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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, June 25, 1870, Image 2

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lathOoiurr..!""1 l'4rlr'
A Contention of '"'JC
nomln.tc.f.Mi''""' . '. , ni.irfci VIM
t ihiial .art th. "f f'ty " '""t V
AtMMlrfrr -
Jolm"f) "
WIlliAiirtoa "
is in y." -
nwtu. -
IVipe . .......... .....
iiill.'ln -
tl Ml... M............."
. I "
.is "!
. IS " '
.... it
.... IB
.... 1
. ...
tonornln? ikt In the lilttrlct "III ptcae
II it lUMeM! that lH'innotMIc county conrcu-i.on-
to soloet di'l-Kitf., ln-liftd on tlii!M tou
in July.
-lrt fry county .rutin lull delegAtion.
Hronlff of the Ihrtnocrntlo Cr.tril Committre.
Jor.L o. MonoAK.
i hiirnunlTn. Cfn.Coni.UlhOonif. UK
Tjib lmocrrw; of the Firrt Scniilorial Mniict
lln.-irml'le In conTcnt'ou nt tljo city of .Motro
polnt, onTliiirnJny.llif 4th ity of August, nejl,
.tlcVloek i.tn., for thi nomination of a erunll.
dnln to tfptntM slid Hislrict, In tho State Senate.
Tlirrttio of representation will ho one ilrtccali
for MfrylM voir cut for Seymour ami lllnlral
Hit' l"i"t l'rlil-ntll rlretlnn, ami oue i1NtcK'l for
ury lr.vtiont.1 part llicrvof In e jcm of fifl y iote,
as follow t
II UvlratiV
f, '
G "
Mamti ........
I'opr . .
t niOtl ..........
John.An -
... u
""I'..'.'..'..'!"'.'... it "
At.K.Y. II. lltVIN, firm.
msaiiA ckfvi. cosannss.
1 1 In OiooMcn time, taforo tlio Itndlcali
jot Into power, tlioy woro in tlio IniWt of
jmlntlng totlio fomctliiio outrngoouf con
duct nC certain liilllc frotji tlio South ho
tlulircl occiulotmlly In tlio Imlli of Con
gtcc, uiitl vr Itli ii Miocr would ink the peo
ple to look nt tlio dltgrnroof ntcli condilct,
for ulilch tlioy licltl tho Bi'inocmtlc party
rctponillilf. Their prcaclir pr.nyixl nl).H
tlicdiigr.icis niiJ,tvlivnovvr2,viii tintuiicnf
tliowlntly tninbird of the party, with oye
tiirni-d up, mid n long vlgli, ho would lo
gin to deplore the duliajiiig InlliKliCte' of
Hnvo vur lUpulillcnn friend, uluco their
norcMlon to jiow.r, iinprovoil upon tlio
liur.icter of thu proovedlii-'i of tho imtlon
nl loj,'il.'kturo ? In it now, whut, wu wore 1ml
to holieve it would to, whim thu friend of
'f iod nnd hiiiii.inlty' should get into powi-r t
Whcro ii llmt folonm noomhlnco wo woro
atMirod would gladden our oyei in
tlm IEcpub1iiiii time, in which tho run if
Hie inlllonlum wmtoriw :m neinliliiR(of
lipdly lionot men, Iriiiiful of humanity,
l.'Vinu utiy nnother, giiiltlou of levity,
pencufu'l rind quiet. It ennnot bo thnt tho
L-'ly now in ii'Mion nt Wnthlnston i
U''. u ('onj;reiut In It Uhtu Ii no hon-r-itv
bnl rorruptl.m t noUomo . tho foul-i'-t
of itilc-tidov lt nifinWrt, wm kio
called Kdieal(, itrotha lxiit of nton, ami
-r from ono to tlio othr ojiitlifcti tlio
niot opprobrloiu. eilot)tIni tho Intur.
tU if tho pulllu, they cxhihit u griat
dual of IniliiHry In Invmtluntlnj; ouch
other' record to prove uth othr n thief.
