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nws or THE CITY.
H BW05?3tt n ec,,lcll.t WcliocCiirrrl
B . totonwiwvfer pri'M, svr- n'cro unnil'J to tip
I MfrllAnogtouruiu:il.limp. The
B lfi8uVlWelockrr 31 YwMcjitImi.
the I'JItton was wnrko.1 cir. would m"
iiroJiilU (llttrlliithwi (nielli.
orfc MilxjilnioiT rorKU.
Tho wMteWtfr'r-nro .Iri.'ti with or-
lltTJ Julffcl '
Tho oIcAxl Mctlu-Ui-t- -ro.HvnI.nl i.t
tliott church lnl nltfht.
Oranges nnl lemons nro nutiu'rorts now
In this iiiKfiot, and clieiip u dirt.
Harney McMimnus lift" Eno U NW
York to purchase nuw good.
J! Thcrowill ho n grand bnll nt tho St.
Nicholas Hotel to-morrow evening.
Dr. Smith tntl lmly, vvlio liavn Wen on n
visit to Drcsdnn, Tcniiefc, returned this
. . , morning.
Jcit Kkckivkd. TIic Shoo Kly Elliott
and Don't Noddcr Me Hut mid ej( nt
l NcfTo. No. 70 Ohio I.evrv.
'Frank Swi,Wln, of the Conmrdln Sn
,loon, sells nothing hut fine liquor. Il'hs
h fine supply of huek beer.
Arthur lloylo hn recovered from bis
- wounds, nnd Is now oln.wing the senrs, say
jng: ''efl wbitt n rent the envious Patrick
Choice Mapi.eSvm r. Wnrrutited gen
ulno, $1 CO per gallon, nt .1. U. Phillip,
corner "Washington Avenue nnd Htli M.
Tho city bin purchii'od al.out lli,00 feet
of sidewalk lumber from Hilly AVilllfim,
't n great bargain. William' nlwnts sells
at a bargain.
"Everybody ne "Wizard Oil, nnd Iliir
clay llros. fell It rbenp for rnh. Pat
ronlr.0 borne Institution. Hity from tbo
Tho board of directors of.tho Culm and
Vlticcnncs railroad beldtbeiranmial meet
lug to-duy, In thin city, and adjourned to
meet again In ten day- from this dale.
Tho bull of the tug helm; constructed
N for a firm In St. I.oul ii now lying nt our
wharf recelrlng the machinery, which wm
inanufuctueed by .Mt-r. Heed & Mmin, of
thli city.
The St. Nicholas liilliard Hall Is one of
the largest and host fitrnlthed In tho coun
try. It U the retort of both ltir.eiu and
strangers who Indulge lu blllltird play
lng. Juntltf.
Thu St. Nicholas liilliiird llnll is olio
of the largest and Vst ftmd'hcd lu tho
country. It U thu report of both citizen
nd tlraugurt who indulso in billiard
playing. JanCtf
Fivo dead hog suro taken out from un
der tho ildowalk, near the court home, on
Washington avenue, jertcrday. "Where,
in thu name of thu a-M'.'or, do all tho dead
liogn come from''
Tor immietloiuibl" jti'nuln" majde
.yrnp, cull nt .1. N. Phillip Rroeery,
corner 14th and N mliltiKtoii. It i a
.nlcndld article and dd at the lw price
of $1 CO. H
Mr. John Major U leveling up and tin
dernlnlng 11. S. llarrell largo furniture
ware room, ubtltutlng brick pier for
tbo wooden block" that have upported the
The Continental i the only cook ftove
with fltdinir oven dcr. Warranti'l in
all reipecf. Pitcher A: Henry, at If'
Commercial uvetiue. cor I'Jth nn-et.
'8iulro Shanncy bat found the ellxcr of
life, and hat lieconm rfjuvenatl. Ho li
regaining hit youthful i)?or, and bid fair to
HvH fiir n thoualid year In wnne. May
liU badow never grow le.
A citizen of Cairo, wIimm pAtriotinu v.
reedi hi' good tato, hut pointed III. fan).
. llv carriage red, wbito uud blue It 1
onJectured on tlie part of ouif that the
nevt ntcp will Io to paint liiiu.cir Muck.
To tboto of our merchant who are vui
idaliilng about dull time and 'no biul
iiett," we commend the ml vice contained
Sn the following coupb t i
I,t to Mini arly lo n .
,SVir gt tl(!ht,aii'l-a-lfrtl'.
Jutt received nt P. Xotl' Xo. TU, Ohio
Ixvce, a ipleiidid lot of rlug Calmero
Coating and Vcitlngt, which will bu made
up In the mot fui-hionaiilo ntyien. ami nt
price to ult tho time, h perfect lit guar
anil or no ntle. tf
Dr. AVardner it collecting material for
tbeffeetion of a dwelling houto on tho
beautiful bulldlnir lot" on tbo corner of
WuihlngUiti nvenuo and T iuteenth treet.
