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ht lullisiitt.
In he lit of persons wwimJcil by me
treoiHsJou outho lVlflc railroad, wo
notice the name of J. I- Carpenter, of
Cairo. Mr. C's father ami mother live In
thn city, and nre very worthy people.
- The School director of this District
liThold regular meeting on the first
Monday of overy month, In the oftlce of
Messrs. Allen Webb & Butler. All per
foni hiring clalim against the District
will ploaso jreenl litem for allowance.
' !;Tlicri' ai n fnlr crowd out to tUatc In
the'cntrUlnmcntprecnted by tlie High
Schcol Literary Society last night. J-t.
d'ov. Daughtery, who was posted for nil
address, failed to put in an nppoanmco.
Ij onopurtof the entertainment deserves
greater promlnoncc.than another, It was
certainly that which comprised the
piano-playing of tin two MIsh
rhlllU and tlio recitation of llltlo Kutlo
Ilarrcll. . If npplauio had boon In older
these little girls would have "brought
down the house."
f The first .Irawkrrles of the season
were grown at fYilla I'.idge. A crate ,cf
my'flne berries -was shipped from that
point lint Tuesday, nnd received thu prize
of $25, offered by n leading Chicago fruit
Jiousefor thoflrt strawberries grown In
ln the Statu.
The advertisement of n few of our
regular pAtrons aro crowded out by the
extraordinary pressure upon our columns.
, to-day. Tho incrtI6n thus lot will be
.'made up at tho cnd,of the timo paid for.
The samcprcssuro excludes n great deal of
local and other matter.
The Flora Garden will bo n scene of
much life nnd gaiety on Monday. The
pupils of' tlio Herman school will hold u
picnic there, nnd, of course, all the parent
of tho children nnd friends of-tho school
will "bo there to see." The ntlnlr Is lutcn
ded solely-ai n treat, a day enjoyment,
for tho children, nnd nil who like to too
tho youngster's enjoy themselves nre In
vited to bu present. There will be no
charge for admission,
Kctncinber thu temperance lecturo In
tho Athunieum to-night. Tho lecturers uro
genllimen of first-class ability, who will
havo something new nnd entertaining to
say, even upon tho thread-bnre subjects of
temperance, prohibition, elc. Sent free,
and everybody Invited. A second lecture
will be delivered to-morrow night, in the
M. t. church, comer Walnut and Kighth
The, Deficiency bill reported to Con
gross, yestonlay, contains, among other
M.Wk&WWi" c.t?,m bou'su III Cairo,
Illinois. If the (iem-rul Appropriation
bill provides for the completion of tho
work, tho fact ha escaped our notice. A
further appropriation of $iQ,ono or f 75,
WXl Is an immediate necessity.
, , TlIK ( OMI.Xi TOIUCC4I Hill.
KlUTOK BlM.LCTI.v : III yi-ur IssUtt of
yesterday, refurenco was made to tho To
bacco Fair to lie hld lioruon tho lull day
of June, and attributing to thu Cairo
Planters' Tobacco Warehouse Co. the
creditof the enterprise. I beg to make
correction of this, a tho credit l iluu to
tho eithtiiM of Cairo, who being
iloilrout of stimulating thu cul
ture of the great staple, Tobateo,
and being alive to the fact that by such en.
mrpriAcn our city can lie made n great
market for It, have thus taken a step In
tho right direction. Already, Cairo I
lookod upon as an Important 'market, nud
by another fair, next year, which we lo-
lievo will be twice at large n the one this
year, and a disposition to encourage the
Flittfir.nnd make it an attractive market,
je skill help to build up our oily and we
shall sill feel Its Influence.
J. M. JMI 1 I.LI lS Indent,
Cairo Planters' Tobacco Warehouse,
.May 14, 1870.
J'OLICi: llt'sl.NKNS,
(II. Fhnney, I". M. I'f ohJitiu I
Klita Peterson came from I'ulnski coun
ty, avowedly to rent a house. Sho Invest
ed about forty routs in lightning lly-klller,
and, bdng a floodTemplarcs, she did not
drink it of course, but tho fumes nlfvcted
her head, net her tongue to nagging and
led htrlnto" sundry indiscretions. Sh
wu fined?! Vnd the usual concomitants
blm had no money; but would pay thu
nmuunt if sho hud "to scrub bur linger
tti3i(itf 'to cam thumonuv. This was on
t. ... . ....
