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Tlae Cairo Bnlletixi, MI a,y 4c.
t Mlctin.
For fine nnd cheap Job prlnllnp . nil nt
the Bulletin office.
French Bronelns for Omo nt Kllli.tt. H
ACo's. "P,30J8t
ll.rRfn in M.' .ilk. l Cumiln
Everything l the l" anil shoo line for
ircntlemen's wearot r.mmu
Co',. npiamsi.
Taiik linos, s-P4 ""''"'' '' 0,1 """J
tine assortment of -Mush' . direct
from the Import. Cmie r.n.1 l.o.ir tlw.n.
Kit inducements in white goods ho
siery gloves, notions, handkerchiefs, etc.,
at Cunnlnghstn's.
Cunningham isoirering inducement" In
linen goods, which will be found to be i!0
percent, less than In any other houo In
the city. tf-
A young man by the name of Drown
was IntiMiitly killed In a iiw mill. In tho
ltttlo village of Hrooklyn, on Saturday
kit. Tho top of his bend was cut entirely
ffby tho saw, which was n circular one.
Cait. Hlak, of Mattw.ii, agent of tho
celobratr-d fchool book house of "TVII'on,
Hlnklo A Co., Is making a business tour
through the counties of southern Illinois,
left by He tho packet, l't night, for
.Massac county.
They never tire the ye. They are
warranted not to break. They arc perfect
in every particular. (Set ft pair from
Tuber Bros. See advertisement of ' IV' r.
focted Spectacle." mayJdlmltw
As many as llvu hundrel men women
and chlldron left by the nine o'clock boat,
this morning, for the picnic grounds at
Vort JeflVrson, and a conslderablo number
went down by th 1 1 o clock boat.
A full account of tho affair will be given
Cunningham oilers no bittt upon itnplo
goodi to attract trade, but will roll them
at prices that cannot lclV7iiitiiW,y umltr'
oW. Fair dealing and low prices arc
what ho depends upon for success. tf.
Cool, airy and splendidly ventilated
rooms, can bo bad at the Saint Charles,
with board, during the hot summer months,
at rtry low jirUes. Families can bo ac
comodated during tho alnive period, with
our most desirable room,at ntnrgttMuet
Un from regular rates. dtf
Tiik name of the colored woman who
causxd tho arrt of Capl. Worthlngton, of
the ileainur Milbrey, for excluding her
from the ladles cabin, i given m Amelia
Xewaome. Tho ('apt. was taken la-foro
'squint Shoyer of Mound City, and llnM
$.1 and tho costs, lie wus defended by
Col. Watklns.
Tlio boat was delayed, in ioii'eticntvof
the arrt-.t, about two hours.
Omcrits Sheehan, Cain and .Stout got
hold of an ugly customer this morning, a
great, strapping negro, who, after being
taken to Jail, sprang over the fvticu and
took to his heels, llu was recaptured ; but
the combined etTorts of the otlkurs were
not sufficient to tako him buck to Jail, lie
was finally persuaded to walk toward thu
lock-up, by two other Fifteenth Amend
xnonters, Mid may luck out for hreakur
when ho appear, before the polieo magis
Tut Cairo .Silver Cornet band ill,
coursed somo fine muslo yesterday evening,
at different points In tho city, from it long
coupled wagon, upon tho sides of which
were painted "1'icnlc tomorrow." A ban
ner carried in the wagon proclaimed tho
ratbor surprising fact, that, notwithstand
ing the torrents of water that poured from
the heavens in Cuiro, no rain hud fulleu ut
Fort JetTerson tho point selected for tho
picnic. The largo crowd that participate
in the picnic there to-day, will therefore,
find tho grounds perfectly free from rnoU
ture. Tuk Athenieum was repcctubly filled
last, night, and the exhibition pawed oil'
very happily until nJur tho close, when it
was announced that Mr. Macarthy had
Uen taken suddenly ill, (Ho is raid to be
subject to sudden attack.) and could not
take part in tho closing sct-nus. It was
tery ungenerous In some of the spectator,
t'i intimate that tho cause of his Illness
I'llytt Le found In a pocket fiask, us .Mr.
M,liu(;(o Templar of long und high
tai.(lln(.. lia this us It may, tho show
doeiu't amount ta much without Maciirthy,
and d(, amount to much with him.
iIW OK M'lll.MJ jmiihks.
