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IN. M , .... -
HAiifhbAi) n'rrni'oi' r Ultn
Klsowhoro, in tlii ..f Tiik "I ' '.v.
TIN wo tuil'iUsh nn nrtlrle from l!.. Mini
phis jlrnrWJk vHrh will w l-''l '
rr-ul with ii.lore.t l-v tliuciilw -f Cairo.
Tlinl .McmpliMiM wi-n wr
Ing lm.ortnti.v.'f ('! ! " f,,d'
nuono whol.MRivin' i""''t to tlio
Mil.Jwt will ho a..ni"!ifl to hi'iims-crti'il (
for, nltlmuirii our Wty ha hml almost In
surmountable oMAr to ovorroi.ip. mul
Is .vet in llif tr.ivnll of n strugg'o ,,t
that i.Wtiot iitnonj: th- (!Wt cities of tlio
limit uhih she otiglit even now to occu
py, Jv livda.vshi' I nltriictlii tlio ntton
tion of tli o sagacious men of tlio country,
f i tid Mill inevitably heeoinu n rnllroiiil
oofiter In fmjiortance sucutul to no olio in
tlio nqniMif.
It'i in look nt this mnllcr u moment.
There is, In' the public inlml, n innniu for
tlie I'neltic. Asia, tlio trade of which
country hn cnrirhiil every nivtion that
lm poMoed it, nnd nrtcr which tlio gn-nt
NapolWi itruguliMl with sU,l nniVjKWtler,
I.- over from tlio 1'aciHo coat, and all tlio
"innwroinl world In ellbrK to petal thu
treasure of thnt vast region of the globo.
ii ittemptlnj; to tnnko "short cuts" tho
.Sues Cnnfil, and the Pacific railroads of
America. Wo Imvo now, constructed or
contemplated, the North Pacific road,
commencing at Point li, at tho Western
point of IaVe Superior, ntnl running be
tween th arnllela 47 and 48 to the
iUrutU of 1'nca, on the Pacific; and the
Central Pacific from Gitalin to San Fran
cisco; and tho Kana J'aellloj and tho
Thirty.jecond Parallel route; and, bt of
nil, the International route, with Cairo at
it initial point. That nil thee road will
be constructed wo are sure; and that
tho International cntornrijo will Iks
n fuwMi nl no illitnnt day
I with u u lellf. ni strong nt i-onthlenee
in the stability of tho llepuMIc "With
tho sue of thli route, Cnlr.i, lit tho lan
guage of Col. Forth', of Houston, Toa.
will l recoil In u the renter of future
Imputation, wealth ond empire In tlio
L'nitt'd Stntf. "s"weji ynur eye. ' writs.'
tho Colonel, n centluumn of lfntning, a
craduate of West Point, nnd an engineer
who bus been overt.ll the Pacific rute in
the employ of .tha government Swip
y. ur oytti southwesterly, from Cairo, the
t-r.terof future popalation.- wealth nnd
i nipire, to the nt.ret point on the Pacific,
ar 1 you will find Maiathut Ulow the
li ilf of Culif'Tnis; nnd fining th jwtntl
I v a riicht lino, it will p i.f.UnlUstVfind
Fulton, Arkansas; Tyler, Austin and Lr
hi, Twa; l'arras nud .vmtre;tt. is
Mexico. Yoa will pass nar)y the vrboiv
I n- ihrnugsi an inhabited ui 1 fsrtiUeocn
t' ; MO mil of it from CnirU ttc I'.lo
(ran4. evorr mile fertile and cultirbbW
i rwfrali t4thnly 50 mile hi Mtx
i .i, of orcMiuoal ti'fMjruj.hii' J.rrir. ni
. n!r 300 MiW of diSicch line to t rarer
It it tOO mile ikwi air! Wt miln ntr
nj bettor than either of tk otbvr liow u
tt.- Pacife. It ere4 the UtUude nnd
i Uftx'pleof unlK;rtiiietinn; eimple
t ' Jnarf in f tko nth the Middle
f the tenfwraia leae. It poo. fiom th
!.:Tof futur wpire sud toe .N'mWwl
