleans, and Julia for Vickslairg will be
due to-morrow.
The Quickstep Is the regular Kvan.vUlo
packet thi evening.
i'sr.. Looms aco..
ll:irltunr un ! thu Ice llo"c n I tu. irm,t
ilin I'ompmi th.t li n liccn sapplyiu 'hl rr.ai!ct
r.r .virrl uii.hnll
Ciitninonre lilting tho House on tho
l.ewe. Adjoining tin; St. Cluirle Hotel,
Willi a lurtn f-U li of tin-
Atilwill In- prepr-1 1 supply Iii'al-f, llrini-r'
etc., on lliu
Ititcror I'ntlroail by Ihr llnrc Load or
in Mimllcr ttuiioilllra.
Cairo, April tSth.lnTV. 1Mtf
riici'NTt:ir.s ,s,im:.
Whre. I'v rlrini-of Hciilnin Tmst IHKi.l.hear
in il.i'i-Mar n .ilt, ii.y, uiel iluti ru onfH in
Iliioli "i, pne IM of lli i-ils in tlie Iti-'oriliT's
nUlcHdt itander loam), lllnioi., Mm ill" U.
ll.mloy lint eoaii'y 10 the un.liTsitm il dm fi.o.
Ililt ili'srrih'il ri'iifestBte, to-ivlt- Une huti'lreil
lih'1 III ry Ui'lfs ijl lint mrl of rUllll i.uilihor
e. the loihdicd Kiel thirl) -utie (Nn Mil survey
iiuiiiIh rnl (No. 5S". flip haiidr.'il iiiel Ui i t nini',
us tlie. o i vUiiii i ilill) ritonii-il mi tin- ollliM.il
tiispol Hi'i leMtiilrr onnty, Illinois, Ijitiv on-iiiKUiuti-iv
mi I nwnhnetterl) irutu tlm nurthi rly
line nf lift) acr- of l uitl in nli cUini aiel .iirsey
.i n l..i.r. unlit mi l eimesea h) AllmlT 1'opii.
a liniulstnitnr, it'., nf llir i stiiu nf rnrrnii
l't pe, uiii'i'i'il, tp tnv sirs.uiiiis (incnly,
hv lipul Inuring ilaris i.n the I5ih ony or
leb(iinr), A. I). Isi'.i, ami .illy tuorilnl
la tlie l!i'iiorli'r's cillli'inif ai i Ate vuieli r i oimt ,
Illinois, nn llm VPli ilay of Keliruury A, li. lsou,
in nlinno "I"' fit ileeils on iao 61, ele., an il
iiiniii Inllv nntirnr. n-ferelieo lu'lni! Inul therein
tli ii istiisai the one Innnlreil ami titty (IM, Hire,
ot IjiiI In id,) iiil ii'lnl to In, (li-., riU'il, n. in a.
ii )h( . unueli'il kuiitlierly liylh iinrthrly linn
r mi.I fifty m rns. ennieyeil . nioie-eiil to sn. I
tlrsumas (ileeuly, uiul rAtt'O'ls nurlli-uestei jy i
luroii(h the tatire hreailih of .aH eijon, a ill.
tme'C .iilll' lent to a linr jiir.illi l lth siiul I
Oieinl) ' northerly line us m I iin liiilt' the suM I
nno liunilroil nil tifty neioi. I
In trust. Iinni'irr. Unit in case nf ilefiiiilt in thu
ii)ineiit of th'- .nin of live Jiini'lii'il (8W"i)iiu.,
irnin s oil .Melt illo '. lliu ley ntnl p.iHl'e by nutu
il.iinl M.iteh nil, li".'.i, ihi Iio uiiiiiIIk Hftir ilaie,
Miili inteir.t truin ihitD ut Ilu- latisuf six () per
rent p r nmiiuu luvoriluiK lo the trnnrunil vftrct
ni ..nn iironii'irs iiiiiii tun) m-.i-i nwn in miiii
'nn.i j -.!. titit turn tun tiniiciinfii, Truster,
hnul.l nrm eeil to sell sanl leul estate ns l.y iii
Irit.l ll-l priiileilniiile.tei'Uteutliepurehiir
n lino'l nail .ntliuient ilenl fur IIiiktiiiM'J. nice nfall
lie1 iiuht.tille inul intere.t nf the e.t.iln of s.inl
i.'urnia I'npe, iliei'iiseil, nruf the s.iiil Alfred T.