KttCh SUIlLxlln.. I..!..... A... I
-"."ft IIIUIIIM Llllll- IHIIIJ
sonu-tblrig tew it, ,prjri, unj immer dre.s
goods, the buuty of which would seem to
admit of no ta.,..0TW,ienl, yet in everv
arrival wo see thing now to admire,
aoiMtklng ptettlu tWl m j, b , f
IH71 um t .
year, but are neater and prettier. J'inues,
marseillos, ,,!, tMnti, figure, and
.tripei , apa,uo ,,,, ,
.ought for and make ,1Wlt nlvonwJ
lilt for fllNIlL' Mlur II ,. .
hwa fulUupply ofthesegoodma is itlllne
1. Am Oft srwir f'An ....... ..
WliyUltthathls store 1, ,0 IJj
..nuini' tllOSO Wi.lllllL' llr.... ... I .. .
a - hWll u n
becAUM ho kcejis the assortment and dis-
iuca . , vus.aniioiprovu
oUierwUe tkn satisfactory, in, lturo
Mramdmi arerv duv and his (! .,
KKSfht for. For new and de.lrablo g.s
in if
the inv aoons thadk. 1
Mr. K. II. Ciinningliain, Ohio lsvpe, nd- '
joining tho City National Dank, is tho old
est dry good's merchant In Cairo, mid uno
of the woalthlost and most auccessful in
Hotitlicru Illinois. His stock is large, var
ied and strictly seasonable, und eiftomora
will nhvays find tho "old man," n well fts
n corps of mbst obliging und gentlcmnnly
salesmen, on hand to serve them.
.Mr. .Scott "White, corner of .Sixth mid
Ohio Iajvcc, datej bis beginning In Cairo I
fir back Into tho fifth decade, nml It M
widely nnd favorably known as any mer
chant In tho country. Keeping a very
largo and couiploto stock, dealing fairly
nnd honorably with his customers, ho
maintains n prosperous tmdo with the. peo
ple 'round about, ns well ni In tho city.
Uoldstelno &i llosonwntcr linvo devoted
many ycara to tho dry goods business in
Cairo nnd every Justly toko rank among
our lending merchants. Their placa of
business Is on Commercial avenue between
8th and Oth streets, whoro persons want
ing anything in their lino, will find one of
tho best nortcd, most fashionablo and
seasonable stocks kept In Catro, nnd oblig
ing gentlemen behind tho counters.
William Klugo, ono of our most jxipu
lar nnd successful family grocers, has
added n dry goods department to his es
tablishment on Poplar street near Nine
teenth, In which may bo found a well se
lected nnd varied stock of staplo nnd fancy
tnerchandl.o, notions, hosiery, boots and
shoes, and ssll nt prices that distinguish
him ns ono of tho merchants who rely on
"small proflU nnd quick cash sale.."
Drop in nnd see him.
Fetcr Ncff, No. 79, Ohio Love, is tho
oldest clothier in Cairo, ho having estab
lished hlmsolf horo before tho city clto was
cleared of timber ns far up ns Eighth
street. Closo attention to business, a cor
rect knowledge of tho wants of tho market,
and nn obliging disposition have plaoxl
him nt tho head of ono of tho largest cloth
ing houses to bo found in the country.
His merchant tailoring department is well
conducted, nnd is n fenturo'of his houso tho
public holds in high rspute.
Miller & Millor, corner of Sixth and
Commercial, nro liberal nnd constant adver
tisers, cxtenslvo nnd successful clothiers,
and most obliging gentlemen. What
they cannot furnish in tho lino of clothing
It would bo n los of tlmo to look for else
where. In the article ot hats they fling
out tho motto : "F.xcclslor." They, too,
conduct a merchant tailoring department
tha is hold In high esteem among gentle
men who have their clothing inadu to or
dor. And last, but by no meant ieutt, comes
John Antrim, who nt No. 73, Ohio Levoe,
displays it largo stock of clothing, hats,
cap., etc., every Jirtlclo of which Is bran
new, and opened to tho light In Calroi
only n few weeks ngo. Mr. Antrim has
sold millions of dollars worth of clothing
in this market, and when, a few years ago,
ho closed out, lie was enjoying a largo and
prosperous trade. He has returned to hit
old stand and old business, however, und
this time to stnv. Tho mora mention of
this fact will bring to him again hosts of
patrons for both his rendy-mndo clothing
and merchant-tailoring departments, both
of which nro Just what thu wants of tho
public demund. .
