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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, June 10, 1870, Image 4

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The Cairo Bialletin, Jxme 10.
gu a! let i.
-''""" -'
Tiik rurefnmo building, lutely "ecu-p.-Uy
Scott Wlille ft' 'r.v VHU' fU,rr
l tn tlio move.
Vi.mit.iTeJ link i entirely new styles
tlio most coinforliiMo nn.1 ilellglitful lint
ever orn, fit .Ino. Antrim-. tr.
.Mr. II. s'lUmiKM- lm lee.li selected ns
n-ignei of .Messrs. Walker it Klason, mid
tlio cirecU -of Unit linn nro now In hi
Imiuk Hu glvoj notice, elsewhere, of n
tlwlrc ty.mi.Vc un txirly settlement. Parties
inU'rr ilf will Jlf n- tnkft notion.
A now Hij'ply of I'nlf Hoot iinil (iiitlcra
Itt.t ri.,H.vtHl nt I'. Nell's, No. 5J Ohio
Mr. AJJ. T. .Smith, yenrs ngo of. tho
mercantile firm of Artcr nml Smith, of
thin city, wm In town Inst night, linvlng
srri'ved liy tlio Piuluenlt purkvt. Ho win
warmly welcomed by hU "friends of other
Tun hiriji) building on Washington
nvonue, lntelvued by tho .Sisters of the
Huly Cross for hospital purpcos nrnl
owned lv Mr. .1. O. J.yncli, is King rnlsctl
nml leveled "on i tnnireiit with tlio semi-
tliuinotcr of thn arlli." -Mr. James .Sum
c rwoll hn tlio work in charge.
Comk ami Sr.K .Mi:. If you want bar
gums In clothing ntid furnishing goods,
corner of Sixth street nml Ohio Levou is
thu best place to buv them.
A I'l'i.AKKt county Individual by the
name of .Scott put In his tlmont tho thea
ter, last night, addressing Insulting lan
guage to a rcspcctnblu female present, and
as a penalty for his disreputable conduct
lie Is now curving out n llftccn lay' term
of Imprisonment In the calaboose.
Hi: sure to read the udvertlsement
(Ireatest Work or tho Age," in .this
paper. iiiiiylWiliii
Tlio com mill of .Messrs. ilackio it near
ly ready to go Into operation, its capaci
ty will be ono hundred barrels of corn
mcul per day. At It it tuch establish
ment in this thnt must give vitality to our
city, wo ahull nvnll ourselves of nil early
nmrartunltv to give it u moru extended
t!o to IVtor Nell't if you want n stylish
.Summer hat, clothing to suit the sunson, or
anything in tlio lino of gent furnishing
goods, fully ten per cent, cheaper than the
saino articles were ever ollercil in this
market. tf
Tn tun was it moderately good turnout
lut night on the occuslon of young (illhol
fer't benefit, nnd tho performance gave
genernl atisfiiotion. A agent wero sell
ing ticket throughout the city during tho
day, It is probable that tho Iwnollt was
moru siilfetiiultiil than their.eof tho crowd
picsunt indicated.
t.KDI.ll. xiii i:n.
Yesterday morning throo cows wero ly
ing in tho ipmg-mira beyond tho MUsIs
slppl levee, nimble to extricate themselves.
During the day one of them wto taken
out or tiicctwlml In getting out, but Into
Inl evening two of them wuro tlll ttlek
Ing thero, having abandoned nil ctlbrts to
rclcuto them-elvet. It Is raid that they
inirwl on Tiitssday last. If tho owners
don't look after them mhiii they will die of
thirst and starvation.
Y-uth' boyt' and ChildrcnV clothes, n
b than New York price, will bo ioM
this wifk, at 1'. NuII'h, nnjardlei-s of cost.
Tho following jiamgnnih Is taken from
a dilnplduteU copy of the I'nlro Tlmm ami
IxUa, datod My 11, lSSoi
Wo frequently receive letters from a
tl.ttancr, containing Impiirlot as to the
population of Cairo, ami to answer all nt
oiuo wo tto that tho iirosuut eruiaueiit
"iulatioii of Cairo is hetwvuii Ilftesin mid
s.xtoo.1 hundred. Tho number of ".oulh-1
in Cairo, including tho ''limiting Mjpula
tin, will average about two tliouMind."
At thu jiruseiit tiiuo, with tvvvral lanwl
nJof ourlaborrsontlio river, at work on
NAithorn railroad and on thu farms of
tun fcurroiimliug country, our population
d not ex foul ten tlioutand.
I.iwk to Youn Jntkuut, mid buy
jwur oluthing frpm Wuldor, corner nth
Mrvui and l.tsvuu. tf
Tht cltn raeter of thu wuthr during the
part fw days has, no doubt, prepared our
r talon (or tho minounoninont wo are
Wt to tftnko, which is nothing less than
tlmtifc rfty of Mutrooll and vicinity
wcr vUiud, yoiteriUy nfternocui, by it
bvcib tH lUriu. A passenger of' thu
Millroy iutorutbd u that thu dw;k of tho
bout wm tiTt,d vith "hail-.tono.,- met
of tlwn ai Urg, u bwk-.hot. Tho ttor.u
laslod fiv gt six toinutw, and was nt
tendud: by a W((
learn bow id u ,,. ,
visited, buure iao,, to thlnk ,ila't lt
confined ht u ,0CttU )f
irooij. 4 lie iui wu u, tu,,,,,,
quarter of an hour afur tbe termination of
tho storm, the WU,to, M
Kavocreu .ro.u uio o uT xh, Ut, U- tho
lint. full.
We nlaeo this vl,It.iii,,r .... ... .
...nil urnm1..r..l I . "
..W..UV..U1, iihu normal i
venerublo persouago, "Jho oldt lulubi.
l.nll' I, c.vir I.. I.. .1 .
