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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, April 20, 1870, Image 2

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lie .l!eiin.
unv.nsroTT ;):irvivcs. I
Gtn. (irntil. in hi Kfteenlh A tner.il-i
nioiit prtMlntimii'iii, nnd lien. Jlnrlit j
in Li poHtienlV-ooh Wt re tlie Arn.v of (
tho rotonmr wiity, Mil .'xrli.-itly r.--oir-..teiil
lh .mt what ttfrlr PhhI r-wtt t" i
ciii'iii n tin- sunnnm law of lit" land, "
til it was sltttrwl l.y t)i pMLiiilgnii"" o
I'lf.eomli AniHiilment. Tlii '.niM "P
pcnr to fttlv the enw uzain-t the nrgroc
in tfn tieorglo Intel On turV. n.ll'o aimln't
tlieoolnrml urtuttnr from Mi-ij'lpj '- ''v
were rotiotilHiiutinll.v inwigiWN.oV' " '.v
tha littv m shown l,v lint riS'it "f '
oil party, nrlt'r to tlio ratlfle:itii'n of Hie
J'illwut'li AniHi.Iinoiit. Il.-Jnc i"' JistibU
Vhn tiloctr-l. tin- fuel tint tKv sn' "ovv
tlijilhlu under tli.-..i,T.iii.'ii of lho Hiucml
Mout tloet not tiitille tlr'iii to the otlico
tbty in veriltWe.. UM. Tlio Hut in
of l'lttfc jrMli nl importune.-. If tho p
tileof .MffMiii I'hiwi- t" lwl nW
sctmtor, ntnl the sonittt' ! iiliifou to ml-
lnlt him in tioliitioiiof litw, vte luivo not
tin- lens, objection. Tlie-e matter will
ri'ulntu tliiMiHelvcd III Itio tour!' of tlliii',
nnd tlotiltlo wii slmll 00 iiinro tluin one
ntyro In the L'nitoil Stiite H-nntc. Ami
it rnntiot ho tle.iled tlmt 'the limit' of cwnt
hni cU'ectimlly jOny.il out tin- lr'l .Scott
de-lOon. Still, slnco it wn lnw '1
rc ognUttl n uch hy the nttllctl leaders
11 U inlhl litngtingo t h; that it voultl
linvc It-en littioiniiij: in ir letfi-liiton to
pity It proper rutpiTt. Tiiliovcrtliuiglitlii";
of tlio law i, hovuor, lul otic iinlolin
iniiny Intlnnce liil'l tiii!titist the tlonii
imut'iHirty, nnil all will litar fruit in duo
nin m faiii'asd thim..
IV following it thu Utter from Mr.
Ct-lhouti of tlio -Vow York Ttilmt, to .Mrs.
MorrlndOSio1inrilioii, to which the tilu
gnpta lw innili' mi unintt'lliuiit'li' iilluOon.
CALIIUl'N TO Mill. M'lAlll.AVIi.
My ilnrlliiff I ftipio-c ott mint he
mow ImmiuJ, im I inn, nnil I semi a ooil
in irnltit:. I.illic mid lumile iirononnooil
jtur "bn'y ('Bpult't" lett-r tlian .Miulnmo
5it. .lullet," TIhto it incHte for fitniiti.
1 (hull work nil day, and ) ready to help
ypu to-morrow. Snrritl yourolf hy
peine to llfiiiif i or in any other wuj !
,Nv lull-cr!i out, anil iiit.jn'iii mo that 1
wOl to know him. Kenllv to itvl nt 11 lit
1 urn miitp uri' thtrv ii roniethini: liehlml
hi ury I've and tti 1I1- faeo. 1 don't
lll.o kn'owinif iwnpK' iinlitlVrfiitly. Iltikk
nra mi'h dry Ian-. Hut pi-oph- with 'ori'
und fruit within, draw mu -o.
'J'lii'ro uro Jut thri'u tiron who ntn
hiiipIi to Lie In tli llosii .i. It. Y. and
vou I'flii- unitu the other two. Hut ny
divani iVIciid nro nuinorou. llooth ii
olio of tli fin. .nlrituallv lie it in v intl
nute. Ho woiil.1 ho iiiniir.cil to fvu with
w!mt I luivo i'ihIowihI him, and how coii
flOentinl ho it with mo. lUiyou linvu Mich
whim? My novel will bo u ftmly of
ptycliolocy, I faney. A ttrane tory,
TI.u lwy wait. 1 Ix'i; to injr that I loved
veil df'nrly alwav' Oiall nlwa niut.
d'jmt you aro liorofe and high, and a ppvl
to tu, who need one. Homo day, or
rnthor miiiio night, I hall till you inch n
Mry of mv turbulent exl-lcmc. I would
ratlivr write It. hut I fhall iiovor havo
ttiiio. rjuimo"0 1 writo my novel In letter
to vou? How mucli we huvo to tny to
i'Rtli othor, that wu nhall never utter till
th loMutf of New iloru'iilcm oller oj
x.ituulty. Kver, my darling, yoiirt.
AVhtrti .Mr. orry came to tlio .1. It. V.
In Ui hIovh li'iu-r, .Mr. J).ivl, who wa
he Wine tli ori(iiiitil. ewlalnied:
-.I.K. I'. That'. J. It. (V
"No, It I not.' replied Mr. (iniluiin:
"wo liavehelil a mlir'" ujion It, and
it It .1. It. Y. It tin mi. John Kumdl
V'lUllJf' lllglller Kiel V. lllllllltliill all
tbroUh the room.
