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,.,,.,. l.la','',"', ""
-ful shower this run. grateful to
The lftr.no furniture,, wnroliouso of B. H.
fynrrcll l iibout to jwnvo now roundii-
II llltv fupplviorCalliUooH.uh.ljGjihors
ju't Mwlvlil tr. Nell"'. No- 60 olli()
I.ovfc. ( ;
I phillp Schmidt lift commenced tho crcc-'
' tion of r sung Httlo residence in tho upper
t'ef the city. " i
IuioiiNsI BABdAiKs I A pood sultof
i ii i -n vV.n-',. rn
tiling tor umi iioimrs, m r. ju v
llhlo Lovec. ,
"AV mini.
''going It nloni," but
0 in li. minis
mot prosperously, In tlic commission, for-
ng iind product! business.,
'I'I&t Kkokivkd. Slio Shoo Fly Elliott
At.Ton't Bodder Mo HnU nnd cups nt
rd'.'iNotrs. No. 70 Ohio Lovco.
!i 'iiKvrrybody uses "Wizard Oil, nnd Bar-
,jlfty. ,Bros. sou It cheap lor cash, rai
Vofilia, homo institutions. Buy from th
1 1 Barclays.
. ... . ... r - ,.m..i.. 1IS -
II A Binelo iickm hi -nr. jwiiij b gut -"
lmr!o must draw tho capital prize
i..00u brick residence. Call on him nnd
hiivUhnt ticket, lest somebody clso gets It,
liii'i ittgravely conjecturod that tho skele
ton nloued tin in tho fourth ward, tnc
other dav. is that of a whlto man, Indian
or negro I Tho Intelligence of this ugo is
'tfnroTy marvelous.
iF'fiould bo well for parlies having
plants nnd shrubs to sell, to imitate- tho ex
diiiplo of Mr. Amadus Jucckel, and advor-
' r- mi f
tlscthcmin tlio UULlETiN. mo tnqury,
now active, will bo of short duration.
rH (5. -i.l 1 n:t1t..4 1T1I I. nn nt
i 'iI'VT. iridiums iuiiu uh
I ) ttfo laUtst and best furnished in tho coun
I JiiA-.t lt'i tbo resort of both cltlzon and
strangers who indulge- in billiard play
inP. JanCtf.
I1'11 TThl' did I). "VV. Munn, in his letter to
tlm colored iicodIo of Cairo, address
-- r
them n 'my colorrd fellow citizens?"
Whvthodlstinirulshlni: proflx "colored?'1
Will fbVto distinctions never bo wiped
Mb. 1. Kami, Grand Dcpty of tho I. O,
.0'. T- Jim been lecturing at Metropolis on
finiVcrl'nco. "Why does ho remain a-far
away from Cairo? Wo havo so vend
drunkard in the city who need roformu-
. ' 11,11.- ...I . ...II.
twn, nnu wo wouiu iiko i mm
A! ,k6maV. Riving voice to tho most pit!