If mother would glvoMrt. Whileoml.
Syrup to their children wh(,u .M, myrUl
liy woum i.o iys wong tiitm. it cott
only 20 cents. JtClwlw
tiik wi.sn
Al'W.1,1- tin. ImllLtrlnl ,wl,,1.1t.t.l,w.lil. ,,r
tho country, .Messrs. llmnMcton, Collier,
A: Oo.'s .Marino AVnys, lit .Mound City, j
maintain iiud decrvo thu greatest promt-
nence. They nro acknowledged to be the
bet ntid most capacious way wot of tlio
llogheny mountaitis, presenting nbuii-
limco of room and power for taking from
tho water tuch monster steamers ns tho
Tlio!iiwop Dean ntid Urcat Republic. Tlio
last named boat at ono tlino occupied
them, as did tho ltob't K. l.eo and other
largo steamers, every ono of which wero
taken out, repaired, and then replaced in
tho water with signal and unvarying sue-
I The average nninbor of hands employed
in-and nbout tho wnys ntid shipyard, will
Scarcely fall under ono hundred and thirty.
Tho pay roll amounts to live or tlx hundred
dollars per dnv, or ono hundred nml llfty
thousand per iiuutim, I ho timber mcd,
which Is of tho very bet character, Is
brought, In part, down Cacho river and lu
part down tho Ohio. Tho sawmill con
nected with tho ship-yard Is ono of the
largest and cotnpletest In tho AVcst, having
n capacity of r.0,000 to 10,000 foot per day,
anil cutting logs seventy feet In length.
At thi tliiin tho ways nro occupied by
tho United States snag boat ,1. ,1. Abort,
and a bargo in course of constructl on,
which, when finished, will bo tho largest
barge that ever floated on tho "Western
water. Its length It 210 feel, width 10
feet, depth of hold 0 feet.
Thero It nt nil seasons of tho year nn
nbundntico of wntor lionco to .Mound City
Tho ways thero nro tho only wnyt In tho
West, in fact, that can nlwayt he reached
by tho largo steamers that nnvlgato tho
Uswer waters: of tho .Mississippi.
Tho work It all ilono under tho direct
personal supervision of Captain "W. L.
Ilainblcton, one of tho proprietors, and n
gentleman who hns devoted
his life-tlmo to bo.U-bulldlng,
nnd who. therefore. Iinows every
thing that Is worth knowing In that con
nection. Furthermore, hols nn upright
and obliging business man, who gives tho
fullest satisfaction to his patrons, nml in n
thousand wavt shows that, in superintend
out of thn Mound City .Marino Ways and
shlp.vard, ho Is tho '-right mnii" right
wlieru ho ought to bo.
Tin: Council proceedings, for which wo
find plaeo to-day, crowd out thu usual
fascinating variety of our editorial page.
a s(Ti:.NiuaHii.xii:u.
Tho Craig .Mlcroicopo adapted to popu
lar mid scientific ue. Head tho advertise
ment. Trice, $2 7f.. m27d:iiii.
Tho sales of tobacco, yesterday and to
day, by lliu l'lanters' Tobacco warehousu
companv, nro of tlieiiiselvosulUcleiit to es-
tablish tho reputation of thu Cairo market
as iitiionir tho best of tho country. Tho
great bull; of tho tobacco was of low grado
mid Illinois growth. Thero wero buyer
prooiit from St. I.otils, Chicago, Detroit,
rndueah and otlior point, nil whom, de
siring to buy largely, paid erury cent the
ntrerliigs wero worth. Tho planters
protontVcru well tatlsllod mid niexpre-sed
thcunelvus. Tho sales for the two day,
ui) to '.' o'clock thl afternoon comprUcd
ll I hogsheads. 1 hhd sold at ." HO; 1 nt
S:in OOi 1 at !?-'! 00 : IS at from 10 2." to
flil &0;l.')2atfrom$S 50 to $11 lo and 111
nt from $'! 00 to $8 10.
When wo loft thu warolioiisuiit 'J o'clock
to-dav tho salo wu in iirogross. with about
HO hogshead to oiler, and n full board of
buyer present. Tlio whole lot was no
doubt clotcd out, making tho milois of tho
two days aggregato .TJ I hhd.
Taiikii IIi:otiii:iw hnvo Jut reoelvcd
illrwt from tho maiiiifiiclory, it beautiful
nsrortiiK'iit of tho most recent Mylos of
iler platM ware. Call mid oo It. tf
A iiii.ukh!) festival was hold In the hall
over I'hillU' ktoro, last night, that called
out quite n number of tho colored popula
tion. A gang of rutuauly follows, hellov-
cl to bodcek-hauds from sumo sluamboat,
Hung chunks of coal through
tho windows of tho hall, but fortunately
cominittbd no serious damage. Diligent
search was Hindu for thu assailants, but
they mado good thulr escape.
ItiitUnnlv oomlutt of this character can
not bo too severely reprobated.
(Jurat Kxcjtkmknt, (Jrcat slaughter
of High Trices at Antrim's, 70 Ohio l.uveo,
wiioreyou cannot only nmi tlio inoti nisn
ioiiublu and seasonable ttock of clothing in
the citv. but tho lari:o.t and best variety
of Straw, Leghorn. Tanatna, Culmcroitml
SDK unit ever oiiortol in Cairo, uuy your
hats and clothing right there. tf
I CAN confidently say that Slinuioiw'
I. Ivor Regulator has done mo moru good
than all tho medicine 1 over used, I rhall
never bo without it.
llibb County.
