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gttc lullistitt.
K.S'OTTl' PlIOIir.KM SOliI'l'D
JJBo (iJU-P) of U.o LiiH "
triet Court of Maryland, recently o
nounccd.diWn tlwt wlH M
milroiidnnd river men, Mel nnJ theater
All factor? solution of what rapMlj
bec.minpB perplexing q '""
Intl tilted ov n nrgru
.1,lm'd.n..e for Ulng jcctl .from u
...ii ,t r..eli. The .liulgo held th..t thfl
conductor l.nd no right to eject tho negro
onncMuntofh.ie.tor, '' tho negro
was claiming privilege! ami nocomouiuioi.i
he hud not paid for. "It U the duty,'
..n.lul tho Judgp, "of railroad
cWpAniK m common carriers, to provide
without nnv violation ofjthp rule of the
road. 'A railroad company tins tho sumo
rlchtto soparat bliwkrom thu white p.is
wngcw that It W to Stjwimto tho males
from the females, or gentlemen accompa
nied bx Indies from gentlemen unencuin
i i.in umiiiiar." This rlht tho
Judge asJtimed, admitted of no successful
denial, nut while such n right unques
tionably 'exists, It Is not lawful for any
company to tllscrimliiatn between passim
gcri who hnvo paid tho same faro, In the
quality of accommodations. Tho accom
modations must bo tlm same! but carriers,
undoubtedly have tho right to say that this
coach shall bo devoted to old men, this to
voung men, and that to no men at all-and
tinny of llietn have seen lit to oxcrolso
that "right.
In aecordanco with this principle separ
ate cars for colored people nronow runplng
on the Baltimore street railroad and on
soma of.tbo northern railroads. Colored
patrons of ll'altimoro street cars protested
agnlnst'tho arrangement, but found that it
found n warrant in law, 1 n 1 submitted as
graciously as they know how. '
Tho sainc principle- will, of course, apply
to hotels mid places of amusement. Tho
right of tlio proprietors of such establish
incnts to assign theli wlilto p
rniinnt liatllluslioticd. If the
son why this rule Is limited to
whv It mav nut. with tnunl
to the blinks, vu cannot see it.
i"Vi uro a well-preserved, liand
sonio oUUmuii, remarkably nmiablo and
That's what thu red-headud, oakum
whlskcred. calleo-cved, lulled lobtcr-
troiwlls l'n fee gator, hu Is undoubtedly
tlio.homcliest man In the United States.
And, us to his amiability tock a thousand
porcupines with It and they will immedi
ately quill each other to death.
ftSrOiiltn a warmth of feeling has sprung
up In St. Louis, on the question of public
schools. Tho Catholic or tho city, una
they number very largely, are arrayed in
bitter hostility against tho public school
faced, liltlo old splt-llro editor of thu l'a- in tlio ats, or tlicro will no noM-eiirlty for
1..1.U 11-1.1 ..... .i,it ,it,ipir "Willi Hf- 110 Ml suro thoy would dccldn oc-
ducah say about lilmicir. W 1 tha ordencJ ,, lcIr onl,18i
tho exception of .McCartney, or tlio Jio- tr,JiMn- !, ,i,ir....,.i ti,.. inn?.
ystem, and their priest do not hciltiitu to
' deuounco It its aiitl-Ulirlitlnti and n Meclc
' of Paganism ugalmt which Cathollcltm
will ever bo at war.
tar A family In Florid lot their little
boy, and they advertised for him in tho
daily paper. That afternoon an alligator
.umwUhI up out of tho tvamp and died on
thu front door-step. In his stoumcli were
found a handful of red hair, somo Initio
buttons, a e:!nn allev. a brass-barreled I1-
tol. a Sitnduy-kchool book and n pair of
check paut. Tho advertisement did it
tSf Thu KadlcHl, tho especial friends
. , . N and guardians uf tho colorwl race, main
" " tain an ascendency In quito all tho North'
rn States. Oovernor (ieary has appointed
,. . negro man to otllce. This is onu colored
. jiniui in otllce under radical Statu authority
'"' Who con point to tho second unu ''
ItSrTho contest for the Mayoralty of
' Virginia City, 'Nevada, was between Kaves,
n white, and -lllru, a colored i.iuiieal
Illrd did not reveivo tho volo of 0
white man, and consequently was defeated.
