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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, May 30, 1870, Image 2

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Tlae Cairo Bulletin, May 30.
m 0 ntt.w
' U.8 Fifteenth Amendment. 1 Min
ing Is Mtimu.ary of lu P1'
. Section flMt dcUre tl,t 11 clUzen, of
"tho United SUtMqulil!vl to voto r. nny
election, shall locdw vote, without
distinction of rnee, color, or previous com
dlUonof lerrltuJd. Section second direct
Unit ltiylmTI l.o nirowed to register, m.d
do nil ether nets r-reicrlLcl ns n j.ron-qii-1)110
condition to voting, without net or
lilmlomnco! sn.l It Impose ft forfeit of
$100 on nny person or otllrcr who slmll
omit or rcfuio to j;ivo full effect to tills
""iJctlon tfco forfeit logo to the Aggrieved
h Votcri nl It JUrtlier Inflicts on Uiu pgrson
or olSecr ofl'ijiidlng n penalty of 500, nnd
Imnriiomiiont for not less thnn ono month
nor more than ono year.
Section third provides thm wlicnovcr
nny citizen, quiillfied to vote, offers to do
nny net prescribed as n precedent condN
tlon to voting, iuch us registering, sweiir
ing(jor paying a lax, nnd Is denied tho
right of doing It, the oifcr to do It Mi nil lo
taken a n porforniaticc, nnd ho shall ho
permitted to votoJut tho snmo ns If ho hnd
actually dono tho net. Tho nggrioved
voter's nflldavlt I nil tho evidence required
of tho fact, nnd on thcpreicntntion of this
affiilavit to thujudgo of election, It I inado
tbo duty of tho jtidgo to recclvo and count
Lis voto. It will bo seen that tho final
meaning of this provision Is that nny pcr
'ion who will swear that ho hn been
wrongfully refused registration or other
prerequisite to voting, shall bo allowed to
vote, and that tho judgo of election who
refuses to recelvu nnd count his ballot,
shall forfeit $500 to the affltint, nnd pny nn
additional lino of f.'jO, nnd bo Imprisoned
not loss thnn ono month, nor moro tlmn
ono year. Section four Imposes a forfeit
of WOO nnd n pcnnlty of $000 nnd impris
onment betides, on nhy person who shall
prevent or obstruct any citizen
from dohig nny net proscribed nt n
condition precodent to voting, by
mean of bribery, threat, Intimida
tion, ejection from rented houses, or dis
charge from employment. Suction six
make it folony for two or morn persons
to band together, or go in disguise on tho
highway, or upon tho premises of nnothur,
to vlolato nny provision of this net, to
throtiton n citizen, or to hinder his free
txerejjoofuny right under the Constitution
or tho United States? nnd punishes the
act with ano of not less than $5,000, im
priM.nuunt or not k.s than ten yean nnd
disability to hold nny oiric. under the con
ultutloi. r laws of tho United fellies. Sue-
TC , :,'.?l,,or 0K" ho .hall 1 nun.
Un.l,r..r wsmawico or tho ctis.-s
Z ,, : m 1,10 U,lU WtM court..
,fi?JV?hua r"''''''"l""or to In
stitute prtx.t,llng ogam,, v0ni who
Tioiaio urn ct. Section ten authorize
united state commNIonor to appoint
i-vo"i io executo Hair warrant
nnd processes undor this act, nnd the, per-
inn iinvo jower to summon posse,
nndcnllto their aid the W , ,.;
jo.-ert r tlio L'nltml .Stale,, of tho militia,
In tho oxwitlon of tholr duties. Section
woven punrshe roils tunco to proco.se un
der the net, rescue and attempted rescue,
with fine of not moro than 1,000 mid Im
prUmment for not moru thnn six month.
Section twolvo prescriWs tho feed of otllcor
for service under thl net. Soction thlr
tHfl author! tho l're.ident to employ
tho land nnd naval fwvoi of tho United
Rtatc tijcxteiito tho net. Section fourteen
enforce tho fourtoyrith amondment, by pro
viding that whenever nny person shall hold
otllco contrary to that amendment, It ihnll
U tho duly of tho Unltud State dl.trlct
attorney to proceed against him by quo
warranto; and this writ In u, li ciiso to
niko protydenco of nil other i,. ,,,, (,0
uockci oi mo court.