S10.000 worth of Ci.oTiiiNii, 1'intNibii-
I Ml (lOODi, JloOTl, SlIOKS, II AT li, C.VI'ti,
Tki'nko and Vai.Ii;!:, going oil' at u fcac-
rllleo at Isaac Walder's, corner of Sixth
street 'and Ohio Iovco. Now is your
chance to get a good suit at a low price.
llo sure to call at 73 Ohio Ijoveo, and
too the Juno Hug Hats, with a varied stock
of other new'styles, too numerous to men
tion. Heinembcr Antrim's is the place to
get jour hat. tf.
300 bbls. Flour medium grade, abo L'OO
half bbls. medium quality suitable for thu
Southern trade for tulo at tho Euyptlan
mill. ' tr
Anthony Ilnrt, fire man of tho cnglno
Unit rnn over the negro hoy, Portor, n fow
dnys ngo, wm iirreJtoil, yostordny, nt tlio
inttlllICO of tllO 1)0.V S rtllfttlVCK, WllO U-
iwc,twt 1,'"t lllJ WM l,rh' lo 1,10 lorrlMo
Him iiuiii out'iuiL'iiuu.
On thu ti'ml, thi morning, n negro boy
sworo very positively that Porter fell bo
nciith the cnglno bociiusu of u push Hurt
gnvo him to get him oil' tho cow-ciitcher.
On tho other hnhd, tho engineer woro
thnt Hurt was not on tho cxglnu nt tho
tinio of thu accident, and knew nothing
whatever of tho occurrence.
Under tlio circumstances 'iriilro llross
win bound to discharge the prisoner.
When tho siniiro aiiuotliioed that tho evi
dence w:n not siillllcieiil to Hintain tho
charge, the fWter of tho deceased
boy "currlud on" nt u high rnte, declaring
In aloud tone that Hart win guilty that
after throwing her brother under tho loco
motive, ran homo and changed lit cloth
ing that ho might not bo Indciiliflod.
How much truth thero U lu this insertion
wo hnll not pretend to my. Of this, how
ever, wo have boon injured, that tho en
gineer who swore that Hart win not on
thu engine, U entitled to tho fullest cre
dence. His acquaintances speak of him as
n man of uiilinpeacliablo integrity.
Tlio festival by tho ladles of tho Church
of tho Hedeciner was well patronized lint
n'ght. Thocrowd in attendance wot large;
but a larger per centum of tho malo periun
slon might have found first-class entertain
ment cheap for cash.
Thu room wnsdecoratcd very handsome.
lv. Thosldo walls were embellished with
evergreens wrought in pleasing shapes,
while tlio tables, which lined cither side of
tho room, wero crowned with the most beau
tlful bonnet, nnd such other adornments
as tho good tasto nnd skill of ladles only
could suggest and prepare.
lu tho roar of tho room thero wns
spacious platform, which was occupied by
thu Cairo Silver Cornet band, and tho great
Hood of sweet sounds that excellent intti
ttltioti poured out, was not among tho least
enjoyable features of tho evening. Tho
remarkably chilly temperature of the
weather prevented nn nctlvu salo of ice
cream, lemonade, icobsherbct and article
of llko character; but Increased, corres
pomlingly, tho demand for hut coffee, etc.
Thocloso of (ho nlfalr was signalized by
dance, in which many of tho young folkt
Joined mot willingly.
W. W. Thornton, No 1!1J Thornton'
block, Tenth street, has Just received throe
hundred Uixo.s of glass, varying In tlzo
from 8x10 to 30x10. For sale, wholesale
or retail. Jltf.
Tho'proplety of re-opening thn market
house Is being considered by n special
committee of five, appointed by the city
council. The vote, on thu appointment
of thu committee, stood 7 mid 7. The
Mayor voted "aye." mid apHilntoil Win
ter, .Mendel, Kleb, O'Callnhaii mid llrmiklo
in thu committee. ,
(Sood Cotton Socks, only lfi cents per
pair or $1 cent per do.., til 1. Nell's,
No. 7H, Ohio hovcu. ' 'tf.
- -lll'KMMI
Tlio nbovo convenient and iopularplacu
of resort will buojiento vMtor on Sun
day afternoon (.1 tin u I'Jtli) on which occit
sion tlio proprietor will ho glad to sou as
many of Ills fellow-citizens ami their fam
ilies in maychooso to attend.
Wlttlg' splendid string bund will tils,
couri-o music, mid nt 10 o'clock nt night ti
fine free luiieli will hu spread. Thu Invi
tation to till Is ' Coiiiu and see mu" mid en
joy yourselves. .IOIIN SCIIKKIi,
!t Proprietor.
(i III. Mi t'OM't.'UT.
Sou the minouncomeiit, olsnwhere, of a
grand i cert, by tho Turner Society, In
I'hllharmoiilu Hall, on Monday evening
tho l.'lth instant. It will bu n musical en
tertainment of decided merit, in thu
Society number among its members soiuu
of the finest vocalist of tho city. Secure
tickets, and go. JuCdtd
- i '
For a shave, hair-cut or shampoo, or
If you want your hair and whiskers dyed
to your own tntUfactlon, call at J. (!eo.
Steiiihouso's shop, corner Klghth street
and Commercial nvciiuo, (l'crry House).
How many hotiowivc are thoro who
have experienced the ililllculty of obtain
ng good vinegar. Head tho advertise
ment of W. 11. ilishop In this paper.
FimiK.v years nluTost exciusivo inuso
tho New Knglmul states has proved La..
urns & Morris' perfected spectaclej tho
best made. Tuber Hro' nro solo agent
for Cairo. See advertisement.
Skk advertlsemeut of Dr. Hutts' Dispen
sary, headed, Hook for tho million Mar
riage (Jiiido in another column. It should
bo road by nil. mli!dwtf.
w 1
Meyer, corner of Twelfth street nnd
Washington uvciiuo, not only keeps splen
did St. Louis beer, but tho purct of wines
and l!qiior, and tho best brands of cigars.
