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The Cairo Bulletin, Mlsuy 18.
-g-ftc lullijtitt.
I.AllT Idl .Ml.
(VnIJi.rWc excitement was ck-ch'I'XicJ
IhfMulropolIs vctcrdrt.v tl-o n''ln8 of
'tfo.iicn.lMofn v-'ung lnnn ,n J'10
Ohio rlv.ir, un.lor clrcim-tnti"' Unit
nrouM-.l m-plolnni of PJ ,,M,.V
w ntcoif and Mint t-xt..'iil vuly dfes ,od.
Om.no arm vu goM ml l-n.colct, mid
..i. tlic otlior nrmtlie murk or lnirliitof
liMdclet. Tho nmrks of n lliigiir rinj;
wcrVilfttfteJ "iicoftlie linger!, and
Qni; of Jx-cnlinr c1inrnct.tr 'tfi.y .were
J.(,..!y r.l-orvrtl, In tliu liupu tlint thr.v
tnlfjtit furnl-liltig n key to tin-
inwteryuf t'i ji'un8 w.itimn's dentil. A
mini, ntr:'iierJ!n tlm country, win found
lur.Ing In tlir- iirigliWliitod, und upon
iSnnof lit flngori tfnfoun.larInRaallc
.j(cnvrying jififl tiirlt almost liidrtidral
with tlint left upon tlm flngerof tliocorp.e.
The lrwij,'er,wM tiiken Into custody.
There wen; no slirw upon the feet of tho
ilivensed, nnd from the nppeuralieo It wn
JihIjjimWIicIiihI notlion in the water longer
tliRti few hour not over n day nt fi.rth
eU Vhoi tho unfortunnle, nnd wliero
did slip come from 7
There was n tiro in Metropolis ycterdny,
which reouttml in the destruction of n
.1 welling lieue und it content.. Tho
houe wn Ilnely furnished nnd the furni
ture wni heavily Insured. "When citizen
who fled to the rescue, turf ted open tho
door they found the building Inrnlng nt
threo or four different point. A littlo
Ih.j one of the inmates Mild he "could
havo put ut the lire, easy; hut ran wouldn't
lit him." Wherefore, It is conjectured
tlmt there wn''nii irreltnhlo desire,
,wttrh're, to fell out to an lnttraneroin-
Dr. Hay, of Centmllii, I nn.-intenso
loyall.t. He fairly worship "the flag,"
anil would ee n "Confederate'' rturvo hv
foro ho would help lilm to ft cnut of lirend.
l"pr.n tiith a platform tho Doctor ought a
seat in'th'o hoard 'nf town counellmunj
hut ho fought in vain. A negro, of tho
Nubian jUmp nn imtjuestlunahlo African
Vint nnnoilticud us the Doctor's competi
tor. The election wm held, nnd tho colored
chap win elected l.y eleven majority. By
what combination this result wn effected,
it it "not worth while," probably, to ex
plain. lint It: Ht'MlltV AMI TIIIKSTY!
Knw ye that at the Kgyptlati ltrowery
Niloon, corner of Tenth street nnd Vnh
ington avenue, can li found, in their
greatest purity, AVclss lleer, Selter, Klvtm
gen nnd Sodn Vnter, tho real, genuine A
No. 1 Lngur lleer mid Wine, I.hjuor,
Cigars, etc.
Cold or hot meal set to order, "tloino,
listen to tho mocking bird I''
CHAS.SCIKKNMKYKlt, Proprietor.
.May 9, 1870. dim
.1. Oeo. Stelnhouse formerly of tho St.
Cluirlcs Hotel, has opened n burlier shop
on tho eunicr of Kighth street ami Com
mercial avenue, (Perry llouio) nnd with
skillful assistant i prepared to execute, nil
Imtinc Incident to the profi-ndnii in tho
inot sclentitle manner, uml to the full sat
i'fiietioti of his u-t(iiier. Hpl'-'f.dlm
There will be n public cimnlimtloti of
nppliennt for teacher' .orllfleiite at tho
High School room, -on Vrl.biy tho 12th
itut, Ix'giunilig nt the hour of a J o clock
p. Mi j 1: 4 i i ,ituTu:n,
t'ountyJfiiilHsrliitendrnt of Stliooli, Alexan
der County.
aUy.lIth, lbTo.
I'omUlilo Arnold bprirel u couple of
thieves of tho possession of ft skltf, this
morning, which, it was thought, they had
stolen nt Capo (ilrurdeau. Tho skiff i
painted blue, nnd is worth ten or twelve
dollar, 'if tho owner wiihes to recover
hh propcrty.lto will plcaso come funwird,
pV i.harg, etc.
Coot, nlry ,inl sfcldendidly ventilated
room, can be hud nl tho .Silnt Chnrle,
v. .tit board, during tho hottummeruicnth,
ht rrr.v prieet. I'nmlllw can be c
t'mi'Hlated during tbo ubovo perlol, witli
iriuo.t detlrablo rooms, at it large tlrduct
i n from regular rate. dtf
Juh reeolved nt J'. Nclf', No. 7l, Ohio
Uv.-e. r. splendid lot of diinng Ciisslmere,
Coating ml Votings, which will bo inndo
up i the ino.1 fashionable style, mid ut
priw u, ui ti, times, perfect lit guar-
no sale, tf
Sunn, of Kmltir Kdl ringers, was a
resident of l'ir ,..t ......
frwjuently U-f, ),ttul Wjj, tJl0 to.., of
f . ... . .
