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The Cairo Bulletin, Mlay IT
Tim AniPiiiIiiifnl.o .Made.
Ainitt:..4To TJin piioi'i.k.
i v. ('.vvi-vTinv. Alnv 1.1. 1870.
A vour Heprienutirs In euiivuniiou ?
to "alter, revise mid amend"' tup coiHtltu j
tion, l( Is duo tlmt o should state in
iinnortmit rim ices proposed
mid'Mi'mo of tlm reasons therefor. Our
smto'conititutlim lim been In foreo for al- 1
nniit iridfterofn century, iluriiig vji?
time olii1 population, w tli nnd interest
havi'VJiuiitieiiled. However wife and 1
judicious when adopted, that constitution
bus become wliwlcly mud'-quiite tos nbervo
1 10 neV"ili' i'f n; stiite without inodlll
c.itimi and restrictions. To tuciuo nu fill-i-ient
ii J at the tonio time mi economical
iiJuiiulsir4lion ol'tlio sovprnl dcpartiuctits.
of (tie government, a now constitution Is
an Imperious necessity. It Is not pro
bable that , any a constitution will
ijHli respects,. fully satisfy any ono man
In the state. KVtry one will And in it
fonictlilni; ho would 'exclude, nnd would
insert something it does not contain. It
mint be Judged altogether, and if better
than tlm olU constitution, it should be
aioptud. In nil human Institutions tho
good and evil arc u lxed,nud sound son'o
uvmands that we secure the greatest good
attainable; nnd wo must bu content It wu
get moro taxes llian .wheat. 1'or years
p.ist thq, .niuchlnery of our government
lias boei. kept in motion by continued vio
lation ofplalh ulid positive conitltutionn
provisions. Nothing can bo more pernic
ious, ily this tho people loo-e their respect
forthe laws aud learn to hold them in con
tempt. A reverence for constitution and
laws is tho best possible guaranty for tlio
stability of the- state, the pence and good
order of society and tlio protection nl tho
life, liberty ami property of the citizens.
And.wiionuvor it becomes necessary to
violate 1 a constitution, It should bo
changed to'inl-ct and remove the neoesHy
wlucli impelled to such violation. Our
statu legislature are only restrained by tho
c institutions of tho state and of the L'nited
States. It is therefore necessary that state
constitutions' shoiddcontaiumauy regula
tloiminit restrictions whllo tlio con-titii.
Hon of tho United States may bo mucl
shorter, for J hat l n governmeul of dolo-
gated power witn only me inciiientai
power necessary and jirojer to execute the
power pranteii.
, mm. or uioiit.s.
In addition to tlio Usual guarantees of
natural nnd civil llherly, wo have declared
that no.iifrtou shall bo denied nnv civil or
iKi.Illcai right .or capacity on account of
his religious-opinions. AH persons luivo
the rlclit tofliubllsh tho truth with cood
motives and for Justillnblu ends, l'rivatu
property shall not bo taken or damancd
for public use without Jii'l .compciiation.
to bo ascertained ly" a jury. Tho foe of
lands taken for tfnllnmif tracks is to re
main in tho owner' naino, subject to tho
uio for which It is taken. All irrevocable
grants of special privileges or Immunities
am prohibited, to protect tho peoplo
against privileged orders and dangerous
monopolies, (irand juries may b dispells.
I'd with. Our Jails are crowdiil with crim
inals during tho intervals of circuit courts,
at great expense to tho oounties. Canity
courts may bo authorized to try In a sum
mary manner many criminal cases and
avo tho oounties the large expenditure' of
keeping prisoners for trial from term to
term of tlio circuit court, and person not
guilty may bo prompts discharged or no.