t ij'iUl to the route rf tnu-lViDc
r.t. ndwiob IiUttU a ad h.ngbui
upon lUparalM. and the untold oum
rce of tiM Orient will wulnly How
t ard li weatocH Witninut of tbi line'
We know that thli 4cture U ptintod
v.lh color not lumber, but they do so
' m tluurjoitleo to Ui future tlwt u U
t- reui that will beojned by the fnicli
t 'ue of thit'ifrwtt l'aeifle rmtt, which
i.-k no govern meirt Mbtidlef, nothing
but energy Nd i acwrgiHi(i from lh
p'-jde at thl end of the runt-. MenipliU
. thu truth of tbU HMertlou teoi that
uithtlie eunitriMrtlon of the Cairn and
IMton rottd, on wblob uwrk hut already
U-i.it begun in Arkana, tho iuec of
t InUrimtloUHl rowl will U, lL-, un-d nnd
nr.. U-ooow the grand mllroad eeuterof
tie JivpubHc, reaehing out and jcMnerlni;
trade frwn the Orient, goM from tho
r ..ij of.MeikH, rtittlnfroui thejilulnn.f
T. xtu, and ruttonacd oorn from the fleliU
f Arkaniu ; and jiving bock fyr the the
.l t of the "W'Mtorn rftaU'i and tho trade
' the midrupulU of Uv c-ountry,
Wl.ihjHwnre of thli fact, Memphi nlio
' 'W that if nho can onrnt t with Little
U k by rail before Cairo, tliat ho may
i .1, ut of the Intornational road, anil
J-'htlar ill nil tho wealth wo lire nownntiel
I"'."itr, and, theroforo, the .IrifcinrAr ax.
"Will Olro lt Memrilii to
J. ttlo I'.utk ' Wehojionot, in tho nanm
ffalliUijjod.utonoei ' Wo do not be
l've that .Mcjiiphli, oven with tho .Mum
1U ftud J.lttle Hook rowl com.
pMed Uforo tho Cairo and l'ul
Ion toad, ryb c.u,.0 of Jjcr Kr(at
riilure, tut iu the completion of thl. road
iM-'fore Chj ,.H r(mc)l ltiue ,ocl bI(0 Iimv
w -v, U-kUforO, With lla, u. with tho
"Will Cairo
W .Memphii to l.ittlo
he ii&iiu, ,.r ,i i , . .
oncolwu,oIK..ko:- h
ahleU Judical le)ld,r.,fM,.,ouri,l,n,d1.
luro.1 for ''rebel .ofranehU-monv and
ha. take,, J,!, ,,laco umuH them.-t liberal
member, of lii. party, Tho ultral.t, are
denounci.,,. him , rcepole, Mi m.m
l-uprn of thaf faction lmve read bl.nou
pi the party.
tXiTU worn be of ,yfto in calinlnK
tho atorm now 1, ,, ur Inuilc, J
tea-pot, our trvleo. u,u l CommiJnd
of 1.0 hostile purtle,. AVlvh plMluro, wo
will carry a ilaa of truce, and go jIlt0 ,Lu
ootlilni;,huines. tcjany reatonuUg uxtent
Irft uslittvojicaco.
sham, iiv: ouaAXiMt '
Tho Domoernlie mombcrs of Congress
In n phupii held hi't ttepk, illwiiKtcd thu
.,ilittnil condition of the country anil eon
eluded to make all. attempt to organize tlio
party for thu ronnroMlimnl I'liiiipulitli of
next full. Without coming to any ilelllnito
conrluioii, tlio matter win referred to a
committee, of which .Senator Tliimnuti l
Chairman, and tho cniicil" adjourned to n
future day, when tho report of tho com
mittee will bo received and nclod upon.
Organization U the ureal neee.lty of
tho Democratic party nl thi tlmo. With
out patronage; oinewhat at fen in to uny
definito lino of action; Mauding In the
inldU of new event and with
no nuthoritntlvu voleti to command, thu
party W In tho condition of n cnptalnlefs
hip' in n ftorm, lurdy nnd strong, bravo
in il imttlo witli tho oh'ineiit', lt
mfoly depondlni; greatly upon the klll of
tho inarinOM nnd tlio favor of I'rovldeuro.