June mum
Ladies' mid children's hair cut to or
der, at theshoporattheirresldcnco. Leave
orders at the shop of .1. (Jeo. Steinhouse.
Kcmoinbcrtho Hough mid Heady hats
In white mid brown, at John Antrim's.
Tlioy nro nice thoy are cool. See
them. tf.
Foil tho coolest mid most palatable St.
Louis larger boor, go to Meyer' saloon,
corner of Washington avenue mid Twelfth
ktreet JelDm
Only almby'g prnf,
Homo font or lo at tlio ino-l,
(if inr-.lil-cd toil, yot I Ihlnlt llitl nml
ivuovts wnai lli.il llllin Kraieuimi.
duly a liaby'RurniKl
Toclillilrenatrii nusnnlt
Tin I limy nit IIutc nml hIiiii o miiihII lliliif
S'i'Iiik nenrci'l) SKrnu utulll
Only n Inbjr'ii grslf I
firiinx"! lio wi' mom nml Iff t
Kur alitllu fnco Hut Mrt licre s ui'h n'iic
i) moru Irntigf, coul.l o forget I
in. I va mciuurr Hncl ly this,
Yvw lenrs werliil mi the tmtiy ileaili
I kuoMr how tlmy fell ea thin.
Only n Imliy'ii prnte I
Will III llltlulifn t,o mti.'li
Ton limll a kcmii fur Ills illu.li-in,
Wlius klng.liim iiiHile of MH'li i
Only a I'sIit's Rrave!
Vwt filli-h un i'oiii iinil nil
liy tlir I it I In Mono, nailtliunkOwl In iihii
Mi-iiri' nrnrrrio iieari'ii tor iti
HKSOI.ll 1 1U..
If you'Tcnny tnU toiloi
I, it inuMliiMicrlrli'ii'l, toimt.
Iti ii.
If you'vn inytliiitK In sny,
Truu ami nreJeil, yea iin.l imy,
A'.i.v t.
If yoti'rn ntiy tiling lo ln,
Tliutanulliur'stny intiy lite,
(Ate it.
If you knmr wtmt tnroli In llRht,
(iitdltiirulliCisllirelixl' tlie nlultl,
JjU it.
If yotl'voany lrbt tn y,
llcst jo" neither night uunl.iy,
If yoti'io any rrlcf lo meet,
At tlieltivltiK 1-utlier's If tt,
Mttt il.
If Tim are clven llalit tonp,
Wfnt a clitl.t of Uo.t fliouM i,
Stt it.
Hov. Daniel Wise, D. D., editor of tho
New York Sunday School ttroif, thus
spenks of tho celebrated Craig Microscope :
"Us simplicity, cheapness and great mag
nifying power struck mo with surprise.
Then I was examining n fly's eye by its
nld, mid win struck with wonder nt tho
skill nnd power of tho Creator which Is
displayed In Its structuro. When I taw 11
statement In nn advertisement thnt the
Craig Microscope magnified ono hundred
diameters, and could bo bought for $2 SO,
1 thought It was one of tho humbugs of the
hour, for I had paid $20 for 11 mlcroscopo
not long before. Hut now 1 find It to bo
11 really valuable Instrument which I
should like see Introduced Into tho families
of our readers in nlaco of tho manifold
useless tovs which nleaso for an hour and
nro then destroyed. This microscoiio
would both amuse nnd instruct them and I
advise every boy nml girl who wishes to
know the wontlcrs wntcii lloln nine tilings
to save Ids moiiev until he has S'J 7.1,
w hich will pay for tho microscope nnd the
iostago wiieu sent liy mall."
As a holiday ttlft this microscoiio Is un
surpassed, being ornamental, instructive,
nmusiiii: and cheap, and never loes its in
torost. Agents ami dealer supplied 011
liberal ternn. A sample wlll b mailed,
post paid, to any address for $2 75, by K.
ll.H .., ni.i jvicini street, i. joints, .no,
Head tlio ntlvcrtlsomciit In nliotlicr col
mini. . inny31d:im
I will sell at auction, Saturday, June
11th, ut 0 o'clock, a.m., at tho Contltion
till Hotel, situated 011 thu Ohio Lovco, the
vntlre stock of hou'chold mid kitchen fur
nlture, consisting of bedttcads nnd bed
ding, wash stands, bureaus, tables, chairs,
sofas, looking-glasses, whatnots, china mid
glass ware, cutlery, stoves, tin nnd wood
ware In fact everything belonging to the
hotel. Salo positively without resurvn.
Je8..1t 1). II A HTM AN, Auctioneer.
Cam, at Walder's and kxamink him
stock of ci.otiiino. Ho cannot, mid will
not, in: uxiiKiixoi.i) 11 v anv othkk iiol'hk
iv tiik kami: link. This ktock Is i:x-
1. WALDKH, Corner of Sixth
nnd Ohio Lcvco.
(iontlciueii, go to John Antrim's, Til
Ohio Levee, for all your intidlu shirts,
hosiery, underwear and paper collars, nnd
save at least 2.5 per cent from thn ordinary
retail prices, Hu has the best cloth cov
ered paper collar ever ollerod in the mar
ket, f.
tiik nam xiciKtsnii'i:.
This MIcroocopo is simplified and adapt
ed to popular as well as sclentillc uso. A
new optical wonder I This is the only In
strument of high power uhich requires no
focal adjustment, nnd therefore can bo
readily used by uvcry ono, oven by chil
dren. Costing only Two Dollars nnd
Suventy-llvo Cent, by mail, post paid, it
is within tho reach of all In the commun
ity, mid should bo on tho tnblu of everv
l'rnctioiioer. Head advertisement in thfs
paper. iir.'7d3m.
FlKTV hay lioAiuiKiis wanted nt tho St.