To avoid partisan injutlr in reproieii
tativodi'trieis. and the expense and delay
of the geuerul assembly in making them,
wo have provided for districting tlio Statu
as In Ohio, by ratio and computation. To
guard against undue influence upon mem
ber of the general as-embly. and to all'onl
Mnnll counties representatives. v Imve In
creased their numbers. We havu alo re
quired a stringent oath ng:ilnst hrlliery and
corruption. To all'onl ncuruy against
hasty aud vicious leglslhtlou. we Inive re-Hulri-d
all bills and iiiiii iidinenls thereto to
bu printedibuforo they nre p,rt.ed. Onlv
one subject shall be ctubraeed in each bill",
aud when amendments nio made to laws,
or acts are revived, the section amended
nod the acts revived muit b stated ftl
lcngt,h.-''Thu evils of pii'ial ami Ivl le
guiution have iM-conm enormous. Thoex
pnso to the state in passing and publish
ing such laws, and tho combinations bv
which private pecu1atloii have been
cured, and iiiyiiojxilio. with extraordinary
and dangerous power have been crested,
are wili" known. SV have prulublted the
general assembly hereafter frjin pnig
c iicti laws; and havo required general
,iws in all rnstswheroa uennral lawcanbe
i.iade applicable,, We have forbidden tho
.encral'asseinbly from icleasiug any lia-
illy to the stato'or to'any municipal cor
p i-ation therein, AVe have placed addl
l. rml guards against rpeculativu contracts
iiiade with olllcersof tho state for station-i-y,
fuel, etc., and we have limited the
a nount of cxicndlture to be incurred on
l count of the statu capital now injirotwi
We have' provided for public and iri-
.te roads aud for tho drainago of lauds.
We havo required tho enactment ofliWul
b"Hidstwd ami exemption laws, anu lawn
f r tu protection ot minors j aud wo have
ubbhud ii Saperato firticlo, doslgnod to
protwt produeers and shipper of grain
against fuud iu warohoiuia.
We requiro tho governor, at each
K-Ssion ofthelfnislMturisaudat tho closo
of Ids term of ..slice, to furnish a state
ment of all nioneyi r-eed and paid out
by him, from any fund, aubject to his or
der.pwith Ins vouchers therefor, 'v
inaKe It the duty of the auditor of public
accounts, treasurer, secretary of ttato and
auperintendeut of public Instruction, and
person iu ohargo of stato institiitlons, to
keep an account of all moneys received or
dUbur&ed by them revora'lly, from all
miuroot and for every service performis ;
and to make a semi-annual report thereof
to the governor, uuder.oath, to be laid be
fore the genera a.mnbl. Thus enabling
tho xjiriltatlrc if tho people to exx'iso
and byiultablo law prcvei.t improvident
eipedituroj und frauds. A Lave iven
the gorcrnor power to remove nil 0 Ulcers
appoiitiv" v) """i " l"r" iuvf B'"i i
tintent or uro guilty oi maiieaun
rmienL or uro k'ullty
eauneo iu
office. Wo havo provided a laftr modo
of fanvasliiK t"e vote lor governor ami
itattf offhwra; and avoided the dangor of
colluUon In oase of contested flections.
'e havo required th6 governor to submit
a caroful estimate of expenses aud revenue
to each general assembly. This will rcir
Lain Mtravapant appropriation, and
give tlio jiooplo ii proper nt)(lertiiniiii; of
tlio llniineinl rondltlon of tlio stiito. Wo
Imvc iiindo tlio veto power us In tlio con
stittltion of tlio United states, only to bo ,
ovcretime by a votoof two-thlnls of each
bouso of thu fienurnl nssemblj-. Hud this i
provision boon in our existing eonstittillon .
it would linvo mved ns from ninny Injuri
ous nnd unconstitutional nets, mid ninny
oharnctcrcd tnonopolis pnseil by enntriliti-
lions of interested persons, '
We li'n'e cndertvdrcil to proservfc till
courts tn which our peoplo are nccuto:n
cl; to avoid tlio evils of too trrent h viirle-
ur or courts, nnd ut tlio snmatimo mnko
tlu syMcm sufficiently flexible to nllow tlio
general assembly to provide for n speedy
ami prompt administration or JU'Uim. All
tho now courts indicated, nro left entirely
in inn uiscrcuon 01 inc general iissomuiy
to create or not, n the publlo wants may
demand. Our supreme court is burdenell
wltli ninny tinnJuiicatod cne. nnd de
cisions are delayed, to tho prejudice of suit
ors nnd the public To tmblo that court
to luny mvestignti! and properly decide
and write oiit creditable oplnionl,linvn wo
ndded four more Judge to Hi hiimlxT.
