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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, June 10, 1870, Image 2

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Tlie Cairo BtLlletin, Jxixie 10.
t M'I.(I.M . I'M
I WJomneil Joint MfTbt.nlf the f'tr Oonncll.1
i:io, in-i Jiuif.
l'rccnt hi Honor tlie .Mayor, ami
Jlwjrj. Artcr. Hnrcliiy. O'Cnllnhnn,
ItrmiVlo, Vltr.gprfilil. Kll. Lolir.Lntiorgiin,
MrKcc, MomM TlieoloM, Wnlik-r nl
"Winter 13.
Tlicro Mng n quorum prcenl, tlio
Clerk laid Mro tho Ilonrd llio return of
tho lute c!nl diction, from mi cxntntnn
tl,,n thereof, It npponM that In tho
ncnso Ann,
Ali'l fnlrlptlon
, Ill Miles
If" nti'
nitnn witn,
Itofrtrlptlnn - 12 mien
AjrilnM Subscription ...... 1 otu
. romtn wtt,
lrelerlptlnn in tote.
Against !-ulcrlption 8 oloi.
nasi wm,
l'nr Member of feloct rouncll from the City at
Lull", ,
Mnmi l Stunt Tnjlnr reeeheil,.
II. WnMner reeelveil......
arconn Winn,
Irtrl nle
1 Mill'
Kor Member nf M iel Cwiiacil from the. City nt
Minut'l Sliul Tajlor rereliel - M lotes
II. Wnriluerteceiieil ....... 1! Kites
ntiun nr,
For Member of rVlect Ootinril from the Oily nt
i-amiielSuuts T) lor nelte.l
rut BT1I !,
Ir Member cf N lcct Counoll from llm Cltynt
tSmuil Stn.il. Tarlnr receive J 181 votea
AVIicrcupou Aldertiiuii "Winter Intro
duccd tlie following resolution:
Wiir.nKAH. Tliocllvcounc.il. bv lolnl rem)
lutlon, nmirovutl April tilth, 1h"0, ordured
nti election to a lioldcn In tliu city of
Culro, at tlio tiMwl pliiew of votlnir, to
iidnpt or n-Joct u proposition to 5tibcrIbo
oconnJ Kentucky railroad, and, wlieruii",
tlio return now liefora tliin Council iliow
Hint 67C votes, wcro milled for. and I votes
tigaltut sntil auliscrliitkm; tliercforolo It
JlfnalrrJ. JIv tlio Citv Council. In Joint
aoitlon cotirencd. that the atilncriiitlon of
one hundred tliouund dullnM bo and Is
liurciiv mithortzctl tolu iniido by utld city
of Cairo.
Adopted, by tlio fullow.lusj vote, via
Ave. Arter. Il.irclnv. O'Ciillnlinn,
Kitzj;orl(l. Kleb, Lulir, Isonorgnn, MrKee,
Mondel. TlicobuM. Waldsr and Winter
Nnvi llrankle 1.
A motion won tbon inndo to refer tlio
returns to the Select Council for their
action nf l required by tho charter.
.Monthly report of .lc.JJ. Taylor, City
Treasurer, for April, 1870.
Monthly report of II. Shannoy, Police
MnjrWtrolc, for March ntul April, 1870.
.Monthly ronort of 1'. DroM, l'ollco
Mngtitrntc, for March, 1870.
.Monthly report of Jut. Hyim .Street
Suporvltar, for April und May, 1870
wcro preuntcd nnd read, and on motion
received and ordered tiled.
Counelliunn .lorgenton iipienrel and
took hit iciit.
miai.v.uii: coMMum: iti:coi:i.
To llm Hon. M)or Mi.lCtt) ('oui. il.
The Draliiugn Couiinittoe would ri.
pcutfully report tliut the llli street cwer
value It out of order and cannot bo clo.isl.
It I tho ojilninri of jour fvuninlttou that
u larger well houlil bv at onec coiiflruct
ed, Mn to admit tho turiiint;of the valvu
without the we of tho Jong roil to top of
the ltvev, anil hereby ink authority from
the Council to Imvo 'mid work doiiu im
inodlaloly. VHir rumuiitteu would alxi
call the attention of the Council to tho
condition of the 10th trect pump and en
gine. Tho endue room and machinery
need it thorough overhauling. It him been
HigKtel that tliev 1 ollorml fur title, ntul
hmitd thu CounvA deem It ndvUablo at
kiiy time to tell them, a few hundred dol
lar jiullcloiltly expended now would mid
many hunlrdt t" their value. Wo ro
qutt authority to haw tuch work ilnno
m thai) appear tifxn examination to he
iiocevMry to pruwrvo tho work from tho
Injurltw thoy ur now tuUitrln from nt;
luct and uxptxuru until the Council tlmlt
d'klo upon a dUiHHition of the mine,
KMpoctfiillv tiibinittel,
1'. W. IHIHI.AV,
1". TllKOHOUs
.lonKl'H MliA.NKI.K,
Wit. J,oxi;h4ian.