Too ninny of the men who should bo nlol't
or nt the wheel, nre- taking their eao in
tho cabin, nnd It M hli;h tlmo tho lncunrdi
woro belli,' liinuiioned to do duty. Hero
In llllnolf, thoparty 1ms no commander
no ollleors of nnyklnd; nnd tho chief bml
lie." of tho limit ooiwplcitotu members of
the or;iinl.:Uion seems to bo to find fault
with notnelhKly who Is nnlotn to work to
find fault, nnd then io to uleep iijatn.
Xow, this 1 nil wroiif,'. The nicee of.
the party I n cnriMimmntion devoutly to
bo wished for, nnd every Democrat should
do nil in hit power to recuro lt trittmph.
Tho DeniocriiU who lmvu herctoforo en
joyed tho confidence of tho party, who
have nlwnyi been ready to receive from it
place of honor and profit, and who nro
even yet loud of mouth, hould net n well
ni talk. ' l'eful Implement, rather than
ornamental vouli, nro now thu groat
tiJrrntuU of tho party. Kntortuitiliit
these opinion, nnd looking with utter dN
gut nt tho Inanity nnd IMlaMticf of
tho Democrat of lllinol'j Aye arc (jratllled
bythunHumncothat tho magnate of tho
party nt "Wnjhlnglon have como to tho de
termination to do omethln townrd tho
r.-oraanlr.utlon if tho ftralinp rank nf
the Demi Kiratic party ; nnd 'wu hoiie Uielr
love fenjt, may remit Inn imvIthi of rn
thuiain that will uprcnd, with it ru'lita
gi.n, Mllllnoli, and awaken thepartyof
tlw State into earnoit nctlvlty. give to it
the vim of tho uldou time, ami that ajruro
t it that victory which it i utro lo gain
if iith .kilfnnd courage.
E. M. lyiwe. of Pulaiki county,
IkM lnhii handi, cardi with which be
intend to make "high, low, Jk and tho
traro." He i not goin t' l-o crowded
off the j-tditieM traek by hi fellow ltadl
raU: an J. backed by the Muck cuhoru of
PulatVL ro(KKt t werp the board at
the netnin fall elueti" He ha proelain.
ttl hit ia:rnti' lube the next then J' of
that rmtitr: and, inJepenJnti h turker
on ice, ru'he into the cembt with th
air ef a aivi who tV-rnohly undtrtaslt
tbe ?r Ji I be prtjv- to rlht over. We
,'lorr in hit pluck, and uko ba-te to lay
tn lori'Ai Mices If M? l'.ilicnl in
.vMthtrn 1 1 H noil tkw. During the nr,
be fought, blel and died with the negro.
eat with tliam wmJ lrt with them nnd
inciJie(terluiLe)n ttMlfat in devotion
to hii table lovf. in th Pulaiki county
llpub!ien ronvt-ntioii, hehl on th 1'Hli
ofiatt .Uhv. he uffaTwl Jill uiuetldlilf lit to It
buneoinb rutnru'.inn which rrentod lulte n
itir among the nero-loving loynlit nt
that time Henild.nl. He proiKxed ''thut
one rolrel man U plaewl on tho com
lalttue with the white memU'r In ciich
ttroeiin-t. Horrible! Nigger nre for iiie
in the ill lioal party, nnd mint not expect
tonhare too leinor ; and H down went
tlie til"iiel amendment, out went thu
Colonel In itiiii duduoon, tind now bo turn
up n ('andKlato for orneo. Lome ill
Afrie.il Hero it V"Ur man. Jly voting
for lwa you will come nt near voting for
olm or v.)ur own kind ot iiooiilo it vhi
Iouibly ran without doing so.
