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k uoMtKiin i. miiKMni'i:.
Kev. Daniel Wise, D. nlHor ,,r 1,10
New York Sunday ScIukjI Mtvtatt, llim
speaks of the celebrated frnlK .Microscope :
"lUImpllcHy,clic.imwiiid groat mag
nifying poworVtruck mo with surprise.
The n 1 was cxamlnlnp a Ily' cvo l.y Its
aid, nnd was struck with wonder at tlio
t kill and power of the Creator whirl) is
dliplaved In its structure. When 1 saw n
statement In an advertisement Hint tho
Craig .Mlcro'copo tiissnified one hundred
dlsmctors, and could Iks bought for $2 fit),
1 thought It was one of tho humbug of tliu
hour, for I had paid J20 for ti microscope
not long kfore. Hut now 1 find it to bo
n really valuablo Instrument which 1
should lilio sec introduced Into tho families
of our reader In placo of tho manifold
U'ci tovi which plcnso fur tin hour and
nro then destroyed. This microscope
would both nmuo and Instruct them and I
ndviso every boy and girl who wishes to
know the wonder which lioin little tilings
to savo his money until ho has i'l ".",
which will pay for tho microscope and tho
jwstago when sent by mall.''
As a holiday gift this mieroscopo is un
surpassed, being ornamental, instructive,
nmuiltig and cheap, and never loses its In
torett, Agents and dealer supplied on
lilwral term. A sample will bo uiallcd,
)xst paid, to any address for 2 75, by K.
11.110.-3,313 Ijcust direct, St. Louis, 3to.
1'eadiho ndvcrtlscnient In another col
umn, mayilldSm
Thl Is sound advice, especially, since wo
give it in reference to medicine, mid In
order to learn which Is ''the lest,'' let
merit bo the test, Tho American market
Is flooded with all sorts of vllo and danger
ous nostrums, and thousands of human
lives aro constantly placed in Jeopardy by
them. Hut there are several really Inval
uable medicinal preparations which every
family In tho land ought to possess at all
times. Foremost among them Is Milliter's
Herb Hitters, which has fully established
its clftlin as tho in est ellicacluus compound
oxtant for purifying tho blood mid eradi
cating diseases arising from u disordered
stomach, liver, kidneys, Intctlne., etc. It
is used In many hospitals, ns.vluin, dispen
satories, prisons, etc., nnd recommended by
ft largo number of acknowledged leader
oftho medical profession, nnd has conquer
ed an immense field solely on the strength
of what It can mid does do In provciiting,
checking and curing iIIm-ikc. Kverybo.lv
should uso it for Indigestion, I)ypephi,
l'evcr nnd Ague, and llillloiu complaints
generally, Kidney dUeases, I.Ivor com
plaints, etc. Jeltuesllisn'ut
MII.MM'.UY AMI IUII1 lillllllS.
.Mrs. Addio JJuck, between Ninth and
Tenth stmts, has Just returned to Cairo
with is beautiful stock of millinerv mid
hair goods; nil kinds of hair ornaments,
ribbons, net, etc. isho has the latest stylo
of dress huts for ladle mid children sen
sides. Krtmosof ull shapes and colorblind
Illusion of every shade. Jlerstock ofnrtl
Mela! flowers cannot bo surpassed in Cairo.
.Mrs. Jiuck will dres. hair In any deslrablu
stylo, having visited tho hair dressing es
tablishment in tho .Southern Hotel nnd of
Mndamo Cambell, In .St. Louis, w'.tli imnyo
tu tho especial benefit of liur customers In
iiit mi
Till: LAST 110(1 HAY.
Tho owners of dogs uro liuruby mitllled
that thu slaughter of Cairo canines will W
deferred until tho morning of tho second
of June. No further call will ho iimdo
fur tho tu XL J no. On tho contrary, on
Thursday morning J shall shoot down
every dog 1 find, upon which tax have
r .a paid, witliuut rofttrenco to sox,
- Kind or color. Como up thou and pay
your dog tux and savo your dogs.
2t M. 1JA31 MUCK, City .Mar.hal.
ii i
Till: til. I Hi -MllltdSlOl'l:. .
This Mierox)o is simplitlod au'd adapt
ed to )opular as well us scientific use. A
new optical wonder I This Is the only in
strument of high power which requires no
focal adjustment, and therefore can bo
readily ukhI by every ono, oven by chil
dren. Costing only Two Dollars and
rxventy-live Couts, by mall, post paid, it
Is within tho reach of all In thu commun
ity, and should bo on tho tablo of every
l'ractioutcr, lteud advertisement in this
paper, m27d3m.
MimHII.lllll MTl'l'.lt,
The Indie of thu l'ronbyteriun t'hjrt'h.
willgivon strawberry festival on Tues
day evening, .May 31t, In tho room recent
ly oecupltsl by 31 r. Jlluni, ns u dry goods
store, No, 131 Commercial Avenno. Tho
btt of Ico cream, strawborrlos end lemon-
two -rtiii furnished for tho occasion, and
thu sweetest t.f flowor. will gladden tho
yo with their lovclin.ss. Admittance
ire). lu
Go to J. O. ISaj-wtll, 1'hotographcr,
corner Eighth street, and Ohio Levee, for
pictures, Carts do Visit, . tc. Having
mado arrangements ttn0 of ,tu lut
artists of our largo cities, ho respectfully
solicits ordors for copying uiul eistttrto
ing old pictures. Cult ,lt j,,, t0tim ,
eo specimens of work in that
Tub Hkst nnd Cihui-kht Clotiiimj to
La found in this Cnr is at Isaac AS'al
Dim'rJ, corner of Ctii Stuekt A: Oum l.v'.
