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Tlie Cairo Bulletin, J nne II.
3fhe tUfin:
Votulliil'.sl htt.lt! tnllrulyiio" nvles
tlio inot coinfortnM "nil ilellslilfnl '"
tiver worn, nt .Tno. Antrim ""
Marmial liTinniK l thinning out
tholog, nt tlio mtoof two or tlirco dor.onn
dav. AVo wouldn't glw t"0 cut. for c.i.v
tloK lie entclie. on ll.e street w ithout Us tnx
i..m. r. i.
Tlio Yomii; .Men Chri-ttnn Associnllon
liolil their repil.ir monthly meeting nt
tlio l'reslivtorian ClnircJi, Monday oven
Inj; next.' The eicreNes will consist of re
ru of committed, miscellaneous Imsl
ne, ringing, resiling nnd debute. A cor
dlnl Invitation is extended to nil to nt-
tend. jell-'-'t
A new supply of Cnlf Hoots nnd Onltrrs
Jut reeelv-d "t V. Ntr, No- Ohio
i i i
Tun Democracy of tlio ncighliorlni;
r...r.ty of lllchinnii, Kentucky, Imve
nl pled tlie primary election system, nnd
twll hold their primary election forenn
onlnles for tho county ofllce, on ftiturdny,
duly 2nd. Thp county Is Democratic, not
twtlistiindliii; tho sombre political mm.
plrxlon of Columbus nnd slio will fo dc-
elnrc herself in August.
The I'wlj; .Microscope) adopted to popu
l.ir nnd sclenlillcni'O. UcikI tho advortl'i
tiv nt. l'riee, $1 75. . . mUTtlilui.
AVa see by the Uttte 1 of the Dili In
Mnnt thnt tlio Fnnny llnmdici, with her
tow of tliubor, Imii nrrlvt-tl safely nt Koo
kuk, Tho timber, it will bo recollected, Is
tlio sumo thnt was prepared under tho su
perintendence 'of Col. 1'enrden, for thelin
ju)vcincnt on tho I'nphK Tho Colonel
will probably reach home- early next
. .
: mire to rend tho ndvcrllsoinunt
'tire.-itost AVork of tlio Aue," in llili
paper. innylWJm
Chariot I'endletnn, Infiint son of John
nnd Nctllo Drown, died yoitcrdny lifter-
iiwn, of congestion of tho boweli ngv
months nnd 7 days. Tho rcmnlns were
tnken to.loncsboro for hnrlnl by tho train
thl morning.
Tho community sincerely sympathize
with Mr. nnd Mn. Ilrnwn In tho los of
thdr first Wn bright mid proml'lug
rlnld, Niid the very light of tho household
W. V. Thornton, No 13 Thornton's
block, Tenth street, has Just received threo
hundred loxo of glass, varying In tiro
from 8x10 to IioxKt. lVr sale, wholesnlo
4ir retail. JUf.
Wo huvo very cncournglng intlmntion
concerning tho progress of negotiations
thnt look to thn resumption of work on
tho L'nlru nnd Vineoniies railroad. Tho
Interval, tin Co tho suspension of work
hat been actively employed by d'eneml
llurnside, nnd it Is believed, now, that ho
hat an arrangement tlmt will Insiiro tho
1 3tnpletlori of the projoct, on tho very evo
i f consummation.
Tho friends of tho ro id need wnitnulyn
'.' longer.
Look to Youu I.sikkt, and buy
your t'lotliing (from Wnlder, vomer tllli
.Street und Levco. tf
tnaiMi to it.
DurSlmuneetowii nolgbort have grown
tired of their periodical duckings, nnd nro
now rutting uboul for uenn whuruwith to
build n levee. A proportion to luo
$50,000 city loiidt for thut purp.wo, uai
rarriel, last Monday, by uu ulmott unuul
mout vote.
Jfi'uducuh would net with llko good
kento he would reiciie tho Herald editor
frciu the ridleulo tlmt i o richly earned
by hu habit of writing homilii4 on "jvoor,
water-worried Cairo" nt tiiniw when the
drift-vood' knocking the tah out of hit
tli d story windows, nnd Cairn m dry
M thuthremth of a Inii.vlllo cditur. forty
ii.mutei nfter ''llcker."
Youths' boys' und Children s clothes, a
I than New York prices, will Us sold
this week, nt . Ncir, rcgardleas of ot.
in: tit in mi'mi,
it skillfully compounded, free from In
J'JtWtit cumiiouont parts, ngrwtible to the
Uuuiid destructive to doue. If y-u
ltw.t Dy thango from tho natural
funr tioni of your syttcm, no matter how
trlvml, or vrbvrulucatrxl, or If iIImim 1st
ilrcmly tntrt'nehed Itself, the reully trnt
liU remedy in either rase Is
MWHUU'S J'V.Itll 11ITTKIW. ' Tlili
uiicrtioni.Wlupon what wo know it
"',?0 1,1 Sieving, curing, and warding
offdlteM. Tcrwantofsj-aeowe carina
detal the diVtri;w utc of thU imtcrs,
but It. genersl ,iru uion tho human
syitem are to purify Uu, blood nud store
tlon.; correct ino,Meh.ngM l tho bhd,
onualkoiUcIrU,,,,,,,,, ,u t.ottitJJ
vitality and da.timy t 4 or' ,
omcomo. all funct.onal d.un80mt!,lU
ussltts Inthoproct-.. of asUuI
u healthy appetite; prwt d
miatrnatlc and Intern.liunt fvt.ri dvk
lt'j)la, liver complaint, nerv..u, hu,l 'l "
kiunov aUKtlousand revive, a ffl
ouergjos by ow ife ,
into tho system. .,,1 , r
-- ... UlVM lw
If mothers would git c Mrs. AVhiteomb's
Syrup to their children wh,,, klcl JllurUl,.
ity would, be htfsaiyoijs- ih,,,,, u u
only 25cent. i.,'--
. r.tnto ijusixkss iioi'.hi:.
