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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, June 15, 1870, Image 4

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The 3airo f Buli&ti:ti tiiire"S."
iihc bulletin.
Inurrnnil Ksrnrsleii " !
A I. It-"A I'ny niaal llniij' Ion
Hon- n I'mlj of nor llmiii "ml
Utile, tr, llranls. imnrril mill sirre
Mrrrv. nlitl liit III Onirei a of the
Alile.ttrir Iflii.l.
King.- '
.Srrlnu Clmrfcre AKtiliial n .eiKli1mr,
CII)..nlltiK Human tloillr
SllnUlim In thr Mini, Hi,. I .io.l of Hogs
mill I'alllilll ltlrtl.--:ioit a S-'rlr litllre
Prllnw t I III n WoiiltiK A Iji-fj In Trrul
i it W ill lilt of I lie llnily Ki'iilliiK In
Mir Morr Itrrklnu tilth f.'oi-riiptliiti
niul SurrriliiKfor Kami (In- .lllst i nl.li
Wtl lrli Uri Mllirfi 111 l.nt.
A Columbus correspondent roiiiDluiti of
tllrlillsr nn, I Ol.ll- thoillllUhlnllllv of tllcColllnibtlsit.JIIS ox-
. A Clmnc Tor iMsntrra to Fob 1300 In
, ' fJ"l'l-
Tim opening l'ntr of thu Hallnnl Tobac
co whiehouse, to be hold on Wednesday
tlio U-tifl instant, lini nlrcndy beun' oxtcn
lively ndvertled, nlitl us tho llstjif premi
ums Is one ol'tliu mot llbcrtil ever offered
in tlin country, there Is uvcrv reason for
believing tlmt 11 considerable nmount of
tnhncco will Iks entered, nml that thu plnn
-- --rir -
C!o to l'etcr NeifHlfyoti want u stylish
"V' , Summer lint, clothing to gull tin; seti'oilipr
1 , nny'tnln); iti'tliil llriM ofnU-uriil.h"lni;l
hlhitcd lately on two or three occasion. t 0M tn" surrounding country will bo
TltK ' ,Pl.rlt-l IlKt'NMV i1V TIIK
Win thnloiil"wrd,thfe trnnsitsleamor Malt
A bl )Mli'rJy evening. Twenty couple
from Cairo I'riiiol by tweiify.clglit couple
rroin 0Jiijnl'U forinod tlio pimynnd u
ma'rnif j'trlv !JKurJliwrej?Mtej"iiifthe
country. V MM, Xtl'ITU
f pri-d Hi II o'olocj., ufter which tin)
stun via cleared, and
The Urgu cabin, brilliantly lighted, nnd
I W with j-iiy Jnd and blooming 1h1iw,
ring to the tucAurc of most delicious
i.nnlo, protein. -d it mviii! of tint livclicU
mil ntoU plnislni; kind. About t-levcti
. look the party vn lnvltcsl to ui li
A l.l'M'll
' tbo Hnwaril of tbe Able only known
to prenil. It wn nmplu nnd cloant,
and present n vnrliiy 4from wliloh tlm
iint fiitldliiu in wollm thu ii)ot vora.
' .0111 nppet lio inliilit .itlfy Hi craTlng.
On the '
n'rtut iiiMnigbt, it nuniltcr of Joitlzcn
fit (.'ii lMjiir.1, niyl . ibi.y are un
i.lmmn in Uiycoiiciuiion Umt tho ociinloii
"oa v Axt iiArrv"
In a wonderful doarco. AlotJt balf-paU
1! .inw the C'ulro jxirticlpatiti
snd to tlii'lr rcpectlro homi'i, feeling lli!l
uiiMiiincu anil cxruroon en tlio Able wil
rcr form a 'green p't" In l)k'-il mem
thu oi noKit.nr Tiin aiilk
were all nttvntiun, Liliduoi and courtesy,
giving hi to tboiv tliouninl and ono Je-
IniU of tbdriKnltlon In juicliupli-aintit and
rLenrful wann.T tlmt tliey "cured, In
viry one of the one hundred ladln nnd
.ntlemcn pnrtlulpfttln, nn earr.i-t and
il vuti.J friend
uai bimn-lf," very agreeable, and, In tbe
opinion of levcnl ladli-i whom u board
i pre tbi-nnelve, a well in In tbo opln
lun of everybody o1: one of thu cl-ver-
t, mwt nllablc nnd eonipiinlonablu gentle
man tliey ever im-i, nnd mnt nilnently
rttl for tlio jo!tIon hu fllU on tha plti
dil Han Able.
tb rlurk, and an old fixture if tlm traindt
trade, thuugh by no mwni an old nun,
' aiinliil in the iiiiiMM," line) Uln.l and
i nt.irtKlnlnj: word for everybody ; but nn
. firkin, tli while, to the bui'lne-i cull.
i. f tlm .Iiiiiiilon.
CAlT. Illtt. ..VMiUmJV
w then), too, n Door rnanmer, and we
Iif-l KsfMtly ndil that he I wrfnrini'd bi
part to tie tIifeiUo of every My.
Tk tlw ntlWr, all In alt II wm ' by far
t'l- must pl-atit n. ,U.fi-l..rv re-niiimi
f tlie year l7u.
'I lie late fair by the Indie, of the Church
oft im Kmleiitiur wa umec etuiiurily
m well at cwbilly. Tiw nut proeiiU
ai" .nut to two hundrwl and llfty dollar.
We have been ritwl to tcinlvr, iu
imms ui uie iiniy iiialAuvri, an ex-
prit.i..ii of thank to the cltlx.ii of Cairo,
f -r their pre-efM-e nml very liberal patro-liHL'e.
"I think it my dutv, ' avft till correspond
ent, "to (iotl and liuili to hold up to thu
public jize thu JiihtiinniiUy nnd hard-Iii-artis1lii
ji of thl peojile,"
rooll (till TOE1 IIOlM A.VII OAIIIUOV lilltl)f.
'jVlinlt tlmi Week ngu'thejdflld boilyof
it man wuS found limiting iu thu bayou,
within lght of Coluiublil, by cunie conn
tryineii, who not knowing what elu to die
liniiled tli jujjy to Jjic hqrc, njuliiiforifieil
the .Mayor of iu condition nnd where
abouts. The Mayor nhl Ac lmd imtlilnj; to
do with iueh cac, and this body f till llus
wheru thccountryiiieii ecurel 11, the food
for )nn and carrion blrdt !