Juno 8, 1670.
On motion tb report wu racviveil ruiI
tho reaeininndntliitii of tba committee
enuourrvd in and atilhurived by the follow
ing vote, vU:
Ayes Arter, Ilarehiy, ilorveuMit, O Cl
lahan, llranklo, J-'lUorNlif I.hr. I,n.
erKau, MuKoc, .Muiidel, Theobold, Wnlder
and Winter 12.
Xsys Kleb and .Mendel 2.
The Druinago Committee, to whoin win
referred tho rwolutlon providing fur tho
removal of certain tewory o pliie, rtiiiort
i-d tho tamo bask, recommending that the
Ootiiieil uuthuri.o tho raid pipu to Iw re
Avod, Jiejiort received anilwork oidr
ed dono.
I'etltlon of II. Awarder eskin iiorml.
tton W creet u building on lota 1, 'J, 3 and
In llkwk 82, in tho i!rt addition. Iifer
rri to CominItto on l'lro Dejmrtment.
I'HlUon of Clayt Hutchinson atking
poruU.U to remove a frame building
from lev 18, jhJ; 2iU,lon )ot Xo 3 Jn
HIkNo.S?,lityof Cairo.
lUftrred Coinmitte on l'lro Depart
moo. 1
" 1'?i1tll0(". tnm raying
?, 7 U6ciUo tubll.Ii tho market
liou,0iniU,rntlocutl0Ili AJi,
A Inter . novel to rf to a Committee of
U,o tob0 M,, nlul by Ul8 chair, upon
called with the following reiuh:
Ayt Artcr, Joriienker Vli... . n
Mojiee, TbeoUld, W.tle
' iriNi'3ri,,,nV I"' 0 VM, ankle
Kleb, Lohr, Unegar, MenUel-7. '
Thoro U-lnu o tio vote, the el
In tho nillnnutlve, ,,d appointed at ,u,.
To.HoiK.rU.M.)WWr4UW)I of lUt-y b(
o aro authorized a. attornyy. for Mr.
Aniui Kedman, whoobuinol uitidLMm
VS.thnCity of Cairo, 1VI.. II, Vfe"
$1075 011(1 $17 80 cost, to say that .ho
will tnkn in pnymont of enld Judgment city
oripnt70 cH. to tho dollar ; and wo ro
."jieclfillly nk tho Council to net iioli the
erv i.esprciiiinv .-'iiiiiiiiu
,f khaki, Mr xx j 1'oi'n,
Alderman Winter moved that n com
mittee of;', bo appointed to confer with tho
petitioner. relative to thnlr cdalui agalnut
tho city and that tho tiuiyir eonttltiito ono
of t.tld commltteo.
Winter and llarclay wero iipiiolnted.
Counellmnn O'Cnllnlinn repreientdil to
the Council, tlmt on tho 22d day of April,
I). 1H70, thoro wa n Jmlgmeiiliditnlned
ngaltut him by tho city buforo .ludgo llnw
for felling liquor without llcenc from tho
lutdayof .liiminry, A. I). 1870, until April
lft. A. 1). 1870, whoroupon Counellmnn
dorgensen moved tlio Council tlmt Ipntmuch
tit ho procured n llcenso itfifi' Mng noti-
fial hi sittiinwn to annear unit nnnerr tn
chitrgr prrjrrral that "aid llm) lmpocii no
Carried by tho following vote, vir.:
Ayc Artor, llarclay, Jorgeiifen,
llranklo, Kits'.gorahl, Lohr, l.oncrgan, Mc-
K'eo, Winter a.
'ays ICIeb, -Mendel, Theobold, "Will
dor I.
Adjourned. .JOHN HUOWX, Clerk.
MfllmeelliiKol ttiu Select Uninsll.
Culro, III., Juno Till, luM.
Called for canvassing thu return of thu
lato election of a member of tho Select
Council from tho city nt largo,
l'rccnt, his Hon. tho Mayor, ami Coun
oilmen Arter, llarclay, Jorgcti'on, O'Cal
lahan I.
"Whereupon tho return of ald election
woru laid before caul Hoard, from mi ox
nmlnntlon whereof it npponrs tlmt In thu
riimr wiuii.
Cmniii'l f . T) Inr rrevlvod IW vote'
II. Vt'iirilner receitnl. I Mile
mnM WAnn,
SiuniiH 8. Tuylo rio'vlreil.,
M vole
:i tote
Til 1 11 1 MARII.
Hniniul S. Tnjlor rrci'ive.l. "1 vote
roi'iirii wxuu.