Vorrfowcitl7.tli.of Cairo npproclflto tho
extent of our produce ltliiiff nud it sllll
le liumbflr, tlio magnitude of tho xtoek
carried by Meri. Unlliday llrothers.
In roinpaliy with n Hudlvnl olllct-Jeeker
(wo had no mouoy nboul us to tempt him
to violence) wo pused through tho Im
mense warehouses of tho "Ilrothor," tho
other day, nnd wero actually nstonUhcd nt
the Immunco pile of com nnd oats, In eatk. j
(lour nnd alt, In barrels J baloa of hay,
gunny bag, etc. AVo lind no Idcn that
Mich ,vnt ipmtitltiei of tho nrtlclos linnied
could bo found In tho entire city. Tlioro
worofour iloor.s, onch proentlng nn urea of
about IC.000 wpinro feet. All this vml
ipaco was lllletl ton feet high with corn,
oat, flour, suit, etc. Aj n rough gues, wo
will say that tho stock then on linnd would
weigh ten or twelve Ihoiunnd tons. All
this, be it remembered, formed tho firm'
Mock In trade. Not u pound of It wa in
their hands by virtue, of their elmrncler ni
Immense ns tho supply win, nt tho tlnii)
to which we refer, it is by no menus certain
thnt wo can Unci u hundred toiu of It on
hand to-day. it h.-w nil gone forward,
doubtle'S, to meet tho southern demand;
nnd a fresh supply has tnken Its place.
T.wikii llr.oTIIKIw havu Just received
llrect from tho miinufiietory, n bpnutlful
n'sortmciit of tho inot recent styles of
silver plated ware. Call nnd co It. tf
AN individual who claims to bo the
owner of one hundred nnd eighty ncrciiof
land, lying back of Cape Olrurdenu, visit
edn saloon kept by n colored uinn named
Scott, last night, nnd demeaned himself in
manner that may subject liliti to sovcro
punishment. lie entered thn saloon with
revolver In hand; ran thu iumntcs, includ
ing the proprietor nut of tlie room, then
cotnpoting himself upon n row of seats,
went to sleep. Avhllo ho wu thus in tlio
embrace of Morpheus, n braco of pollco
men relieved lilmof hi revolver und took
him under arret.
At tho momcntof waklng.up ho felt dis
posed to resist, but finding thut, in the
possesion of his revolver, tlio pollco hold
four hoc, ho concluded that it wns a game
whero the odds wero decidedly ugnlnst
him. AVhlle en route for tlio calaboose ho
Inveighed heavily against tho town.
Thing! had come to "a pretty puts," ho
said, "when a gentleman who owned ISO
ncrei of land Just back of Capo (ilrardeau,
could not 'defend liim-elf without bulng
hounded by tho police."
Tin: weather continues to oxclto general
surpriso. There was n sharp lookout for
frol last night, but wo escaped such n vis!
A Nkw Yoiik preueher says that "no
man who uses spirltnus liquor can get to
heaven.'' Of rouri-o ha meant such oxeeru
blepobon as is retailed In the Kmplru
City. In vlewoftliouudentableoxcellencc
of tho old whUkoys, pure brandies, spark
ling wines, and creamy ales sold by I'at
Fitrgornld, of tho Sun l-'Jower snloon.no
Cairo preaelier lias ever vcniureu n iimi
declamtlon, Indeed, wo linvo heiinl men
sav that everylxMly who patronizes 1'iit's
iHiVerilgw is 'immediately possessed of n
serenity of soul, a christian fortitude and
rcsiguntlon, that mnl.o this inundaue
phnru of ourn us good u heaven as lm cares
nljout. That everybody nut y sharo In this
felicity I'at has llxtd the price of his In
comparable ('inclnuatl lager liver at 5 rents
a glats, and everything olso nt ulul half
what it is null y worth.
The Illicit Milliard .Saloon In Southern
Illinois ran also bu found In connection
with this popular establishment. tf.
Drawers and I'ndcrshlrts, nt n sacrifice
nt 1'. NelPs, No 7U Ohio I.cveo.
tiii: timciii.va M'iim.is ok rutin tvnitn
l'erluiw it U not generally known thnt
the much talked of trichina ynVM, or
pork worm, was first discovered in Amer
ica by Dr. U ('. Kendall, or I'hlladelphla
with that Americun Instrument known
ns tho Craig Mlcrocope, costing only
'J,7"i, nfter roicatvd failures to dltcovor
the worm with nn Imported, Tiilero-coix,
ootlnir$Vi, "of fcobler power und loss re
liable" This fact Dr. Kendall stands
ready to prove at uny time. Tho "Craig''
Microscope in nent box with full direction
U mailed anywhere fur ii.To, by K. II
lima. KU LH-utSt St. Louis, Mo.
Ittwd tl advertUctugiit in thit iinper.
my uJm
-- -.