Tho vote etood i Kaves 703, Ulrd IDS.
fTlilrty-two applicants received the
Villi of L'oiitlrmation as mombers of tho
Taducah Episcopal church, on Sunday
lust. There Wh an Immcnso crowd of
rxv'tdlors. and no wonder. Such an oe-
-ricurrpnco in i'nUucah I
. ....
i3Ir. Kdmunds Is opposed to tho
irrantlhg of a pension to widow Lincoln
lie protests that tho I already rich, and
only seeks gevernmental aid to maintain
, lier inTiuropuyin her citnivngant aping
-Indiana Is n Jtadlcal State, yet her
' black laws," pas.ed In tho day of Whig
ascendency, stand 11 pen her elatutu book
unrciiealt'd. , .
- y: -r
. . , Merited, ttucttss.
fl-om'lli LoveuwrthCoinimTclI.J
Ilaru tiilfiitt and superior attainment do
not always hisurocompleto nuecess In this
merrieial and unajijia'Clatlvo ngej but
these, coupled w ith untiring energy, excel
lent butinuts qualifications uud a thorough
Uiywledgc of men und things, must event
uslly n.ure to their po-csor wealth and
This Is poculiurly ilh:trated by the suc
cess achitived by Jr. Uutts, of St. I.011L.
lie. Ian dvi.ta tho best years of his life to
cultlvatlbgeudimtiiralubllitle, and thor
oughly qualifying himself to bMtlo with
the wor.i furms of dUeaso that jmull tho
human syiiem. reiult is it practice o
exteiulve ui to .,, u.i i.i, 1;. r..,,,,.v..
.from his old luciuioi,, snd teuro rooms
kulucieiitly spaelou. to accoiiinioiliito his
numerous patlmits. 'J'JU hu lias accom-
piis icuiyoccupjiDg,ud funiUhlng ele-
.gautly and appropriately, an tutiro build-
's'f'M" -V'11' '" Mreet (No.
"."12), .between ilarbot and Chestnut streets,
, bt. Iioui.
t Dr. UutU has, bo.Uo t,0 Bd antage of a
; , superior wluwdW, a lurK mperieiico in
0 tho triiatiugjit of ehrualo dieas(, which
makes him in every wuy u mo,t Bkillful
'und trustworthy )ilivilciaii.
r.xTit AQitniN Aity mcknk in couiit
Tho closing scenes of tho .McFarland
trial are thus described by tlio itssociatcd
press reporter:
A lltlloafturll o'clock tlio Court onuncd.
and District Attorney Onrvln nruu ntid
commenced hU closing speech. Comment
ing first tition the oxtrnordinnrv lciiL'th of
tmio ol ino iriw. no ueciarcu u.
V , t .
I. 11U UL'tiniUl 11. 1IJU unit
t.r .1
of the Jury Mid himself to devote even
three tlnies as much time If necessary to
glvo the prisoner 11 fair trial, Passing on
to t no ease, 110 saw no man nau rigiu to
tako tho law in his oKA hands; 1'orhaps
Iticharusou and Mrt. Jlcrarluiid wore hi'
njccntj Itlchardson wns a brave man, who
had devoted himself to tho service of his
country during tho Into .war. V,w he 11
likely man to dishonorably seduce 11 man's
wife .uorcovor, it was jiniikeiy that
Hlchatdsou would marry his mistress:
men never do except wider compulsion.