Mid, Injevory jiillde wny, ml in i. inmnmr
nt oneo dURraceful to tho KepuMlr-tn m
ly and the Union. Conj; w. In th Uuy
of the domination of the South, wunn dii
nlflod body to what it W now. l'wtoli.
thon, and not foul word were the woapunt
used, ond thu former nru not moru objfcc
tlonnblo than thu latter. Hut who Ii Mir
prifed nt tho dIt(,rnco which the ltdlciil
party ha brouj-ht upon tho country It
it not a palpable fnrt thul radicalitm Imi
d biiuchod tho public mind. revolutionlrMl
our pulltieul oonititutlon, mid provnl itclf
mi 1'iiiiny io law, oruor iiliuouonoiiivr It
h:i jiollticiil motittur which should U'nnni
Inlat'tl. woitW rbir itoi.vrMs.
Hero nrotwo jirojiodtloiu, ooji1h. from
tlio Ohica-'O Timt, which woiiill tuthi at
tetition nnd commend to tho thoughtful
( on!diratiou of Democrat, or, ratlwr, that
lai of men who pretend to bo w thor
oughly Democratic they cannot liidueo
tlicuinolvM to i utiilxl with the authori
tative action of tho party, mid conciii ntly
ahuvi bolt its ticket;
Tho Democratic party It mi organisation.
Without organlj-atlon there might bo de
mj rati; but thero could not bo a ilemo-
Ctltlc nnrtv.
Kvery neron who dcjlrci tho mcccti of
vto principioii oi mo ueiiiK-ratlc party will
jUidbyiu organization. To roptidintf
ill i rgaiilzalloii U to ropudluto tho party.
Wu are acqualnttxl with J)omocrati, men
li tauert thoy aro of the eclcct oi tho or
Kutaztitioii, who tiro moro frivjuentlv
the klliw of tho i:eiubllcaiu than tho nip".
Port" of Dsmocratlc nominees. W'o can-not-
tUOiffercnco betwwn iwnan who
cur, thi. niB-cr, kweattthatSambi ought
to i bo exteriUitiutel, that ho I a Democrat
.(Bv!l ",Vw":f. "J f tho regular "rip
Ui .g iHktrtovolw to defeat tho
regular I Wrwte ,,, wia ,t(l(i.
c. JTOJMrw,tniotlvMtl.ovr0 both
tydocnot got, Wui.and tho other I.
CttUlO It UlMil TlOt L'O tuliim II . . ,
tlm '.-. i "ovcrypenoi, Mho dwlrei th
ucce, of tho ,irfili.lM of the jJui oati,
party w,l uund by It. m&uinxi, n t o
thoPpty.'U ft'"tl0 "
5yThoAlbimT Aram urulort.tmi.ifi . .
nubscriptioj, jiajmr, aro out to purchaii,
uru.ivupam.up life ,wCy 0f o.OOOl
A fcw JiiJiciijui I'Pl-liiiiiH'iiij Iii tho new
cablnft would iMflymub- up that amount.
. , - . . f iM it nonn or am uay, iq
.Uyf An(.,t1A.l. It-A ' w,llcLCon.
rxvssiAX adv.uci:mlwt soutji
am) xoimt.,
The mltitcria) Jottrpali Jt i'tU nswrt
that the coiiwiiiircinl intcrefU, nnd jej'6"?!.''
of Franco ami Aii.-tri. wilUnol ull6w,'th
St. l.ollmrir'rall'vny to be In tho hniitl" of
rriiMin. and that Prance uut'l prevent it
completion. It i iiitcinled to bo miido
Jointly by l'riiMia, Iliulen. Switzerland"
and Italy! Oipoitlon to a now road, lot
it rdiould" injure oxl.tlng oommorclal (nter
cUs by creating siicccHful rival and thu
Ppjiting bettor roadf for tho public, is ono
of thu mint narrow and horttlghtel
of all policio. It U tho Krio
jien-ntit war over iigiiin on n largo calc.
Tlio public overywhoro ha a right to the
best poiblo road that capitalist) will un
dertake to coiutrnct. Groat Ilrltlan and
Canada might M well object to the Krio
eaiml, bccauno It is injurioiti to certain
commercial liilcrcjU-f down the 1st. Law
renco, u Franco and Austria to tlio pro
poieil St. (lot hard road.
