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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, April 30, 1870, Image 4

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The Cairo Bnlletiru Aril 30.
0ht uiiti.
ra or m cmr.
V . 0P B0lMAB0tT I'OfKKT.
.French Jlronilnj, for shoos nt Elliott, H.
" it Co'. npl30d.lt.
The prr-ient term of the Circuit Court
will be brought to a cloo this evening.
Mmmn utH bo produce! In a tylo of
tnagnlflcinco unsurpassable to night nt th
groat sensation elrcu.
Everything In tho boot nnd shoe line for
gentlemen' wearat Klliott, Haythorn iV:
Co',. npl3(M3t.
Dcllavcn's name rwIi ut on nil side
every exchange has some fnvornblo word
for the sensation circus.
Directly In front of tho ticrmnti school
bouM there is a danRcrotu hole In thcslde
walk that should immediately lo looked
Tub Itcv. C. H. Footc roturnol home,
last night. He was culled Knst, It will I
recollected, to nttend the Jmrlnl of his
Do our patriotic people of the nulj'h
u borhood of Cairo propose to eelcbratu
''Decoration Pay,' now nenr nt hand?
Whit hat bceomo of the 0. A. It?
Mutqultocs, full sized, fancy nnd
, vicious, have mado their appearance. Wo
pitty thos localities 'below," where
thee pestiferous Insect arc really nuiner
! nm.
A marriage was tolcmnlr.ed In the
rhurch of the Itcdccmer, the other day.
The happy couplo wore from Villa ltldge.
, The Rev. .Mr. Coan performed tho core
motile". After to-day the pre-ure upon our nd
TertUlnj; column will be so relieved ns to
enablcusto Incrcaio our reading matter
fully flfty per cent. Wo don't object to
the pressure, however.
Owing to tho absence of the pastor no
services will bu held in the. .MethodM
Epltcopnl church Sunday morning nnd
evening. Thu Sabbath school, however,
will bo held nt it o'clock, p.m., n tit tint.
r Jut received nt 1. Xeu"", No. 70, Ohio
Levee, a splendid lot of spring Cii-lmcri!,
Coatlnp and Veiling-, which will bo mado
up In the riidt fn-hlonnblo styles, und ut
price to tult tho times n perfect lit guar
anteed or no inle. tf
Sheriff Myers will place the firt sheets
of the State nnd county delinquent tax list
In the hand of tho printer next Tuesday.
At after that timo no craturct or chnngei
can ho made, pnrtlet named on the lht will
be lubjected to the uttial nnhlc.
Thellttlo bpy of , the city aro making
a collection of butlncit card, nnd the
rivalry to get the mt iend tho little fol
low Into every establishment of tho city.
Onu chap, moru ambitious than tho rest,
visited the ISui.iETiN' ctEce to mccrtuln
what It would cot him to have an anott
ment printed I
Tho election on tho Kentucky and Ti n
ncstco (Junction: railroad projH.itlun, and
to determine who shall All the vacant seat
of Capt. AVIIliain.oii, In thoSdeet Council,
will bo held on .Monday, .May itb. We
are decidedly In favor of elwtlng the
'bet man" for the nforetald vacancy ; but
shall not content to go ouuid tli I Mho.
cratlc party to hunt for him.
Dellnven not atisnl with nillng hit
bill to the letter sesterd.y KMVo extra
eclat to hit wonderful exhibition by fend
ing tho "Hivnr Cod" Ihn lliee, "up'ln the
balloon," at h-att we hear that kith coin
panic exhibited at l'aducah, and from tho
vait crowd at the .enintlon circu. wo
Judge Delltivwi must have font Dun up
in n ballon.
Tho Harry .Macarthy troupe- aro ad
vertised for two exhibition, In Cairo, to
wit; On Monday and Tuesday evening..
As a humorist and mimic, Maearthv it not
urpacd, and, attiited by Mln Irttio
Ettelle, Sir. Krwiti, U tiio VWiou,
Prof. Gebert and other artiiU of unde
niable talent, hi perionatiun concert will
deservo crowded houie., and, no doubt, will
commund them. Uervd teats can bo
had during the day prieedingeach concert,
on application at Hartiuun auction rnom.