Imtnlieo No. 2 in funillhihl III the raw
of n (ioruinn who arrlviil in Co
lumbin til'ionl ten days " ago, from
Inekfoti,, Tfiinereu, wheru ho had Ik-uii
em jdoyed In ii livery table.; A Iimlo lmd
kicked him on the leg, indicting n wound,
from which the poor fellow win fullering
terribly. JIuwn perfectly dotituto, nnd
all hht up peal for oharltv were denied.
During nn Interval of k week hotook hei
ter iu Mich old building- ai the owner
would permit hlin to occupy. Flrmlly,
mortlflcntion set In nnd tho "wornnof tho
Uly oominonoed uitlng the poor iui!'erer'
lug oil." "Yetorday (.Monday) morning,"
continue our correspondent, "it wni re
lirtetl to mothut the unfortunate ereturo
wnj lying In nn old hnnty on Front Itow,
In n dyinc condition. I repaired thither
nnd found him lvlm on nn old noblleVi Amazon; tho bololu und -Mlamll They
bliuiket, moaning pIteouly,nnd'gIvlngout "ro unrren waito compared with our 31 U-
n itenuh that win almost Iniuirerablc. 1
present In full forco.
As wo have already rnmnrked, tho cn
terprilng proprietor of thu Hnllnrd ware
house has necured tin; city innrket house,
for the fair, where, uiiIum tbo entries ex
eeed ullexptct:itliin, theru will bu
room for nil.
A splendid lunch will bo spread
which visitor may feat to their full
Extensive buyers of nnd oporutori In to;
bacco will lie' present from Chlcaeo. I)c
'riiIl,.CIiiclnnaU St. I.onl, Louisville nnd
other points a fact that will gunrranty
uio imnt sntniactory sale of nil tho offer
All the pinners of the surroiiiullnc
oi iu n try far nnd near, nru Invited to at
tend, and thu indications are that enoiich
of them will reipond. to form .onu of the
largest crowd of tobacco-growcM ever
eeti iu the Northwest.
"l ou ,l ti.i.0W5" who lnivo not paid
your persntml thxes look out for inc, "I'm
coming too,' with drays nnd Arnold.
Ii.'ll. MVEIIS,
-l Sheriff Alexander Countv.
X ItrjIAItk'AIII.K I II0I OK cons.
in tuo .Hlsouri
.Mr. William J'odncy
tLat will do to talk nbout. On eight ncrcs
he produced one thousand nndjiftybuthtUt
fills Is equal toono hundred and thirty
onu nnd one quarter bushels to thu ncrol
Talk nbout tho vallle of tho Nllo and tho
; -T.rrrtr
Tho distribution of tha splondid pro)
cny occupiud by .nr. r. Jiieny, will it-. hytMif; iirtlnrldui ofgcnu.f.irulllilngl
ioru lameooiiii nn opportunity to seeuro nn K1KJ,j( fuj v. ,,,,r ,.et, ci,w,,.r tlinii the
elegant nnd .costly fiomo,, fortho trying Mimi nrtieles were over oflered in Ibis
luiMvojlollars.nndscyoraotherj n innrKqt. a . , 4f.1 - .' J 'O'A
chaTlcJ tos6cufenioiiutlfiillylocnted build- 1 - ,,, ,, . .
. . i iioriiion, .iu lo.l mormon
block, 'I'entli strcot, hiis Jfisl received three
liumlred boxcsiof gln, uirylng III size
from'Sxlh tf"Siixl(.-I'iir sale, wholesale
or retail. J I If.
T "
Fkmii jgg-(iijid V-low lliitti r eaiiil
way fio hiidMiott'iid tllu m'lverttsetiient
'(irc.itiMt Work of tlm Age, ' In tbi pa-
:jHU' .;;6;r,r
i .i i i'iii per
at r. Neir.
Ing lot worth 60tl,f nt the samu price,
The draWng will conic ofTlil thj city 'on
thu I si May o'f August nnd tb"provlilri
against thu pcssibility of complaints of un
fuirncij Mr. Klelly desires to tell all the'
tickels !Vcry"otiu ot Uiehi. Abolit one i
half of, tho wlfolc huliihor 'have lilruady i
been soh'lj and thorn Is reason for believing '
tlmt tho balance wlll.be, disponed ofjby thij.j
mtddlu of next titofilh: Kverybody ha
the fullest contldence In the lionwty ainl
,,ii i
nnililo l'alr"cI fffl'O enterprise, and know that ' pilror$l .''i cvul' pei-dnr
thu property cost every dollar of thu iiioii. , No. 7'.i. Ohio. ''''AV
.upon "J H U vnlued nt. Hnnd Mr, ljellly S5. ' ! V.. '
I then, or, what Is better f fiO, alid'securn tho" Tricot and bn.kel eiusli.
worth of it In tickets. Who can say that
you will not buv tho "luckv' number ?
imit niiKssiMi, i:tc.
.Mrs. Ada lluckjias established n ladles
I...I-.I -I.L 1 I it
iiiur uruisiug riiiiioii, mm niriies iiiiipairui-
ago of thoso whu would hhru their hnlr
dresstsl In the neatest mnunor nnd strictly
according 16 the Intcit style. Hhe is nlsd
prepared to cut children's hnjr,. having,
rooms for ,t lint purpmo, mid will -visit ifiy
residence In tliu city on orders for ilinin-
poolng. All 'kind of hair ornament
manufactured on short notice, halrcomlied,
In view of tho nppronching school exhi
bitions, holidays, etc., her skill mid appli
ances In hair dressing, manufacturing nnd
nor o lous. cu(UhB,ihduM U lii active request, llo 1!
bottoms opposite Cairo, p1llC0 tln ltn Commerclnli, venue,
oy raised , crop of corn bi.tween Ninth nn'Tentl. streets. r '
luslmer ult. very
fine, 'umilu to order, nt tbo old reliable
clothing lioiioi of .lolii! Antrim, 'o, T"
Springfield llloek. ' If?