, , The lou are the most elevated one iu
ibe city, and In tho ho.t neighborhood t
Street SuperMtnr Hyan hat been very
diligent In tie r..ll!tion of the ''itreet
tax." He ha KHtbvred ill al-'ilt fCW
already. He it wm win, repaired Sixth
street, bctuceu Ohio l.tveo uud Com
(iicrclal avenue; anna erj good Job he
made of It.
The City Council hat never mid one
word about the appointment of Mx jiolli c
men In the face of their ordinance which
leclaret that tho Mayor thall appoint not
'more than four police omuld. The
Council It either very lenient or el, is
afraid to do its duty.
Cool, airy and tplendldly ventilated
roomi, can bo bad at the Saint C'harlet,
with board, during tho hot UMnn,rm,nth,
at rcry fotc yricet, Pamillw mi bu ue
comodutcd during the nboev jajrhal, with
our mott dcilrablo room, at Utrgt dulutt.
ion from regular rate. ltf
Mr. V.. V. l)avi, flour and coniinMoTl
I inerrhant, U commanding an excellent
trnde.alld cU Inu' ntlitrAuttilaoliOli ttrtti'i
patron. Hi' room, uniler tliel'lt
llniinl Itniik. nro well kloeked with uood
in lit line,.pnrtkolar)yiWlth,.thiiiTtlelo of
ilciir.Aiio'siilo'of.SvlliMf homuk the lend-
lng feature of Jil,bulne..
,.VHale,uri3einnt city jailor, Ubudly
(.nj-cd lV'tfing the ulrecti Into good
order. He has repaired Eight nnd
Twentieth street, between Ohio J.evee
and Commercial avenue, and ha made
them look n lino in a new pin. Twentieth
flroot wn In a dreadful condition, but
Mac know how to bundle, bad utroetn.
Dr. It. W. Crclghton, well-known
througout tbo We.t nnd S;iith, U now
eon'iilling ihyclan nt Hot Spring',
Arkatiia. Hot Spring have become
lint favorite reorl of ninny of our best
citizen, and wc commend them to tho
Doctor klllfull cure. If he and tho
Spring together cannot euro them, they
idiould return to Cairo and die at the ear
liest po.lblu moment.
The broad uxpunto of clear, ftlll water
that ftprcodft out from "Washington nvenuo
to thu Mlnl'tlppi luveo, is nightly dotted
by pleaturo lioat, nnd tho merry laugh
and '0111)11 of ong that nro heard, tell of
gay parties of lnd nnd ntle nnd of gen
uine enjoyment. At tho rltk of being con
sidered a boor, howover, wo should like to
seo nil that kind of fun smiled, byu sub-
tldetico oftliu wnter.
AVInter, tho perUtnnt old fciimp, lin
gered loo long this year In tho lap of
Spring, but lint Anally taken his de
parture, and It now wandering around the
North pole, getting ready to glvo Capt.
Hull a cold wclcomo to that Inhotpltablu
region of tho world, And now Ictus en
joy thu delicious hours of Spring, who
given to Cairo the brigbtett smile, hnd
brings with her blue skies, that bubble
o'er, nnd plll Btiuihluc. ulong earths
Alderman Carroll culled upon u. yester
day. Holms been nbseut from the city
for nearly n month. During his peregrina
tion ho vitltcd nnd remained lu Paducnh
n week or to, and left ,lt without regret
His experience iu that dull nnd uninter
citing burg bus convinced him of tho
paramount importance to Cairo of tho
Junction railroad, nnd lie propocs to roll
li) bis aleuves and work to secure a ma
jority of ballots for the purposed railroad
Messrs. Miller nnd Miller havoJut re
ceived an unusually large, well assorted
nnd strictly fii'hionublo supply of plecu
goods, to which they nk epoclul atten
tion. Tho lot embraces thu llnct cloths
nnd castlmers ever brought to Cairo, nnd
such n variety of style that nil taste may
bo accommodated. Sultt or garments
from thefn goods nro made to onler In the
best manner uud latest style, nnd nt tig
ii rot that will defy competition. For
proof of this they only a-k to bu put on
trial. At all events call around and see
tho new go.nl. Inn'J.ltf.
Sunn people appear to bo Impressed
with the Idea that their religious zeal it
menurcd by the nobo l hoy make. The In
dividual vho gave car, lnH night, to the
enthushiktlo outburst that caino up from
two or three point. In the city, must have
U-eu reminded of the worshippers of Haul,
whom KllJah urged to n more vigorous ox
ereie of lungs, eut their god might bo a
little deaf, Jenkins excuse nolty worship
pers, on the ground that belli; further from
(bsl than anybody ubo, they inut halloo
hmderor go unheard. Hut Jenkins is a rep
robate, and an incorrigible cotl'er.
