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w now supply tifiiilf IVxil fitnl (inline
Just rcMve'l t ' Nl'Jj N". ll"!'
I.l'VeC. ,
TllK election for p rotiif J ml go ill.l
not create-en n ripple ut" feeling. Tho
few vote cast were iiiinniinoiily fiir.Jiiilge
llrccc. The poll! i most of tlu; country
proi lncl u re mH "pencil.
Coi ntv Court nJJoiirned nt noon to-day,
until .Inly '-'"'1' Owing to the nbseiicu of
the Jjtoriir llicy wi'to tumble to cniistim
unite tlio chief iiltn of the .luii, mul
lien.ee the adjournment..
Veiitilnte.1 liittf. In entirely new styles;
tli mot coliifurliible nnd delightful hat
ever uorn, nt .Ino. Antrim . tf.
Tub strawberry festival by the Indie of
the Church of the Kedcemcr will bo held
in the Kirst National Hank luiildlng, Ohio
Levee, on Thursday evening the '.'th
instant. Arrangements have hecn ninths
fur nn iihundnnt supply of largo fresh
lierrlc, the choicest ire cream, cake, etc.,
nnd ns the affair premises to be the lint
one of the kind during the scauti, every
Udy should, (i ml mint likely will be In nt
Youths' hojn' mid Children's clothed, n
Ie than New York price, will ho sold
tliii week, nl 1'. XctfSj rcgurdles of col.
i . -
Yurxo tllbbons, whovn committed to
Jnil n few weeki ngo.on u charge of lar
ceny, was discharged from custody yes
terday on the iiflltlavlt of the owner of the.
property who iwore thai the prisoner was
guilth- of the rhargo preferred ngaimt
him. ""e rongrMuhito the young infin
tijxjtj hUrclcaseaml hn that, in the fu
ture, hi. character for honesty Will bo like
the viram Cenmr ought tn a wife- "iiIkivo
C'omk ami Skb Mb. If yon until bur
gain In clothing and furnishing goodi.
ntriicr of Sixth Mrrvt nnd Ohio lveo l
the l"lpInco to huy them.
tr IMVAI.DKl!.
"II.X tiik aou:."
Mr. II.M. lliilen hit returned to hi
old bii'Iness stand, 131 Commercial avenue,
and Invite hit friend", mid the ret of
mankind, tocallntid swhim. Hoha n very
full stock of the choicest groceries pro
vl'lon, canned fruits, etc, and l.oldly tie
dure u purioo to tell cheaper than the
cheapest. JI Is old customer warmly wcl
come him hack to hit old "damping
ground, ' nnd expri- the hftjw that, like
the "Charley Itowcn,' ho ha. 'Vomo to
stay.'' For Mr. II. s very respi-ctablu ml
verll.friiivut,K'u another rohiinn,
."in hlU. Flour medium gnnh nUt 'JOO
lmlf Mdt. medium ijualitr suitable for the
Smthem trade fur tale at the Kt'ptiftii
mill'. tf
riti.M t: hi mn,
lltrUrr 11 .iiay. p. J.
John lo ami lieorg- llreck vnturel
upunwlut limy ur pleul tn mill u "oun
t.iienul tear," ami were grlspcd hy tin.
.lto wh at tliH . ry zenith of thulr
i njoymnt." The ea eallwl for u rlne
of it 00 and cM kgaliui each, and th
. Id wultc mHMMl it. 1'hW.
Thn yguiit men took a lKth In the
Ohio, jKUrilay evening, nml a clorxl
lady ISTv them. They e.iiverod with hr
Outragwlliy what the heard and law, the
Hied. One of the thr.-.- KI) jltl ,y
'.iiilre Shaniiwty. tli oth.r took a
clmngeof enut' Squire Jlr.w.
Mr. Vumlovctitvr will, duriti" the i,evt
UMikortwo, tuhmit to the ii..-H.tiun of our
rondlng jKlldie, th latwt rvvinj iJitlon
nf "Uhiimlr' Information for the l'opl"
a ork In to large oluiit... enniaitiiu"
1700 jiaguJ anil oOO engravinga. "
'ITw plan of tho work i t .iMt all the
f iiljoeU on Mhkdi it U iinx,rtai,t fur tho
pojde generally to bo inform!, vmbrau.
iiig Architecture, Aitronomj, Clmmlitry,
(jiogrujihy, Natnrul l'hiloo'ph, Ancient
and .M.xlern Jllitory, Fanning and Ilorti
ilture, l'lltlul oii.Tmy, Mytholou'V.
I'W, Muk, MathenutiiM, Algebra,
tieomttry, (Jamoi, I)oim.,tii Kcoimmj',
Uulnry, I'hyiology, Minlnic. .MAinifct.
wr, Uutany, Art, Druwing, Faintiiig,
ie Knglnw, Itailwayt, J'hi.oiiary of
iWualT-rn.., 1'r.ivorlw, l!f)igioll. j)
nomination, HUtory of iho IJiblo, IVla..
V"", .lew, I'rutervatlou of Health,
I'fcttAgWj.y, .N'uvlgatign, Jilevtrintv'.
tUi iwrv llu.handry, .Sheep, J'uu"l.
try, SUlj KULery, Outlet, Acomtlw, the
ell1tr,MUr,.Uy, J.aiiguage.dram.'.mr
it'T '"1,1 -rt" '"d0,,r
PrinMn 1-H C'i'Mu, Chronologv,
?JriU K'ri.pLy, the
LX ' l 'r J'verb,, Old
i '...' . comiilHti, i;i.r
no readlu.- ,. ... . '
no fumilv
, lv,r ' " 'v"'u"t 'hould bo with.
n. . 1 1
In leather, Ubr.r;,, ;e ,,lrlll'1' ".