A new supply o,Ciilf Jloot mid (inker
Just rec-Iycd at 1'. Ncir' No. Ml Ohio
11,11 jA.ni:.iijMivoxiiKi!. i,
TheCraii; ,MlcnjeoM ndaiited to pupil-
bir mid clciifiHfVi-.
tnviiU . l'rlue, 41.75.
II lid lln ndverliso-
ii'iTililui. '
jKWKi.nvof uvcry puttorn inadeto onler,
nnd cali paid for old gold mid ilnr( ut
Tnlter Hrother, m Ohio I-vee. If
3"Qjibll. Jluur linxlium grade, nlo -UO
half hbR'nieJiutn quality (.tillable for tbe
Hoilthrii Inel" for ciiio id thu l'ttvptiali
mill. ; tf
TIIK UKSV IN LSK-Kiider4. Chill
hstcii(sl to call n physician j but on my
return the poor starved nnd wounded un
fortunate had breathed his l.vt.''
.tut ornitiu
such n tho eatchlng and rifling of floater
but I forbear, hoping that from what I
Imvenlready nld our citizens will lenrn
charity, nnd ido tlm enormity, of .permit
ting the dcml of thulr kind to llo wi till n
view, utiburlcd, for days nnd weeks. If
that end is achieved, I shall bo abundantly
rujKitt! for the troublu cf writing to you."
J.ook to Vol it J.svKit:T, nnd buy
your clothing from Wnlder, corner lith
rstreet nnd I.uvee. if
. ... ... . . .
loiiwis ooyi nun uiiiiureu ciotiies, a
! Dim n Nvv York price-, will In old
Oils week, nt 1. Nell's, ngnrdless of cot.
I'riilmlilr A ppllml Inn In flinCUy for n
I. tut ii of it. (ri UII.--A lrtiiiltnl,
sourl bottoms 1
If nnybotly "wants thu documents" Mr.
Itodno'y cAnfurnlfhthctn in tho certificate
of bit neighbors und Mr. Clark to whom ho
laid thu cornj and In thu fact that he
tnnds re.tdy to bet f) that ho Will rnlio
lho same quantity of corn on tho sAme land,
tills year I
A iiamimimk variety of Indies' white
good, nil strictly In style, hnvo Just been
"opened tit the City Shoo Storu, corner of
highth and Commercial. Ct
entlliited hats, In cntlrelvnewstyles
the most cuinfortublu and (lullghtful hat
ever worn, nt Jno. Antrim i. tf.
hablf.iuto which a number of our citi
zens have fallen, was pro voklngly appar
ent .Mouday night, at the concert. We re
fer to tho habit of Joining the nudloncu
aftcrthoevcnlng'.ontertJiiiimontl well Ad
vanced, and when thoo who really go to
sen and hear, urn in mi humor to bo dis
turbed, l ully onu half of thu nudlencu
nrrlvetL .Monday night, after the hour an
nounced for tho commencement of thu con
cert. Of course thu tramping nlong the
lloor disturbed tlm audience, and was by
mean solacing to thoso who ru
Jelldlm t
Tum largo framo building lately occu
pied by Mr. Scott White Is now fairly
straightened up for its trip down Sixth
street nnd Commercial uvenue. Mr. Jno.
Major is superintending It 'removal, nnd
in It Is an old building, and not ttrj sub
stantial, he Ii compelled to "go slow, ' and
by eay stages. It In the purpose to locate
it on thu west aide of Comiiurcliil. below
Fifth street.
- , 'Por.s it NEAxiTori rf y
I'crsoni Indebted to' tlio Into Arm offJiit-
tenlinitin & Hfttitiv'ti-lll f.nnp.-fin ft... nt
ccsslty for paying up at tho earliest iios.l- 1 "y u''r li Uvn vnrJjO..Jj?Jrjr.t hist
blo moment. Tho bookiaro In thu hands ,r(,l,Jrt' wKbout rain. 1 bo i tflmperiitore
of Mr. 0. Hannv. succcsor ct tl... jirm. " I'i'-'""'t.
and as It is desirabb. t. ,1MM .... !..,.. T,lu riv"r iHljen'n littjfc. slW. lust
nesi within the next I Mm- ,!,,. ..II ' ....r. report but Is now stationary-.
sonidnterested will understand the iieoe- i 3f ,'i,JI,J'l i,.,rt),, t
Hin AWt, "luiM,nfi A lUkir, fflil-sli;
MePlltv, Aik !:,, Jtii.tre). tin
Virstml, Lotni ln.-i ,ui, .l U
('lii-k-lei, J.'wnsri lisllw, tin
Slueie, rl.r. ttl-ll, Iwlli Jkinln., Mrni).;
Ilolo'r! Iluiin.tut .Msrj; Aun, .N in
Itn f.lH, ('nliuiiJ.tt., llll.rr).l'.,l. h.
Ilolle Vflnnjl,., - 1 A lUkci, .Iu 1
llllllr. 'tl,. i. Nil.
JI, I'lkr. iln It Imrns. Unm,:
,Slirrt.. tl,. Ik ,! ( l.t,n,., jlo
'i)4irr.tep. KrsnT "Mrjr Ana, U.T.
I will ret-elif iroK.tls iinlil lh 'i'lli hi.lunt
fur MliiiKliiUntmnnil Iwu ami pari of l"t fori),
In Moelt fori), four, In llieellyiif IViiin. I'telliof
Jlil lti.i,lli..r iwrtlcnliii-i run Iks ,ihel 1'V inlllhg
mi II. ! uuJirsliiitl, J)IK) HAIICANIi.
Jfltlil (
tutMt: schools.
Ilxiiiiiliiiittoii of Applicants lor 'IViu Jc
ors' (Vrllflcatcs.