Finiiegan Hoylc, who 1 now tho mortal
enemy of Put Ivolley, wan at one time u
great admirer of that gentleman. Indeed,
Put. was hi right hand; hi champion in
diltlculties; his backer. Hut lloyle, In bis
enroll after tho Deputy Sheriff
nitty, began to soft soap tho colored
men, aguiii't whom ho used to hurl all
kinds of anathemas, and Pat. left him
aloiio iu his glory; and then camu a fight
out of which II. came tccond best. Pat It
not tlie moit valuable citizen wo have, but,
when sober, Is both orderly and inoffen
sive; ami, if it hud not been for tho evil
Influence of dh'ulutc comrades ho would
not Imvo been In his prccnt dllllculty.
We regret that wo did tho jury in the
Sullivan. insuriiuco cum the Injustice com
plained of lu the card of Menrs. Mulkey
and Hutlor, which we published ye.tordny
evonlui!. It now allards u pleasure t
make tho correction atked lor. The Jury
was not to blame for the fault of nmii'lon
and commission which require thu county
to go to the expense of a now trial iu this
Cfl'O. Tho fact I', If wo understand
Messrs. .Mulkey nnd Jlutlor, the man who
wrote the insurance policy Is to blame.
He incrtcd n certain provision In the pol
Icy "on the principle that govcrened Cull-
guliu, iu iublUhlng lil low., viz: to writo
them iu very line characters, and then
place them on pillars so high that no body
wild read them." If wo had known till
fact before we published tho Item com
plained of wo would never bavo given to
it publicity. "Wo would havo known that
u policy contuluing a provision written
upon such u principle, would havo misled
any Judge, und have compelled him to give
uu instruction which ho should not havo
given and to havo refused an instruction
which he should i.ot havo refused. There
It therefore no eauee for uprio that Judge
IlakiT mudo this mistake; und it is a mut
ter of flstonUhmont to us that ho ascer
tained his mlttuko so scon after the. trial.
A provision In an Insurance policy Inserted
on thu principal that governed Caligula
In publishing' his laws is sulllcicnt to
tuuglo any court iu the laud ; and how ex
pensive Is It to tlie tar-payer1-!
Ul.ll FOL.ICS.
"'Tlif .Mm-) , DWrr)- Jloiith at MJ-."
Among tho Hoinuiis (why should not wo
air our Itomanlc erudition nt well as tho
orators?) May was the m?iM malonim,
or mouth dedicated to tbo elder persons of
their community ; but Young America
permit no such appropriation of the. month
i this land of the free and home of tho
bravo. Tho Old Folks' may, If they please,
havetheir share of tbejolly month, but nro
not allowed to assort that It Is In any pe
culiar manner their month. At least, this
is the rule In Cairo, where .May Is devoted
to out-door festivities und Is the most de
licious month of tho year. Indeed, there
is danger that our Young America may
appropriate) It entirely to thom'olves, and
allow the Old Folks no voice In It gala
Already, on every band, may be heard
notes of plenlclng preparation". Young
misses nnd masters, not forgetful of the
old Itoman belief that It Is unlucky to
marry In May, but knowing that there can
bo no more npproprlute time than the
mcrrv month to use tender language, urn
getting their finery Into order, nnd pre
paring for extenIvo conqueit. Kvcry
body, nlmo-t, I- looking forward In antici
pation of the prombed picnics.
nlway prompt, are to li tho first In the
picnic field, and will colebrato May-Day In
an appropriate manner. They havo
inadii arrangements to have the ferry boat
make two trip on tho day to Island Xo. 1,
huvo provided music, and uro resolved lo
havo a Joyful time with their families ami
friends. And who can enjoy such pleas
ure with more zct than our Herman fel
low citizens ? They bcllevo that the world
was mado for man, th.at Sunday ! a day of
recreation, nnd thnt they nro serving (Jod
when they aro Joyful iu HI Morld and on
Ills day. They havo about them nothing
that 1 puritanical, although somo of them
nllow tho puritanical politician to lead
them by thelrnoes. They nroinjolly me
as noble-hearted and good citizens ns the
country boasts; and we, at least, tako de
light In all their pleasant pastimes and
Joyful occasions. "Wc havo no doubt their
May-Day celebration will ho a grnnil suc
cess; nnd may we bo there to see.
tiii: coiiKKr hand,
will follow tho cxnmplo of tbo Turner,
and on Tuesday, May 3d, have it steamboat
excursion, and a plc-nle on Island No. I.
They have already Invited nil tho schools
of the cltv, and tho children are all
aglow with tho pleasure of anticipation.
Just tiling of It I F.lght hundred, perhaps
a thousand, children turned looo In tho
green hills about Fort Jefferson, with
spacious basket filled with cake and plot
and sandwiches nnd baked chickens and
dried beef and orange and bannaniis und
confections ami, poibly, ''pop. ' What
atlmothoy will have, mro enough! In
live hundred homes iu tin) city the little
one scarcely talk or dream of unything
else, ami to suppose that ma and pa feel
Indlll'erent, is nltogether n mistake. The
mombers of the band knew exactly how to
command a largo attendance. It y in.
vltlng thu children they at onco oulUted
tho services of nt least live hundred active,
untiring, talkntlvo little agent, nnd the
result will bo scon in thu presence of at
h att 1,MK), po,ibly -!,0ul pron on the
picnic grounds. Hut, lent we lease the
band nothing to say in the large advertise
ment which llioy prop(o to publish lu
tho Hui.l.KTl.v, we will, for the present,
also propose to have their May IV'.tlval,
uud have fixed upon May f 111 a the day,
but have not yet determined where they
ahull have it.