AVc hnve rMtiircd its Judge to bo oleclod
In suparato districts, and at times when no
general election is held, to avoid n partisan
court. Should that court bo unable to dis
pose of lt casts with reassured dpntch,
we havo nulhorzed'thc general naaembly
to create nn a ppol Into court, which may bo
held In each county iiy tho circuit judges,
without additional compensation, and with
Jurisdiction In such case as may bo pro-
teribed iy inw. oucn court aroiaui u no
of great valuo in Ohio nnd Now York.
Wo contcmpiatn continuing tnu oidcircuii
court svstcm. o have, howevor, author-
l7.cd tho general nssombly to provide
for electing not exceeding four Judg
es in n larger cm tilt, nnd 10 assign
them to duties iu it counties, Tho advo
cate of this system affirm that it hna work
ed well in other state, and i nn Improve
ment on our present system. Thnl It
avoids frequent changes of venuo and tho
expenses of parties and witn esse occasion
ed thereby. That it secures greater immu
nity of practicu in circuit courts, and ena
bles tho people lo procure more competent
udges nnd to dispose of their suit w
renter facility. To romovo the evil
frequent changes of the time of holding
courts, wo havo provided that they shnU
not bo altered during thy term of tho Judges,
and to prevent tho creation of Ion many
circuits wu havo put restrictions upon tho
ame. AVe havo provided that county
courts tuny havo -additional jurisdiction
conferred by law, and county judges, if de
sirable hereafter, may be elected indlstrlets
composed of two or moro counties,- and
prohato courts may bo cstabiiOicd in coun
ties having 11 population Of o'er S0,000.
Wu havo provided for tlio election of 11
state's attorney, In, each county In lieu of
circuit attorney. Wo ImVe estubllshed a
spiK'lal svstctn of. courts lor tho county of
Cook, which, It Is confidently expected, will
meet her necessities. 0 liavn repiirel
laws relating to courts to bo of general and
uniform operations; aud that tho organi
sation, jurisdiction, powers, proceedings,
and practicu of all court of the tamu clins,
so far n regulated by law, aiid tho foreo
aud effect ofprocoss, Judgments and decrees
of Mich court 1d1.1l) bo uniform. Wo
havu mndt! It the duty of nil judges of
court of record to furnish tho general as
sembly with defects they may discover in
our la'w. Tho performance of thi duly
Willi fidelity will enablo tho legislature to
simplify and perfect our statutes.
The existing court am continued until
otherwlso provided bylaw.
We havo made our own sull'rago con
form to the constitution of tlio United
Status, aud extended that right to persons
informally naturalized before courts of
record anterior to danuury, 1870, aud wo
have submitted a soperato article on min
ority representation.
roji.MO.v m."iiohi.s.
Wu have required n thorough and c, ind
ent system of common iichoois, and that
all grantsand donations for common n'hixil
purpose shall bo uppllod to their lire with
tldelltv. Wo have forbidden the general
assuiulily and all publlo corporation Irom
donating money or property to any church,
or for any sectarian purpose, or for any
school controlled bv any church or ect ;
and wcliavu prohibltoildiool teachers and
school officer from being interested Iu tho
ale of any books, apparatus und furniture
in tho schools with which they are ecu
neeted. HKVKN'l'K.
AW havo. retained tho valiiablo features
of the revenue article iu tlio constitution
oflKld, and havu provided in addition
that before ales of real estato for taxo are
made, a return of unpaid taxes shall bo
made to some general oMcwr of the county,
for collection, with authority tosoll for de
fault on an order of n court of record.