DlllCCUt l,ilMlW,'l,lfMIu., )
I. jir,i, llllnul., Jin,,. 1 1, is, ii. ,
Tlm first itii'l third H.iliiribii In' t tr) innnlli
(ire htrfl.T iiitjiilfil f.lr lli.i i siilln,iti.,n i.r
i'll.'.inl ..r leai'lirrs' ..jrtilh ait s. Ileresflir nil
et.iulinitl.in M,ll Ik .ti'.fle tin I oii.tnt-lct I.) a
I i in limit I loir, I ,,f ' Djiiioiii.t- ii.ikIIiiii; ht
ll.iff Mrsnm it!imuitfiJj-jliit iMiinty riiiiwrin
I. li,l,rnl nli villi Issue nn eellin.'qlt' rit'rj.l ijmi
jliclr rl'.rt. TVielitltle lie' rtiplf.inl to ii ccriill
.. It'll rtlll-t " .O'll.llt.,! .11 I.O .III' ..111... IM'K ri'
ilir(d I.I In In taught, I'd (lit nrsl Kfule
tTiin,'4iP it rai" oi nine vtl nn riiiuirt-ii in. urn
loin 'Ju.vi. to 1 i,lil .ill lloiiniy .4n riiileii,. ut
,'ll..eoHiernf isniuncrffitl aventle mill Cli'Tentli
flro. l. Pro.i.' l!iil,ii. ui. kt.nrs. T.-t 'IiTis an.
irliool .Inn Ions i.ioli,t Ink.' Iioll. e (hut holi arlu r
t'iilltlH, I'niiir Krlloa or Hit' .'..nniinti fliMI
iiii'l, nnr In eiriil'iv.', tn Irneli un) eiiiiiiiiiin
i liifl who .li-t not' liist .. xhil.it i:inili-nlr.
nlii r rrniiitlii' nUlH or uniiiiti- -nrerluliiiUiit
' l,.V ll'II.KII.
ifll lsnjin l.t.iuity HnpH ef Mchonl.
I AlH.I THtN.lrit
i,i i mi, mm
t I i Aim
im T. HII!
CAIRO, ir,Tv..
1-T L O T J H,
An, Aifml nf
wo. vo ozixo xjziTrxiai
q '. ;ui:i:.v,
"ii",!, rlo Ksll'', (irrin.l (o I
n I itencra! ,, .
Commission Merchant
( l I UO, IIjTj.
ity,fur prompUC'i. f Juia.iyU
Lolii-',-but niv rise it1'in(oifuunco Is
I' Arrrs.
K. 1. Ajel
V- CO..
f'K ai.kils f.s
KUIngen, rfelter, nnd IJIuo Lick
liters, and all tho other variety of
waters from the celebrated springs of iietl
-. . i . . . . , . i
iimnv aim .uuenca, on urnunna rorsnlo
by tho iritis ciillon or barrel at lho
noro of. 11. T. Whltukor, No. 10B Commer."
citti avenue, uin ins. aplUtf
' IK.
You will greatly "mlu It if you don t
..Ami (trnnit..
Commission Merchants
c if uo, irT,ixois.
a .
ine iioiit;ii a in I lica'Mv lire cotntiaiiv
have coiilmclnd uitb riirNiiilble meelinu-
or tliu cltv for tho rreetion of an en
glue houw that will n-t onlv servo the
I. 1. 1 ...,,.. m,e" i l-'Ttion of the
." """' ' ' aiitlleiicuwlini o not know tbeniHr,. ..to.,.
.1.1.1. .1.. . .1 .. ,... . .
wjiiik mm iiiey "iiiiiiiii t icivo tho Hvitv
, tii ... . ''rsons who am irnvernod bv tho bleu iliut I I 111
ie a dwldisil ornameiit f. the iHirtlonof ,, , , . , , M"o i uiatnat .
C.y in which It will be ..catell. I" ' T '" Le ' '
will apply to our city authorities for nwl
tanee for tlm loan, not of money, but of
arrive. Hl ":H0
1, Tliere will 1 a meeting f the Kn-t-VW
titar l).Sr, hi4.t at Masonic
Hull. tkl.(WwliilM, i.,.,ln, nt eight
t Ifstk. for work and Uisiniw. . Jtv order
Hiis, K. '. ,n,lls M V.WKS,
SasireUry pro (em.
I'M.IIK the lioe Uhlethat Went Into of.
f- i.-n the Illinois (.Vwtral r.llr.,d on
s lay la,i, tb0 through flight tr.,1,, ftr.
- hi unwat ,7:fl6 .i.m., and leaves
""p.m. llMi.iy frsiight
p 'I , airl lastvtM at Mr.a.m
TilKKIlvor Cornel Umd, of this city
1'iv.t oilers of employment on tho lib
K'Xlmo, from Oharlo-ton and .Marble
Ji'i't MI.Hwri, and VuW, .All,,!.,!,,,,, Thu
tw rl"'talb.n of the band Is bv ,,ieftIll
-nflrinl u, Cairo.
Fnwi preut ir.Tll'uii..,,, w t
'illnut 1 H half-lore., votes ,-a.t
i?'tt tha new Can.titution in the eity of
lew ,if""ri'tvyrylKMlJr will vote fur tho
tmtrtmcnt Jtist (llJt I,.
..it. ...
si inns ' or ,,.'! hia ,i i.. ....Mi..ui .... , ..
.1. II. ... .1 ; " n.oiu-,, in I,)
" ""' "r lime ti) comn an v siiinr.
ti.no .. e... ..!..!.. i..
"'"I'.' ss ''Mm tj. mi. , iuii.n .IUI.lt, I llk'.ip -..I....I I... .1.1.1..
If ....I ... 1 !..!.. . ' - . s " 1 l
"' , ,H , ' '"i"k Iroj.p..d. It I .lmj.lv ..x.-criible,
...'t it,, n t.ti its tir
io iiiaKu alien an
ready, hardworking imd clllcleiil Kmigh
and Ifeady flro cnmpMiy. They nru en
tlthtl to the highest consideration nllke nt
thu bauds of our city council and citUeiis
hen, to tol, I to their U'efullles and
ellleiciiey, the Arab tiro company dcslrtil
to ptireha-e n sloam engine, ritiitens ut
only 1 1 1 1 1 . k . I their pur.e-trliig, but the
city council votdl them ?.1,oiio. With thb
ireceleiit hefnru us wn cannot for n mo
ment doubt that thu aid asked or to be m-k-
I Will oiler for sale lit rublle Auction
III lots to suit nurehruers.
a '
bales tif hay, iu front of I'hlllltn' wharf
noat, lo-iiiorrnw ( I hurxlay,) June HUIi. at
hiilf.pat onu .. clock, p.m. Salu without
re-ervo. 1), HAUTMA .V.