- --
dk iuvi:'s (jiiht tintrs,
Thl Inctltution uunviillwl for lu merit
ha arrived In our city and will givti it,
initial performance thit afteruoou It It
lm)filblo to explain the many and varied
frau to'bo witnc.fcd within the arena, but
all of our exchange hjniak of It in the mmt
flattering term one ol the great future,
today will be the inflation and utcentjon
lit the monitor balloon which lake piui-rt
ffom the circu lot during tho afternoon.
Vft doubt not but thut thoutnnd, of our
MtluniwIU avnil themtclvc ofth op.
pmunity of ultnesslng tliit novel Ight.
1" addition to the merltorou. circu per-
celebrated dr.u.a of .Muzepim in which
Tn f "l,ri " will appear.
I'.Saup 10. Ci llVunm,it.u.r
atti-iitlve to the wanti it .1 i
Iin I :rfBtn Sinn ...t
dellclou Ice. the patron m.v obtain th '
cooling and healthful Soda, Solter and KU- !
ingen vater. in their Great,-.t rritv
Ladle, or famlli,. wuyvi.it the',alo,m
ithout fear of Intrudert '
Addition, have ,nlb tothe,UM)i
apeclat a tontlon of buyers ,Mir w ), li.
all or null ,,
A gold-eye gla, the owner I. rcme-d
to cell at new Hand at the l'o.t.Ofiice
prove property, pay charge, etc.
d 0. 1.OKU.V.
The picnic nt Kort JefleMon, Ky., given
by tho Cairo Silver Cornel Band, will bo
hold on Tuesday, thu 3d dny (if Mny.
The school children will n-tcmblo at the
Thirteenth trect icbool home, t 8 o'clock,
on Tuesday morning, nnd nt hnlf-puit 8,
the band will ccort them to the foot of
Tenth street, where the tCnmcr Odd YU
low, with largo barge, will bo m.xircd to
rccciro them. ",
All person who purpoc n partlolpntion
in tho follvltte of tho day, mut be cn
board the boat or barge by hnlfpuxt 8
o'clock, n ut thnt hour, or immediately
after receiving, tho ichonl chlldien on
bimrd, tho boat will leavo for tho ground.
The 'chool children will be supplied
ticket, through their tenchcr, on .Mon
day, and Uie.o tickctwlll bo taken up h
the children ins on board tho lxit.
Tho chool director) nnd tench er, tho
mcnibert of tho bntid, nnd otlmrn, will ex
crcic n careful wntcli over children unat
tended by their parent.
Intoxicated perron, or Intoxicating
liquors will not bo nllowodon tho boat or
Tickets for nlu at the drug (tore of tho
city, l'rlce, SO cent. Children, other
than chool children, 26 cent.
Oo nnd co tho Murlu Antonetto hoo nt
Klliott, Huythorn fc Cot. aplSOdnt.
HI. MchoU Hotel, April ), IITO.
.1. M. rntorson, Charletton, Mo.j F. O.
Ocrl, IJnllanl Co Ky.j II. O. Carter,
Mound City, 111.; Frank Starr, Ullin, 111
f. 0. Clovls, llallnrd Co, Ky Wm.
"White, Ky.; A. V. Swank, MIiourl j V,'.
It. lVgg. Hockford, 111.; It. lbon, Dloom
ington, III.; 11. Fitii, 1'nducah, Ky II. A.
Cnlllbcr. Covington, Ky.; A. Uugcrham,
Kviumvllli', Inif.; E. Coryell, Chicago, 11)
Cha. II. Cory, City; AV K. ltobiuton, Jr.,
III.; Stephuti iluinm, Mo.; V. F. Urad
berry, lib J. It. Uihun, Hickman, Kv.;
M. KitU, HI.; Lout Carroll, AVU ill.
Skinner and wife, I'ndticnh, Kv E.
t'ruall, .Memphis, Tcnn.; U.S. Hradticrrv,
III,- K. W. Danport, III.; It. II. Partem,
llallnrd Co, Kyv Clin. II. Errln, UI4
Hobt. Futch nnd wife, St. IyCiiit, Mo.; J.
W. Allen, 1'it.; A. J. Ander-on, Citv;
U'111. M. Luk, Miouri; AVm. Smith and
wlfu; Dr. .1. V. Cranford, Kyj J. L.
Flemmlng, Kentucky; Dr. W. H. San
der, Ky.
Flore (Inrden, now wearing It mod al
luring garb, will be opened to viitor
again, to-morrow.