Pope as uOinmiftritoi, eto., nf s-.ilil e.ttit.'. hj aiil
'I rn. I I li.ikil i am 1 el i.il In It,.. llliilitrMlaiiii'il 1
hureas, neither mill imie or any poitimt therenf
nor the interest nor any portion theieul has been
mini Ijv the sanl Menillti C. lUwIey, nr lu anv
ulherpersn . ilehiillt linMli) lu'eti inaile therein,
.Nii. therefore, in piir.nuiifn nf the pint i. inn.
nf ..ill Trn.t lleeil, uinl ni Ihn reiplest nf tlio
ant Alfreil T. I'one, nsieliiiiiiistrutiirus klnrrisalii.
nutii'c is nereij) linen, nut in aceoMntice Willi tlio t
lerins of s.iM'Ini't !'oei, 1 hi, I, on ri.it idnv.thn I
llthiUvnf May, next, (IsTU), hrtm en tlm hours
nf ten nV-ICM'k n.in., nml nin n elm-k p.m., ofniihl 1
il.ii'. nt thu (front) iloor ol' the enilrt holme. In llm
city ni I'mro, Alexiimler foinitv, Illinois, prmi'i'il
to sill at pul'lo U'li'luu to tlio hlcnu.t hahier. lur
eiish, the e-tute lierellltiefore ilesenleil. tu ntlfy
the lisht liun llll'i Ulipilil lis al'ull-Jlii, Willi lliu
oit. nml charges of saw trust, nml i, eietitu to
the purctia.er a ileeil for the atii:
Clio, April Ktli, 1H70. uprli lliuliw
w. im m
O. M'G-ee
Three Duvrs iVent ol C'limiiicrrlal Aif.,
Hu Just returned with n Splrnilid Sprui);
Mnok of
A N I)
Fniiry (oixIm, NnlioiiM. etc.
Whleli cre hoiivht at priewK that will emhlr ll"r
to utnlpr.cll aoy other ilenl' i- la th'-eity. Uiol: ut
these flnuret
(Jood Kid t.'lovoHiit HI (10
Tm Pairs Liidlcs' Ho.n fur i'i els
liiitllt'S' nutl .Mlsxi's Ifnls for - .lOot
Vliil nid.V tlin else In iniioili)ii.
The MsMirtineut l
Seasonable. Fashionable and Complete
And person, de.iiliijto purchase ni-o t lnitlniitlr
tin- i Uo. to.'i.ciTUin tint hellHi Kiik.iiih cull lie
oMiunMnnvliirij In iliei'tnntrv
Jii'lerinineil In -I'll in) n')'s nt a sety sinsll
tireflt, I must lunllpaseii'itiiliro tln'i ush PIi-.m
dotiut Hskfiireriiil.i, fori etouiM MmiiI t
.Mil-. (. M liKU
twkxtiktii sntnirr,
Ilclwcrn Wiishingtou Ale k I'oplar SI. j
HooManrl Hlinta Matli In Orilcr. I'lnest
Workmen Kiiiiloy-l,
Satisfaction Warranted I
Pntrntiagc SolUilcd.
joii.n ;ati:s
rnipriotor nf the
Jlllllnrd Suloon nnd liar Itoom
EI Dorado
IOU Coiiiiticrcinl At.om
Cniro, - - - - Tllinois
In utipplUil Willi all kind or
Boor, iVlo, to.,
o. co.n.MFiiciAis AVK.vn:
llvtwvin Kishlli mil .Ninlh.-itd'ls
The thirsty, win love soml 1, pior, .honM
ti I in ri call, ami thu-o who Hunt a
( nn h.ITi' their Hunt. silpplH"lt hlsh.r.
jo. 1!. lMlIM.IS,
An 1 HrAlr in
I'lunr, Meal. Hit)', Corn. Ouin,
Cor.10thSt.& Ohio Levee
j .ii. iiin.rriK aTco.,'
.-U';(,r.rr. to K. II. Hen'lt. U A fis,;
wnarl - Boat
l.lll'.R.I. AllVANfKS .ttAlli: t. (UN.