G1 aholetoiiHf A'lnsgar. Any orm
ran suakst it. S tnlvrtlwj(n(irit of V. II,
Ituhop iit tttt psijwr. inyVlaw3in
fino K. nsvt.vi Jrt lUughtor
o( tt'tX at Ar.lrnrt 7 Ohhi Ijsw,
vissrrw j .!, -MSssst ;t tlA tt tiwl fath
kt''W s-t i bMtt.U tv ic nt clothing in
tVsr Hi, JrX Urfll kbd U)t VallKy
of Sua IjSm- i'ssnta. 7ailm-rpairl
Sill: Hau rt iMtA in Cairo. J'.uv your
bU ktoi t 'uMiwi ri;bt ihiio. tf
I rjr MsnMently say that Slmniont
l,r legislator lias done mo moro good
tUn all tl ivwlicine I ever utcl, 1 shall
novrr U- without it.
JOHN .1. AI.LK.S",
llibb County.
10,000 worth of Cl.oTin.tH, Fubnism-
ISO OootJM, Jt.JOTx, KlIOKH, Hath, CaI'K,
Tnr.s'Ka nud AALIHK., going off at n hac
rifico nt Isnno Walder's, rorner of Sixth
street and Ohio Ijovoo. Now is your
chunco to get n good suit lit a low price,
Ho sure to- call at 73 Ohio Loveo, und
sco the .luno Hug Hats, with n varied stock
of other niW styles, too numerous to men.
tlon. Kcmcmlicr Antrim's Is tlio place to
get your bats. tf.
pOo bbU. Flour medium grade, lo 200
half bbls. medium miallty fcujtailo for tho
taithoni triiiln for snlo at the "Kgyptlan
liililt. ' ;r
TIM. Ohio, Juno 10, 1870.
AVo, the undersigned, apprcclntingyour
clforts, unit desiring to encourage you In
sustaining your society, would respectfully
ask that, us your performanceon Thursday
evening was not a sueoos financially,
(owing to tlioro lining so many plates of
amusement on the sumo evening), that you
given repetition of tho sumo at your earliest
convenience, for the lienetlt of Mr. Gill-hotter:
(' N IIiikIips, Jsnii' KinR-ti")',
i.'in. (.iinDiiiliiiin,
HoIjI Sin) III,
W IIHenulK-r,
It I. Yociiiii,
W IIvpIiiii,
.1 Mnrllii,
KS Kent,
H II Ajrr-.
.1 .-i mmii) no,
A Nstniiyne,
II M IIiiIpii,
il 0 lliunrs,
I TUlrKsoll,
IIJ ClK'li,
A IIHslluril,
J W'mettarl,
II II (.'lUllll'l',
II II i:nii",
i: I' l'.iriiii,
I I. D.irir,
Julia llrunl,
und iniiuy others.
Comk ami Skk Mi:. If you want bar
gains In (dothlng nml furnishing goods,
corner of Sixth street und Ohio Levco is
tho host place to buy them.
If 1. AVALDKlt.
Thn Singing Club of tho Cairo Turner
Society deserve n good houso, Monday
night, because, in thu 'first placo, thoy nra
vocalists of coiisidornhlu merit; becnuso,
secondly, their society Is a local organisa
tion, nnd because, thirdly, tho object of tho
concert Is to replenish tho fund which is
held sacred for tho relief of destituto mem
bers of tho organization widows nnd or
phans. Bear theso facts In mind, nnd en
tor nn nppenranco for yourself, family or
swect-Iieart, in I'lillliarmonic Jlall on
Monday evening next.
Co to l'eter Ned's If you want it stylish
Summer hat, clothing to suit tho season, or
anything in tho line of gents' furnishing
goods, fully ten per cent, cheaper thn tho
same articles wero ever olFcrod In this
market. tf
Mout. Ouv. Dougherty wns'in tho city
to-day, forwarding tho effort to establish a
Itadical paper In the neighboring town of
unn. Tho material was forwarded by
this evening's freight train, and the first
number of tho paper will probably iniiko
Its appearance nbout tlio UMh Instant. Mr,
(icorgo Dougherty, son of thu Governor,
will aniline control of tho ofllco. AVe wish
him, in advance, groat success llnanclnlly.
Politically, ho will excuse us If wu Invoke
confusion upon his every elfort.
Mr. II, Si. Kuglish has nrcvptvd the posi
tion of principal of our public schools, ten
dered by our board of Directors. Thu sal
ary fixed Is $2,000 for tho scholastic your.
Klght of tho old assistant teachers have
been rc-vmployed, leaving only two vacan
cies to till.
Cam. nt Avalders and kxawink iiih
stock of ci.otiii.no. Uu cannot, and will
IN Till'. HAM K LINK, Tills HTOCK il KN
KNTIUKt.Y NKW, Ulld Was 1IUUU1IT ut tho
I. WALDKK, Comor of Sixth
tf nnd Ohio Levee.
(ood Cotton Socks, only 15 cents per
pair or $1 o cents per do.., at 1. Nell's,
No. VJ, Ohio I.uvoo. tf.
.. - .
ni'i:.M.(i or Tiii:.vf Asiu.uiTox iui.i. iiau-
The iiIhivo convenient nnd jiopular placo
of resort will boopcn'lo visitors on Sun
dav uftornooii (June l'2tli)on which occa
slon tho proprietor will bo glad to see as
many of his fellow-eltlr.ons and their fam
iliosas maychiNiso to ultond.
Wittlir's siileudid.string band will di
course music, and nt 10 o'clock nt night i
fine free lunch will bq sjircad. Tho invi
tation to all Is "Come and sco me" and en
Joy yourselves. JOHN SCIIKKL,
'it l'roprletor.