'.'iimiiii'I H. Taylor icefUeil. . 1:7 vote
"Whoroupon 1. "W. llarclay Introduced
and moved tho adoption of tho following
resolution, viz :
.WiiKitK.vn, Tho votu f.t nt an election
hold on .Monday, tlio iJPtli day or May, A
I). 1870. in tho city of Cnlro. for tho elec
tlon of n member of thu Select Council
from tho Citv at Lnriro. to 1111 vnennev oc
cniioucd by retlunntioii of a mombur
thereof, ahuwa that rjainuel Stnatu Taylor
received tho largest number of votes cast
for tuch Councilman.
Thrrrforr, bt it lUtulrtd, That tho laid
Samuel Slant Taylor be und is hereby tic
elnrod duly elected to rciireaent tho City
at Large, us a member of thu Select Conn
rimulmouiOv adopted.
1'. W. MA KOLA Y,
, Clerk pro tern.
llteh'iitnr.McctlnKor the llonnl of Aldermen
Culro, III., Juno 7, IkTO.
l're'cnt Aldermen I'it.gornld, Klub,
I.ohr, l.oucrgali, McKee, Meudul, Theo
bold, Waldcr nnd Winter '..
A report from tho Street Committee, in
relation to thoatrcctn, etc., nnd containing
varlnin recommendation', w.u read, and,
on motion, reccivod mid thu recommenda
tions concurred In.
Tho Commltteo on Claims, to whom wns
referred tho following bills, report the
same back, recommending that they bo al
lowed, vIjs:
Hill of Culro City Bt tVinipiiiv Inreis In
un i t Uihi, in fall lo April I, IToS.'VI U
" euro (Us toiniviiiv for i;-- in i-lreil
I imps, in full lo May I. U.o -J.V1 to
" Wm iuliin, UUiru'i j.Ifwulk TIM
" Tliainii .N.itliiblon, " T t7
" Jlieliiicl Muliuni.y. I.ilnir on flri'i in "I to
" Tlioiii:4 .Mi i'liHii, liaiilinK for elly... Vi
" I' Smi'iii, Imiilinic enrioii 1
' lll-nnlh. linil- loreily p.i'iiII(... W HI
" Win M i..i.I-(.ii. miiulrii .-
11 KVliuililJiliiiiferMclUlo i ii
Thu Commltteo on Claims reported the
following bill back, recommending
that thoy bo referred to the rtupcetlvo pnr-
tlv for mora proper ituthontlc.itlou, viz :
Hill of John cimwr. forlrMim. on. cte..
fur Jiiifor ami Clerk i
" Jtwe i)Hn, fur Mipemiti'iitliiiv
kiriHtl work
" finl Uiiorm iiieler Itynn
Joint Kroliler, foroiniik' n i'..
' I'. (uwni), liaiilmc fur elly
" John Mi Vulty, fur liHtiliiiKiltuiik-
in IlltllTlo jail
" 1. M'Uiuuhlili.rurli.iiiliiiuiiriiuk.
S 3il
S.i im
tl 7
2 '. (.1
i l)
I 10
i a linn tojuil im
M -ilierluirK. for biiulliiv, ruhiiK
ie., for TroHsarer and Coni
I rol i cr .....mm ............ mm. .... .... 17 II
WheriHixii) on motion thu bill, of ttreet
laWors under Kyaii n fctreot tuiervlor,
auiouiiting to $.TJ H7, nnd Jno. Jicoliler,
for onlng enfo, nmouiitlng to ?25 00,
were ordered paid by a unanimous vote.
Aldi.-man I'lt-gerald then moved that
the bill of .Inmos Kyiin, amounting to $20,
1h paid. Cnirled, by thu following vote:
Axon l'lujfcriild, Kbdi MeUoo, Men
del, Theobold, Winter, AValder 7.
Nays l.ohr, luergau 2.
Ily FltzKornhl .Motion to allow the
bill of .M. Sllvcrberg for binding, etc., for
city amounting to $17 oil. Carried, by tho
following vole i
Ayes l'iUgornld, Klob, I.ohr, Loner
gan, McKee, .Mendel, Theobold, Walder
Nays Winter 1.
Tho bill of John Clancy wni then or
dered paid by thu following votu:
Ayes I.oncrgan, McKee, MendelI'lico
bold, Walder, "Wlnter-7.
"ny Kleb, I.ohr 'J.
A motion was then mado to allow tho
bills of
I', Sweeney , 81 (
John MeMiliy 1 on
! .McUu.hlin 1 im
Carried by tho following vote, viz :
Aye Fitzgerald, Klub, I.oncrgan. Mc
Kee, Mendel, A'hv'obold, AValder nnd Win
ter 8.
Xay I.ohr 1,
Tlio commltteo on claims lo whom was
referred thu cost bill in tlio iiiaiidnmus
case of Fox Howard & Co., beg leave to
rcpqrt at follows :
Tu tlie llun. 1 1 id Mayor, Uouimtl agl Abler nieu I
(ItntltmrHt S'our relator resoectfull v
reports : That being of tho imprexlon that
nil tho liabilities of tho city in thu case of
Fox Howard A: Co. worn included In thn
bull Is delivered, after diligent Inquiry I am
formed bv tho lato ox-Mnyor, Mr.