The lumberyard of .Mr. .Sumuol Wal-
ten, corner uf Commurclnl avenue and
Tenth street, is abundantly supplied with
jdl kinds of lumber aud timber, for which
tho varied wants of tho town, river and
country create a demand. If, from hit)
largo stock, Mr. cu.lomers, cannot
upp1y theiiuolvo, thulr wants will bo of a
peculiar kind; hut need not, on that ac
count, gounprovidod for. Mr. AVultors
enjoys ruro facilities for filling oven extra
ordinary demands. In short, If you wnt
lumber for n house, steamboat, fonco or
what not, or timber for trus.ol work,
bridgo. or mills, you may call on Mr. Vi.
with every a.suraiicu that no man can
supply you more promptly or satisfac
torily. Mr. William Howell, for whom tho Ir
repressible Joo A be 11 is agent, make
steamboat lumber a specialty, although
builders and others may obtain lumber
from him on tho most liberal and satisfac
tory terms. Ilehutagood supply on hand,
but .hould It bo unequal to tho demand,
he enjoys faciltles for 'lowing and deliver
ing, that will prove cufl to tho most ex
traordinary calls. "Wheel urms, bucket
planks, knees, fenders, aud all kinds of
lumber and timber for which the steam
boat interc.t creates a wunt delivered
promptly to order.
Mr, V'. "W. Thornton, whoso ofllco and
tore-rooms aro in Thornton's block,, on
Tenth street, also deals In lumber, but
inoro extensively In doors, saili, blinds,
mouldings, railings, balmier, ravel post,
lath, shingles, sheathing nnd roofing, felt
and quartz cement. Mr. T's. stock of tho
articles enumerated are tho most extonsivo
in tho city, and his list of prices will en
force tho conviction that the trado acces
slblo to Cairo can procure supplies from
blin cheaper than from Cincinnati, Chica
go, tit. J.ouls, or any of tho moro preten
tious markets.
At ho is tho only dealer In tho articlot
of sheathing and roofing felt and ipiartz
cement, in the city, and as those articles
aro somewhat new In this market, wo will
be excused for making u special refer
ence to them.
Tho Cheating Hoofing felt Is manufac
tured under a patent by tho Hock Illvor
paper company, and, although it Is com
paratively ii new thing, tliLMlcmaiid for it
often exceeds tho supply, No person can
question lla utility, and. wherever It Is
known, but fow fauna buildings nro con
structed without it. It It n paper, made
solid nnd compact, about an eighth of an
inch think, a yard wide nnd of tiny length
desired. No wind, however cold or driv
ing can penetrate, it, and being one of thu
best known conductors, It redst tho
nctlon of both hent nnd cold, thus making
tho hou.o In which it is used, warmer in
"Winter and cooler In Summer. It is notnf
fected by frost or dampness, does not
shrink or swell, and being solid and com
pact It Is Impervious to air, ami is not half
in Inflammable ns tho lumber ordinary
used In buildings.
It may bo used for many purposes, hut
In this country It will probnbly bo most
extensively used Instead of plastering or
board celling. It will makouvorv smooth.
nlco, finish; will receive paint, paper or
kalsomlno as readily a n woodeu surface.
ana will cost only about one-fifth as much
ns plastering. Twenty dollars will buy
enough of tho shentlngto lino n houso that
could not bo plastered for less thnu ono
hundred nnd twenty-flvo dollnrs. For
roofing a heavily saturated board is used,
one thickness of which is ample. It lies
perfectly straight, nnd when onco covered
with pitch and gravel, plastic slate, roof
ing paint or any other composition used,
will furnish a tight, durable roof, and the
expenso wilt bo considered trilling when
compared with the co't of liny other kind
of roofing now In uo.
Tho bcstcovorlng forlt Is the uuartz co
tnent a combination of substances, which,
added to ground quartz, forms u roofing
composition that will bo both lire und
water proof, nnd in time, ns hard nt a stone
A roof thus rnado will not only prove
firo nnd water proof, but will remain un
affected by heat, cold, frosts or mows, as
long at tho buildings will stand to support
It. "When to theso important eoinldurn
tlont we add that, by using thesu materials
every man may bo his own roofer, and
thus by n small expenditure of money and
labor, provide fjr what is generally thu
most cxpontlvo portion of his building,
we lay nil that need bo said in favor of tho
quartz cement nnd ltock Illvor l'uper
Comptmy'i Sheathing nnd Hoofing Felt.
S. Tho iheatlilng felt may be seen,
ns npplicd In lieu of plastering, in the cd
Itorlal rooms of the Cairo lit Ll.r.u.v.
(To bo conlluiiei.
Your inclination to drop in on Louis
Herbert, under thu first Nutloii.il Hank
Ho has laid In a stock of the best Cincin
nati Iiuck Jlecr manufactured, and all
other kinds of bovoragos that nro at nil In
request. Ho lint alio a splendid music box
that plays twelve arias from tho mot pop
ular operas in print a treat I'verybody
will relish. Tho restaurant, at usual, will
bo supplied with everything seasonable
and deslrublo. Call In to-morrow, next
day, or any time, and you will bo welcomed
and kindly served. 'it
IIOMIKfATlUC riiTstms.
