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i . TO OT THS 8ft
' ' or Borsn-ABOir pocket.
Use Endor'i Chill Cure-"It never
' Drawers and Undershirts, at a .aerllleo
at P. NefPs, N'o 79 Ohio Love.
Go and see tlio Maria Atitmette shoo at
Elliott, Jlaythorn A Co. apl.WdM.
r,liargalns in block sill t Cunning-
A new supply of Calf IW ami miners
Just received at P. .VcfT ' Mi "'!
I'ltcbcr !fc Henry s large Mock of IihM
wure, cutlery, tools stoves, tinware, . -to, j
will be sold without regard to cost
Everybody uies Wizard Oil, and liar
clay Bros, sell It cheap for cnh. Pat
ronlze homo Institutions. Iluy from the
Tho Thompson Dean, tbo largcit
steamer that nnvlgntcs the waters of the
Mississippi, has been lying at our wharf
since Saturday evening.
The Fifteenth amendment jollification
which didn't come off at Mound City, last
Saturday, on account of tlio rain, hus been
flied for the first Friday in. Tune next.
Beaver brand puro Mohairs, tinea
.quailed for lustre, dye and finish, at Cun
ningham's. Ho also has tho celebrated
' SwIii alpacca" a new importation, tf.
The person who lorroncd a copy of
Gray's Anatomy from Dr. "Wardner's
office Is rttptctfnlty rtjuttf'J to return It
without unnecessary delay.
' It Is not so generally known as It
ought to bo that Tavcr Brothers mako to
order almost any pattern of Jewclery
wanted. rnar'.Hl2t
The St. Nicholas Billiard Hall Is ona of
the largest and butt furnished In Oiocoun
' try. It is tho resort of both citizens and
strsngers whoindulg Inllillard play
InV- Unr.tr.
... v ...
Such of our dtlr-cns ns are bleised
with' an abundance of tho world's good',
should not forget that an appeal for help
is mado by tho ltlchmond sufferers. Col.
Graham, the postmaster, will forward con
tributions. Cunningham offers no bUt upon staple
goods to attract trade, but still sell them
at prices that cannot Xxsltgitimtittly undtr
told. Fair dealing and low prices are
what he dopendt upon for iucccm. tf.
During thu past few days great swarmi
of swallows might have been seen skim
mlng tho surfaco of lake .Shatinessy, snap
ping up such inicct as were afloat on the
surface of the water.
Tho CairoSilver Cornet band will at
tend the Normal University corner-stone
Ceremonies, at Carloiidale on tbo 17th
Instant. A large dclciritlloii will bo pres
ent from Cairo.
Mr. Harney Mc.Mhiius burled another
child, yesterday, being the second within a
few weeks. Both children were infants,
and twins, A largo number of friends
accompanied tie remains to the grave,
What has become of the inusquitoes?
Only a few dntsago almost everybody had
a stinging sense of tho presence of a sup
ply greatly In excess of the demand. AW
they arras scarce, at teetmitslera in Pmltl
cah, or unarmed eltUcn in Memphis.
I The Rev. Mr. Freeman, late president
k of tbo Lincoln college, in this state, wa In
'the city Saturday, in conference with our
f school directors. Ileitull advanced In
years, but still retains quite an thutie step
and considerable physical vigor.
Isaac G. Marks hat established a rep
utation as tho nolsleil prisoner ever con
fined in the city clabue. If the Jailor,
wbo lost a night's sleep on account of his
incessant shrieking, didn't put him on short
allowance In the way.of grub, his forbear
ance Is marvelous.
Just received at P. .Veff'a, No. 70, Ohio
Levee, a splendid lot of spring CuImerei,
Coating and Vesting, which will bo made
up In the most fashionable styles, mid lit
prices to suit tho times, a perfeet til guar
anty or no sale. tf
The ceremony of feet- ashing was ob
isrved in elder ShoreV church yesterday.
The ungodly outsiders were permittol to
retire. Cologrol Jsew-mown hay! Night
blojmlng Cents, Pateboulal Muk, and
Dogs can enjoy the liberties of tho city
until June 1st. After that timo they will
I merciluisly slaughtered unlets they
u-ar evidence about tuem that their own
en have pnld the price of their freedom.
Head bat the City Marshal has to say on
the subject of dogs, published elsewhere In
a present issue.
J. Geo. Steinhouse, formerly of the St,
Charles Hotel, has openud a barbr ahop
on ttie corner of Kighth street and Com
merclal avenue, f Perry Houso) and with
Vlllful astiilaiit is preparixl to exocuto all
business Incident to tho profusion in tho
most scientific manner, and to the full tat
Isfactlon of his customers. apl'Jidlui
There Is great activity In tho rccilv
ing and forwarding business at this point
Since our last Issue there havo been rocelv
ed 450 wogineau or tobacco and UOO tons
of miscellaneous freights by river alono,
During the samo period there have been
hipped by river and rail fully 600 tons,
All of which forms a big day's business,
A long-anouted, slab-sided white pig
frequent! the door yards of tho residents
ut Eighteenth street, and feeds almost ex
clusively on chickens. Although quite a
MBaH ,porker, ho sciros ujion full grown
keMsuid roosters and demolishes them
with nd the most perfect satlfctfon.