(Ilierly, that ho 'In fully cognizant of tho
fact tllnt In tho ndjiidleuiion between tlio
ell v mill Kox Howard As Co., thu latter
received the bonds of thu city In full nnll-
fiictum of nil claims ntul Mnullltlo nrising
OUt of , thu C.'HU.
Mr. Oberlv ulao nvera Hint thoro va li
bond or article to tlmt olTcct enterod into
by the parties, which bond however I Imvo
not been nblo to llnd. Mr. . Oborly has
kindly written to and propoos to seu 1'ox
Howard and Co. In thueoursoof thUwcok,
nnd gives it M hl opinion thnt it ia nn
over.siglil on tueir part, niui iiiih mey win
at once correct it.
Your relnto' would resprctiuiiy recom
mend, that this claim bo placed Into tho
linntls oi tne uitv Attorney who iio-iriic-tloin,
conjointly with Mr.Obcrly,lolnve
tigato the mnttur nnd repoit to thu Coun
cil. I). AKTBIl, Ch'm of Coin.
I.KO K I.Kit,
lb-port received and rccomuieiidatlon
concurred In.
l'ho follow ing bills wore then presontcd
for fnlnrle.', laborperformcd, and mnterlal
furiiMied tho citv by ngreement ntul per
contract, vl.t
lllll of .Ino llronn, lor .il.uy Clly Cl,k...J.,oo ej
llfliAnnem), fr al.ry nail me of
i.ltloo r.ir holillDit election, etc & (
Thoina Wilson, us Jlnjor, In full
June lt, IS70 . I-"7 I
" Win .Mell!e,illetinm'rlfOiifrilii.
rlnu April..... - 213 .1
Win Mellnle.illetlnK jrlfuners ilu-
ring Mot 171 W
" Wni M W'llliannforcily lumkr. I'M ii
" JoHT.i)lor.Uiry City Tre-s.to
Mayl.tJuTU . I'OW
I... ll Tmlnr. .!nrv n I M v Trr.u. to
June lc7) V": 'S "!
I llimlirick. a-'iiry us City Msr-lml WW
Jno lllil.in I, Mitury n Cn Mrolter
nn, I t.inr lii full lo June 1. 1S70.
K llroi., 1'. M.. taUrt in full to June
ii. ts;n.. .......... .....t ....... ..
C UCIntk.rentfureity orilces.lnfull
to Msv 1st. 1-Tl
Wm.Melliile, Imiiij tharr.e chain
l.'o in
an W
ennei urlnif Jijr..
to w
Wni Mrllnie, luiv
, luiViDehnrKe chain.
KniiK uiij ni? jisy ....
" '1 lmmn Nsuiliton, lret Ubor Uu
ritiK May .....
" M Jinliony, street lbr ilurine May
lieoW Hrn.trlcW. making table for
City (HerkV iUicc.
Jno Woo.l.Juix" of Klocllon
11 Will I.ntleratMI. for mc
' W V Alley, for lemie..
" WnlterMeKee, Clerk of Klecllmu
HBfralKin, "
A i:nhlMcli, JUi'go cl
H ll llnr. " "
r ;
11 III
19 lil
1J I'J
s on
& (O
so ()
I.J llvrne. "
30 (J
" JAines (Julnn, Clerk of "
" Jim l.liiecar, " ".
i' Wll Ciley, Jll'lceof ',
" lien Tiivlor. ",
" II in C MeWrnsIr, Clerk ol "
' W I'lliirk. " "
A 1I
14 1I
14 00
A Oi
1 1
On motion thu several bills wero allowed
by tho following voto, viz:
A ves Fitzgerald, Klub, I.ohr, Loner
gnu, MoKeo, Mcndul, Theobold, "Wtilder
and "Wlntor 0.
Tho bills for snlnrles of Polico olllcers In
full to duno 1st, 1870, amounting in tho
aggregate, to$l,0ll 11, as follows:
II fl u-iiiiiii. I'lifi.f. frotn Anrll lit 10
.limn I.I SIM Ml
A (Mu, I'.illco i-uiitulilu lii full to Junss Ut... 't t
M KI'omcm." " " " "
Jimhlieihmi" " " " "... 1WM")
llinryl-loiii, " "
Jno(ihlll. ...113 60
i:yhuanei'V. " " " " "...115 00
Whereupon n motion was mndoto nllow
tho several bills, except the bills of Cahlll
und .Sluinnesy.
Carried by the following voto:
Ayes Fitzgerald, Kleb, I.ohr, Loner
gan, MoKeo, Mendel, Theobold, "Wnlder
und Winter U.
Nnvs none.