YVe bear, too, of several private plonle
lng parties that are contemplated ; nnd had
almo.t concluded to organize onu fur tlm
llUl.l.t.l IN olllce. If wo could Wit of
hnndomit May-Day material we would not
hesltatu; but, with our proent stock, wo
shall, lu all probability, bo compelled to
modestly refrain from any festival demon
stration, and work on through all the
sunshiny hour of tho merry, merry
mouth of May. Hut to all that do o
n-Muyiug, we wish a ureal amount of
pleasure, ami a season cf glorious hilarity.
Mr. Fishers club met last night at
Shore's church, and was addressed by -Mr.
Freeman, who read from MSH. The ud
dress waselaborate, moderato lu tone, ami,
a a whole, unexceptionable. After the
conclusion of his address, Mr. Fisher
called for tbrco cheers for Lincoln ami
John llrown, but Itev. Mr. Shores Inter
posed, saying colored men should cluvr
for the living not for tlie dead. Freeman
then asked for threo choers for tho XVtli
Amendment and Orant, but Shore bhook
hit bead in disapprobation, ami tho dusky
asscmblagu adjourned without giving a
solitary cheer, What's up?
Thoo who desire to purchaso watches,
cheap for cash, should bcarln mind Tuber's
tale of uncalled for watches, at Hartmun's
auction room, on Saturday, next, .'loth
Inst. Thcso watches were left with Tuber
Jlro.., for repair, and for reasons of impo-
ctinloslty or jTorgctfuliicst havo not been
called for within tho post twelve month,
and will therefore, bo sold to tho highest
bidder. Here I a chance for a bargain.
Our renders will bear wi'tne Unit we
ha.'e, on all po!hh occasions, encouraged
homo Industries and home enterprises. As
a journalist wo hnvo hud no ,1eaunlur j
duty to perform, feeling nsurod that If we I
properly husband our resource, and em- I
ploy (o tho Ik'sI ailvantiign the means
with which we havo been blessed, we shall
jdnco our city upon the high road to an
increased wealth und prosperity.
Kvery year hundred of dollars Hre ent
out of Culro for 'lirub. plant, (lowers,
toed and tree. Vlck, of ltiihetr,
Thienlx, of Hloomliigton; nurserymen
and llorlits of St. Inil, Kvnnville, Chi
cngo and St. Loui', command u Cairo
patronage thnt would handotnely iipKrt
a homo nursery. Tlii being true, the in
ipilry naturally follows: Have won "killed
florist .and nurseryman in our midt, who
will prove himself docrving of that
patronage If it I withdrawn from abroad,
nnd concentrated upon him? We unhesi
tatingly answer that In the person of Mr.
Aniundut Jaeekel wn have exactly such n
man, In what he has achieved ubout his
own home, within tho contracted enclosure
of ii single town lot, may be en evidence
on this K)int t convince the mot skep.
tlcnl. liven nt tlii seatn of tlo year the
nlr nbout hit homo I laden with the per-
fume of blooming Jolnpills, hyacinths daf
fodils crocusjes, geraniums verbenas
putenulal roses, etc., flower, most artist
ically grouped, nnd forming n sight n de
lightful to the eye as the odor I grateful
to the smell. In the rear of bis residence
are walks lined with pnn!cs, pelurgtilum,
chrysanthemums, cuphea, ilnernrie, und
othtr raw flower growing in bed and In
pots sumo in biomn, some in bud, and
other but peering from the ground. Here
too, l a jdt, with un inclined row of shelves
from bottom to top. filled w ith rare flowers
and plant that havo been nured through
the winter: und everywhere Is uvideiiee of
sjvico well economized, and of an Industry
and skill which if encouraged and re
warded would create In Cairo n nursery of
lbtvvcrs and plants thnt soon would prove
all obJiTt of pride to our eltlxen.
.Shall Mr. Jneckel receive that encour
agement? Ho has, even now, thousands
of (lowers und shrubs of tho henlthlvl nnd
most desirable kind, and will, of course,
form estimates of the disposition of the
public to support Mm In a larger field, by
the demand for hi prcetit stock. Shall
there not, then, bo it concentration of
pntronuge upon him not", u an earnest
that n floral garden or nursery I demanded
Iu Cairo, nnd will bo supported if -stab-li.hcd?
ATT. U K ON Till: ( tlllll A SI. l.oriS It. It.