I Hu luii taxed ono family In thnt neigh hor-
hood for eighteen chickens.
, A little six-year old boy fell bond long
i Into the slpo-Wator In the renr of the Rvl-
liii.v oflk'o toMlny, but was rescued from
drowning by his father, who hnppcnod to
observe him struggling in tho water,
When pulled out ho regarded thn whole
affair in n stupondousjoke, about tho first
words lie uttered being : "I've been ln)
tlr.od. alnt 1?'
A government paymaster or disburs
ing Hgonl Is In tho city paying over the
bounty money duo the colored volunteers
of the Into war. Tho amount of bounty
pnld ranges from 60 cents to $50 to each
claimant, duo individual who reached
Cairo fit nil expenso of four dollari, re
ceived one dollar. Canvassing hii, ro-
....ttita nml ovtuitnl ll npal llA -itln.ti.il., .!.
,,mtlho noxt f1J thu wll!t0 MUt
kick up must bo fought out without his as
Messrs. Miller and Miller havo lust re
ceived tin iinttimlly large, well assorted
and strictly fushlonablo supply of pi ceo
good, to which they ask especial atten
tion. Tho lot embraces tho finest cloths
and CBMlmors over brought to Cairo, nnd
such n variety of styles that all tastes limy
ixi Accommodated. Suits or garments
from theso goods nro made to orJer In tho
bct manner nnd Intcst stylo, and ai fig
ures that will defy competition. For
proof of this they only aik to bo put on
trial. At nil events call around and sco
the new goods. ianUGtf.
Tho children of the Catholic and Ger
man schools mere Invited to participate In
tho Silver Cornet band picnic our infor
mation to tho contrary notwithstanding.
Mr. Dross, ono of tho committee of ar
rangements, supplied tho teacher of tho
Gorman school with tickets, and twenty or
thirty of tho pupils of that school wore
present. Ho also called upon tlio ieachcr
of tho Catholic school and tendered tickets,
but tbo tcachor being unablo to say
whether his pupils would bo
permitted to participate, declined tho tun
lcr. Mr. I), then requested him to deter
mine thoplcastiro of tho parties interested
in tho mutter, and ho would at any timo
supply 'kall thu tickets required, which at
alt times wcro held ready for do
livery, wero not callod for, It was romona-
bly concluded that tho school had deter
mined to forego tho pleasure of a partici
pation, inasmuch as tholr own picnic was
thel for thu day following.
If It Is at nil dcslrablo to sanction tho
subscription by tho city of $100,000 to tho
capital stock of the Junction railroad com
pany, by is full vote, tho friends of tho
proposition should go to work. Tho Bul
letin will perform Its part faithfully and
In due season, but other agencies should be
sut at work. If the matter is placed be
fore tho peoplu In tho proper light the vote
will be largo and almost unanimous in fa
vor of tho projsosition. For instance, thu
people wish to know in whose or what in
terest tho rood, when completed, will lie
operntedj tho probabilities of Ita early con
struction and tho effect of its operation lo
cally and generally. Upon theao heads
tlio people would gladly" hear Col. Mur-
dock, president of the Mobile and Ohio
railroad, and tho presence, of that gentleman
should bo secured.
Tho proposition has n 'uw enemies, and
theso aru tireless in the dissemination of
frightful pictures of taxation of the fal
lacy that tho Illinois Central and Mobile.
& Ohio roads mutt, as a matter of self
preservation, build thu Junction railroad,
and that, consequently, it subscription of
100,000 by tbo city will bo "money thrown
away. ' Vu do not oppreiienu tiiut any
considerable number of voters will give
ear to these stories, but their fallacy should
bo exposed; tho truth should bo made
known, and tho mot ofiectlvo method for
doing this is through public meetings.
Ave throw out those suggestions now,
hoping that In duo timo the friends of tho
road will act upon them. Beforo tho day
of election wu should hold at least two
moss meotingt uotthat thoy nro necess
ary to secure a majority votu in favor of
the proposition, but that a full vote may
uncalled out, ami tno subscription oruereu
In- h innlnrltv tlmt will 1iavh no doubt In
tfio mlml of any ono as to thu sentiment of
our people.
iinttr or Hi'itmi fABRics.
Kueh succeeding month brings forth
something new in spring and summer dress
goods, thu beauty of which would seem to
admit of no Improvement, yet In every
arrival wo seo something new to admire,
something prettier than ever. Fabrics for
lb"0 are about thu aumo as those worn last
year, but aro neater and prettier, l'lquea,
marseilles. nercales, chintz, figures and
striiies, japanoso poplins, etc, uru eagerly
sought for and make neat and economical
suits fur spring wear, It. A. Cunningham
basis full supply of theso goods and la selling
them 20 per cent cheaper than last year.
"Why Is It that his storu is so popular
among those wUhlug dross goods? It is
bocauso ho keeps thu assortment and dis
poses of them at prlcc which cannot prove
otherwise than satisfactory. His ttoro is
crowded every day and hi goods eagerly
sought for. For now mid denlrnblu goods
go to Cunulngham's. tf.