Jfoshowihl goods with pleasure, and
and novcr IcU his jiutrons go dUsutWtled
Oall on Hiu If you want a bargain, tf
Good Cotton 6ocki, only JSuntsper
psvlr or $1 26 cent jor do., at 1'. Ne.tr,,
Mo. 70, Ohio IvifV tf.
Tin: ri.oitAfj tkihuti: ykstkimkvy
A Largo CroHilnnd a I'lcisaut Orriislon
lull nuit Trr Trillinia Urlnlln.
As early ns lialf-pnt eight o'clock, yi'
terday morning, men, women and children
commenced Hocking on Kinrd tho steam
ferryboat, Cairo, preferring to endure tliu
vexations of waiting for A start, rather than
tho dlsapiKilnlnicnf iiiseimrnblo from be
ing n littio too into. OWlng to tliu progress
of an election, In which the mate portion j
of our peoplu tlcdred to participate, tin)
boat did not leavn tho lauding until iiatf
past ten o clock. After n piiacaut rido of
ono hour, tho crowd, among wlmni wow
Lieiiteiinnt-tlovornor Dougherty stmt lady,
arrived at
where they found tho delegations from
other points In waiting. Tl.o number was
estimated at llftccii hundred, about eleven
hundred of whom wero brought from l'a
ducah and Metropolis by tho steamer Mll
brey, A. llaker and tlio 1'adiicali ferry
Tho Mound citizens had kindly pro
vided wagons to convoy tho Mover and
dinner ba'ketij and carriages to convoy tho
dhlniijii'ishal visitors to
about n mllo back of tho city. Tho gates
of tho cemetery weru thrown open about
twelve o eloek, and tho Iinini'ii'ii crowd
passed In, many of them to loll upon tho
grass beneath tlio shado trci i, but tho
greater number to parllelpato in tlio euro
monies of the day. Tho Hon. N. II. Cuey
Which was: Vrayur by tho Uov. 0. II.
l-'oote, of Cairo; strnwingof (lowers upon
tho graves tho band playing n dead
march tho while j tho picnic dinner; ora
tion and addresses. Tho Hov. 0. Ii. Kooto
then addressed tlio Tiirono of draco, pro
nouncing u very beautiful and very appro
priate prayer.
Karh family or party of persons present
scattered their own Mower, passing from
one cxtreino of tho vast cemetery to the
other, and paying to ono nnd nil of tho
.",000 heroes sleeping thero, a beautiful
tribute tlowors fresh, fragrant flowers.
Kven upon tho graves of those who slept
In the ronioto corners, n roo or n wreath
had been dropped, showing that soino
thoughtful soul had determined that not u
single grave should bo overlooked.
TIIK ril'NIt! lll.NNKH.
The decoration ceremonies concluded,
tho vast crowd distributed itself In tho
neighboring groves, whero snowy cloths
wero spread In tho shadu of the trees, and
from ii lnilf thuiMand basknU cinno the
cakes and confections, thu bakml chlckimt
and boiled ham, tho Inevitable "pop" and
thu bottled ale, that wero to form tho re-
I past of no Icrs than two thousand persons.
I r,'l.A. 1. i.. ....i ... !....,. r . Att.t....
illl'SV nill, --.riltll'U III tlll'K iUI -.IMllUblllll'
to refresh tho Inner man, gathered about
tho refreshment taiid and nto leu creani
and trawlorrlus,iit ten cents n Mincer, and
drank an cxi-crnbhi compodtion of eltrlo
acid, rain water nnd treackle, dlgulfleil by
tlio naino of "sweet cider," at n cot of llvo
cunts for a tpiart cup full. A few families
wuro Mippllcd with auspicious hoiking black
bottles, but as tho said bottles t-oulnilifd
nothing but "a little milk for the children,''
wo wuro compelled to attribute thu red
noses nnd exceeding good humor of tho
innseulino hoails of ouch families to tho pe
culiarly amusing and hilarious natiiru of
the occiudou,
About 1 o'clock tho (icruuiii llrnasbaud,
of Cairo, which wiu tho only band of inn
sic on the grounds called tho crowd to tho
spcakur' stand, about which had been
placed sonts for, probably, 1009 perrons
An organisation was then perfected by
electing tlio Hon. A. M. Ilrown, of Villa
ltldgo, proddent i tho Hon. X. It. Casey,
of .Mound City j Col. John oikI, of Cairo;
J.C. Willis, Ksq., of Metropolis; Hiram
Huron, V.ii, of Caledonia, and T, J. Pick
ett, K'iU of l'adueaii, vice preddents. II.
I'. Totter, oftho .Mound City Journal; J
F. McCartney, of thu .Mctropolln I'rvmul
yaiorxMu M. Ji, llurrcll, of the Cairo lit'l.'