That l'rus'ln is at prcJcnt by far tho
moat progrcsiivu ftato In Kuropo Ij fur
tliHrlnwit by the following recent now
to her progrcs northward;
According to a llorlin correspondent of
tlio I'atrit, tho Pnniiatu nro about to
conitrttct Mtrong works upon tho iland of
Allen, which, when completed, will, m It
believed, rendor tho poiltlon
impreenablo. Thcw worku will
comprise three stnr-fdiicd forts, with'
double tiers of gum, and live battorlM
commanding tho paago of tho Little
licit. All theo batteries will bo Iron
faced nnd nrmed with tho hcarioit ord
nance. Operation nro alio about to com
motica at llierupn Hntl'c, a wldo and deep
buy, which It is intended to render capa
ble of receiving nnd sheltering tho feder
al Hoot. "When thcio works nro complet
ed," adds the J'uirir, "I'rilMhi, which Is
already firmly ctabliihcd in the formld
ablo position bf Dujipol, will have thecom
maud of the North tho llultic and tho
Hulls of excommunication nro tearing
about in tho ICudlcal camp, nt prctcnt,
with n perfect loonenei.i. Tho Trihune
reads Spcclnl Commliiioner AVclU out of
the party nnd Informs Its renders that ho
hatgono ''to hi own placo among tho
l)omocrnt," it piece of now-4 which wo re
ceive with lively atifactloti. Tho K. Y.
1'c(m!j I'ott declare- that thu monopolittt
who control congroM and the J'eptiblicnn
party nro uititlcd to no party nllcglaticoor
comlderation, and call on U friend, tho
opponents of commercial slavory and clan
legislation, to defeat protectionist candi
dates, wherever they aro put up, at tho
poll. Whereupon, tho Albany '.c(mn)
Juurnal pronounce the excommunication
of tho 7W as follows!
As tho llcpubllcnti party will not do
what tho '.) demands, 'and tho ')
know it will not, wo can only draw ono
conclusion, and that Is, that It nt last for
mally disowns thu relation it has nomin
ally Mutnlncd to tho Kttiiihllcau party,
andtakei up it abode, publicly, whcro "it
has for totno timu dwelt privately in tho
Democratic household. Andwo'hojio tho
removal will In overywlieruiicknowliilgoil.
Hereafter tho I'ott will bo recognized as a
Democratic organ.
Wo heartily greet tho I'ott ton placo In
the party which It never ihnuM havo left.
There is room in tho broad church of De
mocracy for nil thu victims of lindieal
(II AlllJCS AlCA'iV.V.V.
Wo tool: ui, on mi evening slncv tho
iImuUi of Jtfr. Dieken-, a reprint of tho I'iek-
tekl. '7r. In it is a profacc, wherein
tho author lull how thu book oamo to li
written. At It close h romarki that it
was "curious pnd lnteroting, looking over
the ihect of thin reprint, to mark what
mc1h1 improvement-; httvo taken placo
about u itico thoy were, orlglr.ully writ
ten. ' He cnumcratm ome of them, mid
thMi wys:
"Who kNusifi but by the time tin) scrim
rMcliiUcuiubtMt,it"rmiy Ui ilkKovcroi
that them are cvtii uusgUtrati-a in town
or eountry, wb thftniKi 1 taught l ihake
liAixli ttvury Any with Cfamin"torii and
.f tint lct; that evn I'mir ! may have
tiit-my on th ntflk, tlw ag,J and unfurtu
nat; that .School on the broad principles
of ChrUtianity, aro tho bMt informant
for tho length ami breadth f thl roalizeil
land; llwtl 1'riMiiwl'H.fs tiolU lo burroil
on the outiflo mi lcr- huHVily and caruful
ly than they ate wltlJn ; that tho nnlvcr
iK.1 di It'u ion of common mctnun.it of
decency and health u as much tho right
of lh poorwl of the jioor, a it i lndi
IHiinlhliitotheFifetyoftlioricb, and ftho
SUtii thata f-w pftty iK.ardu and IxmIIch
lo.fi than dri in "tlio great ocean of
humanity which roar around them arc
not forever to let 1.x. to Fcwr and Con
sumption on (iod' creaturei at their will
or lihvuyi keep tliulr .lohblug little IMdlei
going on for a Dam o of D. ntli."