Junel.'.lt Auctioneer.
nit: i luiifiiiiioMoi'S'.
This MleroM-opu is simplified and udunt
ou lo iMipiiiur as well ns i-cieiitlllo uio. A
new optical wonder I This is thu only In-
MM lit, I'iltTV.
"WUt.lHl tllll iv.rr.i.r ..( I.':.. I.. . .1
tvetiing Jmiett iH
3t '
TllKliKwui UlA . . ,
ilb..'.ilLll.,r.".' '"""Muire
. .I . .
unle.. there i, km.. . 1 .lr,,'"'- tJsat
be will udvertis l;f'toi,,,l,'-''vc...ent
on of n seventh dnu'Ti,;?
Influence of Katun, SZ , Un,lw
trilogy buslnosi." K" '",0 "'0
'rii(,,K(Jfour cltiMf.. wlMlWl. , , ,
the UH,f Uiat the .iiUcriX '7' 1,1,0
neeeasary to urtl un ,,, '
menceuiei.t of work on (l, i" .
Tc,,neae railroaf, n ' h"nUw
delay und Indlir U,',n"' -''
They have forgott,,; V " 1 "VB "V"?1
.".nealowly.nndth!, sltu T ''"
terprlsoasa r,.llrod, cuu. a ? f'm;
In n few weeks. ,,ul UM f'"
i ,ji,
etl by thojbiugh nml Uu.-nll.n, w ill be 1 t ruu is'i-it of high powur which rctpilres no
promptly nnd cheerfully grunted. The r1'"1 "djuitiiiiint, and thereforo can lu
eoiuicil have in fiiwritea uiiiong our tire roiHly Used by every one, even by dill
companliss, iiml will iml withhold from "m1, "nlv Two Dollars and
onu what It give tonnother. It gnvo the f ,v7'ly-nv '"f. '0' ""'"1, 1'o.t paid, it
Arabs it. bond for S-VOOO. and did what ! "',,.M ?,,n.r,.,i";l,,,r"1 l.u eommun-
every property holder iu tlm city com.
mended n right and projier. It will loan
tlio llmigli nml Iteadles iticretllt for StW
or j.i.oihi in Hko iiiniiuur, nnd will again
et'iiimaml tlio approval of koimI cltl.eiii
who would adopt wl-c and eilufthit meas
ures against tin) loiitlnutd riivncv of
one of our greatest enemies lire.
Drawers nnd Under.blrts, at a. meritlcu
at r. .Nell's, .No Ohio l.eveo.
Tin: rim him m'iimi.k ou imiiik noitu
IVrhiip It Is not generally known that
tho much tulked of trichina Kpirnlii, or
pork worm, was flr.t dlaeovered in Amcr
lea by Dr. It (V Kendall, of l'lilladelphla
l'ii.. with that American instrument known
ii" tbe Craig Microscope,
S'.'.'ri, after repented failures to discover
il, nml riiiuld Lo nn thu tablu of everv
I'raetinneer. Head iitlvertlscmeut In this
I'M'""' iui7d3m.
Comk ami .Skk Mt. If you want bar
gnlns iu clothing and furnlthlng goods,
t-or.iur oi Di iu street ninl Ohio Ih-vcu
he best place to buy them.
f I. AVAL!) Kit.
t... ... ii. tt - .
v Ai.i. in i hurts aim KXAUI.VK HIH
touk or cumnxo. Un cannot, und will
not, in: rxiiKiii.oi.il ii v ..n v or ii kic hoi'hk
km Juki, v nkw, nml was nouuiir at thu
lOWKsT liKI't.l.VK I.N uoi.n.
I. WAl.DKIt. Corner of 5,Uth
f and Ohio Ijsvex
the worm wlth an Imported iulcrweoHj, cheaper by
eustjug M oof feebler power nnd less re- housii in f'i
lliilili. 1 Tl, . r.... it. . f i t, i I
untile. i l s fact Dr. K,.il,.ll .1 K
- . .. --- atatvn SVSSSVa
ready to prove nt any time. Thu '-Craig"
Microscope iu neat box with full direction
Is iiiiil ed Hiiywhern lor ii,V, by K. II
Ito.,. 1 l,.c,,.ist.,St. I.otil, Mo.
Itend the iidertl.ement In this paper.
niy jll. driiii
CitKAi Kxcitkmknt. (irent .laughter
f High l'rlew nt Antrim', 7:1 Ohlol.uvee,
where 1 you cannot only tin, I the most fa.hl
oi.ul. .. and feasonablu stock of clothing in
" 'Utt i(liW..t ...id 1-st var?etv
Sill) hY' J'',,or.'.1. 1'a'iuKiu, Cassiiuertinml
, ",K ""V "verotlensl liiCulm. " HMV your
ut' "-il clothing rlaht ibero. ' ,
Wai.u.k, clothier, corner of Sixth
costing only street and Ohio levee, sells clothing, lints,
cnpi, ooot klious and furnlsbliiii cood.
10 per cent, than any oUier
alro. Call and aatlsfv vour.
selves before you buy.
-An examination Is solicitedof what?
Why, thu ohoicest stock of piece coods
cloths, cass'lmeres, doeskins, linens, inarsali-
'""l Hi. vesting over offered iu thu
Cairo market, Call and Sett,
tf JOHN ANTJtl.M,73 Ohio Irfjvee."
Foimi Hhiive7hulr-cut or" ihiimKKi, or
If you want your hair and whl.kers dyeil
to your own satisfaction, call at .1. (loo.
bteliilioiuo'a shop, corner Kighth street
Hid Commercial avenue, (i'errv House).
J Hits-1 tl 1 sit. ;
lortcVnlnvc;'x.-t pt n rU .fur up thu
'.MImou rrih.it It is not axpc.-ted to reach
it. Ljuis. What the erTectof thu rt-.it
rains yill U remnlni. to Lo.iccn. Wo
rather oipect uveral feet of n riao.