Dr. S. O. Merrill, liomcipatb, has lo
cated in our city, and offer his professional
sorvlccs to thu public He makes
specialty of head, throat and lung dlieascs
nnd diseases of children. His otllco U on
Eighth street, between Washington
nvenuu and Walnut streets, opKito tho
Presbyterian Church, where lm may Ihj
found nt nil hours when not absent in
answer to professional calls. It
Mtut. Kwan'ukh, corner of Ninth street
and Commercial avenue, wishes to call tho
attention of tho Indies to her now nnd
beautiful stock of fancy goods. Sho 1ms
tho latest nnd most fashionable stylet of
Hals, Hut Frames, Flowers, Ibices, etc.,
which sho will sell at tho lowe.t prices;
also Klbboni, Hosiery nnd White Goods of
every kind, which cannot fall to please tho
eye. Ladies who wish "Notions'' of any
tort, will do well to call on Mrs. Swuiidor,
before buying elsewhere.
rim: vu niur.
Is them any hulr coloring preparation,
cither hero or in Eurojio, that re.omble.
Phalon's Vltalla, or Salvation for thu
Hair? Not one. It Is a clear fluid that
flows from tho bottlo; does not stain tho
skin, aud produces none but natural shades
of color. It has no sediment. Sold by nil
druggists and fancy goods dealer..
managers of the Catholic reboot
picnic, to take place to-morrow, havu pro
vided splendid music for tho occasion, and
a time of unalloyed festivity may bo con
fidently anticipated. Tho boat will leave
tho wharf, on Itt first trip, at half. past H
o'clock; on its second, ut II o'clock; and
on Itt third, at '-' o'clock.
I will tell at Auction on Thursday, May
Sth, tho fino residence now occupied by A.
A. Arick, situated on Center street, Cairo,
Ills. Terms of sale, onu third cash In
hand, balanco in onn and two years with
interest. Sulo at two o'clock u. m., on
npl'.!'Jtd. " Auctioneer.
Will tho people avoid those duugurs by
using n genuine article, which it perfectly
safe and hat tho reputation of being tho
best In use? It Is tho Aurora Oil, It
gives a brilliant light, und can bo had at
95 Ohio Levee. Cull und get the cheapen
Ight In uw, tf
11. 11. Cunningham lint added a carpet
department to his establishment In which
ho exhibits all tho new designs In llrustuls,
Irigruiui, oil cloths, rugs, etc.', which ho
oilers ut prim which will lusiiro their sale,
music, n.v.ci. axi ii.Mt.iii.i:s
It will not bo forgotten that the picnic
by tho children of thu Catholic school will'
lw held to-morrow, In tho beautiful groves
In Kentucky, directly oppodte tho city.
1 hero will bo a line band of mu.ilo hi
nttelidnnco during tho day, that nil who
reel Mi inclined may while itwny tlio time
In thocxhllerutlng miizus ol"th dance.
Swings will bo erected for the children
and nil other arrangements miido that will
bo considered necessary to Insure n ilpy
of real pleasure and enjoyment.
A steamer will ply between thu ground
and the city during thu (day, .leaving tin-
wharf on her first trip at ! o'clock. Fare,
tho round trip, oO cents; children -' cents.
Everybody who can spuro the time
should go, and encoumgo tho children by
their presence. Tho season Is propitious,
tho occasion inviting. Let oxerybody
then steal away from his otllrc, rhop, or
counting room, and devote onu day to
pleasure and relaxation.
TIIK CAIlid AM) nil TII.V Ittll.liOtll.
The commencement of work on tho
Cairo nnd Fulton railroad has been
promised so often, (each promise being ac
companied by n disappointment to tho in
terested public) that further avowals in
'tho tamo behalf may. possibly, fall upon
Incredulous tar. Tho following informa
tion, however, comes In u shapo. that
scarcely admits of n doubt n to Us relia
bility. '
A special dispatch to tho St. Louis
Dtmntrat, from n gentleman In Washing
ton, uho has narrowly watched the pro
gres of nfl'alrs connected with the enter
prise, says that it was confidentially as
sorted on tho floor of the Houso, Saturday,
that the rood I now In thu hands of par
ties who huv both the means nnd the
disposition to pu1i the Arkansas
portion' of thu road through to
nil early completion. Tho government
laud grants in aid of the project arc mu
nlllccnt-cnousb. It 1 thought, at two j
dollar, per nere, to pay for Its completion
Independent of till', thocounttes u1olii;the
lino stund ready to vote heavy subscrip
tions to tho capital stock. The company
cannot delay operations much longer with
out incurring thu risk of forfeiting tho
lands nnd of loosing tho subscriptions.