J. A. Uncus, an itinerant follow, who
preaches writes a till sin for it livim;, a
very little potatoe uud thu mot htici
goisl-for-nothlng ever-ent into tlii breath
ing world, hut been airing bit hostility to
the Culro St. Louis railroad, in the
columns of the St. Louis llfiublicuH. lie
Tho claim of this enterprise upon thu
business men and capitalist of St. le.uis
Is very slight indeed. Ther would be
little gained by building this rad. It
would be about a ueh a tin fifth whes 1
to the carriage, fur I lie rensnu that nil the
udviilituge this could confer would be at
tained b tho St. I.uui. A; Southeastern
road. vnsii'Htly, we ihh no more
roads than thoso ulruuily on a reasonably
sure ba-ls fur their early ;ompitioii. It
would, therefore. IsS It Waste of means t" go
heuvy on the St. Iiis V Cairo railroad.
Who has asked St. LouU lo k either
heavy or light mi this railroad? We know
the character of the people of that sleepy
old burg t well to ak them lo do any.
thing that would advance their protjierity.
They have 1isk.ii cuinpclttul, by favorable
circumstance, t Wonie wealthy. If they
had dependinl on their own exertions fr
sucvu-s thu Inst loiither'f ton of tfifin would
b lagging for broad, with is hoist iu the
oat of his pantalooiit. Asm community
of do-nothings, the St. I.ouislan arc a
most perfu't sie ces.
Tiu:ri:tK i a.mii.i m-Minir.
A erowdod house will grsx-t tlm IVak
Family to-nlghl. AVe feel suru of it, for
tlie reason that n largo tor oent. of tho
ladles and gentlemen of Cairo appreciate
musicial talent; and fr thu ratisou, second
ly, the Peak Family p.uies that talent In
uu eminent decree. It is hazarding noth
ing to say thai ft bell-ringers they huvn
no superiors traveling, aud wo..tor toned
bells than theirs are not to bv found lu the
world. Then, -a vocalists, they doervdly
ly stand high whenever known, s uno of
the member possessing voices of tho most
careful ctiltuiv and i-xtruorditinry snoot
lies. Hut eisiugh. A llrt-cas musieal
trout It iu until, nnd that assurance will
(111 the Aihiinuu m.
Hear In mlud.tlie fumlly will gle only
one concert in Cairo being billed for Car
boudale t(mrrow night.
t m:v cttito i.mi I'tni't tn I'ttiti.i.
Tito steamer Milbrey bus been chartered
by Capt. Hob Woods aud Capt. Hugh
Worthlngton, and placed In the Cairo and
Puduenh trade. She enters at onco on a
good business. She brought In 1 10 hlids of
tobacco and u largo passenger list yester
day, and yO htids of tobacco and a large let
of miscellaneous freight tho day bofore.
AYoods A- Worthlngton were born nnd
raised lu this country, find are known to
every man, woman and child between
Caiw nnd J'Aducah. They are experi
enced boatmen, loo, and are not afraid of
hnrd work. It I entirely safe to predict,
therefore, that, with such manager, the
Milbrey will make money "right along.
IttV If.
Mrs. Whlteomb dslre nil to try her
Syrup; it is tho great children's southing
remedy, tin sold at the low price of '.'5 ,
cents, npll&UwJw.
A.pxo.1 S6.
un: i: ntsinx io hktihii'ui.Is. j
t lx o i bu k this morning the guy lit- ,
tie steamer Fanny HnmiloN, fieighted with '
Oild Fellows nnd Odd Fellows' wive and ,
daughter, with a few Invited friends, j
pushed out for the neighboring village of '
Metropolis where there will beun nnnlver-
sury celnbratioii processions, oration, i
etc. Tin) fraternity from Paducah, Smith- j
land ami ether po'lnt. is expected to be ,
largely represented, Indeed, If evpecla- i
tlon are realized it will bo the lurget ami j
inot ImposiiiL' demonstration of the kind !
ever held III Southern Illinois. The llvir
i.KTIN'm ehbd niuong them w ill tako notes,
"and faith, we II print em."
A picnic und steamboat excursion will
be given, on Sunday the lstof May, under
tue manugemetit of the Cairo Turner Socl
. ty. The ground selected aro thu beauti
:mI nnd romantic hill in Kentucky, oppo
site Island No. 1. kftown a Fort .Icll'er-
Mean of patimu nnd entertninmeut
have been provided, such a gymnastic ex
ercises by the society, vocal music by the
singing club, and instrumental music by
an excellent band engaged specially for
the occasion.
The steamer will leavn the Culro land
ing on the first trip nil) o'clock a. m., and
on the second trip at half pat 1 p. in.
Fare, for tlm round trip, 60 cents.
A general Invitation is extended to tho
ladle and gentleman of tao city to participate-
lu the festivities of thu day.
Hv order of tho apiMd
t 11 U.I. ON uiinu NllillT.