McKarlund had riven up his wlfu'fur years ;
divorce- was had, and, on. his death-bcu,
ItichanWm married Jlrs. JicFarhmd a
puro woman. I ho ucrenso acknowledges
tho commission of tho deed, hut .say It
was tlio docd,-of an Insalio. limn. In the
same breath they say that ho was juitiflod
in slaving an uuuitercr. . xnis is not logic
al. They must take elthor stand. Thoy
can't protend to Justify thotfoedof an In
lane man. ,Tho prosocution takes for
erantod that th.o prlsoner.ii insane. .Such
is the hw ii IboyVlll be Informed by tbe
Court. yTilliout entbrlng Jnto , tho ques
tion of Ihfl naturoj, ndNalgns1 of Insanity,
any juror, any lensibie jnao, can decide
when a man JMhuf. Garvin contended-the
defense nothlni: more than theJntcnso ex
citement caused by tho prisoner's troubles
ana unconiruiauio impuuo. Tinis was
merely the pawlon of ungor, and could
nover oxcuso or Dalllato crime. Oarvln
denied that the cases of Sickles and Cole
wertJ parnllol onos. for their acts were
dona uddonlv. undor axultoment. wlillo
won iney siiouiu navo ueen cofivicicu 01
111a samo uegreo 01 inuruur.
Tho District Attornov then reviewed tho
tcstiinoiiv, sh owl nir that on tlio dav of tho
snooting dicfariaud snowed an lutlmato
knowlcUi.'aontichardi'oirt-hnbits. raid lav
In rallfdr shlm, bowing ,pramod.ltat!nn
iiiuj uesigu ; ni) icuncu torwaru wnen men
ardson entered, and flred and luado his cs
cape, in this aro exhibited mcinory.
clair and Mr. Greeley, - an-attempt as
absurd its nnsustaincd iiy tho cnucncc.
Mr. Garvin expressed tho conviction
that the Juron believed In' MoKnrlnnd's
Suilt, but thero might bo doubt as to tho
egrco of guilt; if of murder, lot him bo
iiuugcu; 11 01 manslaughter, let nun go 10
State prison. Tho Inw must bo vludlcuted
Tho accused Is not to bo convicted ornc
.quitted upon the speeches of counsel, or
convicica upon 1110 prejuuico lowaru 1110
dead or liying, or bccuuso public policy
may ucmanu 11 ior an example, xuoy
must conscientiously reject overy ract or
clrcumstanco In evidence which In their
estimation cannot illustrato the question of
sanity or Insanity or of mallets or which
doeis not' bear upon tho timo, place, made
and act of killing. Tho stuto of domestic
relations, it 'iu not material tor incm 10
adjudicate Tho question was, how did tho
jl 1 ., i in 1.1 1 .11.1
ririsonur uciievu hihiui viiwiii, hiiu huh um
hat bollof Im'pMS hi mind, with sanity
or insanity ?
Tho Kocordcr thon proceeded to charge
substantially every proposition of tlio
counsel tor tlio dciunse iion tue subject 01
Insanity, and continued:
"If you belioved that tlio accusod armed
himself with n loaded dtol and nought
out tho deceased and shot him upon a
grudge mid with malice, Intending to kill,
lie U guilty 01 murder ill tiiu urn negrcn.
11, having n loaded iistoi, no suoi 110-
cvasvd wiliiout iiituni or design to iaKU
life, and in tho heat of p.nlon, then it may
bo oitlier maiisiaugiitur in 1110 iiuru or
fourth dOL'n e.
The iioconiorincn ciiargcu inosi 01 iiiu
points asked by tho defencu as to tho tlrst
. . . . .... ... . . 1 . . -1
shooting, vir.: inuiii caiinoi 00 iiikuii
as uvidenro 01 manco uiiicsi 1110 iiroseuu-
tlnii kutulled them that tlio sliooUiit? was
folonous and not In a stuto or insanity.
Tbolurv aru to discard It from their con-
siduraiiou mioguiner. sie ueciiueu 10
charge that non-prosecution of thu defend
ant tlioreforo Is strong evidence of an act
not deemed a crlmo at tho timn of Its com-
mission. Thu upholding or prostration of
thu marrlago rolutlon should have nothing
to do with their verdict. Fourlerlsm,
fruu love or n'litiiiientiili.in "h 0110 hand.
and moral rehVctlon upon tho conduct of
thu deceased man or llvinir woman on tho
other hand, uru not lcgltmately to affect
their verdict. Tho lullxiblo rule of Jurors
should be that an acrcrlcvcd husband or
relative who takes thu correction of
wrongs Into bin own hands with it pistol
or knifo, and Is not insane when ho did
tho correction, is not to bo acdulttcd bo
cause it Is the duty of any man to uphold
tho sanctity of thu marrlagu tlo unassisted
bv leiral nnxueduro. Jf the prlsloner took
thn law Into Ills own hands in a statu of
eanltv and with malice, he is culltv of fel
onous killing, if in 11 statu of Insanity,
hu in not guilty.