WTIm- St. I. mi 7Vi, In the ttwr
lUlli int. my tli.it "it i to tho b'i.hitioii
of the D.'iiincratii' pnrtv In (.'.inge,
uion- tlnin to any other ruui, that the con-
tinned III which diitruct the country mid
retard itl pr.njMirity nro dim. '
We an -nro thu Timr did not intend to
Kiveoxpriou to thl Miiitlmeiit. That
;i per U ditlugiilhed by devtllon to tho
party thoo word malign, nnd by n Jturdy
common unQ thnt would not, bollovn,
allow it to run Into tho Intentional iiMer
lion of n propoaltlou to rldlculouii, Thu
Dmocriitlo party, lolng In a minority,
oaunot U held repoullilo for thu legisla
tion of Uongroii. On thu contrary, It ha
been thu ttundfmt ojipouent of tho dm
groMlcnal jKiliey, and all thoro ill which
diitrnil tho country and retard It prm-
perity, nro thu ruult of t!msiiceea of poll.
oul dovtriue and policies agalnt which It
ha innitperUtentlvjirotetod. Thotypen,
wo frar, Ini Hindu tlio Timin nv whiit It
did not wluli to utter, mid would reent If
given e.vireiiou to by any other paper,
Tiik8oi.iiii:ih' 1'i:i end. lion. Jno. 31.
Creb, llepresentatlvo of thl dltrlet In
Coiigre., Im won golden opinion from nil
ort of peojde, by hit iiiodety, ubility
mid devotion to duty. He ha earned tho
title of ' tho fuldlurV friend," nnd lui a
right to wear It. Head what u Jindlcal
paper of Chicago kay In hi prnlio;
lion, John .M. C'reln, of lllinol, ha
lin true to hi coiutituenta nud has faith
fully labored fur thu interest of nil pen
loncr. IIu wa among thy ilmt to prenent
u bill to Congrom irovtding for their pay
went through po.tniHuteM, and though thi
WuJ a;i eicelleiit bill ho "bowed hi inter
et iuthocmueby yielding hi jireference
fur own nud urging hi friend to unite
upon the bill or (Sen. llutlur, which ho
eotulderod better in noinurimpeet than hi
own. Such devotion to thu caiiMi of tlio
penIonnr ihould bu rowarded, nnd wu
urn. ptinlonem of every liurty to uuito
mid upport ilr. Crub, for bukerved faith
fully on thu battlb-lleld, and though hu
luloiigi to thu Daiuocrutio party, liu ha
shown that ho can aurvo you Jmf us faith
fully In tho Colore of thu nation.
The Cairo Bulletin, June ..14
t?Niov cou.vrv.
Tho .loneboro (hurtle, of Saturday,
fpenk of tho Miporillo aehlevoinent of a
hid mimed liny, u re.iduiit of Alum.
Thu boy fell nk'ep on Sunday, of hut
week ; slept half tho Tiny, all the ensuing
night, all day Monday mid .Monday night,
and et In for u full day's lcep on Tuesday,
when hu was, with great dlllleulty, awak
ened. Tlio Miponnu lad was, nnd I In per
fect health.
The (Inzrtlf nvnwn It hiwtllily to tho
now CoiiMltiitloii, urging n u fatal objec
tion to it, that the convention refued to
Mibuilt thu Mitrrngo iiltlelo to thu voto or
tho people. Tirrrore, according to thu
logic of thu (hurtle, nil who vote for tho
now intriiment voto for negro suH'ruge,
mixed school., ete.l If nnybody fall? to
sco thu jutnu.s of tho conclusion, "spot
hint!" lie's "an Infernnl abolitionist I"
It Is ns'erled that no town In Southern
Illinois ha n better reputation for solvent
business men than .loneslxiro, nnd wo nro
not disposed to gainsay tho assertion. Tho
Vllliard, DiivleJ and Krleks of that boro'
nro undoubtedly men of tho highest com
mercial Integrity.
A correspondent gives us thu following
additional horns t
Joiietoro, ill.,. time l.lth, lCt.