wis lnmViitutlons, passed along Eleventh
itriMit. vesterday evening, arresting not u
little attention. Sho mourned tho loss of
a bnbt', and' scarcely lighter was her grief
tbuii that of I-ar over the loss of a home, a
family, tad, a kingdom
jTJjb vprtlon of tho Buliktin that tho
street tax niay be paid in city scrip has
,Wn construod, in certain quartern, to a
iiit.Mt 'iia..I iimtii ilwi.lntnneriitlf tinrtv'
Imuw "forsooth, tho fact asserted
nuy niiro l'.tho advantago-of tho negroes,
Tho worm irogreeit,
Tha nitv of Cairo derives her easement
- ...J'.'i .1, e.i ,,.i,..,f f.n ,,f
or right to use tho Cairo wharf, freo of
charge, rom tlio Cairo L'ity rropcriy
Trustees. jSJte grant Is made in express
terms, and recorded with tho plat of tho
1'Itfc lfit3rservutionof tltlo to tho land
Mr. Linecar, In bis upcwh to tho colored
, iH-ople. JasLTiu-fday, avowed
HoVlaYfcfiy fW." Seeing thn
avowed Jiimeii tin-
vliai is termed
WiUalfty.'' Seeing that tho avowal
rtliln't- tnku well with his audience, ho at
oriciftjJed'to.iiiaki.'lt appear that ho, him-
ulr( wasol Aincan uxvraiuuiii
t TImi iitTOw)U Promulgator nays that,
"iv. rjutUniiMH . progressing rapidly with
tho largo' whlirf-boat ho Is building for
CapL 'llild,of.Calro,, Tho Council will
'proT.ahly cohgnrgatoon tholeveoand view
wlth tearii .tho ,new boat swlni; to her
ini'iotiufWanil will not the Mayor tear Ills
W'litTKHJO.vii, C lb, goKl brown ku-
i?ar. m lb-. Bib Colloe. 11 lbs, choice Jiti-
iruVTa 1,'on'oo, ill lbs; O. (5. Java
tolTiMV 3 I'm, for $1 00. Baking powders
!10 ctns, ptr lb, Coal oil 40 cunt per
gkllou. l'uaehesnnd tomatoes 20 cents per
t-an, and .nil" kinds of groceries and pro.
vj.ipnf, Cheap, by J. II. l'HILLlV.S,
lit Cor, "Washington ave. and 4th street.
AnWumMng (he birth of a son to bis
HonOTj Jtnlgo Baker, McCartney, in his
Promulgator, t&yt: "Boport asserts that tho
young Ju,dgo was making a law Hcch ut
tho tlm0 lfis father arrived I" Mao is
liuorjfaylien tho Judge arri
' ttlljitjhamf-fro"1 tho court houso ho
ft Wui Ihi sJiirjng his nbstneo a Cross
mhtiui been Aled, which is a good joke,
if tlio baby' namo Is Wiltinm.
The public school children arc not a
littlq qxrrcbqd ovortho groundless rumor
thhl colored ciilldrofi will bo admitted on
i'pfal ttrW with thorn. On tho other
Jiund, a number of ho colored children
aro oxccfdingly unhappy over tho
,Uught that thero is a purposo to compel
them" to enter tho whlto schools. Tho
youngsters on both sides may quiot their
fears. Vublio sentiment, just now, Is
nverso to tuch a mixture.
Ai tho .risk of subjecting our self to tho
.charge of dcsirjng to "disrupt tho dcino
cratio party," we must suggest that it
would bo well for tho democracy of tho
filJyi.V)WW)ulMm ooinpetcnt and sub
stantlal member of tho party to till Mr.
i WHliuiistfilV 'vacant seat in thu Select
ConncM." rAieh 'opposition as tho radicals
can now muster, by laying Mound City and
Caledonia under contribution for colored
MitcM, vfifl tnaVti' thV contest Interesting,
but not nt all doubtful.
Box. t. .f. Bakh, pfo-Iillnfi;
MM. John Q. IUhhaji, Clerki
I. F. MrCABTRKT, Pfoupcullns Attorney.
Wednesday, A. M.
McKenzio & Klco vs. 1'cte.r .Immortunn.
Mechanics' lien. Keportof snlc approved.
William (Jnrvln vs. Miirinda Mar-bil
lion. Ejectment. Continued by agree
"Wetiiorlli & Bro. vs. John 1 Taggart,
Debt. Continued for service
J. M. ricreo. vs. Illinois cciiinii rauroau
company. Assumpsit, lonuniiuu uy
agreement.' j
Harah J. Kurtz vs. Gortrudo V. Kurtz,
ct uls. Partition. Continued for salo miu
Smith &, Jnyno vs. James Unrland.
Debt. Continued on motion of d6f'ndant.
Elizabeth Hutchinson vs. Illinois Cen
tral .railroad company; Trespass. Con
tinned by agreement.
William W. Whito vs.. Keasun Heater.
Assumpsit. Continued generally.,
Don Curios Buoll vs. Cairo City Coal
compftny. Assumpsit. Continued by
B. Smyth & Co. vs. James Mnguiro.
Assumpsit. Vunuo changed to Pulaski
"Wolcott & Swasey vs. John V. Gibson.