tjyThc New York llrrulU fay "in tho
Seliato, of cmir.e, everytliing ! dull. Thu
netting mbject of imicachuient was at
tlmo runderisl dull by tho gloomy pon
derosity of that bodyand If wo remom
ber rightly, wtu tnllvuncd at all only by
tho Old ISailoy tfuljn of lien llutle'r, o'r
tho hole in tho nky of lliiighain.' Thu
llemliTt memory Ii short. Tho, present
Secretary of tho Troimiry, llotitwcll, U
tlio "liulo In tho sky' mail. Uinghaiii, in
hi oratory, ii high, hut nut llko Uoulwell,
Cicfr-Among thoughtful men, both in
and out of tho Statu, our now constitu
tion receives earnest approval. Tlio lluf
falo JJxjirtit say of it:
'Tho new constitution I in many re
spects a model ftructuro of organiu law,
full of progressive Idonx, and cmbiKllcs
omit of tlio host conclusions derived from
put ciiicrieuco and komo of tho foremost
principles of tho advanced political phi
losophy of thu day, carefully reduced to
practial iipjiliiatlon. It adoption will
mark anera
On, no 'Tl Chicago- W, amlablo
Jtadlcul journal that It Isl is just now
very angry with tho Chicago 'Mme, and
charge that Journal with attributing "tlio
motives of a cut-thioat and poltroon to
l'ronldoiit tJranl." In not thU 7W verv
tiiirwuonablo? Cannot it allow tho 'Mb.
ue to occaiionatly roliovo IU burdened
mind by telling tho truth?
The Cairo Bulletin., Jtine 35.
The Sliattnei'lotTii Mercury KcliroH
from the Umllc.tl Cftinp. ,
1 . A
Ami Itt fuifs to I'uhlLsh the llepubU
cnit Platforiu.
WAit ox mwn axi cor- J
Ami that There In .Something Rotlrn
About the Logan l'lauk.
ItiueiitntlotiK of tlio (Jol'onda Hor-tld.
Tlio jHjlilloul pot, .or rather tho Radical
kettle, is beginning to raixj a terrible fuss
In this part of tlio Statu, and wo havo lit
tle doubt that wo nro on tho eve of a gay
old time, In which there will be a great
deal of fun, fury and excitement.
Mil. l. w. LUSK,
editor of tho Shnwneelown Mercury, nt
tended tho Radical convention at Shawnco
town, and acted as its Secretary. It ac
tion, however, did not plcaso him, and he
has retired from tho "political arena'' in a
statu of profound disgust.
With tho view of carrying out a resolu
tion formed over a year ago, wu thi day
withdraw our paper from the political are
na. Through nino long year wo havo
buttled zealously for tho ucv of tho
Republican party, and now that wo hnvo
teen tho mcusurcs for which wo battled
triumphant, we itcpnsldo to pursuoa more
retired and loss onerous lino of duty, with
no lci! dovotion to thoso principles than
when wo first espoused them, lit tho fu
ture our paper will ho iiulepttutent fi all
thinys, und devoted moro particularly to
tho development and advancement of tho
business nnd material Interests of tho com
munity In which It ii chiefly expected to
whlloit does notii7yt.'ndnrjo tho action of
the Mercury, Is disposed tuupologlzo for it.
Whilst wo aro not dlspoed to deny but
enough has transpired in tho management
of tho Republican party to digut many
of Its coticlcutlotu supporter, wo fail to
iiJyundoriio tho action of tho Mercury In
withdrawing from tho political arena nt n
time when Its inlluouco Is so dtsirablu and
t'Sicutinl. "Wo do not undorttand that tho
principles of tho Republican party fully
uruvall. but rather, that the Jtenuhliean
jinrti hat froojfn info ojfice, ninonjit the
iwa, imiiiy oaa am corrupt seounuren.
.SOU 1M Til 1.1 ALL.
Tho convention nt Khawncctown re
queued tho Republican papers throughout
tho Xlllth Congressional Diatrict to pub
lish thu proceeding of thu convention
Thu Tribune repond.i to thnt .request as
follow .