Mti.v.n i:tn.
UlTAre preiiirml to reeelv, stnr ntel forwHUl !
f.i.,i,i. i,.' ..it ,.,ii. .,..i i..,.: i ,ii
J'',lll., li. Hli .I ll Ul Vlllll-
inii.um. '
esritn.iness Hlti-niHi In with promptness
hi. IIAUIti:i,
t'i:.M.i:ii's iv
Bar Fixtures,
l,N(l (JOOl)S,
Cairo, Illinois.
iitio nus-nt. n Inrirs fil) nml literal term".
Sea l lur list nf Xnvr lnol,s with eirenliiri ami .
ti'lliu to
oi.'n. w. i'.ntiKit.i.
1A t.i.mtjrti ,1 illoili,Chl('iin.
iri vieoo
f 'i.
Three Dry-goods Clerks
Who nro tlmroiiehl v acqiminteil with llm husls
Bess.- .Nvueullin sncedupply (
kkst of iti:pEiTm'ES iti:()iii(i:i).
.lihlr.,1, Pout Office, Uoa 334, Cairo, 111, (
AO:0, 31.,
lihi'ii lo nil Atnllulilo 1'olnls,
St, Louis, Cairo & New
Orleans Packet Co.
THK M T.M Kits
nis.MAncK rTit!K:x, mi-,
l.l..IK (ill.l. , M NKil. M.i nt
CI))!JI(I.WKAI,TII ,lV.M lf, Mnstrr,
llltKAT UKI'l'Ul.lO VAN I.i iiK JKl-i
IISMISSIIlrl M..iKKKA. Mnstrr.
TIHIJII'sll.V DK.V.N I'l.I'i'KU. Mti-t
CII Vlll A lI O.N. . Vtllli:. Missler
sH.IVi: III! A.ril, M" oltl', Mnstrr.
.MOI.I.Ii: All!.!' AIll.K. Muster
'll. I IM..'l'AI. .. MH'I.OV, .M.-i'i
U'. 11. AKTIII.lt la-ii .slftitft.
(,'OIM 'T l R4 'ir llril'st S'i'l lllkl l"iiils lllll III
1. 1.1111 .
Icr.N'-w (iilisns. it,f so iner
Thompson Dean,
l'.iirr , ...tt.ttrr,
viol . '.irM -I U I ., Ajinl 1.1th,
eni'mi tirv w trust mill iS'nn l.in nf
s;r nn in'r
l.ls rriniil, ,ril Vnrls. ilnslnu, kiiiI (!
1 r.loll, Tcia..
I'us.run-rs n'l M t ir eoi reiy "'j on u iir
l-i's i -.if ( .mo r'ttietUn'l -"i1e
IIU. 'I fllNliK.
liin-r.l Axs-ui n,
Off nn V t .rPji.t, I'iiUm nc.
Memphis and St. Louis
. Packet Company.
1S70. : Jj
Tl.r f''lif, rs H"t tnpr in l.mn.n'1 ii
ran In lh fmiowinK ur'lrr
Memphis Packets
Artiti' at ttf.ro, Atrne nt f:i
!. t r
ttixr. n uiris Tiif-Uy. :. t.r innlnj I . ru
Igl'r k..wr. ,
CUT OKt.Alllo, TMir.ilny '. . Mk1).1 ..in
M.lm, !! 1 1
BI'LLI. Ml Mflll. "-n'llliUt, ,i,ni' .hur., I .rr
l r.,
Vicksburg Packets.