A meeting of tho chitons generally will
bo lield In the vacant store room adjoining
thu oftlco of Col. Bcardcu, in Winter's
block, on Friday evening, May 13th, 1870,
fur tbo purpose of making arrangements
for decorating tho Soldier's graves in
Mound City Cemetery.
All persons wbo desire to pay tributary
honors to our fallen heroes aro requested to
be present at this meeting, 4t.
BAUOAINhl JlAKOAI.Nbt-A good Milt of
clothing for ton dollars, at 1, NefTs, 79
Olio Leve, 1
'' t
Tlie Cairo Bulletin, MI ay 9.
I", BroM, Esf., P.M. Presiding.
Thero was an unusual activity In pollen
circles this forenoon, mid it is rather ft re
markable fact that most of tho parties con
victed had tho wherewith to meet the de
mands of tho outraged law.
John Greene, a gentleman of color, con
cluded that a ''basting" would do bis wife
Amanda some good, and procecdod to ad
minister It. Ainnnda'd spirit remaining un
broken, John threatened to cut her throat
with a razor, nnd Amanda having- no
throat to sparejumped out of tho window,
and sought tho protection of tho law.
Shechnn asked John to como aiding, and
the 'squire asked him for 10 t!f which
was handed over without a grimace.
James Ililoy got drunk and Gu-mau got
Klley. Tho result wn, that Blley brought
tip In thu calaboose this morning, where ho
will rcmntn eleven days.
John Lorcn complained thnt his son
August laid violent hands upon him even
dealt him a blow. It is well that there
were palliating circumstances In tho case,
for instance, that tho old man closed his
grinders upon August's finger otherwise
tho young man would havo suffered tho
extremo ponalty of tho law. The fine ami
costs amounted to $10 05. Paid.
Cain and Powers took a walk with ono
"W. C. O. Starkcy and brought up in tlio
police court. Starkoytold a story about
getting tight, and concluded tho Joko by
handing tho 'squire $5 7 ".two dollars of
which, belongs to tho city.
Charles Lee, either Ignonintly or wil
fully, sold goods In tho corporation with
out a llconse. "When charged with the
offonio, ho plead guilty, nnd was let off on
tho payment of $10 and coats the uholo
amounting to about (17, or twlco as much
aa his license would have eoit.
Isrfao Marks saturated himself with
whisky, and got out of humor about It or
something else, and cavorted nround in a
manner awfully vlolatlvo of the poneo
and dignity of tho municipality. Cain
told turn that 'spuiru Hns would like, to
a co him, but didn't Intimate that thn
'squlro chargossuch chnps $10 a sight, for
and In behalf of thu city, and
7 25 at ' spending monoy for
the police force. Marks paid tho $17 2,
but swore he'd "seo the court again" for
it, and he did.
And now, according to promise again
comes Isaac Marks this time to answer
the grave chargo of disturbing tho peace.
But instead of answering, Isaac continued
to disturb thopeaco. Hu yelped, yahoocd :
shrieked and bellowed. To be plain, Isaac
was noisy and drunk; and not the least
awed by the august presence of the pollco
court he cursed and swore and raved and
tore, like the mad man that he was. The
'squlro unwilling to restrain tho vocal ef
forts of Mr. Marks sent him over to 'nin-
ado Jailer Mellale.
Vo referred, last Thursday, to the
drowning of a man by tho nnmo of Boyle,
from the Cairo and Padticah packet, IV
trolla, Capt, John W. Trover. The un
fortunate man fell overboard Tuesday
night, at a point known as thu (Srund
Chain, about twenty miles bIkjvu Cairo.
Suffering somewhat from the effects of
liquor, ono of tho hands of tho boat pre
pared a placo for him to liedown. When,
a few minutes afterwards, tho hand pacd
around to sco how his chargo was faring,
ho could fined no trace of him. Hu had
walked or fallou ovurtoard, and without
a single cry for holp, that was heard, unk
to rise no more.
Karly yesterday morning the body wn
found in tho river oppositu the round
house, and brought to thu shore. Coroner
Corcoran wai immediately notified, and
convened a jury, naming Mr. O. Kelly
as foreman. Tho verdict was that de
ceased caino to his death by drowning
by means unknown to tho Jury. Thu lody
was then taken ln'chnrgu by Mr. Arthur
lloylu, deceased's brother, and lrlven de
cent burial.
Wiiatovoruiiianaius irom tills old com
mouwenltu we aro wont to loot upon us
tho real "Simon pure" nnd genuine urti
do or tlio class represented. Jn Tact, wu
may say with emphasis, that Kentucky i
not a healthy soil for tho growth of hum
bugs. Thu host thing now offered to our
cltlzons from this State is tho ' Great lien
derson Co, Prlzo Scbeino," and wo believe
they will show their wisdom by investing
freely In tickets. Bead the Advertisement
found In another coluinii of our paperulosc
ly, nnd Investigate thu wholo thoroughly,
and learn how completely tho facts bear
out tbo statement. The Editor of this pa
per will taku pleasure in ordering tickets
for such of hl friends as may wish It,
Thu Young Men's Dramatic association
will give an entertainment in tlio Atlio-
naium on Wednesday evening. Tho char
aeter of tho entertainment is indicated In
their advertisement, which will be found in
another column.