Kxamlne thkU,vUI.j J"' ., ,
.urorcommendiasit w, '
8l "u'our attention.
MIT "TlllioniFA'o,,
But ope,, to tholight.
..r Salvation forth,, mir, ,w "J""
tho uncurtained bottle, that conut,, t
Thohadeof color It toimuilU.ttl,,
gruyhttiraroiiaturoiown, and It , ,lu
..lafs ftml iHIlnv frtMlk 1..bl.. . .. o
b. p j w
V Ill . .1..
,,.?,"" ' 11 you don't
uuy vuoniar muri at .lonn Antrimv v.
73, Ohio Uvei. f
A iiiorum of mcmbori) got together Inft
night, and organized h jolnteloii of tho
city rnuncll. Tho rolurns of thu recent
elcetloiu wi'rprnnvn.Mod,' with tho result
pilblilied hy in on the day iiu-Cecdlng tho
election. The proportion to Mibi-crlbo
.I(IO,(JOO to the enpltnl Mock of the Ken
tucky it lid Tunnceo railroad coiupaliv
wn decided nlHriuutivoly by a innjorityof
Tn I vote. Col. S. S. Taylor wan elected to
(111 tho vacancy In the Select Council, occa
Ionud by thu resignation of Cnpt. . I).
Williamon, by n majority of 411 votes.
After tho adjournment of Joint meeting
llm hoard of Aldermen met for tho trans
action of inl.'cellaiieoui hnilneM. Coiiid
ornhlo tl!onloii nnd fi-ollng were excited
over it million to allow the cliiiiii" for mil
nry lllod by the two oxtm policemen up
pointeil by tho Mayor under a mUconcep
tion of the provision) of tho ordinance.
Soiimof tho Aldermen claimed that the
faid policemen had ben iictlng without
v. arrant of law, mid wc ru thuruforo entitled
toniicompeiuutloii. Oiling thought that
tlio .Mnyor hud appointed them In good
faith, erroncouMy believing that ho had n
right to do ho; mid Hint thu policemen
fhmihl bo mld for service they rendered
whllo under the conviction thntthoy woro
regular mid legal npiointee. In thl
viewof the caie tho extra would receive
jiay for the month of Slay, Htid a vote,
which wan Anally reached, awarded them
that amoiitU. A MibH'tjucnl motion to pay
their Hilary to tho llrtt day of dune, wn
voted down.
Sundry other mutters commanded tho
board' attention, but for detail tho reader
mii't nwnit tho publication of tho proceed
ing, which will probably ho made to-morrow
or next day.
SllfMI AIlMl K.
Mnko It your butlucii, If you need cloth
ing, to go to n reliable More, whero you
can tl ml all you ne-il, nnd mado in the Mylu
you fancy, t mch jirice in to ult your
pur0 and the time. Antrim' I just Mich
a hou'o. Thero you will always lind u
complito nnd select aMortment of cloth
ing, either for men, youth', boy' or child
ren, at price a low tit the lowest. Com
pare hU good and price, a' It will 1h to
your Intereit. if.
.- -
If mother would glvcMn. Whltcomb '
yri)ptn their children when nick, mortal
ity would be lei among them. It coti
on! v '.'Scent . JeOdwlw
(JitBAT K.vcitkmk.st. G real Muughtcr
of High l'riccnt Antrim', "tl Ohio l.ovce,
uhnro you cannot only llnd the nioit fah-
lotiabl). and caotmblu Mock of clothing in
the city, but the largeM and K'M variety
of Straw, Leghorn, l'aiiama, Ciiiinurennd
Silk llati over otl'ered In Cairo. I!uy your
hat and clothing right thero. tf
C.w.i. nt Wnldcr' nnd k.vawi.vk ills
ttock of i'i.otiiinu. Ho cannot, nnd will
Hot, UK I'.VUBKMII.It II v AN V OTIir.lt IIOt l-K
I..VTIKBLV m:w, nnd wni iioliiiit nt tho
I. WA MlKK, Corner of Sixth
tf nnd Ohio Levee.
FirTV IHV lio.lliliKli" wallteil nt thu St.
fhrlti Hotel, whero can bo found tho
(iiolet and mnt tpacioiu dining room In
the oily. '1 he tablo io uiiial upidiHl with
the bt the market ntfordt. Fauiilte and
MTiimiieiit Umrder taken during the um
mer months nirstreiHelit lum rote.
Tin: I!it nnd CiiKAi'ir Ci.uiiiimi to
befiiund IX Till- ClTV i AT lA.r W.W.-
'K.n', corner of Oiu sji itKirr : Ohio Lk-
llethowa hU gilt witli peuure, nnd
and nuvur leu hi pitrom. go ditatillel
Cam. ox Him If you want a bargain, tf
$10,000 worth of Ci.otiu.no, Fimixisii-
1X0 (iooiiv, lloOTr, SlIoK", llATs OaI'c,
TiirxKn and 'Al.lhi, going nil' at u hae
rit!.nt l.aac Walder, corner of Sixth
Mreet and Ohio Levoe. Sow U oiir
chaiiee to get a good tult nt a low price,
For n haw, Imir-tmt or Minmpoo, or
if you want your hair and uhUkert dyed
to your own intUfactlou, rail at .1, (!oo.
Sti'lnlioiuot thop, corner Klghth Mrect
and Coiumereinl avenue, (lVrry Ilouo).
Ileture to oiill at 7;t Ohio I,vvec, nnd
"the.luno Hug Hat, with u varied slock
of other new My lei, too iiumerou to men
tion. Keiuciuhcr Antrim It the phico to
KetxourhnU. tf.