The object bolug lo secure uniformity of
sates, prevent nouses, ami 10 iirovmo it
L'cncrul and convenient mode by which
nersons interested mnvoblalii information.
and pay assessment on taxes, or redeem
from ta'x hales. AVc have forbidden tho
m'n'-ral assembly from discharirlni: any
county, city, township or district from it
proportionate share of state taxes, and pro
hibited nil eummulations for such taxes 1
thus securing In sin to taxation, equality of
iiuruens, tor common iieneins ; ami wo
have repeated tho two-mill tax,
Wo havo provided that If a portion of
k coimiv i Hdiicu 10 unoiuer coiiiuy. 11a
inhabitant shall bo obliged to nay its pro
jiortion of tlio indehtednes 01 tlio county
Irom Jkhlcli It U tuKcu. u nave requireu
that voters on the ouestion of removlnir
count v seats, hall, next beforo tho elec
tion, reside in the county lx month, nnd
In tlm election precinct ninety days; and
that tho qutiou of the- removal of a
count v seat shall not bo oftener submitted
than one in ten year,; and wo havo mb-
niltted separately tlio question wneuier
lets than three-Hutu of tho vote cast shall
bo sufficient for tlio removal pf a county
sent, when proposed to bo removed rarther
from tho cuntre of a county. AVe havo
provided that couiitie Having auopiou
township organization, may by voto dis
pense with tlio same. AVo havo provided
that counties not under towiuhip organiz
ation may elect a board of three county
commistiuuer to maiingo iiieir vuuiiij
atluirs, one of whom halt bo eoctod every
yoari and wu havo niado peclal provb
lons for Cook countv. AVo havo provided
for the usual county officers", and their
compensation. All officer who are paid
ly lee are required to mnko a tomi-annuaj
report under oatn or their lees ami cumin.
riTJW, T0W, ETC,
In numerous fitted, towns, etc., of thin
state, streets, alley, sidewalk)-, etc., are
indispensable to tlielr growth and pros
perity, Tiicv must bo graded, reived and
aupt in repair. How thl.ihall bo done,
how paid lor, what proportion by the own
ers of contiguous property, anil what by
general contribution, tho people of tho
particular town orcjty nro better qualified
to decide than others can bo. Tiro satno
pystum will not bo suited to the wlshe or
noccsslllc of all place. Under our present
laws, streets and sidewalk are failing Into
decny, nnd radical reform is Indispensable
To remove, this evil we havo authorized tho
legislature to Vest in each city nnd town
full power and control of such Improve
ments, and of the means best adapted to
its wishes, circumstances and necessities.
Vor all other purposes, taxation therein
must be uniform. AVo habo also prohibited
tlio general assembly from Imposing taxes
upon municipal corporations for corporato
purposes). If in nil cither respects tlio two
constitution nro equal, these provisions
nlono should secure tho support of every
citizen of ovary town and city In tlio
Wn have provided that no corporation
public or private, shall bo created or have
its charter amended by special law. except
institutions for charnctablo, educational or
reformatory purposes, under tho patronago
of the state. All grants of charter for
special and exclusive privileges under
which no organizations havo taken place,
or which shall nut have been in operation
within ten day after till constitution
tako effect shall be invalid. Wo havo
prohibited tho construction of 'street
railway without the consent of the local
authorities In towns ahd cities, and wo havo
provided for tho protection of tlio minority
of stockholder ot private corporation In
tho election of director.
AVo havo prohibited the tnle from be
ing Interested in nny banking corpora
tion. Forbid the establishment of any
bank of issue, deposit or discount, without
tho approval of a majority, of, the rotes
cast at a general election, AVo havo de
clared that no suspension of specie pay
ment shall be legalized, and wo have re
quired that bank shall deposit ample se
curity for the protection of their creditors.
AVo havo provided that railroad run
ning parallel or competing line shall not
bu consolidated; and that a majority of
the directors shall Iks residents of fli!ttato.
AVo havo declared railroad to bo publlo
highways and required Jtho general as
sembly to establish rcasonablq maximum
rate of charge, and to prevent unjust dis
criminations and extortion. AVe have
inserted tlio right of the state, by tlio exor
ciso of tho power of eminent domain, 16
tnbject tho jiropbrtv and franchises of in
corporated companies to tlio public use,
the sainii ns tho property of natural per
sona. AVo have provided ngninst tho release
of this obligation of the Illinois Central
railroad to the state, thereby securing to
the state nearly half a million dollars an
KDNKaa. AVe have prohibited tlio stato from con
tracting Indobtednos beyond $:!60,000,
without submitting tho law to tho peoplo.