Aldurmnn MeKeo then moved that
Mesrn. Cahlll nnd Slinnnessy lie pnld for
their serviced ns l'ollco Constables up to
tho lt day of Mny 1870.
Carried by the following voto.
Ayes Fitzgernld, Kleb, Iihr, MoKec,
Mcndul, Thoobohl, Wnlder nnd Winter 8.
Nays Lonergan 1.
Alderman Winter then moved thnt thu
hnlnnco to Juno 1st bo paid. Lost.
Thu voto upon the mot'oti being us fol
lows :
A ves Fitzgerald, Theolmld, Wnlder
and 'Winter I.
Nav Kleb, Lohr, Lonergan, MoKeo
and .Sieiidcl 5.
lllll of M. Silvcrberg for binding lux
nill of Cairo City (las Co., lor gas con
sumed in street lamps, from .May lit tu
Jnuo lt IH70.
Kcferred to the Committee on Claims
under thu rule.
Kill of .Inn. II. Oborly ii Co., referred
to l'rlnting Committee.
Olllil.VAM'K VI)." TU Kilt nifsf ItKAIUNU.
An ordinance in relation to licensing
and taxing Insurance companies. An or
dinance in relation to building brick side
walks and an ordinance in relation to
licensing billiard tables, etc., wurosuvcrally
presented and laid over for a second rend
ing, under tho rule. Also uu ordinance, in
relation to tho police force, upon Its Hrt
rending, was, on motion, laid upon tho
Ky Alderman Winter:
JUxolvtil, That all sections nf tho city
ordinances In regard to Firo Wardens that
havo been repealed Ihi rriW'ifnnnd bo In
force from this dale.
Keferred to tho Conimitteo on Firo De
partments with instructions to report what
portion1 of tho ordinances lire not now In
force, nnd whnt are, in regard to Firo
Wardens of this city.
frWrW, That tho Street Supervisor
shall work a gang of men on thu ttreets
only under tlio direction of tlio Comtulttoo
on Streets and shall report nil work done
by him at the City Council, in Joint
Adjourned. .1NO. KKOWN, Clerk.
"QN Till: MOVK."
Confection Merchant
Has Iteniou'd to UU Old Stand
i 34 ommGrcial Avenue
Where Im solicits a continuance of p.itronitK Of
lil former customers, a well " hl of n ninny
lien oiiet ns may unit prime urd-eries, pruvlsloas,
i Co., remurkalily lu uj fur cash,
Terinai Hrlrlly riwli, for whirli ho will wll
lower lliini lliu losii'si j -7l f
riiifi: m:sv ami siiki:nt
JL uK.m:iv or Tin: aji:.
Cotilnliis tin Uuliilne or Arsrnle,
I lint Uiiplensiiuil to the Tualnt
Chllilrrii still tnkc It wMliont litslln.
Tlie public nn.l mnny eminent physician", nner
n l.ilr trint, tiroiioiun'o it thu
Best Medicine Known
For the pep.ly and
Chill nl Ffrer nre e.iu.e.1 from mtmn
poison eAistlrut In the ntmnsphrro knovn.ns
inalnris. ll rivlllccs the vllntity of thn blJul
rttftnU the notion of the ititirrtnt ortinns, sml
rtuses llilHoiinp, Co"tiptllon. ete., ami in
this ay prepares the -slcni for any illsensv of n
more serious nature which may follow. Tu ntnhl
fiirlhrr troiible, .inl relirie joursdf of tni
ulef, uke
It smnulats the orvscs in i riprm ineir ilulrrFni
functions, and cl us nn nil.ioi.to tne lii-oii
vinicn causes iho Keier are! Aue, ntul thereby
restores the system to heallhan I lonei an.) a cihhI
tonic such as
Will Kite strength anilappatitt, (till ilestioy that
feeling of aearine that rtlncs so tmiwiou.ly to
any on- when ffOerlnn from this Jis sr. it is
highly rtcommjJl for lh earn of DisKpsln.
An i for ecurts.coMs, bronelutis nn.l consamn.
lion. It is not 10 las surpass.). AS A TONIC
llKVKKAdKltit nue.j'iallisl, ; l Is a sure pre
senliie sjdI Chills iuJ ir if Uktn regu
larly. lr. JF. II. Emlors, la
tlnvali, Ky.