Jy is;, xciteraay j-iizh iimuo u i-ecoml
invntment In liquid brnln-coiifuer, with
lb umu results. Sho had tho same old
story to reKMt to tho vonernblo Hichnrd,
butlfthtm vras any truth In it that aged
iuiiciinry failed to e it. Ho again
il. 1
mieu iiwiUndtho trimming, nnd sent
IlLT lit, f... .1 , . "
r "eu uay. on i(reail hiiU w a
conitltuu-j tho dov's busl-
f i J 1 1 11 ? tUi e"Klbl- CHted house
r J 'nl-WM I. now fitted and
under ! UKWl,n0Wl ki'
under th iiianagewent of M.n. AValkor
and-wn , he wants It, wh ln
or night t me, and paj-rig , f
he orders. Tho room, art- UrJ "l
furnUbod with tho U-u of l,d, and W
"iM-vp.. ivaturei of the es
Ubllshment are nrranei-d win. ... ' . V
ye to'tho comfort and eouvenlen. J,r ,i ,
"venlence of the
Tlie pupils ofthoOcrmnn School will
i Join In n picnic in tho Flora Onrden, on
Monday, May ICth, commencing at 10
o'clock n. m. There will be u variety of
nmu'cmctit for the children, nnd tho affair
will bo conducted in aehUJrcn't picnic.
The patrons nnd friend of the school
are Invited to nttond.
There will bo no chnrgo for admission,
the nffair lolng, net for profit, but puroly
for tho amusement of the chlldrnn.
Vocal and instrumental music will be
added to tho iitlriu timi or tlio occasion j
and should tho weather be propitious, the
reunion will prove one of gcuulno enjoy
ment to nil present.
We need scarcely Invito tho attention of
the render to thondvortlsemcnt of tho Bal
lard Tobacco Warehouse, ns It will force
itself upon tho attention of ovorybody.
Tho opening tobacco fair of tho. Ballaid
Vnrehouso Is nnmod for tho 22d of June,
on which occasion twclvo hundred dollars
In gold will be distributed, ns premiums.
The principal premiums, as well iis.1ib ag
gregate, aro large, nml eminently worm
contending for by tho planters, not only of
tho neighboring portions of Illinois, Ken
tucky and Missouri, ,but of. tho uioro rn-
moto soctions of those States.
Tho proprietor of tho llallard Tobacco
Warehouse is determined to oiler planters
nil tho Inducements they i nn And elsewhere,
nnd to aid in furnishing them n market in
Cairo siitlsfncforv iti overy resneel. He
has secured tho services of Inspector who
aro known ns among Upmost experienced
tobacco hien of tho ccuntry mon In whom
tobacco growers have tho inosf unlimited
confidence, mm will extend nil tho ndvan
tnges nud nccoinmodntlons that aro ottered
elsewhere, "or that can reasonably bn inked.
He has embarked in tho business witii
fixed purposu to enlarge, tho facilities and
attractions of the Cairo market, nud will
spuro no effort or expanso necessary to
achluvo that aim. Ho will, from this timo
forth, hold weekly sales, nnd oflcner if re
quired, nnd patron of his house will bo
insured tho best prices ruling, as thu board
o( buyors, embracing gcnllomcii from bt,
Louis, Chicago and elsowhorc, is known ns
ono of tho most Moral In tho Southwest
Tho llallard Tobacco Wnrelunisa Is lo
cated ut a point convenient to both rail
road and river, it spacious, dry and safe,
nnd in every way well arranged for the
businoss to which it ((devoted.
The planters of tlio country arc conll
ally invited to contest for tho prizes, and
to bo personally presont. An abundant
. ' J
partake freely without money and with
out price, Thu Invitation is: "Comoono
come all ; co;no everybody,"
An Individual whom, for the want of a
bjtti-r name, we shall call "Sweet William,"
(a nninu naturally associated with a tall
man) practically applied thonoclal eouality
doctrines. to which ha holds, In n manner
entirely too dbgustlng for decent lookers
on to endure. For Instance, ho walked
arm-Iu-nrm through tho streets of Cairo,
last night, with ono of thu blackest wenches
ho could find. Arriving at thopuscngcr
depot Lu Hung his arms about thu neck of
the sablc.hucd female, nnd bestowed upon
her pouting lips a hundred kisses. Tho
baggage, mailer interposed objection to h
further display of Sweet William's nll'ec
tlou, but that infatuated individual -kept
right on, until n third person entered, and
ordered him out of the room. Sweat Wil
liam hesitated, but only n moment. Hu
passed the door, whqro ho taw an irato
steamboat captain hunting tor hi revol
ver. This was enough. With tho, speed
of a frightened wolf hu ran for the river;
ho hoarded u steamboat thoroj but worse
nnd worsu. Thu steamboat belonged to tho
very captalu who sought his life. A noisy
crowd was gathering ho d be lucky if ho
escaped with a "keel-hauling'' which was
now more than hinted at. At thu very
moment when he thought till was lo.t, hu
saw n braco of policomon. Ho tagged for
I their protection, uud ocapnd an ordeal of
blood and misery, which there was no
purpoMMin the part of any one to subject
him U,
a nELiHii-rrrb flack of mksoiit
Tho Flora (iurdon will, as usual, bo open
to visitors to-morrow. Splendid sacred
music will bo discoursed bv ono of tho best
string bands of the country. Seats and
shade and refrediing beverages will bo
found for all who mat' come. There ure
ubuuduut mean for amusement, which all
who choosu, may employ. No charge at
tho gutosj on tho contrary, all well be
haved persons will bo cordially welcomed.
