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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, May 04, 1870, Image 2

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gftc lttlh!fin.
R-xsbock deservedly won for himself tin;
name of "Little Venom," sn J hs k-cn one
of Hie wort troducors of our country; l.tit
In his Inter yearn, M least, mellnwe.1 or
reasoned so far tv to lisreonc corroot Meal.
IIS snyst
A gentleman moans a wan 01 bcui
manners, and of cnlargm! know lodge, ui.il
who doe to lili netfrhW what he wishes
hi. neighbour to do to MtmeU-fhenr.
bcar),-ho It klndand L-tntlcin hi liter
courso with the rest of the 1 1 m ho
sinks himself when h I considering the
benefit of the community.
There l nn ote-ancc In society wliloh is
only tho polish and oppression of pride i
but there Is also nn elegance In society
which li the Titfblo Indication of found
K-ne, tnic tasto and right feeling.
A black mayor i on the curds for
At a recent fifteenth amendment cele
bration In Washington, the go-ldcsi of lib
erty was represented in black.
Maryland has 35,0X1 colored voter,
32,000 white rndlcnls and "2,000 democrnti.
The Stuto will, therefore, la) c!o
Forney claim that, ai ho fupported
the government during the war, tho gov
eminent ought now to uport him.
Tho Mlssltslppl legislature consists of
toronty-four whito member and thirty
one colored, (n tho homo, and twenty-nine
whito to four colored member in tho
Tho lato Pennsylvania legislature
passed lets than halfn dozen generalises,
and over fourteen hundred local, jri vato
and corporation Jobi.
Mr. I'arton It said to bo engaged in
preparing threo nrttcles for the Atlantic
Monthly, tho first to be entitled "Will tho
Coming president do Anything hut
Smoke?'' tho second, "Will tho Coming
Secretary of tho Xavy known Anything
about Ship?'' the third, "Will the Com
ing Secretary of State know Anything
about Anything?" Three pretty serious
conundrum!, tayt tho X. Y. Ann.
England It drifting Into another war
with the Chinese.
Virginia Townscnd, nee Frrencli, hai
entered thu Hit at u lccturcii.
John Unughton hat left tho Cincinnati
Enqulrtr for tho profession of law.
Twenty-flvo cent is now tho price of
admission to the Te.nne.joe penitentiary.
Steamer, propellers especially, faro
bndly in tho .Sues caiinel, .Ship owncri
aro di.eouraged.
J.M. Morgitn, of Now Orb-am, ton-In-law
of George I.. Trenholm.of Charles
ton, S. C, hat heroine an artillery oflirer
In tho army of tho l'acha of Kgypt.
Leroy Cotton, under sentence of death,
at Ualvrston, for the murdr of John II.
Lockiuan, late of Little li'xk, committed
suicide in jail, tho other day
A follow tuesn New Yorkeotnpiipy for
$10,000 damage In tithing him wit of the
clock Itntead of letting him drown, when
he walked in off tho ferry bridge.
They have n gentle way of dialing with
murderer nt Little Jtovk, Kdgnr charged
with tho murder of a colored man, It out
on bail of ono thousand dollar.
A futhlonable hoe dialer, who claim
to have dono business In LmWvillu live
years, ataerlt thut thu ludio of Xnthvlllo
surpass In Ix-uuty tho ladle of J,oulivillo.
The ugllctt women, he day, are to b iwn
in Clncinnatt.
A man named Houo has recovered u
verdict for $10,lX ugalntt tho L'nion
Pacific railroad, ut Cheyenne, W. 'l for
evero Injurio received whllo a passenger
over tho road In the spring of 1601.
The latptt now from Cubs report,
irreat activity among thu Inturgcnt. Tho
tfpat.lard have been rtpulied on two oc
ration. A rumor, whence dravin doo not
)poar, I current ut .Santiago do Cuba,
thut (ten. Jordan had been killed whilo
nttemptlng to otcapo In a boat.
Thrco onof T. P. Allen, of .Madison
county, "West Tenncj.co, have recently
died from eating ditvVted pork. Mr, A.
It himself tick from thotumucuiite.
Tho 100,000 claim upon thu State of
Virginia, given to Washington College-by
licorgo IVubody, I likely to provo worth'
leti, The House ha referred tho wholo
mutu-r to the Hoard of Public Work
that body in 1950 reported that tho State
not liable, ufter taking voluminous ev
Utiice upon tho subject and nftordi.iitttch
Ing an agent, tho Hon. A. (j. Holliday, to
hnglaiid to nn wtlguto tho mutter.
lalrul HrtolvliiK lllllUril aitil WiiIii
'.-.ttr liiinitlon.
With pleasure e announco to our pat-
mm uini lli. .... , . ..
have fluithed teveral dUitA JUvolviiig
Bl Hard and lhnmg TabUt. It U ouo of
Sol. Uruntwieks Wu, inv...i,.n. iu.... I
October l:', lbO'J) ttl,i K.vt.rit, kp(Jcllnt)Ilt of
" "v MWidtion in our
ahowroomt, .No, JU north Gth atroct, St.