At threo o'clock tho Jury retired, They
re auuearod In court at tun minutes to live,
Tho silence of death provalled as they took
their scats, and McKiirliuid turned as palu
as u sheet. Tho foreman dually nuu to
answer tho usual question, ami McFarland
stood up to face tlio lurv. lie trembled
violently and clutched tho railing besido
him as if for support.
"Is the prisonur at the bar guilty or not
guilty?" came tho question at last,
"Not guilty I" was tho answer.
Tho sceiio beggar description. Tho
whoiu audience lumped to their feet and
cheered ns though determined to shako tlio
building to its lounuaiious. r.ven tuo
Court olllcurs Joined in cheering. Men
and women sprangovorseats and struggled
for tho privilege of shaking McFarland by
tho hand. Ladlu divided their attention
between tho liberated man and hi counsel,
whom thevbivUhod with thanks. McFar
land was very much att'ected, mid Jlttlo
l'ercv. In I11 Joy, Jumped upon' a chair,
and waving a handkerchief lent his voice
to thu cheering.
A New York special to tho St. Louis lie
publican describes thu scene that followed
thu announcement of the acquittal, as lol-
lows ;
Never before has such a wild scene- been
witnessed In a court of Justice as took place
at Uvu o'clock this afternoon in tho old
brown stonu building in tho park, when
the Jury in tho McFarland case rendered
a verdict of not guiltv. Thn old gentle
I l.i.l. .nt .....1 tl.r. M.MMlAft ,,t n-
atrons soais, 1 iXr ; . -"',""", i "viw M"b
ro is any rea-1 '10 'lofeiisoiiaiLtriod every question rx-
thn whites I cepi iiuinier, onu naa worxoa ioDiacKcn
farm, nnnlv I tho characters of Mrs. Calhoun, Mrs. Sin
Tlae Cairo' Bulletin,
men 'who huvo been connected with tho
court for moro than forty years, stBto thut
thov never saw mien 11 scene during mcir
ontlra career. Tho jury retired almost
preclsolyat 3 o'clock. When they wcro,
ouV-an hour. thu general Impression, was
that thoy would not agree; out 11 was re
marked that tho Jury In .tho Sickles caso
was out oho hour ond twenty minutes,
which fact was quoted to show that this I
Jury might still agree. WI1011 they llrit
retired mey sioou icn ior iicqtiiiuu mm
two for conviction. When thlsy, enmo In
at Ave minutes beforo tlvo o'clock, Uia of-1
Accra of thn court, ni It anticipating tho
great scene to cfiuO,,CTlod out: ''Order
must bo maintained in the court.'' Tho
otidlcneo, who worn packed in such a man
ner that tlioru was not oven Stan ling room
for a small boy, wuro still and broutbless
whllo tho court asked tho Jury whether
tliov hod agreed upon a vurdict, and thu
excited crowd did not even wait for Mr.
Urown. the foreman, to pronounce the
words not guilty, In full. Tho moment ho
said "not," thuro arosu such hurras, ueh
cheer us almost shook tho building. Thu
words weru repeated, "wo mm iamui
McForland not guilty," when up Jumped
men and women, again and again
giving expression to their long pent-up
feelings In a manner almost Impossible to
describe. Tho women Jumped upon tables
in th'eir eagerness to reach thu prisoner
and his oounsul. Sevoral ladies again and
again kissed Mr. Graham, who shed tear
profdsciy in nceoptlng tho congratulations
of tho ladles. Mr. Graham said, "Well,
when a man gets In between tho man and
wlfo ho must bo shot, 1 lmvo always sud
so. and always shall. Thero can bo 10
.other law than that for this class of co
Again, to auothor group of ladles, wio
kissed him repeatedly, ho said, "Well) 1
assure you that I feel proud to receive yilir
thanks, and I um prouder than I woifld
bo If you wcro gentlemen. 1 can only
say I am proudof having p1caed tho la
dles, and 1 hope 1 shall always bu able to
picAso them." A woman rushed up to Xr.