AVo havo forbidden tho general assembly
from loaning tho credit of the itato and
making appropriation from tho treasury
in aid of internal Improvements, and from
paying or assuming the debt or llabljltles
of any public or otlicrcorporation, associa
tion or individual. AVe havu prohibited
county atithoiltic from over assum
ing 'taxes, tho aggregato of wich
shall exceed 75 cent per $100 val
uation, except for the payment of
indebtedness existing at the adoption of the
constitution, unless authorized bv a voto
if tho peoplo of the county. AVo havo
forbidden ciiie, counties, and all public
corporations irem creating or lurtiior in
creasing their indebtedness above five per
cent, on tho valuo of tho taxable property
within tho same; and required that at tho
time of incurring such Indebtedness nn
annual tax shall bo lovlcd, sufficient to pay
tho interest as it falls duo, and to discharge,
tlio principal within twenty year. For
want of such a provision in our ttato con
stitution, our counties, town aud cities
havo contracted liabilities of over SAO.OOO
n(K). We have submitted a separate article
prohibiting all municipal aid to railroad
Tniler tho present constitution It was
found practically impossible to carry on
three department ot government, with
out evading it provisions. Tho compen
sation allowed tlio governor, ttato officers,
judges and member of the general nssnm
lily, was wholly insufficient in time when
tlm price of all tho necessaries of life wure
increased, and tho currency inflated. Ity
general and special laws, tho fee of clork
and inferior officer afford them much
greater incomo than tho snlariot of gover
nor and Judges, and in the populous coun
ties, nnd in Chicago, thete lee afford com
pensation beyond all reasonable bounds.
AVo havo Inaugurated a sy.tum by which all
perquisites of judge and (tato officer
will bo prohibited. AVo havo limited
member of tho general assembly to $.'0
each per cession, ill addition to their per
diem and mileage, In full for pottage, sta
tionary, (tamps, newspawrand all other
Incidental perquisite. These perquisite
amounted, at tho last session oftnogenorai
assembly, to over Sot, 000, which was almut
S.'iOO to each member.
AVo havo provided that tho fee and
salarlesof all officer under the constitution
shall not lai increased or diminished
during their term; and that, with few ex
ceptions, tuch fee and salaries shall he
fixed boforo their terms commonco. AVe
havo abolished all special law in relation
to fees, and nut In furco the coneral law
in such cases j and wo havo required tho
next goneral assembly, ny general uniform
law, to provide and regulate fee of all
persons holding county office, and their
successors, to a to reduce tho auie to a
reasonable compensation, In not exceeding
three grade in tlio uinercni counties ; and
all law HxiiiL' tho fee of state, county and
township officer shall tormlnato with the
terms 01 those at tho mooting of the first
gcuoral assembly.
Wo have provided tho stato aud countv
officers shall bo paid reasonable, salaries
out of tho fee collected by tbem ; and that
tho surplus bo paid into tne state or county
treasury. Thcao fee and salaries may
hereafter bo rogulated by the condition of
tho country, and have allowed all officer
now in office to servo out their term.
To save all controversy in a future con
vention, wo have fixed the qualifications
of if members; the oath of office thyy
shall tako; the manner of filling vacancies
and provided that amendment proposed
by such convention, boforo they take effect
(hall bo ratified by thee)ctorof theitate.
As a mean of avoiding tho necessity and
expenses of tuch a convention, wo havo
provided' that two-third of each house of
the L'cuoral assembly may submit amend
ments to ant' one article of tho constitu
tion and if ratified by tho peoplo at the
succeeding general electicn, such amend
ment shall constitute part of the con
stitution. '
Such are some of the prominent arajnd-
mcnt wo propose. They aro the result of
much labor, reflection nnd discussion, and
wo nro confident that Interest nnd inclina
tion will induco you to give them that
earnest, careful and candid consideration
they deserve, and that you will render
such a decision a will promote your own
well being and tho future prosperity pf tho
powerful, patriotic and prosperous stato'of
Illinois.' Arid it will afford usslncero plea
sure in after year to find that our efforts
have, in some measure, contributed to such
is deslrabld consdiiimntlon.