The young men deservo a full house,
Alley nave prepared a programme that
will scarcely fall to please, and are u strictly
homo organization. They incurred con.
siderablo exjionie In giving benefits to the
Orphan Asylum, and now that they pro
pose to reimburse tncmselves, our citizens)
stiould remomber them. Bead tholr nn-
nounccment, and lay aside fifty cents with
which, on Wednesday evening, to buy a
K. II. Cunningham has added a camel
department to his establishment In which
heexblblts all the new designs In Brussels,
Ingrains, oil cloths, rugs, etc., which ho
offers at prices which will iniuro their sale.
JKAi.oi sr, iiMinn ami nut isi:s.
Persons who passed tho corner of Will-
( nut and Sixteenth street, about 11! o'clock
m , yejtoruiiy, inigiu nave neurit a married
colored mall inform another colored In
dividual that ho was not nt nil pleaicd
with the attentions he bestowed upon lilt
wife. The same perom might have heard
the second individual declare that he didn't
euro a anap, or words to that effect, nnd
wn ready to take tho consequence. A
half hour later the samo brace of darkle
wero J0en wending their wny toward the
MMssnippI levee, and still lnt"r they
wcro seen coming home, both of them,
bruised and bloody. They hnd fought It
out, nnd wero siitifieil.
' i
TIIK7Illi:.lT.:lll.(i IIKJIKlU.
In thu spring of the year, nature de
mands mi iiMl'tntit In driving out the mor
bific stibstnnco collected In tho Mood,
which Is Mir it to gelierato bilious com-
plaints and derange tho entire human v.
tern. Tlio only remedy adequately elle.-
tunl In cases ot this character Is Mlshler't
Herb Bitters, which thoroughly purifies
the blood, corrects all the irregularities of
the system, re-Invigorates the general con
stitution, and produces perfect health nnd
good spirits wherti now is genoral debility,
nervousness, etc. For all diseases arising
from Impurities of tho blood, .Mlfhler's
Herb Hitters Is pronounced by the highest
medical authorities the mo't certain,
speedy, and agreeable remedy extant.
Thousands have tested It efficacy, and de
clare It is the greatest Assistant ol nature
In her coutllcl with dicae, thnt th" light
of fclenco havever brought to our knowl
dge. Sold by all druggists and d-ah r.
Dr. H. B. Hurtman &: Co.. Pre-nrietow.
Lancaster, Pu.
mOciwll wltw.
J-t. Mcliol.ii Hotel, Mr , lfc"0.
S. Wlsmiin, Springfield, Ohio; .1. A.
Kenny, .'lileago, lib; David Bine, Mo.;
J. P. Ileiiiiiim, Mo.; Stephen Brod water,
Mo.; G. W. Tanner, llnllard Co., Ky.;
Samuel Clark, Chlcugo, J. M. Kinr
son, Chicago, III.; .Mr. Chnmbers and fam
ily, St. Loull, M04 Samuel Shoffer, Day
ton, Ohio; Wm. K.Norton, Du Quoin, 111.;
V. .1. Hill, Mo.; Henry Kleoner, Ky.; J.
Shruaet, Arkansas; F. Barges, Arkansas ;
James Marks, IVutu C. H. Ilowlett, Tenn
J. J. .Messrluth, Tciin C. Choi, and wife,
New York ; M. Mechet and wife, Pari,
France; K. Monteathe, New Orleans; J.
Lemnne, St. James, Franco; W. H, Choji
man and wife, Centralln, ill.
This popular and eligibly located house
of public entertainment is now fitted nnd
furnished throughout In good style; and,
under the management of Messrs. Walker
Je Sllsson, is doing a l..rgo nnd thriving
btiiilness. It Is kept upon the Kuropean
plan tho guest calling for what ho wants
nnd when ho wants it, whether In the day
or night time, nnd paying only for whnt
ho orders. The room nn1 large and clean,
furnished with the be.t of beds and bed-
.11 ...i.ti- .11 ..1 ........... . r .1.
uinir, wiiiiu hu inner I'.-uum.-t ui me i-
lKl,ri.l1.,...i,t ar HrrunL.,Ml with nn e.IM..cial
I'VH n 1110 rouuori linn coiiveniuiiro in inn
guests. Jnfitf. 1
.... . . t , 1 . . .1. .
Illlt IL lit MillV AM) TllllisTt t
Knew ye that at tho Kgyptlan llrewcry
Saloon, corner of Tenth street and Wash
ington avenue, can bo found. In their
greatest purity, Wei" Beer, Seller, KUsfii
gen and Soda Waters, the real, genuine A
No. 1 Lager Ibvr and Wines, Liquor,
Cigars, etc.
Cold or hot meal let to order. "Come,
listen to the mocking bird I'
CHAS.SCIUHN'M KYKIt, Proprietor.
May 9, 1870. dim
t. M.r. .1.