Tho hUivo xtH prwntMl ill evideliee
1Wdy. Thi itiy folloMiii);, in tlie rmd
In;;of nn otlwr of .Mr. Ctllioun'n pjIoU
ary production, thu following Kwne U re
jortfl :
juiifii: iiavh iii:ai.kuii.i: n x,
In thu ntoiiii, -1 ill not riittlo In uu
ptkl-for Oik, ' .Mr. l)ivl. read "ntle,"
.Mr. D.ivii It it nettle ler; hut 1 nip
jhm it ought to U U rutle. but not tlio
John lturtcll wi'had In iIih letter yixter
Ay. ((intit laughter.)
mi "win itgmui a "m:k.mi.i.s'ti.mati:. '
Hero it another of .Mr. C'lU.wui lettert,
which, whlloit miiI"'"' lUelf, eoiiTovi a
Kti)J tlio fntrlniitli.li which lMwin
ll. oth oxurtt over feiuab. and whieh i u
roiln Mepping-itutit) to bittueciiM.
Hurrah, mv durliiiK ' All tnv wlieeN
M turning thu right wy. and tfio world
ni ive. Mr .Stuaut hut jut gono. lie
tlil nntwer "tir feoml letter at iwii.
JJ.totli wa with him wlmn it reaelnil htm
nd ho read it to tlmt diviueiuan, "who
fei'li lntorotod in ' v4.11. 1 .(....t the word
of thu potuuuito. And if .m will iiIhj
tuoli part a Qini in "Hutuiet " and oUmrt
Naplo ami then di. I mutt tnp tu
catch tlie mail. .My dari ng, I put two
loving arm about , vou und iw vim tliu
he.rtlet and liopet'ulott bKiiig you ever
Jmd in Jour life. C'oino at Aiico. If you
I'hiH M eoine on ijaturda, aud don t havo
III k to roiueund o me, gi toehureh.
Hojth it n grout favorite of Mr. Cal
ho'Jii. btie klliidui to him in aimtliur letter
M one of ber "dream Intimate," iiieaulii);,
of oouri-, tlmt eho it iiitelloetimlly Intl.
inut with hibi In pleasant dreann.
nt Drt, ym ean liaviwui engagement with
thu iniraeU 1 Uom" t thl. wintur.'ll under
m astuineii wuie 'Mi Or It jou don't
Vint to do that. Mr.Stuaiit ill givo vnu
mi engagement in il ,0untry, but I 'ad
vho hure ir.t. by k Uuwh. M v darling
1 lould not ! hanintr if I ,j ,fHovenil
n t-old inliie. .Majbi' w.haio. Think of
pluying wan ii miiui j Mu-ve I i0uld
ilie of that iiM)inariai.i i,UUl jf m.j,
jirlvilego wore luin.. Hy ivnr thi, jk
luch u fe'J ocll. yut4
und hope ana lun, IMM,r
iliit Flltv u-fd to m, but h. fe j, ,
riHTal In litis cute- 1 le.pi wj f,.,,
you In Hottoii. it illci.ii.ff.rtvcutoniueh
tut If it doe. not. it will b- :iuy Uv-uuM.
yo l will ho here, where I tan tell vou u
tbo wire-pulling I Imved. i. j ; rt)ftv
fro.,d for tomethlng. I IhIkv,,, mi,., M:
und when you mereed I .mj fu)uitttt
jin ttlf other. 1 ytny you iuti
thlt Incoherent n rajvl. 1 ata dutii(litl
J know not. how to bo coiitetutiv,. ,,i all
jsy pravort hereafter I thai) fth-w,
-tuiirt by nutiie. N'obdy eouhl ho kinder
than lie, and lie, wntitf you to ennw and ei
him at oon a oii nro liurc 'Sueh Inrkf,
Pip," and Hoot It t ho lia talked about you,
ami liim.i'lf proi.p to bring you out I
I It AT Vi)Nf.lM,llll'.
One of tlio iuo-t interesting portion of
the teMlmony, thu lar, wa that (iroduced
irnm Ilo-ton fur the purpofe of thowing.
the fart that HiidiiinUoii, with hU money
and Influpiice, aided .Mr. .McKarlimd In
defeli lillg theniit which defi.'liilant blollgllt
to obtain poi;Mlon of hlx eliildreli, mid
which ri.'nlted in tlie surrender of tlio
eldest, Percy. .Mr. John 1). i:iwood. it
New York lawyer "who wnt oouiuel for
Mi l'Vland in tlio liuit pending iigaint
Iticlinrdton for daningct in teilucliiix hit
wife when the tragedy occurred, fully con
Armed the report, which hat been den led,
that the pri'oticr w.lt oll'ercd n coiionlOilp,
wlileh wa to huvc been procured by the
t'lAuiirpcopli! und Colfax from Oiiint, if
bo would dUeoiitlmii'thonctioii, Ho (aid:
To Mr. (larviii Theru Wag n nromnlt-
iuii fur a dUeotitlliiiaiieo of tlio tult. bv
which Mel'iirlatid wat to receive $10,001)
uii'lti n,Huhiijj tlil wm tlio only prop-o-itloli
of which I overheard: 'l never
maili' any oiler of settlement; tlio cnu "wa
never nrotiglit tu trial, lint tin; proccouiiigt
with tili pending when tlio shooting oc
curred. lITZ-llfOlt I.UHLOW'n TKsTlMONV.
The tejtlmoiiy of Kitz-lliigh Ludlow,
tlio liatliccOi-cater and author, wat given
W'eJnesilay, to thu following etrect:
I'it.lingh l.udlow who hecamu acquaint
ed with tlie pritoncr in 1B0I, toctllli.il to the
kind relation between the prisoner and
Mr. .Mcl'arliilid at that time. Tlielrmati
tier toward each other wut aH'cctiouatuand
even ioolUli. .Met ilc'-'arlandsubte'iuent-ly
in lSii, when ho read tu wltuett tlio In
tercepted letter from ItldmnUoti j hit con
dition wat ab-otuto frenr.y, AVItne nid:
At various Intervlewf he exhibited a very
flngular coiidition of mind. Ho tpoko of
fci'ing Ompet and hearing touudt of which
he could not account, nnd of being
alarmed by them. That mut have li-cn
foniethlng almilt a year ago, lie tutl'ered
much from them, mi much tlmt one even.