Loui, Mo. 1
Toe obloct of thi. Inventloa i. to form a
Ublo, .which may b u.i.1 either for play.
Ing at Billiard or for the ordina.v pur
foM of a dining or hotue-ubu. and 'ueh
Ung wuAllyof.uch.iz,, a, Uj fcCtwn
date i lUelf to thu orduury ,oom. 0f n
Torultlll W ol'Jix-t,thu Datura of thi
intention i In arranging tf bt1 ,
Ubl on plroU, o a. Wj b0 reu.Hu. turn"lj
to prwt either tho ll.lllard or thi g
Tho aklllod at the game f HiUlard.
1U NtviilT "i Wl bout prejudice, ,hut
tktM UU poV playing quail,
tie produced by pevct .u,hiou D1
colnletp con'trtiotlon, thercforo wc checr
! fullv re ommend them especially fur fain
I fly 'io.-
'Tbc price of theJc tnblo nro coiniinri-
j lively so low, to bo within tho roach-of nl
i miwt'overv famllr. we recommend them
hi tho best and cheapest medium to fntnil
nrizi' the noble giimo of 1111 Hards' In every
.1. M-imUNSWICK A- 1IHU,
111 North Fifth .St, .St. I,oul.
.Mondii) n Pnc("i'dliig).
Mr. llHyno, of Lake, prcented tho fol
lowing: Htwlrttl, That tho nmondmeut to tho
Constitution proKicd by this Convention
be aiilniiittcd to tho elector of tho State,
for their notion nt an election hold for that
purpose on tho llrst Monday in August
Referred to tho Commlttoo on Shedulc.
Mr. Merlnm prricntcd tho following;
lletohcd, Thut this Convention adjourn
tmedit, on Thursday, May 12, 1870. .
liefcrred to tho Committee on Sched
ule. wsvknuf:.
Tho Article on Rovonuo wa taken up
for action upon tho amendments mado iu
Commlttoo of tho Wholo.
Section 1 relutct to the Illinois Central
Ilailrond Company, and provide thut its
obligation to pay tho seven per cont. shall
never bo released, etc.) and thut'tho fund
ihull bu disposed of to pay tho .Statu debt
etc, and for no other purpose.
Mr. Goodhue presented an amendment
which provides that tho section shall not
bo construed to provcut tho General As
sembly from dividing a part of the fund
among tho counties through which tho
railroad runs. Ho mado n long argument
showing tho propriety and iustlco of divi
ding n part of tho fund In tho manner
named, because by tho charter of tho road
it Is exempted from taxation by thu coun
ties, towns, etc.
Tbo amendment win lost nycs, 14;
noes, i!C.
In section 2, tho amendment by which a
special tax might bo imposed upon tho
owner and keeper of dog, wa stricken
The Convention declined to concur with
tho Commlttoo in striking out tectlou 10,
and it wus, consequently, rtlnttatcd. It
provides that all appropriation ahull bo
mado from the general fund in thu Stato
Treasury; and that no appropriations shall
lxt mndu from thu rovonuo to bu raited iu
anv particular district or locality.
Tho lections wero then taken up for
.Section 1 vn adopted without debate, as
follow nyc, 34 ; uoo, 17:
Sue. 1. "No contract, obligation or lia
bility whatever of tho Illinol Central
Kallroud Company to pay any monoy into
tho Stato Treasury, nor any lien of the
.Statu upon, or right to tax property of
rum luiujiaii v iu uccuruuucu wiin iuu pro
vision of tho charter of said company,
approved February 10, 1851, shall over bo
released, suspended, modified, altered, re
mitted, or in any way or mannor dimin
ished or Impaired, by legislative or other
authority; and all money derived from
said company, niter tho payment of tho
Stato dobt, shall bo npproprfuted and let
apart for the payment of tho onllnarv ox
pensot of lhi Stato government, nmt for
no other purposu whatever.
3lr. Churcii moved to amond section 1!
so thht n SRTial tux may bo levied upon
corporutiinii ulug und" oxurcising fran
chise and privilege. Adopted.
Mr. Cummings moved to amend so that
Stato taxc ihull not ciccih! 05 conti per
f IM) of valuation.
.Mr. Wiishburno moved to amend io that
the Stato tuxes shall not exceed &0 cent
per SI00 valuation. Ilo had never seen
taxation growing les, oxeopt whero a Tlgid
limitation oxi.ts.
Mr. Turner opposed all forrai of repre
sentation. If u dobt hua been incurred, it
mutt bo paid without regard to thu rata of
tiuutiou. Ilo ojijio.ed all limitation until
the present .Statu debts nro paid.
Air. Ilryan tuid thut one-half of tho
Statu hud Wn contracted by recklcut leg
islation, lie favored thu amendment, but
would lo willing thut it should not go into
effect until tho precut dobt 1 paid to thu
last dollar.
Mr. Tlneher belloved that some llinltu.
tion khould bo placed upon thu hcgislnturo,
to show them thut thero I a point lioyond
which they cannot go In taxing tho people.