The tlrt publin meeting of the Young
Men's Christian .Woelnlioii, will be held
at the Methodist church on .Monday evw.
Ing, May IHh. commencing at eight
After tho transaction of huslrif a short
nddres, relative to the aim ami object of
this Association will be delivered by Itev.
C. H. Foote, followed by a recitation by
Mr. B-ulicri Yoeiim. Theso exereion
with in u sic and o minute kpeecbe. will
form the general features of th evening's
entertainment. Admission fn. Kvery
blv is cordially Invited. it.
3IILI.IM.ltl AMI ll.Uli liOOlis,
Mrs. Addie Huek, between Ninth nnd
Tenth streets, has Jnt retuniwl to Cairo
with n beautiful stock of millinery and
hair goo Is; all kinds of hair oinnmenti,
ribbon, nets, etc. Shu has tho latest stylo
of dress hats for l.idic. and children a sua
sides. Framosof ull shapes and colors, and
Illusion of every shade. Her stock of arti
ficial Dowers cannot bo surpassed In Cairo.
Mr. Buck will dress hair in any dosirabla
styl", having visited tlio hair dressing e
tabllsliincnl In tho .Southern Hotel and of
Madame Caiubell, in St. Louis, with an eyo
to the especial benefit of her customers in
Cairo. 111 11 111.
Go to J, O. Bagwell, Photographer,
corner Kighth street, nnd Ohio Levee, for
pictures, Carte do Vi.ites, etc. Huving
mado arrangements with some of tho best
artists of our large cities, he respectfully
solicits orders for copying und enlarge
Ing old pictures. Call ut hl rooms mid
see specimens of work In that line,
up Idtf
L 1311' LxI'LOMOXs;.
Will the people avoid theso dangers In-
using a genuine article, which is perfectly
safe and has tho reputation of being tho
best I11 iiu 7 It is the Aurora Oil. It
gives a brilliant light, and can bo had at
95 Ohio I.oveo. Cull and cot the ehcimoit
9ght in use. tf
A pocket diary with cash account nnd
memorandum. Owner's nnmo written on
fly leaf. The Under will bo duly reward
ed by leaving It at the book store of II, A.
Hannon, m"t?.
Twill sell on Wednesday morning,
1 Mify 11th, lit 10, a. ni., at thu reildenco of
i ,(. (, Jlumphrev's on liiiilitli beyond ni-
nut, n lot ot liousciioid goods, consisting
1 of bedlcad, wardrobes, bureaus, wash-
I stands, centre tables, carpets, stoves, cook-
I Ing uton'lh chair?, etc., etc.
, I). HAltTMAN, Auctioneer.
t The use of the dirty, hair staining pre
paration', slncu thu Introduction of Plus
Ion's Vititlhi, or Salvation for the Hair.
With mat velotis precision it produces the
exact shade of colordelrcd, and is literally
transparent nnd jiudolillng. Sold by all
druggets and fjtiry sood dealers,
cott.kii: nut UK.vr.
The comfortable und well arranged Cot
tage, on tbo corner of Washington avenue
mid Division tre"t, will be rented to u
, (.miil (n
uMhuut ,
rins. 'I wo
nil complete.
Amdvto T.O'CAijLAHAN. m'.lfit
(Jim hundred luilf-barrcls of Choice
Family Flour, suitable for tho trade, for
sale at tho Kgyptlan M Ills. apll idtf
Coo i, airy and splendidly venlllntod
rooms, can bo had at tho Saint Charles,
with board, during the hot aurnmor months,
nt rtry low prices. Families can lie ac
comodated during the aliovo period, with
our most desirable rooms, at alarytdtdntU
ion from regular rates. dtf
The St. Nicholas llllliurd Hall Is one
' "f nrS'l n"1 furnished In the
It is the retort of both citizens
1 nnd
strangers who indulge In billiard
Cunningham isotlering Inducements in
linen goods, which will Ikj found to bo -0
percent, less than In any other house in
the city. If.
The Continental i the only cook stovo
with sliding oven doors. Warrunted in
all respects. Pitcher A Henry, at 192
Commercial avenue, cor. I'.'tlr street.
Thev never tiro the eyes, iiu-y aro
warranted not to break. They areperfec
In every particular. G"'t a pair from
Tuber tiros. Sec advertisement of "Per
fected Spectacles." mny3dlmltw
Good Cotton Socks, only 15 cents per
pair or $1 'J5 rents per dozM nt P. Nclfe,
No. 79, Ohio Levee. tf.
Just Bkckivm). The Shoo Fly Klllot
ami Don't Ilodder Mo Hats and caps at
P. Neffs, No. 70 Ohio I-cvee.
Kxtra Inducements In white goods, ho
siery, gloves, notions, handkerchiefs, etc.,
at Cunningham's. tf
Youths' boys' and Children' clothes, a
less than New York nrlc(f. will be sold
this week, at P. Nell's, regardless of cost
..,i.i.. t,m ,. ,.,mi,. ..,
Clothing for the million at
P. Nell No
79 Ohio lvoo. The best gr! In the city
will be found nt this house. tf
Hverythlng in the IkxiI and shoe line for
gentlemen's wear at I'.lliott, Ilaythorn &
Cos. isil20l3t.