Inguhcti ho cauii! toiuy hoie, 1 walked
with him to hit hoiite. 'My reason' fordo
ing m were my 1 -. tynipathy nnd my
fear he might 'do hlmtelf romo harm, I
recollect hit M'ellig me H)li lifter ho had
got hack Percy. At llr-t hit tyniptom.
wero allaveil: tin' feeling ho had
got back Percy seemed at llrtt to nli
mrh him. Tlien the feeling for hit
other child and hit wifo occupied him nnd
hu talked mainly of that. HUtnlk wat of
n oomplraey against him; thai money wut
living u-eil against him ; that he hail beg
gard hiuielf mid spent all the money lie
could borrow ill the, habtatrfi proceed
ing. Down to a very latu time lie bud in
dulged the belief lliut but for the rou-
piracy hit wifo would return to him.
.Never saw him when he did not refer to it.
.Should itn ho wat whollv irrational from
tin; lino lie discovered tdlt letter to the
time i last saw him.
To -Mr. (larvln I mean when I haw
him down to October, lHO'.i.
(j. Did you ever underttnml from tlio
conversation of tlio prisoner that an agree
meiit had been made between him and
his wifo font separation?
A. Never. I never heard him tay any
thing on the tobject. I had u speaking
aciualutnnco with .Mr. lEiehardson; no in
tluiaey, Mr. .Mcl'iirland, before
tho discovery of tli letter,
wat a most delightful companion. Thu
only llmo after that hoover spokuof liter
nry" matters was tlmt ho came to ii'k mo
for a volume of Herbeit Spencer, 1
noticed it as remarkable, lie ti'cl to talk
of Percy' liook of rhyme, by hit wife,
lie spoke of thco people being engaged in
thu contpir't'-y, ouii of whom were liter
ary, tome not.
C3y Tho churchoi oft.'hiengo own f'JO,.
(iim.iUKlof property which I not iimmI for
thu purport of glorifying any body but
thu members of tho congregation but
which it exempted from taxation. Heslde
thlt thoy own I20,0)0,00if which I ii'ed
exclusively for religious purposes. Tim
total is io.OOOjOOOj and it it all exempt
from tuxatlout How dear tho ungodly
eitv of Chicago pavt for It religion
will. tie!
Dofjs..Mc Whiting moving in Un
constitutional Convention to mitku dog a
lubject of fcial taxation, said : "Tim
agricultural interest of the tato feel dug
tobe Hgreut nuisance.' Dogs of tho city
are moru untitled to the namo of nultauco
than tho county curt. Taxation will not
alute tho uuUanco. Cold ''ioiou" or lead
will be required.
UcS'Whllo thu tarlll' bill wat under con-
tldrratioii in Congrest lat week, tho par
agraph taxing "wind on kin" wat reached.
-Mr. Wood, of Now York, rosoand inquired
of .Mr. Kelly, of lVnnsylvaiila, whether,
in hi opinion, the XVth Amendment did
iioi, ! if iutllclently protect "wool on
IIU -Mil.
5r .Mr, l'erley, of tho Cou.tltutional
Convention, assort that ' not In vain havo
men roared co.tly pile of worship. ' Did
lie not mean to say pile ofcoOly worthlp ?
Tho men who rear pile of this kind of
wor.liin do not often do so in vain. 1 hey
seldom ever fall to ninko ''pilc" out of
tnSfTho unusual tecrecy that l main
tallied In the Invottlgutloii of thu charge
preferred against (5en. Howard, and thu
refusal of tho defenco to permit tlio evi
denco to 1:0 to tho country, goet far
towards continuing the coneludoii that
thoro it iomethingdeeidely rotten in Den
mark. -
Bay" Among thu banner borne by tho
XVth Amenduientert during their Jolllll.
cation in New York, latt week, was one
bearing tho infcription ''Charity to all;
magnanimity to none."
&5fTho Deinoerat made largo gains at
tho recent election In lltthi lihody. In
1 WO they cast only 3,35(1 vote; this year
they inci'ca-iO tho number C.'.'O.I, It it
thought that th! will do, for one year.
A ItKl.lfiiorH Pkkl. The member of
tho Coiiktitutlonal Convention, who toared,
tinging: "It 1 not in vain that men have
rwrl uottly jille. of worship." At least,
he I I'trlty.
The Cairo
?IKUSO.V. In the Cotistitutional (Convention yes
terd.iy afternoon, Mr. Seholfleld 'mid
that he oughl somo meiho'l bv which
many ol the county seat quctions now
voting miuiy of the counties of tlie Statu;
it would be better for all parties
Mr. I.'iiderwooil tald thet there was now
r iirovislon n-ri ulri nir rmovaIt to be made
under general laws, which would obviate
many objections, lie. tiioiigtit unit county
eiitt should bo made niiiro permanent.
The action in amen led w.i adopti d.
On the motion of .Mr. Atkins thu tlxth
section Wilt i amended that the otlice of
Circuit Clerk and Hoeorderof Deedt may
be devlded in all counties containing not
more than On.OOd inhabitant.
The following i the article a adopted:
AllTir t.K f(lf 1IK
Skitiox 1. No new county shall be
formed or etabll-heil by the (ieneral A
lemblv. which will reduce thu county or
counties or cither of them, from which It
shall be taken, to Ic-t contents than four
hundred square miles; nor shall any line
thereof past within less than ten mile of
any county seat of the county or countiit
proposed to bo provided.