Leti.v, wore elected recrclarlcs. l'rayer
was then offered by tho Itov. .Mr. Smith, of
Johnson county, after which thu Hon, D,
W. Munn, of Cairo, wa introduced as tliu
orator of tho da v. M mill's furto Is oil-
hand, or extemporaneous speaking. AVhcn
wo ttato, tlierefore, that Ills address was
written out at length and read by him,
everybody who knows thu guiitlemaii will
understand that ho did not throw into his
effort that spirit, rim, if you will, that has
rendered him an etloctivo public speaker.
WhUu Mr. M., presented some thoughts
that had belter remained uiupuken, tliu
address, upon tlio whole, was not what
such nddsos too frequently nr- uri in
ult to about half tho hearers.
Munn was followed by tho liuv, Mr.
Scott, of 3!otropolis, whom tlio blockhead
of the Promulgtilur Insists wo brutally in
sulted, because wo hoped thut ho would not
bo "ruled out," lis ho was upon a former oc
casion, nnd that ho would limit himself to
tho space of u half-day, etc. Listening to
tlio suggestion of tlio Hi'j.i.kti.v, and
another friend, tho Heverend gentleman
"cut It short," nntl limited himself to
about twenty minutes.
Col. Tickett, of l'adueaii, then responded
to a call In u very neat littio address, full
of poetry, tho tlowers mid tropes of rheto
ricIn bhortlt was what wo call a "capital
And last, cama Lieutenant-Governor
Dougherty. Tho Mound City commlttco
had Invited tho Governor to appear ns
orator of the day, and soino of them weru
toutlderally chagrined over the fact tint
Tlie Oairo
ho was not honored ns such. Tho other
committees, and n portion of tho Mound
City committee, were not informed in tha
premises; nnd, furthermore, Governor
Dougherty spoko last ns a matter of choice.
Ho was, on account of hisytgonnd position,
appealed to to deliver tho opening address,
but replied that ho didn't caro when ho
spoko, and urged ono or two of tho speak
ers to precede him, Tlio Governor occu
pied only about lift cell minutes.
Tho benediction was pronounced by tho
Kev. Mr. .Smith. Tho crowd, then, in
vehicles und on foot, started for tho river.
Thu dust, sent up In dense clouds by the
horses feet nnd tliu wliceis of wagons nnd
carriages fairly choked thn pedestrians.
.Mothers, charged with the caro of three or
four, and in sumu instances, ii half dozen
littio children; fathers carrying young
sters in arms; beaux and holies; old men,
young men, boys, negroes, mules and dogs,
thronged thu street from sldo to sldo, swel
tering In tho parching sun, nnd looking
spttefully at every carriage that dashed
by, ns If thu dust it raised was An intention
al insult. Tlio "getting back" was simply
terrible. Arriving on tho river bank,
men, women mid children flung themselves
upon tho ground whorevor they could find
shade, not caring to prcsurvo tho spotless
purity of thelrSwiss, plqualo, Mnrsalllcsor
silk drapery, their broad-cloth or Irish
linen, n moment longer. About half past
four tho steamer llaker arrived; shortly
afterwards tho steamer Mllbroy, nnd the
up-stream crowd departod. About Wciock
tho Cairo ferry boat took on board tho
Cairn crowd, nnd in due tiiua landed them
safely at home.
Thu day passed off without nn accident
or unpleasant occurrence of any kind. The
heat of the sun was roliovsjd by n grateful
breeze nnd n cloudy sky, but if thero was
any counter-influenco operating on tho
dust, nobody discovered it. Dr. Uasoy,
Capt Hambleton, 'squire Mcrtz, Mr. Pot-
tor nnd other Mound City citizens wero
very clover nnd active, bestowing their at
tentions whoro thoy wero most needed, and
contributing not n littio to tho harmony
and good feeling that distinguished tho
Klrctlon of Cot. M.N. Taylor.
Tho vote thrown for nnd the election of
Col. is. .V. Taylor, yesterday, was n compli
ment to that excellent gentleman that
will bo duly appreciated. His namo was
nut announced in connection with tho
olllco to which lit) was elected that of
Select Councilman, to till vacpney until
on thu morning of tho election, and n
number of voters visited tho polls, voted
for tlio railroad subscription nnd returned
hoinu without hearing of Mr. Taylor's can
didaey. Ho was elected, however, by an
overwhelming vote, receiving tho support
of fully four fifths of all those who voted
on tliu rallrosd proposition. Tlio voto by
wards stands thus:
First AVnrd 130 t
Second Ward 8H l!l
Third Ward 72
Fourth Ward 123
Total llf. U
It Is duo to Dr. "Worthier to sy that ho
was not ucatidl date.
I'oi.tci: nusiMiss.
IL foru 1'. llru-.ii, Ki , I. M.l
Is it possible that Thoroii Gilxin so far
forgot himself as to "look upon tho wine
when it was red '' Tlio lino of s-2 and
cots which llross nssessed against him
say incut manifestly hu "forgot." Well-
its tin" first tiiuol
Samuel Adams, paid $2 and costs; nnd
if wo didn't hold Samuel In high esteem wu
should sav that he had been drunk. Hut
Sam, vmm'a tho word.