Assumpsit. Continued by agrcomont.
Court then ndjournod until tins afternoon
nt 2 o'clock.
Ttiurida)'i A. JI
Fred Brawo & Co. vs. "William "Winter.
Assumpsit. Judgmont for plaintiffs.
Parris & Allen vs. William Winter.
Assumpsit. Caso continued.
James Bonch, ct als., vs. Timothy Conk-
ly. Assumpsit. Attachment for witnesses
Tho City National Bank vs. Thomas
Lewis, ct als. Debt. Motion for a change
of venuo entered.
James Sullivan vs. Tho Putnam Flro
Insuranco company. Assumpsit. Caso on
Court then adjourned until this afternoon
at - o clock.
Tnollattlts t'oitht, a Third "lUnktrrd
Tho Httlo village of Oooso Island, in this
county, was nil aglow with excitement, a
few days ngo, from tlio following cause,
viz: Robert Russell, a well kit, muscular
country man, was engaged in n qunrrel
with ono Joshua Thurston, when u third
party, named Oroen . Moss, entered nn
appearance, apparently ns a mero specta
tor. Tho quarrel progressed to a point
where Kusscll thought that blows should
begin, and, accordingly, ho commenced
drawing his coat for a light. Tho Instant
ho throw his coat bnek so as to encumber
hit arms, (Ircon K. Moss "mounted him."
Being taken at great advantage, ltucl
could do nothing moro tlian to lako h
drubbing quietly and philosophically n ho
could. Moss took full satisfaction, and
then retired in good order. Rucll gained
his feet, throw olf his coat, and avowed
himself so much displeased with
tho result that uothlnir short of
another round would satisfy
him. In duo timo ho found Moss in Iun
tcr's store, and thon thero attacked him,
A furious light ensued, and Moss received
ubout us comnleto a driMsini: otl'as ho had
uoout as com pieio a urt
ai(I)1 MiitvrL.a,to liuosi ll.
as mis rosuu leu
matters about whoro thoy wore at tho com
mencoment. Mos expressed himself dis
satisfied, and only awaits tin opportunity
for a third contest, tlio issuo of which ho
thinks will provo satisfactory.
Aa Innocent Xta Klllnl.
On Saturday last two men, wIiomi names
wo could not learn, entered a grocery in
tho town of Santa Fe, in thU county,
about twenty miles from Cairo, and i-oou
afterwards engaged in an angryaltorcation.
Words lead to blows, when ono of tho men,
seizing a heavy glass tumbler hurled
it at tho head of tho other with all tho force
nt his command. Wcsly Price, a rospi-ct-
ablo citizen of tho county, was sitting In
his wagon, directly In front of the grocery
door. Tho glass, missing tho object ut
which it was thrown, struck Mr. Prion
directly in tho forehead, knocking him
senseless, and intlcting injuries from which
ho died within lorty-eigin noun. .nr.
Price was wounded on Saturday aud died
tlio ensuing Monday.
VH ti Oi l VOl'U CIIOK'K.
Tho undersigned will tell his .lock of
eowors, for cash, cheaper than anybody
lllso in town. Thu best perpetual roses
all of which aro In largo pots; roses you
raunot buy at uny nursery for less than
60 and 75 cts. a pioco, 1 will sell for .6 to
60 cts., verbenas by tho dozen, from 75 to
$1 25; pansles, by tho dozen, ut $1 00,
single geraniums, from 5 to 25 cts, a piece,
double geraniums, from 10 to 75 cts,
pulargniums, from 10 to 25 cts., tropaoli-
unis and tritomas, at 'J5 cU., cupheas,
doublo pctunas, sweot-tcented geraniums,
chrysanthemums, fovorfows, rinoruries,
etc., etc., at 10 to 15 cts. a piece, amaryllU
formossisslma. a splondid llower when
niooming, an reauy miu iou hi iiiiu
at 60 cts. a piece. Come and seo I
Fifteenth Str. bet. Walnut and Cedar.