The art granting tho lands to tho road
was passed in 1800. It provided that tho
tirit twenty miles should lo completed by
duly 18C:. During that Interval nothing
was done; and application for
further tlmo was granted. On tho 1st of
April the second Interval terminated, and
found tho ground unbroken. A bill i
about receiving tb o tlgnaturo of thu Pres
ident extending the time again. A., upon
the 'JOth of December next, tho time will
again expire, nnd a. tho company no longer
urguany excuse for doluy, wo may look for
an early commencement of work on a scale
that will moot the rwpitroiuoiitt of the new
law. Tho putienco of Congress und tlio
people will not endure always, und the
company having tho undertaking In
eliarL'o no doubt uuder.tuud that the txiint
ha been reached wheri delay Imhmhim
dangerous. Let ut hope so, ut nil events.
JIII.l.l.M.Ilt AMI II till (illllllS.
Mrs. Addle Duck, between Ninth and
Tenth streets, has Just returned to Cairo
with a beautiful stock of millinery nnd
hulr gnosis ; all kinds of hnlr ornament",
ribbons, nets, etc. She bus tho latest stylo
of dress hats for bullet' und children's sea
tides. Frames of nil hnpo and color, nml
Illusion of every shade. Her stock of arti
ficial flowerj;annot bo mrpusil In Cairo.
.Mrs. lluck will dre's hnlr in uny desirable
style, having visited tho hair dressing e.
tabll.hment In the Southern Hotel nml of
.Mudame Cambell, in St. Louli, w'.th an eyo
to tho especial bonctltofher customer In
Cuiro. m 1 1 m.
nit. uuiTiiii i:in.
Dr. Whitehead hii. tukeii rooms nt tho
St. James Hotel, where ho will li pleustsl
to meet till who muy need bis professional
services. Cancers, ill.ea.es of tho eyo nnd
ear nnd rheumatism tiro his specialties,
and In thu treatment of thorn ho tins met
with unfailing suecest. The alllleted aro
invited to ciillan 1 consult him. It
To tho former patrons of D. S. Parker,
Photographer, in thltclty, wo would .late
that wo uru In po.cssloii of nil his resorved
negatives, also his eolnr camera.
"Wo aro prepurud to execute any order,
from the aforesaid negatives ut reduced
Mound City, III, May Und. Ot-
Just received at P. Notf's, No. Ohio
Levo, n splendid lot of spring Casslumres,
Coating and Vrstlngs, which will bo made
up In the most fashionable styles, mid ut
prices to suit tho time, a perfect lit gunr
antoed or no snlo. if
Tho Continental is thu only cook stove
with sliding oven doors. Warranted in
nil respects. Pitcher & Henry, nt PJ2
Commercial avenue, cor. l'Jth street,
Kverybody uses AViznrd Oil, nnd liar
clay llros. sell it cheap for cash, Pat
rouizu homo institutions. Iluy from the
Juht Hkckivkd. Tho SIkki Fly :ilutt
and Don't Dodder Mu llats und i-u'p at
P. Nell's, No. 70 Ohio Lovco.
Clothing for tho million at P. Nell's No
79 Ohio leveo. The hot good In tho city
will bo found ut this houso. tf
Pitcher A- Henry's lurgo stock of hard,
ware, cutlory, tools, etoves, tinware, etc.,
will bo sold without regard to cost.
HKST IN nSK-Knder's Chill
(Jo to Meyer's saloon for St. Louis lluck
Cso Under s Chill Curst "It never
! (io and no the Maria Antonetto shoo nt
1 Elliott, llavthoru & Co's. nplWklSt.
Drawers nnd I'ndurshlrts, nt a .aurtllcn
nl 1. Nell's, No 7! Ohio Levee.
A new supply of Calf Hoots und flattens
Just received at P. Nell's, No. 5U Ohio
i - i
St. Louis Uuek Ileer at .Meyer's
corner of Twelfth street and Washington
IUiuiainh! I1.whiai.-! Agoodmiilof
rlolhing for ten dollar, at 1. N'll", !
Ohio Levee.
(iood Cotton Socks, only 15 cents per
pair or SI -' cents per doz., ut P. Nell's,
No. 711. Ohio Levee. tf.
Heaver brand pure Mohairs, unea
qualled for lustre, dye and finish, at Cun
ninghum's. He also has tho celebrated
'Swiss nipaccn n new importation, tf.