'IV I. (.HALL 110 .Ml HL'CII Tlfl.Vfl.
for the rcn'ou that wo llnd therein matter
that Is
to tlio jieople of Perry county, uud wo will
venttiro tho prediction that if tho third
resolution went aubmittud to u votu of tho
Republican of this county,
by an ovcrwholmlng majority. A portion
of it reads thus:
"."d. Tliut wo rocognlzo in .Major (ion. J.
A. Logan, thu patriot and statesman.
That woheartllyendorso tho recent efforU
at National reform, mid hi persistent war
upon fraud uud currutitiou in high and low
1 1 laces. Hi uoblu raroor In tho councils of
tin.' nation a well n tlio uuvotion to thu
country during thu war, ha endured him
to thu heart, ot thu people and wuimk that
his labors ohall bu continued and his volco
bo longer heard in our National councils,
Inbehulf of liberty ami right."
7'Aii nmif Anve been intended not only
tuntir our bite, but In drire the. people here
row Ac support of thr Itnntllican ticket.
thu people of Perry county liuvu tomo
ruusons to know, and they nro a hit nensi
tive upon that matter.
A Sil'IIUKsTln.N.
Wo would suggest to tho over-zenlou
frieuds of thu modest Logan, tliut they
diop this resolution from tho platform, tut
thrrr in tomethiwj rotten about it, and if
iKjitntrd it trill make a jfi'l. anii a had
If that l not racy reading wo aro not a
good Judgo of tho article.
a Itudlcul nheut, prenided over by u
bosom friend of Mr. .Munn, with
a i. a km is 111 abi'kit anii tkakh in th
Iii thu Wauu of Juno 2.1th, an urtlclu U
ptlbrtthed, liendudt
suggested by tho withdrawal of Luks
Mercury from tho ltudical party.
.lust as tho campaign opens, tho Shuw
m utowii Mercury, heretoloro no ready and
willing to btrilco hard and well for tho
party, come to in witli nwhlto flag flying,
in Uio shupo of a card from tho editor,
stating that ho withdraw hi paper from
tlio political arena, nnd, henceforth, will
bu Independent of everything. Thcro
may ho good caiuo for this wotrunt thoro
is but wo can but feel tliut brother Link
has uctcd atu tlmo wlieii such a proceed
ing will moro than outweigh his (orvlcoof
tho past.
but it cannot bo that thu Mercury has
drawn oil' because a fow, governed by pre
udlce, mid disrrted the ',rty
at the oprniny o the present eanwal.n.
He, certainly, in thin docs not antlclnato
t lint '
TIIK Ol.Ii hllll IS l.r.AVtMl IIKKMO0I11NU-)
ami that tho ucwsthls fall will ho that tho
ship ha gone down at sea withal) on board.
"ohI.jit pnoruETic poulI"
wo trust 'thnt luch Is dot the case. Wn
belicvo that tho old flag is nailed to thu'
mast hcad.'and that It will yet rido ' out
mnny hard storm. Wo know thnt the
comfng.contcst is to bo a hard one, uud
thnt wo need all our force.
but Vb do not Intend td go to the rear
until tho Inst man leaves tho field. Tho
bard knock mo anticipate, have but Hied
tu (n .our determination to bu oil 'hand
when thoy arc given. Wo boliovothat Wu
will; tho'partv we mean, gain this lime,
and, although it tuny be but a sorry rietury,
tt pll) be an important ono; ami we are
iofryj tha the Mercury has fallen to the
rear.to bo n looker-on In tlio coming con--test.
Yo'riich Is tho ease, nnd wu will
vtry. and get along without it. It was un
expected, and many of Its friends regret
.1, If .l,.i 'i l.f.t 1.ntt?n....
flit.' SVJ IfUm fUKU.l. t! IU0t, liunuioi,
that brother J,i'k lis gooil and Milllcluiil
rcaton for It.
And so thoy go. "Well, wc are only an
Interested poctator, nnd heartily wish
that tlio bet man may win.