JceT received nt Mrs. C. McOees.aflne
assortment of- .MiiiKs' and ('iim.luen'i
Mior.4, ofevery style and description,
TIIK liKSP IN t'SK-Knders Chill
i :() OM.UsSItX'IAI, avi:.mi
.tin: sKi.Lixii
Men'. Fine Stout Horgatis..,
M 25
Men's Huff Hal..
Men's Calf Boots
a 50
1 '.'5
1 50
Woiie-n's l'lne 1. 11. ting i'ol, Itotte
Women's Fine lint!' Ilal
Women's Calf Pol. Ilal
1 75
Women's Fine Lasting Gaiter $1 00 2 00
Children's Shoes 25 1 2.'
(ochI Call Hoots tor two dollars and
seveiity.five cents onlv at P. Nell's, No,
79. Ohio I.vee.
Kl'slngen, Selter, and Blue Lick
atcrs, nnd all tho other variety of
waters from the celebrated' spring of Gor
many and America, on draft and for sale
by the glass gallon or barrel at the drug
storo ot U.T. Whltuker, No. 108 Commer
cial avenue, Cairo ills. apll2tf
I'eitohu, riulucs.li; lan,M,l, Col t
' iliirey. " -in J Hale. Cini
llelln Memphis, ML; Mullle firitts, Memphis,
.lii ur 1111, jiiit iiiiMiis,, 11 nrnuu, SI I.OUIS1
l ily nf Csiro, Iron. hies.
u J Wicks, " i: III loirs li, "
Liimsnei, .slivllle, Mirete,
Lums,eii,'ailmle; Iliihicon, '
'lali.man. " MaryAlio,
Cujr of Allon, Vieksbj llrntsl Tiger, "
UleuiM, llvsnstllle: MJn.eph, "
City of i:anllle, " Alx-ons. "
lii lls L-e , .V O; 'I Imniiitnn Pean,
ut -air
Heu-, Poineror.
Mllhrev, I'udiienli: Pan Able, Columlms;
I'eliolm, " Mollle Orals, 1'uJ;
lit He Memphis, Memp" Mlnnrol.i,C'ini
C II Chureh.
M Joseph, "
hnniJ Halo. '
Ironmles, pitta;
Mireie, Slirerport;
iilncon, Viekkb;
Mary All e, N U,
Mlswdd. F.vansville;
Oil of Kransrllle,
City of Allon, tea Louis,
City nf Cairo, "
Hel Lee, '
Dexter, "
Liimsilrn, Naihillle;
V 11 Ilrown, bt I.oula; llenul Tiger,
The weather cleared up on Sunday
morning and has slnco been very
Tho river Is falling slowly having re
ceded only twelve Inches since Saturday
Tho .Mississippi Is about stationary at St.
Louis, but no rlseof conscquenco is reported
Tho Ohio is rising slowly nt Pittsburg
with Ave feet wator In tho channel. It is
falling al Tulivllle with Ave feet water
in the chute over tho falls. It Is also full- '
Ing rapidly nt Kvansvllle.
ihu Cumberland Is fulling with 0 feet ,
on Hnrpcth shoals.
Iliulnryl has been virygood since hist
report and a largo amount of freight has
been received anil reshipped.
The City of K vansville brought 300 pkys
furniture, C:f hogs and considerable as
sarted freight for rcshlpmcnt South.
J no lillowild brouglit 1,7.10 bajs corn,
101 bbls llour, 75 bbls whisky, UUton sun-
dries for shipment South, nnd several lot..
leather and sundries for St. Louis.
The Llimsdcn was detained 2,1 hours !
hind her time by thu gale of last Saturday
morning. Mm brought ftO? Minis tobacco,
170 bbls llour for reshlpmont South, and
100 pkgs cedar ware for St. Louis. Shy
returned but night with nearly a full load
of produce nnd groceries.
The 'talisman brought II I hhds tobacco
for New Orleun, I 'J sks feathers for ro
shlpment North per I. C. it. 11., 1!0 tonx
pig Iron for Grand Tower, and lf ton- bur
Iron, cedar w are ard sundries for St. Louis,
The Thompson Dean Is tilling out here
with ovor .100 hhds tobacco, 20i)0 sacks
corn and considerable assorted freight.
Tho Great Uepiibllc,.Shreve, Ilelln .Mem
phis, Church and Itubleon all received more
or less here.
The Petrolla brnvisl the storm nnd made
her trip to Pndtifuh and back, although
slightly behind time. The Mllbrey lost
one trip. Iloth lKnt will lenvi- punctually
this evening.
The Thompson Dean leaves nt an early
hour this nfternoon for N. O.
The Talisman leave, positively to-night
for Nashville ntnl nil points on tli- Cum-
Wrlaud river.
The Wrar mill Trnr of llii.liirs I. Iff.