Mlllirey. '
ll.iltic, itti
tjillrlistep, i;tnnsri
llelle Memplli", Mt-llll
f'nn Able, Coli
llelleht lwill-,rtl. Louis;
lion Accoril, l(i
Artt'isyj ilu
Kenton, (.ml
Mllbrev, 1'iiiliicnhl 1'iin Able, Colmiil.tt.i
l'eliolln, " lletiiMl Tiller. HI. l.oiit-i
I'Hlntrr, elinwiieelowiii ll.ih ..ecoril, lo
llelie hi l,onl.,Mi'ini llelle Memphis, lo
Kenton, N O; Argosr, cn.i
(t.ilKello.Kt Icttersnn.ijiiicksiep, Ktansr.
Tho weather It clear and pleasant to-day,
ns the temperature Is relieved by a fine
broor.e. It would otherwise lm rather
Tho decline In tho rlvor continues at tho
rateof nbout six Inches jicr'JI hour. The
mouths of tho city sowers ml)ht now Iki
opened, but wo hopo thoo who have thu
matter In charge will not do mi for a day
or two until the river full sutllciently to
cnuon stronij current through the sowers
"hen opened. In thU way tho sipu wnter
iiihvIiu made to wash out n large amount
of tho'sedlmetit which ha collected, und
save considerable expenso and trouble this
summer In cleaning tho sewers.
The Mississippi is again falling at St.
Iuis, und will doubtless continue o un
til tho annual Juno riso arrives from tho
P.ocky Mountains.
The Ohio Is iil falling nt Pitt.burg
nftcr rising ono foot. There it now ltn
than six feet water In the channel to that
city. It Is still fulling rapidly at Cincin
nati, Louisville nnd Kvatisvllle, with six
ft suven inches in thu chute over tho
llii'Ino" Is dull about our wharves yes
terday. The Quickstep and Hello St. LouU
were nbnu t the only bouts which did any
bu1ues of consequence.
The Quickstep brought W bales hny, 120
bbls whl.ky, 12 hhds tobacco, Jo bbW flour
and nbout ten tons of n-irted freight for
reali timetit South.
Th JMIo ft. LhiU received nlmut JO
tons here for .Miimiiliisan I way ixilnt..
Tho Odd Fellow got away in good tlmo
this morning with two barges und their
precious freight of happy children und
their friends. Wund for tlie idenlc irrounds
nt Fort dotlVrson, Ky., anil vicinity. Wo
hop the day will be long remembered ns
or unanoyesi pleasure.
Ciiii-lnnatinns have two or three picnic
ex'-nr.iuns every day during May and
Th" (1 real Heiuiblin left New Orleans
last Friday with ovar HuO ton.. Hig up
stream trip.
Thu lllsmnrck Is exited to leave for
New Orlonn. this ovimliiit.
The Marble Citv Is thu regular packet
tor .Memphis unci ick.burg to-Iuy.
Th" St. Joseidi ifoos to St. Jvmls t-o
The City of p.vnnsvllln departs for tho
citv of "Kvnnsvilbi this evening ns
The I'adiicah Packets leave nt I p. m.
Ao .arc now prepared
to deliver Tec to Fam
ilies and others in all
narts of the city, at
1 S' 4
prices that will bring
it within the reach of
all. Our facilities arc
known to be such as
to enable us to do bus
iness in a business-like
Prompt delivery and
good treatment en
sured. Orders may be
left at our office, corner
Eighth Street and Ohio
Levee, or with our dri
vers. HUSS, LOOMIS & CO.
Cairo, Mny 4,1 870.
Mute of llllniil., Alpxnivli-r aunt) ,
In the Clreull Court of Alex.in.liT County, July
term, Ift.o.
Hiiimi'l.-iia-Tii)lnran(l IMwin t'srsnn, Trtltr"
oltlieCairoC.lv I'rnprrly is. I'Mrr ZlintiK-r.
man, Hear) V. Kciitilxlaitl nnd JwhIi IIciiiiIkIioII.
1UII tcirurotve Vfnilur'. lit tt.
Aflldnsit nt lite nou.rriliJene of lli-nr V.