Bring your families, and spend a fuw hours
In social Intercourse with your friends nud
neighbors. F. FISHKB,
myll 1'roprietor.
All perrons owning or harboring dogs
or sluts aro hereby notified that tho taxes
due upon them must ho paid on or beforu
tlio first day in Juno 1870. After that
time nil dogs or sluts, upon which the
tuxes havo not been paid, will bo slaughter
ed. Call upon tho city Marshal, then and
liquidate. Ofllco iu Bros' building.
M. HAMHHICK. City Mnrdml.
It is not so generally known as It
ougnt to bo that Tabor Hrothcrs mako to
oraer almost anv unite nf wi...
Tlie Cairo Billetiii,
.Mr. J. D. Klllott, who recently dln-
tributod "bounty" money nmong tho
colored ux-oldlurs of this vicinity
didn't distribute enough by about seven
dollars. Forlnstnnco: Ho routed a room
with tho understanding that thu rent
should bo Ave dollars; and he hired n negro
man to scrub tho room. On tho ground
that tho rent charged Wa ''extortionate,"
ho refused to pay anything even to refund
the half dollar his landlord had paid a
colored man for supplying tlio room with
chairs and a table. On tho ground, proba
bly, that ho Is n llndlcal and un Intense
loyalist, ho gave tho negro scrubber
credit for a dollar and it half
on the debt of gratitude the colored race
owu to tho party of which he is a member,
for putting ballots in their hands to cast
according to directions. At all events,
Mr. Klllott left the city without paying
the poor darkoy for hU labor, without
paying the room rent, nud without refund
ing the drayaga paid upon tho furniture,
thu frcu uso of which was kindly tendered
to him. "What a great man am 1 1
Tho memborg of tho A. t. L. Church,
and the scholars of tho Sabbath School
connected with that church, will give n
picnic, on Tuesday, may, l"th. Thu net
proceeds If any, will inure to the bencllt
of the church and Sunday School.
A safe boat will be chartered to convey
tho participants to tho ground, uud all
needful arrangements mado to secure tlio
comfort nnd safety of all wio may attend.
Tho fare for thu round trip ! oiilv 50
cents; fur children 2."i cetiK A there Is
but few: colored folks who cannot duvote n
day to harmless recreation, und ns tlio faro
Is no obstacle, u large crowd nnd gay time
may bo expected.
Thu premiums to be awanh-d nl tho
1'luntcrs Tobncco Warehouse (Vs. fair
on the Ulh proximo, uro not tho offerings
of tho ci-mpiiuy, but of citizens of Cairo
who feel an Interest In thu effort to build
up in Cairo, a first class tobncco market.
A roading of thu ndvertismunt will show
that there Is something for our Illinois, lts
well ns Kentucky nnd Tennrsjco planter.'
to contend for six valuable premiums be
ing spcclnl to Illinois.
A splendid lunch will be spread enough
for thousands. Shall not "thousand1' bo
present to discuss It?
At a meeting of tho clllr.ens of Cairo,
held in Winter' building, Friday evening,
May lilth, W. Jt. Brown was elected chair
man and Caspor Yost secretary.
A commlttou of ntno composed of John
Wood, J. 8. Kcardcn, 1). Kurd, W. It.
Brown, II. H. Candeo. ,1. M. Graham, C.
II. Foote, V. U.Schuli and F. Bros, wa
annolnted to immI-i, tin, iiu,mp,,
mufiU for decorating the soldiers gnivent
Mound City Comctry.
Thu commlttco wuro instructed toconfer
with the Mound City ( ommltteo of ar
rangements, ns to tho timo of decorating,
and it was suggested (If tho Mound City
committee would concur) that thu time bo
fixed for Saturday the '.'8th lust., so as not
to interfere with the election to bo held In
Cairo on tho 30th, lint.
Thn Cairo commlttco will meet at the
ofllco of Capt. Hurd, at 'i o'clock p. m.,
1 Ith Inst., to make nil ncccsary nrrange
mont. W.K. BIIOWN, Chr in,
OASl'Klt VOST, Secy.
ciii iiiii in' tiik m:ii:r.Kit.
Tlio adoption, by the Church of tho Ue.
deemer, of tho envelojic ytem I Inteiuleil
toobvhito tho objection urged by soiiut to
the renting of pew.