,.u vviniki utuj. JIo hat Bciuired a
fortune in l.U proiem wineii.; I
r.,uu; oi employment V jit.
Ri?Zl'fIhC'VtU of th
1 herelt. you m ,,.,. ... Mma
Age. i Jierem you m ,j(lJ
lu.ng ... no; only give wnj0yrtont
but by vmttnntH.UA tofortune. oo
Mdvertlsenitlu jhU ,,v,r. n
, l'iunm, ,
The old brand or clgr, ..ly,, ..
oncosold by A. It. Whitu.Urar.,ti0, vP,,t
bv HrisUilVSlllttell,No.'j-j Kiehti, p. 1
" IBL'TliT"
The powon of Mrs. Whitcomb. jjyrun
for children re wjiohHive us th cunllght
from heaven') and geullo mid soutl,!,,,, u,
n ungel'i whsj)pr. mylWuwlw
Chased, teal and urnamentul rings uf
tier j awfii mu jimim mj onier
Taber Brothers.
cokxi:k-.stoxk ccrkmoxikn
Large Croud Acres of People I
AllltltrSNKH, THE
nn: -irxir, ktc.
There i n faying scarcely mi adnge
that it i ap)oluted for every man to
swallow n peck of dirt. Wo got ours yes
ierday tho wholojpcck In u single day.
And so did evorybody who attended the
cornoMtono ceremonies nt Carbondale.
The special train left Culro u fnw min
ute before 8 o'clock, having nliout 1 10
Cairo pncngen on hoard, iiuiong whom
were the .Sir Knights of tho city, mid other
member of the Masonic fraternity) mid
tho Cairo Silver Cornet band. Kvery sta
tion along tho routo contributor to thu num
ber Aiiim, and JoncslKiro adding about
1 r.O ; CoM on about 100 and Makandu about
200, so Hint tho train arrived nt Carbon
dale with no leu thnn COO persons on
Thcro Wornnbiiut four acres of human
beings about tho depot, tbo largest crowd,
no doubt, that ever assembled in imitliorn
Illinois, outside of Cairo.
About noon tho iiroc6ssloii moved to
tlio site of the Normal building, where tho
corner itono was laid With 3Ini6nlc coro
monies, by Grand Mnatcr II. O. lleynoldi.
Tlio deposits consisted exclusively of tho
names of county nnd town ofllcors, of tho
names of otllccrs nnd members of literary
societies connected with tho Southern Illi
nois collego; nnd of copies of their consti
tutions and by laws, nnd of the town char
ter nnd ordinances.
Tho building will bp nn immensu struct
ure, and very imposing itmppcurnnco. It
will present n front, to tho railroad, of
about nno hundred nnd twenty or thirty
feet. The stylo of architecture, indicated
by the foundation openings, is gothlc. Tho
building will probably cost over n quarter
million of dollars.
Prayer, intiMo by tho choir mid bnnd,
concluded tho ceremonies nt tho building,
when tho procusslon reformed uud inarched
to n beautiful grovo on the outskirts of tho
town, whero n dinner was in waiting,
spread upon about 1000 feet of tables. At
these tables nt least llvo thuuiuiid people
satisfied tho crnvlngs of tho appetite.
Over onolmndred animals wcro barbecued
for this repast, and wore thoroughly cooked
nnd welV seasoned.
About 2 o'clock tho crowd gathered
about tho speaker's stand, nnd wero called
to order by Lieutenant Governor Dough
erty. Tho Governor couldn't resist tho op
portunity to air his eloquence mid to show
liis familiarity with tho detail of that ro
frcshtng subject tho rebellion. He was
glad to recegnlzo In tho midionco n largo
nuuilKjrof soldier. Monarchy, inthamoro
popular gulo of tho Southern Confede
racy, had ansallcd tho libcrtlc of thu peo
ple and tho unity of the Stale, uud thou
brnvo men, tho soldier of tbo llcpublic,
lepl into the rinks, nnd with sword nnd
uiuket, perpetuated thu blessing of civil
liberty, mid maintained in all it grand
proportion tho structure of the govern
ment ! Whnt all this, and much more, had
to do with tho laying of the corncr-iouu
of an educational building wa not made
clear, nnd many pcron couldn't relt the
notion that it was out of place entirely
uncalled for.
Gov. Palmer, the chosen orator of the
day, was not proont, mid tho Hon. New
ion itaieman, II present, couldn't bo pre
vailed upon to show himself upon th
stand. Fortunately Prof. Edwards, pros!
dent of tho Normal University, trn pres.
nit, nnd when cnllcd upon for n speech, ro
i'rof. hdwurds is an nble orntor am
clocutioniit, uud ho had siwikou but a few
moments before the vast coneourso of hear
or forms 1 the conclus.'o i that the ubocciua
of Gov. Palmer was fully atoned for by
the presence of I'rof, Edward. Wo toek
copious notei. of thu gentlemun' Hpeecl
but shall, for tho want of space, bo
debarred tho pleaturo of convoying to tho
render even an Intelligent Idea of iu powe
nnd excellence.