Iiut received at V. Noll", No. 7i, Olilo
l'veo, n f jilendld lot of tpring Cakulmore
Coating and VoMlng., which will bu mndu
u)i in thu inuit faahioiittblit ttyle, and nt
prlcu to mil tlm tlniei",.ii perfect lit guur
untuisl or no inlo. tf
SKKadvertUemeutof Dr. IliitU' I)iien
ry, headeil, IJook for tho million .Mar.
ringed ulde In another column. It should
lie read by all. ml'Jd.vwtf.
- - -
Oo to l'. ter .Vetr.iify.iu wuntn MylUh
.Siunmer hat, elnthlngto huH the seuon,or
iinythliig in tho lino of gent' fumUhlng
gooil., fully leu per cent. cheaKir than tho
mine article were ever offered in tills
murket. tf
LadleV and children' hair cut to or
der, at thothoporatthcir residence. Leavo
onlert at the hopof .1, (!eo. Steinhouse.
lteiiieiiilM.rth.it Koiiirh nnd Heady hats
In white and brown, ut .lohu Antrlm'a.
They uru nlci thuy aro cool. Seo
them, tf.
Foil tho coolott and limit pnhitahlo St,
LouU larger beer, go to .Meyer naloon,
corner of WaMilngton avenue and Twelfth
,lreet. jt.13m
J kwkliiy of every pattern mndu to order,
and cath puld for old gold and tllver, at
Tidr llrothurt, Oldo U-v e tf
The Cairo Bulletin,! Jruae 7.
Cnrie-imtKli llOfinr lllO llllllflllll
Mott.Nt) CtTY, lM,S.,
Juno fi, 1870.
Since my hut, T porcelvo you hnvo re
ceived n protty full nccount of Decoration
Day at our National Cemetery; I nhall
only add tho generally uxproied wl'li of
ull good patriot, that jioxt tlmo tho pro
ceeding will not be ouito o partlMin. If
n Hadlcnl candidato for Congre, and other
otnVe-M'i'ken, arc permitted to turn these
folomu occatlon Into ma tncoling for
olectloneerlng purjioe, It had as well bo
known fioir ns ut any other tlmu.
The econil nttempt to ratify the Fif
teenth Amendment camo off UM Thur.
day. Lieut. Gov. Dougherty wan no badly
treatetl at thu decoration cercmonlc ho
fulled to nppear. Alo Davo Llncgar
didn't como to tlmo. Tho Irroprenlblo
Diinlol Munn wa on hand nnd jpoko hU
piece. UcclrtlniRil nil the crolll of tho
Fifteenth Amendment. Illngham wn no
whorui 2s'cxt followed 1'rof. Hoiuton,
colored orator. Ho could not help giving
his radical whito brethcrn a little advice!
Let them bowarc, nld he, how they ngnln
deny us a delegation In their convention ;
and then went on to tell about the colored
voter being n tdljipery m nn oyster lx
time iwallowed, etc.
Circuit court adjourned Tliumdny
night about 11 o'clock, to meet again on
tho 17th ItiM., to mnko a final wind up.
for tho JlrM tlmo in the hlMorv of tho
county tho court failed to furnlfh an nppli
writ for honors at Jollet.
Tho Grand .fury nlo ndded another
testimonial to our good morals by adjourn
lug nftor threo day, ami only finding five
bills In nil.
The Mrowborry feMlvnl tho othor
evening, for thu benefit of tho MethodlM
church, waf quite a ucce. Soverol hun
dnnl dollar wa realized for thu pastor.
Tho rno.M Inhuman thing wc hnvo
heard of for tome tlmo is tho conduct of n
to ruin M. I)., who was lately attending a
worthy citizen, confined with u fractured
leg. For somu reaon, violent bleeding of
thu limb commenced. Suddenly ho was
abandoned by said 31. D, nnd oxcopt for
prompt attention from thu family, would
have bled to death very uon. AVo hope,
for the Hike of humanity, that thero nru
norno extenuating circumstances connected
with this ntl'alr.
The great event of tho week was tho
city election on yeMerday. Tho ltadlcali
fully expected, with tho colored vote, to
carry everything. Hut tho Mound City
Democracy, uver true, rallied their fores,
nnd carried the wholo ticket by majorities
ranging from :i0 to 70.
Thu price of vote, a Mark Twain
would say, "wa tlurtuous." Super Radical
vote ht doz., $16 to $18; negro lUdical
vote per doz.,$l". 50 to 15 00.
Tho above quotation aru for vote on
mall otllce. On tho big otllce, such ns
mayor, collector, etc., 2't per cent, addi
tional, with 5 per cent, oil' for cash:
For .Mayor, X. It. Cafoy received CI ma
jority. For Collector, .1. W. Carter re
ceived f.'J majority. For Clerk, V. K.
.lohnson received 51 majority. For Mur
thal, Simpon received 07 majority. For
TreaMiror, G. F. Mover, no opposition.
Moroniiou, Your, etc., DION.
An examination I ollo!ted of what?
Why, tint choicest Mock of picco gixMln
cloth, cattimercJ, doeskin, linen, marail
Iih ami llk voting over otl'ered in tlio
Cairo market, ('all and eo.
tf JOHN A NTK1M, 7.1 Ohio Levee.
I'eter NeH'h mamtnoth stock of Spring
clothing embrace nil thu new style, and
what can hu found now hero cite in tho
city a large ami woll varied Mock of boyn'
clothing. tf
Notidk to STiiAXiiKKs. If you aro
traligo In this city, don't fall to call on
Walder and examine III Mock of clothing,
boot, nhoft, hat, cap and furnUhing
good. tf
Look at 'Ai.iiBii'h Stuck okClotiiino
and furiibihlfig good tiiih wkkk. It I
repleto with all Tilt: novelties of tho
eason, at prices to suit tho time. Corner
Sixth Mreut nnd Ohio lovco. tf
Tricot and liakctcaslmcrsMiit, very
line, mado to order, ut tho old rellnblo
clothing houto of John Antrim, No. :i
Siringlluld llloek. tf.