The lovers of the sport of twirling tlie
light fantastic toe will bo glad to learn
that Mr. Oatl'ney proposes to glvo a ball,
in the brick building cm the corner of
Commercial avenue nnd Eighteenth Street,
on Friday owning next, April 2'Jth. Tho
public I Invited. Put. O Luughlln, Wm.
Mcllaln and Michael Hiimbric, are the
committee of arrangements, nnd Mellaril
Marnel, Tim (ioriiiHii and John II viand
floor manager. dtd.
All persons who have not paid
their Statu nnd County taxes for the year
HOI', will bear in mind that tho time al
lowed mo by law for tlie collection of tho
same, without i"ot, will explro In a few
Delinquent will, therefore, find It to
their Interest to attend to tin matter with
out delay L.H. MYKKS,
'SherlU'and Kx-olllclo Collector,
a pi ICd 1 1 it
Mum, aiiiiivw.s,
H. NHioIss Hole), April 2-,, ISM.
;o. King, Juckon, .Mo.; J. Murphey,
do; A. L. Tii'sliy, Charleston, Mo. ; Joe
Solomon Dippioln. 111.; .1. D. Y"gh, do;
M. Duffenbiirg. Ohio; Mis l.iiilv, St.
Loul-. Mo; H. C. Hull; Mo.; N. 'Hug.,
city; (i. W. Ilnv, Illinois; A T Smoker,
lllll.t II. S. SafWy, New York; Charles
Smith, Pittsburg, Pa.; P. A. Count. Ky.,
11. C. Fal m, Miss.; A J. Hubbard. Little
llot k, Aak.; Miss Anna St. Clair. N. Y. ,
(htirvto McDowell, Cincinnati, Ohio : lico.
AV. Ilnll, Ltuli.
' Cairo Lodgo No. 237. A. F. and A
avnwIII bold a special communication
this (Tuesday levelling. April 20th. A. L.,
r.sTU, for work In the F. C. degrw. Visi
tors fraternally Invited, lly order of tho
AV. M. ('HAS. FOKI'K.ST. Stx'y.
J. Geo. Stein bout, formerly of the St.
Charles Hole). h' opened a barber shop
on tb corner of Kightli stisset and Com
mercial avenue, ( Perry House) and with
skillful assistant I prepared to xfu(tall
business incldeut to thu profession iu the
most scientific manner, and to the full sat
isfaction of hit customers. apl-W 1 m
tnr.NTioN, iioHiiis,
A nii-s-tlng will be bell on Friday vn
'lng next, April 2tstb, for the transaction
of general business, lly order of the
PriHiiilent. J. II. TA YLO.', Secretary.
ti.i.nu: rtris'iN i t imiii.i..
The ilnts of difference between
Plmloii s Yitalin, or Salvation for thu Hair
and the other hair darkening nrtlclo, are
these: 'Vhj ur stleky It devoid of
glutton. They aro opiopio II i transpar
ent. Wiry are fetid if it fragrant. T.ry
are muddy il Is clear. TViy producedull
tlntsi reproduces nature's hues. Sold
by all druggists. n2."lttwlw
iitiinu tin: nut sin:,
Co to C. AV. Henderson for anything in
the lino of Hardware, such as Huts, Locks,
Screws, and a treneral ntsortment of shelf
hardware. Also, a lot of (iaiilon Imjdl
incuts such us itakes, Hons, .Manure and
Hay Fork, etc., etc.
.Mr Henderson has alo jut received
tbo largest aud bet stock of conking stovo
ever brought to the city, and tells cheap
for cash.
F0!l SALS.
Tlirni Hill l siiM at i'ulilli' Auction on llii i
ailtli lny of April .(vt,
St lln-.Vil'tinu Itoniu of l. Il:irliii:iii,(,n Cuiiiiiht- '
eml Ate nut', Hint nt' Wuli'lic m J1I1I1 limn l.n-n lifl
iili 114 lor ri'i'iirskii'l r' iMiiiuiu-mu . nr tiiicall- 1
e I f'ir. t'i pay liii'diurj,'!' I'r r' nlrt. Al the saim
IiiiiimiiII in oli n lot of Ji'vwlr), It-ft for ri'i'inr
lll.il iiurnnrii inr, I'iriMis- ii'-ir.
'I In' following ilirri'li"ii mi' I iinn:o Idt ultli
ll.H Udlllhl-.
1 lliiiituiK Cao ' i H'l.-r
M.tt I'rlco
I'ri's lloni-s
I Morirnii
'llo. Williams
!- II lullon
M Wright
1 1 rnrv II 111)1
John 'tot it
John III. il
l.oins s uitli
lie. iito-y
.1 M Cooiiit
MuiiW.i I'litrick
.In lffi D.iiry
1 1 on WiishiiiKlon
Alrx Jtuoru
1; II lli'rncl;
.loh u Kink
J0I111 l'lneli
I'i 11 r Kl'iiU
lo CtlimliT
In Vi'W
lo I'u 'sx
1I0 ,ot IT
1I0 1I0
ilu ilo
1'ilin, Mil lr
ilo Vi'iu-n
In ilo
tin I lug
C:ii I.ot iT
lo ilo
In ilo
Amlri- KiiIh
Till' tllniti, ttlltclll's lt) nil Li'l'll put lU.KOOj
isiiiuIiii; orilor, uu J ruses inaln us j;w. n uxn ,
TAItr.lt JIHllTHKhS.