Tho Introduction of Prof. Kdward furn
nlied a chance for Col. Douchertv to
"oprend hluuolf" and, of course, he availed
himself of It. Ho dipped into Jtoman
history mid brought old Cliiclnnatus forll
(n noble old Itonimi, iu Dougherty's ctl
nation) mid tuld how ho resisted tholuvu
ion oi jtome, nnu returnc.i to mo peace
ful puMUttu of agriculture. Ho eulogized
thy "Father of hi Country Washing
ton; spoke in terms of eulogy uf Gov,
Palmer, Prof. Kdward mid other eminent
friend of populur education. "Tho
ground upon which Carbondalostand," ho
aid "is nlmoU hallowed earth." Dough
erty, Jlru.h, Connors, Leuvenworth mid
others, concluded to build a temperance
town iu .Southern Illinois, mid Curboudulo
occupies tho site selected by them. Tho
tlaud was bought In Junuury 1853, and ut tho
first sale of lots he, Dougherty, mounted a
log, uud proclaimed tho purpose of tho
proprietors Tho deed for any lot sold
should contain u stipulation to tho effect
that tho orcetioii of u doggery and tho talo
of intoxicating liquors ou tho promises con
voyed, would divest tho owner of the iitlo
and work a forfeiture of tho property to jitio
corporation for tho benefit of common
schools, This wus but asking tho neonlu
of Southern Illinois "to turn over
another loaf to build churches nnd kIiooU
instead of saloons und gambling hells to1
guard themselves and their sons ngulnst
wio seduction of tho wlno-cup and tho
gamingtable. They did ull this, und h?
thanked God that In thu parched and
dreary moral wasto of Southern Illinois,
tliHr.. wait .. ...... .1... .1 .
... ..... .jju, njum llt0 ueeuui mer.
chmit, mechanic or profeMtonaluian could
go to and from hlsplaco of business with
out encountering tho reeling tlandorupon
tho imago of his M iker n drunkon man.
Tho Governor warmed with his subject, as
ho progressed, possibly forgetting that Prof
Edwards was standing at his elbow, tho
while, ready at any moment to reliove him.
I'rof. Kdwnrds spoko about thirty min
utes, and mndo a very appropriate nnd
effective uddrcss.
Tho Professor was followed by tho Kev.
Mr. Allyn, president ot tho MeKendreo
college, in a speech of much forco nnd con-
sldorablo elegance. Tho Itoverend gentle
man avowed liiniolf in fnvor of thu With
Amendment. Ho was willing to allow
tho women to vote. Tho v had dono o vory-
thlng they had undertaken so woll,thflt ho
didn't feel di'poed to deny them nny-
Mr. Uowyer, ono of tho Normal Com
mit.douer followct Mr. Allyn. Ho refer
red to thu responsible duty that had been
charged to tho Commissioners. A half
dozen localities had contended for tho
honor of the location of tho Normal school
presenting u largo sum of money fend
broad acres of land. They had, however,
chosen Carbondulo, and woro well satisfied
with their choice. Tho institution had
been located exactly whore it ought to bo,
and whero the greatest number want it.
At tho cloio of Mr. Bowycr1 rcmnkss a
telegram was read by Gov. Dougherty, of
which tho following is a copy :
Nokmai., May 17.
Tho faculty and pupils of tho Normal
school soud to their sister of Southern
Illinois greeting, and hope they may bo
liicsscu Willi abundant success.
Tho reading mid adoption of n fuw reso
lutions, music by tho choir and band, con
stituted tho cloning exorcises.
Tho editorial fratornlty was rcprosonlod
by Aldon, of tho Du Quoin Tribunr. Wall,
of tho l'lncknoyvlllo llanntr Watson, of
tho St. Louis Democrat; Davis, or tlio Cairo
Sun ; flouton, of tho Joncsbord Gazette;
of tho Chicago Tribune.
Shortly after 4 o'clock tho Immense
crowd dispersed, nnd at U o'clock, tho Cairo
train, consisting of nino cars, filled almost
to suffocation, with tired, dusty human be
ings, sounded its whistle, and started, ar
riving ut Cairo, without necident or mis
hap at quarter past 0.
If spneo pormittod wo might tell that the
Sir Knights of the Cairo Cornmandcry,
wcro tho finest looking body of mon in tho
procession ; how handsomely the Cairo Sli
ver Cornet band acquitted itself; how Har
ton, of tho Asm Era, busied himself mak
ing evorybody comfortablo as poslblo un
der tho circumstances; that tho Cairo ladies
wcro tho best-looking on tho ground, nnd a
great many other things of a highly inter
eating and exciting character; but, for tho
present, at leut, wo must desist.
Tho telegraph has informed thu public
that Mr. McPi.rlnnd (or ltichnrdson) was
tho other day takon seriously ill. Uu Sun.
day alia so far rccovorod as to bo ablo to
start on u Journey to New Orleans, an
will probably puss through Cairo to
morrow. If sho doc, sbo will uudoubt
edly visit Put Fitzgerald's Sun Flower Sa
loon, uud settle her nerve by copious
dratightsnf his Cincinnati Lager Deer, of
which article ho always keeps on hand
frerh supply, und gives it uwy for C cents
n glass. If ho will not drink his beer, sho
will not surely go hack on his fino whis
kies, brandies, wine and cigars; ns will
not iiIm) tho public. Mr. McFarland mu
the public knowthat Pat Vitzgorald know
how to keep saloon, nnd tlicy will patron
i.u lilm sure. tf
Sti'iiv your interests nnd read tho ml
vortlsonieiit "Greutnid Work of tho Age.'