Sec. '1 No county shall bo divided, or
havo any part drlcken lierefrom, without
submitting the question to ii votu of tho
people of tho county, nor utile's ii major
ity of all tho legal voter of tho county
votlngon tho question, shall voto for the
Sec. 3. Thoro hall bo no territory
ttrlcken from any county tiniest a majors'
Ity of the voter "living ih neh territory
sliall petition for such division ; nnd no
territory shall bo added to any county
without tho content of the maturity of tho
voter of tho county to which It it proposed
to bo added.
Stc;. 4. No county sent shall be re
moved until the point'to which It ! pro.
pocd to bo removed shall be fivdby law,
nnd ii majority of tho voter of thu county,
voting on thu'quettion, thall havo voted
lu favor of It removal to such point
J'rovlthil, that in all cact where a
county seat hat been located twenty
years, and In caiot where a
voto hat been or may bo taken to
remove ii county seat, and hat been or may
le decided in tlie negative, nnd u subie
quent ell'ort is made to remove to any point
within threo nillet of the same plat"', two
thirds of all thu voter voting on the que.
Hon fchall bo nece-sary tootled a removal
of such county seat.
SkcO. 1 u each county there shall b
elected the following county otllcer:
Coirity Judge, Sheritf, County Clerk,
Clerk of tliu Circuit Court, (who may, ex
cept in all counties having more than 3000
Inhabitants, bo ox-olllclo It rder of
Deeds) Treasurer, Survevor nnd Coroner,
each of whom shall bold" bit otlice for the
term of two years, and until their nieces
sort (hall bu elected and qualified.
1'cmUng tho consideration of tho oth
section, a dispatch wit received announc
ing tho death of the Hon. Chariot Knu r
son, delegatii from Mncnii county.
.Mr. Warwood. hi colleague, otl'enil ap
propriate reolutfont of rei'ct.
Kulogiet wero delivered liv the follow
ing gentlemen: llarwond. Pierce, Moore,
Wt'iidllng, llromwell and Parks,
Tho Convention then adopted the reso.
lutloii of Mr. llarwoml, and, in accord
an co therewith, adjourned.
tv 1
Alt Aristocratic KnRlUh Maitlsi
Laillrt' Leg.
rpon thedrawlng-rooin table of n lady
of rank in London a lady of high posi
tion and irreiroacliablo character may
Ini seen beneath a gin cnc, a lovely,
dimpbsl Utile foot, delicate ankle, and
rounded calf, up to the knee-joint. It it
a ca-t of tho leg of Ijuly , thu Iiotot.
luSoho square there I a small rather
humble-looking shop, In which you can
purchase, for Hvo shillings, it can of one
of the most exquisite of leg. Tho orig
inal (in tho fight) belong to Lady -Ie
(' , and K , who went to tint little,
shop iurti had her erfcet leg moulded,
and afterward gencrouOy gave the shop
man tho privilege of -clling coploi of tho
cat, which he doet daily, for itwasquick
ly dUcovorcil to whom tho Wautcoij, leg
lli'loiiged. Ono lady Jin) wife of a Mayor
of a town in tho provinces came to Lon
don and had two ca'ts taken of her leg;
ouu nude, and one with thenent little. hoe,
stocking, and garter. Strange to say
though no artist will call it strange
thu leg with the stocking and gtu i. r pro
duced an atfect much further removed
from modesty than tho leg quite unclad.
Hrucclanl, the celebrated cast-vender in
Covent Cuirden, drives quite a bri-k trade
In canting ladies' leg, and has any quan
tity of model of all ile.crlptlon's, taken
from life, and (hlelly from noble life, for
sale. How this leg mania urlglmiatcd we
have not heaul, bin there I certaililv some
explanation I'orthU sudden passion
.in,. .m
tho arl.tocratic fair to Imve their legs
recogni.ed, IVrluip It is only becnuo
'a thing of beauty is a Joy forever. ,1iim
Cirn Mowatt llitehie.
Tlie Flr.t AinrrlrKii l''lK,
The following brief history of the A lucr
lean Flag will hu of Interest to cla-set in
V.ti. History
Hu discovered, In tracing tlu-'hiitnry of
this national emblem, that the llr.t" in
tanceii when tho Star and Stripe, wero
un urii-rt ...,r 1lt lho icij-uofKort Selmvler,
August 1., 1 ,m ,m.ci;,i,;
iu.t iiUiut ono year prior to n..." -..,, ,,
brig .Vnir.y wu. chartered by tin "itiru-m.
nl Congro to jirocuro military storot
tho Wet Indies, during tho latter part of
1775. AVhllo at I'orto Itlco, In July orthe
ensuing vear the information came that the
colonies had declared their Independence,
mid with tills Information came tho de
criptlon of tliu tlagthat had been accepted
at tho national banner. A young man,
Cnptlun Thomas .Maiidenville. set to work
to uibko one, and nieccs-fully aecomp.
llslied it. Thu Hag win unfurled, am!
saluted with thirteen gun. When the
brlL Xnneu wat unon lier return vovaire
she wat lieiiiined in by HritUh vcstuU oil'
Capo .May. Her otllcer succeeded in re
moviiiL' all tho munitions to tho shore.
and when the last luat put oil", a young
man lu it, Jolin'lHaucoek, Jumped into
tli. i on cu'iiin In lho vi'Mi'l. ran lit) tho
shrouds of tho uimt, and securing the Hag
brought It triumphantly to shore, through
aha tiro from tho Hrltish men-of-war.