See tho announcement, elsewhere, of I
grand concert, by tho Turner Society, In
I'liilliariuonlo Hall, on Monday evening
the 13th liuUnt. It will be a musical en
turtalnmont of decided merit, ns the
Sx'lcty numbers among its members somo
of iho'flnest vocalists of tho city. Secujo
tickets, and go. JuCdtd
For a slmvo, hair-cut or sliauiKo, or
If yon want your hair and whiskers dyed
to vour own satisfaction, call at J. Goo,
Stoluhoiiso's shop, comer Kighth street
and Commercial avenue, (Perry House).
How many houtowivci arc thero who
havo experienced tho dltflculty of obtnln
njj g"l vinegar. Hru the advortlw
iunt of AV. 11. llithop In this paur.
FiWek.v juars aliiKt exclusive Imiso
the New Kngland states has proved Lax
arm A Morris' perfected spectacles tho
best made. Taler lint's ore solo agents
for Cairo, S-o advertisement.
tir.K advertiiemeiitof Dr. Ilutts' Dispell
sary, hemlol, Hook for the million Mar
riage Ouidu In aiiutlier column. It should
ho read by nil. mlSd&wtf.
Meyer, corner of Twelfth ilrsiet and
Washington uvenue, not only keeps splen
did St. Louis lrticr, but tho purest of wines
und llnmr, and tho best brands of cigars.
J 111101(1 .mi
Indies' und children's hair cut to or
der, at the shopornt their residence. Leave
orders nt tho shop of J. (leo. Stciuhoute.
ltemcmbertho Hough and lteadyhats
In white und brown, at John Antrim .
Thoy are nleo thoy nro cool. Seo,
them. tf.
Foil tho coolest and most palalablo St.
Louis larger beer, go to Meyer's saloon,
corner of Washington avenue nnd Twelfth
street, je-Mm
The pollco business heforo 'SqulroSh.in-
nossy, to-uny, consisted or two cases ot
drunkenness. On case wnsjthnt of a South
ern gentleman, who didn't know how to
gauge Cairo whisky to his powers of endu-
runcc, nnd fell. He hud no money;
was very .sorryj felt about half
sick and wholly ashamed, nnd was In a bad
condition generally. Tho 'squire told him
to go nnd tin no more. Tho second case
wns that of n female. She hnd been "swash
ing drunk" nnd felt vory wretched. If tho
squire would excuse, her, shod bchnvo her
self, "if shodled for it.' Tho 'squire cx-
uscd her, nnd lo ended tho day's business.
Tiik benefit to young Ollhoirer by the !
A oung Men s Dramatic association wns not
n success financially. This result may be
ascribed to tho fact that tho festival, by tho
Church of tho Itedcomcr, was held on tho
snmo ovoning and commanded tho pres
ence of u largo number of tho patrons of
thu drama.
A number of our lending cttir.cn!, regret
ting tlio result of tho "benefit" usk for u
repetition of tho ontortaliimcnt, promising
to make it a miccom. Tho request will no
doubt bo compiled with, nnd tho "benefit"
nnmed for some night during tlio coming
A Vf O.MIr.ltUX XICItOXnil'K .
ltev. Daniel AVWe, I). I)., editor of tho
Now York Sundny School Advocate, thin
spenks of tho celebrated Craig Microscopes
"Its simplicity, cheapness and great mag
nifying power struck mo with surprise.
Then I wns oxnmining n fly's eyo by Its
aid, nnd wns struck with wonder ut the
skill and power of tho Crontor which is
displayed In Its structure A lien I saw i
statement In nn advertisement thut tho
Cmlg Mlcroscopo mHgnillod otio hundred
diameters, nnd could bo bought for $2 SO,
I thought it wns one of tho humbugs of thu
hour, for I had paid $20 for n microscope
not long before. Hut now I And it to io
really valuable instrument which 1
should liko sco introduced Into the families
of our readers in placo of tho manifold
useless toys which pieaso rerun Hour ami
nro then destroyed. This mlcroscopo
would both amuse nnd Instruct them and I
advise every boy nnd girl who wishes to
know the wonders which llein littlo things
to save iiis money until he has &!
which will nay for the microscope nud tho
postngo when sent by mall."
As a holiday gift this microscope is un
surpassed, being ornamental, instructive,
amusing miu encap, nnu never loses us in
terest. Agents unit iteniors suppiku on
liberal tonus. A sample will bo mailed,
postpaid, to any address for ?2 75, by K.
H.HOSS.313 Locust street, St. IaiuIs, Mo.
Ileail the Hdvortiscnlont In another col
umn, nmy.sicum
Klsslngen, Soltor, nnd Uluo Lick
AVuters, nnd ull the other variety of
waters from tho celebrated springs of OorJ
many nud America, on draft and for salo
by the glass gallon or barrel nt the dnig
storo or ji. t. wmtnKor, rso. iuh uouimer
clnlnvrnue, Culrt Ills. apllitf
A'endod under the name of Dentrlfices
Adopt and adhero to tho onlv liraparatloii
that really preserves tho teeth and hanleiis
tho gums, fragrant Sozodont. Its efTccti
on decaying teeth arc marvellous.
"Si-aum.vo'h Oi.uk'' mends Crockery,
AVooden AVurc, etc. eCeodmwuf
Fuk.ui Kggs und Yellow llutter can ul
ways bo hud. Head tho advertisement
"(Sreatest AVork of tho Asc," In this pa
per. maylSdam
A'ou will greatly "miss It" if you don't
buy the Star Shirt at John Antrim's, No
73, Ohio Levee. tf.
Gentlemen, go to John Antrim's, 7.1
Ohio Lovcn, for nil your muslin shirts,
hosiery, underwear and paper collars, and
tuvo ut least '.!. per cent from tho ordinary
retail prices. Ho hus thu best cloth coy
erod paper eollur ever oll'ored in the mar
ket, f.