Section fifteen make tho
offlco by inoM clLqunlJiltiU under tho
Fourteenth ninfmilrnnnt n ...tf.i
it i. . imiiiruijor
punlslmblo by Imj.rlnmont for not moro
iitnii onoyoar, nnJ lino of not moro than
Section nlxtcen directs that nil ponon
hall have tho snmo right to mo and bo
msj,glvo cvidonte, mnko nndonforco em.
tract, and to Imvotho full nnd equal bene,
fit of law In u ttato or territory that white
l'ronnaveiiiorcin, nnd chall bo ublec
fcJ uio amo mwt a wliltopunon. Xo tux
IIP MlM.i.A .lull I. .. f . .
v,.M.bu ln! iiujiutta by nny state
"i any porsou immigrating thereto, from
' foreign country, that is not imposed
vii mo immigrant jrom any other
rtign country. ThI I Hlme.1 t
California law ugnlnst tho Chinese
kii.i t. . . . . . '
wii mo Kroniceutii tectton which
Vrucribci u fine of not moro tha"n $1,000
--"qimooniuntforiiot ,oro t,nn ono
1." r-'"0" wll0i under color of
"oUt.y.uto, .hull .ubject any inhabit-
"l 61 Such .,,.. n il... .1 1....V
Scu t,!" 1 .,uct- Sctl0 'Khtoen ro-
tUt lL, ,u r'uu hm h,iu direct
eutlnoTfM6 tlxtw" ,'L "V
ng to tu pf ,laU 1,0 forced accord-
-.1- ' '1 HI ttl1 tllll k'iS(..H
Tot member lf'ttt ,loctlon
Mntfri-t. ...... .
attempt to vote lt, , un ron cbnll
Ir.on: living aJ tU" "atno " another
voto moro than wa J -titIou, or khal
Is notoutltled to vote- 1',uco W,IUI' J'"
lawful right, or do w,U.wW,0Ul "
another qualified pcrw, ,! 8 U Vnvvut
Iptorfere In any lmprot,ct vt0"'K i
qr with tho officer of elect," JrUh votcri
atid imsirnmentfornot ZJ0'
year. H.tion ton IflflIcU tll(J
i petitUy J
on nny ono who hnll register under n
wrong name, or improperly Intcrt'ern with
tho rogistrntlonof voters. Section twenty
one direct that nny person who shall bo
deprived of, or fnll to be elerted to nn
office except that of member of rongres
or legUlatliro of a tntu, by rauon of do
nlnl to nny citizen of tho right to vote, on
ncc'ount of nice, color or previous condition
of servitudo, shall bo entitled to hold ucli
otllce, nclyo lt emolument, nnd )icrfurm
Itn duties, nnd may recover it by writ of
quo warranto.
Fal.il (junrrpl llctirron two lloitsl
nlmtils of the Thompson llcnii.
Al)iit nom to-dtiy n quarrel occurred
between two colored routnlutit of the
learner Tliomp'on Denn, now lying at our
whnrf, which resulted in tho dentil of onu
of tho men. Tho iinmo of tho iimrdercr
Is ''George,'1 nnd of tho inunlercil man
"Jack. 1 Tho dltllculty K'gnn in tho morn
ing, nnd Ocorgo persisted in denouncing
nnd in cverypo'slblo way insiting on n
light. Ho finally rolled n heavy barrel
ngnint tho leg of hi victim, nnd provoked
him into, nngry langunge. Ho thou
iippronchl him snrorlngly, with n
jokn nn his lips, mid when ho got
within arm's reach plunged n knife which
ho had Concealed in hi rieovoMip to tho
hilt in Mnck'a" heart. Ho then withdraw
tho blndo, nnd us tho wounded mnn fell
ttnbki lilm again in tho back. Tho
wounded mnndieil ulmostinstantl. 3Inr
ihal Jinmbrlck, and Conslnbles Culn nnd
Arnold succeeded In nrrcsting tho mur
derer, nnd ho is now in tho county jnil.
Several henloiu murder havo been com
mitted in Cairo within tho pnst few year,
but tho murderers have esenped mid tho
public and prcM for fenrof olluiiding Inw
ycrs hnvo been compelled t keep pro
found silence. Lot justlco bo dono in thU
Instance, nt least.
Joint fi-cltl Mfttlnit of Ilia Cily Council.)
Ciu.i, III., .Mijr i!7lli lTi.
l'rcscnt, hi Honor thoilnyorund Coun
cllmcu Artor, llnrclay, O'Cnllohnn, nnd
Altlcrmcn llrnnklo, l-'itzgcrald, Kleb,
lohr, l.onorgnu, Mendel, AVnlder nnd
A quorum being pre.'ont tho lionrd was
announced ready for tho transaction of
buslnosi, whoreiipon, report from the
street Committee wns prc'enteil, nnd, oti.
motion wiii laid over for tho consideration
of tho Hoard of Aldermen at the next
regular meeting.