Meyer, cornur of Twelfth street nnd
Wellington avenue, not only keep splen
did St. Loui beer, but tho pureM of wine
and lhUors, and tho best brands of cigar.
Taiikii JtiioTllKils have Just received
direct from the manufactory, n hwutlfu)
aiurtmeut of tho most rocent Myles of
silver plated waro. Call and seo it. tf
V. W. Thornton, No UiJ Thornton's
block, Tenth street, has just received threo
hundred )oxe of gln, varying In sizo
from 8x10 tn IIOxlO. For sale, wholesabi
or retail. jltf.
IIaKOAIXhI lUllOAINb I A gootl bUlt of
clothing for ten dollar, nt 1. Netr, 7U
Ohio Levee.
11k sure to read tho advertUcmont
"(Ireatett AVork of tho Age," In this
paper. iiiiiylMllm
Good Cotton Hock, only 15 cents per
pair or $1 5 cents per doz., at 1. Notl's,
No. 711, Ohio Levee. tf.
Look to Youu lsrmtKsr, and buy
your olotliing from AValder, corner Oth
Street nnd Loveo. 1 tf
l'etumer, French creupu chlncott suits
aro made, to order, wlthtaMe, and a perfect
fit, or no sale, at Antrim's.
Drawers and Undurshlrts, at a raerlflce
at l NciVr., No 7'.l Ohio luvce.
Tho llboral promlums provided by tho
citizens of Cairo, for tho tobacco fair to bu
hold in tho l'lniitor's Tobacco wurehousc,
on Thursday next, and tho costly dinner
to bu spread for our visitors on that oc
casion, show a waking tip to tho import
ance of tho enterprUo set on foot by the
Planters' company. Tho llncM tobacco
country )n all tho Mouthwe't Is that
arodnU-ubout Cairo. If ono-half It pres.
unt products can bo concentrated for salu
here, every department of our trado nnd
business will be greatly vitalized thereby."
Our oYcry-Thursdny'. sale already
amount to about onu hundred hogshead.
From these tho owner realize at least S10,
000. Of this sum nt least one-third is lelt
with our merchants, hotel keepers ami me
chanics, and has an nppruclablc otluct Upon'
the general business of thu city. When,'
Instead of 11)0 hogsticads, wu shall sell j(H;
and when, Instead of f 10,000, thu proceeds
shall rcauh $50,000, uvcrybody will seu thu
wisdom of thoell'ort and outlay now being
madeand candidly acknowledge It.
Tin) probabilities aro that tho lnrgct
quantity of tobacco over seen in Cairo, at
ono time, will bo oil the brakes of the
l'lantors' warehouse on Thursday. Tho
gentlemen having tho management of thu
fair in hand, nro bending their cnergic to
such an end, and already havu assurance
of success. All of our Kgyptlnn, Missouri,
Kentucky nnd -Tennessee planters nnd
frlonds aro cordially Invited to comu and
seo us on that occasion, and hundreds of
them will doubtless respond. Let them
comu. A kind greeting nnd a good dinner
if nothing clso, await them.
In building up our tobacco market, tho
President of tho Planters' company, dipt.
J. M. Phillips, has worked with indefatlgii
ublo Industry, shirking no labor or responsi
bility, tho nssumptlon or performance of
which promised to contribute anything to
ward tho success of tho enterprise. Ho
deserves tho gratitude of our citizen", and
of nil others who feel nn Interest In build
ing up hero such a tobacco market n tho
wants of tho country demnnd. Hu is an
active, Intelligent nnd popular gentleman,
nnd tho very man, above nil others of our
acquaintance, for tho position ho occupies.
a woMiKiiFuf. iiTciiosiorK.
Ituv. Daniel Vic, I). I)., editor of tho
New York Sunday School Adnxate, thus
speaks of tho eclobratod Crnlg Microscope :
"It simplicity, cheapness and great mag
nifying power struck mo with surprise.
Then I was examining n lly's oyo by its
aid, and was struck with wonder nt the
skill and power of tho Creator which I
displayed in its structure. "When I saw n
statement In an advertisement that tho
Craig Microscope magnified onu hundred
diameters, and could bo bought for $2 50,
I thought it wa one of tho humbug of tho
hour, for 1 hail paid (20 for n microscope
not long bofore. Hut now 1 llnd It to bu
a really valuable. Initrumcnt which 1
should llko tee Introduced Into tho families
of our readers In place of tho manifold
uicle.'i toys which jtlcato for an hour nnd
aru then destroyed. This microfcopu
would both nmuso and instruct them nnd I
ndvlto every boy and girl who wishes to
know tho wonder which lie in little things
to savo his money until ho has $1! .',
which will pay for tho mlcroscopo and thu
poitogo when sent by until."
As u holiday gift this microscope is tin
urpasod, being ornamental, instructive,
umiiting and cheap, nnd nuvur loe it In
terest. Agent and dealer supplied on
lilieral term. A sample will bo mailed,
post paid, to uny address for $2 75, bv K.
lI.OSS,ai3 Icut street, St. Louis,' Mo.