Ilcniilsliorrainl Jacob Itennlgliotl. Iwii of the nlHive
imim'.l ilrfeii'lsnli, htvltiKOr-i-n ttlfl In Hie iVrkV
olll'-enf the Circuit Court of snM roiinlv, tititlrn
I. lln ri'Tutp hereli) gltm lu th nlil llriir) V
t)onhlgll')ir nml Jncnli llcnnlylioir Hint the roin
lLinrmi DM Ihelt bill of rtittihtnmt 111 snhl Court
on tlio ClmticorT sle thereof on the Sth ilny of
May, H'70, unit Hint thereupon PUnitiKns l.siieil
out of sslil I tart returiiiililn na the htur illtccts
Now, nnlo-. )oii, tin. .alii .Henry V tlenn cliotr
mill Jacob llotmlRhotl'shill pfrsons.il lienti'l
pear before tne Cirriill Contt of Coiiatr on
the rlrslilny of Hie next Term thereof to bcMdeii
nt the Court Mono. In the l ily uf Cairo, In ssl l
County, on the tlrst .Momlsy of July nml, tout
pteml nnswer oriletniir I.) the si.i'iiiiiU n ml
l.illol complionr, Hie .hiiip r.li l lti mill t- nun
tiling therein clmrn'-l n. tm.i ill l taken
ns eoiifeseil, in. I a ile re enliT.il against you
u. copllni? to the iirnu riil .mil bill
Jilll.Ntj, UAIIMAN.i'lcrk
Cnlro, llllnnl., Mnv4, Into.
Oteeii Ollbetl. l'lnltitlll's attorney..
Kor JiiiIk' of Hi' Sopreme Court.
Wesre authorised to nntiotinee Hint the lion.
SIINKV IHlKK-si: ill beacniiiliilstefor th.oltlce
of JnJgnof thefuprime Cotirl of Illlnol., floin
the. fjr.t Orsn.l Ditl.lon. Medina on Monilny,
Jnne'fl, 18T0.
Xi llic Wa.HliiiitslonNa
luon, corner ot" "Wash
ington Avomic and
Fourteenth St reel.
F. III.ANKK.MIl'IKJ, I'mprielnr.
.WsWs Wt
pi:ri:it ci iii.,
Millers' Agent,
oo ouzo ijEvee
Slrtlfr. Nnllrltdl, Mini l'roniill- anil
Nntl.fisrlorll)- llllttl.
I. MMhtis., J.. I
jyjATIirSS Ai UIL,
;KNi:it.VK iMionuci:
Commission Merchants
Hs'illirntioiiit ten t th pure liasr nml of
Hi:t:Hs to
IcOoimtrNtl'inl HnS, Hi too, III i Win. flil,
Ituiin, III . t ilr Nutioisal lititk, t:iro, lllinm.i
Msllirvrs, Kolsr. C" , fomim.loii Meti-lisin.,
Clilt.no, lil t RU'IkIii i htoni, Ctiin, Mi'r.-li.nl.,
Cliu-i(0.lll..IXis,.Moro4 t., f-'lstritjto. III.
I.ciitrii Cairo Mrrjf
iiiakini-lo''oiini, tii ii Hi trii-ns t
j ohnsonvillc
wini'iusixa or
3NT A a xzjcr ILL u.
I'urllrilUr nllcutlnii lo blislm-s..
Tlif Tow nml Joli llonl
If. 11. COULTEU, Master,
l r 'nrcl at all Unit's to do rll klml. l low
lute anil Jol.hinn on w rrasoiutMti terms,
lltwjiiiiiirtfra lit Cairo, Illinois.
Fl'LTOX & SONS, - - Protirlotorn.
Aro Now lu Full Opcrnllou.
Mrssra. Fulton J; Pons tiro proparoj to furiiiuli
all Muds of Flour of tlio lt iua Ity, anil olo
Mill K-l of all kinds. Uraliani Hour, lnckii
or In les (iiinnttly. nia-lc lioin I lie lst '
WliMt, . pril5d'l
. If
mm mm,
l.lko il . t
i H a a mu at
(Jhen In nil Atnlliililt! l'oint
St. Louis, Cairo & New
Orleans Packet Co,
IIHXI i:ll
OI,l i: UK .ls SI.....
I.IIKKX, 'lo
J -MJ. 'I
!?r.l'.M, !
t'KI'I'KIt, -Ift
...Mel'OKIi. ilo
.ittii.l. n: aiii.s-
W. II. Attllll'lt ll'HII.A'-KI.
t I I.N S I.M t..X'l'.tl Mil-I.OT, '"
I'll I.I.M'. t AllltOI.I, I IN l
t'.tiii r . b oil Hit- nn.st .ml i.r l li "ui "I
ft, Lou if.
. r New Orient). Tl.'J-l'-iiner
TtlMI'.SOX, .s .Msilrr,
,1 !Mr WKIAI.-I'W, !.!.. iil'. lsy Silt.
Conner'. nj at i-r Orlii s th Oi-sn I. Iieu
Ht. am rr. lo
Mv. rxinl, Arsr Vorh. Iln.toii, nml !
I'ss.flilfrs n I Hi inr ro in. m
. r.iiiM, .ran..
nn noe it itt...
i a. nt.jTe,
UIt A Ui V".l'fi
I Memphis and bt. Louis
racket Lompany.
1 1 foll.m tig II" '. r tf tti I.int nj will
run it Ih" flio nKMsr.