Tlieestesanil Utrs of Imsires. ,(r te ,l l'i
till severely upin the health eii'l eoiitltiili,!i ft
Ilia anient, rii,,r);etl' Ikj. ne.s man, ami ,ii llir
need 01 s-lnr li.UilMn Renl la felt, sliinblaHla
that cause only a teui,rry exhdaraii ,n, mil
lMe the .y.li'iii in a stale nfpnitlitl ets is In n
their lirst Hteci lias i.k,,I sre too often le.
.01K1I to. As riTta'uiy as 11, Ihik Ulmi I it
reslillum of R-hrs, the use ut s,,nl(.-r.lil lqui.r
nf conuneren prO'lm-e. pretnalnroexhAaslioti an,
.local. Toiii'li Ihem n"l. Tom- rel fanl-b lh
oteiianet Titalina- hiliff.v vsitli HtMletter .t -in-Hitter..
In It.at ! li- U-.olnc .lilir. S 1 1 at -
hnlieeleineiit, hwh is ih en rest rteflll,le Irom
any Kiun'f, la leierel by Ineelinierst UM.f,
rirnt, aiili-Uliou. mi l nti-f,-l.nte ierUI,lr rx
tracts ah'l June. To .trenmlien. win t. ilav
ami purify tlie.i.leni 1a the mission of the (treat
vrtf.'Uliln speelhe. Wlu-n the stmna'-h I. m h
healthy elate, the imV tlowa regu,rly, ihe Louela
p riurin ineir hiik'h propiris, anil ii.e iri.'n,a.ii,- .
hhresnf the nerTOH.ay.leniMre in iwrfe.'! uurK-
1112 oiurr, an enunnoiis anioiini m lamriau is.
lajrlie ailllOlll f'.k nr IliCilltrnlefwe. ami Ihedl.
rect ellwt of the Hitters s to prolnle thl. new
ous enilltlin nf thn fimttmna tipvn Ills It the
nourishment nf the lly, and n eiwer or en.
ilurainT inanity il-!i, The great loni' ami a).
teratlea,therefre, emphali, ally rr nrmiieinlr.1
or li remsrkai.le atrenirt'ieninir p fttwrtu . to
alluH,n aalK.ni Ihe rr-lnsil,ilitiea ul lil pre-s
hentily, an t who f.l l,ke faiiiliiR umlrr the
liiirtheii, A lltely aepetlte, a aplendi'l Ime.tmn,
ela.no spirits, an, I a inarselnu. alulity toailh
auii'l fatistie, are ainonflhti hieaami;. Insti l a
rnheil tilhe rennatlni(0irralinn of ih.s i ,(n.
I4e and tlxeffut riirdiai, an I as a spill. i; n l i,m
mar al'rratiTe, tli-re i. intliiiiu tn the ititleri
Uieillen lluil ran Imi clnparel illi It
Will giv? sn eater'ainmr nt on
Wednesday Even'g, May 11
T Ills
In ahi h thrtilr-n.a erit . the
Pirate's Legacy
Will le presentel, The er.i.'ita anieal ;l thtl
emu In, If with the laitf lis.tleanl interest n I,
ltsueol lliu
Grrntxd DiitolioMii.
The entire perfjrmsai'e ,ll m inierapers, t
with '
Tlu Xcw Tow nnd Joli Hout
IP. . COVLTEli, Vaster,
,repared at all limes to rln rll kinds ail tun.
I tm and johhinx on the mint KasoiiiLlo terms,
lleiuiirtera nt Cairo, llllnuls.
pout ui;i:ui.v imcki.t
r-al'r's tiik Krr.AiiKit
leaves Cairo etery
m.ikini close connection with trains at
wint iasis roa
Parllrular sstlfntluss ts stay bisalnras
W. F. M'KEE & BR0
llmliiR perfivled lhlr arranReinenta for llu
At as LOW I'llICrN nallie sasiie quail.
ly or llrooiiia inn lie iiirclin tl
n,rf, iri-.i thn atore of O. P. U'llllmnkon.
nr at tha
MamifactoiT, on Thirlcouth street,
Will bo promptly attended to,
.Urilcra'hy mall should be addressed to
r; n. vnn w, caimw, nr..
r 1 hi, tut
11 a r a . .
i i
iaiiii, Tm,-,,rii
AI. n lit
(Us en to ull Avnllable Point
St. Louis .Cairo h New
Orleans Packet Co.
ni:. ii.it
:om.M(i.v v lo.s, i.'i'ii .
TIKI.llh(l. ii:a.n.
ami. 1.11: aiii.s
w. it. Allium.........
J 2'K",
-P.i All.
,M .1 (Mill.
il j
l',tl'l,I.K ('A HIISSI.I
l- mpr sin.; all tl,e Bnsl an l l.raest l)its nut nl
es. tHiia. .
V r N' w Orl-n Tl.e Steamer
Thompson Dean,
l'KI'l'i:it, . .... ...Mailrr,
Wi'l ae HtTTItl'tV !:, M ) "ill,
" untie. i,r at rl Orleans with las-all l.jnenu
blnall.c r- III
I.I vri(i,l, New Vnrls, lliialtm, ami (ittl
r ton, Trias,
Passenger act H'l't pera en relr on fine it llie.