The Ojilo ii ag-iln falling nt I'ittsburg
und Im ft coal bust depth, lit arlv 0110 mil
jlion l)tibcl coal have ilr pnrld, nnd If tji'e
rist) ilo- not nin nut two suddenly, tnikh
mort) ulll come below. ' " '
'I'li.l rls-... I-..-..I I ...l-JtH 1 . '
buy thu HUr Shirt ut John AntrimV So. ,,. ' V. i .
m nkin i..-. ' " pjrriirR' i."t 11 tn-s cnatcavj' ttnu -
" -" . 11. .Liir.v...".. .i ...T - ' . .. j
"''o,w.u,...i,,...i.v.iij!s;;flriJr..)rl. tlMCI.UFIKL
Oentluiiien, go to John Antrim's. 7i land liar. I i mil'Til 1: intf
. 1 ' .. -sat . - , ...
unio jcvee, ror all your mualin sl.iru, L Tin. Cumberland Ts again 'blooij.iii
' t.' .'" "too paper collars, linn I Willi sixteen fe.1 ..11 UuriKb -1..kis i,.,
mi.ru coming. Tin wi(. iu,u u na hero
of several feet.
III....:.. ...
I iiiiaiiie. nere oa-iml. im-oii ., g.i on
the nycr for er.il du ' m, t. Monday
nun iite-Hiay are gi iiernlly. our Julie!
day. .
save at least 23 per cent from the ordinary
has tho best cloth cov
uvur otfercl In the mar
kel. r
sfc I I.M. VOI N
Hit nnd nftrr Thursday, April 1:5th
tr.iliiH villi run a folluwH :
' ls,i .in Tiir t.r -irisr slS'.rlflc
(Htcn lo nil Atnlliihlit INiluN,
St. Louis, Cairo & New
Orleans Packet Co.
-llL"--'-.s TIIK kTEAUKIll
tin .1,1
, lull t,i
UI.IVK IIKttsl'll
Mul.l.lK Alll.r-
w. it. Aitrni'it
...I I II K K.N,
..Ji aw,
. I'KI'ITfl,
. iiiiouski,
.'irt i.oj,
t m,f i.idk sll tl.n nil'.t anj lariital Uiitt
ei. i.unis.
FotSrw Oilfu Tl.nlrainrr
IN. . . . r a......
K.rnlni; Jnn- I ,
rinncttiiiz it Nw Orlf-sn. tttili Ucn I.idiii
Hlamrs lo
Llsrarpossl, Nw Yairh, llaslan, anil (Jul
a a.luu, T.lai,
I'asa'nrora anil Mnt.ra ti rlt nn on ..I tt,
U.al It at.LK L.lw IKltKlluJIr a l.lr
CilA.H. T. illM'K,
lit-uaral A unit. Cairo,
lifli ..un U'liarflswil.
Jit l.anrlin
Memphis and St, Louis
Packet Company.
Tl, rollimlnK tIAala roinj.M lira l,tu te.l ml
run lo Un- follutain urUrr.
Mcmplils Packets
All iralC
l .
ro, Air, if si (j.im
I r.
M'M-KST tori. 'TufJaif,iT,,--lurJai I . ui
I.IIA.M. TUWKK TtiurMax J km' H.uJ.f.l a.rn
L'l.uus, MaatflJ. , ,
sii.ls ui wrHts. wur Ur, Sp.m fliur.,, 1 a, in
Craaa, NMttf.
Vicksburg Packets.
' ArrlTf al Cairo
IM a.
An t u ( a;ru,
1 .1,.
I'.'n Kr lit, I a in,
(iUi:.Il ... 'in.Ja. I p.
till tr ai.iii.i H'l
iii!-iiu..ijr, I a in.
irlTtirs.lsy, la.in
l.ij r,
Meyer, corner of Twelfth street nml
Wiohiiigton nvenue, not only kees spleii.
did .St. Louis lieur, but the purest of wine
und liquors, and the he.! brands of clear.
- .iiii i ,i i , .
Ladies' and children' hair rut to or
der, nt thi)hoporntthcl.relderico. Lenvu
orders ut thu shop of J. Ceo. .Steinhou.v
.sif.l ,
luis'a anatHut-im rss.
( I" r. m
hUKiiiiti l'is" tiinnt- lion at Palis vsilfi lllin.it
Tho (MIc k,tcp brom,h, 70 MstfurnU IWIn'. WFllW SMl7l
l,,rtV'r,r,'lri,'rK,vi.t',f,h ''S
p.ir 1. 1. K. K,ld ton marble tvuiMonc wi-omiIi. Ii. f ri..,n.) mil all poima .t, Mii
f-r C'luiituu v,n,-l plnt .m.'WU. ,',. titf:, XiiiftJ&Zftu LlZtiJ.T'
Dhlo K,n, jno bbl. flour, UTI... wlii.k.y,'
II hhd tobuclfo, ir. toTirniiidrleit for.other
points Nnjth..
The Virglntli r ived unm tlm ton
Jiere lining out.
IrIMiK. !i-nl iftja.1.
-lOIIN KOIiHirr.-WlTetkA Al
A NKW stock of boots and hiie 1ms ben
rect i vtnl m the City Shoe rjtorn, to, which SSi'li" Colorado I. tin regular jmi ket for
lho ipecinl iitt'-nllon of tlm Indies Is In- Vlckibtirg Tiiidviiy i'.oiiit."Thls tivenli'i".
..tt...l ff It. Ml 1 . . m ...
I ,..5i"'.Kh 1 160I1TK VHO.1l
'I'll K SOUTH,
vlted. It embraces a line of ladies', mis,..
and chlldrun'a wear that Is exactly suited
to thu season and thu market. Cull mid
"' . 'it
flO,oou worth of Cloth i.nii, Fcbsijh.
I.NIl GOOPK, IfoOlH, .SlIOKS, ilATh, CaI'M,
Tuu.nks ami Vai.isk, going oil" at a itac
rillco nt Isaac "Wulder'a,. corner of Sixth
street nml Ohio I.'veu. 'oiy. Is vour
chance to get ii good suit ul u loiv price.
If '
Thu City of l-l vans villi- n new ami pien.
did low-presstiru atuimer, I the livniisville
p icket this evening. .
Thu radlicah p.uk"ts f.-iivo dallv at t.
o'clock p.m.
Chin. T.
Iliiide is ng.-nt J'.r the nbovu
- r . . . 4 .....