Cairo 0'iilr lliillrhn:
Tho wheat harvest or this county wn
opened on Tuesday lnt by Paul 'Prick,
Lij., whofIu addition to being a live active
farmer, lias dotio much in the way of fur
nishing nnd introducing labor saving
machines, and Improved tanning imple
ment. This schmui Iimi K'on n good one
for wheat, tho yield will be largo and tho
quality excellent. The drouth has not
been MiUk-lunl to stint tlio growth of
wheat, nor ha thero been enough of wet
weather to genorato moisture. Tlio past
tlvu day having been cool, tho farmers
have devoted theinselvin industriously to
saving theircrop u task usually perform-o-l
under much warmer impulse.
dreult Ouiirl Will convene to-dav, but
will remain in soion only u mtflcictit
length of time to empty thojall, on nccount
of it being tho bule!t ensoti of nil tho
The .An' At thl placo contains, nbout
ten prionvr, mo-t of whom nru charged
with felonloti crimes. Thu Jail, which ii
about II feet square, with but throo imall
grates, tnakei up In ttreiigth wliatover it
lck in tze or vcntllutloii, ami hiu ilncu
iti erection contained ut olio time nineteen
1itiial Tho (iu--r of thla week
come out agniiut the nuw constitution,
and eeral of the leading Democratic pol
itician of thl county will voto and ue
their intluuiico agniiut ft. .
Tho contest for SberirT in thl county
will be n lively one. Some ten or fifteen
candidate being already in the field.
The Fifteenth Amendment Is bavin:;
good effect here, for whllo tln-ru 1 not more
than a coro of negro voter in tho county,
and th-y will probably decllno tho honor
of v .'.uu, thu radicals admit that the men
strou manner in which tho amendment
In Wn i lesallv dpclariid adotiteil, ami
the barbarotn negro thereby permitted
xo exerc.su n ngut wuien no li
wl.ollv Iricjiinible of coin prebend Inc.
will imrtawj tho Democratic majority of
t n on county ui icati -oo vote, .tianv or
the foniitr leading KadicuU who have voted
witli tlio party ever ilnce it Iind an ex
iitence, now oiienlr avow their detcrmlna
tlon to leave It. Negro juifrago and high
taritl 'li-claring that every net of the
Itadlcal Coiigreo eem to be in the Into
retof lndhoIderiand Iron monger and
... .1... .1 .1...
o inn iiffiriuii'iib oi voo luriiiur.
i nt ii miner a near cmo nour ago,
but a heavy ruin and lull storm it now in
proi;ri-'. ilut siiii.IiIiid i.evH' t Uforo
ni'.'lit. Huch i tho poet month of duiiu
in tgypt. u. J'mwiUL'ti,
iFrnni our Jtrtroroli eorrwn lenl 1
I.iiine Short, ii 1ml nl -out nlno year old,
largu neai,darK nnir, miori leg, ran away
from III home, in Metropolis, in April
iHi, unu in pre.cni wnerennoiii aru un
known. Hit parouts nro verv kolieltou
for hi safety, and any Information con
corniiiL' him, addrossnl to Dr. Short.
.Mclroixdis, Illinois, will bu received most
The I'Tiuit of the pat fow weeks havo
iien varwd, Mid somcwuat novel.
Cnjit. Cutting ha launchoil tho great
i aim wunrinoai, nnu it I Ih1 approaching
complotluu. Hu ha other coiilriictixl for
mill tlio lound ofmllU, mnllfts. hammer.
nud sau are conbiutlylriglng out on tlio
Mummer nir. .iias.au town it growing
riipi.ny, ami iiiu oei oi an it, ll I im
proving a much in quality u in quantity
Tho recent city election in Metropolis
wniultei'xeltingnud novel. McCartnev,
thu creat I Am of tho Itadlcal. It it ul'l.
votisl for the Di'iuocratlu champion for
.Miirtiitti; an inis necauso ui especial trleiiil,
one of the llrowtiu family, was not thu fa
vorite of the HepiiIIeitn.
Tim nt w city council Imvo been iwom
In nnd fully organized. I. & Armstrong
I clerk, and It. W. .McCartDoy, city at
torney. Mayor Uulxirta wears tho honors,
of hi ollluii easy.