For Salrty I1AKCUT IIUCH.. Ohio I.lvoe.
rillli: .ltK.lTrST WORK
A Hook Iiivlualile tn(iroeerKeeiers
Hvrry proilun. ilralor, rvery il.ilrnnn, i'ery
farmer, every iimnufwliirer, vri)lioly, Vuii
t'nnnot ntlunl In Iwwlllioiit It,
Xt OoutaiiiM
The surest nn I only eertnln ini'tlio.l tu keep rmi
frvsli ami eel for nt least ono year. The rwl
Is h'ss than ha'f M i nt per iloxrii, an.l hy this
imiho.l eKi's lioiiKht nt eliilit hii-I ten ills it lion,
en ilurilirf tliKsiiiniiier, inn Im Ki ptnn l sol. I hi the
ulnterfor from tinny lo tidy tent. W'lini onc e
This .Metliod Will Take tlie 1'Iuce or
All OtlteiH
Hrnlli'll ll.nxMrni'o of nue, ail'l uhlMiotlrreil
formtoltoaiinol do toM either ty iipxiiriK' or
piiility I rem a Iresh I ihl rn,
Xt Ooutalna
The lit n-eelpt eter puhllsheil for renderlnu mir
niul iuncl l bailer peiluvlly ameet, Hint Also how to
Kim n uniform mel lutunil color lo m Into mnl
treiile. hiilti r, niul thu lies! iiiiuiner of lillxni
n. rerii klnK tinier lor market.
TlicM'Tno ItcceliilH Alime lire Worth
llHinlretU of DiiIIiii s.
IT TKI.I.sl Tlioeheiijiesl nn.l lies) iiiii.i-s of
liiaiiilf.utiirinK rni-liinu ioiiikiiiihI. IIom to
in iko hanl and anil sojp, Inks, ran lie., uinls,
rillllislies,t'eiiielits, mi'l UikiHK pou tiers.
I I'TKI.IN llon tiielnrify liortey so lis to .ill
for nearly licu ihovummoueori.
IT T:i.l. Tho htlest ami best lito.lt- (if suit
inj( mnl t-iiruiit hams uinl .11 kirnla of iiiimI,
IT Ti:i.l.l How tu ilyoclothra nf ull slin ks
iuiiI In fist colors.
IT JIVI.M VahmliloreeelptaforriirlnK hums,
.ores, enl, lelons, trust lutes, onni'er, ear iK'he,
looth ai'lie, nn Morm, with hiitelreils of other
new nml iiiluuUe imllio.ls, with full ilirrctlonn,
o that mi) onv e.iu use Ihem,
IT TKI.LS How IoUIik fruit atmns.inkalaiiis
Iron rust slums nnl punt sl.uus from ulglhes mi'l
kllU dresses.
IT Tl'. I.I.N HoH'lorniinteruil fmst upon tret a
A t.il liable tti-tipl.
IT Ti:iil.H How tu tun Film, eilher llh or
without llm hair orwiiol on, mnl now to iiiiit.ite
Ihoseof superior Hr.elos,
IT TKI.I.S llowtnmiikellieeurllmtllulil for
mtkiiiit llm Imir kiow in U'liutifiil ilouiii iins
IT TKI.I.S llo to fee.l hens so ns to linilio
them lay oil Ihu isir romel.
IT JIVIM Ou r tlie hiiinlre.1 run-nn.l mlun.
Mn recipes, ulol a eouipleto KUlile lo the liiioiil
fclllreof luiinlreilsof useliil mi'l siilenliliinrlleles
InclinluiK I'utent .Moln'lues, rerfuiuery, Tmlei
anil Iirut.it Atlivle, nml tunny othern euslly imule,
attrltlinucost, nml .elllnis rewlily nt lurK plotils,
wild iii.my tiLiniifii'turera' se ri n, Av.
It la Vnlmtlilr to livery One - lie Sine
niidflrt II.
IftTrienl by inail.frepof postnRe, forOXII I)OI.
I, A It. for eiiln by Willlnni 11. Ilisliop.ril. Louis,
lo., Agcnlsfor tliepublishera.
iu:ai,i:u in
4SU. .,...,
OAlroi Illtuol.
STo. 60 O hio Levee,
' X(U- i:.YllllltH (ItC
Largest i Best Selected Stock
037" SUMMER.
lii Ilic Clli, nnd nlli'i's Indiicciiienl-i ulilcli no oilier Ikmim' enn oiler. Sk cIiiI
liuliitTiiients in
myi ir cv m.r
Drape do France, Drape dc Lyon,
G-ros Grains.
Also a Ii'immI AsinrtitiPiit of
Co3cift!k,s anil SlU VopSins
JSeaver ISraiul l'ure lllack ifloliair,
Superior Tur Summer lVcar In nny other In Hie Market.
A tu'u liiiinrtatlin,t'lt'lnili'il l'r Ittsiipvi'lor iimlliy anil floxa
Novelties in Summer Dress Goods
(.'niislstlnir of (.'reiiiulliiex, Limits .laonnetx. rerenlcs, .In pun cue I'tipllns. ttf.
White and Buff' Piques
In tin: iii!Mt.Ht aii lluitn.
White Goods! White Goods!
Fiiiibrnt'in'i tlu4 most approved nmlcH oi' Kain
soolcH. C 'ambrii's, Mlulls, Tai-l.'itans, India Twills,
et c., and a romploU' stot'lc of
Hosiery, (i loves. Notions. Kmbroiilork's, Luces, Hil)
lions, Triiniiiiiigs, etc.