Signed by V-1I. Underwood, and fifteen
other of tno. committee
CMJNIMl 4 AND" jPM(L'F.i:i-
SPHt.vtivir.Ll, Mav 13. The convention
reassembled at 0 o'clock.
A resolution was passod that Messrs.
Mcdlli and Cameron bo instructed to
measure all work doncby the convention
printers, certify to tho saroo and perform
all dutlc connected with settling the ac
count with the printer.
A resolution was adopted that John Q.
Harmon, David Shepherd and A. II. Swan,
secretary and nislstant secretaries of tho
convention, bo paid 2 per day for extra
were tendered to tho State ofllcors for their
courtesles,Jand to tho State Jonrnal and
litgiiter for the gratuitous supply of thoe
A resolution was adopted that the con
stitution bo signed in the following order :
First, by the president; second, by the
raembors in alphabetical order:
Mr. Knglish offered a resolution that the
member receive their regular per diem
during the recess, from March IT to April
12. Lost, 3 to 58.
The commlttco on accounts und expend
iture reported that they were unable to
fix; upon the actual cost of the reporting
and printing for tho convention, but that
the following waa an estimate, mado irom
what facts they had boforo them, viz:
Reporting, $10,000 to S20.000; printing,
$17,000 to $29,000; paper, $7,00010 510,000.
Mr. Hay. frow tho select committee ap
pointed to investigate the stationary issue,
as between tho committee on account ami
cxpandituros and the secretary of state,
inado .quiet a lengthy report. Tho report
makes no specific accusations, but con
demns, in general term, the improvident
and irregular manner In which supplies
of stationary for tho use of tho state havo
bcen hltberto obtained, , and regret that
thcro seem to bo no disposition among
the officials of the stato to inaugurato any
violent reform.. Tho report was sent to
tho governor, with the requet that he lay
1 It beforo the next general assembly.
Mr. Underwood, from the special com
mittee appointed, read a lengthy add rest,
explaining and commending tho new con
stitution to tho Indorsement of tho people.
Tho address was unanimously adopted,
and ordered to be printed with the consti
Mr. Huxton moved that tho vote, yestcr-
Iday, by which enrollment was re fAised to
thu section adopted on Monday last, giv
ing power 10 uio cuy 01. iuincy 10 gei
SiOO.000 from the ttato treasury to aid in
building a railroad in Missouri, bo recon
sidered. Carried. He then moved that
the section bo enrolled, with an additional
proviso. a follows:
Nothing contained in this constitution
shall bo so construed at to deprive the
general assembly of tho power to author
ize the city of (Julncy to create any Indebt
edness for railroad or municipal purposes,
for which tlio peoplo of said city shall have
voted, and to which they shall havo given,
by such vote, their assent, prior to tho
13th of December, 18C0. I'rur'ultd, That
no such Indebtedness, to created, shall iu
nny part thereof bo paid by tho state,
from any stato re venuo tax, or fund, but
the tame (hall bo paid by tho, city of
Qulncy alone, and by taxcfobolevlodup
011 tho taxable proporty tliorcof: Anil
iiroeuUd, further, That tho general assem
bly shall have no power In tho premises
that It could not exercise under the pres
ent constitution of this state,
AV. J. Allen offered the following siile
Nothing in this section shall bo so con
strued a to prevent the general assembly
from legalizing iiibscription to stock iu
railroad companies by counties, or other
municipal corporations, heretofore made
in excess of the provisions or without
authority of oxlttlng laws, by a majority
voto of tho people, whore right have
accrued and money been expended on tho
faith of tho tame.
Laid on tho table.
Tho proposition, as amended was then
ordered to bo enrolled.