Charles Hotel, where can bo found tho
coolest and most spacious dining room in
tho city, Thu table ns usual supplied with
thu best tho market airords. l'ninllios and
permanent hoarders taken during the sum
mer mouths at extremely luwj ulcn,
Peter Nell's mammoth stock of Spring
clothing embraces nil tho now styles, nml
what can bo found nowhere else in tho
city n largo mid well varied stock of hovs'
clothing. tf
. i - - -
Notick to Stiianokiih. If you aro
strango in this city, don't fail to cull on
Wnldor and exiiiiilno his stock of clothing,
boots,- shoes, hats, caps and furnishing
goods. tf
Look at Walukk'h Stock oxCi.otiiimi
and furnishing goods this wkkk. lt is
replete with all tiik novelties of tho
season, at prices to suit tho times. Corner
Sixth street mid Ohio lcvco. tf
Tricot and basket cioisimcrs suits, very
flue, i n nil o to order, at tho old roliablo
clothing houso of John Antrim, No. 711
Springtleld Hlock. tf.
Ji:WKLitYof every pattorn made to ordor,
and cash paid for old gold nnd silver, at
Tuber llrothcrt, S3 Ohio Levee. tf
AVohear It stated that our board of
school directors hnvo tendered tho position
of principal of our public school to -Mr.
11. S. Kngllsh. During the
past year .Mr. H. filled the posi
tion of" principal In tho public school
ofSalom, .Marion county. Two J ear ngo
he served in llrt inlstant In the public
school of this city.
I'ltiwii Kggs mid Yellow lluttor can al
ways bo had. Head tho advertisement
"(1 rontest "Work of tho' Age," In this pa-
You will greatly "miss if If you don't
buy thuStar Shirt nt John Antrim's, No.
7.'i," Ohio Levee. tf.
I'eiiqner. French orctipo ehliicott suits
are tunile to order, with taste, anil 11 porfeet
til, or no sale, at Antrim's.
31 ii;itAiiVATi:us.
lillsl of llli: M!AM)N
lCIssingeii, Seller, nml Uluo Lick
Water', and all tho other variety or
wators from the celebrated springs of dor
inaiiv nnd America, on draft and for salo
liv tl'ie glass gallon or barrel nt tho drug
Store of 11. T, Whllnker, No. 10 Commer
cial avenue, Ciln Ills. nptl'Jtf
jtf.wAiti: tie tooth poisons
Vended under thu nnmu of Deiitriflcc
Adopt anil adhere to tho only prnpuratloti
that really preserves tho teeth and hardens
the gum, fragrant .Sozodont. Its clfects
on decaying teeth nro marvellous. '
"Si'AMH.su Olii:
iiicnds Crockery,
M'ooilcn Wnro, etc.
a mil v a i.e.
Inn AliV, Ciilmnliu-i A Hiker, l'ailnenlii
IMluiniU, . u;
lvttiin. iln
Mlidm. tin
Tiilimn, NnliTili'i
(irMiel 1oi r, !l I, null
idicHllii, i.rnniu
I) vnli-.
H J Mil.-, Mrinphisi
Nick i.'n-v, (U.i'ylui-
MurMe City. Viel.luti:
I lei'.
liimiiarik, iln
li.m Alilr, CoMimli'iii
UiluiLuriT, t'lni
MiaiiiriK'n, il
KJIUtv, il
lirrunl Tower, Mmnpi
I'llfHilil, Kiiinniill.
uiiirlm, l'il.
Unlit K l.o. Ni
II nn . tin
Mlthrey, IVul ifitlt.
A Itakrr, iln
I'fjOinA, I.onl-w
Irfiiwnnrlli, !
I) Ull.,Tnn IIU:
IMUe.St Inil-l
Nlfk "ey, ('..yiill!
The river has rlcn 6 liiohos lu the twit
'J I hours.
Tho weather is clear mid quite cool,
limitless active.
Tho MNis-lppt Is still docliuitig al St.
Thu Ohio has risen n little at Tltt-bur,
I fixit being reported in thu chaiiuul. lt
is, however, falling ul Cincimiiitl, and
jAiuisvillo, with 3 feet 1 Inch uiter lu thu
ohuto over tho falls.
Tho Talisman brough'. for Chns. (ialll
gher 'JODsks wheati Smith & Co., 4 lmiler
tapsj S. Hoche, box sundries; (i. I).
Williamson, 2 ks fruit; mid thn following
for reshlpmcnt . pl.s iron for St. Louis
UiO hhds tobacco ; 6'Jti bbls Hour; 7U lulls
guiiulu cloth ; lot sundries.
Thu lillewlhl brought for Chns. (inlln
gher, K5 sks wJieat; J. D. Williamson, I
tub butter and 17 lihds tobacco for nhip
liient South.
The (iraiid Tower brought for Parker A:
Hlako lot sundries; Kuoler ; Hro., ditto;
Ino II. Olerly V: Co., lot paper; Jos .Men
del, 3 llorces fmoolil Will. Jj hick, 10 kcc
beer; Stratton A: Hlrd, .' hhds sugar; AV.
II. Spillur, lot sundries; Hied V luliii,
Ix hardware; (ioldstllio A: Heseuwater, ID
ttuiks; Jewett Wilcox, -I puckuges;
(i. II. (irceley A: Co., lot sundries; llur
el ay llro'., '.0 kegs lead; II. Hhilii, trc
hams; "Win. M. D.ividon, I sacks se.il ;
Pal Hurk, lot sundries; 1". Kofi.meycr. 0
Ihixci tobacco; C. Ilniinv, ciiu drv goods;
HristorW: Stllwcll, trc lard; C. 1!. Wood
ward, lot sundries; M. Mears, ditto.
Thu (Jiilckslop Is the JIvansvllle packet
this evening.
The Mllbroy nnd A. linker leave as us
ual for Paducali.