Iteiid tile advertisement in another col
umn. mnyi!ld3m
TIIK Tltll'lim M'llullS Oil I'OUK IVOIIM
l'erhnp it Is not generally known that
tho much talked of trichina iiratiul or
pork worm, was first dltcovored In Amer
ica by Dr. It C. Kendall, of Philadelphia
Ph., with that American instrument known
a thu Crnlg .Microscope, co.tlng only
$'.',7f), after repented failure to discover
tho worm with nn Imported microscope,
costing $5C, "of feebler power nnd less re
liable" This fact Dr. Kendall stand
ready to provuut any time. Tho ' Craig''
.Microscope in neat box with full direction
I mailed anywbero for $2,75, by K. II
l(o, illB LocintSt., St. Louis, Mo,
Head tho advertisement in thl paper.
my ill. U3m
- -
This Microscopo is simplified mid ndapt-t-d
to popular us well a sclentiliu uo. A
now optical wonder I This is thu only In
strument of high power which require no
focal adjustment, nnd thereforo cun bo
readily used by o very ono, oven by chil
dren. Costing only Two Dollars mid
Sovunty-flvo Cent, by mall, post puid, It
Is within tho reach of nil In tlio commun
ity, nnd should bo on tho table of every
Practioneer. lleud udvertUcment in this
paper. iu27d:im.
moTouusritsi riioTouiuriis!
Go to .1. O. Ilngwull, Photographer,
corner Klghth Mreut, utid Ohio Lovco, for
pictures, Carto do Visiles, etc. Having
mado arrangements with tomn of tint bcM
artist of our largo, cities, hu respectfully
solicits order for copying nnd enlarge
lug old picture. Call at hi rooms and
seospuciiiions of work in that line.
Tho public in general uro cnutloued to
look out for thu spurious urtlchvt put up In
imitation of and us substitutes for Sfuimou
Liver Hegulator. Huy only from repeet
ublo druggists, and seo that it it put up In
square packages und has tho signatures of
A. , riimmons and J, II. Zolin iV Co., on
Its sldo; nil others aro frauds upon thu
public, llowarol nrtld&wlw
I can confidently say that Simmom,'
Liver Kcmilator ha donu mo inoro uood
than all thu mcdiciuo I uver used, I hul
never bo without it.
Jtihb County. ,
Will bo sold at Public Auction, at I'm
old store room of Charles ScliulU, opposite
AVinter'H block, on Thursday tho "th Inst.,
commencing nt 10 o'clock a.m., nil tlio
property saved from thu St. Nielioln Ho
tel, consisting In part, of bed-leail, nmt
tresce, pillow, hret, chair, table, bur
tl.xtnwyolock, picture, n largo iiiaulit
of lino ' wMii'key and other liquor, onu
limrhlo top llilliard table, onu large French
plutu mirror, ono largo leu Ikix, onu safe,
llftceji stove, und other article. ton
numerous to nainc. Turin cuh.
JunrtTd'.'t, Auetioiioer.
' I.AMI' K'M'l.llMO.NS.
' Will the people avoid then danger by
lislng'n gciiuiltf tirliele, which I, perfectly
nfo and ha,thi) reputation .(if Imlng the
bet in ". It 1 the Ai'rrora Oil. It
'give n brilliant light) nnd cun bu hud nt
Oil Ohio TifVee, Call and get thi clieapet
tight in use. tf
riA.MI Tt'.MNti.
Mr. C. Itobbln, of Chicago, will be in
Cairo u fnw day, next week, and will glvu
attention to such orders for tuning or re
pairing piano, n may be. left with .Mr. It.
P. Itobbln. Price- for tuning,
Pianos for salu nt low rate nnd on eny
tortus. jeOdflt
int. t. mi rom:itT.
Seo tho announcement, elsewhere, of n
grand concert, by the Turner Society, In
Philharmonic Hall, on Monday uvenlng
thu 1.1th instant. It will bo n musical en
tertainment of decided merit, a the
Soclpty numbers among it member some
of tho finest vocnlit of ihu city. Seetiru
ticket, nnd go. JuCiltd
I will bo nbsent from tho city for n few
day. Itlclmrd Fitzgerald I my legal rep
resentative, In the sheriffs (illicit. Call nnd
see him. lie wishes to seo von on some
tax matters. LOUIS II. MYKHS,
JuiieC.1t. Sherlir.
Gentlemen, go to John Antrim , 73,
Ohio Levee, for all your muslin shirts,
hosiery, underwear and paper collars, nnd
savu ut leul '.'J per rent from thu ordinary
retail prbv. Hit ha thu best cloth cov
ered paper collar over otl'ered in the mar
ket, tf.
FimiKX years almost exclusive uo In
the New Knglaud Mate hu proved Laz
arus A; Morris' perfected spcctaclo tho
bet made. Tabor llro aru tolu ngeiit
for Cairo. Seo advertisement.
How many Intusowlve nro then, 'who
havu experienced the difficulty of obtain
ng good vinegar. Head thu advertise
ment of W. II. Ilishop In this paH-r.
Taiikii UitotiiKitx, solo agents for .Mor
ton' celebrated gold puis, have now on
hand the first assortment uver brought to
thiicity. tf
Fkksh Kggt and Yullow IJutler enn nl-J
way bo had. Head th ndvertiieniHiit
"Greatott Work of thu Age," In this pa
per. maylK:iui
UK 11! IX .XI.MI,
Is skillfully compounded, free from in
jurious oiiuiNiiient part, ugrceablu to thu
tuMe, nnd destructive to diuno. If you
detect uuy change from tho natural
functions of your yttum, no matter bow
trivlul, or whero located, or If disvato has
already tutrenchod itself, tho really trtio
ami reliable remedy In either cu-o i
MISHLKItS lllllt'll II1TTKIW. This
assertion I baed upon what wu know it
will do In relieving, curing, nml warding
otrdltente. For waul of rpiieo wo cannot
detail the divortilled use of thl Hitter,
but It general i Meets, upon tho humuii
system aru to purify thu blood and secre
tions; correct morbid changes In thu blood,
cquullzit It circulation, enrich its consti
tuent und regulate its supply; it imparls
vitality and elasticity to every organ;
overcomes all functional derangement;
Ht.i.tt In tlm proccs of digestion creates
n healthy appetite; provunt und cure
mia-matic nnd intermittent 'fevers, dys
pepsia, liver complaint, nervotu headache,
kidney nfl'ection, and revive thu physical
cncrgle by Infusing new life nnd power
into tho system. tuAt-u lw
Altltl VALH.