Culm, Murcli SCIh, HT0 martuf
SaJvWion for the Hair.
b'oi Restoring to Grtw Hatr it:
Original Coot
I'malon's "Vit4Ta" (lifters
utterly from asUrThe "dyes,"
" cokucrs.'uid restorers "
(?) in utsc. It acts on a
totally duFcrcnt principle. It
is limpidfragrant, and per
fectly innochYiys, precipitates
no muddy or lhuulent mat
ter, retmirrs no shaWng up,
and communicates notain to
the skin or the lincJ. No
paper curtain is nccsary to
conceal its ttirjtrtippearanre,
for the simple reason that it is
not turbtf. It is, to all intents
and pu (poses, a skw discoviry
in Toil' Chcmistrv.
C2T Philips 'itama" is
warranted to efSst a change
in the color ot the irr within
io days after the firstjipplica.
tion, ' the directiony being
carefullv observed
Price, f)ne Dollar per liox,
ciinNsJSI.m. IU Mltl.l s.
Sold hv ALLSlRi'nr.isTS.
If your DrtiggiSS his not
" Vitalia" on hand write, en
closing $ l .ooX-nfl we will
forward it ivfmiedintely.
Phal(n 6c Son,
517 Broadway, N. T
Thu .Vch T mid J"h Hon I
IslTt l trr l It .t llir t'.il- tllst.li-l. '! !"'
iiirf so.l jnl.lms -n Hi- "''si r-Msui,, i"ns.
His fiiurir kl Ci.ir'i. Illinui..
ia.v .otici:.
N'ltW-tl IS llMflir Ultra Will tS'iH" Illll-ISSsIr I.
nO'l inor r i. 'i.sr Ih-.-r I.rM4n. ni-1.
Ilmt nt l.'.i Is sale I li-s KU't t N '! rilt
lots, f'.rlln I..s. nitr'rsl 1s .lllf ll.-r-l..
I ,-Utf lf lllino.s. Sil l Clinialjrof AlHsll li r,
f..rll.).rA. I'. IT, hs-lil l Ht ''-""M Ho-.
in 111- Cits oM'isiro, in w 1 fuimit mul w .
tlM-astlt iUy tJaly. . IM-s-, I. Ih-uml. i- in. ,
III plin-h-" Ilix flsllftisiur .l.-rrilsml b,S) .(III
nl) .,U, un) Insets ssft'l psilsof Uh'ls silukl
in s, rniiull , for 'lis- IM - o.j.illi. si I
t hnufsiI nyl"ii'l lrt I'ltn'rls ! I..iwl r--
tm.tits.1). Kin swl luvsi) isn't i nt I..'-. w I
trwl or rt-s'ls uHMf Iwtiu sj ni, 1
ti-.for lh t fr sil )i-r 'a I lit um.s . f
th tiH is ! foril, m il- list UIpo. r
rtsxlln Ihi ilsM'riitin nl twh rf nl tuu "r
en)' lei urn! itsM-l urpnrsicl nt land, ...
.!tCII!!j5 i
ir.;:Kr.KiS?5 1 1
-u '
ii 3
if. . ..iil.w,.-.
i ?
ID Nl i i
4lt i
4s - -
Ami, IIihI Un' Inn" f'r Hm islni' "i (it
sai'l tuts mi l Uu I vtill i'X.ir on uli'l Hith
His S111I1 1I1) nf July, A l ls7n.
r. WI.N-iTON,
Culro lU llnl, Apr I S'., li. AM
"Success is the Best Criterion,"
St.'iU'irid.t of the lli.s ni"- f !ic
I'.ir tl.o 1110111I1 i.f Mn, li, I'Tu.
u 111 t r uf 1'iillrli s Issuiil. I'M
S mount lusurnl lln rrl) tfVJM.unu 1111
I'rrmluiiis on smiii
ISI.siS'J As
An ri- mnuunt of rarh 1'nll 1)
'fa turssmy knonlfilgo cslfii'ls, no ('oinixiny
in tin. ttoilJ, ilnrin lin' sjnia 'on"i( of (lino from
ori.'Hnii.iiioii, iris utrr issiiho so irK" " " W,V .
of rolk'K's, or rrPiMtfil so liwity un amount, of
iTOinium incoiui.." lion, Win. Harm-, i-j-su.
... pi..l.i.l..ti, nf ,Iim In.ntMii'i,, llHluirtocnt Of IllO
Mat( nl ' VoiK,
Tnl is strictly u
ami is tho oriciniuor of tho co.nnitncr sysiim of
slalu mul loral lioirils ID
ii ml uthoonly coiuiniiy tlmt In nrrU'd out tlio
Ian ii.oii Riisinuri'lii'iislto t-ale.