Aldcrmnu McKth appeared and took'
Tim Committen mi Kiro Di'purtmcut to
whom wn referred tho petition of Alfred
Howers, j- ) iiormlnloti to erect n
od liio4'' .JLJ&K ?n,.u-?,,Tt'
inMohjXi tfl lorgrrflill"!1:1
'e,voJ '"" 'peomm..ml.itio,s
oruiTiny """iirnn in.
fl&fVCK L'OMMITIK l.,von,.Th -I'.-Mico
Coiiiniltten io .;...,
tho petition of l):inlel llurtn..
asking n reduction in Iilecuso, reported a
Totlm llonornMc, llii Maj-ur. Cpiin(!ll n. .M.lor
mm. Your Commlttnn, to whom win referred
tho petition of Daniel Jlitrtman, praying
for a reduction of hi lleenso a Auetiuueor
and Theatre, renpectftilly reort. That,
whorcus, tho lleenso of uu Auctioneer nro
permnnentlv llxod by ordinance, Section
1-T.i, nt two hundred dollnr per yeur, ami
your Committee believing that Mich hum
I not upprpHlvi', they recommind no
abatement in uch nmouut. hut no much of
the Ith mid fith llmw in M cctlon l.'l'.i, m
rend (or for tho period of three month, nt
llflvdiilliirin Im itrlf.ki.fi nut In pur.iitM.
. -.... . IVIIIItUII
to llcuiiro for a Theatre or other ploeo of
amusomcnt Section 101 provide, xhnll bo
fixed by tho City Council mid then-foro U
nn open quetlon with that body, mid your
Committee bollovlnir that live dollnr icr.
day, or twonty-four hourn, U rensonnblo
Which In lortvdiiVH riii'iinllnir In lila i.um
thowlng) woiihl glvo'.'OO, but a our re
lator ask to have tuch lleenso cninted b-
tho day, month or othor tlmo, wo respect
fully recommend that ho bo granted ueh
llconso, at $5, per day or SIN) tier iwimim
at hUoiition. HoHwotfullv submitted,
ISA AO WAhllh'K, Chnlrmun.
On motion, tho report wa received and
thoordlmiiico Commltteu inttrueteil to re
port an ordlnniico according to tho recom
mendation of tho committoo.
Tho Committee on Flnnnco further re
ported that thoy received from .loi. 1).
Taylor scrip to tho amount of 52,520,17
caucellod by him as Tn'asurcr in tho
month of March nnd April, which win do
(.troyod. To tho lion. Major ami City Council i
Okxtlkmk.v: The Finance Commlttco
to whom wu refcrcd tho umjulry as to the
disposition of imnkcU, etc., formerly bo.
longing loiuo city would rppctrulJy tub.
mil tho following communication from S,
H. 'i'uylor, nt their report ;
To Mxart. W'a1ilir, Arter ami ltarcl.ir, Cummll
tf, ek'..
Oknti.kmkv: In answer to your en
quiry as to tho disposition miufo of the
muskets belonging to tho cltv, 1 respect-
fully rejiort, that tlio city owned 01 musk-
cts und CU net of HCooiitrcmcntJ l that 1
lmvo In III V lHtoSCSSlon. and hcruwllli cnl,
init to you, receipts, of puitlo to whom, a
ruombcr of tho Culro()uard, miuketsund
accoutrumonts wero dUtrlbiited ; for -n
niunkot und aa tots of accoutrements, nnd
hnvuiiltoiu in v noMosnlon 7 luiiil.i.u ,i
sunury uccoutreinent belonging to thu
city, Irom tliocaro of which I will bo hnp
yto bo relieved at any tlmo; that tho
Government received from lllll .IH lillldL'nlj
and 11 set of occoutremi'iil. of whlMi
city owned 33 mtukcts and tlio accoutre
ment. That for tli is iiiutkt'U mid necoii.
uriuriun uiu lurcinnirul alloweil
anil iimIiI ...... ...
rifui...'.i. ii ii:... . " r...ti.i
UHifil a coininUiiou for colln'l.
"...VM .,V.S., iihja I.IIHUIII Til.
wiuinild to ImyeralHt. I.ouj.u.our
imrcfil Itl; hfioni WlllllllMllulirr,!
37 id
(JU no
Of this amount f2I5 60 tho city's sis
lias been paid Into tlio city Trcmury.
Your Comiulltwi
recommend that tho
Coinptrolkr bo directed to recclvo the
bonds and remaining muskoU refcrrod to,
receipt for tho same, nnd roport to tho
Council! Respectfully etc,
ISAAC AVAIiDEK, Chnlrmi n.
Cairo, Ills., April 20, 1870.
lleport received and recomnicndallc u
conourred In.
. .Monthly report of Joseph 11. Taylor, i
City Treasurer, for thu month, of Aprl,
1870, wn njiproved and ordored filled.
l'eport of .lohn If. Gossmnn, Chief jf
Police, for tho month of April, vn
presented, nnd on motion of Councilman
llarclny, referred to tho !epnrnto brnni-he
of tho City Council.
Itcports of F. Hross nnd II. Shunny,
Pollco .Magistrate, wcro reforrcsl totho
City Comptroller for oxamlnntion.
Mcsir. Jorgonsen and Carroll nppcacd
and took their seats.