liarscn, tho (Icrman juror, and oxelnln;ed
"You've done your duty nobly, (Jod bi'M
you I" McFafhind's brother appeared to
bo much .moro allVcted than tho prisoner.
Ho wa bcartly congratulated on account
of his brother's iieqilltal, and shed teirs
freidr. The prisonur himself n-malrivd
calm, notwlthstimdliig tho fact that lltllu
l ercv, W IIU Willi eciiemeni, iiuiik iiiuuuu
his ni-ek and kissed and blessed him con
tinually. Tlio niomont ho was discharged
bv tho court hit took a carriage, accom
piinled bv his brother, for tho latter's up
town residence. Hut all along tho routo
ho was greeted with tho most enthusiastic
Tucsdu)' 1'rucci'diiigs.
Mr. Vox moved to insert tho Article on
Hlght of Sutl'rago among those to bo voted
upon suparutely.
Tho section was then adopted ayes 01,
nays 30.
Skc. 0. This Constitution shall be sul
mltted to tho peoplo of thu Statu of Illinois
for adoption or rejection, at an election to
bo held on tho llrst.Suturday In , A.
II. 1870. and there shall bu submitted at
tho samo time, for adoption or rejection,
Tho Article in relation to iiaurouus;
Tho Articlo in relation to Warehouses;
Tliu Atllcle In relation to Counties;
Thu Articlo in relation to Sutl'rago;
And also thu section in relation to thn
Illinois Central railroad tux;
Tho aectlon In relation to the removal or
n 1.. u-i.
The section in reiaiion 10 .siiiiuruy iwjji
rcscntatlon ; and
Thn section in relation to Municipal
Subscriptions to railroad or Vrlvato Cor-
nn rations.
J .. . 1 . , ll II.
Kvury parson entitled to vote under tho
provisions of this Constitution, as denned
In tho articlo In relation to "Suflriigo,"
shall, on said first Suturduy of July. A. I).
1811, be entitled to votu tor thu adoption
or rejection of this Constitution, and lor or
... ... . .1 . , - ,.1
against tlio ariicics aim perilous nioremini,
separately Mibmltted; and thu said quall-
lled oleciurs sunn voin 111 iiiu iisuiii miin',
of voting, unless otherwise provided, mid
thu saiil elections snail 00 lonuncmi lie
cording to the law now In force regulating
elections; procwWj kuivtrrr, that the polls
shall bu kept open lor the reception of 'bill
lots until sunset of said day of election.
Thu following sections weru aduptsl
without amendment:
Sf.c. 10. Tho Secretary of State shall,
at least twenty days beforo said election,
causo to bu delivered to the several County
Clerks biank poll-books, tally-11t atsl
forms of return, and twko thu number f
prepared printed ballots for thu said elec
tion t li ut thero are voters In such counties
tiie expense whereof shall bu audited mid
paid as oilier puniic pruning ordered ny
tho Secrutary of State Is, by law, required
to bo uudileu and paid; and the several
County C'ierk shall, at least Uvu days be
foru stud election, cailo to ho distributed to
tlio board of election, In each uleetluu dis
trict. In thulr respective counties, said
blank poll-books, tally-IUts, and forms ol
return, and tickets.
Skc. 11. At the said election thu ballots
shall bu in tliu following form:
For the now Constitution, ami or till
the Articles and sections which are not
canceled with ink or pencil, on tho follow
ing ticket; and A'lrinst tho new Cuiutitu
tloii, mid against all thu Articles and sec
tions wlilch aru canceled with ink or pen
cil on thu following ticket;
For tho now ConMitiitiuii.