Michael Dufl'cy concluded to tako u two
dollar spree, but tho Vqulro fined him two
dollars and costs for taking it. Whether thu
'squire has n monopoly of tho sprees, or
whether Mlko refused to get drunk "no
coming to law, ' is likely to remain an
open question.
Alex Miller was drunk nnd disorderly
Fined f'i and costs.
.Mrs. i.urrani snot on nor mouiu in an
ntl'cuslvo manner at her neighbor. Fined
$' and tho inevitables; but left uncou
qucrcd and invincible us sho camo.
Tiik Kmkiwov Minstiik.ls, who appear
at tho Athenu'um, Thursday nnd Friday
evening, Juno 'Jd and 3d, aro thus favor
ably noticed liy thu St. Louis DUpatch of
a recent date:
Tho ever popular Hilly F.morson nnd
ids Incomparable troupe of minstrel per
formers opened In tliu Olympic, last even
ing, ton largo and enthusiastic audience.
1 lie troupe Is an excellent ono nnd F.mer
sou himself is tlio snma brilliant genius in
his lino as of yoro. His Grecian Hend,
Captain Jinks, Lovo Among tlio Hoses and
other Inimitable gems of song brought
down tho house repeatedly in several en
cores. Tho dancing and other feats of tho
Reynolds jirotners aro excellent una: alto
gether tho entertainment is eminently do-
serving of patronage.
II I IKl t'.
A strawberry picnic festival will bo held
at Vlllu ltldgo, for tho benefit of the St.
John's Church at that place.
A pussengor car for the excursion will
go up on Wednesday, June 1st, with tho
regular 3:15 passenger train, and will re
turn ut 0 or 10 o'clock p.m. Tickets for
tho round trip 1 00, to bo had at II. A,
Hnniion's book store.
300 bbls. Flour medium grade, also i'00
half bbls. medium quality suitable for tlio
Southern trade for salo at tho Kgyptlau
mills. tf
Good wholcsomo Vinogar. Any one
can make It. See advertisement of W. II,
UKliopin this paper. inyis6dw3m
A morions Knult.
Tho vote, yesterday, was almost ...lanl
tnous in favor of thu subscription of $100,
000 by tho city to tho capital stock of tlio
Kentucky and Tennessee railroad. Of tliu
five hundred and sevonty-clglit votes
thrown, only four wero ngainst tlio rail
road. Tho vote, In detail, Is ns follows:
First "Ward- I ll
Second Wnrd 188
Third Ward 102 1
Fourth Wurd 147 3
Total 578 -I
"Wo may congratulate one another over ,
this result. It Is a step in tho right dlr j
tlon, nnd ono that will achieve the aim to- .
wards which It was taken.
Tho light vote Is duo to tlio nbsenco of ,
n number of tho voters nt Mound City, I
and, thn nbsenco of excitement, and thu j
prevailing conviction Hint the proposition
would carry nnyhow, whether n full voto
was thrown or not. Wo think it entirely
safe to say that had our usual voto of 1,100
been thrown, there would not hnvo been
found a dozen ncgativo votes.
Perhaps it is not generally known thnt
tho much talked of trichina tjdratit, or
pork worm, was first discovered In Amer
ica by Dr. It C. Kendal), of Philadelphia,
Pa., with that American Instrument known
as tho Craig Microscope, costing only
$'J,7G, after repented failures to discover
tho worm with nn imported microscope,
costing 50, "of feoblor power nnd less re
liable." This fact Dr. Kendall stands
ready to provo nt any tlmo. The "Craig'
Mlcroscopo in neat box with full direction
Is mailed nnywhero for $2,75, by E. II
Itoss, 313 Locust St., bt. Louis, Mo.
Head the ndvortlscmeut In this paper.
my .11. (Mm
Giikat Kxcitkmk.t. Great slaughter
of High Prices nt Antrim's, 73 Ohio Levee,
where you cannot only find thu most fnsli-
loiinblo and scasouablo stock of clothing in
the city, but th largest and ln-st variety
of Straw, Leghorn, Panama, (.'astimcruaiid
Silk lints ever offered in Cairo. Huy your
hats and clothing right thero. tf
Is not moro filthy nnd mal-odorous than
tho thick sediment of the hair coloring
preparations sold in darkened bottles.
Pur contra, Phalon's Vitalla, or Salvation
for tho Hair, tho only articlo that will re
new tho natural color of gray hair, has no
sediment, nnd Is perfectly transparent.
Sold by ull druggists nnd fancy gosJs
dealer. myOl.d&wlw
Mnku It your business, If you need cloth
ing, to go to a roliabtu store, whero you
can find all you nod, nnd inadu In thu stylo
you fancy, nt such prices as to suit your
pursu nnd tho times. Antrim I is Just such
a liouso. 'i liero you will always llnu a
compteto and select assortment of cloth'
lug, either for men, youths', Imys' or child
rcn, ut pricos as tow as the lowest. Com
pare his goods and prices, in it will tm to
your Interest. tf.
- -
An examination is solicited of what?