Thu llaltic, dipt. 'Win. Mars, left this
port .Monday lat, for St, Louis, with 2
bargo ooiitmning !!o,u'H bushels of coal,
nnd returning loll St. Luols yeterday ul
I n.iii., with two mod.d Isirges of I ho feel
long, mid arrived lieru at 2 o'clock in the
evening. Pretty good time. Her pilots
nro Henry Wood and Stephen Mellride.
Her engineers, .lames .May nml Joicph
Haum. Shu returns to-day with ilo.Otw
bushels coal for St. Louis,
.fSlUM:I:s .voria:.
NiiI'.'ims lir'liy (Iven th ii tlio flrin o( Walker
A M.un, ili'l, Ml t!iJl ! May, ln.il, si mi'l
ilelii'-r lo ini. n l ll.c r K1 )'!, eliallHn, ami i-lli- i,
umlsUo llii-ir lnlr. t in moiniel(iof In.iiriiliee,
inn- loaiinl I.) Dm Hi" llrill . U'I thn oiIkt ty the
t'uih rmiters' Insurum ninny, for tlm bvii.
nl ufllivirtdlturs uf ual WulKtr A Kiun, All
pi'rxinH l uiini; Inimi SKint ml. I II nil will
j lcjo ,rrrnt lliein l tlm uuli'rit;ml uKliunt
ilrUy. mn In, ,i tire I eo.iiiii lliu ki.ui uf l.
mm wu aou ii. .i..,l.!u II ., 1 1 A It It 1 : 1. 1..
AMixntunf U'lkrr AM,a.
The linn of ltillciilioio.u 1 llunny u Him ilsy
ill'olvel l.y iiliilaul con.i ni. Mr. Muuiiy eon
tiniu iih lni.iiii'X, nml i' iinllmriscil li loie
all niU-lnti.liiK i taiins, nml ulllsi llle all il ium
uumnl the i.l I llrm
ItlTIT.NllnrslIA II A.N.N V.
Hill ll.
I liiKe IIiIh inethoil of pxprf sslng my In-arty
Ihioika in thn nuny ..ilroii nl iU el'l llrm of
Itilli'iiliouan A lliintiy, nml hnpii lliil Urn hiiioi
lilMTulity hcri'lnfum exlriiiel to u, wiIIIhi L.
lou in uu my iiinit intliy urei'r'or.
wtiou itnTi:MioL'.si:.
'I'lir I.IIV SiKlnlnliiK OrKK"".
Tn two oriiuiin Hlueli lulr.l.U'r iiiimI ilircetly
In lliu nn j.;.oi t nf lliii hoily, mo lliu toiniali nml
liver In the former tho lirt proees of iIiki-j.
lion luki'i phii o, iimler thonctluaof that pmtt tlul
Milii nl, Ihupislrlojaleii Thi'ie o lliu fowl, rule
leiteil into ii-pulp, pncs Into the iliioiUntim,
ulii'iii It la hill jeclrd to tho iii'tlnn uf the Inle or
t;.4l, lIuuiiiKlrom tlm liver, nml of i he Until Renir.
iiteil liy Ihn innern, or swifthri'iel of lliu
li lii. fhi'Dii ini'relloiis M'O.iniit' iho niitrllioiii
pin lion ffinii the rent mi'l It l then Ukun up hy
iho nliinrlKlit vessel Mil. I I'oniuycil into thu
ehunni'N of elrualailnn la Ihu form of wnuiin
l,loo.l, uhllo Iho vtimtu matli'i' i iliclia rm'il
thronuh tholiotrels, tlnli'n nil thi iuocovck
uie iluly jierforioe.l, iINm.iioj of mine oil la lmv.
llnhlu, nml the heal of all linlluiiial nui'liU for
preaervlii(ortetoilnK Iho lone mi l reKulat'iiK
iht im'IIoii of the three nrKaililliu alolnai'h,
liver nml Intestines by vihicli Ihn Ihreo.fohl
uork lacarrleil on, la ItosIi'tlcr'aMoiiiai li Ililli'iM,
ImilKestloiiisReuerally iieeniniunlril hy i-niniij.a.
Hun, nml Iho K'Oitli' eulhnrllo iia'riilina of ihn
llillrrs la no Ifaa Important In m of Ihla kin I,
thua Ha lonioellert upon Ihu atoinwh nmilhe hi,
luryljml. lluaillyof iuraonn well ns hrnllli,
Uepeiuia in nu Hiiiillili-jjruu upon Ho renulnrily
ot theexeietlvu fniictlona, A a.illnv eumpluxion,
a Ihli'k opmpif, I'onrao akin, a Inlnti'it hr"ulh, rimh
of hlouil lu the hi-ii'l, loaa of int inniy, heiuhu'he,
ami exlreimi Inenliil ilepreaaiuii, uro Iho iiaiiul e.
eoinaaiinent of eottivencsa, A fiiiirao nf thu
llittuts will Inriilllhly rclleie, anil llnnlly hinl.li
Iheau ohiioxluus a) lilploiiis, uhi.o liiUKoriitinK
thestoninch sml ptomotlnu healihy nvtlon In Ihu
liver, 'I hla genial voelnl.lo aluiiincliluiiml uller
niive, strike nl iliaeuau lu ll primary sources,
tho iiasiiiillatliu.', secieliiu uml uxpnUiui nriiii-,
nml lliuuuiea ll . Mei'la urn fmi.i'iitirnlU Iholollull
' !ml COIIIplcll1.
I will sell nt imlilln nui-llnn, on VnlnnliV. H'n
lltlt in I , nt II uVliiuk, 11,111,, noon lliu ir 111 le.
Desirable Residence
formerly nceiiilcil nml owiii- liy John llmlKes,
Tin-ile will ! (Ihoiit reorte, a I must linTu
I ho inunt-y. I" IIIMHH.