Tho llrt American ling, however, no
ronliiiL-to tho dctlun and aniiroval of
Conj-resi was made by Mrs. KlUabeth
Hot. Three of her daughters still live in
our vlnclnltv to confirm this fact found
ing their beficf, not upon what they taw,
for it wat madu many vein before they
wero born, but upon'whnt their mother
had otteii told them, A niece of this lady
.Mr. Margret Hogg", aged ninety-llvo
vear. now live in (lermantowu; and it
conversant with the fact. Tim fact I not
generally known that to Philedelphla'iiot
only belong the honor of tlinging the tlit
star-spntigled banner to the breiv.e, but to
a Philadelphia ladj belong the hoimr of
having made it.
Tlio hoii'o In which It wu mndo still
stand No. 2:if Arch treet itlii old No.
being M) the htt of an old row. It i 1
related that when Coiijrre had decided I
Upon the ileiun, Coliiiud (Jeo. l!o and
Oeneral Washington vi-ited .Mrs. Ko.tuml I
ifkcd her to make it.
She said, "I don t knew whether I can,
but I'll try," nnd dlreitly uggeled to tlie
gentlemen that the dcOgn was wrong, in
that the star were Ox cornel id and not
five cornered n they should be. Till wat
corrected, Oie. made'the Hag, Congre ac
cepted It, nnd, for hnlf-a-dozeii ear. this
lady furuiOieil the (iovertiineiit with nil its
national llags having, of course, n large
altiince. "This lady was alo tlio wife of
Claypole, ono of thu 'lineal descendant of
Oliver Cromwell.
j.i.ovi:u a sox,
Commercial nvc., cor. of 1 Mil tie el.
Msnufs'itir n.l rciirs all klnilt nf
Guns, Locks, Keys, Etc
CD-Weil; uarimiteil na.l clinrKft rr"iontUii
nnii.nit t.v
.. A S II. .
Cxlt'o. IlltuolH.
1 lU.'l'l.llt. MIKO A i:st-
i. ioutwi:i:ki.v p.iriiiyi
'i hi: sri;.iKii
I.'Br. Cmro eteiy
lnlitic'i?rifi!i tr(t inunoAt j
DANVIliilcE i
itn tatiss ion
H.T .A. S XI V IIjZj X3.
Parllrtilitr nttrntliiii lit nmy lin.ltiot.
'row hoat.
Tlie New Totv nnil Job Html.
Wilt I' icojj- to Jo. 11 knul.r f Ti ,1..11 1 J 1 ing
!XVXou.clfvy-, IMm-oli Qlstt,
nl filro mil tlWritr. W. tl. f -Ifl.Ti:!..
nurlM.t ' . ,
Cairo. Illinois.
Capital - - $1!s'M00
W. I. IIAI.I.IOAV, I'lt.lililll
A. II. SAKI (lltl), l.'n.lilrri
W'AI. r.K tiv,,oi, As.l.lnut Onslil.r.
s. sunt l)iir, . '. luniiu-,
Srutl Mli Hi-, iiuhi. II, ( u ii n I n ek am
tiro, l, IllUm'iiii, .iirn III rt,
t. II. StlTiirit.
i:.vIinnj;s Coln and
1'. ft.Soi.cl QSonliI
and f'iold.
DoPoitoW roooivod
...wu. .. .
1 v i.-.
It I I'f.'l V f'uit4.tii.(l
' ''
o:k. mo.
iami:i', iirms, I'lt-oiir-m
mnit.H i w. Jiii.i,i:i(. vir.i,,..,
V. S. Ill'faii:s, Cinlilrr.
Colfectiois Promptly Made,
I.xt'.uuut', (.'olii, Hnuh .Vole,
ami I 'uk imI Nlalt'N St'i'iirl.
lift ISoiik!i( nnil
lul cm t Alowcd ca Time DcpoNiU,
April SO.
Patronize Home Institutions
Ml a s?m ing
V.vvv OliVrcd in the
Bill HI
X33 Com m erolal -tf3L.-v-oxa.ixo
lU'tMteu i:IkIH1i ami Xlnlli SlrcvlN.
"Wo aro now Offering;
Calicoes choiceat 10 cts;
Xustcrs- 20 cts;
Best Delaines 2.0 cts;
All Linen Towels, (Hoi d id) 12 i cts;
Best Ginghams, 17h cts;
Mohair Switches, 25 cts ;
Handkerchiefs, 8 cts;
Ladies' Hose, 10 to 12. cts;
Ami olhrr ArllclvN In iroiorlloii.
Mens' and Boy's Clothing .
Latest Style Hats. '
inr. stoki:.
So. u n
Ohio Loveb,
( un, me, i.
iTitr. intn.'S! t
COM l'l'.Ti:.NT akhi sta xts? '
Our Oooits Our lltil Iteffr.ncr."
Ilttr tin- iire't nJ fomil't! liv""of
i)v:: sTrw'.s,
Arel frvtttS ?rt In the r I tie to f ":i. I
tll l I.OIO. K?IJ MHII1i .
In Our Prescription Department
. Vl tlo t! .1 e I tl,!'
' i'i iti:si ami -hist uri.iAiti.i:
jaixti:i:s .iiati:iai.h.
WIMM.'l.ri.il. ' .'lie, l.trl Wlillr.
Viirnliltrs, Oil., I' ilul llrii.lir,
t.llft'., .1.'.,
IN- I.Mt'tU fcTOt K.
in.vi:i on..
Genuine Article.
Just rertlv. il Irnm nr. IImiiiIIh I.nli
ritlor)'. nl Chlritico
It iapi nt n me I1' ne ni i-.l nn felreriitmi;
Tin neti.'ti .. (ml) to mf"iii, Jt u tiiii t ntnii
ii..le.lo "i
POai)S. .M'iKt.
. . . . ' .....
.1. Or'rf2i:ill.STH'AI.-j V
rnni: .ii a i. i it i v ki.v;.
For Chills and Fever,
Is lllli IllCllicilll. Hint iM'lllM till
- - . . . . . k..jt.iiia
I llk: ,'. it mtil HiUlitllllllollil II
I 17.HS1 XCI.