For Article entitled Itailroads.
l"o r Articlu entitled A'iireliou.ses.
For Articlu entitled Counties.
For Illinois Central ittiilroad Tax.
For Minority Itcprcsciitatlou.
For thrco-tlftlu votu to rcmovo County
For prohibiting Municipal Subscrip
tions to Jlailroads or privatu corpora tions.
Tho parts of said tickets which aru not can
celed liy tho electors shall bo counted and
returned by the Judges of election us cast
for this Constitution, and for tliu Articlu
and suctions acpcratcly submitted, as
aforesaid; but the parts of said tickets that
aro canceled shall bo counted and returned
as against such Articles and sections n are
thub separately submitted.
Tho report of tho Committee on Schod
tile was then taken up in Commltto of
the Whole, Mr. Anderson being in thu
Tho following sections wcro adopted
without change:
'rti.. InfrmVNiilntipii mm' iirUn from
the alterations and amendment- made In
tho Constitution of this Stute, mid to carry
the same into complete effect, It Is hereby
ordained and duehired:
Skotion 1. That all laws In force, at the
adopilonof this Constitution, not Inconsis.
tent therewith, and nil riiilit", action?
nil riiiht. actions, I
prosecutions, claims and coritrtcU ol lb 1
State, 'individuals or bodies corf orato shall
continue to bo as valid as if this Constitu
tion bad not been adopted.
Skc. ' That all lines. pouaU'.es and
forfeitures, duo and owing to tie State of
Illinois under tho present Constitution
and laws, shall Inuro to the uss of thu peo
ple of thu Statu of Illinois um.'ur this Con
stitution. Skc. 3. r,ccogtiIzaiicf, lends, obliga
tions, and all other Indruwcnls entered
Inioiir executed beforu the adoption of
this Constitution, by the people "f the
Statu of Illinois, to any Stalu or county
otllcur orpublic body, (hull remain bind
ing and valid, and "rights and liabilities
upon tiio samo sliall continue and all
crimes and misdemeanors shall bo tried
and punished ae though no cliangu had
bcun made In the Constitution of tills
Section wa amended by adding section
22 of the Judiciary Articlo :
St-, j. ('nnnlv Courts, for thu triin-
uclion of cotuitv business In roimtlns not
having udopted township ortrnUatlaii,
shallcontlnueln existence, '' exerelio
their present Jurisdiction Kiitll thu Hoard
of Coiratv Coiiilnissli'-iers provided in this
Constitution, isowaiilr-cd in pursuance or
an iictofthutJeneral Assembly.
Tho l.Vuiitv Judges and Clerks of County
Courts, In ollleo it tliu adontioii of this
Constitution, shall hold their olEoj until
thofxplriitlon f their rc-pccllvu terms,
and thu County Courts now in oxUtenco
shall have thu sumo power and Jurisdiction
thoy now possesses, until the Judges and
Clerks of County Courts, provided for by
this Constitution, shall bu elected and qual
llled,nndsuch other jurisdiction as may bu
provided for by general law.
Sections & and 6 weru slightly amended.
Sec. 5. All oxUting courts which are
not in this Constitution spccillcully enu
merated, shall continue) In uxUtencu and
exerclso their present Jurisdiction until
olherwhu provided bv law.
Skc. 0. All persons filling any ofllco or
aiinointinunt, shall continue in thu oxer-
edu of the dutle thereof, according to
their respective rininisiion or appoint
incnts. tinlo4 bv till" Constitution it !
S.ttioii tl nrovliWs tlint the Constitution
shall be submitted to thu peoplo 011 the
llrst Saturday in .luiy. isi, at wnicn elec
tion uverv Hereon entitled to votu by thti
Aartkiluon Sullruge, sluill be entitled to
vote! and names the Articles 10 no tuo
mltltd seliuriltclv.
The balance of Tuesday's proceedings
relate chielly to Look county, and arc
therefore, omitted.
Saivv-tion for the Hair.