Mr. Carey moved to reconsider tlio voto
by which tho secretaries of this conven
tion were ordered to be paid $2 per day
extra. Ho did thU for tho reason that ho
believed the voting of that sum was a vlo
latlon of law. Tho resolution was recon
Mr. Cameron offered a substitute, that
tho tecrctarie bo allowed their regular per
diem during tne recess. Adopted,
Mr. llroinwoll offered tho following
resolution, which was unanimously
adopted :
Hdohtd, That our senator and repro.
sontativet In congrcs be. and tliey aro
hereby, respectfully but earnestly re
quested to use all possible means in their
power to secure, at as early a nay as pos
sible, tho passaco of an act of congress for
tho construction of a ship canal on the lino
of the Illinois and Michigan canal, and tho
improveiuentof thelllinult riverto ns to
admit the passago of ships and steamers
from Lake Michigan to tho MMstippi
irttanoox sstsioa,
Tho convention reassembled at 4:30 p.m.
The enrolled copy of tho constitution was
then read by the Secretary. Its readlnir
occupied about two hours.. At the conclu
sion of the readinu. President Hltchcock
taid to Assistant Secretary of State, Har
Mr. SecretaryIn obedience to the con
vention. I deliver to you tho enrolled con
stitution of the Stato of Illinois, and chargo
that you preserve the same among tlio
publlo records of the Stato,
Gentlemen of the convention: I am
about to perform my last official duty as'
your presiding officer, by declaring tho
convention adjourned without day. He-1
foro dissolving our relations, permit ino lo
express my sincere griitltudu for tlio con
stant and generous confldeueo you h.ive
ovor manifested in tne, nnd tlio considerate
toleration by which you havo relieved tho
nrduout duties of the chair. Such confi
dence nnd such toleration urn more crnto-
ful to mo than any formal expression of
opprovnl. Ucntlcmen, von nave wan pa
tience, certainty and dlfigeuco nnd slnghv
nes of purpose, performed tho work as
signed you by the peoplo of the Stato, and
tho result ot your labor aro about to bo
submitted to them for their approval or
disapproval. Let us hope, as well wo may,
that they will understand that the organic
law of a great stato ought to bo so formed
by Its adjustment nnd its compromises, even
as to meet tho varied wants und bo adapted
to tho varied Interests of all tlio people of
tho State. If they shall so consider, wo
may still believe th'at your work will moot
their favor. Gentlemen, nccept, each nnd
all of you, my personal good wishes and
After prayer by the Reverend Dr. Rob
ertson, tho "convention was declared ad
journed tint dir.
rKAI,'(UR Hi
And Aiii-nts of
q w. cjui:j:x,
Hiieeessnr In Ksllls,Ort'enACo.
,......Anil (i-ni.rnl. ......
Commission Merchant
CAIRO. ir,i,
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K. J. Aj ".
IlKAI.r.ilS I.N
..... And (iraaral .....
Commission Merchants
auchm hii.vi:ititi:it,
AT Till"...
Is ir.irei to
Ma n n fai lure liluuk Hook nnd do nil
Muds of Hook Uiudintr and llullmr,
Oliio Levoe, Corner (ttli SI,
Mulch Kepi Hay nnd M'-'lit for HouU
nnd Trillin.
i)sSTi:ii tun 1,,
Millers' Agent,
00 oiiio ad savin 13
Oriltn Nnllrllcil, Mill I'rumptly atttl
HilUkll-lrll- t'lllril.
.. I). Mstliuss. K. ('. Ulil.
jyjATIIIINS .V I'll I.,
. A.M
;i:.r:uAi, ruouucK
Commission Merchants
i:i:0hlo I,nvP(',L'AIKO,IM,INOIS,
Sjoil attention pit en to tliiiire)mse anil sale of
iir.t':sts to
Leo County .N'ntioiuil Huns, llon, Ill.l Win. I'M,
Hixoii, 111 ; CUT NHtlniml Unnlc, Cairo, llliiinin;
Mmlieira. Dolsrs A Co.. Commission Merchant..
CIuchko, Ill.l llalilwlli A hit. n.', Com. Merchants,
Clilcuiio, III., flow, Mornu A ()., CliirnKO. Ill,
mi TO EH
FARE From llverool,I.oiiloncle"y,
(llnaxow sir 4iieutowu to Cairo,
tao 110.
ajirSIf Agassi.