- Jsrte
r. at lVlml"-it
io.ii, on..
Standard White Oil,
ix iMt i ti: OKoi.ii,
I'tir wilo lu qiiaiililii'M, from
iuu liarrcl and uiiuai'tlw, low
thv t-astli, at IIAIU'V.AY 1IUOS.
r....i.. sriK" ii .
Country Merchant3
Arc ilivltcd lu evtllllllio niir
Baroly UroH.
Sacrifice I
Cairo .llurlicl, nl
jj .ii. iin.i.x.
trttl.MISMll.V .Mi.uriiA.vr,
No. 72 OHIO
SfllrnVrrnrra, .tf rrlinnls nf fulfil.
Q 1. 1VII.M.1.1I.tO.V,
Nn. 7(i Ohio Lot re,
fifrlitl nlteiillno cltrn lo t'oii.lii.
lit lilt nuil I lllli is Orilt
Vtft.in. T ti.
, - -f.i-,r tistii;ru, lludon 1 OarK
CO il M IS S 1 0 H M BR CH ARTS.
f. a i r rv hi
Aki ills ol Ami ili'Mtt I'.itlilrr Co.. Kllll
MiililifNi-tiirrr Auclilv lor t iiltOH Vntii
, wmmmmmmmmmmm n n ... ji.
n.... .. ....
- -
nou s.i i.i:.
' "Wjl A WW
two uki.Is mriMtt i ii r.nnis
lu MtHh 1U, ,rl. .tt'i 'i n krs .nt I'J" hi i i'-U.
frMIflOiJwril r.tf j, U'Mtl Hl 1(1 Mr V l.-l(.il
unit niie ..f the ime.t ii.lw .. rn. m tl '
en tlie i. tin r. 'Ilie.e fjrin. lie ill llieniie.i ..I.-.
" U" "K "V ' II f Ktnliieky, llii imr-l) a
r.rt.t.. . rr.-k i..:i.. i, Hi,.i v. ii viti.i. ' '
' i:n'ty Am' or ill i.hiki
I. NiiM'eiitil.le f' Ilit lieifct .Hr.-e.. fill cil'livat.rin.
Tlie firmsj .in, nrel will I; iil.l stwrktp r in
mu. I.i ly
fur O rin diet further rtiettli,rs i.i1 nn ihe
,ri ini.'-. i.r tu . V 111 1,'ti,
Il.nn lt.'le, Keniiii'kt, r to
J. h, ItUKK.
t Mirn. lll.lirilii.
AlltO ItlCOU.II .11 A.M'l m;.
W. F. M'KEE & BRO.s
Hat ms perfeoieil th-ir nrrsnKPirisrii. fer the
initiiilfie Hire ii f
IN Till-. CITY, Aim .NOW
Al Ht LOW I'lllCr.N itollic taiiici-iiall.
ly of llroointt t'liii lie jiiirrluiitt'd
( Ism here,
nn-tllilen, left ut the i.tniii ifft. II. U'llliim.rili.
or it ilit-
.' l.QnnfiiMnrif nn Tliinlnoiilli dlrnnf
uiuuitiuuiuij. I'U .lllllliUll.il UlltUli
miwiu vxisn ami cldik, '
Will be iiroiiiiilynlltinlito,
on.Onlcrs l.v mull .lioulilliea.lilres.ed to
V. V. JMoKl.i: V IlltO ,
v o rroeria, -Aiitouii.i
lilj ICt'iiicdy.
' 'fiaara-HvtWKWurfJ'
i W a i ii ec. .'lie luunily le" inter f. I I
, r o nnil.!," I' me t.jr W'irst i
,0 I. a I II . "8 l "if I' '. I hut
1 t lll."l'-'i -' " ' '' "'ll'inli"irilriiic
I n .1 I W.I... , I HI llrwi 1 I' --lir IV
lor 'lie I' ll- oi. ii
"Hi r 'I ti-e. I' l
Oiiiij )Pitr snuiii n,
) Ji uifK',T '1 1 r w
.it. t.,i in ilii i 1 1 re miy
. .in .1 in. lit i'nei i.r oi r
Pr.. e Oin ' o. I " S'11,
J )YSIM-:i'StA,
Urn '' ltlM'iiln lolllr (rt ! r-.
i iiii. f " i'r' i ' 1 . " ' ! '",' "
I,, I i r i i. d It .ni m.i ysiiiinii.t rii
, , , n.i z r UK' en lie
, ., i I , '.' i I. i t, r a ft
,i ii .,. .i ttuik in-" I-i i.nl"i'
. . , . , in', ii I I ii I u.i.
, . I I s
Wnnirs'. to null l fin I" le 1 ititt. '(!
niiK u .1 1 1 i i'ioini nit llie pxl-nriMili irr i
i x ii . isi . Hi iiieiullaiijrirl.tllii(i Hel
tM.ll HI II. II" "I' ' I " H "I' ' 1" jf 1 S'llKll".
( .-. fi.ie Tie.. ! I lr.it- I I lull i nin. 1 ui
ihIi. II" ir-e. A-ihliii, iiiel i on .'Hii .i mil i "l
llin.t ll.i H 'l l'l" 1 .1 . !! III" iHirt r-
Iklll II" I'll I III ll ill" uUi-1' I , 'ir Ml) H"'-
Hon of i'ie tin. Lt sa l luit(. lint tlinii.siiil ' 1
tiiiv.irlsii- sret.Ht fr.-s . s.itiie It me! 'ilistel nil
.'lllill il I. Hie III -I I.I .1 Ii . Sll I HtJ.I' tlfHl'IHS
111 .In ili- St.. mi "l.r I .nl i). lilf.iM. ri-le-f.