To llin Ilonornlile Jlu)or nJ Council of (lie Ciijr
of Ciiltm
Your Petitioner?, living on lot 0. block
CS, and lot in that Immediate neighbor
hood, between Fourth and Fifth street, n
Walnut street In nld city, represent lo
your honornbla body Hint one, Air. 'Wea
ver, ha lately built a wc'thtd for dairy
purpoe.s on lot S, in block Co, dirtettf
against nnd up to tho window and door
of the houso on lot C, now occupied by
Jnme Unsh, (ono of tho petitioners, in
which shed some -0 cows and 10 calves nro
kept every night. Your petitioner repre
sent that it is an intolerable nuisance, en
dangering tho health of tho inhabitant,
that the stench from tho promise I 'un-
bcarnblo and cannot bo endured in the
warm weather now coming on, and re
spectfully ask tho pnssugo of an ordinance
for tho removal of said nuisance, and a in
duty bound your petitioner will over pray.
Jumo Gnsh, Win, L. Norman, C. P. Far
son, ltlclmrd Ilcrrod, William Oliver, and
Jakes Gakii, "Wit. N. Kohma.v.
C. F. Fakro.vh, Hicuakd IJkrou,
William Oliver, ond othor.
Alderman 'Winter moved to lay tho
pctliluii oh tho table, upon which motion
tho nyos nnd nayi wero called with the
following result :
Aye llrnnkle, Kleb, Lohr, Lonercan.
.'ivnuvi, ttiuuur, nuer i.
Nny Artcr, llnrclav, Jorgcnion
o'CidUUnn, Carroll, Fitzgorild,
JlcKco 7.
Thero being a tlo vote, the chair voting
In tho negative, tho motion wa dechred
lost. Councilman Jorgcnson then moved
that the City Morshul investigate tho
premises, nnd if tho shed rcfered to in the
foregoing petition, was, in hi opinicn, a
.nuisance, to procure undor ectlou 215 of
tho rovised ordinance to nbato tho mo.
Fetitlon In relation to the reduction of
license on billiard tuble, presented und
lEvferred to tho ordlnanco committee.
Whereupon, Alderman McKee,n chair
man of thu said committee, reported an or
dinance relalivo to billiard tablo lleenso,
' "'"ti mi mad and laid orer under
!f--tTlw" l;o tlon or thu boards tcpar-
Fotltlon of V. II. Splllor, asking per-
brItl"'VV.',.V,rlV,ci "o'i'Jl JJ'tn to
Ui commlttco on Ore dopart
iint. '
J'otltlou from Hti Wldto mkln" oer-
mlMlori to construct n fri.iofc.i,iiii,m tohl
Iioiho on lot block '-'7, city.
ueiorrod to Urn department commit.
F. tltlon of F. Itose, praying tho council
lo repeal nn ordlnanco now existing, jier
milling gunsmith to dMinrge lire arm
In their .shop.
ii.. ii i. .
wy coiiiiciiiiiiiu unrciay, u eric or rco-
lutloni In relation to labor on .troet and
side walk weru prexonted, and on motion
of nldcrman Winter weru laid upon tho
An ordlnniico In relation to regUtorliig
birth and death wa then nresented and
referred to tlio ordinance commlttco under
tbo rule.
The resignation of Aldermen Kleb nnd
Lohr, wuro presented and rend, und on
motion laid upon tho tablo.
Jly Councilman llarclny:
JtcHolrnt, That tho Comptroller bo nnd
l hereby Instructed to cmiiloy compotent
parties to romovo tho lot of Iron plpo from
tho Hat above (Jalllghcr' mill to tho lot
owned by tho city, on rtrect: said
work to bo dono undor tho direction of tint
Drainage Committee. i
.May 13, 1870. 1
Hoforrod to Dralnagu Committee. " :
Ily Alderman Winter:
Hfnoirvti, Tlmt tlio City Clerk be a-
uiuriiuu io imvoriue, lor twenty day, for
wiled propwul to n.puir tho public lire
.nielli, vi wiucny, inotnino to lie war
ranted und guaruntoed to bo dono proner-
IV llllil 111 ft li.nfL-.n..lt1.A ' 1 .
w nvinHKiiiimi, inuiuicr: eaeu
euicrii iu navo ono Inoli of ccmont laid
overeiicu ono, nnu tlio bldtoboopned at
uiu iiri joint hossiou oi tlio City Council,
wi i n win comrnci snail uo let to tli lowest
oiuuiT, mo comructor giving bond to tho
city In tho sum of S1.000 lor n I..---1 ii.
, ' . ' i,,
U' m',U
said bond to bo iu forcn for ono vr from
lion oi mo jou.
Ily Alderman Winter:
JxtaoUal, J Imt all committee appointed
..I, iu juiin uiuii oi ooiu noaru. it smill
lll.l .lull. ..I1 ll... 1li. II i ..
it tliii Info ..a ..I. 1 .
vi iu uiivj ui mo wily uiorK to notify tho
viiiiiiiiiuii ui B.iiii coiiiiniuecs in writliiL'
Cl.tltllr. llin n.,.n. 1 1... .