1 It is ilio only ol tlim coinimny that enn carry
out t lit si ill in, Ihsuiiumss Tl l llio only orU'iniiilH'ii
vtliusiu'liartiTiiromli' for siii-li usysii'iii. Iliu
tstem sei'iircs Kt-al ftli-ls-n-y iuil M-ononiy.
'Ilia Hturaiii) oust of lntiir.iucii imnt, llii'roo),
crruily rciluii'il. It tlm only i'oinny lliot niioiis
tin-t-launf local In H"!iiionU.
JfirtMl J, M.MATNAnU, A(t. .
vT" vTAi.Ti.ier
I LAM'.'. i;
U Oil Wm B tk
ov i:i-:ity iiKscttirntt.v,
Lath, Shincries and Cedar Posts
ami 1 i:ni 11 .stki:i:t,
i!A I BSJ, J ir.l.EVOJS.
C i I It ' I !(' '
Ofnil DoworiptLOUsj
If v.I K r. ' . iriT '.1 o, 1
. , . i tl
Onlcr left Willi .l.'Ahle, A'l.
Mill roffitt' proinpl :!
I 1 !!!! 1.
...nri'K I , "V
tkxtii stt:kt
Between Commercial and Wash
ington Avenues,
Incuts for ISocK Si vr I'lipcr
roinpiiiij -. Mieatliliirr IVIt and
ln.irl. ciiK'iil.
II. XV s .Jtihn's. Iiiiprutctl t'.onf
I ti u nlunjs 011 Iiiinit.
mii l!HE!!S,
sr"rl '' ni' Ho tlii
Hendorson County, Kentucky,
lli-.u 'I
t'l"I.S, I !
.IU "" 'I
JTulll h I.'
v .' Lrh ' 'luri' f Krn
I 1r n . I. 1 1 t IrM l 4 I-
. . m, i rr of hr Hi". I
1 1. sj.i.'rul.il.n-lu'iiii' mi'
5!! PRIZES, $314,320
"I-H l)"
.1. !,-. f 11, h ri' lii'si
'r lii 1. 1. 1 "ii. if
' "1 ,ni.y 1 . hi )
hi'Ii all lli-lr u'ur-
Capital Prize $150,000
...t s.
II I . I I
s, li! r"nt rimnft
r 'i , ; ' i y I i.ml is.ii, io i.
1 1 i ' ' i i ' 1 1 - i 1 1 r i ,,( first si ti n
iiii,i"i t.ti... I n! I i l''' us tli "-r
Tin' ilra"' 'i tt'll iii'sitiTuly tako rliu'u July llli,
17", ni M i- .ii..' Ii'ii'i'l", l.oiiistill-, Ktutui'li)
llini'l,. " Kits Mstiitirrns, litti'K'ls1'" un-Ual-irt"l
'fit I'li'iitos unit I'liitorsi'ini'iits of this hisk
n I I ,'hi.-riri. l.ti'ry ilollar Intrsli'il I.)
lu kit Imlirs. is lil.l in trust l.y llm 101; m
in is ni j... iii .I I.t- tin. 1.1-jt .nir., until i lu.
1.. ii" ..i -l ii . . ii I Hm i.r.i am iM'liti'ri 'l.
Ini oiiioof tli.. jii"i'ily foriliK lint IS )i.tr In
nti i iii"!
In onlor lo I.t ) our I ..-KMs proj.i-iiy ri'siislcri 'l
(my at orco vf )"iir nwirrst iIuli uacnt, or H inlt
to ithi-r of tlm I' llmuni! Ilnani'ial aufiil, uti
I. . II. I.VNK. I'.ili'r Km in II ink, II iuliroii,lty
II II I, i:AMiKli. 'iu I llsuk, t.oiilst lllf, Kj
JOMN'r liTIIAM. I'i.-s. Itanit, lloililnvlllf . Kj
j MI'S I,. I(AI,I,M,I ani'lllaiik. I'a.liU'iili, K)
II. I, 'riUI.MAS.l asli.ULi.. ail'l lts,'r, l.fllliil
V ll.TVI.KII.I ili Di'poJU Hit (Mi'iisoor , K)
Sr.MDMN. I'lXO.N .V('l)., r.tnnsv lis-. Imllaiia
(join! ( lull Avrul Muuti J I ter) nlirrtr.
FULTON ie SON'S, - - I'roiirlolor.-,.
Arv Mitt Iii I t'll 0t-ritlluii.
Messrs, Knlinn A .con7 uro rrrpareJ to furnish
all klmlsol r'lour of Hie qua Ity, unU also
Mill Ki'i"! of l! Itmas. (Imhum Hour. Iir sackH
n'ln lets .liisntily, maJ from tlio bftt ' '
Whl. uril5.IU
ruvaiKii mba- .
jM 1ILL8

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