, t, t i.i . i,..o. fltni. miifi'
..' I i.i -It - r,',. i.tli. 'h"ii
I.,iar' It ... ufiiiill f i a ! UenuRti s.ii l
.11 r T (. Ii','..iin will i
int' 1" I.ilJ.
1 P i, I i I j r. ar, ' t. . i I'f 'ik.
Wnrii.r' IH..IH ltie "r I of l.'fe.
, .. . . I
I...MU nr. I re I I'.i 'I -vl, .
t II Mir l
t' .1 III' i
j, . n.. . . i i . i I r. w. I '. . HI. I I '
I -t tl. nil I.. He II f"f I'm ') ' R Hi" ,,! ' '
I' it. If.' iiiimI i I.--I.I li.l il. 1 r.iiii-iltK !
. ii r.-l ' tli' I- ' i . I.r sii.i rlf.r t limniv
si. .i.). (,'. '.nt', "f ant .iiii.f-(ti. I. I' -in
r I" IHit. ! tlmsts.r. Itmh male "
(. ii, tl". '.in iel I'l, "3i V'i Hi's Wiles .1.
I. . n'li ''f .it.rsif. Ili'i. isl. f-i, i"
, , i i ...'... I I t m .1 . w r '
, i ,, . . i ..; i. It i. ilitt-iT.i
. . '.fi.i it. . Jt it i, i '-j
. - In.' m.i 1 y 'HUH ' ' 'i .
itriiei ' I. limit llK"ilf I
. ,. i- . t ' . ' w ri- ii
i...j. VV' t..' -'. Stlt ' o.
I , T i I , 1 i'l, M ' l.r i . tli .
. i I 1 II I I D u I ) u
I inn.' s) I"-" .f' o is s4 a 'il
. i is r- in i. i' . a. ' ' s.l n, I-
.,) i i, ' M tr th e. '. i t
I . . I. . ti ... .Il '.-.I I. , 4' ! I i .f I
r , , i . n . . I i . i In- ) ..i )
i, . i, ... , i .i i ii.. l-: ir .1 tj'.si i
I i .. i til' t.tV HH i" I". ' - IH H
II I Will"! I K I It - J IlLMn. Ili II
, .M-i i n . I. , 4. ..
! rr.it
ni;nii i ' nam:.
llj T rtll" of 1 ft"" '! "1 ' ' IIJ I
th Ink") thi" if i'l '"sur" ' ti'i.i. i-f int..
1 tlif .'.Ut'.r'f I'l no . Ill " u .1 lfl . H1 t,
lin ii'.lr.iur, .I" i- tin wo -t i .. ) It. to
ii.a."l. f'i IM l II 1 . I
K. I, I U il,m II ,i.n-l. lti. .-.rj U- Il
,fl ltf1 i T .. It),,.,
I. ,t ii mil i re.) im-i i so n;s in . .Ki ,,.in.
l r-. .HIM'J 'M.B .7 ';. ill Ht.t HI' ... f, II."
ri y , f i .ru. vut'tjr ef VI' AMelr tvl -ifkt ur
I 1 ., tli potent nl tli4 vt'dl'tin II ii..
ii i.kt tin IiNikii lfir (..i'l, -i f,
.i'ii4, rlj O'Mjr ,f lli rouri li-i.i.s, tr. t
of" i", M'U t I'.illlilT, Hlmn'., f. tl,. I .!
le.M.lh I.J i.i MSJ-. t II . ItTl, l.l.rli Hi- '. .
"f i. . . I k. i m . .ii I mtwal it .a ii.i . i
. I Mtti.lt Mt.'l PAtvlitiOM
l.ul.'l H MVI If.
hlit If f Vlets.i ler .-vuntt. II n. .
C. r .. Ill , Ajr.llt,
rjii:i sti:::'s s i.i:
t . . r. .1., t t it ne .f ,tt , Tru4 Ur l l".r
nii'Mi tUr.'i il-t. m.i .lulj oi l- I .r,
H .1. ' l. " ITJ i.i I-". .1, Itir kn ul li-l .
. Tl - "' VI-tiil'lT CHIBI), III ii I., I II' I
1 1 vt ' i 'i.'t , unset tu ihti im.tvr.iM.l tie I ..
1. i. .. rilw .I rrn. t'Miil., I4..41I. Him. Ii'.i. r I
i ii i i.i ; H'.ij . i u' ilex n of l,,iu i...n i.
i iil- f, .u.li"i nn I iliitj..ti.- '.il .in,.)
n Hi. . n il X 4'. Btel,ihtr--.IW4 l.ii.li hi...,
...In. .,. i'l, l, i i. iiit. rrtHrru i.Q tlie uttl
fin, f ii A" tmir i i.ui.1), liliutn., lyitix He.
me.iil. lt Mil uurit.m .lril) In In Hie u..rilnTly
I in f tilty 'r. of Intel la m.4 Ulm an-t .urtrt
1.1 I. ..f. IV M.l't tl .i.lltrtinl i All... IT l'..-'.
lie Ili.lrelar, rtl., of I lie e.Uli. f C'llttln
I' ),-, I'MimnI. u nnil ilrMiiiu tuernlr.
it lexl U.in( 'll on Ui. M, iit ,',(
1-H.riiiiry, A. I' l-4. Mini nil) rinir.i.
m'hr Hmr,ir.r'. ..Dsv, .,f k.1 . At-isn li r .-.Hint),
lu ii. . ii in gnu .in) ef Kriirutrj A l. l-v,
in t.iim "(j ' 4 1. im imfr SI, i'l, , 4. .11
nii.ti. lull) k.jMnr, iffer-iii'-. Iwinrr.'t iln-ii t.i
tl., I . lu ) tlie uiie Ii .".l Hlul Oft)' ll 'ii k. re.
i f mii'l lie. !) .Btt'ifl-il l I' liiM rilnJ, ,n
tr)eil ltiui li I .u4lH.-ly l.fltie iHKIIi. tl) line
I ..nl filly .f" eo4it)l. Iifulr.rel l i.i.l
lir.imn. r.etil), ainl , iiriiil. nMnli-uetlerl)
tl.rnii.h Hi enote btisellh nf -.i'l el.im, n ii.
tH' ltl. i. tit tu h nil.' xmllrl uitli .ml
r i i.i) leirlui rl) I tie w. Hi I lie luile Hie .ael
.lie linn trel aiel till) if!.