V Ratoring lo'&trx Hair its
Original Cofoi
Phalon's "VITA,, dificrs
utterly from aJtlic "dyes,"
colorcrs,'V!ind " restorers "
(?) in ufse. It acts on a
totally dWercnt principle. It
is limpidfragrant, and per
fectly innoctJcvys, precipitates
no imiddv or fla&vdent mat
ter, rctiuircs no shaTung tip
and comnutnii'aN.'S no tain to
the skin or the lincy. No
paper curt am is nectary to
conceal its titdWJ'pc.uance,
for the sitTLte reason that is
wt turbyf. It is, to all intents
ami ptrfjXMics. a nkw discoviry
ui ToilrY CMu'inisrvv.
' V'itai.ia" ic
warranted to i-
it i iiaiiL:e
in the color 01 'in f..ir within
10 days after tho firstipplica
tion, the direction' being
carefully observed..''
Dollar per Box,
NiNii pv 1 Mirn.Ks.
Sold iiy AU.QRUGr,isTs.
If your Driiggis has not
" Vitalia " on ham write, en-
forward it r
ii.ln 8c Son,
17 Broadway, N, T
77ie nam:.
si'i.KMiin ciianci: for ixvr'nir.XT
In north liHllaril,t'onlaliilni! about laim-ien i nch,
f risi it M I isiif hiuMiiwliill iiecorurv I-I.ijmm-.
;hi (inu of tliciu; uml 11 'UlsK1' lrl.im, s'.ilile.
uikI one of tl.o llni'.i lultici-n lirn in 11,
ion itinorier. Tlie farm-h in llie mir .i tn'i.n'.
eo KIWIliX region ni neiiini-h) . u hik -il 1
ferine critic nouum. nnn ro iiiii'iti.
Kvirv Arm ill' llm l.lillil
im miHriiitllilo Ut the mnht sliecesHfill cil'UviUlon
Th fwin-J !, imdH.ll losoi.i s.Taniiciy or in
' yut terms and further piirtlriilurs shiilynn the
premises or to Z. W lithiii,
lilaielvlllrs j',jMjj."r
' Cairo) Illinois,
Minh 3J, l0-Uvrtt
Price, 6nt
May IS.
a. a.
STo. 69 Ohio Levee,
XllW i:.llllitM lllC
Largesti Best Selected Stock
In tho Clly, mid offers ImliiroiuciilH wlilcli tin tstlior Jhuiko run offer. Spcclnl
IimIiicoiih'iiIh In
Drape do France, Drape de Lyon,
eros Urrazns.
AKu n (iood AsHorlnienl ol"
Colon! Silks and Silk lDepliiisS
lSeaver IS rami Pure ISlaclc Jlolmir,
Superior for Summer M'cnr to imy ollit-r In (lie Jlnrket.
A new liiiariulloii,'Clcliralc(l
nroveltiefsin Summer Dress Goods
t'oii'lHtlntr of (Jrcnndlncc, Lawn, JnconetR. rprcalox, Jnpiiiiei- 1'oplliiH, etc.
White ana
In the ncu-CHl
White Goods!
iiirt inoHt nnnrovccl makofl ol' IS'ain
Hookn. Cambrics. Mulls.
ol ., and a, comploto stoclc 01
Hosiery) filoves, Notions, Knibroiilerics, Laces, 1UJ)
IHH1S. J TlimiUIIgN, cic.
arpets !
Theiiiilesl Designs in Hrussels, Ingrains, cU:9
irytiti uMi to Mitvc nioiify huy your Kisitilmit .'iiiiiiIiikIiiiiiim.