Tho proprietor, to bo up with the de
mand of tho time, ha laid in e bountiful
Mipply of So. 1, Duck bor, and other cool
ing iffid exhlleruting beverage. There
will Ixi uuiilc, match ihootlng, ten-pin
and other menu of entertainment which
nil who attend muy employ.
Thu public- generally I cordially In
vited. ' F. FISH Eli,
TIIK tlllfl'S TO.MdllT.
De Haven' great enntion circu will
give It hut exhibition In thl city thl
evening. Thoo who ndmiro thu port
of tho nreuii, nnd tho finw of thu gymna
tium, nhouhl go. 'J'lio exhibit inn i
really 11 lint chix. ono. Tho rider, leap
er, tiunblcr- nnd clown- are among tho
very l't In tho prnfcflon, und during
the whole, performance nothing will bo
.ecu or heard to ollciid tho acn.o of pro
priety of tho UKHt fuitidlotu. Tho trup
ping of tho cftitblUhmcnt nru grand and
gorgeou, being coiitldcred among tho
Illicit 011 thu continent. I'ollto uthur will
In nttcudiince, rothnt ladle, unattended
by gentlemen, muy nttend, with every h
niraiico of receiving nil duo nttontion.
It it with more thiiu ordinary iutorett
that wo Invito the uttcntlon of our friend
to the ndvcrtK-mont of tho "Orcut Hon
derfon County, Kentucky, Scheme," which
wo glvo 11 prumliiunt, portion in our
column to-day. Till i not 0110 of tho
jx-tty "gift" or ''lottory" ull'ulr which ill.
hoiiMt raicuhro often nttempt to palm oil'
upon unupectlng H.'ode, but n trulght
forward und Icgltimuto cnterprlfe, with n
regular clmrter from tho Legiilaturu of
Kentucky, and the full npprovul of all
proinluciit olticiuU nml leading cltixeu In
tho Stuto. Wo do not bollovo, that any o
incliiiLM, will over Imvo 11 more fuvorublo
opportunity to inviat Tre dollars more
atiifactorlly than In thl chome. For
any of our friend who may delro it, we
will tako pleaur in procuring tiekot.
We have already bought sovorul uurfelve.
lllHtil.Alt iTlllKSTKU.
Hob William, a colored man, llnitlicd
hit tecond term in thu l'cnjteiitinry, nbout
fuur week agd, and Immedlaluly returned
to thu II eld of hi ru-irally exploit, Cairo,
lie iiugnin in limbo, however, undhai.a
lively jiropect of doing tlio Statu lirther
-rvlcoa a penitentiary convict.
i.uit night ho broko Into tho millinery
torn of Mr, l.ang, and abstracted thore
from tlx flu 0 bonnet, fully trimmed, and
three bolt of ribbon, Not atlflcd with
the acquisition ofthcto good , ho broke
iilto Mr. Ilium' grocery ftoro, on tho
corner Seventh nnd Wahlngton, and
carried oll'lx clothe batkcU, tlx broom,
two mop, 0110 box of egg und two door
mat. All thl booty ho deposited in
tho hoiito of u colored man living on
Fifth itreet, named lham Hill. Itlmm
entertaining u uiplcion that tho good hod
been ktolcn, conferrod with Constable
Arnold. Two hour lutcr Arnold had
William in churgo. Ho found him carry
ing a trunk toward tho freight dcp&t
and an examination of thl t link di
iloved tho preence of tho bonnet,
j Mr. William 1 now conUiied In tho
I calubovae, and will undergo a preliminary
"amlnatloh on Mlnday next. '
(licsnlnr Joint f c ilonnrilio Cily (mncil 1
Cnlrn, Illinois, April YJ, 170.
There being no quorum present. On
motion adjourned.
JOHJf IJltOWN, City Clerk.
I Tho following paragraph nppenriil in
j tho Bulletin, of Thundny :
It is whispered thnt thcro wn an elopu
'ment In "low life," last night "low," 4
contradistinguished from high'' life but
. wo nrc not uflicicntly nurcd of tho truth
of tho rumor topubllsh the name of tho
I Thl paragraph, Indirect n It Is, drow
' out the following unique nnd very cmplm-
I tlrntlc "corn-ctlon.:"
1 ' Caiiio, III..,
, . April '.".Uh lt;il.