This popular and eligibly located houso
of publio entertainment Is now fltted and
furnished throughout in good stylo; and,
under tho management of Messrs. "Walker
& Slisson, is doing a largo and thriving
business. It is kept upon tho European
plan tho guest calling for what ho wants
aud when ho want) it, whether in the day
or night time, nnd paying only for what
ho orders. Tho rooms aro largo and clean,
furnished with the best of beds and bed
ding, while all other features of tho es
tablishment aro arranged with an especial
nvo to tho comfort and convenience of tho
guests. JaCtf.
Mr. (5oo. B. Chrismnn advertise, to-day,
his readiness to contract for any kind or
brick work, from" tho building of tbo
largcst.ehurchcs nnd school houses down
to tho under-pinning of a houso or tlio
topping oft' of a flue. We can heartily re
commend Mr. Chrlsman as a first class
mechanic, having all nround u, In some of
tho finest residences and business houses
of tho city, tho mot inconlestlbio evidence
of.hls skill nnd Industry. He will take
contracts for work and furnUli material or
not, ftsmnvbo desired, in any section of
tho country, and will inuro ampin satis
faction in every instnnce. Address nlin
or apply (ri person, nt Cairo.
P. Sail p, 101 Commercial avenue, (it er
nttentivo to tho wnnts or tho inner man,
has opened his elegant nnd well fiirnMied
Ice Cream Saloon, where, besides thu most
..... .1 1 ...!.. .1...
delicious ices,, too imirmi mnj uumm k
cooling and healthful Soda, Seller and KI--
sineen waters in tneir groiiiciinuriiy.
Xadles br families may visit tho saloon
without fenr of Intruders.
Additions havo been made to thu stock
nf tobacco: c cars. etc.. worthy of the
ipcclnl attention of buyers, cither whole
sale or retail, nprlltf
Sinco tho Introduction of Phalon's VI-
tatlii or Salvation for tlio Hair, ladles who
formerly used dyes, nro universally abnn
donlnc them. They find tho now nrticlo so
harmless, so clean und pure, so pleasant to
tho sonsos, and wlthnl so superior ns
means of renewing tho original color, that
they absolutely shudder when they think
of tho Ulthy stuU' thoy onco ued.
Go to C. "W. Henderfon for anything In
tho lino of Hardware, such a But, l-i k
Screws, and n general assortment of shelf
hardware. Also, a lot of Garden Impll-
ments, such as Bakes, Hoes, Mantiro and
liny Forks, etc., etc.
Mr. Henderson has nlso Jut received
tho largest and best stock of cooking stoves
over brought to tho city, and tells cheap
for casli.
Tiik Sun, our .S'hh, that shines so bright
ly, advi-es tho citizens to pay thu street
tnt In ser li and not in crcculmcks. it
savs : ''Of cotirso Supervisor llyan will
not refio them. It Is not his duty to ex
plain all this matter. Lot every man tako
euro of himself." Bight, Oh, Sunny Sun.
Wo don't bliuiio Bvan either. Ho would
bo an nss, without any of the brightness
which distinguished HalaiuiiV, or which
now makes glorious tho Unit, if ho did not
tako pay In greenbacks from all who oiler
to pay in Hint currency. But, let us wins-
nur in tho enr of tho citizen; "I'ay In
scrip. Do you hear'"
Tub examination of tho duxes in inuslo
at the Conservatory, will begin on Tues
day evening at 7 J o'clock. Friend of tho
pupils will bo proontod with ticket, i no
number of visitors will Imj limited each
;nlng, n that all can bo provided with
seats. Tho musical enteriainmeni win
close on Friday evening with a grand con
cert, of which duo notlco will bo given.
Tho next term of tho Conservatory will
begin on Monday, April 18th, nnd con
ttniiii 10 week. Tuition S.V00. in
ranee. up 1 Hit.