Instead ofn Axed prlco for each pew u
jdedgo Is glvun for thu payment of a week
ly sum (which I. a voluntary offering) und
u pew or sitting lu a pow I iixlgncd each
family or individual.
Many person heretofore luivu deprived
thenii-elve of tho ploasuro of attending
service feeling It not entirely right to oc
cupy a seat lu the church without paying,
while they really were not able to pay for
a pow.
This sy.tetu entirely does away with
this objection, for tho person who feel able
to muko a small weekly donation will havo
a seat nsgned them as cheerfully n
they felt ublo to mako tho donation large
All persons coming to church regularlv
or transiently (whether thev mako
plcdgu or not) may feel sum of helm; i-eat
ed with pleasure- and without inconven
fence to the regular attendant. :it.
Whatever nmnnateg from this old com
mouwenlth wo are wont to look upon
tho real "Simon puro'1 nnd genuine nrtl
-I . JS.I I -
010 01 mo cian roprcsenteil, in fact, wo
may say with emphasis, that Kentucky Is
not a iieaitny soil for tlie growth of hum
bug. Tho best thing now offered to our
citizens from this Statu I tho Hi real Hon
derson Co, 1'rlzu Scheme," und wobellev
they will show their wisdom by invotln
freely in tickets. Bead the Ad vortlscnient
found in another column of our paper close
ly, und investigate tho whulo thorouuhlu.
and Icnrn how completely tho facts boar
out tho statement. The Kdllor of this pn
per will tako pleasure in ordering tickets
for such of ills frlonds as may wish it
Knw yo that nt tho Egyptian Brewerv
Saloon, corner of Tonth street and Wash
ington a ven 110, can bo found, in their
greatest purity, Weiss Beor,Se'ltor, Klssen-
gen unil Soda Wntors, tho real, genuine A
No. 1 Lager Beer nud Wines, Liquors,
Cigars, etc.
Cold or hot meals set to ordor. "Come,
listen to tho mocking bird!'1
CHA8.SCH(F,NMKYKIt, Froprletor.
May 0,1870. dim
Jinny yours will not elapse before our
authorities will bo compelled to provide
our city with water-works. Tho following
proposition, submitted to tho authorities of
Kvansvllle, will furnish nn Idea as to the
cost, etc!
Tollieennimllli-ei n nnter-works, ofllie cill of !
Knvllli. ImJIhiiiC
llKNTi.r.MK.V! I propose to construct
water-works In vour city under thn Holly
system. "Ineludfng twelve (12) miles of
main pipes and their nppurtennncois pump
Ing well, drift through river bank, to
which will bo connected "Holly's' sys
tem of artificial llltrat on guaranteeing
flvo millions of gallons of Ohio
rivor water dally, which shall be
free from nil turbidity; nlso pumping
houso of suitable style, rendering said
wntor-works complete, less tho machinery
for tho sum of ono hundred tiiulsovent)
flvo thousand dollar" ($l"fi,000). Add the
cost of tho machinery, which will bu fur
nished by tho "Holly" iniinufacturing
compuny'for tho sum of sixty thous
and dollurs (iG0,0fn), complete
niakiiiir the auitreuate two hundred and
thlrty-tlvu thousand dollars (-Mfi.OOJ).
Sold works shall havo a capacity to throw
six onu-iuch streams ot water nl n time,
ono hundred feet vertically, nnd continue
the ordinary supply of water for domestic
Wis nt tho sumo timo.
W. 0. WIKIt.
iii:tini:ni,t com..
Huso, I.oomls A Co. are storing uwny,
In theirmainiiinth leu houses, near the St.
Charles, over five thousand tons of lake
Ice. Two b.irgo loads, of eight hundred
tons each, wero stored away lat week;
two barge of equal size are being un-
loaded, and two more aru coming.
The leo is convoyed from the boat to the
warehouse over a double Inclined plane.
About it thousnnd pounds l placed in the
nebute, and dm wit by horse power up the
nceut, and pa'slng over the crown, goes
Hying down tlie Other fide "like mad.
The contrivance i ingenious, una thu
"very thing" lor the lle It I applied to.
Tho leu is about twenty Inches lu thlek
ness, hnrd a lllnt and elear as cty-tal us
tine a ipmlity ns was ever brought to Cairo.
IllliioUO-ntml IUllrnA-1 Crtinnsny. I
Curo, May II. Ifin. f
All persons wishing to attend tho "lay
ing of thn corner stone" of the Normal
University at Carbondalo, on Mny 1 Till,
will please take notice that excursion
tickets will bo furnished at $.1 2.'. for tho
round trip. Sale of ticket, will commence
for the evening train of .May Kith, and ills,
continue on departure of thn niiiil
train on thu morning of May l"th.