In thl paper. mnylW3w
The eagerness of come of our Carbon
Uindalo neighbor to preserve their reputa
tion u a sober pcoplo, leads them into the
adoption ol mean which the end seurcely
warrants. For instance, Mr. William
Ncnnlnger received an order from that
city, for twelve keg of beer. The bee
iirrivutl yesterday morning, und was de
poltcd in tho depot. Whllo thero, some
(mperauce viithuslast scratched the rev
tiiuo stamp from tho kegs, and then not!
lied thu deputy nssessor that thero was
lot of unstamped bcir ut tho depot. Of
course tho effervescing liquid was "incon
tincntly gobbled mid is still held by tho
Mr. Addlo Duck, between Ninth nnd
Tenth streets, has Jut returned to Culro
with a beautiful stock of millinery and
luilr goods; nil kind of hair ornament.
ribbons, net, etc. Sha 1ms tho lutett stylo
of dro hat for ladle' and children's sea
sides. Frame of all shapes and colore, and
illusion of every shade Her stock of art).
Ilcial (lower cannot bo surpassed In Culro
Mr. Jiuck will drcs hair in any desirable
stylo, Jiuviiig visited the hair dressing es
tublUhmcnt in tho Southern Hotel and of
Madumo Camboll. In St. Louis, with an ovo
....I l.l I .1 "... v
m iiiuiwjhh'.iii uc iie iii oi nor customer in
Cairo. iiUlm.
. :
Nothing will resloro tho skin of tho
heud to its original fairness, after it has
been turned of a copper color with hair
dye. Yet nouo of them will produco tho
rich natural hair shades brought out by
tho usu of l'lialon's Yitalla, or Salvation
for tho Hair, a preparation clear and trans,
parent, and which does not stain tho skin,
Sold by ull tho druggists and fancy goods
Vkksii Kggs mid Yellow llutter can al
ways bo bad, Head tho advertisement
"Greatest Work of tho Ago,"i thl pa
per. mayl8d3m
He sure to read thu advertisement
Greatest Work of the Ago," in this
nper. Oiayl6d3a '
Mound City, M7 17, 1I7U.
Correspondence of the Bulletin.
Sinco my last, to quote from A.
Ward,"tho weatBcr has been various"
from cheerful and sunshiny, wo had a
succession of cold, rainy days and colder
nights. But tho clerk of tho weather has
again put on his smile, nnd tho farmers nro
again at work.
Strawberries, In small quantities have
made their appcuranco In market. Thn
palm of championship for tho first of tho
season, is claimed by 31. Harnish, of Villa
Circuit Court commenced on yeter-
dny with a goodly attendance of legal tu-
lout, including Messrs. Green & GllWt,
Wheeler, Munn, Allen i&Ltncgar, of your
city; Jossie Waro, of .lonesboro, also our
resident attorneys, Davidgo, Carter,
1'idgcon, Watklnsand Crandall.
That relic of barbarism, tho Grand
Jury, was organized, with Dr. Casey us
Foreman, and McCartnoy made his usual
impetuous charge which seemed to bo pa
tiently acquiesced in.
Tho Kcpubllcan county convention
mot yesterday. Munn and Ltncgarweroon
hand and sow that the delegates wero prop
erly instructed to glvo them each tho bon
ofit of a defeat at tho polls next fall. Thu
convention was, very harmonious until
near tho closo, when, all at once, a bomb
shell arrived in tho shapo of ono Dr. Col.
Lowe, who Insisted that tho coloreJ popu
lation wcro entitled to representation ou
tho floor. At this announcement tho con
fusion at tho battle of Waterloo,
so graphically described by the
historian, was as nothing. Thero
was much consultation, in hurried
whisper, and finally tho "great mogul"
who presides at tho postollicc, nroso mid re
((rotted tho precipitancy of the proposition,
and hoped tho colored population would
remember that thoy wero too ignorant, as
yet, to thus nsicrt themselves. Immedi
ately the convention adjotirucd. This
morning the cauldron of local politics is
fairly boiling. Said nn Intelligent darkey,
commenting on tho notion of tho conven
tion: "Why, tho ltcpubllcan party In thl
county aro putting on airs they nln t
mouthful without us I"
H(IW plMASDt It IS 10 ,
A hpjr family afrsr,
In prc'fl nj holj unity.
Tho oxtensivo fire in your city was
distinctly seon hero, ns tho lurid flames shot
heavenward, casting their fierce rays over
tho boautlful Ohio, rolling serenely along.
All wcro forcibly impressed with tho de
structive qualitios of tho Fire-God. Much
sympathy is expressed by ail at tho ca
lamity to your city.
Yours, till next week, DION.
5kw omen.
The ofllco of Green & Glllx'rt, lawyer,
is now in room 7 and II, over tho City
National Dank.