Caiu-on, tho dealer in pianos and ewlng
machines, I building up a very good btiM
ness. He has earned success, for a more
persoverlng, Industrious individual is not
numbered among our citizens, llo will
contract with you for tho delivery of n
$1000 pjano, or tho repair of a machine
shuttle alwav read v to acommodato in
tlio smallei-t us well u tho lnrget trans.
actions. After awhile wo expect to see
him the proprietor of one of tho largest
piano ware-rooms in tho ,Southwot, on the
principle that tall oaks from little acorns
u row. '
Messrs. Miller and .Miller have jut re
reived an unusually largo, well aborted
and strictly fashionable supply of piece
goods, to which they ask especial atten
tion. Tho lot embraces thu finest cloths
and casslmers over brought to Cairo, and
such a variety of styles that all tates may
bo accommodated, fchiits or garments
from thcio good aro made to order In thu
bet manner and latent style, and at llg
ores that will defv competition. For
proof of this they only a-k to Ihi put on
trial. At all events call around and seo
tho now goods. jan'.'titf.
Boy, and now und then individuals of
niaturer growth, having improvi-ed all
kinds of boats and lloats, may be seen at all
hours, on the surface of lako .Shiinncsy.
No kind of work is moro laborious than
noHni? or rowing theu heavy lloats, yet
thov call It fun. It not unfrequently hap.
pens that boats caplzo or tho rafts go to
pieces aud scud their human freight to the
bottom of thu lake, hut no i-erlou- roulls
have ensued, so far.
Go to .1. O. Bagwell, Photographer,
corner F.lghth street, and Ohio Levee, for
pictures, Carte do Visiles, etc. Having
made arrangements with muiiq of tlio best
artists of our largo cities, ho respectfully
solicits order for copying and enlarg
Ini' old pictures. Call at his rooms and
Cj - t
seo specimens of work in that line.
a ivokii or .timet:.
Mothers know tho importance attached
to the care of teething children. Bead the
advertisement of Mr. AVhltcomb's Syrup
in another column. aplldawlw.
Clothing for tho million at P. NcH" No
70 Ohio levee. Tho best goml in tho city
will bo found at this house. tf
Drawors nnd Undershirts, at a f acrilleo
at P. NetPV, No 7!l Ohio Levee,
Ono hundred half-barrels of Cholco
Family Flour, suitnblo for tho trade, for
salu at thu Egyptian Mills. npll ldtf
ltlTli:MKli:.SK A IIANM
Have just received a choice lot of carpets
in nil tho latest designs and makes, bought
nt panic prices, and sold cheaper than ever.
Services will bo held In tho Church of
tlio Redeemer every day during tho week,
commencing at 1 1 o'ulork a. m., tho Rev.
Mr. Coun, olllclating. Thero will also ho
services on Wednesday and J-ridny
evenings, at 7$ o'clock. aprllCt.
Kisinieii, Seller, and Blue Lick
Waters, and all tho other variety or
Water Oomthe celebrated springs of Ger
man, 'ind Amerleu, on draft and for Mile
by the gla.s gallon or barrel at tho drug
store of B.T. Wlittukur, N'o. 108 Cominer
ciiilnvenue, Cairo Ills. apll'Jtf
IfAViufcON not only deals In plows, culti
vators and tho thousand and ono traps,
tricks and implement so useful In nnd
about thu farmer's home, but has tho habit
of keeping everything which can bo found
no where elso. Ono can learn more
about the Inventive genius of mankind,
or, moro properly, Yankee Ingenuity, by a
ten minutes' inspection of tho multitmru
of contrivances nnd queer, useful nnd or
namental "contraptions" collected in his
warerooms. than can bo learned from uny
book on Inventions extant. Lest this ex
tiresslon lie misconstrued by some ot tne
"i-ciitlucls upon tho democratic watch
tower," wo feel called upon to add tho us
surnnco that, in mnking It, wo entertain no
purpo-e whatever, to "hurt tho Democratic
Good Calf Boots for two dollars
seventv-llvo cents only at P. Cell's,
7'J, Ohio Lovco.
Ender's Chill Cure "It never
BEST IN I'SK-Knder's Chill
The weather is clear and spring-like
with the temperature almost too warm
The growth of vegetation Is somewhat ex
traordlnary, and the foret trees, llndlng
themselves behind time, have assumed
their green attire more suddenly than
usual. House plants nnd shrubbery are
growing so rapidly that ono can almost
perceive the Inercato of foliage from hour
to hour. The thermometer indicated I
The river has fallen alout live inches al
together, and the decline will be ijult
slow, for some time.