Fiktt iiaViioa lUiTnTwanted at tho St
Charles Hotel, whero can bo found tho
coolest und most spacious dining room in
thu city. The table as usual supplied with
the best tho market utlbrds. Families and
pormanont bourdcrs taken durlngthe sum
liter months nt extremity toutratn.
l'eter Nelfs mummoth stock of Spring
clothing embraces all tho nuw style-, and
what can bo found now hero olio In tho
city n largo and well varied stock of Un
clothing. tf
Am: you out of employment If, so
send for tho "Thu (ireutest Work of tho
Age. Therein you will certainly find tome
thing thut will not only givo employment
but by porsorvcruricolcud to fortune. See
advertisement in this puver. muylA3m
Just received ut I Nell' s, No. 70, Ohio
Levco, a splendid lot of spring Cnssimores
Coating and AVstings, which will bo mailit
up in thu moit futhionnblu style, nud ut
prices to suit the limes, a perfect lit guar
litaed or no tale, tf
Notick to STitA.vnKiU). If you are
ttrango in this city, don't fail to call on
AVnlder and oxamlnn his stock of clothing,
boots, shoes, huts, cap nnd furnishing
goods. tf
Look at AVai.ii:ii'b Stock okClotiiimi
and furnishing goods tiiih wt.kk. ft Is
replete with ALL TIIK novelties of tho
season, ut prices to suit tho times,. Corner
Sixtli street nud Ohio levee. tf
-rrTrlqot and basket cusslmura suits, vory
fine, made to urdor, at tho old roliublo
cjothlng homo of John Antrim, No. 7!1
flpringllcld Illock, tf.
JiswKi.uvof every pattern mado to order,
and cash nald for old cold and silver, ut
Tuber ilrothers, H.1 Ohio Iasvvo. tf
IJSK-Kndcr'i Chill
I'enquer, French cronpo chlncotl suits
nro mado to order, with taste, and n perfect
fit, or no sale, ut Antrim's.
tun AUe, (V.IiIiiiIiiis i A Iiaker.'Vudueiilll
UU) 111 Alloll, .-I lilll"
.VImoiiii, ('In!
Ilinpii", .Nii-lu;
MIILrcv.- "llii
(.Amr.iereint, KrrmsV:
ijiiliksli')'. il"
Hi lie StLiiin-, Meniii
, IIKI-Alll'lllti:,
Dnn Able. tti lutut"
Woxler, N U "
Hoe, ilo
lit lie M Louis, Uo
A ll.iUer, il
r.nniiMTcial. Mmiih
(juielisti-p. KtuliMi
Tho weather Is again cloudy nnd quite
cool. Fires in grutus nnd xtoviw full quite
coinfortablu hist night, mid .'itmincr i;loth
Iiil' cotitilltiet dull sale.
The river hero has fallen eight Inches.
Tho decline in tho Mississippi goo on
steadily und slowly ut St. Louis.
Tho Ohl6 Is stationary nt l'lttsburg with
three feel eight lliohes water in thu chuu
nol. Tho river Is ulso ftatlonnry lit Louis
ville, with tlireu feet water In tho chute
down tho iftll, live feet in tho ennui nnd
six und 11 half feet on l'ortlnnd Har.
Thu Cumberland is fulling rapidly, with
only seven feet on Hurpcth Shoals.
Uusincss Jiero continues good.
Tho (Quickstep brought out flour
bnrrols nnd 1'-' pkgs sundries for various
pnrtles In Cairo, nnd 00 bid whisky, 10H
Imlbs liny.
The Umpire brought 181 lihds tobacco
for rcshipment to Nuw Orleans, and ill
ditto for Louisville.
The JiiiiiHdeu brought out GO tons pig
iron for rcshipment to St. Louis, 'JuO bbls
flour, 17 bliN whisky, Uo hhds tobacco for
rcshipment South and JO hhds tobacco for
rcshipment Knt per Hluo Line cars.
Tlio Duxtor cleared last night with n full
cargo, nfter adding 'JOO tons hero.
Tlio lleo nnd Harges received nbout 200
tons here.
Tlio F.ckcrt, Capt. Dugttii, has finished
wrecking tho Uobt. Moore, opposite Snilth
laiid, and is now on the wny to Clucliinati
with the remains of three steamers tho
(tiiMon, Kenton nnd llobl. .M 0011. Cupt.
Diigau savs that tho Koht. .Moore Is more
twisted, careened, broken und altogethu
tho worst wrecked and must completely
wrecked boat hoover saw.
I fl'liu Belli! Memphis is tho regular pack
et for Memphis this evening.
The City of hvansvillo is the regular
packet for Kviinvllh' tills evening, and tho
Idlewlld to-morrow.
Tho I'nducali packets leuvo dally at p.
111. except hunuiiy.
Tho ltichmond is due this cvcnlnt! for
New Orleans. In addition to her valuable
nud agreeable olllrcrs, wo recommend pus-
i-iigera 111 iiiuku win iinuniiHaiiru 111 .11 r.
ucorge .Movers, minor 01 tuu liicnmnnu
Jlmilthht. ' .
I'lie I.lfr HiKlnliilittr UrKims.