.Srr.fi- Hi lii.l i
s,isr n I ii.iii
i r
MAKItl.i; I ITV, limry altir- rf) ir
, M.sfl , til' ."'lJfi',J h.' - .-lei .J
I.I M I.N APT, ttll.m. at In. Ill
Con im), MsiUr, " " " . '
JTI.IA, i:rvllrr- , Kir alter
OlUtmn. M.ster li;r ttedr.,'.- niO' WV It.f..
Ill UK O.N. Uui, ill I in . Kill
HllOe, Mtrr '" .L - "-
( nnnrfiniitM Itf-n 'li
Norllirrn l.llif I'arbrl CfiuiHii ,
KriiknU I'm Ufl Cmtl pan) ,
Oliialia I'arkrl ii.iiiaii',
aU'l Va"-liiii. HallniMil l.lii.a
At.M'iuph w.th
3lrniilil. ami U lilli- Itlvrr I'arlsrl .'n
Alkali.a. Itlsil t'aclnl uni ia n ,
Jlcmiilll. anil I lihl Irslmi It. It.,
.n t .S..l..lipl ,V l'rllilr..r H. II.
At N i.-li.l',irif ss I., u
V.liin llltrr I'm lict., r I
It'UslillI k' noil .'II I litlali Itallrnait
(i.v,nr thr"ii.'h li li la-t"iKki"l ti krt.to .11 T.r
bl. tM,ifitli ri tnrrer
IIA" T. III.M'K fii-tirral Aii-i.I.
tltr. i: mi U'r.i.ri-u,.t.
i-'il s, ujj, T i'hrt.iml ra.tinir AKnit
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company,
Coiislstini: oi tho lollowint
spli'tnlld iaciier .learner:
hTIloNn .. 'Usuri Or.
l.riiea i;vrry .Honilny mi , M,
IIAIt.MO.V .;iu..fr ,
! I,nti l.it f Tliiiraslny Ml 4 V,
John Lunsden,
i, ivi-
Musttr i
. 'lark
l.eara t.vrt y Naliirilvy al 4 l. M.
Tlirouli Bills Lading (,'lvcii Vln. Xush
ill( and Cniro I'lttUt'ts nml
"(ircoii Mtif"
To ,Vnilnllle. t'tialliiiiiiiiua, Teno.; At
lantn, tiiliiiiiliiiH, Home, nHrmi, t'U
t;ulne.. Vs-al I'uliil. t.eoiKrlo.vn, Mil
lili:lllr tin.! Kiifwiiln, Ala.; .slmi.
isomerv. A lu.i t'liarleslnn. K. t'.iMeliua.
j ..!. I NnvHOisli. !.; U'ilmliiKloti, N.
7 4 nliiuililu, f, t .. lis
( HAN. J. II I. MM.,
.ir'iit nt Cairo.
Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company.
flKNItY JONKH, I'reVt.jPAM J. 1IAI.K, 8ii"y.
'omjiox U nf the fnllnuiui; first
i'1h tlcanicra.
Ai.it K ii:a ...
IIOII'T lll.'lt.NS..
Ml. Kit .1IOO.N.
SA.1I J. JIAl.i:...
John Punk, .Muster
l'lkllk PtlliO
IV. II, Miller o
llen M. .Mrrrieta "
..V. 1'. WulKcr
J On of lli nliove snliiiiliil steamer. Icto Cim
fur Memphis every Tnonhiy niel K'Uiinlny, hn'l
for Ciiicuuintl evury 1'rnhiv unci tnrtlHV.
rll m e llivnt' , , ' ,,.
I'll A4. Ti I(l'1tt-V Arnl n.iJU III
tntlen t n Vhrf.lit.
VaiiaV IIC Cll!U jdlO
Poplnf Pnmrto- if
I i uuiaw v.'unipan y,
. frfi' Consisting ot the following
i rrir'r lili iulid I'assener Nteitiner
in ut'L'HKT Master r'OWl.KR Ork
tiie Cairu iniduy mid Thurwlay at a p
DEXTER Mn.ter flllAMMKK Clerk
lieave. Cairo Tiienhiy anil KrnUy l 5 p. til.

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