I ,1. .ai ,k 1 t run, luai as al'ile.
til ALT filMii;,
lletieral Au'lit. Calm,
JP.-e. n Vharflxal. CnUii- (.an t nr
1 i.
i Memphis and bt. Louis
i 'Packet Company.
: IS70. :
Ihe Mn.s nir II ala ompr,a li,la Line ami "
run ia the f-Hikw.i.tf "pier
Memphis Packets
AM le
- n, Air teat Cairu,
1. IT
rtLLRST torts i if. i.y, i f.u - tur lajta ta
cur or c uiha ri.ura.ia) a k i id I.i.1 a.m
Mai n, Maa ,, ,
nn.UK mi anna. -aMiniar, i ,.i, . l,ur-., I a.m
ri.aa, fc.4Sff
Vicksburg Packets.
, Artive at 1,'allu s.,,1,11,
lia. ir.
MARIU.KI'ITT, V,el.j,t j.in Ti.
Jl i.fl I"
V I 111,
1 aiuiitAt.. ..
I IT ' AlA'i-
Frislay. I n, 111 'Sunday I a 1,:
Jo 'I
nnilCOS -Mrniay. I I. 11 Mea,, la . :,
11 I. I OH 1 IIM on I ,1
C nn- nignlM , 11. mil,
.NnrllirlM l.lnr la krl :iiiuii) ,
Ittnkllk 1'nrlsel t'lini im ,
(liualia Cache I S i.iiiati)',
and Vailuu. ItnlliiiHil I. In, a
At Memphis ih
.si, iiipllls ami Willie Itlver 1'iirltel Co.,
ArUan.x. Illrr I'ackrl oil, ial, y,
liiiiiilil mt C'hkrlraloii II. II..
and .!tUl.-lipl A. 'I'rllllt aa.e II. It
At V . kshuric s t .
Viiiii Itlver I'erSlrt., ai I
Vli lsaliiiiK '' .'lerlillan Itallriiad
tltnr iiifufci. ! ej -.ato i
il I I,, 61,1 , r, ' 1 r,
.1 IW T HlM'f fienefa Aten'
1 i:l: e mi n narldAat.
I. f-'l HI. r 1 ' ' I I -se,,
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
r , Consisting ot the follow nc
s s.f splendid pa-senger stenti.ers
.. Mk.1.1 I . . ( s
.vtry jtoiitlH)- nl I I',
IIA1!M1) Ma.rH ... ...te
l.riitea Kvsry Til urailny 11 1 1 1'.M.
John Lumsden
n.tVIt Ma-lei f fit
I lrf e l.erj huliitilry nl 4 I'. Jl.
' Tliroiich UI1N lulling (ilvcn Via. Nanh.
title iiml Cairo I'ncI.eU und
lircin l.lne"
To .nHlnllle. S'linlliiiuiiicn, Trim. 1 AI
Inula, s liitiitina, Itoiiir, Miiroii, I S.
SJuInt. WiS I'uliit. Ill orffHMrn, Mil.
iiuiii siii.i Knirtiiiis, ato,.i.
KiMiiriy, .Mil 1 S tiarlilnn. . I .) Krllim,
.In.. Suiiinnh. la.l l 1 1 III I II U t OU. .. '.!
I t olllllllilu, S.S .. li
inn.' t inviir
lll.in, a. iiii'",
Agent ut t'ulro
j Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company.
rlKMir ' l.VKH, Pres't. I SAM J. IIAl.K. t-ee'
(ru t'om'd of thn fullauine nr.i
'flv'tj' class Ktainefa.
AI.ICK ISKAV ... lohn f-uak, Master
ItOII'T III lt.h Prank hum
.SII.V.MItil.A U. ll.Jlil.f r "
MI.VI'.ll .IISSII. Hen M. Merrielaa
H3t J. IIAI.i: I'. Walker "
Oiiunf thealxiT" aiiii'iidld stcatm ra Iraio Cairn
for Memphis rry Tiie.diiy and haniidiy, sud
for L'liiciuoUl every Ft May and ratunl.iy.t
til As. T. HINDI:, Axrni, mi", III.
Iirtiee rn Vhar.l.t,l.
tvansville and Cairo
Packet Company..
tfiSSSa. Consisting ol tho follow
-fWj;s;,Sjilendld Passenger Stea '
rOWLRIt Maaterl W KtlWI.KIt,
f.eiea (uru tiuuday nud Thuraday at f, 1
OHAMMKH Master I l'fcK.MXCTO.V ClnrL
l.t ave. Lairn TUe.ila) and rrma) at A p, 111,
City of Evansville,
PHXTKII Mniirrl l'i:XNf!Ti)N...r(rU
l.fiive-l'olro WedneaWajs und bninrrinya al 4 1,111,
ConneotniH nt I', ilnenh vtiili Tein vttee riser
nackela, at rinitldand ullh ashvlde paeketi,, at
Kvnn.t illft with the n irnlur I'aeketa inr Lnulavllln
aid t'juciuiiAli, and Ihe M A I). H. It. Ifirnll points
orii. liiianin 1, 11m ur,,
v .(.JMBWlaHaH

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