""s iiiiiv ui cuiiiiiiiiiccmon and
uiu uijcci or mo appointment.
Jltsoleeit, Tlmt tho Mayor be authorized
tnorganlzo tho tiro department, undur tho
uiiiiiimii.'u in uiu cny now in lorce, by cull
lug tho proper person together, who is to
luoijHJiu , wiiinii -.no noxi leu uays, nnd
frumo nn ordlnanco i,tnMIil,ln,. ...i
lllll iMUIIIHIICtl L'OIllIlllItOII liA llisli..ln.l .
for tho chief I'liirlneor uml assl.Lnnt r.
iiwi ivi Hill iiiiiuiui uisuDfirfifi ni i,ii
Mnn. r.. .1... i..:.i.r..i .11. I .
----- O
Jly Alderman .McKoo:
Cairo 111,, Mst27IIi. 1S70.
Jlaolval. That tho Citv Olnrb ! l.n-nW
tticlwiil...! ......I !..... .11 .t
iiiii ui.ii.-ti hi autui iiuiicc io an mo mom-
. Mo., ,
iwi ior eucn meeting of tho City Council
anditt rcspccllvo brnnchos, whether such
meetings bo regular, ndjourncd on special.
liesolvtd, That any member of tlio cltv
council who shall not bo In hi seat nt
thirty minutes past ejght during tho
months of May, Juno, July and August,
or shall not bo In his seat at eight o'clock
during the remaining months of tho-year,
shall Co fined two dollars uiiIcm ho shall,
at tho ncxtjolnt session present such nn
excuse to the council ns shall in their opin
ion justlfv such absence, but no lino slinll
be exacted for n!owo from the city.
y Councllmnn Artor.
Mttolrtd, That tho Comptroller, procuro
tcBT'or twelve inousnna tcel or suewulk
topping, under such regulations as ho shall
nnd most expedient.
A number of bills wero then presented
and referred to tho committoo on claim,
under the rule Adjourned.
City Clerk.
Tun lir.HT am niiiii:kt
kemkdy of Tilt: .Ji:.
Cniililu no Qiitnlsst or Anrttlr,
lasiot t7spUtiiinntto the Taslri
Chldrest will sake It wHiioui litalla.
The pitllo ami ninny eminent phylln, after
a flr trial, pronouncn It Ihc
Best Medicine Known
Kor Hie sjH-ciljr ami
Chit anil Fftrr arc cikmI from a reruin
pomn fiUtlnn In llin ntin"phf re known iu
mltl. Il xrUlCf Ilia TlUililjr u( Hie LIOo.l
rrUlU lh Xclion of th ilitlrrent oritivn, an.l
ru Uilllounnrts, Co"i-llpninn, tn ami In
llilnwftjr i.if jiri- llir ) imii for njr illKn.r of a
mots runout nature xhleli may follow. To uriil.l
fiitller troulilr, an.l ri-llno curelf of t ri i
ul'ii'r, Uku
II .ittnuUlr. throtenti" to )rlonn thMrilillrrrni
futn'lioiM, .ml art. i in nnlldnto lo tnc imiwin
Miucnckii.rstlix Frtrr ami Aiiue, anil lfir.h)r
rrtkirii. (lie .yvtcni lo lit-Bltli an.l lone: nii'I a if no I
tooic .ueli i"
Wllvlr .Irrnfflli ami bdiikIIIa. will ilcMiny Ihnt
r..lltiif f vrrarinnaa Ih.t i'IIiil'. io Ifnivlolinly I"
an fine when rifim rniK from till, ilitrvniviil.li,
h.-i-i- .raiAiiK w sjasiNraus,
ADH rntrniiKti.,rulil, lirniwiiiiii anil inniiiinp.
sum. It la not w tw Miri'0.il. AS A TONIC
HKVKUAIiKlll ui-qulli-l, mill, a .utf tc
vrntlva axaluit CliilU auU Fryer If lakrn rrKU-
Dr. F. II. KndcrM, la.
uiicnli, JKy.
Vet Sllety IIAItOIiAT IlllOrt.. Oliln I.rtp.
iiiu uicuati:kt work
A Hook Invuliiable (o (Jrocrry Kticncrs
io .. . . . .
r.it-rjr ruiii iieaiiT, vrry lalr) mall, fK-ry
Uiini-r, rrrf lunniil.M.'lunr, i ii)lm, Vuu
fiuiiiui uiiorii HI IM, HIIIIIIIII .
Xt Ooutoiuss
Tlio mrrm niilnnlyn rlaln mellii. to i..,i.
frMli am .xi'it furat liat iui )rr. TliV rn.l
la li thin half a rent per iIhcii, and ly
inrllliHl rKi IxiUMlit ut ili un, ti n (llin 11 dm.
u ilurlni: id- aiiiiiiiK-r.i'iiii Ui kepi ami ull i it tlio
iu, muhi i in; u 1111 Vl'lllf, ii urn oni'e
This Method
Will Take
All Others
tlio 1'lUI'U of
Oriclvo It llinniiiwaraiii'Kofauii.aiiil Mlieiiuilri.J
lorl Itcanuiit l iu, fltlirr liy jiKiarHiice dr
quality from u fruli Ulil og.