"I'lilr Doalliitf uml l.ou l'rlrt'H" 1 hU mollis, lie Keep ili
luruuot lo'K oI'Mupli! kooiU in the city ami IIh III cat at liuiiri'
thai s-aaiiot hu liiHli'rsolil. A!m u smmiiiiU-Iu aorlaiLiit ol'llalx.
ltnolaii Slmt-s, l'ariilliliiKiood, civ. inllilltn
gT. CIiAIK JIOTi:ii.
or.TIHril nnil Jlnrkrl Nlri-rl. j
Terms $'J i't-r If.iy. 1
Honsc Fflriiisheil wilh Best Sorio;. Bcfe
iV-V-sni'im-nti .llyl nlM. ll f'r nil lit ns '
l,i II' nil n. H. "ii'i ni'-iuui'i.H o'i'iwi !r fl
' J.CHKSI.KV, l'roprlt lor.
j.j .n. niiii:.v,
iKritrir.Ti Iicri, Irrrlniiita ot 'nlro.
co.n.m.ssio.v .ui:itciiA.T
Xii. 711 Ohio I.cvpc,
Njirrlnl Htleiillnn tUrii lo t'mi.lsii
infills mill 1'llllnK Orilrm,
V. Mrollnii. T. Ilinl,
g'SKATTO.V sV ItlltO,
(iiii'(.ior toPlraltiiii, lliulwii A Clarli.)
B7 OHIO Xj23-VJ3I3
Aurnlt ol' Amcilritu I'umlrr Co., mill
.MitiiiilnvliiriTii Aui iiIh lor Cutloii Yiirn.
II. V Parker. H. V lllnkt).
p.VltKS:iC A liliAKS:.
li.iler in
Vlmlinv (ilnss nnil I'utly.
tlru.hcs, Willi I'liper, Win. low Sliiulrs.
i)5 onto Luvr.i:,
Cairo, - - - - Illinois
fur llahiiperlor iiiallly ittitl kIohs.
Huff Mique
Ntylc nntl ilKurci.
White Goods!
TnrlMt.MjiH, liulia Twills,
ti g
m "?5
I ijj
"Y.ii. ii. s('iidtti:k,
mportler and Wholesale Dealer
Wines, Liquors
ARi-nt far braiiils of
, M
Xmportocl iVlonofcllf'
forout lclxxdM,
t'AllKl'i oiii ltveriool,I.i)iiiloiilir y,
IJlHkKaw sir Stucriikluwu In Cairo,
uprJIf tiHls,
I s 2 CO
I rr m . - I I I
I aa. i -i
p c5 "i - '
V M cx)
O AMilDAV i;itTIIi:!l!.
Ami Agi-nt" "f
ISXo. 70 OHIO X33-CZ3I3
Isnccffsor W l'sll., Ori A fo,
i'l (,fiii!rl
Commission Merchant
H. I. A)rr.
a J. A)n.
ml lirnirAt
Commission Merchants
CAIRO, iMjiaroiN.
w w ww ww wwwwwww
Jjl 31. U'AIil,
IN lICi:sAili:il TO I I I.I. OltllKltM
I'rnmill7 n-l tfUi-U,t tjf, mil, lli snjf ll
Km nowl,
l,i'iiii' Onlcrs nt liulriiN Old Stand
on at Tin: rosT.oi i'icK..
O'.ZL. I XI. O.
lltNIKI. lll'HIs, ITc.l,ll
Konr.nr w. Mii.i.i:n, vin-i'rr..i
41. .V. lirOIH:l, Cnslilrr.
Collections Promptly Made,
i:.'Iiant:, Coin, ItanU .Voim
anil I'tIIciI S'lati'H Sccari
Men Itoiislit nnil
Interest Allmrril n TIiih l)pioslt.
city mm. Ml
Capital - - $100,000
V. i; II.W.I.IIMV, I'rr.ldtntl
A. II. HAri'OUP, Ciitliltri
WAI.TKll IIViiLOIS A..I.I,HC.lllrr
S. Stl l)lur, IV. 1'. llIIIJr,
Srott U'l.ltf, liubt.II. tuniilnKli.il
(Iro. II. Wllllsm.iia, SUphrn Illnl,
A. II. SulTuril,
ExeliaiiKO, Coin ami
1J. S. ISond RoiikIiI
and Sold.
33oi30Mitoes XlDOoivod
w-ww.-wwwwwww-wiv-w www w
pirii;!i cum.,
illers' Agent,
orders NollclUil. anil lruuiilly and
MUUractorily riiuu.
ml mm
1 1 Jill! ill lil'IIUl

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