Tickets will bo good until Mny lbthlnclu
elusive. 1 would sngget that in order to
facilitate, tho moving of thu special train
promptly, that a many as can do mi, pur
chase their ticket at thu otllce on thn
evening of the Huh. The train will leave
pak!iiger depot at 7 lllln.m. dlt
M.. ,M-'li'l'V IIoIkL-M U, '"('
i.. i.. inn.-, Ohio; 1). A. hilotis, t h.-irl.r--tou,
Mo.; 1'. M. l'attersoii, do. do.; ,1. C.
Dupoyster, Blandvllle, Ky,; Jnmo Mor
ris, do. do.; T. liutchensoii, do. do.; i.
l'.Tassln, Vllle I'.ldge, 111.; N. W. IC-el.-ford
and family, Crittenden, Ky.; K. N.
Dottculin, do. do.; l'eter Able, I'nion
town, Ky. ; l'atil Black and wife, Mo.;
.Mr. Law, III,; .Mrs. I n, III.; Ceo. F.
Ctrattnn.St. Imls: Geo. L. Andrews, do.;
AV. II. Hitchcock, city ; .1. (Illltnore, Um.
Isvlllo; Mrs. llason, I'ndiicnh : Mr. C.
Hnnly, St. Louis; Jo.phAglt, Ullln, 111.
j!ir.i.iM:itvi.Mi it tin fiiioiix.
.Mrs. Addie Buck, between Ninth and
Tenth flrcets, ha Ju.t returiusl to Cairo
with n beautiful tock of millinery and
hair good ; all klnd of hair ornaments,
ribbons, nets, et.-. She has thelatei-t stylo
of lre hat for, ladies' and children' sea
Id.-s. I' 'iameof till hujias and colors, and
illusion of every hnde. Her slock ofartl
licial llowern cannot bo surpassed in Cairo.
.Air. Buck will dnx hair iu liny desirable
style, having visited the hulr dresilng es
tublMimcnt iu thu Bouthurn Hotel nml of
Miidamo Cambell, In St. I.oul, w'.th iiueyu
to the especial bencllt of her customer lu
Cairo. in I iin,
"iiu: iiikap sToriti."
Mrs. C. Mc(!ee, whom ovorybudv knows,
maintain that her'. I the "cheap store''
in Cairo, and that she is rcadv to convince
everybody who may call, that the claim U
a Just one. It Is undoubtedly true that
jf j sho nffords evrellent bargains, and keep 11
very nice nud fashionable stock. Sim Inn
11 supply of women's, mine,' and childi en
1 1. In n.1.1t.!.... .. ...int..
it, 11- intuit., 111 ii-iui(ittii it, iht oiiiiuiery onu
fancy goo.ls, that should command thu at
tention of buyers, and nlso keeps No. 1
kid gloves, which sho sells vtry cheap.
Call on Imr. You will find her a pleasant
lady to deal with, and one who will tip
preclutu tho favor of your patronage. Sou
her new advertl.eiucnt, which appears, for
the II rM time, In thi paper.
J'urtiea holding luire in the nliot gun
put up for rallle ut tho .Magnolia Saloon
aro notified that tho chances uro all taken,
and that tho radio will come off Saturday
nigut, tlio 1 Itli lust., commencing nt 0
o'clock. All jicrsons Interested and every-
uouy t-io uro luviteil to attend. i ' .
Tim lib Baritone mulc book of the
Cairo Silver Cornet baud, was lo t while
returning from tlie recent plcnlo at Fort
The Under will bo sultiihlv rewarded bv
leaving tho same at the ltookstoro of II. A.
Hanuon, Commercial nvcntio. 2t
( UTTAIJK Kill ItK.Vr.
Tho comfortable und well arranged Cot.
tnge, on thecornorof AVnshlngton avenue
und Division street, will be rented to n
good tenant on reasonable terms. Two
lots, good cistern, outhouses, ull complete.
Apply to T. O CALLAHAN. inOCt
Kndcr's Chill Cure "It never
Uhnscd, seal nnd ornnmcntal rings of
ovury pattern uro made to order by
Tabor Brothers.
I'i lri.ll.1. 1'ailticili; I'nnAlile, Uol :
Di.-tnt.lr, l.nuuvllle- .Mlllirey, I'u.lneali)
riliiii'ioti. Ilnrner, . . uy or Alio
rtiiii.oii, llarner, N . Clly ( Alton, St Louis
(Jillelntep, Uransville; llelln H I.oili", lcinlilS
Alinil. I lll'-IMIKIU, Aimn-iui--, 'i
l.liinrden, .S.iliille.