''troll. I'S'luetli; !mi AUc, Cl i
Hull, Utile Ituvk) Mllhivy, fculueili;
M. tlomloD, N.O.i (uli'kat'p, KiiMi.till'-i
Krlloxj, " hum llinwu.ki, I.oiikj
(Jrof.twck, Cini'Innatli llll HI. I,ul "
miiidmh, Krludhii,
rriouo.iiip, "
uojrtlllo; Hollo Mliilil, Jlollli.;
usillti I'olrvl, rmiirrnii
lilllo; QranU Ltkv, li'ilTowsr,
ll.U.lirsv. IjiiiI-wI
Kit lluijlif ,
Mlllirfir, Tiklursli; I lan Ablr, Columbus;
(Juicktttp, Kruiuf III.; rrlrolls, l'Hrti:
hum llrowa, Nt, l.ill.; M. Iluiialnn, Irlllr;
Krirndshlii, " (lrof.!vk,.V.O i
Hollo M'pl.l., (IrnnJUko.
l'Uli, MlnnooU, .MimiliU;
KHIotg, Hollo hi. I.oui.; H'l.lil.
It. U. Orsy, Arkmi.ai Ithrr,
Tho weather continue clear and wurm.
Thermometer, 84.
Thu river lint fallen six Indies since last
The Mississippi at St. Louis, mid Ui9
Missouri river, are falling rapidly.
Tho Ohio is falling steadily utl'itUburg,
with five feet six inches In tho channel. It
is stationary at Cincinnati, but swelling
lowly at Louisville, with live feet threo
Incite In tho chute over the falls und seven
feet In thocuual.
Tbo Cumberland I steadily but slowly
falling, with three feet largo on Harpeth
Ilusinct hero ha not been very active
sinco last report.
Tho Petrolla brought 70 bbl flour for
Ayer & Co., 1 box gooseberries for G. 1).
Williamson, 1 ditto for .Ino. Koehler,
Cairo; 100 bxscannod fruit for rciditpmcnt
to St. Louis, lind 20 bx uxu bundle for
reshlpmcnt to Now Orleans.
Tho Quickstep brought 100 empty hhl
for Con. Gallghor, Culro ; iiOO bU wheat
for reshipment to St. Louis, 12 hhds tobur
co, 1)3 bhd potatoes, 35 bbl whiskey, lot
sundries for reshipment to New Orlcau,
The Mary Houston discharged hero 10
crates and 1 cask quecnawarc, for Parson,
Davis ii Co.
Tho Ella Hughes I running in place of
tho sunken Tyrono, and her olllcer nro
afraid that tho Tyrono cannot ho raised,
Tho Hughes brought out 87 hhds tobac
co, ISO bbls flour, IS tons sundrlos for re
shipment South; 180 pkg cedar waro for
reshipment to St. Louis ; a lot of boiler
iron for Smith, Torrcnco a Co., Cairo, mid
40 bars Iron for tho I. C. It. It.
Tho steamer llobt. Mooro Cant. John
Farrell bound from Nashville to Cincin
nati, struck a log yesterday mornliiK at 10
o clock, about two hundred yards below
tbo head of Cumberland Island and tho
Illinois shores, breaking her hull so badly
as to causo her to sink in two minutes. No
lives wero lot, as tho water was only up to
her cabin floor for some hours afterward.
Th officers of tho Groesbcck. however.
informs us that sho has sinee settled dowu
by the- washing out of sand
from under her. so that the seem
broken in two, and her chimneys have
fallen. No hopes are entertained of rais.
f I it! a - . m ... - I
ybehad a full load, coasting of 1
140 hhds Eastern tobacco for rcshlpmcnt
per rail from Cincinnati, 100 bids flour, 100
tons pig metal and n largo lot of assorted
Tlio Henry Ames nnd AV. It. Arthur nro
due to-day fur Now Orleans.
Tho Murblo City i tlio regular packet
for Memphis and Vicksburg.
Tho City of Kvnnsvlllo is the regular
packot for Kvaiisvillo this evening.
The Ella Hughes is tho regular packet
for Nashville, to-day, in pluco of tlio Ty
rone. Tho l'uducnh packets lcuvo nt four
o'clock p.m. dally
Captain Clin. T. Hindu U ngent for the
nbove boats.
For JiiiIkc of Uu- Htirine 4'mirt.
Wore authorise,! to iiniiiiil.ien Hint tlio Hun
HIXNBV IlltUtlSi-: w ill Ik iicHtidhlaln for the oIVk t
of Judge of Hie t-iipreme Court nf Illinois, from
the First (Irnml Dlrisimi. Klectlon on Momli.)',
tine 0,1870.
HUI of lllluuli., Almmlfr County, ,
In tlm County Court of Aloxnmlor Count)-.
Thnu .MsrlHlu, AilmluiMnuor r,t A)ili'y N.