Cairo, ill,, .nine nin, m,o. jpnniu
liy thn
Monday Evening, June 13
Philharmonic Hall.
The finullii! Ciuli of thn Turner Society I"
i li-ii.cl tnnniiiiiinn n mil euni etliin iiIhim-, nml
liiil npirelio fltnrt liulrfrse n full liimse.
'flip iirnirriilnllii. w ill U iOIImI liv I'll'irilt'fp.
iiiMiili ili o, iini't',1'1,' 111 Mlneli lliu ni'inlu'r" of
tliei inn mil iv i i'i in in" xiiim" iuitiiii.
Ifciors nin-n nt 7 oVIoek. t'jnrnrt I" cotniin'lice
nl 1,
Ailnil-l"'H ... ...w .'sirrnlN
Tirki't. fur salt) ul IIiwUmi M' nml llnnnon's
Ikink fliirr. n-imn
riitiiTii win. ihi:vaii..
"Thn' Suinn HIIh nt t!i Door, Some
Will He Cured."
Wn am Imppy to plao Ipofrtro the fitlsens of
I'nlrn an l Ita vicinity, lr. lluhe, Uln nf i-w Al
l.ili) . Ilvla.rtianiieiitly loentril In this city, fur
thu piupaan uf prwtldnit me'llelae 111 all Ha
various lriuielm-,aml will nttrml In all ralllc thn
elly or lt vielnltv, hy ilay or iukIiI, Tin- Hwlur
lua pra.tlf'l niiallriuii JurliiKM ptrlisl of lpnly
years, iliiriliKw tilth tlinn hchna hat n Lira!"' ah.iie
uf ptautlrv Mhrreit r hu Inu livil, Iln nrenire
and flirnlahra all Ills IneilHilni'S at hla olliin. II"
hua hwa very slleceaiful III Ihu Iri-illlll) lit of all
chronic illsea.o, imTtiiK ilioll Ihu miter lir.
Hun of thu uit hkIiI ) i un to eavea nf Ihuttliur
twter,aml lin senrnlr eier tumeil one syuie
riired. Afler lnklll their enrea III c'harKv he
eharxca niitl.liiK fiireoiiaiiltikllniiaat lilaiilllre, ll'
willliuttlsller oil t what In-tell )0U)uu Inayii'ly
i.n. til. I lA-oa nf twenty yeara' limllnn aiu
i iirf.ll.)' lulll. Allohl sores, It nullera iioiwhal
tlu-lreomlltiun sor' eyea In all forma, cutl In
nshoiltiiii'. I'litnUaml eancrrs cureil without
tlio Use of thn knife. TnK.wnrnis tplh-ltiy
thn uannf a newly illaniiereil inailleine, without
lull. All formaiif eryalpela an 1 iliaia.va f thu
akin Rtirml In Ihu hurl'-it tune.
I alto ksepnn hao. ill."' Indian (hi, illacuvrre,!
hy inu while in the CherukMi iinliun in lain, Kur
lr nt my oilier, or sf nt I.) usvrrps tu any part uf
TliiMiiiriir". cones snnrrampa in nio ininuira.
Iliwtiiehn In thrrn tiiiiinleai lar-a- he la ten
minute, tifiit nlrfiM In llvu iiiiinit.-a t rluonn Ul.ia
in uui' hour i III i.i ehihlren ami mlulta In a short
time. All oilier aWiea or puiii-, not nam.. I hsr,
ar enrol hy Una till In Ihu ahorteal time. Illrry
lalttlula hlt'llu-l W Ithfllll lliret'tlOtia fur UaillKlt.
1 it fsila t'liluwhal is c iuiik-I fur it, eim lau:k
ami st your tnuuey. 1'ilee Joeentan. II i"ir
Oltlee, corner nf V. )litli atreetanl Ohio Levee,
"'l aun rmlliste of lliu lloiiuuoMithl! Khonlnf
(1"ilniil,Ohli-havln crailiiatral u th year
Is'il. I also ;ru,liiutit in Ihu lA-leetlc sa hiKil nf
Cmelnnati, III the year Inu,
I air... Illinma. Ma 'il. ,lawll
lltMCI, Ill'ltIS, I'rs-alilritli
itoiii:ur v. .tii.i.i:ii, ui'rr.t
'. S. llt'Uli:K, Cnalilcr.
Collections Promptly Made,
l.Nt'liiiimo. .'iin. Hank Xsus-M
ami llill'l Ntali'M Nciiri
Uf JtmiKliI ami
Iiiteri'sl Allowed on Time HepoaltH.
Capital - - 100,000
W. I. IIAI.I.ID.W, I'rralilriit
A, 11. NAKFOHII, Caalilrri
WAl.TKIl IIVHI.UP, Aaalatant Caalil.r.
s- stasis T)lor
rntt Mliltr,
(irn, II. IVilllaiiiaiin,
, II. SurTiinl.
IV. I'. llilllJs),
llulil.ll, Csanlsuham
Mfphru lllril.
12x4!l.aiiKi' Coin and
U. M. llontl lEouKlit
and Mold.
Doxoesitoss H. oooivod.
Cairo & Paducah
Daily Packet.
ti The ft riinnlnir steam packet
1 Milbvey,
WOOPS Master,
Will plyri'ictiUrlyn alaive, liaiin Cairo every
uieitiMKHl I u'clouk.aiicl tuucliltitf at ull Iplennw
Jlndi pulnta.
Kur freight or pnssaxe apply oalaiaril or to
M. J. lUICKI.I'.V, Aui nt,
,.7,tf :lrn. Illinois.
t'AIIK Kroiu llvoriioul, In4osstlery
(ilaJtKow sir auecuatowss to Cairo,
nprlll AltsiM
eitiui TitSNsriu
i nis.ur.