Imrii.t, h-.'.f'Yer, flint met. nf .lfjiill m II, rt
tintin.'nt nf ilii .tin, nf At leuulie.l ii..', iit,i
fnilll I Meltillel . Il.nl. ) at,. M)al,r I ) i,,,ir
I I I Mat' h m;l. 1", laelte liivmli. ,iut 'lw-,
h. iIi uii.rr.t ff'.in .l.ie at lli tuiviit .it (Hi i.i r
i en! fr uniiuin wntiling to Hie Irnnrainl tl. I
I -.,,. ri'ini.'ir) ii'ite ii,) ,,'.rnll in .net
Trll.t e., Hi I lli.tlllil. lUfl-rMltaeil.Tnl.l'r,
alioiil'l .riKe.l iii il Mtnl lf.il rsutr K. I.) .s .i
i i ii. I !. 'I .r oel"iaiel ..i,., utv t, I lie itiri hue r
tl" ."I ate I nirUei. nl .li .ii lr tliei iii,tt ,ih . ..lull
lit' l.t. IK!.- tail inmri .t f ti.i i .liili- ..f ai.
1 1 nn.i. I' .... .(.-.. .1, uruflhe s.u.1 Ailre.l T.
I'm a. a-imiMi.iii,, , i, ., t wiui I,) .an)
1'rii.l hiI i.iuiej. . ,., tB ni,,), ,.,K, , ,,,,
H In l le illier ii.l lint,. ,,r u,) .,iiii ttiereof
i, . i t.. inten .t D.,r any riB Iheteut ln.lrn
.H.ti) Ih- Mi.l M,ll.i ti. HaHict, (rl) un)
.ili. r ..-r..i . 'Iif.iull li.v nt lv. .iimiir In re n.
.Nun lie tef.ire. in jir.niH i' of ili t.iin.imi,
of ..nl Trii'l l"e l, nil-1 al llie rt"lle.t nf Ihi.
i'l Allri"! T. I'"H', a. a.liiiiiii.iralnru alotewiei.
n. ii. e i Iiiti li i-itMi, lli.t in ai eonl'lH CHitlitlin
turn. ..I ii ri ru.t !si..i, I hhI. mi !-at nlav, tlie
lllli ,1-1) i,f Jin), iKit, (t7u), Ulaceli llie liour
. f ten .'.i.H'k a iii , hii l rite i," liK'k n.m , til mi. I
it., il llie tlri'iill ilimrnf ih,. ruiirl liou.e, in l hi'
ii) of fair", Aletamkr eouiitt , lllmni., iirneeeil
1 II 1'iH'lie teii.liio i.i Urn Ihki.i.,1 lini.lf r lor
i lisll. the Ulelu'ri lnM fuliiill .i rilnil, n mOMy
the .nt .lue ami uti.H,il at hfiire.Hi.,Htiti
to.l.mi t ' liurK nf .lie! trn.t, niel wi.l eieiiie li,
I he I, nr. Ini.i r a .lei .) Inr llie mr
1'I.AIItoitM; WI.NT(lN. Trustee,
Cairo. Aj.rll l-'tli. It7. uil..lulm
Siale of Illinois, AlettitnJfrCouniy, ts. Atriaii.
ill r cuumy Circuit Court.
IntliK nmttfr of Alfro l II. Riir.iM ts. I.lulsi It
llnlli.l.t. uMott, ami Will Mil l!f inlng-un Hal'
liij),l.Jiiitliiirli - Il.eliiUy, A.lceha Hutu.
il i) nn Horn' Hi rhftt llihi.liif. minor .'ii,.
ten of M.iinuil II, lla lidii), ili'. ui.t.l. Hill ,u
I'lumer) torlvriilmii
PuWIa noili'o I licrehy eiven, thi.t In imrsuanov
of a Utcrttiil oriler tnlered In ihealnte mtillnJ
came, in :tel eonit, ,n in, mi, ,.,y l-Vhruary,
A. D. U;n, I.Jolin ii, iurin.ni, Mu.teiin Ci.amer
jf sahl eiiuri, uill on ihe o,c,ilh (7ih) (hi) nf
May A I). ;u, m 2 o'electt m thu iilicninnn of
sul ilny, sen nt j,iii,i" nuotiun lo tlie lilulu-si bij.
oer, for en.li, ui tno iloiroi I he court llotttn in
theeiiy nf t iniii, In t,iu eounit, the fiillimluK
(leSOril't ll lOat eiitHte. .llimtn 111 flie I'll,- nl rulrn
county of Alex. inter niel M.noof llllnei, lo-uit !
I.otiiiinilfe.lf.iur (I i live iS),nniUU (o)ln ll..eU
nuiiilicril lit.'lvo (1st in tlie tohlciiy nf Cairo,
.iinl .ilnii iiite.iiii im am arel e.iuii(.t iiesolii
for ! lli.m two thir.L of iiiir.uei v.tlue
jcuclher Willi all ami iinpilitr llie lem iiient. uiel
In le illsinrlil. IhurllUlu In liint'iiiL'
Cairo, Illinois, April Clh, A, i, IsTu. '

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