The MIMppi Is rllng slowly at St
Louis, and enough water Is reported com
Ing down to keep It so for a day or two.
and afterwards to keep it from declining
The Ohio is rllng again at Pittsburg,
with eleven feet water in tho channel and
more heavy rains are reported; It i falling
rapidlv at Cieiiinatl and Louisville, with
on! v suven I'ei't water In the chute over tlio
The Cumberland is again falling, with 12
feet on llarpcth Shoals.
Iluslness Is moro dull at our wharf than
for six mouths past.
The City of Kvan.ville brought 10 tons
mdse. for Cairo, JVJ5 bags wheat for St.
Louis, and 48 hbi whisky for Nuw Orleans,
The Tyrone brought 176 hhds tobacco
for reshlpment to Now Orleans; 1.1 cattle
aud .10 tons sundries for St. Louis, and a
few lots sundries for Cairo,
Captain .1. Slut Neal has purchased nn
Interest in tlio .Magenta, and litis taken
command of her. Sho wa advertised to
leave New Orleans for St. Louis, lust Satur
day in company with tho Great Btpnblic
and .Mollio Able.
TheC. B. Church and M. .1. "Wicks havo
gone Into tho trade for which thoy wore or
iginally designed that of .Memphis and
St. Louis packets. One of them will leave
St. Louis overv "Wednesday and Saturday,
und ono leave .Memphis on the samu days,
Tho Louisville newspaper are in exta-
eies over dipt. Gu Fowler's new steamer
Idlowild, which is to arrsvo hero to-day,
Thursday, and toko her place as u perimi-
nent packet between this city and Evans
vlllo. From other sources also, however,
we learn that shu is a perfect beauty, both
outside and Inside, aud is complete in
very thing necessary for tho comfort or
convenience of the traveler. Sho has a
Frecdman's Bureau in her Texas, so that
"our colored fellow citizen s," lately styled
"niggers," can rovol in all tlio enjoyment
of a HM-cliiss cabin passago without being
compelled to "soeiato wid do poro white
trash." Her clerk office Is lilted up in
superb style, with richly llgurcd colored
plnte-ghiss. Her carpet is of u beautiful
pattern and is English tapestry. Her two
bridal chambers uro said to surpass all
others in every particular necessary for
either comfort or elegance The ceiling of
one is ornamented with tho painting of "a
sweet Httlo cupId boy, and tho other with
that of a loving iittlu cupId girl," at lcnt
m says thu reporter of tho Louisville
Cuurier-Journal, who, wo suppose is on
fait on tho question of sex.
The dimensions of tho Idlowild are as
follows: Hull J22 feet long, 33 feet lean,
:, feet hold. Engines, 22 inches diameter,
llj feet stroke, with four boilers 2U feet
long, :i8 Inches diameter, doublo lined,
Sho has wrought Iron shafts and cranks,
and her water wheels are 21) feet in diam
eter, with li.' feet length of bucket plank,
Her draught of water, with steam up, and
a full supply of fuel, Is 20 inches forward
and !I3 Indies nft. Her olllcors nro: Gus
Fowler, Captain W. P. Fowler, and Duku
crk. Wi sh Phillips una uupt. rrni K
Dit Sotiehet, I'llots. John Mooro and W
Moore, Knglneors. A. T. Tucker, .Mate.
Geo. Jnckon, Stewart. ...
Tho Thompson Dean is tine tins evening
Cr New Or cans, and tlio blirevo lor
Shroveportaro due this evening.
Tho Idlowild Is thu regular pacKot lor
Evansvllle this evening.
Street Supervisor Itvan tlemamicu mreo
lollars street tax from tho clerk ol tho His-
murck the other day. Tho ilemnnd was
tiiatili.il mi In n verv norcni tor V milliner,
so tlio clerk reports, but was not complied
with. Rvnn afterwards said hu was joking,
but It Is a rough joko on the character or
tho city.
omo i,i:vi:i:, Aiito.