' tMllur DtilU tin :
Slit: You t would do tho
partle Concerned n favor by contrndictlng
nn nrtlclo which nppenred In tho column
of tho HuLt.tTt.f on the evening of tho
28th lust., In regard to im elopement in low
life, which I false, n ono of tho party was
lick nnd tho other wa In thu country ye
tordny on builnos nnd furthermore who
over mndo himself to small as to insert the
word low llfo I think should go homo
whera he picked up hit aristocratic notion
und learn that tho institutions of thl coun
try makes ell equal (except a nigger) a
long as their principles aro good and hon
est, I am, Sir,
Very Kcipcctfully,
Your Obd t Sv't.
Wo begtonsturo Mr. Fitz Uibbon thnt
the quoted paragraph had no reference to
the elopement which did not take place,
lecausc "one of tho parties wa sick and
tho olhcrlti tho country on butlneisj' but
to another and entirely dlUercnt affair.
No further explanation, we hope, will
not be considered unneceuary.
10.1AL TO Tilt KHKBIiOrt .
When constable Arnold arretted Wil
liam, the burglar this morning. Lc was
convinced, In hi own mind, that the
goods found In hit potcflon bad been'
tolcn, but the rbtolul proof was wanting.
If Williams should bo released until Ar
nold hunted up the owner of the g(h, of
I course the wilr scoundrel
I get out of town. The c
! looked perplexing, but onlv for a
moment. William wa a vagrant a well
tu a thief, and on the charge of vagranev
j Arnold took him before 'squire SbannetfV.
I The charge wa tuttained and Willixu
wu committed to the calaboose. Artioki
, then sat about the work of rollecting evt-
dencu, perfect! r tuturisd that when be
wanted Mr. William be would kcow
where to find him. Strategy.
In all parts of the city may be observed
signs of preparation for the picnic tu be
given to-morrow, under the auspice of tho
German Turner society. Tho baker of
more than a hundred stoves give out the
savory odor of baked chickens, ducks,
pastries, etc., that will to-morrow All
tpaciou dinner basket heaping full.
Families, Including the little ones, will go
In groups, lad and initio In pair, and.
the crabbed old bachelor, with a link of
suiiiage und 11 sandwich In hi hat and u
bottle of ''pop" lu hi pocket, will go "by
Tho boat, bo It remembered, will leavo
at U o'clock, sharp, In tho morning. All
who are not on board nt that time- will
havu to wait for thu half pait onu o'clock
boat. Fare, SO cent.
Wohave received number 10 of Howo's
Musicial Monthly, nnd Und it equal to tho
butt of thu numbers that prcccd.il. It
contain twenty-tlvo piece of uiuiie, full
size, of n size und stylo to bind with loo.o
sheet music, and all for 'Jo ceuti, or $3 pur
year. Thu music, both vocal und instru
mental, Is of thu very best, much of It from
Faint, Oungl, Strati, Ilucb, Held, Zikoff,
Claribel, ICussull, llulhintlue, and other
nnthor of equal merit. It is really ur
priidng how so much llrit-cluis muilc,
printed (or rather lithographed) upon thu
lumvieft mii.lc paper, can bu furnished for
35 cunt. For $3 00 tho subcrihcr got
188 sheets of thu beit muiic In print fully
tun time a much a can Ik) obtained from
any other homo for thu mine money.
Address F.lias Howe, Iloiton.
'Die time prescribed by lit w for tho pay
ment of pcrsonul taxes, haviTtg expired, I
nm now authorized to collect by selzuro
nnd sale, nnd dltugrecablo ns that duty
will be, I shall bu forced Into tho perform
nnraofit, unless there is nu linmedtnto ro
spoiiso upon tho part of delinquents.
1 havo, during tho week, been engaged
in tho preparation of n list
of thu delinquent lauds nml
town nnd city lot, and shall place tho
first sheets In tho hmids of tho printor on
Tuesdny next. Much cost mny bo saved
therefore, bv ft prompt payment of tho
taxes duo. ' II. MYEHS,
nplBOtf Shorlft" ami Kx-olliclo Collector.
Your Inclination to drop in on I.oult
Herbert, under tho tlrt Nutloiiul Dunk.