Mooy, iltiei"l,
Ctlierine lUuxhorly, Join. II. H.xinliorty, Alox
nmlor lMHuniTty, OiliiinbU llalthor, John
tialthor, lloury If. H.oiKlierty, Julia Duunlioily,
Jnrrl A. DatiKliorty, Alilry iMiiKlicrly, Klin
D.oiglictly, Until I ..lustierty uml llourrn Iliiixli
vriy i u'dillreen SUmcj, Atnrtlia Mnmry, nil
linen .M.ii'),(ii.irillHti ol Alarllu Miu.oy.
l'otliliui pr.i.iM ""t 4tl court will order the
aloof tliefolliiMinit K'Sl etute -Ituntolii Alolnti
iterrounty, Illinois . wit J Tlio routli utrt nf
rbtlm .No. tJl, Mirn y nation sea, limu-hlp III
ritnviitl. we.l. 1'iiiilniiilnK HV. Here, for tlm my.
inrnt ot flie lel.to uf 0,11,1 ,lilry .N. .Mn-cy, tie
COH.oil, .Notlco l lieroliy KiU'ti tint n petition ntTo.
the nbgto Hume,!-I'T.uh" li.ini imrllrs llicroto.l
h 11 U'on tile, luu, 1 1 no irnilliiK in sM court, Kna
Hint u lllnuions t:s l'Oll loueil In p:ll,U ou-o re
turniil'lo Initio, next .lunetorniot' ni l court, to bn
bullion St the C'outt llou-o In the Cily nf Calio.'n
siU'l eoiiiity, 1111 1 lie tlunl M .inlay In Juno, noit.
JACUlld. I.V.Stll,
, rnimty Clerk.
lircen A iliilii'rtntt ) f,ir Aili.ilniotrHlor
euro, III., .My tti.liTO.
rpm: itr.!Ti:sT work
the: age t
A Hook hivalnnhle 1 Utovvrj KiMjtn,
i-Hiiii'ii niuri in
I e Mllliuilt il
Tlio "iirr.t nn I only vcrtuln motlioil to koop ok
fre.li nii, 5.100I for nl len.t one yor. The lott
l loas llisn hsTheonl por ilorori, ami by llila
IikiIi.hI rite lou;ht nt ritfht Rnl toll ent.nilo.
on iluriiirf 1)10 nuiiuner, on bo kept nml nl.l hi tho
wlntorfor from Hurt t' im.v cent., whon oiick
This Method Will Take the l'laco nf
All Others
Oriclvoli tliopKMirntife of je, u, uhonottorrd
lor.iie iii'Hiinoi i't .01,1 rimer lif nluioArsneo
piitllly from 11 frrslililU oy.
Zt Ooutalusj
Tlio lot roerint el it .mldlihril for ronriori nr. fttitt
and runoiil biitierprrieell) hhooI. met ul how to
Hire a uniform nml luiurul enlor to white and
troko, biiitor,an,l tho l.o.t mannor of mlxliiij
M.,., . r,w;Miii) wiiiiri riHlIKr,
ThcM'Two Itecclpts Aliinc nrc Worth
Jlmulrcds uf l)ollur.
IT TKI.I.S Tlio ol.r.ipo.l mi l U.t tiiinle. 1,1
iiinuiiiiunii wa.ruiiK eiiniMiilii,l.. nw
lnakharu ami olt in,, Ink-, iunlle, lullit
rainll,r, roni.nt., mi l Uikiiur im.if r-
IT TM.I.N llrtw In rlunfy honey m ui tofll
.or nrjr.y iwietf lliitrolilinoil fol
IT TI!f.l.B The lute.i nml ho.t ino.lo nt iilt
iiiKiunieiirinKiisiii ali'lull liimu oriuenl.
IT TKI.I.W How to dyedothnof ul .,i,
nn I In fteoor.
I I'SJUIIH Vulu.il,:ere.'eiptforeurinKlurii
ore, t-iitu, loloii., fro.l l,.to., eunei-r, our who
tooth aehe, iinir worm, wilh liumlro.l. of oil, o,
now and liilllitMe lilellio.t., with full ibreotiolK
00 nun nny one enn u iri.111.
IT TIII.LH How to lnko fruit tnln, ink otnln
iron ni.i otaini nml point .tjiu. fioin 1 lot he. und
viik iiro.-ei.
IT TKI.I.S How loeounlfrjelfru.iiiuuitrei
ITTIXI.M How to t.m Kur, oiitior with or
Kiuiniii uia riair nr wool on, ami ho U iniitul
iiio.ooi Muporior Kr.iio.
IT TKI.I.S How iornil;tliorur, n fluid f,
trukiii,! tlm hulr Krow in l-iiutirul rt.iwui nnx
IT TKI.I.S How to food hen. .0 u lo m.ik
irioriiiay an ini. yiur round.
IT JIVI.H llvtr nihiiii.lro. rnronnd vslua
Ido recipe, und a enmpUlo ijiildii lo the iiianil
fwdurHof hundrodt of n.otnl und kiUoMl.l.. i,rtl..iM,
lliellldllllt I'mont Jleiliein,... IVrflllllor), Tollel
and Imniul Arllrlo., and nuiiy ntlior H.ly mado
.iiioiiK vi, ami aruinu roii'iuy u. luro proiii1
with imiiiy iimniifariiirera' i.rn, Ao.
SI ! ulnn.ilr In Kvrry One-lie Surr
nnillJrt II.
a-fVnt ,y man, freuof ponnijo. foruNf! lull,
I.AII. I'libb-livilBiiilforaalKby rMiikh.iA Wil
ifaiii-, iivoh i-iioii.ueri, 1 l.oilla, ,io,
may Ik.flm
New York City, 1859.