I Ian AU, Cniliiibiit A 1lkiT, I'a liieiilr
Aruy, Oiu; Mllbrey. ilo
KiiIh ftnlilnsin, itn l.ou i mllf , .N It;
JhiiiIm lihU lli.M l.nilluR I', l.ie, iln
Arlluir, tin Al, IHiNiilli-,
I'll oi Cure, Vuktb; l'iiri-1, !
Dan Alilv, I'nluuib'l; Millirer, !'. I u ;di,
l.imnillc, I.ol'Ui: A lUker, ! ,
It KUe, Jo Ali. N 0;,
I'oiril. iln .MuKiats. ! ' 1
t.'ii) nl ('.urn, hi Limit; Ariltur, !
t.u.. 0..l.ln t,. lr.j.i'.
ICmU' llubiniiin. ilo
Jviiulii llnMlii, I nt.
Thu weather I eloar and pleasant with
a splendid breeze from the north.
Tho river ha risen four Inches slncu
Iut report. i
Tho Mississippi is Mill receding slowly
ut St. Louis.
Tho Ohio is stationary ut Pittsburg with
scant four feet in thu channel. It is full
ing nt Louisville with only threo feet six
inches In thu chute down tho full. It has
al.o begun to recedu ut Kvuliavllle.
Hindus hero . continues fair at -our
wharf, so far a reeoipt and roMiijiuients
ure concerned, P
Tho Magenta did not gel away "until
near mldnigiit, uml was deeply liulon,
having udded fully no thousand ton here.
Thu Arthur loft uftcr dnrl;, hnvlng re
ceived iioo tons here, und was deeply ludon.
Thu new Pittsburg and Cincliiiiuti
nitckut, Arlintrion. will como below tho
fulls in athort timuuiid remain during tho
low wiuur jieasou. li is not yot futtled
where slio will run. Slio I an clcirant und
swift slduwhcol steamer, finely Unisliuil.
Tl.. If ........ I.... ... I. .1 1.. -
v,,i, juiiuvuii iiio iii luugiu iiiiiiiu n
contract for hl new ("ulro und Now Or
leans packet, It I to bo built by "Mack,
Ut Cincinnati.
o aro plejtsed to learn thai our cm;r-
gotle young frlond H. Given Hugey, book
kuepcr on tho whnrf boat 4of, dipt. J. M.
Phillips, Is'rapldly rccovoring (rom u se
vere illnvs.
Tin) llolht St. Louis I thu regular packet
for Memphis this uvenlng.
Cairo & Paducah
Daily Packet.
The list ritnnlntr tlrnitt pnoket
Milt pi) rrKiiliul) as nl.cn r, li-avlns Culrortor)
esi'iilluiul I ii elin'k.niiil tiiiii lilii.it nil liilenni"
III. Ill' lllllilx.
For fn'it'hl er iiismki apply nn lumnl or In
M. .1 lll l ICI.i: V. .Wi n!,
Ji'T.llf lir.., Illiiiii..
Confection Merchant
Hits Ito iiKucd to UN Old Stand
3( mml Avenue
Where ho nollclt a runllnmnm nf polronsx of
hi fiirnieri'iiiluiiinrt, iu Milt n ll.tt of tisany
iiith onu iwuiaywn'il prime ifrmi tn-., pmrlsioiis,
eli, ri'tiurknM)' elicup fur eli.
Term- (strictly rnalt, for vtlikh he will mII
lowrf Hun the lowest. jpjif
lly lh
Monday Evening, June 13
Philharmonic Hall.
Tint HinKinjf. Cliilt of th Tiirni-r Pwicly la
plcj.nl tuHiiDiiitiice KKUUilrolwrrt st Ur, mul
tliHtl spnie tin utoit lo.lrirrti) full liuilsr,
'J'lie lirvKrtiiin. Kill tt trmcl .y rliurtltsp-,
iurt-lf. ilurla, 4 m Hiiirh (h. fiirtnlx'r of
I tin tin I. mil vntt ( Hit) U-at Ktaaljla k. I tali
Ikiora opri si 7 it r-(. (.Vjnrrf I In eommi-nci'
Al , Ailliiltaiui) in lit- Jri.llil
This ftrui nf ItlltrnhouH? A lUniiy to Ihia ilay
il.slil tiy tniituat i'nrnt. Mr llanny rcn
liiiuri Id' iKisliirat, ami It itiitliorlii-il lo n- li
nil mil -Uielliiif rUliiit, KD'I Mill ai-llln allilalina
all.lllif. Ilifin
I t il;,, tin- tiirlliwl of viiiri.a.lnz HIT lirartt
Hunk- in Iln. iiiaiir lutruiia uf tlm jII firm uf
Hilti'nlKiil". S. Il.innj, ami luiie ilui Urn tainn
lit'friiiiiy iiifini(,rp riifii'ivii iu ua, win in. i
tlimmiuti my luosi in I hi mim-a-nr.
'Thu' Sntiiii SIN ut the Hour. SiMiii'
Mill Hi- Cured."
Wo fe leitipy lo ,"i nr the rilifein uf
1 Mill Ull'l 114 tt iiiuy. it inn, iawi in .w Al
Limy. IIiiafiiinii'iilly luoalrd in tliim il), lor
the plllp..i iif pr.n'll.ilint ini'.lii'liiM tn all ita
.,ni,ii br-ilu'lii'-.au'l Mill nllvinl Hi nil l all-lc till
(iiyi.ritatiriiuir.iiy iinynr nifiiit. iii" nn ier
li i i rsstui"! luiflirinn Jtiniiie a Mrlml of iMrhly
rraa iliiniijwliii'li luiiit lm liu ImJ lrjt almr
in prist mn iii'rrrr lit. iiab u,ni, iir itriKira
ntl'l tuiliitlim nil lilt IiiiiIiciii.' t lilt orfii'f, Hk
hi lxrn vrry tiiiri-afiil in ll.i. Ir.ntinnil nf all
vnruiiHi uiti-ntin, navinx ukihiini iiik urruvr 'ir
liMiiof (lm ki( iMitlit yi-.ir l.i rti nf Ihili llnr
i-iirr.J. Aflir tiikniif llis.ir r.itft hi vlniran hi.