Why, tlio chotccst stock of pieco goods
cloths, ensslmurcs, doeskins, linens, nmrsall
les and silk vestiugs over otl'urid In tho
Cairo market. Call and see.
If JOHN ANTU1M, 73 Ohio T.ovco.
Will tho people nvold thesu dangers by
using h genuine article, which is- perfectly
safu and has tliu reputation of Ndng tho
best In use? It Is tho Aurora Oil. It
gives a brilliant light, nnd can bo had at
05 Ohio Lovce. Call and get tho cheapest
'.gut in uo. tt
- 1
rstiTicK to hTiuNtiKiiH. ir you nrt
si range in tills city, don't fail to call on
Waldur and examine his stock of clothing,
boots, shoes, hats, caps mid furnishing
goods. tf
. - . i .
Saratoga wator, as pure and fresh ns it
gushes from mother Karth, and with all Its
flavor and refreshing qualities retained,
can bo purchased by tlio glass, from tho
"Saratoga Springs," at .Messrs. Harclay
...I - -
$10,000 worth of Ci.otiiino, FuiiMsii-
i no Gooiia, Hooih, Siiokh, Hats, Cafs,
Tiiunkh and Valihkk, going off nt n fiae-
ritico at Isaac Warner's, corner of Sixth
street nun isuio icveo. .Now is voiir
chance to get n good suit at a low price
Peter Nell's mammoth stock of Spring
clothing embraces ull tlio new stylus, und
what can bo tumid nowhere cUo in tho
city a largo ami wull varied stock of boys
clothing. tf
. .
Go to Peter Nell's if you want a stvlish
Summer hat, clothing to suit thu season, or
anything in thu lino of gents' furnishing
goods, fully ten per cent, cheaper than tlio
6uino articles wero over offered In this
market. tf
Call at
Waider's and kxamixk his
stock of t'LuTiiiNo
He cannot, and will
KNTIKKI, v m;w, and was iiouaiiT at tho
1. AVAL I) Kit, Corner of Sixth
tf nnd Ohio Loveo.
Just received at P. NetT's, No. 70, Ohio
Loveo, n splendid lot of spring Cassimore
Coating nnd A'cstlngs, which will bo niado
up in tho most fashlouablo styles, and ut
prices to suit the times, a perfect fit irunr-
an toed or no ealu. 'tf
Ilcraomber tho Kough and Koady hats
In white and brown, nt John Antrim's.
They are nice thoy nro cool. See
tbam. tf.
MI ay 31.
Tlio Hov. Mr. Conn received informa
tion, by tolegrnph, of tlio serious sickness
of Mrs. Coaii who is now Kast, anil took
Imiuedlato departure, lie will not, there
fore, ho nblo to meet hi appointments,
which, otherwise, ho would havo filled.
A new siipply ofCair I tools mid Gallons
just rucelyed at P. Neil's, No. fi'.t Ohio
WAI.liKltu'rs Cl.OTIlI.NO lis MTKUlou TO
ANY HEADY MA lilt tlOOI) l.V 0.1 1 110, His
moltois: "Quick sales ami hm.U.I. I'ltOF
ITS. tf
Youth' boys' and Children's clothes, a i
less than New York prices, will bo sold !
this week, at P. Nell'-, regardless ol r.wt,
Cumkami Six. Mi:. If you want bar
gains in clothing nnd furnishing goods,
corner of Sixth street anil Ohio Loveo is
tile best placo to buy them.
Look at Wai.hku'h Stock ovCi.otiiixo
nnd furnishlnL' irods Till) wf.kk. It Is
replutu with all tiik novelties of tho
season, at nriccs to suit tlio times. Corner
Sixtli street and Ohio loveo. tf
Ventilated lints. In entirely new styles;
thu most comfortable and delightful hat
ever worn, at .Inn, Antrim's. tf.
Pitcher & Henry's largo stock of hard-
ware, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware, etc.,
will bo sold without regard to cost.
Fkksii Keg and Yellow Ilutter can nl-
ways bo had. Head thu advertisement
"Greatest Work of the Age," In this pa
per. mnylhlSm
Chased, seal and ornamental rings of
every pattern nro mado to order by
Tuber Hrothurs.
Tricot and basket casslmers suits, very
fin', madu to urdor. at tho old rellab's)
clothing houso of John Antrim, No. 73J
.Springfield Illock. tr.
HaiuiainmI IIauoai.n! A g! Hiiitof
clothing for ten dollars, ut P. Nell's, 70
Ohio L'uveo.
JlK suro to read thu mlvcrtlseruont
"Greatest Work of tho Age," In this
paper. tnnyl8d:im
Saratoga Ladles Trunks tho best
m inufiicturcd nil sixes nnd prices, nt John
Antrim's. Also Satchels mid Traveling
Digs of ull grades, sizes, styles and
pricos. If.
A sTicmihi; iu.Mii:it.
Tho Craig Microiooo ndaptcd to iopu
lar and scientific use. Head thu advertise,
ment. Price, $2 75. . m27d3m.
Look to Yol'u Intkuf.st, nnd buy
your clothing from Wahler, corner Ulli
Street nnd Levee. tf
Skk ndvertis nut of Dr. Ilutts' Dispen
sary, headed, Hoolc for tho million Mnr
riiiguGiiidu In another loliimn. Ilshould
bo read by ull. iul!Mwtf.