Xt Oontalnaj
t'l. .. I w I. t lit . ,
RQJranci'l tmicr'crftx'tlyw -t, au, al-o Uuv to
nun n iiiiiiuiui mii uuuirui roior IO Mllllll lllltl
nimt-r, iiii-i wit nei iiihiiu r of mlxliiLC
Hlii I rii'tL In is tiii I i (.i "
llioso Two KcoUptM AIouo an lVtirtli
JlHUdreds or Dollar).
r 1111.S 1 no clie;iptu.( ami u-l mode of
........ , niiiiuK l'uiiiHJUail4, JIuw ti,
iiinMti iiaiu nun i.ni mojiu num. iin, ...
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tnM.n I'umirr.
IT TU1.U Hott tn. l.nff lm,,..t. n .,o ... ..n
r.,n..i ii...... i" .i...T.
v, un.,, ..u .111. VWIIIIIIUI1 Hliri,
... ni,M vuiiiiK lliilll. llllil Nil HinUM OI IDPat.
I. .7. 7.7...iT. .i 7i ii. mi. ui miii
.... i-KI,., .,-,1A In,.,.! i,,,,l lu I . . . i.
IT Tllf.lJt Hnw In ilti, I'lnll... ,.r .11 ,i.. i
an I ... 7 I ...... J ' all iti,tu-H
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in , cun, iBinii", irusi i,ii.', uani-cr. i-nr ai'lii'
lootli arlt... rlnir worm, Willi liumireiU ofutl,!.;
new kiiJ laluab Iu im lho.l.. uiih f,,n .1,
mi 11,. 1 ... ,...,.,. .,...ii...'... v" """
IT -r!I.I.M llini- In I ,.L.. f,, 11 i..i 1. . . ...
ir m run mam ami paitu mains fnuu elollie. an,
- : .li, nut M, 11,14
I IT TRIXN How loooiiiitersd fro.t upon lres
a uiluiblo receipt. 1
ITTf'.lil.ll How to tun (,'nra. lllir ulll, .
u.i.i.n... i.f. .... .1 . : 1
.iiu.uui iiivriur r.tgfii.
- ... 1 ...... ,w iiuiimiv
IT TKI.LN Mowlnmnl;.. tin. r-url ii,.ill.l f...
mikltiK tho lialr Rrow in Ivautifol tluwYn ring.
IT TIC V.I, Ii llnu. In ru..l l.n ... . I...
ii.7.. 1 rrTL . ... ,u mum.
iiiciii ijr mi uiu enr rounil.
I.I.. ,. ".T... . 7. . . .". "i"7.. ..i"mi.i i.iiiu.
fa-'lurHof liiinilriMjiof u.t-lul andnalMlileartlelen
"IV IIT DHI. lull H I'llltl Dili. I.1J ,1. II. a .........
mill IVlltftl AlticIPV. HJ1.I limiv nthrH ,.Ufli. .., ! .
iv luuiiii' rmuui oiihi u' nnu. i'4if itniAt 'i1..!!..
at triHintmnul siti.ti.ilMn.. ..I'.iu.. ... 1 'J"","
wild many lllanufllOturer, aecrotn, o. '
It Is Valuilblc lo Kvery Uae-Ilc Hiiro
uilUct II.
6nt by mall, freo of ponluife. for INK I)ol,
LA It.
rui.aiui'1 minim 11, 1IUIK
iliu, HI. I.uula,
.ftiuior I lie I
lilHyltt Will
No. 69 Oliio Levee, ,
ou i:.Iiiiiih iiu
Largesti Best Selected Stock
Ill 1li 4'Ify, iiisil nller liidiic cnN whlrli no ollu-r Iuhi-h ciin oin-r. Spcrliil
Imliiri'ini'iitH In
Drape dc France,
C-ros wains.
AIu 11 (luod Assortiiitnt of
ohre4lllk and Silk l'oplina
ICnvor HSrniid lm lllack'jfloliair,
Superior Tor Siiiiimpr Wonr lo any oilier In llin .Mnrkot.
,1 ii(u liiiirliitloii,cvl'lrai('l fur llNNiipvrlorsiiinllly ami isIom.
Wovcltics in Summer Dress Goods
Coii'Mlnir if (rciiiitliiii", Liimii". JnronH. rcn-nlcn, .InpniioMo roplinx, ole
White and
In I lie iivu csl
White Goods!
Embracing U10 most approved makos of Nam
sooks. Cambrics. Jittills,
etc., and a complete stock of
Hosiery, Glows. Notions, Embroideries, Lnees, Kil
boiis, Triimniiis, etc.
Carpets! Carpets!!