Mlllirev, I'mliieali) Itan Alile. f"olmiit,M;
IVticilin, " llollettt I.'iills.bt l.onl;
S Horner, I.nm.rillo-, Anna, ilo
ljilleliiiei, Ktanvilli lMeliiler. 'I
Oitjr of Alton, VI:. I .MiiKnlilt-i, l'nilniistl
Tho weather continues clear nnd beauti
ful, and seems to be endeavoring lo make
amends for the disiigrecnhln weather of
tho previous few days.
The decline in the Mississippi still con
tinues at St. Louis nnd above, while tho
snnio Is nlso reported of the .Missouri.
The Ohio is falling nt Pittsburg with
seven feet eight inches wntar in the chan
nel. Ills about stationary at Louisville,
with six feet water iu thucanal.
Thu Cumberland is still falling and be
coming so low as to prevent our Nashville
packets from taking full cargoes from, or
bringing full cargoes to this port. Only
nbout tlireo feet eight Inches Is now re
ported on Harpeth shoals.
Business has I'nlicii oil' and Is rather dull
alnnit our wharves.
Thu Mllbrev brought out 21) hhd to
bacco for reshlpinent Kast per I. C. II. It.,
anil Blue Line, and i! hhds tobacco for St,
The I'lunters Wareliouelilppedeverul
hhd tobiceo Inst evening on the tjulek
t"i for Louisville and other points.
The (Quickstep brought UoO bags wheat
for rc'blpmrnt to St. IxmiIk, iHlpkg furnl
lure, 21 lmb hav, oO bbls whiskej, and
llfleen tops other freight for other wilnt
'I'lio l,uin!eii brought 'J'- -lis wheat for
Chns. (inlllgher, (ilrn. "II ditto f..r Fulton
; Sons, Cairo, :i ton Iron, 10 pkgs cedar
ware for St. IjUs, W lihds tobneo, IflO
bbls Hour for New Mrleans, hhl. lloiir
for Mcmphlo.
A correspondent of tho Springfield
Attn, writing from Cairo, insert thut tho
wharfhoat proprietors' of Cairo drove away
independent lxats which had commenced
running regularly between Culronnd New
Orleans, making Cairo tlio end of their
trip. Wu happen to know that this
falo In every particular, ho long as
those boats run here, overy wharflioat
proprietor of Cairo, including the Illinois
Central Itallroad, gave them nil tho freight
nt their command and paid better prices
than St. Louis boats offered to take freight
at from Cairo. Thn only reason tho-n
Ikut cc.i'nd to run from Cairo was
because freight suddenly ceased coining
hero in Kiillii-lent ipiantities to enable them
to load without waltliu; seven or eight
,-, . it im-ii imtv run m.ru wo
frequently rtreivwl nnd shipped two thou
iinl ton duily. Now wo only recelv
one th-i'isand ton weel.lv.
The Bel'o Memphis the regular packet
lor .Memplii-. thl evening.
l-'nr .liulifr of tlir Suprriiir fmirl,
W' nnlle-rne 1 1 snnoiinen Hint ihe Hen,
."II'.NKV i!l-;r-.u HUB ..n'lalalef.,riliol'lln
nf J111I4 of ilieM).rcnie ( -.urt of t II r:o, , from
Ihe Kirl Ore. I i , i:,,vteia 011 Mon-lsj-,
line f , 1-TII,
ojiui" stoics:
Millinery, Fancy Goods,
MRS- C 171'GEE
Iinit, .eem ntuiilit.ii j,or irra(ll(
fcill u full l,ii ..t
si" i m a it ii 1 1 11 v '
Vom'n .TIisf anil C'liililrt'iiN
3?.hst:k BOOTS,
MnlMii MiinlfithrrtiinK4 that einnnl ! enn.
Ilit-mu 1 .11 .01 tlli-..i ineiit. Him. iltt lliou l
to atr-rriH t.n.l nia iHu.n for li.r etah i-hineut
si""" of
TI t mm
lli rKo.. ore lre.i,etinil-lnandfa.lilon.ilile,
Mu III g vti. von la.iro far tint nin miiiiunl of
niunr) Minn ny oilu r "lore In . n, Don't liny
Hull iroi rail on lm. ..11 it . '
linery y-Hvl
ueniiiit uml
mlilrea's tine
pviir.io K.ii.i-: or kkai. i:s
Iwillm-llnljiiijillnanetion.nt Hie r.mtt lluiim..
.1 ,L " r'titr,t,,j , .mutt B, It, t I
....... nt ., .., iiioc-k n. is, rirsi .VI
illlioiiioiliH fay f OAirii,iiliilin iinnroieiMi-nl-
iiierMin.riiamslintt uf a Imi .lory fniinn lioune
niiti ittn iiNimo, koim euii-rn nnl oilier enne.
lilt- ee. U tl a.n.r. l, l,inlm -or resldeni-e
iirt.i,. 'iVrinseiuli, Title ix-rft-ei.