(From tho Mcou m Couoty (Urcttr, Uj.Ij !.
jfifTho following plank In the platform
of tho Ohio Democracy will, wo believe,
commend Itself to tho judgment of a largo
majority or mo people, irrespective oi
party :
iienoleed, that lami monoply Is ouu ot
the great evil of our country, "and against
tiA ..tll .if nut ImltfnltAnfi tlmt th.t
fllU I. V. ..... ...... .u . .v.. . , .....
whole of our public lands ought to bo held
at a acreu iruti to iccuro uomesicaus tor
actual cttlcrs. Wo therefore denounco
tho recent action of Congress In making
m .. n 1 1 In m.mtnnlli rittUnil nrtrimfrtl tiltl A
which aro already too powerful and may
IM-como uaiiguroui 10 n iree jieujue.
Vr. rarlliftr rAiiimnnla l tiprptunrv. it.
cept to say nothing but Arm ndhcrnnce to
tho principles enunlcatcd In tho above ex
tract, can savo the rcmntndur of tho poo-
-1 e- . l : fi.A r.i..
piu b rem .iiniu irum iinritiu mu iuf.i 11
tho 4.000,000 acres jut wnlloweil tii by
the Northern Pnclllo company.
W&T The following resolution ndopted re
cently by tho Roston labor reforut conven
tion shows how our Illustrious president
is regarded by tho working classes:
uIleolced, Thnt the refusal of L'lysseS.
Grant to receive MI1 Emmie A. Lane,
wlro visited him, In n respectful manner,
ti thu representative of tho working
women of JtassncliiHctt and tho daughter
of St. Crispin, was n gratuitous insult to us
all, and wc bolicvolt so intonaiii by urn nt,
and is auothor ovldenco of his want of
deccnoy In hi personal nnd other olllcinl
Intercourse with tho people."
Tho Ohio Statesman think thcro
should bo no fust mndo about a couplu of
rogues stealing f.'o.ovo irom tnc uuitei
States treasury In Washington, for Senator
Pomcroy, of Kanas, "captured' 2,000,(100
oracrc or public lanus anil nonoiiunt uii
wm made nbout It.
"The air Is full of detraction.'' crlci
thu N. Y. OinimtTfini Adrertittr. ''One
day a Connecticut Senator Intimates that
President Orant encourages Jobbery
another day nrcnrctentntlvu of .Maiaciiu
Suttt leaves tho impression on the public
tiiinu ilia; rrcoiucnt urant is not rnpabiu
of writing his own messaccs. TIicso im
putation coming from member of tho
iumo party aro more unpleasant than com
Ing from the other side.
InOhio.it Republican irovornor wn
elected lat year by 7,000 vote In a poll of
4tz,iaA. inainnanat uciu no general elec
tion since 1868, but that- year the maturity
agalntt Ilendrtck fur governor wn but
WJ1 In 350,000 roteo, wuiio ornnt t majority
was 10,00). In Wisconin,tho Reiiubllcnti
majority last year was f,000, whllo In
lll,.n.Ml. It ,..Z. !,.,( ...,n X.,... II........
shire 3,77.1, and in Novadn, nt tho 1 nt
election, but 1,20'.'. Thcso nro hojioful
fact for tho Democratic party.
Hero are tho "straw"' thu fur . Tho
defeat of tho Republlcani in Connecticut,
In April : the 8i,000 Democratic majority
in Now York nt the Juno election; tho Ion
ofthostiitiinfOrPgoii, lllflildili'' a Rcnilb-
llcnn L'nlted Stntis senator, Air. William,
whoso suitrror will bu ti Democrat, and
thu defeat of Jlowen, tlio regular Radical
neLTO nominee, fur mayor of Washington.
by three thoutnnd majority. This it pretty
good for tho spring breezes. When tlio
niiuiuin gums peg in o mow, ioow out tor
tlio whole Ftntw-ltncK.
Tho transition from gray to unnatbral
black or brown, ell'ccted by thu hair dyes
nnd kindred preparations, is Indeed a nick
cuing transit. Phalon' Yltulln, on the
other hand, rcftores the natural him to a
shade, nnd I pli'iisaut nnd toft, instond of
sickening mm pernicious. ,Niia ,y nil
druggit and fancy good dealer.
Gentlemen, go to John Antrim', ":1
Ohio Levee, for all your mtnllii shirts,
hosiery, underwear and paper collar, and
uvo at h ail 25 per cent from tho ordinary
retail price, llo ha tho best cloth cov
ered paper collar ever nU'ered In tho mar
ket. ' f.