ML illliS
omiini : (Mini
I f
3NTo. 69 Ohio Levee
New lixlillsltM the
Largest! Best Selected Stock
In Hip City, itnil iifTcrx Inducements! wlilrli no other liuiiip run nlfcr. Sperlnl
inducements in
Drape de France.
G-ros Grains.
Also h (IinnI Assortment of
Colored $llk and Silk Poplin
Beaver llraiid Pure ISlnek Mohair,
Superior for Namnirr Wear tonny other In the Market.
A new Importation, cclebratc'l
Novelties in Summer Dress Goods
(,'onslstlnr of (Jrcnadlnes, Limns, Jaconets. 1'erenles, .liiiiinee Poplins, etc.
White and Buff jPiqnes
In the newest! ljle ami Hkmi'c.
White Goods! White Goods!
Embracing tho most upprovotl miilcos of !Nnin
HOokH, Cambrics, Mulls, Tarlatans, India Twills,
city., and a complete st ock of
Hosiery, Gloves, Notions, Embroideries. Laces, Hil
bons, Trimmings, ele.
Carpets! Carpets!!
The Latest Designs in Brussels. Ingrains, etc.,
IfyAH wili t suive money liny your kimhIhiiI tiiiiiiii;Iiiuiis.
FHlr Deallnir 11ml Low I'rlcti" l Ills 1110II0. He ki-s-pi Hie
InrKest stock or staple Roods In the elly ami clK lliem at llun
that eaanolhe iimlcroolsl. AIo a eoiiiplelu iissitilmi'iit sil'llut,
lloolsnutl Nhnex, FuruUbliiK i)mmU, ele. iiillsllm
It.tNIEL. lll'RD, erttlUtssli
V, X. HOUlIi:, CaibUr.
Collections Promptly Made.
Exchange, Coin, Hank Soles
ami United States Neenrl
tic IloiiKht anil
Interest Allowed nn Time Ik-pusH.,
Capital - - 100,000
XV. V. IIAI.MUAY, Pr.sldmti
A. B. H AFFORD, Cashltn
WAI.TKK IIYHLOI', As.lslisnl C.lit.r.
K. Klstls Tjlor, W. I". IIIIIU,
Krott htr, lloM.II. l'ulnlim
Uro, II. Wlllltmsoi, Mrphm Ulrtl,
A. U, K.irord.
Exdiaii;cv Coin audi
U. H. llond lloiifflit
and NoIuV
X3oi30SBitONt IX oooivod
yTM. kiim:kn,
lletiveen WonliliiKtou Ave & Poplar St.
Bonis slid Shots MdioSrUr. riaosl
Hurkiutu KsuBloysrsi,
Satisfaction Warranted
Patrouage SollelteJ.
Drape de Iiyon,
fur ItNMipci'lor imllly ami ufot.
jj m. iii'm:.v.
somsiimsio.v .sn:i(rii.v. r,
oirKrircrrnrr) .Slrrrlinnl nf lri.
Q I). Wl M.I.I JIMfV,
:.il .11 1 SS I .n 1: IC( ' 1 1 .1 ST
No. "It Ohio l.eiee,
Mirclnl Mllrillloil icltrii Iu S'.iiisIii
tttrnU "J I'lllliiK Oriltrsi.
W. f-lr.lluii. T. IMrJ.
(TII.1TT( sV lilKO,
(HniK r.sora luf lislluii. ItU'lsup A OUrs.t
rliolHn 1?
" l'ttH
,U'ls sir Aiiinlrnu I'ossilrr Vt., mm
Mitiiiiruliir'r At: nt r t oliou Vitrn.
,17 11 "'.
IS IMti:i'AIir.l TO l ll.t. OIIItKllSt
rroiiiplly siul willtfuelnrily, Willi ill' veiy lm
I.eine Onler.s at Union's Old Stiinil
J N. H.lKKi:i
Bar Fixtures,
Cairo, Illlutsi.

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