Ho bus laid In h stock of thu best Cincin
nati Duck Deer manufactured, and nil
othor kinds of bavorage that nru at nil In
roquettHo has also a splendid rniulo box
that plays twelve urlas from tho moit pop
ular operas In print a treat everybody
will roliih, Tho restaurant, u titual, will
bo supplied with everything seasonable
nnd desirable. Call in to-morrow, next
day, ornuy time, and you will bo wolcomod
und kindly served. 'it
Ono hundred balf.barrels of Cholco
Family Flour, suitable fur the trade, for
tle at the Egyptian Mills. aplHdtf
Tho best bii'lncM men do indorto tho
Life Association of Amorlcn. llelow will
bo found some of the nnmcs comprising
tho Hoard of tho Deportment of Southern
Clmrlp" K liny M lo l II Minor.. $tH u
UpoC I.ntliAiii... l.'l W John 8 KIMicr.... avs TO
n It Ulrlcli t." 70 II M OrllllltiM S77 M
t.11 70
Kl 1, .Merilll.. ..
U so IM I, linker
iU to
-I&0 0
s at
W To
2'.7 TU
3JI lJ
376 l)
I HUlplr...(
Ill-huril YuilnK..
II I. Uoo,lcll...?.
lipo A Amn,...
J I' McCoy....
V (.' Ultun
i: N lllf
U A Van Durn.... 2-V TO
it ..i.t-. ... ...
11 uiiir-rr....
t'A llrVniln 'l Hi
(J K Mnion tf.'l i"l
I, W ln-iilii-nl.... '.Ml 75
T llelwli, Jr.... W" f"
fiy llrarui.
,..,tolnl JWooH.Jr
OH SO A J K I'rcrntl
Henry Allrn..
U H IVnflelil .
,.S'.l.l o
.. 5"! 4
wi ;(
.. .V.fJ ll I
.. U'l I
.. 211 .
II K Turner 7 .0 r w Jiesd
U V Kullicrfohl- i TO N I) Munson.
W It Bnn-son... Ml so I" A Suture...
)tltlno H0011-. I'-C o VV M Ato-e...
11 T J lllekof K J I) Malln.
. I'll
Klwar.l Alienil...rJt so
It V Kink
I'hll Nihnek..
Jos Fusf, Ir...
II 11 Wci er ...
I' Itfullkel...
-ti5 To
3h W
.. 1
. 2-i so
.. li TO
i-.rnit iiuii(4ru. iui o
Henry Alwiiil VW I')
11 A lioerner. .. SIT (")
Job Abend ill I TO
Fret K'lieel .... IW TO
Wllrown flo.-!S? It A Turner
1 1. Hornsea.... ctt is t. r iiiruy...
0.VJ 8
-a mi
II M .Meilonuell., m I'l A I. Ayers...
A " Williams.
10 i.i .11 r.er
nt in
W I- llnrc
Jno A Rincioft
man w.l'ujii.ijiicr. ..1111 m
1 j-i
ItrrrytllU Jlnmh.
Ill i W l.e.i!ir.l f.25 TO
.1 W Vln-on
WHtlHCt I.elIl,.
II i doolrlcii..
i no li 1; iHiuiriiv'iy... ill so
I) I' Coweil...
Til SO
J II Il"lt.
.. T.11 TO
.. 211 71
401 4'J
W II Allen..,.
V It l'"iie,
&1 4
Heo 1-VilhnrT ,
CM Hhiii
Klrartbtillt lirtatk.
M (i lisle . t.'T 4 i J 1 Wheeler,.,
I) Hili-ple .. 3W TO J Wflr
I) II Oillhsm 314 in II Killer
A V lUnlJier-.. tT to 1, E Klon.....
Jo I'ojiw... 212 Hi S T Alison .. ...
It C i.ftk- iJ T' J A I'rtckeil..
UK llvtrnun ... ii ki
UriYsrttfe Urrt.
TI. IViini SMI I I J l'.eWe
I! II lh.Illllj... CI 1 r V Am). .
II M K rnhiil SS T c W wr .. .
. Ml 1"
.. ) W
.. SIT '
.. lit M
J A J llirJull...-. 2ii fl l.rw.- vl. ... it
J K I iillMt.... . 'M So
IIAibn Afuii.
I II !?hiBr tin e J M Ktly ..
Jl'Mng.n..... tu V) I. Kriolufl..