; Carpets! Carpets!!
, The Lnl est Designs in IJnis.sel.s, Ingrains, etc.,
If yon lli to i 'tie moiH'y lni) jour KitmlHiit .'iiiinliir;liniii,'.
"I'alr Dciilinu mill l.(M- I'tUih" i III inotlo. lit) lieop. Ilia
InriM'-t kiit;k of kliinli trotul. hi Ihi't'lli ami kcIIh IIiimii at tlsnruo
flint cannot lie iiin(erulil. A No
I!oolatiil Sluifs, I'ui'iiNliliii'fa'iMMl, elf.
J3i:ti:k ;i ui,,
Millers' Agent,
ord.r. K"";l.
tsiitl.mrtarll)' I llleil.
T i "mTil.;::""" " i , i 7
.. Ii. Milhuss. I .i l l.
IVlATIfl'S. .V I'HI.,
. . Mi ..
(ii:.i:it.i, iMtoiirn:
Commission Merchants
l:ir Ohio T.evee,t'A!ItO, ILLINOIS.
Cl-eei.ilntteiilir iilvi 'i the pur 'ia-' nn i ' -f
Jtl IT.ItS 'I'll
l.ee('"i'ii' N'.l'i.n.il II hi , I -n. HI win. I 111,
Inxnn, 111'' ll V Nil onal Hunk, i':iim, 1 1 1 lit- .
Mnlliews, IMurs A Iki., Coiiiuilssioii Men IijiiU.
CliieoKo, III.) ILslilw hi i hUtim, tutu. Mi r l.am
(.'Iih nun. III,, li-iw, Moral! A Oi., l'hj JX'' I'1
imiMisill tlL'l'LISTS AMI OITK IAXS.
jTj.isn am co.iiroitT.
Tin: ni.r.ssi.M.sori'wti'M'i'Mdii
There ia lK'thhi so lain .l.o n- IVrfe. t rtik-ht,
mi l l' ifei i" -'i ii n i' i b "i "i I hy n-iin?
I'KIIFKl T fl'MTM l.i;-' Themthi ulty ori'ro.
furlng which is well known.
.Me.si'.i. FiAZ.iTiTs - .M0KUIS,
iiaki roito, o.v
Manilf U'turera nf Ihu Oleurntnl
Perfected Spectacles!
avinjr, nfieryenr. of r,t rneiiee, Kapernr. 'lit,
nml the creotlon of i '.jlyiinu;liMii i , lieeu mil.,
ed tu proiluuoth.il (iniudiaiilratiim,
SPorfoot Bpootnolorj,
Winch h.u belli icJ iiiliiiuliui'ti I sritisf.Kilon
to the weurt'ia in iliuililla It', lihnilii Nhili'l, I'iui-IH-L'ticut,
f.c Hampshire, eimonl, Mmne.Neiv
York, .New Jersey, ri iiusihuum. Oliio, ln Iilnn,
W'lMOiisin, Illinois, MiliiU'soiii, Kan-is, Missomi,
lowii, mul nil tho llnti'll I'rovlnees, .luring I ho
imsl sixteen years. Those ei lebnitfil IVlbrli .1
.Spectacle. ,
3STovor Tivo tlio 35yo
Amllnsl many years without chanco, Mesira,
l.uiarus A Morris hao uppolnteil
Taber Brothers
Pcnlera In nil klmla of
Ainorlvaii ami 1'melKii Watches,
Kina Jewelry. JlianioinN, fnlhl Niher, plitnl
Ware; also Manului'tiircrH orji wi liy mnl Inn
iiioml Ht'tUpK'.
3STo. 80 Ohio Ijovoo
Hole Ai-'enta for llila Jihioe, froin wliniii onlv enn
tiny bo obtnlneil. NO I'KlilU.UIW II.MI'l.nVi;!).
Mnnuf ielurin Opileinos, lliulloul, Conn,
niiiriuly .
a 'oiiiilt'lt; itortiiii'nt ol'llat.
Q.IIKK.V A; ai.lti:iCT,
AiTonxi:v.s AMI (,ol,.vci:i.i.oks AT
Wllllnut II. tJreen, )
millHiu It. tJllberl, '. f'.tlHO, ll.l-
Mil '. .lllirl. J
Kl-elfll attenllon tflten In A.lmir.llv .n.l Mt.i,.
I t ' I 'Isiuesi
Olllre mi Olilo l.r vee. Itnnm.7 mul II
imr lly llonn IUul.
I Olllei) lii llross Srw lliillillim, rornrr
llli Mr.iuiil ri.iiiiiierilHl Ar..
! tV.J.AIIrn. I
I II. W'alimi W.I, I., J CAIKO, II.K
I.. I. duller,
i.ovi:k v so.v,
Ciiiiiiik m IiiI are,, rur. or IHIIi.lreel.