TlieLtitest Designs in IJrussols, Ingrains, etc.,
II you ivlili lo hiivo moiify buy your uoosImuI 4'iiiiuliiKliitiirM.
'I'lilr Ileal I lie itiitl Low I'rli'i'M" l lil 1110II0. Il kvouN lliu
lurirvM aloolc of aUuili! irila in lliut'lli' llllil it-list lliiii nt lluurua
Hint cuiiiiol 1st; uritTolil. AImi
llooioumi Mint"., i iirui.iiiii);
ji:ti:ic :ijiii
Millers' Aort
,r.t. 4Jl ii .i. mill I' 1 .1 1 11 l 1 1 Kill!
MHUfaclorlly I'lllnl.
'..!. MlllllK. i 111,
jyjATiir.ss .v i'ii 1.,
(.'i:.m:i:aii iMioiirci:
Commission Merchants
1 il.'s Ohio Ia op, OA 1110, 1 U.IXOIS.
S i-iul nt li-nUnn 1: i f t lln .uri'li.i auiLalrnf
iti:ir.itN to
lrf('9Hnly Natinnal llui", lnv.n.lll.l Win I'lil,
lim.n, III, (Mr N nl "iiiil Iltnk, Cairo, IMiih...,
Malhi'H., Imlif. A ., riiiiiiiil.xiuii Mi'H'li int..
I'lii. iin. Ill , II...hiii i stun., I ..111 MiT. ll.ihl.,
t'liw iiKii, III,, liiw, Monin.v ., ( l.imn. Ill,
tiii: iii.i.si.Mis'or ii:itri:-rsiiiirr
'lltt'lfilil mittt liif k 1 t "ral 1,' n P. . f. 1 K .il t
flll.l r.-rf. tt' ,l :), i, ly f l,la In I l.y ll.L.
i'i:iiKi:i'r Ki'i:tTn.isi 'n.i.,inti. ni-n,f i'r...
liiritiKwIiicli la w ill known.
Jlciisr.s. LAZAKL'S - .MOUIMS,
iLiKi roiiis, ro.v.v,,
MnilUfai'tlll ITH i f IllU t. tl.liMtl',1
Perfected Spectacles!
firing, iiftor Vf nr nf Kini'ilrncf. Ktin.riini'i.i
ami Hip rrH ti'.n ir rnatly iimi'lrni'iy, u-m fmli
i'u id ntoitucu 111:11 iirmiii iiuniiii ruiuiii,
IPoi'foot 8pootaolo,
n Inch h.ive lrf.rn hcM iitliiintiinitf.il hi.ti.r.ifii..n
iu lllll HPiiriTa III .illl'llllll. IK, IIH111I4 I.I lll'l, run.
Iin'tli'iit, Ni- J Ihiii t m lur, Voiinoiit, Miiiiic, New
Yrk,.NVw Jfmt'y, IViin.ilvani.i. illiin, MI.'liik'Hii.
Wlconin. IIIiiidh. .Miiiin'ioln. Kun
if. .MiK.uiirl,
Inn u. mul utl tint lint li I'riivinri .
i i.t.iiliin )i ir.. I'liu.o cr Ki,r..liH 1'itlnliHl
iiiirinic 1110
in ovov j ii o inn .ijjvo
XT- rn 11
Amllimt ninny yonri Millniiit cliant'". Mvmira.
i.uurii u. .nurrn navo iitiiminiril
Taber Brothers
, Pcalrrn In all klnila or
American uml I'oi Wtrii M'iiIcIkw,
Kino Jowflry. IHamnniN, Kollil Hilvfr, I'lntiil
Wuro: nlo Mitniil.ii'turiT i.l Ji wrliv uml 11,,.
iiioqi) .Silllnt;.,
ISTo. 83 Oliio Xiovoo
Hfilo Aiiotit forllil t.lui'n, from uhom (ml)
llify l.o obtained. Ko I'KDDI.IIIW IIMI'LoV
Munilfiu'tlirillK l).lrl:llli., Haiti, nil, ('nil
11 jh warn
Jltiff Piques
Niylca uml lluiircn.
White Goods!
Tarlatan.". India Twills,
a f'oiiiili'lu uorliiit'iil of Jliitis,
!., vie Milium
.v ;ii.iii:kt,
aitoiixkvs A.vn roi'Nen.i.iuts at
William II. Urrrrit )
Mllllam II. tilllxrl. I 'AIHO, ll.l.
.Mllra I', lillbvrl, J
Hrrlalittontion ltro to Ailtniralljr iQ'l 3im
Illllcc mi Ohio licvrr, Itnnm. 7 .ml
uiir Sir. I Naslnsinl Uanai.
.v. -tvi:im x. hi ii.i.v.