Tno two oriiti' uliti-li uucistnr must directly
lo tliw suppoit of tli body, btu tin' touiAeli and
lhi-r In tho fiiruo-r lli lir-t .n-i.s of JIkcn.
tluu tiikc- iw. iindsrlliusuOoiiiif liial'OU)'rfiil
solvent, tliiiitiulrioj-Jlvx Tln-rn'o tlu food, in
Tcrtoil into n (inlii, iiiu-es lulu I ho duodenum,
Iitc It is sill jc lr.l to Din wtinn of tlio liilu or
titll, IIhuiiik from His lit it, niid of Ui tluld gener
ated by Uu' JmnTl or sfdlrend of tlm s)
li'in. riiesv sr-tiun Miitrntu ilm iiulrltluiu
iwitlmtfniin tht.c.i slid II is tlu-n taken up by
ilio iilwiirU'iit c.sl nnd coiitoyod lain Ilm
elisiiiinN of circulation In lli form of tenon
bloil, itlnlo Hie wii-io niHlti-r l ill-i'linrxid
lliroiinh Ill's lout-Is. I'nless sit lliesn - mk
sn- -Inly I'- rfuriiicil, ill -.i-c of suiiu -on u iui-v.
Iisblr, mii-I tlie bi-t of nil ii.i.licuial ntrsnls Mr
t.rirrTlMK or rr.'inni; Ilm mn an t n.-ilat'iu
ili iw-tiou of Ho- llireo oricnns iliu loinauJi.
liter nnd Ints-llnes- Ly xlo li Uu- llm-e-ful-l
work lsenrrle.1 on, Is Ilf.-.nii-r s-loiuscli liutrin,
Inilii-ttienuKt-iii-rally uri-oiiipainH byconlini.
1 1011, anil lb" u- lltl" 1 utlisrtlv oj-ituIioii of Hut
Il.ttPM is no I lln-oil,uit In C4e of nils kiu I,
I bun In tniilcctli-rl nixiii Ilm 't'lMiwIi andllin ln.
isryiiltnl. ileuiitynf -ersons Hill n tirsllh,
ilc-end In no stmill drron lllll tin It-slllsrll)
nl lliel-xeretlvefiinctioii. A snllos rom-lsioii,
n Uncle iiiwUs,cosrAskin,ntiuitril brcib. rii-li
of I l-o.l in Uu-liond, loo of luvinoiy, liendivLe,
iiii-l iixlreuie mi'iitiildf pi Inn, are tlm usual -'
eonipiniiiK iiis of rostnenosi, A course of tlm
Hitters -ll infallibly n here, nn-1 linally luuili
Ih-n.i obnuxluiis )in 1. 1111, whl.H liiniiorutiiii;
Ilm stoin n-li nii-I proinol.nit liealdiy u 1 1 -. n 111 tlm
liter. 'IliU Kcni.il trwl-ildn tntiiwhtaand alter
ative, slrike at di-m-e 111 Its imtiiary sources,
Ilm nHsitiniutin, secret. te and eximlsfve orsn,
mi lllio cures it i tK- ts urn eou-c-Utiiily tbcruiyli
and ciiinii le.
A ll.t of Inters reiuiiiionK lim-liilund In Ilm
.o.t otllce st (.'airo,llluiK, on Suiur-lsy, J1110
II, ls?o.
i.tciri' 1.1. r
Alexsn b r, Mrs Ito-u I,
llr-mii, l.iu-y
rUrkon. Miiinea
llouanl. al,u
Jones, .Mary
Monroe. Harriet
Horlm. Mrs M
Ward, Hua
llrtrn, Kiln
liurton, 1'tor.i
Imii, llattie
Joliiison, Mr Jereiniali
John-on, Su-aii
Mw-li. Mrs I)
Ni-I, Curs
Wwkton, MJiy
GKtltMlt s n-r
Alexander, Himuel. ; Itotlr , Tt om.i
llrovrn Js M
llruHB, Austin
Wsrke, I'alii.k
Ftfiko, ,Mj
f'llieji, K
d"Mtone, I.
liallttfl.er, lll.i.ili
linen, V
lloniU-ek, S
llu-lson, I -on
Hs. Jiunrs
lliulon,' John
Hi ndersnn, t'lms
Jubiwan, I'lanL
Lathroji, l.j.u-1
l.sne, John
l.nsk, W J
Ni ainsn. Krsuli
l-jlm-r. il J
ll'llienr. (Jenri'
Milltll, lluth
Tlivmat, Jyl.n
Tsylor, Ifenry
'l.iylor, fhs W
iluekih w, Frank
Oiiiiino Win 11
t'tlla, la.iiiinit k -Kittjersld,
Kiyt Ji.lm
(.00J-I1. Is.uls
lifiviu. Win J
lliiini.l.rey. Win M
Hay.', i duel
llmion, John M
Id m John
llnier, II II
Jnked., r. 0
Ken.HI.J K
1iUis. Henry
Irf-e, t,(,M
Moore, K
1'trk. W II
Hni .le, J II
lllclliiiilx.il, ( p
Hti n, I; jl
Ternl'. Jidiir
llioi , rrtelm
W'tl-oa. Jsrni.
-Washlriutoii. lieu
ri-rsoiisi slllnit lor any or II. ni.ive leili rs uil
I'le.i.ei'allfnr ' Adu Itirnl Ictlerx'atid iflioll."
ilalu of litis list.
JOHN M.lill.WIA.M, l'o.liualer.
Q.KAXD t'OXCJlfllT " "
lly tlm
Monday Evening, June .13
Philharmonic Hall.
The itlutflini.Cluh of thu Turner Koolotv la
iilenseil tniiiiiioiiiu'o uiir.iud ronecil ns nliotu. nml
shall spare no rllort tndeserte itliill house,
TlrnVrograiiiiuu ttill bu varied by clinrusses.
ntinrlotlis, iliiits,etii in lihn li Ilm iiiunburx of
111" (1Mb ill lw unsl to tlie host posMhlo n lun.
tiino, ' '
Iloors open at 7 o'elnek. loueert to ecniuiencii
nt Hi 1 j- . 1 1
4dniislcn...H.i.t-, ,'t,t..".f.M.....o.i.H...,..., M eenla.