I'liorKranutMriK fureiiiitiiltallnna nt lnadlhef llu
Mill nolllutu r nil I m lt.it li It lla yutl you may rely
nn 1)11 eifi' nf twenty yrnfa' ttinllnK '"
iiiriHiny nun. Aiinii or, 11 iiiaiit-ra muss nil
llirireninliliuli turn ) III all furiut, ruri'd 111
ii tlmri Iiiiii. Kl.lul.ian l enncrra unci Mlthoiil
tint litis nf the knife. TiilMs.wnriiii t'Iirllil li)
lli. u ' nl ulifHly ilitroiifril mvilicitii', Milliuiit
till. All fur 111" nf nryttpnln- mill ili.m.i't nf II, c
akin eiifeil in ihu tliut Ittt tune.
I kii p on Imnilllifi lii'lUn Oil, illtcoirri'il
liv inn mIiiIi.i llin (.lit-niki' iwlion in IM.S. For
tnleMt my utHcr, or ti nt I.) cxprt'ta luany pull nf
inn tioiiiury.
Th(.(tll rltri'arnllra HlnliTAtniia ill live lillnllla-H.
llt'inl.u.'hv 111 threo uuuulea; car-uclie la leu
liiiiiutet, iitiiiitluU In Hit. minute j rhi'iiiiitltm
Inniieliniiri fit 1.1 ('lillilrrii nnil ailutta In h tlinrl
tune. All nllii r sx'liraur uiln, nut ii.iiuil here,
urn iiirml L) llila oil iiilliethnrleat tliiiK. Kirry
niiiiii. ia mnrui'ii wiin inn iiiri-uiioua inr ntinu n.
If II falla In iln ultHl la I'lnliiii'il for It, enuin k
mul k'ft jnnr money, I'lku'tierutaninl II ii r
Olllrn,vnriii'rnf Klghth ttrerthml Ohio l.eii'u,
I hiii n urinlilute of the HiniUHOpKllilu Kvlinulnf
riuiiluii'l. Oliln-liaviiiit nrailuslril in Hit ar
ls,'l, aim Knnlii.it eil in lliu IXitlic hclinnl uf
i.ineinniitl, in tliu year IK.i.
C.iiro, llliaola, Mnyil, ilaullm
oiti:soMi itciiiHit:s
The fiilliiMliiK nrtiileit. now In poatettion of Hut
litiilertliiril, still 1 10 x Id nl piililiPHiii'tinn. mi the
Mil il.iy nl July, linn, tn nay frH;lit nml i lnrm -,
if tint I'liiiintil nr I'tlli-'l fur ImfufK this ilat alailit
nienunnr'i. Mini in innapiMKnii wnsrr Ui.ut, 01
posile Hlflh lint, l.illrn, llliaulii, l In nVim-
l,i ' I'll .U 1 IMVI.I
I'll AH. T 1 1 1 N I 1
.. ) LM pltimlrr
.. 1 tin and I k itu.
.. 1 lios p.ittrrna
.. 1 kj;rlialrriiiK.''
1 empty trunk
.. I pkx Inirness
.. I leiiilier Ir'k einpi)
.. 1 bkl 'Hieelnwafe....
.. 1 Ihjx tiDJrr .
.. I like suites
no mark
K 8, Culm,
nn inarU
T It II f'miirr, Tenil
no murk
do V
no murk '
iloi .
.11 'Jilu paper
1.' 1 tr'k umieriiiteiita,,..
I I i 1 ilniiiiMlicliin . l)r KT Joni t, Mi nin
II 1 . u. I .... I j i.' at is iii. ,i..i. ..:i
.n....M.M . ,.,l... I'lllltll'l
LI. I rlie. t plunder no nmik
u 1 lane ilu MrC IlConu-ny, Alt
21 ....
!il ,
ii'in, iiiii
l client pluutlor.. , no murk
1 tr'k nml i-uuti-nta... iln
, 1 ilo
tin , iln
id A N lllunr(NO
, I ilo
, 1 ilo
I tf.
1 do .
pnuil, Aik
, W H W A I'ii, West
i no
I iln
,. no mark
., iln
. OK Wright
. Clin M Mnme, euro
, I vallte
I iln
. 1 trunk
II lima. Cairo
, I trunk iln.
no mark
, i intreau mm Kit in
. I Imtt (ulweo,.., . Ji'ClclUliA ('..lllflip
(IrauilKiilrMitt. '
. I uiiti tuiiHcim .., Hume
. 1 il Un , tutiii.
. I liUX tinnkiuiilo,, time
leuituie uiiMict-it H aiiini.
:iii...... lcookiut'ptiive unmark
:iT...,,. ldo .In ..i.' -ilo;
M..., l n tack ami unnteutan irto t
:n lilo iln , ilu
te i ilo ilo......... ilo
4 1 ilu .In,....,,., ilo '
4-4.... I ilii dn. 'ii.i
i )
Ml... ., I d'l do,.'.u,' ilo It'
li A a mo At
cAtim rnisstrii
AlltO, IX. I,..
(ilvcn to nil Atnlliihlc I'dIiiIm,
St. Louis, Cairo k New
Orleans Packet Co.
Ml C II HUM It..
....TIKiMI'S UN,
..,.. ItKK.N,
.- .1 'Nr.