OMrr lit Urn..' N.Mr lliillillnsf. nrliir
ui inn .11.111111 i uliiliiii ilnl .!.,
VV.J. Allrn, I
II. VV.I...H VM.,J '.llHO, 11,1
Li. I. Ilull.r, )
q.i.ovi:k v host.
nliliiirt rlul air., nir. if I all i-l.
f AIKO ...,....II.I.I.MU-
Mnnufj-liui-. in. I rrnir all kin.J. ot
Guns, Locks, Keys, Etc
HO-U rl( wariiatn.) n I rlnrjfa ri'iwniul.ln
Ainl Actinia of
Ivo. 70 OXZZO XjZ3'V"X
Q w. .hi:kx,
(S.iniiior lo l'.illl.,(irieii.K'ii )
..Anil flonfral.,
Commission Merchant
I. Ayers.
K. J. Aer.
..Ami flcnoral..
Commission Merchants
HiiiiL mm
W. II. Murrl.
ii. ii. iiiuif.
.Vi.tnrv I'lilillmiiil I'
tloiiitn a.imiKr.
Molary I'nl.llii.
AhmcIm 111,50 I U7
A.kC'lH !,s:.,fto 1IU
A.otN a,5i i.aio 7
lMKK.M.Y, IIAItTroitO,
I.Ti:U.VATIO.AI .v. v..
Anm'I. I,:i5:i,:i1s 17
I'liT.V.in, iiAUTi'eui).
A wet 700,11:17 7U
cm: vi: la x i, c i.i: v i: i. a m.
AmoIm ai.n7n h
iio.ni:, 'oi.l'.iiiii;n,
A.M'ls 5l.-,,J?' ISI
Ani:uicA. i:.tai., mo..
HVt 500,000 OO
A.HCl. UO.000,000 00
'JKAVIXKH'tS, iiAinrnitn.
Lii i: v acc'iii:.t.
.iMMtt. I,.-.00.00 (HI
kaii.ua v iansi;x;i:hs as-
NI'HA.M'K t o.. M A n r..
Assnci noo.000 00
I.li:ii:.MK.T. IIO.HTO.V,
Anafla, ..0:iO,S-i OH
Safford, Morris & Candee,
IMy Nati'tutl llmk,
Onlro. IU.
J. f. Ilr..r.i-n K.I.III II Kal .
j . ki:iiii:.v v ro., Am.
iKi l- I
U'lul('rM Hlot'k.i'oriK'i'M't i'lil
Kirt'4'l iiiul Couiiiivri'liil
l.ltitO, 1 1, i, I. VOLS.
ii ri''i-iil Hi. f. IL. wiiii; rtwi
aii'l f.nrli il i 1 "ii.iii-.
MKKCIIAN'S lix. Co., of Clilrnpi :
c.vriT.u. ami nui i.i ttiii.iim n:i
SECntlTV In. Co., r Now York;
CAPITA!. AM M Itl'l.l " ,t)'4,lll 7.U !
lOMMKItCIAl. In". Co., of Clilcau-o;
L'Al'ITAI. AM' HI lil'l.l H h:i,UU I.'.
IM)I:I'1:MU:M' Iiik. Co., of lloton ;
CAPITA). AMI MMIl'l.lH. O.IO.'.IU nn
SAN'fJAMO In. Co., or.Sprlnirllolili
1'AI'ITAL, AM fcl lil'l.l S (14:13,037 T
ACltOlt.V Jn. Co., of Aurora, III.;
CAI'ITAI. AMI M'lll'l.l'H...., Un
STATU riro lii. Co., of Clmolmi.l. o.
CAI'ITAI. ASH H ltl'l.fH...,JillO,ll7 IU
1. A 31 Alt Ins. Co., or CltlcaL'o.
I M'lTtl. AMI ftlltl'l.l.H... HI, 1110,0011 OW
0rI)rinfr ami rnnti.nl.. M i.pIi.i..1..m
Mm lii., .M.uiiir Inr ri nnl .Mwhim ry. Hull.,
('.irioum ami Kmjdii l.i.t. tii'iiifil on llin 111.01
ri'ti-oiml.li- li-rina, in tin. iilnr-niinu-. uiiiiii.iiiii..
j. s. Ki:Aitoi:x iv co., aki.
jpiui; axo MAiti.vi:
lyinyiii'u., IV. Ar. ;
asni:tn ..i.i:ifl,'4in uu
Grei'imi 11 iu, IV. Y. ;
riu-novor, iN. Y, ;
ANNKTH .. 711,U'..1 o
4'uuiirlliiK IIm llstili-rivrlli'ri'Air
YonkorH. IN. Y. ;
Albany City;
AN.NKTM ..is:i,ioa Jt
Security, 3V. Y. ; Mariu.-,-
HfStfirfH, Iiwelllnifii, lnrniliiri', W.ill. u
CurKiifi Inmiri'il nt rate un fiivnrnlili n. sunu
prrnuupnl HM-nrlty Mill warrant.
I rfiipofllfiilly nik of llio clllri'iia ol Culm
flinri'iif tliiilriHlttniKi'.
Utile' Hi Kiml Naliuual llauk.

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