(.'hen to all Atnlliilile I'oliit",
St. Louis, Cairo & New
Orleans Packet Co.
ii kx i i:k -
.iiiii.i.ii: aiii.s
si. i nun,
litioi. mKI.
W. It. All I'M
1 1..
CumpnaiiiK all the flnett anj Israeli taints mi', ii
hi. Lotus.
Tor New Otlralla Tl.u l-tralner
Mill Itaru eVrl'lUlW llirninu J II,
runnii'tuiB at .i" "rlrana v.tih ( etn l.in'Mi
Hleamrra to
l.lvcriiool, .rr Ynrk, IIiisIiik, ami dial
a a. toll, Telaa.
I'aaarnttera an. I .hinp rs can rely nn mie el ths
ta,ata l.atinu Cairo puie'liially a ata.ve
f -Il-Iil H"lll, m ii
.nn WharfWiM. I'uIh.i; iMtUtu
Memphis and St. Louis
Packet Company.
is7o. :
. . . ....
The fulluoInK lluata eomprise this I. nean.l x.l
run In tlm fulliiaiurfunleri
lYIcmphis Packets
Arrive at (V r, Airiveal Calru
iHjaa ir.
H1I.1.1C sr Mills, TueiMlay, 6 p.rr -lurlay I . m
I(U, Ka.fr,
(.ItAMilOWMl Thursday f.n Mini.,. I a.m
l'iinos, .Maatsti
HH.I.r urarius. ,'u''Ur " I'1'"' l'ur't ' m
I rasa, Kual
Vicksburg Packets.
Affile al litoo sinveal I aliu,
Hi Ml a
MAItnl.K I'lTT, Will lav, p.til Kl lay I a in.
Jl'l.It ...... . l 'l
mi.Ol!AIl. .. Ffi lftJ, I p. in -nn lay. I 1 in.
t tTVtlK Al.T'l.Nj il
ItUllll tlN- -Iiiiioay. I p. ii 1 1'urs.lsy, I a.m.
Uunnra'tmitHlKt lyuii- Willi
.Vurllirni Mile I'ai'krl Cimipaii),
Krtikuk I'arUrt l.'iuniiali)',
(llnalla I'arkrl Cii.npany,
ami Varluua Itallrusiil l.lnca
At Meiuph.a w.tli
Miiiilil nil Willi' Ills r I'arkrl to.,
Aikaiiaaa lllvrr I'arkrl iiiiaii v,
llci.ililila ami Oliarlrtloii ll. It..
,n. I ylla.l.alppl aV Tcllllesa. It. II,
At V.ckliri 'tfi
Vamo lllvrr l'f Itrli.snl
Vll kalmrK ami .McMillan ltllrnil
fllvms ihroi'KU I al i.nault aitalo I Ml
iblt IK Ilia l v ri ur r irr
1 ( IIAS.T. III.MtF firnsral Atrnt.
II I. ii i. II S Larl'laiaU
Ull. HII.VKIt. Ti. krt r.u I I in', r ,W nt
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
iT'", Connslini nl lliu lill'swltis,
.i -r-arr'npleiKlId jniasi'i(;er Stenliiers
Talisman . (,
bTltON'l .Jlswurl . .3rri
l.eilli a l.vrry .siniiilii)' nt I I. .M.
IIAhMHi Jiaairri 1
I.iiiii.. t:trj Tlmraslni'lil I 1 .la
John Lumsden ,
HAVIH .. la-ter Oeii
Iri'UtrN i:vi ulllrll at -I I'. .
TIiioiiu'Ii Illlls I.atlliieC (i'Ivcii Ylu. Nali
.lliu uuiJ (,'uiru lMckels uml
'(Jrt'fii I.hm"
Tis Nnalitllle. t'lialliiuoitua, Trnn.i Al
laittu, t'ailiuiiliiiM, Itoiiie, Xsraii, I
tJalnea. .! I'ol.il, lleoruelosrsi. Mil
IrttKSlIU filial ISiilnillii, Ala. Muni
KiMiiiry, Alu.i liiarleCoii. N. f' l Helniis,
.tla.i NitiHllHh, tia.t W UmloK"". f
t uliiiulilii, S.t'.. liy , , .........
AK'i'iit nt t'uiro.
Memphis aridXincinnati
Packet Company.
gim Compo.eil of the tiillomiif; hr-l
-gsbr'" elaa aieamers.
Al.lfK IlliAX Jnlm Hliunk. Mail.-.
If WW MSI, A .. -M. er
NII.VKH lUflON Hen M, Merrilres
NAM J. IIAlai: ....W.l'.lValk.r
llnonf the alsivn splrmllil sli'iuni ra Iravn Cn.n
for .Menilihla every Tltewlay uml .Siiliinl.iy, nni
for Cliiflimall every lrl-hiv iiinl tiiliinhij ,
tllAH. T. III.MiH. Aent, Cairo. III.
Dlhcu en WharMl.
Evansville" "and Cairo
Packet Company.
'XfZZiZ. Consisting oi ino im"
n,Hiliillillil riisseuger ov-w'
rOWI.KK Master W. r'UWl.KK.........
l,UHls Cniru Hunilay ami Thllrlay at & u
(ill AM MK!I Miuler PKSM.NdrilX-.
Leaves Cairo Tiiraday nml 1'rulay at Ii i
City of Evansville.
lih-V'l'l-'.ll Maaler I K I'KNNINdT OA.
hvaveaG'airu WeilnesilaysniiilS.ituriluy It t .oil.
finiftliiK nt ' . . . Trnnuasi-o river
packets, nl Hliilllilaim Willi .-vaanvuin pai'Kria i
Kvanavllle with Ihn reuulur paehula for Iwulavi
amlCiiu liiiiall, niullhu K. A S'. ll. Uf.rU f"!1
Nur,. C'llAHl.Ui.'l. IIIMU.,

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