- w i.Nrci., AKent.
her eUntenf ler (iitnlun, ileeM
To Work In (he City or Hickman, Ky.
Fifty laborers ran nml six month employment
In tliorliy of Jllckiaan, Kemneky, nt tl tA criitu
iM rilay.tcn hotirHHorkloennsliliileiiilay't l.bur.
Un.irilin-.clo mm eiery man's Ui.le. Aj'j'ly to
Ilii'kiinui, Kt.
11. t I'srkei,
II. I'. Illake.
pitKi:u v iti.Aiii:
Ieillf. in
Window (JlnsM nml IMiily,
Urimlics, Wall I'aper, Window Nliailt.
Cnivo, - - - Illinois
BUST IN USK-Kndor'. Chill
Drawers nnd Undershirts, at a nacrlllco
at 1. NefPn, No 70 Ohio Levee.
Pitcher it lienrv'g largo stock of hard
ware, cutlery, tools, stove.s, tinware, etc.,
will be sold without regard to cost. '
A new supply of Culf UooU und (Iiiltera
nst received all". NulIV No. fill Ohio
J PUT recelveil at .Mrs. C. MeOce', a lino
assortment of Mikkkh' and Ciiit.iuiKS
hiiokk, of every style and description.
JUdT ItKCKtVIMI. Till) SIliK) Flv Klllol
nrWl Don't Binlder Mo Hats nnd cimm at
1'. Nell's, No. 79 Ohio Uvee.
F.verybody uses Wizard Oil, and
Pat the
liny Bros, sell It cheap (or cash.
ronlzo homo institutions Buy from
(lood Calf Boots for two
, Nell's,
sovcnty-llvo cents only at 1'
70, Ohio Loveo.
The Continental Is the only cook stove
with sliding oven doors. Warranted In
nil re-tn-ets. Pitcher A Henry, at IDS
Commercial avenue, cor. I'-'th street.
Kverythilig In the l and Iiim line for
gentlemen' wear tit Klllott, llaythorn A;
Cos. npl:iiM.'it.
(lood Cotton Socks, only
pair or $1 '' cents per do...
No. 70. Ohio Levee.
If, cents p.-r
at I'. Nell's,
Sr.t: advertisement of Ur. Ilutts' DNpen
sary, headitl, Book for the million .Mi
rlagotiiildn In Hiiothur column. It should
! read by all. mltMawtf.
Clothing for the million at I'. Nell's Nv
!l Ohio luveo. The Wit gl In the city
will lx found at this housi;. If
The St. Nicholas BilTluriTiiull b. one
of the largest anil best furnl, lied in the
country. It Is the r-ort of both citizens
and .strangers who Indulge in billiard
playing. JanCtf
Youths' boys' and Children's clothe, a
les than New York prices, will be sold
this wi-ok, nt I'. NetP, regardb-s of co,U
BAIiriAISl llAIKIAINh ! A U'l Mill of
clothing for ten dollars, at 1'. Nell"., 70
Ohio Levee.
Thu St. Nicholas Billiard Hall 1. one of
the largest and best furnl, lied in the coun
try. It is the resort of both cltl.en and
strangers who Indulge in billiard piny
Ing. JanCtf.
- - -.
Much iiitlerlng to these tender littl-t
buds of the human family, night ! allayed
by ulng Mr. Whltcoinh's Syrup. Sco
advertbuiueiit in another column.
.V tuit-t'nt tllitri uttli .-ii.lt t.l...itiit noil
I mejiinranduni. Uvvncr s uiimu written on
' lly leaf. Tho Under will bu dulv reward
ed by leaving It at the book storo of 11, A.
Ilaunou. m,t!.
I'llOIIMilUI-lls! I'llOTIHIIItl'lls!
(lo to J. O. Ilagwoll, l'hotographer,
cfirner Kighth street, and Ohio Levee, for
picture, Carlo do Vlsitus, etc. Having
made arrangements with muuo of the best
arti,t of our large cities, he respectfully
solicits orders for copying and t nlnrgo
ing old picture. Cull at hi room nnd
sen specimen of work In that line,
i.Dir i:xn.iisins.
Will thu people avoid theto ilungers by
using a genulno article, which Is perfi-ctly
safu nnd has tho reputation of being tho
best iu tun? It I thu Aurorn Oil. It
give u brilliant light, and can be hud ut
V.'i Ohio Loveo. Cull and get the cheape-t
light in u-e. tf
ICUsIngun, Selter, ami lllue Lick
Waters, and nil tho other variety of
waters from the celebrated springs of Ger
many and America, 011 draft and for sulo
by tho glim gallon or barrel at tho drug
tore of B.T. Whllul.er, No. 10-t Commer
cial nveniie, Cairo Ills. ajill'.'tf
h.mi:k in, avi:.ii:
a 111: ni:m.imi
Men' Fine Stout Borgiin..