..lr?i t
ir- jo
3Z1 Ml
j T si itiax . -J
in IUrii. . if. T
A K.M'KlM.f . Ill
j J.' -Trn ,i
VMe,r B'mti
Am p Wrlshl. ..W tn VCr!r
J w Mioaf s:; fiK.'ii.-
C.-nipp TJ li Dlrk.-k
II ll.inU.iD. StT J T tieoaew. .
li V M'lmni-ir. 4J4 J K
17 '
V V.r.ftil. SHi T J Clm M
John Ic,'.-. eT? so J t WiUon-. w
I. W TWTl... lift) Jl ltWMB- ..
J r V-Her . W J H H4mo
w r. a i
Hwm AM Cwl
4t m
. m m
1 J T Ja.ij'HI ITT ft r-uXM.
TJ iVikm r
K TrtM..
IVSn sel
O it Heatoti - tils f Kunuaa.
.NClMtl .. IrO UV.SM
f M W,f,rth 1 ; 7 0 fci
! t
... tJi M
WSMlfkli 1111 TV O KM
A .V imJuM .... Ml SI Tl Mf-ttU.
1 W T-. .. JW 31 A .V HaiB .
K it Pfe:.. . 3SI i
Attn It'avk.
Henry Wiotn t'A Tttn r Vri .!
Ltmtl IlkAk'et) t v ei, Y luboor 4
C ll'4lil-r. Jr -yi J.Hl'l .Neirn,.ii S
1 T IinimiuvB i :4 1 I' Wt . TPt t
Udka tMt ii i'i j )i i'-uiua jt;
John Uerty... .IICT lii Jutin I'ouMn JWo
Juho It K-tli t TU W W MvllDSIiO) . Jtl 74
j it lijo.eih 3n u) w Jl w.neo.. ..iw,
W r.Mherace...Ml W A L Kmier. .. .tSSS M
U' L TMewfutin if :t Jl h Ket..Jy ttX SO
Jnlin .' -sin r... SiT 4'J
a W Semn tMt l K W Lilli... . SIM 01
ItulrtAllin 4(6 70 KO liUir w, 70
I R)ilal
ill 30
ll'iirMK trim.
.iti 10 WiIIUhi 1IIII.. iJ'T
. HIT -M iulifi IV Alu-h. .. h
, m '.M
HUttUtl SnueS.
.. K 1. M'o.ier -.
JM 51 I. I' lifMWil. ... X
ill 10 Jhik. itfilih . .'
.2311 (tf J R Jntimso... U
J-i IS)
. 4M I'l
. too 19
n H Knm
II II lrt -
Colin li .-trent;..
J M l'e-r
! It Vnl'ler.
Jvepll HiilMlt.
livie A I'awell.
JvoU lit Jiril.. .
Jovih Iiuilion.
Jnlin lllliiiilcr.
rit'.MC AMI STKAMIlllAT i:t i iisinx.
A picnic and ttonmboat oxcuriioti will
bo given, on Stimluy tho Ittof Mny, under I
tlio mnnii'emeiit of tho Cairo turner Soci
ety. Tho KrouinU selected urn the lioauti
ful nnd romantic hill lu Kentucky, oppo
site Inland No. I, known n Fort .b'll'rr
son. Means of pattimo and nntortnlnmetit
luivo been provided, suoli us ymna.lic ex
ereltes by tho society, vocal luuilc Iv tlio
sinijing club, and ilistriimeutal muiic by
All encellent band ('Hanged ijwcililly for
tho occn.lon.
Tho steamer will leave tho Cait' land
Ini; on tho first trip nt 0 o'clock n. w., nm'
on tlu" second trip nt unit ut 1 p. in
Fare, for tho round trip, ! cnt.
A general invitation Is extended to th"
Indict and gentlemen of ilia city to partii -
puto in tho fostivitios of tho day.
Hv order of tho npSMil
The ''l'eerles,'' tlio best cookliif; stnvo
in tiie that timk tlm f,'old mcilal at tho
Pari K.vpoiltioii, tho lint prlzo ut the
Louisiana Slnto fair, for 1607, und the llr-t
prizes wherever it hn bifii ontered, may
bo found in Cairo, nt tho storo
Hendor.on. Don't spend your
inttenii of
n cooking stovo until you eo tho
A plenlitul siipjily ol oilier putt
stovo on hand; also a good stock of bull
ders und cjt'iiuml linrdwnro on liniid. ot
.1. rii.n. SIi.ii1iiiiii.. ruriimrlv of tlm .St
Charles Hotel, Im opened n barUr shop i VOCALIST illld MIMIC
on tho corner of Klghth street nnd Com
mercial n venue, (IVrry House) nnd with,
skillful iisiistniiti is prepured to oecutonll 4
biisincs incident to tlm profusion in tho 1
I iii(Ktcioiitlllc iiinnner, and U tho full sat
I lifnction of hi ciKtomer. npl2&dlui
CI.NCI.NNAH Ill'tK lltlill.