3 i- rrx . Z7. X o Ix o o ,
l-le ininiifinliueror
KehonVs linpnived ludiuti CIuIk
for inn.iiiljr ileu lopmont Jiiiiuh Ull., rro
nuid hot und bull.. I n.eli.ill l. il.. in, i,m lull.
ilik, heel padded haii.iK Kloe, linjirored lnk
.nil Im, iiH'tropolitan imln rnien'a ehiln. ( I hei-e
elilin uie utivlliy the Mutropolilun Tobeo uf VW
Wholly.) Kohoi,' Hlti.tiutivl Hook on the I'm,
of the Cillti, I.' oil.
il.T ur I'liiics or inDiivri.i M
r.Tl sh-i"T inlr 51 oil
lUIUeiudi " "... fi ' l.idle'ArhlldroiiNliea
r. .. .. . , '"' I'm t ai'ls j.f r ii sir ")
., . ..io'-'ii . ..am
... i '., . i i.
-1 ' i" '"Ii i U
.inn llritml ivny, Xtw VorkS'llv
lieiylMIni '
Tin- Xetv Tow nml Joli Jlout
ir.M.CO Uf, TEU, .Vaster,
1 prepared at nil Union to lo rll klmU oi tow.
OK ami Jol.binir on the mom renoinil,le torina
Hend()uailer ut Cairo, lllluol,.
pout vi:i:k iiV imck kt
-sf-i 33.ZS.IZL-
I.euvM Cairo every
inakinj eloseeonneclion with trninsiil
Willi 1IN roa
X7 Jk.
rarlirsiur hIMbiio t way knalsjMo
jynvu stouk.
No. n
Olilo Xjioveo,
win: dkikisi
"Our IIimhN Our Ural Itrfert iirr."
Han- tho Isrge.t nml I'oinploio.t ii-L of
And K'Tiernl K""d In their line to I found ho
tweon rl. IHii. uml Momplilo.
In Our Prescription Department
Wo ne none but tho
A lull line ol
Whilst I. ml, Xlnc, I'urh Mhllo,
Vnriilwlira, Sills, l'dlul Hrnhe,
;lnr, Lc., Ac,
IN l.tlltlK hT(K.'K,
A.t TJArolayai'.
Genuine Article,
J 111 rrctlvrd Irosn nr. lliuiilln'n l.ah.
mlorjr, at Clslraca.
It inoritn a ii moihcinn nocl no ailrortlalntc i
Thl notloo only to Inform ynu that it ran b
aoppiio.i iii you
J.x 23a.x-olayss'.
rjini: MALARIA Kl.Cj,
For Chills and Fever,
1st (lie medicine ihttt beats nil
I1IIN liuve Hand rceewHieasI It
Pure and Strong,
Tss Im hud lj Hie Nliigle Ilollle
ur. at lVliolfstitlc,
A.X 33nrolayss
(Standard White Oil,
in I'ltDst: oKni:n,
For hhUi In qunulllleM, from
one barrel und upwards, low
lorettMli.at IIAIICLAY 1 1 HON
Country Merchants
Are inviieii iu exHHilne our
33axolA.3T XSx-oats
rjllli: 1ILA1 NTOUK.
illiiiery, Fancy Goods, Etc
Inrilo. fjo-elnl nttontlon
rilmha.ulull Hnonf
lo hor pro.nit otiu'k,
Women's MiaMea' and Cliildreii'
Ami n thniuftml other lhinif that funnrst t sum.
niuruttil in uu udf rli- iiit-iil. HIih it .Ict.Tiniot' I
iu iicMTvt jinn niftinimn for iivr tabuliinpii'
tun iihuio of
lll'l tfrmili nru lrats ttaaiint.t.ns..,l .l.In.. .1.1..
m win u t you more for tham Mimtunr nf
, , - - " "'"'Hi S1I-IIIIMI.SUI1-1
in. iir umii nny oiner more in t mi. Don't buy
Until Oll i nil mi Lor rftwu.talli- it ...I.'
lllMTV L'UUlJst nr Ullmril'l it It. I s.Siil.lr..ai tnn
4'oiiirarrcUI vs.t car. ot I Hiss alrel.
CAIKO ..........lllilNOIf.
MnnufiiciuroN and repairs all kinds of
Guns, Locks, Keys, Etc
0DWirk warrsntcd sad ohsrgen roMonshlo.
TATE. I will koII at pnhllo suction, t Ibe Court Jlouio.
n fulro, ou Wednesday. June 1st, 1870. at II
)'il..uk, a in.. Lot No, tti, lllook No. IS, Fimt Ad.
lltl.m lo tho Citv nf Calm, with h JiuproTe.aents
thKri'on.oon.lslini! ,of n two story friime noum
Well auMixoa u ifuiiii...ui .v-.t ,vv
.r..,u.....l,. I'lile norloot.
0. WIKH'I-ON, Agont.
Kor vital; of Uskor Clordoo, dn-'d.
cAimi tin
(then to ull Avnlliililc I'oIiiIn,
St. Louis, Cairo k New
. Oreans Packet Co.
fjjflu- TIIK oTKAMKIts
...TIUXII'S "N. Sl-i
l.UKK.N. .h
..J M.
sioi.i.u: aiii.s
w. u. Aiinu'ii
.. IKlti..tHKI,
!o. 1.0V,
lAI'LI.KCAHIt(ll.l. IHX.