Ho would favor placing tho limitation at
71 cents per $100,
Mr, Church thought thut tho mound
luuut would enable tho Legislature to
ruiiu uiutllelont ruvenuo to pay ull the ex.
ponces of tho government, but a thero I
no certainty about thi ho would not be
wiir.ug to votu for it, though ho favored
a limitation, if one tulllclontly aecuruto
could bo devised. Ho moved to refer tho
e.'tion and amendment to tho Commlttoo
on i'inunco. Carried.
Section I wu adopted at follows r
.S:o, i). Tho specification of tho ob
ject und subject of taxation thrill not de
prive tho General Assembly of thu power
to require othor subject or object to bo
taxed, in inch manner a may bo cnntltt
cut with the principal of taxation tlxod In
this Constitution.
.Mr. Cody moved to amend section 4 to
thut land used for publlu highway, other
mail rauroaus, nnu do exempt uoiu tuxu
lion. Ailopieu aye su, nuys "J3.
.lr. 1 1 nines, of Lake, moved to strlko
out to tliut no property except Statu und
county property sbull bo exempted from
luxation, ivtiu on me tuuio.
Tho section was adopted :
Bkc. 4. Tho projiorty of tho State,
counties and other municipal corporation
both real and personal, thu land uicd for
putillc iilgnwuy oilier man railroads, not
owucu iiy jirivutu cor)onitions, anu such
other property n muy bo used oxclutivcly
for agricultural and horticultural toclutlu,
lortcnooi, religious, cemetery una cuuritu
bio tiurnosc. niav bo cxemntud from tuxu.
tion; hut Mich ox'emtitioii shall Ikj only bv
ccnerul law.
Jlr. Minniror inoveu to amenu soctlon 6
to tliat tux tales mall only io iniiuo once
a year, and tit a time to bo fixed by general
Mr. Cody moved to amond tho amend.
merit by ttrikinu out tho words "and imlv
at such timet at uli ill bu tlxod by general
law." Lou.
Mr. Springer's amendment was adopted
fl)VI -.W , III. , D, V.
The e:tioii6 wus adopted, a follow;
Sko. U. Thn Gcnerul Atsemhlv shall
U . .l.l.'C "I,
tirovido In ull cases where it may bo ncccs-
tury to sell real etuto for tho non-puyineut
of luxe or six-cial nsso.smeuts. for State.
county, municipal or other purposes, that
reiurn ot men uniiaui tuxct or usiess-
moiit jliall Lo mado to tome cciicral
officer of tho county havliiK authority to
rteeivo Stato and county luxe; und then
shall bo no wilo f tidd property for uny
The Cairo JBiilletin,
of nld taxes or assessment but bv sab!
otllcer, upon tho ordor or Judgment of
sonic couri 01 rccorus, aim sucli sale sliall
not lw mado oflcncr than onco In each
year, and only nt tuch (lino as shall bo
Axed by general law.
Tho section we adopted.
Skc. 0. The right of redemption from
nil sale of real estate, for tho non-payment
of tnxc or special assessments ol nil
character m stover, shall exist in favor of
owner and persons Interested In such real
estate, for n period of not los tliim
two years from such sales thereof. At.d
tho General Assembly shall provide, by
law, for reasonablonotlco to bo given to
tho owners or parties interested, by pttbll
cation, or otherwltc, of tho fact of tho salo
of tho property for such taxw or usu.
inents nnd when tho time of redemption
shall expire, and tho pennltj for delin
qulncy In payment of tuxes shall not ex
ceed twenty-tlvo per cent, a year.
.Mr. Allen, of Crawford, moved to strike
out section 8, which provide that the
General Assembly shall novor rolcuso any
locality from their proportionate thnro of
State taxes. Tho people of hi district do
tiro to build u lovco to protect themselve
against water, and tho detlro to iliu tbo
Stnto taxes or that purpose
.nr. Turner nopeu tho motion woulu
not prevail. If tho levee it of Importance
to tho Stato let it ho built by a direct ap
propriation out of tho Treasury.
Iho motion to strike out wu lost ayes
11, nays 37.
Tho section was adopted.
Sec. 8. Tho General Assembly shall
have no powor to reallr.o or dischafiro any
county, city, township, town or district
wiintevcr, or tuo iniiabitants tncreor, or
tho property therein from their proportion
ate ihare or tnxci to bo lovlisl for Stnte
purpose; nor shall commutation for such
tojecs Do authorized in any lonu wtito
ever. Also,
Snc. 9. All taxes levied for Stale pur
pose shall bo paid into tho State Treas
ury. Mr. Slmrpa moved to refer section 10 to
the Committee on finance.
Lost aye 23, nays 20.
Mr. Wushburne hoped tho section would
not b adonted. If It Is intended to repel
thouct of 1609, which is called tho ' Great
Steal Act," ho would remind tho gentle
men who vote for tho lection, that there
should be honor among thiuve. Chicago
lias got $800,000 out of tho treasury, and
should bu willing to allow this net to re
main In force, us It wu posted at the samo
Mr. Cary hoped tho section would be
adopted, The Convention had refused to
do Justice to tho 35 countle through which
thu Central Kallroud runs, by allowing
tho division of a part of the fund among
them, and If this section I not adopted it
will permit tho act of Wj to contlnuo in
forco and thu place additional burden
upon th os o counties.