Ilosuru to cnllut 73 Ohio Loveo, ami "'HTI.Ml onin: liiiii:rioinriitt: t'linu
.-the June Hug 11,,,, wlthu VrlSd.tock iJVXL. !- ,
or otber nevityles, too nuuieroui t'linn- ino, lii.., June i:.,uw.f
tlon. Romcmber Antrim's 1. thu place to iv&ti !!l'Z,tfr!!,:,"'A"
11-Sit H'JISIS. l...t . I
avw,( 4 1 ll vis Jjr
Fiktv jiav iioAitiiKiis wanted at the St.
Charles Hotel, whero can lie found tl...
coolest und most spacious dining room In
the city. Tho table us usual supplied with
thu bust tho murket uuor.U. Kuinlllea- and
permanent boarders, taken during the ium
mer months at rstremeli loio rutn.
ruler Nell's liiammoth alock of Hnrlni.
clothing embraces nil tlm IIHU.' la t I'll..! (ill. I
what can bo found nowhere el.u in' tlm
city large und null varied stock of boys'
clothing. tf
sJuat received at 1'. Xoff's. No. 7a. Ol.fn
Levee, a splendid lot of snritnr Casslmcrc
Coating and Vestings, which" will bu mudu
up in thu moat fushioniiblu styles, und at
prices to suit tho times. .. in-r,...i m
uutoed or no lalo. if
Kutick to SrKA.voRius.ir you nm
atrango In this, city, don't fall to call ou
"Waldor and exnmlno his stock of clothing,
booU, shoes, hats, cans and fiiriil.Mii,,
"goods. , .f
Look at WALunR'aSrunit nyOLOTiimn
and furnishing grxls tiiih wkk;. It i
repleto' with all hi k novelties of the
season, at priccs.to suit the timer-. Corner
Sixth -trcet and Ohio le veo.. tr
i.f llit'Tilsti,.. of , ;r ,-y 'M, ..,-, ,...
i" l.iilUriillt alrvt.snii.1 H'...hiri-i,iTi nvf-nno. in
tlie cil) of him, llnei,,oii iif..a), id il.i
W I'. I'lAI.UIMV.I ,
ifih.l '
yVwiil of VIlHllly.
iiiiuiiiiien ir) is s Liekof nl:.lll ml ire nml
aenirrritlr ire It ..! ii....T.,i L
fiit.aiiuiJ must lea ait. not itlwa) ,. iiltlteallve 'of
V, i s.s".-tiii,iiuiu, i.Ki.r in inir po.t..
nr. lie, lili ili..tjii, nibii, n.M.i lliueiin.fiin.il i.r
Ijit. aloniAi'li, (lie fr nail (tin bowels, ihuu liiKtn
'" .'" 'twi i...iinitfra, tirinesizt. nr lo.iefi.
rrnilnl ,llllevof tietrin Ul Willi Ii airiiidhla
ii.iotl to rc-i.lss, iL this 1 1 mill imlinnl nm.
cliinery is nl ilsi lf no ptult' Ut ai;ini,.i aieKneas
linil lltfUV. li.v ut. I tirA,-t .11.,... it...
an, limit hy set-rtlloas, uriciinlsiiilatud Mnn.
itn- a iej.Mil.ir iUM-lwrtt of lln, hh.u, nutter ol I tin
lK;ly tlirongli llm iire. urn lliu ni.it i.oir,,t
.Mft'iiiiiiiilsaaainst dlsenae, lliivhct ilUMnttesof
"""H- H'l. U,UII,lll IIIMSt UKJIM'14 4 III. Urt'St
en.l nml ,inie of llo.ti tir'a .stonml, luta
i n. iptrtaiiuta of. .ulimli.ll.a lirent TmiH' nn,
.tiierinne are lal;n srilely Irmu tint ierlal.lw
""'s'. .t...i to.-.r nii-oininiti vninea art' lint
......,,, ,. , , ., f ,,iu jb'i.i aim ,iiiiiiiriiia
lueiita uliieh exist, mure or le. in nil llm u,..
mill uiliieriil ilU. ,hmire lp,U linlieastlun.
HI. I.OIlla, I.OIllHVUIC, Cilll illlllltl
niciigo, vorlt. Huston
I'oiiil.s ICasI aiidlVorlli
l'ieiiKi-i- TriilnaTrTlr nl Mini lens
.. ,. au.ru It loilovsat
Mnll Ksoraaa.
.TUlllVli-aitlO A. M u.-jii aa. aa.
I'Ul'AUT aiU.-J A. ft ' ....j.a.1l. as
fl illi traina ei,nnel nl IN iilritlin Willi train, on tli
J'aiia, lltmiiir, lllooiulisKlnss, RI I'-so
l. Stall, Mrlidoln, Krrs-porl, (iaUuis.
i t ""- n.a .o.i..a in siiinnia,
-Mla.tiurl, JIlMUraiil), Wlat-oiialis hikI
Au.l wllli line running Knt anil West for
Nl. Lniils. Sjirliiglleld, IiiNvlilc, Cln
ciniiuii, iiiiiianupollH l.cliimlius,
Ami at Cliifauo Willi MiclilRan Ontral. Mic-lil,
Heulherii. an.t I'lllil.tirv, Kerl Watne
an, I L'liie.iii.i li:nlio.-.,i for
-V'T.,.t.,.'.,T.. MAOAItA FAUM
i.i:vi:i.a.n(i, i;iiik,
lirXKIKK, llUFpAI.O,
I ;;r.",?,t I'lrrsntiitti.
I'llll.AfjkU'lllA. .. IIAl.TiilOltr',
WAlflN(i(N fir; and
rVr lliroiiKli tiika'a ami Information, ai,t,lat
i.i. .ut v.-uuai itanriNtu ieiuM.
OnnrrHl I'aaaenKer Arnl, Clncnxo,
fl. lll'OIIITT,li.nritl huncrintt'inieiit. .
IAt .lull. NMI I.N; Aiienl. Cairo, it t
li,liuusa(.s,iiiierniitlnt fevl r', iierunmVl. I.uiiy
or eoii.ii.:ition, not only iliel iiiuiii'iliuli. rt ln f
Iroiii Ihi. iisn i.f Hum aureeuble atliiinloil mi, m.