Cnmprimnit all lh rinoi and l.rn'.l lnl ,iit id
M. Iaui..
I'nr.Vf w Oninn T o otfamof
W. K. Arthur,
llltOI.ANKI .Sla.lrr
Kill Irtto W Kl..NK..lV Kii'i.ins, .M.iy lih
Cnlitioi.tlUK nt i'W Urlonti. with Oi oau l..noib
Htoiii-r. 'o .
l.l vrrinol, New Vark, llo.tiin, anil llal
o.tun, Tvims.
r.o.onyor nnd HiiPpor. cs.i rolir on 6r id ll.r
l-.nl. loMinK Cairo ptin' tuaily a aloto.
Ilonrral Axon!, t'aini,
(llliro, nn V.'lnrfwl, I'liUio Ijn.-unn
Memphis and St. Louis
Packet Company.
Tho fnllftwlnr ltot rompri'o (hi. I.ino.n.l will
run in thofiilluiinjurdrri
Memphis Packets
Arrlto t c.iro,
Ainio Calru,
t r
RSI.I.S ST l.'i. l. rruolAi,r.rriltir,li I iu
t(l.i,SMl.r,' ,
CITT UfO'AIHO, Thurxls; P... l -n Uj I
Matin, Na.iori, ....
ari.t.K nsxri.1, iurUr, Sp.tn ihur. , I ."
i'i.m, Ht.i.
Vicksburg Packets.
Ailllo.t Imiiu
rr o i t ru.
NSMi o'UX, I Lin I". ,
Jl'j.l A . .
lax, 1 I".
(XX.OltAli.) . Kridnr. I a. iu -iiiln Ik hi,
UTVOK Al.MOi do 'Ii,
Itfltirov . Wundir It ' ' PiomI r la 1 1
m, i:. niiiivriil .ii i i.'
Cinnti t nitntM I.u . w Ui
Narllitrts l.llia I'nrbrl Ciiinpaii) ,
KrnUllk I'urkrl Cn.iiiiaii',
Uuialia I'arbrl l'ii.niliy,
and Various Itnllioail l.ln.
Al l.n,l.lil. ttltll
M.nililil. and Willi Itltcr I'urUtl Co.,
A.ksn.M Itlvrr I'ntktl 'ouiiai.,
llcimilil. anil uilKrinioii n. n..
mid 31lal..lii. &. '1 rlil.r.... ll. n
At Viok.hiirif ttl.h
Vaioo lllvor l'arko Is, n I
VlrkaliurK .IrililUa ltllliiil
()i.n lhn.iix.il t 1 la.l.ntt wi'lt.. ."
MjI. .Mi.nt. hr rail r r n r.
CM AS, T. IIIMI Horn rsl Aiionl
Ottkoou W url l.i.i
pOI, .Mil r.ll, Ti. krt and raooniror Ak'oil
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
-ffid.',, -inIitUi! ul tlio IdII'ihiiic
Vot'Hscppliiiiiliil rtoviip'r stcuuifro
HTItINfi...M.. .Mwlrl I . Hoik
l.riitr. I. very Momtii)' nl I V. it.
II A KM N ....... Mmiit . l"
l.riiin i:vcry TH i.rnl.i)' Hi I I'.W.
John Lumsdcn
I Vil
l.i aira t.vti) Nulurilv)' al i V. .tl
Throtish Illlls LmlliiK (.'Ivon la. Nash,
title ami Culro I'ackfls ami
'(.'rt'fii Mihi"
T. Xnahsllle. I hallisisooija, Ts'Hiui Al
lanlH, ..lllllilnio. Hi.llM'i ln-ol, t.
SlHliit-o VI I'ulnl. Hi'.iruelpivii, Mil
ImIuiIIIo ;.! KnrniilM, Ala.i sfo.il.
St.illiory, Alli.l Ha. lr.i... h. NHlssa.
AlH.i haviinnli. i".l tVUtuluKlois, H. l.l
101 MtilAS. T. 1IINUK.,
ABMit nt Cairo.
Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company.
AI.K K UV.AS .Inlin Sunk, Ms-loi
KISM-T IIII.N iV'liNn lor
msimssi.a " It. '. 'r
hll.VKtt ,1Iit.....Ht'ii Al. Morrli'lHi "
unwni ui" hihiii-j, '"" ', .if..,,!..-..-.- ......
liia iivorv Tlip-d iv and Mlllilduy, mid
forfinclnniitl very Fridiiy uml Irat.irdny.
Ull AH. T. III.M'K. An.nl, Cairo. III.
iniicui'ii v.iarfiii.
Evansville and Cairo
Packet Company.
rtpm Consisting ot tho follow
----- 1 L mm I J
lisowo CaiwHuuday and Thursday al 5 ..
v.ti'l VII ll.ular W rUlJIJs
flKAMMKll -Master I V'-',' m
l.oairo. falro T.i"ay " '" "
City or Evansville,
DEXTKIt ,..-...Mter N. PEHIil" uw-Wk
LMvoVOalro WoHnoday and Buiurdays at A p.m.
Con."tlnK l l'.duca'h wllh 'rfniMissoo riur
liackot., at Sliittldaiia will. NasliYllly ptjeliHs, at
aciiput, wUlliS KO. K.K. for .11 1 point
North. CJURLkS HIS Pk,
-wil I it tt t t.m t-Airiiiar iiiu'Krisi mr Ijuiiibji ini

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