.Mr. Browning wa opposed to tho lec
tion. Tho section was adopted ayes ''5, nays
Tho President gave tho easting vot
Sec. 10. All appropriation of the
Stato revenue hall bo from the revenue
found in general contained in tho Statu
Treasury, and no appropriation of tho tux
collected or to bo collected from any par
ticular locality or district, or any dedgna
tcd projuirty or kourco of revenue, ociill
ever be made.
Mr. Sprlrifjor protontod tho following
additional section it wa udoritcd uyes
.11, noeri 20:
Tho General Assembly ihall require
thut all tho taxable property within tho
limit of municipal corporation!, belong
ing to individuals, ahull bo taxed for tho
payment of dobt contracted under author
ity of law. Such tnxc to bo uniform In
ropeet to persons nnd property within the
Jurisdiction of tho body iin)Hs!ng thu
All Olit Fallacy F.i)loilel.
Thirty or forty Jftrnnijo It wan thn fa.hluito
a-lmlni'lfr MiHriul lairuutlsca . "irinK ir.cli.
cuim.'' Terrlfie JOfr or ami sennn, ral,nel
und JUp, urKlillT lt were uien to Ml ilie
liiciii!Ta oris family, whttlh'r nick or HI. Iy
y of iri iirinjt Ihetn fur the wurm wwthi-r in
lriprc I. This x-rnlrious cuslmn Is iiearl)
olite, hot Ihcieiiro ruinuoM llnuilmiit of ir. -mi
lilc, lucni-hltikMivcir fnrKetliinorlertiiiiu '"i.
llliliK, HhooliaUiwIrlychlial" II till.
NilhlnK'onll 1 mr (rnli'loiia, more nvily
lllihlluuhli'al, thiui tuch an uaaili(ht mi Ihn
viuoi and elnalicilr of lh syatem, In order lo
rimhln thn ih)lcl Mructurr lo rralat Ihnt ners-
llnx cirwt.r.t apriliK lUmjx and tilinmer hrHla,
II tliouM lw U.tml an, i romfurcrd, nut n laxed and
weitkeuvd, Tho lt medicine kmiI t" ) l"r.
JHidt la llotlfller ahiloiii'll Illllera, Ila Hltit la
in tune Hi Jitinnwh nnd liver, KHiii'y relieiu the
lauwrla from nhatiuvtioni, hr.v e thn nrrva, lin
prove the iinhly uf Iliu l,!uol, tlimulate llm ji
jietitu aid eheer Ihnaplrlla, lmhi unirisnd ecn
ditlmi tl." irninU4liuii iaenuhluf re.latn.u in,.
Iieallhy liitliieucek, which would ,rnatrat haen
freMed syateiu. A nlu'irous diifeatliili la atu
lately rstrntlal tnheHllh. and tlierala nndauyeruf
tlinainniachfaltnrliii(orfiiilitiK in tin iM'irtrnt
oinpiflluai(iiiilal i liilria Ukn rKnUrly taken
a a aloinvhio. .N.liii of thn tunic llni'tiirra or
nttructa mllauiily thn (iliu-n of the lliltrrs, for
thn aunple reaaun lhat they operaln aa uatrinjjcrila
ouly. la fwi, iu ordinary nw.lre, tll or six
lri'.crl,lioii would Im i'iinred lodroduen afe
nraiiiir, um iM'nrnriui reaaiia, w men are riincinii
aliiiullaneoiuly, rnd hariuonloutly hy llila ainxl"
e4viiit' luayjnmAMiw
la cordially Invited lo thn
Henderson County, Kentucky,
Iti-iul.uly ehartnmd ly llm I.ralalaliirn of Km
tuckv. eniloraednnil ri-eoiiiinemluil liveirrv i. n,i
Iiik otltoiul III the Mule, and inn Vaiuf her luuat
proiiiiiieni eilltens, llila lenaii cln-n.e tin
511 PRIZES. $314,320
Co in fnal iijt one Ihniiinud seres of llm rleheat
rner libtloui toluu'cn laruia in ihu ueallhy eoiiuiy
of Jliudcraou, Kentucky, Hilh ull thru uanr-
Capital Prize $150,000
Alanaloiil 1 .11,1)1 i In Krernlitcka, Ilie rent money
of IhiiprniH'rlv lor Ilie eara Im'j und le;n, lo he
ii-ii iu.iii-,1 .,. in,' niiuii . i, in,' inf iii-i ri'iru
pritea le..irtllil). lien! lor tn,'J Hna 8IJ er
Thn drawing will pnaitivrly lakn tdaen July 4tli.
li-7o, at Maaonio Tnliljde, l.ouiavilln, Keatiiekv
llilielreila or llm beatiillti'iia, title Kit i n uniiiu.