1 .
Men s Bull' Bui
1 .VI
.Men's Calf Boot
:i so
AVomen'it I'lno Lasting 1V1. Hos-ntte
"Women Klnu Bufl'Bal,
1 SO
1 ".'
Women's Coif Vol. Bal
Women's Pino Lusting Gaiter f I 00 (
Chlblron'a Hhoiu-
!i3 0 12
I prenarnt to ilo all Itlnils ol
srle I the only flrt-rl filun I'nlnlrr la
tlie city.
OHIO Leveo.
CVIZiO, Wife.
l'UBF. lHtllUS!
Oisr .mmU ur Il-l ll-r,-"et-."
llste tlio larxest and i-nnir-leleM lf k fit
An-I g,-nrsl gnwl In tlielr line In U ri.au I
Ufon .hi, I.iHiln I .Mrinpli .
In Our Prescription Department
S'n lle u-lie Hl lli(
ll'll!'.NT ASII JIOHT Ht'1,1 ll.l
jp i.ti:::s .ii.i'ri'.KiA i.
A lull Inn "I
White l.iil. .-nr. 1 1 V li e.
Vxrlll-ll, SHIs, I Out llr.i-,! r.
illr, i-c,, A- ,
V l.tltuP. UK K
At 3t3fx'oliT.y
Genuine Article,
Jitl rirlvtit Irttlii III'. Hitiilln' l.nif
Mitor)', nt ClilrHKi).
II-intril- B" .1 mullein n,-l no xl,-iliJiii;
Tins m il- e 1 tiiil) Ui ilif-tni )- ti il e
mi-tie-l In "U
T Il.iie.I.A'S-
Soaps, KU:
Ai.i. or tiii: iii:ntui;.ijitv
jCm.. XSvx-olrvy '.
rm: .liAi.iui t kiv;.
For Chills and IFever,
Is uiotliciiie Hint Isoisls ull
tsllHTs. ItU's-'LlY IIUOTC
i:it.S vi. If iitid rocdiiinicKil II.
Jz-i.vsrxci: or
J C.I.X.l.K.
.1 VU.tHM
Pura and Strong1,
To hi- Iitid Uy Im SiitKl f totllf
r. at Wluiltalc,
uTVt X?(rolny'.
Standard White Oil,
i.v riti.vit: itii:u,
I'tir Mile In iiiiiitl(lt'H, from
one Isarrcl anil iipxt arsis, low
nr nihil, at ll.K('i,AV BltOS.
Country Merchants
Arc iiiviittl to o.vamliit our
Z3arolay 33xosis.
Tin: iii.i.ssi.is or ir.KrMi'NiuiiT
Tl re 1 u 111 nj; ' h1iiii'.1 a IVrft l cli,
n'iHVrtH -lit - n e " t-f 1 l.in net by 1 n;
I'l IIU T hi DTM'I.U-s' Thnl lltrull) of 1'in
i-ur.T, w Inch Mrlikiifi.iu
.Mi K,r!. LAZ.UtUs A, MORHIM,
Mmiurju-liiti-rs of thu I'l-lrbrnletl
Perfected Spectacles!
nvniir. hfli-rjears of l'-e ilenc. Kxprrunrnl,
ami Un-i-iei tmn nf t oily nnwliinny, U-en i-iiuli.
rt In I'lo-hice tlml llr.inil lH-niileraliini,
Xox'jToot Bpootaoloa,
Winch liavn tK-di scM -ulh iintunileil thli,faiilon
tnilix ueiirrrs in Mai-Iiii tl, IlhoJe Mailt, (Viu.
iieelieut. New llamiishlre, einionl. .Main. New
Vorli, Mew Jersey, JViiiiijlvanin. Ohfo, Mli-hlgan,
Winruasln, Illinni', linneoin, Kam4, Miniouil,
Iowa, ami nil llm llruh l'rulncc, ihirniK lh
i.,it sixteen ears, Tlio.e eelebruU-il I'crleeteil
DSTovor Tire tho Eye
Anillat many years Mithnnt rlmnxe. Messrs,
i..sira Morris ham aijuinteil
Taber Brothers
llealers In nil klmls nf
Ainericaii nud Foreign Watches,
Fine Jrarlrv, rlunion-l, HolM Hiler, I'lateii
Warn also Mniuifurlurrrs lit Jem liy anrt fha-lnoq-1
USTp. 83 Ohio Xjovp'o
fiole Acenta fnrllils le. from wliom only eau
they J ohlaiiiod. Ml I'KIUU.HIW KMI'lAJVKIi.
Manufueluriiif; Onlleiiois, llarllnril,Conn,
iiiafJH ly

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