Drnwors nnd Undershirts, nt a .sacriflco
at P. NefPs, No 70 Ohio Loveo.
ST II l IV III. It Ut l'i:sTIAl. HI.MIillT.
Ilium hull, liil Commercial nvenun
will present n "uy und happy scene to
night. Tho ladies of tlio l'rohyturian
church otter tlio public n raro treat tlio
first oftho sun -on, In thu way of a splendid
strawberrysupper. Go. Look on. Tnke
Peaquer, French oreapo chlneiitt suit
uro madu to order, with taste, and a perfect
fit, or no sale, nt Antrim's.
1i!itM;.N.iLi:os' m:i, i:.s
TATK. f ..III -..II ...... .1.1,,. . .l.A ,..... II...
i ..in ..-it hi iiii.ii nil. ii.'ii, hi , tin,, i.iiii. .-,
In Cairo, nn Wrdursiln) June 1st, IkTii, at If
IMliM:k.fl.lil.. I.iiL Nn. .J. lllfM k Nn. IS. .'irl Ail.
Illliiil In Hi,. I it v ol I .Urn. uilli lln iniiiriireiiieiils
llieri-iiii.rdiisisinii; ,i.f it lory lrjfi lioii'i
wiui ten riiuiiis, unu.1 risiern mel inner ei,,iTi
lile res. Well ud.iplmt In l.iiln nr re-ldi nee
jiurpu-i-N. leriiMeiisn. I iue nsaiti.
t. WISmTII.N, Aki-iiI.
Tor ( Statu of linker llordun, ilecM
o:. in o.
Is.l.MIX lU Itn, s'rrkltlrtili .
Itttlli:iir W. Mll.l.l'.lt, Vlt e.l'rrsi.i
('. HtlSllIIlM, Ciislil. r.
Collections Promptly Made
Kxcliiiiiifo, 4'oln, iCmik K'ss
anil iPiiis-si Nliitt rt Nccurl
tloi Itisisulit and
Infertst A I limed nu Tlmo Dcpo-ills.
Capital - - 100,000
W. V. UAI.I.1IIAY, I'rrsliUlts
A. B. HAKKOHII, Cn.lileri
WALTKIl II VSl.tIP, Asslilmil C!alilcr.
S' Staitla T)lor IV. I'. IU1II.U),
Srlt H lillf, ICobt. II. unliiirlinns
if . I). Mllllunisuii, Mi plifii lllnl,
t. II. S.lfur.l.
KxIrjaiiKe, Coin und
li. N. JIoiicl JSoiini,
and Mold.
uknkkas. uaxkinsj ui'ninijn
X)opoaitosx XI. oooivod
ItHHAYM KOU YtlUMI MI'.N.-The t-ncrvaleit
nnd used up, wholmvelosl llu-iryoiitliful hhtr) ,
munition, mid lndl!y sigur, In Hie pursuit of so
elnl pleasure, Willi words nfehccr, and Sanitary
nld fur tlin soemlliily hopeless, hi-nt frfc, In
sealed eiiwliipi'i Addie, llunsril Assiirlallmi,
ll.K I'. Plilladelplih, Ph.
Wednesday, June 1, 1870
SAVISS Ki:i,T. HIM.'i:i(H!!
1 . r t Ii.- p.isl lliree vi srl ulllUli" I'rnk I'ninll) ,
will nprt'ar us nb.4W, nssisleil it)
.SO I, SMITH ltl'Ns-.,, lliiiiiurls.li
A. .1. Wlli rt'tS.MII, llarplsl,
'flsft MAII SSTAM.V, Vncallsif,
U.W. (.MR l NEK, Nolo SOrnel,
line. II. M.tstSJ,
.Nm ."oiik'. I'li'l", tJunrlcttri, Inslrninnlid Otrr.
lies, tiinriieier is;niisins, i a, in- uralluli
Violin, t'oriift and W.ilt ll-ll Si.tiis.
AflMKSIO.V ........lOrrttt
(Mors open it't tocnmmrnraul Ho'cloek.
iny:sllt W. W KWI,i:il, Ausnt
June 2d t 3d,
Tim sreal
Emerson Minstrels
1'ndcr H.e llilinedlsln persons! mperilslun i.f
Billy Emerson
Tli- l"l snni; mid ilmirn inun, nnd tin Kn aO st
Klliiupisn, Iinirli.mil Irish
In llir vtmM,
Admission .....
Itcserrrd N'l
Tickets for snli ly I. II ill man
.... . Vs
7Sc Fur further
TIio Sntiin Sll.s ut tho Door, Some
Will Ho Cured."