Illed eerlltleatea and rndoraeincnta of llila mux
nihciiit enlerprlie. Cvrry dollar inirated by
tlekrl holdrra, la I el, I in truat hy thn column,
alonrra apnointed hy Iliu I.eialature, until llm
draw Inn lakn place and Iho pritea are dellirred.
llieolnu of the nroneflv fur thn laat 13 leara hua
880,000 A. YlJlAR.
In order to hain vour linkata oronerlv rpizialered
buy at nrt'oof lour nrart'.t eloh audit, or lemll
Iu either of thn lollouiui: flnunclul aueiita. uha
will furnlah fulldeaeripliinelreiilarai
I.. II. I.V.N'i:. I'j.Ii'i Faini'a' Hunk. llriidprann.lCv.
II. li. Al.i:XAM)Klt, tkjiu'l liana, l.niliatille, Hi ,
JOHN V. LATHAM, I'rea. Hank, lioiiklnavllln. Ky.
JAMh'ti I.. HA1.I.AM, ('nin'l Hank, radueah, Ky.
It II Tllllll IU S'l. Jlt.o .....I l,..t-
n us i iiii.'ini'i . is tum, uni itri i is.'4ini( i,
V. II. TVI.KIl, C'aah. llipoait Ilk, (JweiulHiio, Ky,
bKMOM.N, HIXD.N A all., Kvan.iille, Ind ana.
iiuoii iiuntitrBia naaito f trr)Mrrr.
y.tt. If. SV.lt IITTKH,
Importer and Wholesale Dealer
.... ,
Wines, Liquors
Alfellt for l . hnillda uf
Importocl J.om ofclif-
XOl'Ollt 1E.1XXCI.ISS,
No. 75 OHIO lyEVEE
sooks, iwmi ETC,
oa ra
. as
t :
5 fcaO
I. CL3
i . ri
(2Q Z
g'l'. vi,;
tut iioti:i..
S'or.Tlllril mill .SInrhrt Slrr In.
Term-. 1 I't'i- D.iy.
House FarnisDCiI with Best Sprius Beds
llotlanrnntiitly l'aa'n I I 'm fur i truna
fienernl IS II. anil MtrainLo.it 'le k" f in llm
.1. CKi:SL!:V, I'nijirletnr.
jj .li. m iai:.v.
iMiitssiti .sii:u iiA.r,
stsTltKllrreiiera, Mrrctiimla of ('nlni.
1 1. Ul(,lil..,HM).V,
:MI .11 S SS I US .13 Kit ('II .1 XT
Sit, 7(i Ohtn I.oi cc,
siei'lnl iitlentlon ulieu In Cmialmi.
USelila muiX I'lllliiH Onlrm.
Wi Hrnttmi.
T. Hud.
(""lieeeaaora lufctiiilloii, lluJ.un A Clark, ,
Q7 OHIO Xj33XrjIZ2
AeuU sir Amnleau 1'iiMilrr C'u., uuil
Mniiurai-lurrr AuenlN lor follutl Vstru
VTay 4,
i'liiiliiierrlnl nve., ror. or 1 Htli Nlrrrt.
rtliio ti.M.Ndi".
M.iiinr.i-iutri and repairs all ttlnd, of
Guns, Locks, Keys, Etc
r;TWnrk warianled andclisrgea reaionatlo.
m:.i.i:u in
I3 rovislona
Onlro, Zlllxxolstt.
jyircj sroiti:.
lo. 71
Oliio Levee,
a t no, list,.
wait. mtniS!
'Our tliimli Slur Ural Itrfrrriirr.'
Ilarr the h'prat and eo,iirtrat .Kvk of
And grnrral t,t m thr lin to ! found
twrni .-t. Ia.ui. and )trtnhi.
In Our Prescription Department
Wo l.a tl.jn" L it tl,"
I'l ltllST A.MMfllHT ItDI.IAItl.i:
aixti-us .ii ati:i:ia ls.
A lull liar Of
Willi.. I. nie. Iarl W'llllr.
Viirlilalira, "II. , I'ltllil llt-lKhca,
liln, hp.i ivr,,
y.t Unrolayst'
r..,vict on.
Genuine Article,
Jiih letclml from lir. Ilniiillu'a l.al
riilur)', m Olilrnica,
Ila mrriia k a lie d n ntrd no adirHUiliK .
Tina n' t 'r i ..i.iy i I rn ,u that it ranLi
atli, li 1 1, y.
i '1jj;ii'M,
a M. or tin: iti:sTM Ai.rrv
rpiii: mai.aicia ki.;.
For Chills and Fever,
Im lii iiiodiciiic that liciitM all
otlisr-.. l.AI'C'I.AV IIHOTII
i:il.S Imvf it anil n-coiiimi-iisl it.
'I7ssi:x i: or Jamaica
XU (i'I.MiIIH,
Pure and Strong,
To lie Inn! by I In SIiikIv Itotths
or, at Wliolt-halv,
Vt XIni'olayas
Standard White Oil,
in iui.tii: ouii:iii
Fur miI lu qiiiiiititli'M, I'roui
ono Inirrol and iipu-nrtlM, low
Ibr oimIi, at IIAlU liAY 1IICON.