...... ...ii ik-.'ooh- ii.oHcioii-i. n tune HI'.IH
luenuaenf uiillliiliii.ilelistiuityiini v(
. Imbtiraud tapmiim to ,n,( ino,i(j,
,il.ie (i,t upon Ilium a, hrelol,.re, aiel t.,y
ilflliyiH,a,iuite. a in w n,, utv. n
re.triti ol nil) slenl aiel imi,ti eiiurKy,
force. Jaiboruud esnmiint to ,n,ii-j i i.i..,lun
me s.ir.iet-uijtiir,
loi-i n i
.,.. ...vim, ,. iiiitaii-iii nun inn, to
"In In lieea tint exiierieiitt) ol tnonsainls i.f I
bolli sese. nml i.ti.rt- ,f.,v .. i.i. ... ,t . , i
.....lllr.l. ....r , .!. . .. .. . ..! S l.
r j .-nntoiii, ot no at-iiNoii r.r ii,..
ar wnen tii trrni-ruliirtiiiii ,i,iio iifiitHuti,,,,,.
lihere, cu rt lie u iiw:uliillv .lim..l.o, h,.i
J.lt'T "'-' s.n. liniliea nf minima, lo,lell. r'H
Hitler, (allieiirilvtuuiv njli M ln.-i .ll,iita.-.
tan rely f,.ri.itiMn. ,j.vrinii. ni resicml , I
jrlllnu illh.l.tti
.Cairo & Paducah
Daily Packet.
The Inst rnnnlne slenin packet
IVHlbre y.
ssssssttsai(.is :.:..Miiitr,
Will III V ri'lrllllirl V as llliov. Int-ln Cairo puirr
Imt'Dinuut I uVio'k,iinil teiiclilCRat all Interim'.
liiiif .ollia,
t yr iit-iyoi or .a"s-iir.. niny on ooani or 10
1 ,M. .1. lll'CKI.KV, Av. nl,
...-!. .- ' III !
J- ..... S -IIU, IIIII.UIS,
IlL'MlCO.N .Hnn.lnv. 1 1.
Cltr DKCAIKii.I .1..
C.inbsi,nKail l.n with
rsorllirril I.liir Parkl (airuur,
Krtibiils I'aratrl t;oin.aity,
OiiimIia I'tirkrl i o,jtmii'.
an i annus iiauroaii i.inra
At M'mnli's wild
SUu.lilil aasatl Willi Itlrrr I'arL I Co.,
Arkanta. Illsrr 1'at kl ( oiupalt),
ncnipilla anil i liailrslon ll. ii
r I jlUaUallilil aV, Tcllllraara II, ll
Al Vi. kal.urir Ki
Van.ii lllver Parbrls, ar, I
Vli-kal.urK ml 91 rl ft I at is ttallroa.l
(JltllU Ihronxh 1. . .elini:aa,t.. kttalu ,1 us,
aul ou.ut l.i r 1 1 i,r ii
CltAH. T. fli.NPK, (Ir.rsl Ant-nt
i nr., ruin ni 1,01,
snfl, KH.S'EIUTk! an I pa... nir-r Aif -nl
NasfwiHe and Cairo
Packet Company.
. .If. V.. Consisting ot lho lollow im
.splendid passenger steamnr
ril'lUIMJ......... Mwlrrl l'iri
l.ruvia i;rei)- Jliinil.iy nl I I', l,
IIAKM'iN ,.,...Ms.er I 1.1
I.altte i:vsr Tliiiraalur ul I I. H.
, , John Lumsden
lAVm, ....... M.it. rl I en
I.. Btra ; try fsnturilajr nl 1 I. M
Tliromrli 1IIIN l.atllng (I'iten Via. Nuh
.(Uo mid Cairo rnckfin nun
"(in-eii l.lnc"
T.S NsuikTlllr. S SSdllnuoousi, Tass. Al-
saiitss. ftimssussa, isosisr, nias-ass, r 1.
ilitr. WnI S'olul. Sirarscrluisru. Mil
l.-ltKSllle l.'ll.l Kllfnilln, Mon.
SmiiK-sy, Alt. 1 s.'liarli'klou. N. Il l Helsna,
Alit.t ftavitiiiili, SJt..! H'llnilnKluii, N. I'.t
t'uliiiulilit, N. '.. !
liia.". I. iii.nr..
Agent at Cairo.
Memphis and Cincinnati
rN I a
racket tompany.
V Jll.NKM, IWl.HsM V. II Al.":,
f...l.ok ,1 nf tlii. f..lloul..v tux!
i-'s t-lttar ileanit ra.
ALIt-K tn. AS atsssttssaas John Hlniul,-, Ma-i,,
IIUH'V IIIIHMS , I'ri.iil.-Sinii-
MSMMS:SSS.A II. If lll.tr
NII.VKK ITISIO.N. It'n M. .Mt-rnlo-a '
NAM J. 1IAI.U V. I. WalKir "
line o( I lie sunn apii-uuiu steaii.t-ra loaie I is."
for Mi-ninlila evt-rv rue.iljv uiul Sainnl .It. Mil.
for ('liieinniitl every Fri.fuv uml utllr,lu
viiac. 1, iii.Mr., A't-m, tiro. Ill,
nf,rt,t, st.rv. ,l,
Drlli-urn Vi'IihiMhI
Evansville and Cairo
Packet Company.
k .v J-,. UIIBItlllJ Ul IIIU.II,-
-rsjW.3irsplendld Jt'iiHcnger Uu-am
Idlewi Id.
niWI.KIl MaVlt-rl UV KOW1.KII
I.tist h Cairo puinluy qd TliUf ,lay at ' !
(iHAMMK!I.........MJiler I I'ENNlNfiTH.N
-atr. soro Tlioauay .uot -1 luay mi a
Cilyof Evansville.
Di:. l llll Mi.hli.r I K. I'MNNINUTOf.
LutttesUsIro We.lnesJayi(iiiiilH.iilifila af ,,.1.
paekela, at riinlllilaiid wi lit Niulivilln (laeket
Kfanaville ttitli tlie reulur n u-kels for Lonisfi
und (.iiienitiali, and thu K. .V 1). It. II. Ioi-hII lunula
Norlli. l-IIABI.Kvr. IIINKK,

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