An undoubtedly pure, genuine and mott
popular brand of Ciucliinutl Duck Deer
can bo had at tho Sun Flower S.1I0011, Ohio
Lovco. (let tho bct. nSOfit
I will sell nt Auction 011 Thursday, May !
6th, tho lino residence now occupied by A. '
wV, Arick, situated on Center street, Cairo, j
Ills. Terms of sale, ono third cnsh in 1
hand, balanci. in ono and two years with
interest. Snlo at two o'clock 11, 111., 01
apl29td. ' Auctioneer.
Hun Able, UoMitnli'is; Ml.lirc-t, I'n.liioiihi
Wmian.la. Cinn.i t'ltmll, "
KiX- Kiililnioii, inn., ll-.ljl. i;. I.rr, I.oiiiitIIIc;
('il?or,Vltiiii,M. Ijui-i (lliucnx, .. o.j
lro.li.,, Maljr Alive, N. U
ijuickdp)!, r.iAnsrillei iiiirrrtt, "
t.uins.l 11, .ViHliilllt-i Hi-nty Ames. ""
Nilo, Ark. Illtprj Victor .No I. .Mlrniol 1 i
LMainoii.t, Itlti,
fMn AUc, Col 1 IVItulir, l' lunli .
linbt i:. i in-, .V. o.; lilbr),
Dinmr.n l, Kuie Il.oliion,SI Ioi
Vl'Mtmiiitii, " .MIe, "
lilior, Cina.i .Mnrj Al re, "
ilaiu-lf, " lltiiiy .tine.,
IronnKle. l'lll. (uu'kiii, Liumilllei
ruy of Alton, Mil,tbari!.
The river hut rien nearly four lnoho
since but report, but will be stntloimry to
night nml lulling to-murrow.
Tho weather continues clear and bctu-
ltf.it Tl.nl ..!.. 11 .... I... -1.1..
.iiiii. j iiv Hiiu mill lull 111 lliu "gut mill',
and the grateful earth Mctn to bo en
deavoring to put on her most beautiful as
pect. Thu Mississippi ha lt-como stationary ut
St. liouis, from recent heavy rnin but no
rio of importance Is expected.
Tho Ohio it still falling nt Pittsburg
with 0 feet wnter lu the clinnnol. It is fal
lltigstendlly ut Louisville Mlth 10 foot wu
ter in tho chut" over tho falls It hut
commenced falling nt Kvntmvllle.
Tho Cumberland I still falling with flvo
feet lurgo on Hnrpeth Shonk Our Culro
and NnhvilUi I'nckets will (oii be pro
vented from onrryltig full bmili ovur
lluIuet is toUrably nctive, nt our
The Hobt. K. Lee, Wnuanita, l)xter,
w 1 Utile St. Louis, nnd St. l-ouls llargo Line
t 1 iwfiTeu uiiiv cine inoutniui tons licro vos-
WnloiSiind to-day.
Th lVkot all brought go! trip, nnd
receipts pir rail were giwl.
A parasranh has bsyen going the rounds
1 ,.fik..,., il..i t ., ..I..... ... ..r
1 - . . m .mniivwii V11iiuill IJI
.airute ohi iavih no money ex. opt
iaiWlnri and not even a b.nie fir li s
widow tnd UttW children It is a-t'itnh-
lS hw " a paragraph can continued
oss Us rounds, and in this ease it U fMtne-
whsu fortsiaaW for that xr
. . . . t. . . . . . . .
uMBiiT, iai int4 parugrapn nil t'tvn going
1 goiMMit tor nar)r ten year a the
1 Capijin allisdtil to died before the war,
vhst "stHrser" wer In fashion, as that
! - mfuk 111.. . 1. . I r
-.in iitinn mnmv iri'iii ini? ill n
I fliv, sonordiftg ft iJw alfl Uvit of .aid
widow n w on rwnl in Xihvil'i
Th elro. Kverybo-ly should go to
thr eirrus. lMHvenlm made hi name
fmoo. At l'aduenti, yrtinday. Dan
lttce, the "ltivor Ood," was entirely oblit-ernu-l.