Country Merchants
Arc iiivlltul to t'.vninliit' our
Baroloy Bros.
Cairo, - - - - XIIm., .
la l-ri'jiarorl to take ejinlrie'la for Ilie rrii'tlnn id
ill kiiuia of lrlel lliiaiiieas llou.ea, lieaideneea,
l liiirchea oiHehuul lluuaea, nrllrlekworU of any
ulher eharnoter. He relera, Willi eontldenee, to
Ilia uiirli in Cairo und fl.enlicrp.ui evlilmcu of
hlanblllt)' todo Ural olaa Joha,
Utt'TrnntrihanuiMe alldlf
And Agrnla nt
No. 70 omo L33Viail
Q w. cki:i:,
HUCCfaaor to Kallla, Urrrnl Co,
-..And (itnernl
Commission Merchant
H. I). Aycrs.
i'.. J A) era.
.And Ocnrr.11
Commission Merchants
s. iiakki:i
Bar Fixtures,
Cairo, IllinolN.
JP M. W.iltl,
l'roin.tlr and asllafartoriljr, with tl, srrjf l-.
I irrvfciirl,
l.fiin Orilirs at Huleii'a Old Slainl
Olt AT Till: I'ONT.OI'I'If.'K.
o:-a. ino.
IIANIKI. Ill'llll, rrklilaiili
lllllir.KT V. lll,l.i:il, Vlrnl'rra.t
V. H, lll'41lli:si, Cualilrr.
Collections Promptly Made.
IJxt'liaiiKt', Coin, Hmik Xoia
anil ll.'illcil Ntatt'M Ni't'iirl
lit" IrOIIKllf anil
so til.
IiitcrcNt Allowed on Titnis llopusltii.
Capital - - $100,000
V. I. IIAI.I.10AY, I'rraldriili
A. U. NAKFOHI), Caalilrr
WAIiTKIl II VSI.OI', Aa.lalaill (inalilrn
N. httuta Tsilor, IV. I'. IUIIIiU),
Ncott Hhllr, ltuhl.ll. ( unnlnnhnni
Uo, 11. HlllUinana, Mrphru lllrd,
A. II. Ssffurd.
Exchange, Coin and
V. H. KoikI lSouKlit.
and Sold.1
Sopoialtos XI Dooivod
lillML MR
J.-ili; Kvmedy.
IVarm-r'ia I'lle llrmrily lua ueser filled
(not "or in one ease ! mite th rer; norSI a
of lillli.l, ll-! liir or 1,1 'nlliiU I'lles. l'levHle
nrenttlirtrdahanld lintiieriiad Iresll i n tlirlr drii
uiataiid WvtKaiK I'atr I! urn'i I Het(,n ai
fur the l'ilr.j im,! : ii ri nn i nil- ll iiueaii)
ollirr diar.ian. It h.'a i uie.l ihii i ii.i of ,ili r
thlttjruraat.iiiiliiu. I'r iM.jn Iwllar. Knr:i,r
by ilmuii ii errriMhri
Murnei'a lJ leialn Titnlr a .r air,l
filitenlj- fur I j'-ilvn and Ih'jar altlteilliK with
haliitual eu.t setiraa II ,a ,i shllyalitnilliitinir
liiiraiid n iriididniiller, ll slrnilh na the
.(iniili and rf-t rr n ,) r.,te i rt'im i f
Ihrlr hrally atttr Werk, tirrioua and d)arriii,.
Iwmona ahiMild tin Uiimi', Hi.rit-.it Tmii'
"nr aalu hy ilriit'la, I'rli r Onr Ixdlar'
Contrn IV o iroi'o.
Wnrnrr'a iMiKh IJnNaiii la hrallnir, anff
nln?anil eire(,irat itg, Thr rttrnordlnsry tour
er U ioaara.i.a in lininedlalely relieving, and rrn.
lually r ut Inir. thr meat olj-,1 nail, rax-a of CoUttha,
li"ld. fore Throat llr m lutia. Inlliirnui, Catar
rall, Iluaraenr.a, Aallitim and l'imiiiiiitiiin laal
limit It.errditln otirniiiii latl.nrrlirf an i err.
talu Ila rltecta In nil llm nlaim c.ra, or any attii'.
lion of thn throat and lilna, that thouianda f
J ll) i ln firi-iU.ly ir.cr Miik it, nlM our an. I all
ay that (I la tlieino.t heallnt aiidnrcloratini(
medicine KnoHti. t)n dm . aliaaya atfurli rrllrf,
and In Ihr. m t ra.ra nn l tin, rltii-ls acurr
f.ll hy driiKit ta, in i.-trfr holtlra I'llerUnu
IM'sr. It,.; MirownSault If ymi atlllcouithand
suth r The I:a!iiu niileurc
li, if' Hl I runner and liriivioua Ur.nk,
Unriirr'a Ilium llie,i.r Ulnr i.r f.ifr,
ia frr, ir,,m uf ""nnoui dr iiraflr ttniiiiritlra,
lr nit prae .f d lor thf.iawhor-ij rr a atniinlant
l . aai r. I I aiittu-r, ami loin,., and Ihr tin-
l til li, lutlin rid fur pi.r.fi UK llir hloftd.