W rn liupy lo rlvn U'forn III" rilliens of
Cnirniuel lis i Inily. I'r. Ilntsi-, Uir cf t- Al
lunj'. Ilnls M-riiisiirniljr lootsd In lliis eily, for
Hit puip"- iif pnu-llelnit nie..'liie lit nil Us
Ysrluili liriincl,..-, mid Mill Ktlriid In nil rails is th
s.lt y or luviciailv. ly ! nr nmlit. Tli Um-inr
lm prs.lire.i inilirlni'diirlnKs l-erlixl of lnt)f
tnrs, iliiriiuuhieh Inn. IihIms m4 ii Uru slitr
of prm-lk't- hi-rrer In- Iias litrt-d. Iln iirrpitres
mi. I nimisliea nil Ins iiu-dicini'SKt Ills rilfirr. II"
lits U'l ii sery suecesslul 111 Ih" Irisllnenl of lill
I'lironie dlsesses, lnitniK ilctoli-d lliPtfroiler por
lion of Hit- (ist rliflil yeurs In ri- of III"! t-lutr
iu.U'r,kiid li wnnelif rr turned om- un
rated. All" r lakniK llieir ct.es In eliarKe ho
clmrj,''" noirnuic furroiisiiliuiliinsnt liisotriei-. Id
HilllKil (tiller OU t ttlilil hnlrlls ) ull) I'll may P ly
on. Old ri.,. nf Ivrenly ymrs' slindlDK le
1'iireill.y li.m. All nil sorrs, n matter nut w list
thr.ri oitdilmn snrr e)e in nil lutnis, cuie.1 in
ii short tinir. Kl.lid t.n l enmers cun-1 uitl.out
the ii.e of Din knifr Tnr-t"rins expelled l.y
the use iif iininly ill" gti red liisdicitie, Hilhout
lull. All forms or rrysiixias unit di.i-s.es f the
skin cured In the sliortut tune.
1 nlso kt-riion lisn lllie Indisn Oil, ilsitrrl
hy tin-h lido in the t hrroki e nation in li.s. Kor
sulent my oilii e, or sent hy t-xprtsa lociy pnrt of
The till eiirseollei Hint cramps in live niinnli-s
Itiii'liflut in three iiiiiiuiesi ivir-mlie in ten
iniliilli s, iiviiiiil;ta, In fit as miuiilesj rlieiiiuallsin
In one hour i lilst.t cliddri-n sad ndiills in shurl
tune. All oilier si lies or puilis, not iinnixl lisre,
arKriireil hy tins ml In tin. . hnrtfst lime. Ktiry
IkiiiIo is UIh-IIisI llli full diris-lloii for ustmj it.
If It Imls In itn ulis. I is i' in ii k-I for It. i-oine lu-k
mid KM your niuney. IVu e Vicenuaiid II ("per
(illli e.rurner of Kiglitli street And (lino l.evi e,
tip stmrs.
I mil it KrndiintK of Ihn Jlnnrnip itlilr Selioolof
Clutel.iiid.Uhlo lisrlnir k'raliisie.l in tlio year
1V.I. 1 also arudunled in thn IVIrille N h.i.l of
C'liiidiiii iti, In tho ur ls-'..i.
( iiirn, Illinois, .Mny'ja. du:ini
rpm: jhimi sTOiti:.
Millinery, Fancy Goods, Etc.
Invil'i speelnl nllrutlua In her present slock.
Win has n full lino of
IVoiiu'h'n MlkNtV anil Cliildrt'iiN
Auda Ihoiuiind other thlnita that eaunnt i i nn.
llleruleit III nil Iidtfrtlsenit'llt. She is ilileillllqe
tu de.enn nnd maliituiii fur her esliihnshini-nt
Iho naini) of
Ileruooils are Iresh, srssonuhleainl fushlonuhle.
Him will u te )on more for tlies.iine nmrmtu of
money limit uny other slur In l n. (tou'l hny
until you tuil on ht'r-.cspidlly II' you hhuI mil.
Iinery ifooda or HOiuen'a and tnlMrrnV lino
shoes, ete. Ill) 1 llf
jns. jTx7 "
Has Just llni Ite it a full Stork or
Ana liisllrn tlin I, nil It a lu cnll ssiitl ex.
ittuiite llioiu,
lint nnd l)nnels lileaehed. iireHsed nnd re.
modeled ucvordllij; to thu vil) lutesl style.
Wo. ao 10X3 tlx Stroot
Hot. WaliliiKton Av, and Walnut Hireet.
licalfr in
Ladles' FiirnlHlilne; (Jowls,
Oommerolal Avonuo
t'ornvr Wlnllt Nircct.
All kliuUof elollilnL- for Laities' wear made to
(inlet, or ready made. Aljo, it lull ultoilinclil fo
Mljavt tool shunts mioei, uivun
mm coluhk,
I'AIHtl rlTI
u li u r no at
caiuo TKt.ssfrn
CMS. I. Ill
CAIllO, ITvl...
CI ten In nil A Villlillilo Pnlnli.
St. Louis, Cairo k New
Orleans Packet Co.
TlltlMI ON, Mil
lKXti:tt ,. .!
Cl.l M IS N W K A I.T 1 1 - K 1 1. l,
MStl.l.ll: Alll.S
W. II. Allilll ll
vhxi i. t.ai'.t i
.'. I S-A II till I.I. . I It V .
Ootnpr sinit all Ihn nmst and Isrural laials out Of
r i. i.ouia
KorN' Oltrans T ef-. amer
Pauline Carroll,
ll. Mnai'T
M,d Isatte in. IMV llteti.tjr, My I.
rouiinitiUK al .Ne dm an Willi O. u i.inc jd,
httaitiMs to
Llvarpool, .f v VnrU, lloslon, Mint Cirl
a r.lniii Trxaa.