FUI.TOX k SONS, - - I'roprlftnrs.
Arc NM In full 4)ierntloii.
M..r.. Vultnn A Honn are nfM.Mwl In fnriii-li
nil klinli of Flour nf the ll " "'t "a'1 "',0
Mill K I uf nil kind. Ilriilinin Flour, In ,k
nrln li'i-s olliilitlty, lim.lu rrom me uei ""
Whml. :i.ril."lll
yy-n. eiim.us,
llctnccii Wnsliliiglon Ave Si Poplar SI.
Itoolisnnil NhnfN Mmlr loSlrtlcr. I'lneil
WorHiiirn i-.inpiyri.
Satisfaction Warranted
Patronage Solicited.
I'mprir (or of the
Billiard Saloon nnd Bar Boom
El Dorado
1 00 CotllllHTCltll Ave,
- - - Jllinoirs
lMaaiiiillrdMltlti.il kind of
Boor, Alo, to.,
lt.'wri-n Kllilllll !'! MlilllMtrrls.
Tlie'tlilr-ty, li Idle umxl llqimr, shouM gitv
nun n i'hii, Riei iiiu-i-
VltiGlMKI I All
(.nn liv their nt stij'i'heJ M luUr.
J .11. I'll I I.I.I I'.S tV CO.,
l.Sicres.nrs to v.. ll. llrn iri, K i . j
"W-tLrl - Boat
l.llli:i(AI. AliVANCKN MA III'. O.V 'l.
lirr.We iri..rtil to rrrrlti', tore nn! fr.irl
frrilits I" ull point", ami liny unit sell on enc
BO-lliii!ii's.llcii.cil In with irom'tiifs.
j;o. ii. iku i Miis,
("lu'ciioor In I'.ukcrA I'filllis.)
.Mel Dealer in
Flour, JIouI, Hay, Corn. OatK,
Cor.lOth St.&sOhio Levee
Fl IIXITl in:
Bar Fixtures,
l(i (iOODS,
Cairo, Illlnol.
jj .
of the Culm iiiul Viiieciinen c ' ?
lit tin- oltire of Ills CilillHUiy i ' 1 J K if tl I.
tliU eity on TuesiUy. April Alh. IMO, at 1"
LA UN bp.
Cairo, Illinois, April "Hi, I
mnm mills
mm mm,
OA l an hit i
w II a b r t
M tl.ll 7IUM I II
Given to all Awilliiblo Point-,
St Louis, Cairo & New
Orleans Packet Co.
I'M. II. Musti-r,
(il.M.V, Master,
VAN IK tlK. Mk-Ici
(1KKKN, Mt.T,
..I'hri'KH. Muter
Villli:. Miisier
...M' ' llltll, ils.lfr.
...AI1I.K, .Nlier
....Mil I.OV, Mfcstn
I.I.7.IK Cll.l.
CI I V Sit' Al. l )....
SIMVi: llltA.K'll
Msti.i.ii: aiii.i:
W. 11. A II I II Ull
...llt.-'K, busier
, S..I Hie llne.t ml UfrfeKt iis mil t
el. I,oi, s.
lor New Orleans. Ti.r steamer
Thompson Dean,
'rirr ..Muslrr,
will Ic1e TH lts-l W. l.reliil'X, ril Mill,
eouDi-ctllii! t New Orleans itll IVrau I. Ins nf
Mrmners lo
I.lTrool, New York. Ilnsluii, mi it ll
1 r.toll, Trlaa.
I'Asnirers and Mhinfers rsn relr nn one ol iiieee
U.u's leaving t airo (.iinelual,!; alsit".
ClIAM.T.ni.M K,
(lenrral A Kent, la r
0(?j-e. on V.'hsrflat. luU." Un llnr
Memphis and St, Louis
Packet Company.
1 !-.
... . . .
Thf f' l.nw .nir llat ,tii r e lli.s ..n.n l ;.!
run In tlm fllo itisc ofier .