II a thn mot r i'aunt and ilrl.f folia arlli lr rrr
i 'I rr.l, t i .. , , , fr uir.or to hiandy,
wl Ky, ii' , I ,'tr a, rany f.tlirrarlJflr ft t
I. :r I r. .!., and ( hi ar, llolh malr and
f.r i.naiili I, i f, I kniie U'lnnol l.'V
ll a in 'a ' il f fitra, rirr. TI r lih'i Wlah to
ri rit .dhrj-tharl af re flow of I ttly Siir,ta,
a 1 I. t ,r W - f I. lr It j. dilNrrlit
f ' ', tJ.rurtrMa-r.fr n(i.ii It la anld hy
'r f''a l'i r Onr Ik. ar, a ijuarl I nt'l .
1 in moil arotrue.
Vnrnrr'a l.iiifiiriiauniciir it thr only art
fir kn' wn In frr th Uhira, t ll rntr iu
it. ry a-f Wirtr i thr fait I) jn vh -h Hi
i itiiit e,rl nr a te t mni.Ji Mrdhrra.Oia
It ( l,r ltt S'. -t Mr a nt rlrT '.ttrrr I J Oil and J .11
Mi 11111,' t. id ir r It It la.maauir
ilr f.jf r 'tlialr Irtrifii ar lira, and may ! itr.
n i. Ird UJ'Mi ill rifry sir hlr lir ntontMy
t1 w haaU'-n obatrie fed tlir.,nch 1 1 cr dira.r
id !' dr iiaia TrfrOnr I)i'llr Or arm l
iua I .n r--' 'd for !.. ir and a tj iartrr
rraar'v Hllli Ml HIKW I'. "t lit 11
T U Mil 1 AK KH an I r. 1 III MM, tme., I.)
o a, au4 h) a. iriiftnat.
Kib.tr I a' i ill I.aaifrrr r, dr rtr.
Tlir undrfa.irnr I t.ai nit lrn afj0 lit"; I I'ih".
utor rf tf,r :ui will i i ir.uio.tii of I I li l.aa.
Irlior, "f ll r rMI,t ol Ai'-aan4rr and MSI
Of llllnsil, llerra.rd, hfty KUrs liOlr It, 'lr
ill aptirar ta-rrr ihrC.iinir i onrt of ttt
wily, at th" '' ft lloiiar in Calf , tt 1
trrm, on Hi" i "I . nlaj in J ..hi- nrt at
Mini h tilur all f4.riolia hViDr CBIItia ryi r,i it 1
ratair arr nutiflr,! and rri, i.Tr iu attr, If f"r
.orM,r of hat'lilMhr aarnr adjuatnl A.. r t c
indrMnl u, tael e.tatrar rriuratril to inak-i r
llir I at I) run, i In the Uh.lrraifnrd, Inir I
thia JO'll ilay uf Alf I, . II.
,N llt'.NK),il,
apr-'dtdlla I lr- j- i
iii:itii r nam:.
ty tirtnr ,,f an rjr. ni:..a tu n,. i "rj
tlmi'irik ol Ihr .'iri"iiivuruf Alnandrrrntin'
, - thr neat., of IH.noia, iu lan.r ol ti, -. s I'.,
alio n .irai.r, iir ,nia am. of J or. t o
'rr.r., fir thr nar Of ,r1 M I ' i -i
aa.o-l tt illiatn ll .Sui Ill.ky. I lir I. i . J i
tlirf.d OHlllfdra. f ll,. , Jf. ft). to.mf
I ..J nuiutrriol ixMitt-lMu tit, n l.l-k r,
li rnl).nlur (TJ, mlhr df.t ailJItion Vi
i-iir id Cairo, nunt) of A,riaa,rr ai. J r nr
Id.'oo .. ,' rojvriy of llir aaid W Hi., , !
Uua at h.i'li I ahal! offer al o, i air a I
"Oliarli rly dirif of Ihr ollf I I, ,iur, r",!
Of I aim, AlrlkM'Irr iHIIOIJr. llliBfra, on 'Iir f
Irruttiilai f Slay, A l, l"J", llrn l,r te
f li n o'. Iir k, a m . an I aiimrt .,f. fa r
a.l, ' a It, all M l AMJliliua
l.d-s II Mill J,
."hrr tfo( Alrlall lrr.o, ul), ,. .
Ca fti. III.. Ai lr, UT- -alar
mi sTix's nam:.
IVlMTraa, hy rifturof arrrUlnTril.t Drrd.trar
mrf datr Manii 4.t, ia. and duly rreotdrd in
IS....W paiir 17.1 of flrrda lu llir Krrordrl a
nllii i- l Mnandrr m ini). Ill noi., Mniiiln I
llaalrt iii i onvry to ihr under. lined llir fol a.
Hilt ,ir.fil. real eaiair, I,.-ail Our hnndrnl
aim flliy (lid) aarta uf Dial pall of rltini numlirr.