Moth oompenlei exhibited there,
and Hie did not have u corporal's guard.
The Hello Memphis it due for Memphis
thit evening and the I'.lchmond for New
Orloant ti-uiorrow.
The flu new iteamer Citv of Kvansvillo
t the regular picket
for F.vantvtllo thii
j evening, and the heuutiful Idlewild It tho
Kvantville packet to-murrow
The I.umiden Is tho regular Knthvilln
and ('iimlorlund river packet tinlay.
NKW advertisemkxts
At Herbert's
MAY 1st.
May 2d & 3d,
Harry Macarthy
j y
Author, Actor,
(OMCi'ss. 3VXioo.xtla.y,)
Personation Concerts
j Asiliteil l.y
! ti:tolp llrlilttc.)
And others ot uiuloutteit lulrnt,
AJiuIiilun m "..u
Uescrftd best
Sent l can be secured at lUrlman's store.
At Cairo One Day illy
Ilic t.til str II iiikI Cothtr MiccIh,
Saturday, April 30th
Rc-llltfd, ICi'-tirrnttKoil itusl Kti-nruutilxt'tl, tvllli new ami Hltirl
lint; tf lalliUrir the Sjirlni; ami .Siiiiiiiiit ii uiiii of ls7).
(1K0. W. M: HAVF.N,...
S. ij. STOKLS i:it Director
lledr FltlDKV Lender of OclieMm
M. K.J. MILKS Tmisurcr
FTVTITHIUI.I uiMuiiKlit.lHli leHll.rf.rr
f Loril 111 ui'
The Wild Horse of Tartary,
Dramtllteil andarraniiediixpraHsly for tliUtmnpanj h
elunali. (Jroat pam haa U en luke lu pro'lucu tlil 1.
heri.iirir'iiiiiiiruiisiril. The kII'iciI ami noaJerlul tt
The gll'ieJ ami aoaJerlul Kn-neli IVnule Aclre. .
Mill. AFfEABAh .'MABZITA." .,.
oora itptst stl I anil T o'.lneli. Admlttlott, 50 cla. slltlrit waiter 13. 5 c
X)opnvtuioitl :
.Must. ofMrcle
S. II. .lOSDI'll i.iiiurnl Agent
C. JIcl'l .MIILII Coiitractliig Agt.
l'.' n 1 .ml. v I . iuhp (ijflulia.t un-t Aer .1 1'alry
t I'm
In . i) liiweflllil Art.lU
1 lir r. i-i,fli . Iirnnul. a I KiielrM nle Artl-t
UN Kitropriiii Truiipr of Trained
The Celelir.itiil llorveman.
Till' Ilciioillied Lijueslrinii, fioiu the
( lilIIC .Vllpoieoll, 1'iirU.
tJiOBjs Wilson
llie Dnililiiir Kitieotrlnii. .
In their Wonderful Acrobatic IVntH.
"The Mini I'l, In UN Stnrtllnsf and
.Mlraculoiu Antlpoilenii Frnt.
Modem S.tm-oii. In III
Jimmy Reynolds.
"Aiiiprlc.r't I'.norlli' Jf.itcr.M
P. H. Seamorij
Thi riiliiic ami Comlcul.
The Wonderful (i)iuuat und (ro
ti".ijuc Trick I'loMii,
Al ew
e w
I iiiliO'lir.-.l it m
n C Tr k MlI.
Humpty Dumpty
'Shoo Fly.
U'li itn-Te I'leA-ure ue announce ait
H Special Novelly
A lirnrvl nnd
Sublime Free
'I.ii M 1 sui
'I.ii M i.scn n' nt neiiormoiis iien.e, lil
irc nrcii the service of
Tlio null IVtnnla Kronnut lu the tVoril,nhoil
inukn one U' lir wonileriul
In Die Mriiiinolli Air ;lii,
One of the mutt Imposing ichtserer wltnessml
Tlm cntion will pojltlvely lke pine, hi
I o . lo k lixmihc I iLUa Lot.
HUM i'irr t KxJ.tl.Miou l.ll.r .ro.l.isllll
' 'iruieil iii.eiu of
hvlt i:. Miles, of III Siiniial lliealra, fill.
n l.ilenitari- I rania InastlUof mgnltlince
J U " 1 1 1 111

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