Tho nibjeet of most Interest hero Jmt
now I tho railroad ulection, to couiu otr
Juno 'jFth. by tho eitv. and diino !10th ,v
thu whole county, to ibi ldo if tho city will
taku $76,000 ami tho county $r.'0,00()of tho
cupltal stock of tho Jlulluvillu ami South
ern Illlnnl rullri-iid. The eitv will voto
nliuott iinniiimnuidy ; tho county will car.
ry perhajm by only hVuiiiII majority. Tho
sign now nro vory encouraging for fcgypt,
and p(oiiilly lor tho land of Miusac.
Woexpoet foon to lo connected by rail
road with Chlcniro. St, Louis and Vienna.
the lamest citle. of tho AY'ct. then with
tho excellent facilities wo have for cross
ing tint Ohio river by ferry or bridgo, or
both, wo hopo noon to bo in dircut com
mercial communication with tbo Lake
ami Ciilf.
Hon, . ,1. Ycmt hicrhana moro fuinll.
larly known to you a plain Juki Yost)
and wife, have just returned from n trip
to isortlieru Illinois. Ho l'Ivoj oncouniL'.
ing account of thu nrosnueU of tho whuTo
I. II. Thomas, our faicInatiiiL' vouni-
lawyer, hiugouoto Du (juoi u nnd Joue
Uiro. If you meet him. you will ltnd "a
oily fellow with n glu ovo."
V...... .... " , k ul, r.
Tlio Into Cutholle iilenlc in Mound C'itv
ylulded over $300.
Olio of tho' ox driver connected with
W'lill.rlil to' saw mill wn killed, niui ilnv
last week, by a falling tree.
llio Mound CltV Journal of Snturdav.
speaks, of thu myteriou'i disappearance, of
It expresses
the belief, however, that a young man
Inclined, disappeared with
Hon, Sidney Hrceso nnd daughter spent
n portion of last week In Mound City.
They wtro tlio guest of .Mayor Casey.
AVIlllam (Jrumlrlc, n caulker, employed
at Haiiibleton's m.illiie ways, became in
sane lust Friday, and run oil' into the
woods, A dlllgciit. search fulled to rovonl
his whurouhouU. Iti feared thut ho drown
ed himself.
Tho nbovo ti!m. arc takou, substantially,
from tho last miuibor or.thu Mound City
etfSrTho Vienna Artery say: " U im
evident fact that our worthy Itepresi itt.
tlve in Congro-, lion. John M. Jreti i
trying to do his duty there." Yes, And
ho hu dolfo hi duty so wull iluit ho will bu
returned by nn overwhelming majority.
Murk thnt! Mttnuii Count J'eojile'a
"Will Cairn Dent Memphis to I.ltllc
AvnlnticliiV lli.llie Xanir of nil
Hit ti)ii, ni oner, iiofira .oi.
(1'rum the Jtr-mjilils Awlaiioh"-, fsiunlay, June li )
Tho Memphis and J.lttlo J took railroad,
upon cvry turn, stnnds before the city of
Aleinhis In thu highway to prosperity or
failure. Wo nro assured thnt it will be
built, and tho entire line from Memphis to
Llttlo Kock bo completed by tho 1st of No
'vombcr next. Tho uther railroads in Ar
kansas which look to Little Jtock as their
preieit terminus uro being rnidly built.
Wakubn riidiiiu i& Co "f Ho'toii, aro tho
eohtrnctorsiiml builders of thu I.ittio Hock
and Fort Smith road, or whluli, on tho 1st
day of August, thero will bu coitslructud
eighty miles, finished nnd In running order.
The xntne ewtracor hnrf. tnkeit the Ciiiro
and Fulton railroad, nnd nllhoiujh thtjf be
gnu on the sl o June, they will eoinjdete
tteenty milct u? thi red ly the jirt of
SenttMer, ana piuh on lo White rirer xcit'h
nil their might and'inih the road that far
befdretir. end of thi year.i ll'TltKliiril.n
as u.wint.v imim: on tio; .soiitiikkn xsh
We hoj not, in the. name oj all the, yodatit
once. Will Llttlo Kock Wl .Mcmnbir
to San Francisco? Wu aru almost i