' Tlfki ls fill s.ilu .Ml ,!jr.Klll..i'lid JI.tniipiijM I.
The drill nf lllllenlioiise A llnnny l Mils on)'
illonlveil lv niutiMl cmi-nnt. Mr. ilniiny i-ijn-llniii'
tin- business, nnd la nulliorlwil I"' tn eli
nil oiiI.-Iiim-IIiik i l.ilni., nul nillsillle rill ililm-
1 lil:n lliN iiielliml of exirrinn my lu-srty
IIiiiiiUs io llm ninny pUriini of Urn ohl linn f
Itittiiili'iil-o A' Ilium), mi'l Impe licit Hie same
lllrt iiillly heri-lofiirp extendeil to lis, wllhlie lw
stounl on my most wor'liy aiiee;-..r.
n fill' Itl 1 I n.oiuuri,.
SlMtl.Nsl'IKIil V ll.llrVOIN
south i:atkiv . U.
On mid uDer Tlmr.-diiy, April Ultti
tmliH Hill run ns follows :
iinlMiscirTiirtT-l.stv sl-nlN'ii trt l.
Mull i "
Kxpres" " ''
Express M....l'si A. M.
Mail r. M.
Makliirelo-o eolini-tllontit Pnnn tltli lllinoN
O nlrnl lie It. for Cnlr 1 and nil liolllt" soulli, nud
Willi tlie In. I. A St. .' '.a K, It. for lndliiuaolls
nnd Loulstille, and all points east and southeast.
11... to.rlt.iOlel.1 wllli ll.i. Toledo. Walstsll A
u-...!ern It. It. for tlulinv mid all iMiints Meat, and
u il II tlm l lilonnnA HI Louis It. It. lor M. Louis
nli.l LlileSRt, 1011I all wiini nniiii ami nnrwineai.
K. DOIMIK, nen'ISil.
joiin Four.rnyirii'iTVkct ari.
11 r?lif
Hi. i.otiit.TsOiilNvlllf.C'iiu-lniintl
.'lilciiKN sorK, oiii
...Alii All......
INiiiitM TaihI and Tortli
(itssrltKrr Trillin Artlte at mill lev
aittro ni miiuwii
Mall Kiprsss.
.iiint.t. a. s.t. 3.1.1 I. M
IIEI'AKT HlHO A. M ....Jill I. M.
Ilolh trains connect at Crntifclla hiIIi IralDion lb
I'atta, Itrratiir, lllnnutlliRlnti, Kl I'aso
L.a Halle, .tlemlola, .'rrriorl, Oalrna,
ISIIIIIIfllir, hbiii nil
.Mia rl, .llltiiitatila, Wisconsin and
And with lines running Knt and West for
St. LoiiN. .Sjirlngfleltl, LoiiNvllle, .'ln
cliiiiatl, Indlminpolis .V t.Vlutnbu,
And at Chlesiro with Mlelilrsn Cenlral, Miehl.
ROUinern, an.i i-iiiiwuia. xto
and Clilcsxo lUilrokds for
T.ll III. la Iiiiwi
AV'aUlltK.nilV 11 IT sari. I
For Ihroiuli Inks'., and Information, a'ly at
ll,e Illinois ooiural uuroai J-poi.
Vis J JUJlaV Jt'
Oenenl l'a.eniter Aaent, CIiIcsko,
M. ItlHIII ITT, ilenral Huperintenilent.
.1 M K.- JnllX-uN. Airenl. Cairo.
o Aino.
lltMKI. lll ltlt, S'rraldratt
MttllKltr W. .tlll.l.l.K, Vlr-'rs..i
'. X. Uf tilltM, Cstsblcr.
ions Promptly Made,
Kttiiiintzi', Coin, Hunk Mntin
nml ii'iiit'ii Niatcst Ni'curl
(ii Itouirlit anil
Tnton-st Allotred on Time Deposits.
Capital - - $100,000
V. l. IIAI.LIIIAV, I'rrslilcnt 1
A. II. NAKFUItl), CashUri
S" Maalt Taylor
mil Ukllr,
lirn. II, lrillliuikiin,
A. II. 'talTurd.
VT. V. Hsllblsy,
Steilirn Itlnl,
i;.vlinnt;et Coin and
IL S. Jlond llouht
. . and Hold.
Z3oiooswltoas Iloooivocl
StA UattMt
Cairo & Paducah
Daily Packet.
asm . Tlm l.nl runnlnir steam naeksl
Wool ..v.MHtfr,
WD) ly rKulnrlvH nUv(i Ievin 'lrrvry
4 vou.iiKHt 4 o'elocU.nml loiichtngut all lutenno-
llllitO ItUllltM,
l.,...V..I..I.I,....,.,t I A, .i.lu.ak.1 In
"I lit IK'"1'! I'lireSHKv AipMJ 'U 4 4 M t
n. j. uircKi.i:v, akmh,
Lieiro. llii"'"-'
i'A It H Trout llveriool, Irftutlossdrriy.
SIIisnko'iv or iliipctialoirn to Cnlro,
flit '40,
'aprSlf 1 ARStssM
Hll'DS'2 mini
I I A I Ull
CAIRO eirr
mil me
lllvnii lii nil Alilitillllo I'lllllls.
St. Louis, Cairo h New
Orleans Packet Co.
r 1"; .
iikx rr.11
Tllll.tlPSlt IIKA.V
Mtti.Lir. Ain.r
S tIM !.. TAI. .