Mr.uf lures ailrij ,iri nil k i; I of
Guns, Locks, Keys, Etc
I'ti'Wnrl. Hariante.l nn I rharce. re.'isniiibln
nouft cnocraoir.
Anil Ajjenla nf
Wo. 70 OZXIO Xj 33 XT 33 323
q w. Cain:i:.,
ISui ssor to I'bIIIx, Crosn A l.'o. J
.Anil Ceneul.,
Commission Merchant
I. Ayer.
K. J. A) en.
,4 YEKS .V CO.,
.All. I flenernl.,
Commission Merchants
i ml in
II. II 1 1. iiilc...
Niitni) I'uMie nn. I 1'
Notary I'iiIiIiu.
ahml-ih M5,r,to..-ni or
xoktii a.iii:kica, ia .
Aels i,TM,r0 uu
AM t. 2,51 l.lilO 7'-'
lHr..M., IIAKTl'OIII),
Asset l.tlM.I l.n si
i.ti:h.vatioa: . v.,
ANMftK i,:t.":;,:tos i?
im: r.v.ni, ii a KTioirn.
A Yicl 70(1,0117 7
c!I.i:vi:mi, 'm:vi:i.ami
Amt'tM 5l",ti7:i S
iiomi:. toi.i'.iiiir.M,
AM'l -I!
a.tii:icica. ci:.tiiaim mo.
AhhHm 50O.OUO 0(1
:o... .tii'TiMK mm:,
AmvIo :t,(iou,otio oo
ItAVKI.KirS, If AKTI'41111),
i.iri: a: ac'iii:.t,
AMNt't. I,.'00,MIO tHI
KAII.U'AV iAssi:.vn.ics AS.
NI'UA.Vt'i: to., II HIT..
Amhvu .-no.ooo oo
i xi) i:ii:. iu:t. iiosto.v,
Safford, Morris & Candee,
71 OHIO liKVIOi:
t .ly .V.libnal lUt.k,
Cnlfo, 111.
' J. M. Ite..r.ln. K I mn II
J S. lti:tHI)K A' 0., Al
' ' FIRE, mm life
WIiiIoi-'m Itlock.t'orncr t ill
Mrt'cl ami Comim-rclitl
A sen tie,
C.lillO, l M.I.I, YOiS.
We represent I'.e f. '. wirrf lel r wc.l )
Ktl'l fnllnll . I'- ' 'XllpMIIW.
MKIUIIIAVS In.. Co.. or t.'lilnnriii
CAl'ITAl. AMI hllll'l.l x. ,H o.l
SKC'UUITV In., t'o., nr.Veir Yorlj
CAI'ITU. ASH i-UII'l.t'i Di.lll7,fll M
(:o.mmi:k('iai, iik. ci., or ciiiia--n:
capitai. ami M'ltl'i.t'H tt:in.,ur,i. in
i.Mi:ri:xin:NT in.. v or Huston ;
CAITIAI. AMI hi lll'I.US , sjuao.hO J no
KANOAMO lni. (' r S.rliiL-lloil5
HAI'ITAI. AM rl KI'l.l'S tl'4:i.1,li:l7
AL'KOKA Ins. Co., or Aurora, III. ;
fAI'IT.M. AMI l-llll-l.t'is. ...aJU,77T '.'ll
STATU l ire In. Co., or Clinelaml, 0.
CAPITAL AMI hl'Uri.t'H......8JUO,ll7 IH
LAMA It lux. Co., or Cliicnpi.
t'.M'ITAI. AMI Kritl,U,i..l,llitl,ilt)0 on
'rfllMelhiis nml eontents, Mefrhnn.llse
r-liK lis, M.iuufii p ries uh.l liiehluery, Jill i
art!'it mi'l Krevhl I. sis insure. I tin the nn 't
eisuii.ilj terms, in Ihv nboteiii.tntMl uiiui4mi s
j. s. m:Aiiir..v tV vo AKt.
jpiui: ami mauim:
IViii jfin,ii, IV. Y. :
AfsNllTN l,i:i(,','4IO VII
Grcrmmiifi TV. Y. ;
AMMITN l,OUH,'4l 1
Ilanovor, IV. Y, ;
AMHiri-N S7UI1,7I1'4
Itojiublic, IV. Y. ;
AKNiri'H JH.Dli.l II
iiiuirlkiii lliu I'liilerurlttraM V
YonlcerH, IN. Y. 5
Albany City;
lirom'n'is Fund,S.F
ANSlrTN 8ll7H,OUl
Security, IV. Y. ; Mari
ANHKTJt 8I,I3'4 X .
HSIorra, Helllns, rurnltiire, M ll
CurKoeri inslireil lit laten us f.llolttl.li u
permiiuent twurlty Mill wiirrant.
I respeelfully nl of tho cltlieua j
vhare of their pnlroiiiiKo.
V. ft. HUGIIKai,
OIUcv ut Kirs I National ,llu
H. II. Morilh.

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