. nut i
III.IVK HHAMt.'ll...
Mn.i.ir: Aiu.r
alllt S.I
tlSNI la,N-r.l.
l.ri.l.K CAKIKM.I. 1U.
UnmpriiinK all Ida nnut ami lartftt l'it
M. I.uiila.
Knr.VMt Otlrana: Tf.e MMitntr
Mill lte Tilt IWI1AV Cteninir J In
euunii'tiiiii al .suw Orltaii miIIi Oran J,iu.ini
fitraimra lo
I.lTrMiol, Xtvr York, Itinlnii, ami (Jl
l r.lun, Ttsat.
1'a.tttngi.ra and Hlilppera rsn rely on nn nl tfiftr
Itiata Irarinz Cairo punctually as atile
til AH. T IIIMiK.
Ilrurlal Aicnt, I'liM.
Ol!n r, nn V.'l.ttfls.at, IniUie l.ml.tnr
Memphis and St. Louis
Packet Company.
lh70. .
Tht follovsinK llolaimpritr lint l.uiran.l ;:
run lo thaf.illowlni.'orils'ri
Memphis Packets
Arri.s- al I li'.iAimeat Calru
ttLLt nr wti'W. TiiPflay, & p.tr "-turilay I . m
Z.lft.l, SI.. I... ,
filt..i" litwr.ll 1-riiiirMlayS p.tt !M imlay.l a. in
l-nun. Miffi
htLLK wnartll. tur.h.r, S p.ml Jtinrt I a. to
kratt, Ntiwr.
Vicksburg Packels.
Arnica! Cairo t n at Cairo.
iMioa. ir.
MAIllll.Kl lTr, WMi .!), l .ni I'r . uy, 1 mil.
JUL! A !' 'I
COI.OUAlHl . ,rreiy, I p.
riTV OK ALT I.N 'lo
, Ui I ;i m
ItfllltON .
tiiimUry. i p. n irurtjay,
Oo J' i
In nt,
Cmnn'tinitatxl. Lmua witli
.Vurllicril I, Ilia I'nrbrt Company,
Kriikiik I'urhrl 'iiiiiiiiy,
llninliat I'arUtl 'iiiniliyi
ami Vatrluiia ItMlli.inil Lima
At Mrmplila "ll'i
,lrnitlila mul Wlillf HI cr I'ncbrl C"n..
Arkamas lllwr I'ai ktt S'liinpaii) ,
SI c ail fill I mill Jli rlralnt. II. It..
'aU'l jll..l.alpil A, Ttlilir.trr It. II
At VtfktbilM III
Vaanit lllvtr ! krlt. nnA
Vlrbaliuru mul Mcrlillm. Ilalliiiail
liilllll Ihrutliili 1'il-t liulii.Kiiu.ll.Cai Utii il ti
1.1. lH,int l.t rmlurr er.
f llAs T III.NIlK.f.'encra) Art.nl.
4lllil.li nil lu.ll-lol
Mil, SILVKII. T ' ktt ami l'atuyrr Avenl
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
(f "j t Cimslrtlng ut tho litllowlfii-wiiiVxi-.spleii(llil
phssetiRiir Itiiuners
ariio.vi. ...Hwk'fi . iii
l.cnti't l.ery Muuili.K nl I I. l.
IIAKMO.V Maturl ,n
l.nue. i;ryr Tliurnlnyul I I'. .'I.
John Lumsden
lAVIH .Miialtrl .. ......Ai.r.
t tverj hiiliirilry al 4 I. H
Tliroiicli IHU LalliifT (Jlvon Via. Xali.
illlu and Culru I'uckvU autl
"(In-cii I.lim"
To .Vaislnllle, t'liMliiii'"'!.-". Teuii.; At.
UlllH, I'll I it mi bis at, Ilo , Mncou, IS.
Uulncai Went I'olnl. tJeoriif lowti. Mil
IrilKSlll l;il.l Kllfmilw, Ala. Muitl
sriiinvrv. Alu.i t'liarlr-tini. N. SJ iNrluta.
Ala. i llllHll. SJn.l WU.ulsisilau, N. I .I
4'ulllllltilll, S.I'., I ...1.....
Afe.nt s4 Cairo.
Memphis and Cincinnati
r-v ' a r j
racKet tompany.
.UV .lilN'EK. I'ri'H!. I HAM J. HAM:. Kt'
a ...1' of II,. C.llnull... tl.
JohnPhiii.li, Mnoiii
NILVKU flllllM Ilfn M.. Merrill if
nam j. ham: yt.y. MBistr, j;
" lino of ttinalmiMtnleiiiliil tlpiiincra Iraie I n
fur Meinplila eiery I'ue.iliiy uml Niiuiil.iy,
fur C'lueliiuiill evi l y Kriilay mul t-iitunlny
CIIA.S. T. Ul.MiK. Ak-enl, :iro. III.
iltliinon tVlisrf.Uiil
Evansville and Cairo
Packet Company.
. Consisting ol tho fol.
rJ&.;Spleliilil I'ussoilKer Ht.'n'll
Loivet (inrn bunilxy ami Ttiiirmlay al . n
Leavft t:airu Tuesday anil Krelay al li V
, City of Evaosyjlle. ;.
nr.XTKIt analvr I'.H. hr:.N'MN(IT6rt
LeawaCiiIro WeiluiiailayaiuiilHaiuraaya vl cp.n.
Ooiwllnif at' rartiwali wild Trtiniwiwe nv.r
pacrmla, utrlmllhlanil wltli Naalivillr tuuikel, al
Kranaville Mlllilliti renulur piu'krUfor Lnuisv
ami Clueiunatl, ajelllm K. AC It. R. rnrull tmint
Morth. 5 T ' CilAKMMT. JIINHK

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