.TltliMlf tN, Ms-i
I'AI'Id.tir-. UAIlllttl.l
Coimirlsinx all the nuet and largest Isials mil t.
pi. Iiult.
For New Orli ui. Tl.o (-Unllif r
will lrao HATl'IIPAV Lielilnir J inr II ,
tonneotiutf at Jie Orleans with Ocean Line on
Klealners lo
Llvtrjinad, New Yarh, lloslon, and Oal
s ..ton, Taiai.
I'awertiers and hhip r eaa ly on onei ol the,
bokte Iramu Cailouni:tiiiJl.as aloto.
lleneral Aitent. Cairo.
Offi e.nn n'tiarftsial. I'ulJlo l.an.lllir.
iViemphis and St. Louis
Packet Company.
: ifi70. : jAv : I87. :
........ .......
The follnwlna- llost.oorn.rise llila l.lliesjld ml
run lu tlmf.dluaintfurderi
Momphis Packets
, ArriealCiiro,lAirlti.at Calm
o"'1' tuiaa, tr,
aau.( ar. l.ot-is, 'Tuelty, f.tr flurday I a. to
I. a-Ur, nm.fl' I
l.ltAMi To W Kit ,tliurs..y lr.sl .od.f.l .in
Ij-niiot, Masieu I
bulls. urwrms. l-tatnrdsr, 5.mlhtiri., I w
Vicksburg Packets.
;Ariiteat Ualro Atrile al I airu
lino. ir.
MAHItl.KCITT, iWde..ay, '.oi Friday, I a.m.
JUl.U-.-.... , du do
ail.tilttlHi. .. M'relay. 4 . in Jundsy, I a 111.
crrvoKAi.ru. do do
IlflllCuN' Hiin.lv. In. ir liieedsy. I a.m.
intr OKtAliiu.J uo I -iJ
UonneriuualM lnio ami
Northern Line I'ackrl Com pan),
Kenknk I'arkel Onmiiaii)-,
llmalta I'askrl t omiialiy.
and Varluiia Itallioait l.lnca
AlMemidHt) th
Mmilila ami Willie Hirer I'arkel Co.,
Arkansas lllvr I'ackcl lr.'iiupny,
llrmolil. anil Uliarlrstfiit It. It.,
and .'ll.l.slipl JL 'l-rntirssre It. it,
At t.lMirk'HIi
Vslim Itlarr I'arkrls.snl
VIrksliiirK sml .'Ir rldlan Ui.llr.iKil
Oltlnt Ihroutth h Us la-l ns and tickets to U tap
Mil. points by r.l nr r r
CIIAh. T. JII.MtK. General Afcent.
int.. on WnarMoai,
HL St I VKU. Ticket and l's.enicr Aenl
Nashville and Cairo
Packet Company.
f j.'e. Conilstlnj; ot llio Jollowin,-.S-W.viar.aplo.jiiljil
piu.i.'Ilur ituuiuer.
hTltONO........ . Mhsier teri
l.tiite. i;vcry .Slomlitv eV I 1". M.
IIAItMON Ma.ier .........:iei.
I.citvra lltrry 'I'll iirsiliiy-nl I I'.M.
John Lumsden
HAVU .Master I 1e.t
lcaft:vtry fcatlurtlty sit 1 I'.M.
Tliroiu'li Hills l.ndlii' (ilvcn Via. Niislf
Willi ami Cairo I'nekeU nud
"(Jrci'ii Line"
T.t Xaalitllle. 'liHiiimoou-n, Tenn.i Al
lanln, S'oIiiiiiliiik, llouie, .Mneou, II,
(Juliiin. Wint I'ulnt. tleoinrlotfu. all'
U.lKSllle (In.i Knfanln, Ala. I Mottl'
icanit.)-, AIh.i Clirle-.lon. H. Sl.i Siolum,
Ala.i hatliliull. Ila.i WIllilluKlQU, A'. ('.I
S'oliiiuLtlu, N. '., t)
Asr-nt ut Cairo.
Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company.
nilNHV JO.MiS, I'res't. I HAH J.HALi:. hee'y.
w ConiHJstd of thu follow intf lir.i
AliICK UKAS JohnHinnk, Ma.H..
IISIIt'T lllllt.N .l;rllk HIIII "
MINNKtlLA. ..W. II. SliHer
Hll.VIUi .tOO.M-..-Heil .M. Iluriiltea
h"h K haw: r..w. i'. Wniki r
Onoof lh aoot" splendid stemners Irate t'i, -1
for JUniptifs rvery Toenlay und H.iinrd.iy, sin
for Clncinnull rvery Kridny M.d ratiirday.
CHAS. T. 1IINHB. Aitent, Cairo, III.
HII..U .... tl'l.ur.l.l.
Evansville and Cairo
Packet Company.
.jff-l"?' Consisting ol the fo"1
arfvjiSSpleiullil Vnssongor HtJitiu
rilWLKIt Waaler I W. KOWLLIt
Itti h I'airu Hiliidny aod, Thursday at i '
aAMMK!l...-.-.Master IPEKMNdTOS
Leaves Cairo TUvsuay aut rriuay at ft 1'
Cilyof Evansville.
l.eiiteali'iilro WeduesdsyHiiiidHulliriluys at 011.
Coneotini? ,nt i Tenne.sen riter
paclets.' at Kniltliliind wllll J'alivHle pwdsots fnr
Kvaiiat III" aon ino ies r pi-. ii yio-iioi
Norlhl'"'1""'11 ,,,'0.AH..ln.NlVi,,!

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