I lli hundrial iual thift).onr (No. .VII), urry
lilnoUrrd (No. th) ilrrhnndredand tai tilj-n nr,
a. thi'aj, rlalm ia duly mviidrrfon Ihr oflu al
iniof aid Alrtaielrr i on nl) , Illinol., lyin iiii
inniiatrlv and lioril.Mr.trfly Irons tho norlhrriy
linrof nfiy aerva of land in .aid i lami and annr
hrrrtuluir aolil and i nr)ri hy Alhrd T l"ci,
a,ininialratur, ele., of Ilia ealato of I If, all
I'umt, derail J, In one Ofaainna (nrriil),
I, y dird heurm dale irfi the IStli nay ol
li hniary, A. I iswi, arel anly reeordr I
Ul Ihr Itri-urdrr'a other of aal I Alexander "iintt .
IlliWiia, on llir mill duy of Krhruary A I 1m,".
hi soluine "C" of in i, I. an paijn l, etc , huhiII
ii. ..te fully .r, r -frrrn, r l. inj lia I iheret
il, ui ntuMi) inr mil lion Irrd and hli 'r0iHira
l In, 'I hurl y ilili-li hil 1,1 Im ,r.i ilrd, uajeoli
)rd ia lajl li li-, aullthl -I) I.) Ilie northerly I III"
of ai, All) u li, conte)rd in iilurr.ald to .aid
Or.amua l.rri'Ol), and rtteiidi iiorih'araii-rly
II. i iuli thrrniiie l r avlili of aaid lami. a ill"
tun e aull.eient to a line aiallr miiIi aai I
(ireeiil) . uoillii rl) line luiwill lie luda the aaid
one huii'lriil and fifty terra,
Intrnat, honeier, thai in eaarof default Inthe
ll) infill of the auin of nro hundrrd llaj) dun
from .aid Meliille I . Ilaulrvand iataMr hy nolo
l.ilnl Mun h Vil, lami, lallvr nioulln aflrrdate
Willi Inierral Iroui nuie ai I tut rat oflldlier
i em rr un f . u in Kinirdini; In Inr tenor and i (feel
of aaid iiroiiii.nry nolo Inlay deamhed in raid
Tiuat Ifc-wl, Dial thru tho midt riltrned, Trilttw.
liould I't.x'iovi lu ell a.iid leal r.Ute a. by aaid
Tro. I lleed irotldidaiidrteeutrtolhrtiUri'haier
a Kod and ailllKltnl dee.i for Ihu come) anco of all
Ihr riiihi, title and lliiereit of tho vaiate of aaid
Curtail I'otia, droraard, nrof tho aaid Alfred T
l'oio aa aiiminilmtoi, en-., of hoI raiatr. hy aaid
Troai o t.,i iuniryo.l lo llm uudrraiviii d, And
whrreHa, iii'iihi-r aaid note or any o,iion thereol
nor the niton .1 nor aut ruoii ilii ru'd haa lru
paid hy the raid Meltillr U llawley, or h) nil)
other per.o ., default luiMiii; la wi iiiade ihereiu,
.N'oa ihirefore, in puraiiuiioe of tho proilaion.
of aaid Trnat lieeil, and nl Iho reque.t uf the
aaid AlfiedT I'lipiaaudmlnlttratoraaafure.ald,
notien ia lii ri liT fc'lvriii that Inaecordanro with th
li re " of ard Trut lieeil, I will, oiituttiirday, tint
lllhdnv of May, next, (170J, Iwlwevn the hour,
of ten o'clnek u. in. und lira o'clock p.m., of aaid
eay. at llm (front) ilonrnf Iho court hollar In Ihr
Ciiy of Cairo, Alexundereounty, lllinela. tiroeaed
lu aci nt puhllc tenduu to the hiKheat hlddcr, for
null, tho e.t.ilc. hereinheforedeacrihcd, to aall-l)
thrilelit due nnd unpaid Ha Hforeinld, wllh thr
coiia nnd cliurxea of aaid Irilai, and will execute
In the puiehasern deed lor Ihr oir,e.
ci.AIHOIINi: WINsTON, Trn.tre
Cairo, April Ulh, lJo. aprUdltwlt
IlrtucrnCalrn, Illinois, nnd Jollrt, Illinois, on Ihr
inih or 11th day of April, IsTO.lwo Slain Auditor'
Warrants, drawn hy the Auditor nt INiu lu Ae.
countu on the irenaiirer of Ihr htntn of Illlnoia,
onu nuiiilajred i.Ulis. for Ihotiiin ol Sl.ia Mi, nnd
puyahlr to L. II. Myers, or order i nnd Iheothei,
iiiinilred ft,'."i for thr sum of Jl,(i, pajahle lo
Ilavld J. Itaker, Jr., or order.
Tuciily-llve Dolliirn Ilcuard
will be tiAld for the return of the nho)e orders io
Ihu uiiilorslifued.ainl IhepuMio Is hereby rolltlcd
that pitymeulor the aaiue Ima hrn fctonprd.
i.r. i is it, mi liWi
wt'Jtwl S-lierl 11 Alexander coiiuly,

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