Memphis Packets
Arrltf t Cairo, Arrlie at Cairo,
, i.o.. tr.
r.r.ixr sr l.ovis. ;Tues.lj, iy.tr tunla) I a. rn
I.ll.r Va.rr.
CITY OKCAIIIU, TlmrsJayt I'." M nls).l a.m
Malln, Ma.leri , ,
ail.l.1: urMfHIa. .atiinlart it'."'' .liur... I ."
I..' IMS
Vicksburg Packets.
Aritre at la.iu
i teV allel-
nalv nibjsy,
at 1 a in
Sir fill situ
M i.ici
I ate
alt r.
t.l MINAltr. at lam at I a In.
Coiioay, Master .
Callahan, "la.ter
KrsrY slier
na't weilr.s--
Kery alter
Iiat Ulie.
la hi,
ilT at I a in
Jl akf, Jlnsler.l " I
f..iine.-liliif alM liin- w.th
.Viirlhern l.lnc I'm Ul Ciiniauj,
KroUllk I'arUel Cimiiall ,
Umalia I'arkel oniiimiy,
sn l Various Itallioml Lintm
)u'"iSlm mntl Willi ltl r Iektt Co.,
Arkmi.a. Itltrr 1'aikrl ompaiiy,
liiitils mitt l.'lihrleslon II. St..
anil IU.I..Iiil A- Tclilicaair IC. It.
At V -ksiHirBM-ith ...
Ynioh III rr I'arUrti, anJ
VU'kaliurK mill .MrrlilUli Hall road
(lit n thrr uiill lili.lal Mjaiel tlfkel to all Mall,
M.! iio.uul.t rail or r. r, . .
1 IIIAS.T, III.M'P.fieneral Atsnt.
Olli 'e on Wnarl-toal.
S'i S1I KU, T -WM an'l I'a.sener Aisent
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
It"; s. CsnlUtc ol tho following
.iirjjt; .sjilenJIil jiHsienner steittuurs:
STltON'd Mu'erl 1el.
I.ruti-s l;vriy .Moiuliiy at I I. SI.
IIAIIMON Ma.,ir ..Her.
I. euti s r.xtry Tluiraility ill I I'.SI.
John Lunsden,
Ul ....Msier '-Slrr)'
l, ittca Kvrry Sulurilay Ml i 1. H.
'lliroiiKii Hills Lailliijj CJIvon Yin. Nash
lllc umi Cairo I'm-ki'l niul
"(ireeii I.Iiif"
To .isllle. lmUHU". Trnn.1 Al
InnlH, SiillllilliUN. Itoine, Mstruu, II.
SJuliK . W l I'uliil. eorBlivii. Mil.
I VltfVlUe Sin.! Kiilmili.. Ala.) Maul
K. inert . Alii.: l harl.-lii. N. ' I Nllll.
!il".i SaVillinli. . Wlllillnmoil, X. I'.t
t,",,,,,M,""-4CHs.T. 1IISM,
Audit ut L'uiro.
Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company.
HK.NUY JON'KH, I'res't. SAM J. HAl.K, Ffn-'y.
a Conieosul of Hie fnllowlhK Hrsl
f's0' class l Killers.
AI.H'K IIKA.V i"1"1,1.1,115' M.'!,,t'r
W!!l!??:::::v:t& ..
MIVKK SilSMS.N Hen -M. Mrrrielus "
HAH J. HAM! V. I'. ttnlKor
One of Un" alxive seleiuliil sleamcra Icnte Cairo
fur Memphis every Tiiesilny anil .Sauiriluy, Hint
fur Cliieliui 'll eveiy I'rliln umi hntiinUy.
1 f CIIAS.T.lll.NIl:.AKenl, Cairo. 111.
(H1W' (in Vliarf'tt.
Evansville and Cairo
Packet Company.
- c.-inslstlnp ol mo to owinc
vKieiiilid I'lifsfiiyer Stenmer
I.eHvea Cairo Siiuduy ami Tlililsiluy al S p 1
DEXTF.lt Mauler I UHAMMKK -.Clerl;
Leaves Cairo Tuesday ami Friday at 6 i, in,
cms T. ins

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