Memphis Packets
Art" it C.iro, AtrntClju,
. tf.
hUlKSiT tons. Tu...l.)-, 4p.tr -sturJsyl t
CITT OKC.UItO, IhMrlUJr p." M c !jf l .m
Matin. Miiini , . ,
sills, vrurstis. s!urJ, lu.ii- sNuts., I .m
Vicksburg Packels.
Art at Iaiiw
t. at I alto,
I r.
tl ) la III,
-s , 1 ..III
rot'iiaiHi n
.. t H. Ill -uli-lsr I a itt
UTi or" .sl.T'i
.iim-l.r. 1 1. " 1 'J In .i.
ft .ntiM-t.air at l I41U1. Mllll
.Nurllicru l.lnc I'Hrtsrl Cniiiia),
KtnUiiU I'arkrl Ciiiniiti ,
tlinalia I'arhrl l'iiiiiaii)-,
ami Vnrluna Itallioail l.lii.a
AlMwil'ii. "iri
JUmiilila anil Vlill III vr I'lifkH t o.,
Arhau.a. Illvrr I'acUrl wiimihii, ,
)tcinilil. Mint i:iiarlrtiili II. It.,
ami ,sll.l.liiil A. Trmita.c II. II,
At i kt.'rfirn iin
Y.iiiii Itlsrr I'arltrla, an I
Vlt'U.liuri: nil"! Jill Idlnii Itallrnail
Oi it 'l.r-uli I n-l ! i.gap 1 1 trtato .1 sa
it-is I-, ui t-v ra-i -r r- r
t HA-. T IliM'K.fis-n.rai Akni.
Oiti i ii W i arl ls'.l
mil. flLVr.H T' tiic-l l'-i'i'ir Aitftii
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
, ip , , Consiillrin ot tlio lullowlnit
-s-s 'sjilundiil iMic-nsr stomtfrs
hTRoN'. .. Mi-is-r i J "
l.ui . I.vtry .siiiiitlii' nl .1 I. 1.
IIAIIMO.N : . .....ll..r .-'l'f
I.iiisi a i;rry 'I'll urailiiy ill I I. M.
John Lumsden
tIAVIS . Jla-tm ClrrS
I.t-Htca livtrj- Nuliiril)' mi 1 I. M-
'Ilirniiirli HIIN Lnilliiif (liven Via. Nash
title uimI Cairo I'nekets unil
"(I'ritn l.lni'"
To .aaliilllt-. S'liMllniiniiiiM, Trnit.l At
Until, uliiiiiliiia, lloiur, Mnrass, fj.
Siiilm a Wi- I'ulisl. IJi-orueloswu, MIL
Inltfs II l IJh.i KnfMiilii, AIm.i JIosil.
Kmnrr)-. Aln.I lirli-in. M. f.i NrlniM,
Alu.i NKtiinnli, HllmluKtou, .. t'.l
iiliimlilii, h.S1.. Iiy
Atrciit nt Cairo.
Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company.
rlKMtV JO.NEK. I'li-a'l. HAM J. IIAI.K, 8i'y.
f..inm.r.l nfllm fullowittg llr.i
j-j)2yjSif c'h' l'l",''
AI.ICK M'.AX .ol,n,6"',ik' Malrr
IIOII"!' llirtS.NN i.r"n",v S", .i
MIN.'.SIS.A.. :-.W'.P' VI , r
Ml.TMl .11SIO.N Ilrti M. Mirricla.
hh j. iiai.i: W; ' Wl-r "
Oimof tin. abov si.lnd id .tesine rs ItaT Cairo
for Mi-midila esery Tuesday and Hauiiday, sud
tor Cincinnati every Friday end raturday
Evansville and Cairo
Packet Company.
rH" Conslttlni: ol tho follow
Splcndld Vnsscngcr Stea "
f-OWI.KR Master I W FOWI.EH-....
l.oncs Cairo Hunday and Iliursday at S u
OltAMMKit .Master I PES.M.NOTON- .-Cli-tk
Lcavi-s Cairo Tile.day und frulay at 6 p. lu.
' City of Evansville,
IllJXTKH Master .t. l'i:.NN'IKaTO.N...CU'rk
Leave-Cairo Wwlnesdaya andHatiirdayt at S ti.in.
Coimecliiijr ut I'adtii-ali Willi Tennesieo rtvar
packets, at binitlilsnd ullfi o.lvlll paokcts. at
kvaii.vllle with llu. ri K'dsr iwkfia for Iful'
id Clt lliuali, und llio K. J-'; s (ff.flf lnU
Norlli. ' CIIARIiWT. IIIW.

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