1'asasnsrrs and Hlnpp'ra t-ati rely on one ol Itn so
boata Irmrnu Cairo puu'liiali as alite,
t'llAS. T ftlMiK,
(lent tal Aent, Cairo,
Uln. r, on V.'harflsat. I'ul.lic Laiidmir.
ffiemphis and St, Louis
Packet Company.
1870. :
Th follow mK lloatse' tnris Una l.invaod ill
run in the follow. nordfri
Memphis Packctn
Arrlrr si faiio. Airtie at Cli,
!. rr.
nsLLK at l.ofts, Tuesday, 4 p.ir lurilajf I a a
J.lf lr, Ms.ur
l.UAMi liH Kit Tl.uri-lsy S .,ti Mirelar.l an
l-niiin, Ms.lnj i
KSLI.K MMil'liia, -Utiitdaf, 5p.tp Ihiirs., I as
Irsas, Hs.ur.
Vicksburg Packets
Arritrat Umiiu, Atpso at t all i,
ihiuk. tr.
MAIIlll.Kt.'lTr, Vdes.la),4.in 1'pday. 1 I'l.
JUl.lt ... du d'l
COI.OIUIWS Frflay, I p. in -un lay, I u in,
ITVtlK AI.IU.N. In (
ItfllK'ii.S' . '.nl.y.lp ti '1'irs.l.iy. la.nu
Conn" unit at M l.n s itli
Nurtltrrii l.lnr I'nrUrt Ciiiiiian,
Keokuk I'sirkrt triiiiipaii)', n
OlimliM I'nrkrl l'oiiiinii)-,
and Vatl-lliua Italli.iKil l.llira
At Meniphla Willi
.Mrinplila ml Wlillr lilt rr I'arl.rl Co.,
ArUatisMa Itlarr I'arkrl I-inn piin) ,
Jit nipllls mill t'liKi Irtloii U. II..
and SUslaallll d. 'It II II t s . t f It. It.
At Vickshuri: 'Ii
Vainii Ulvcr I'ar Ittta, an I
Vlrkslmi f; mill .sit rlitlHlt llnllriiail
(livlni Ihrouith I" is la I nitaad tickelkto .11 .
aUs ii.iiU l.y ran r i i. r
I'll Ah. T IIINHK.ri..nrral Aienl.
tilller u Wnarl Uial.
h'll.. hllA Kit, T.rkfl an I I'asseuiier Aiient
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
. ir! N Conslstini; ol Uio lnllowliii;
fr-'JiJt'sV iplundid imssi-ngor ttcainvrst
STKONfl .Mmo. r I
.. tlrric
l.tutes i;vary .sioniliiy nt 4 I'
IfAltMON Master - fleta
Ittiiira i;vcry Tli ursiliiy ut I I. l.
John Lumsden
Mlister I
l.eutrsi t.vcry Nulitrilay att -I I'. .11.
Tltroutrli llllls Ludinir (ilvt n Via. Xali
1 1 It) und Cairo I'ntktts and
'f.'nt'ii Miiu"
Tu .Vaalitlllt-, S'liallinionua, Trnn.i At.
laiilii, Soliiiiiliua, lloiiie, Miirosi, I'l,
SSulut-a. Wt-Kl I'oliif. fjftirucltitvsi. MH.
Irilk-vllls SJii.i UnlatilM, Ala.i Muni.
Kiuiirr)', Alu.t t'liarll-alon. SS, V j N.-Imih,
Aln.i Niiviilinli, tla.i tVlliiilub'ton, S'.i
( lilllllllllll, N. ).. Iiy
Atft'nt at Cairo.
Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company.
nK.MIV JllSKH, l'res'l. rHM J. IMI.K, Hw-'j.
nitw Composed of Hi" follouliiK nrsl
r '"tS" ? r''1" ",'"K'ri''
AI.II'K IIKAN John Hliiink, Muti ,-
ItSSII'T HDIt.Nri l-rsnkHIIno '
M INN KSSI.A .- "'r ..
NII.VKK MOON lien M. Merrlleea
NAM J. II AMI Vf. 1'. Walker
tint) of theuliotH splendid stoainera Irnve t'mro
for Memidila every TuesiUy and Haiuidiiy, ami
for Cllieiunall every I'rldiiy und raturday,
CIIAb. T. HIM'l:. Auent, Cairo. 111.
Uttiuoen Wharf-haai.
Evansville and . Caip
Packet Company.
sofiTT.. Consisting ot tho for
iHilt...did Passenger
l.eives Cairo Hunday and Thursday at I
I.navrs uairo luesuay ami ri j
City of Evansville,
npvTPii Maslrri N.PKNMKTOrs. us
...t'l".'1 ".1. "iihunit uiih Nashv o naekets, at
Conectunt ut 1 ajurnii aoii
packcta, nt .Smilhlaml with ashvllli
Evanat file with the reRUlnr paekels I
and Ciuiiniiali, mi l Iho I
Nuilh, tllAHIiWl
In packets, at
for Loiilstlllu
. Mi-nil polu

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