TIIEdt lllJ JIK IltlSCOl'K.
Thi .Mlcmcii.fl is iimjdiUed nnd adapt
i d to popular as well in scientific use, A
now optical wonder I Thi is tho only In.
ttrumptit of high power which requlrm no
focal adjustment, and therefore can bo
readily used by every onu, oven by chil
dren. Costing only Two Dollar and
Soventy-llvu Cents, by mull, post paid, It
I within tho reach of nil In thu commun
ity, and should bo on thu tablu of every
Practloueer. Read advertlement In thi
paper. . lii27d3m.
Fikty hay iiOAimKith wanted ut thu St.
Charles Hotel, whcro can bo found tho
coolest and mot paclou dining room in
tho city. Thu tables a usual upplicd with
tho best tho market affords. Kninllle and
permanent boarders taken during the Milli
liter month ui extremely towrutei.
Walukii, clothier, corner of Sixth
street and Ohio loveo, fells clothing, hat,
cap, boots shoes und furnishing good,
cheaper by 10 per cent, than uny other
houso In Cairo. Cull and satisfv vour-
solve beforo you buy, tf
Just received nt P. Nell'', No'. 70, Ohio
Levee, a lilendid lot of unriiiir Canlmnn.a
Coating und Vostlnge, which will bo made
..! . . .
up in mo most limlilonablu styles, and ut
prices to suit tho Ilium, a perfoct lit uuar-
untoed or no enlc. if
llijlhly eolyhralrtl J'liil.l I'.itrncl of
N'ojiii'k .McIjCIix' l"iriiiutA Ariium! the lloiile.
t'iti:iAui;it soi,i:i.y ur
Dr. J.J. Lawrence
Organic! Chwmlf t.
Slnkn at th" root of tl ono l.y curlfi.nt the
htonil, r. torlii. tin I soriin I knltieyn to hmllhy
netmn. me I mtlt'Mt nit ttu iitx.iih ptttotn.
Th H. r rt. ret uf it j iiJu.itnl mici'i' In t ilf-
Dyspepsia, Syphilis, Scrofula,
lavcr Coiiiinlaiiilf,
( lirm.' Illicinii.tuni. NfiimlKlii, eroti Atlit.
h'ia, i:ni.li.-.n f thu Mi n, limn r, l uf
V gnr, IH-m-i ttif llm Ki.lnrj ami I ..wUt-r. ami
iillilniF4i'ii.ell ) a
Drn ilnti" I roii'lition of the
Liver, Kidneys,
SfToi'voua Sy ssitoui, oto.
It llmrniictilv erivli ! eieri U n l of liiimcr
ami bi.l t.i.ni, nnl rrtor the Mitire ) pliin tu n
ni'niiit roaun n.
by Hie ii'e of Ih n ini"licini frutn e.ik-, nckly.
nt!i-llriL( romuri', to Ktroiiir. heallhy fin I h) ')
ineiinnil uomcii.
,N-iiiillefh-is tttl.ilnnl mii'li n rf"it leit..
tfiti n th Jiu!l eelt l;r ttoil ( unpouiel.
3LVKocllon.l iVutliority
i'.ii'loro 1 an I re-'immeti'lt 'I hv tin I'rt lint
of Ihu fnfiiity of tlm 1. Mi I l Ulc ot the
cityf w York
3?rof. X-?. tt. USTewLon,
rii.fcfnian.ll,rj l,ntf'f Ihf- Kiteiilly, l.ite"l'ro
frifor of Thfory nii'l I'r.w in'f' of MeJe Ine, i .n
iinnr.ll, ft.-. .
linn of tliAtnrt.i fmini-nt inJlal men iff ihi
tgf well KncMn lis Hi" autleir of the fellow mi
ptunlml mcJi"l nork .Shoii' "rrifCti rof
Mr liotn"," Iiif.fVton .if i hil.lrrn," .Nt wli.n'it
inii HurKfrjr. ' it. . in ISMi-ml-vr "f Anenwi
.tlo J.'r me ..if.. 5T m) :
Amitiiic tlm ne rt. r"nt i tlnrut r.lr III--'iitarl.i.
rotnt "f lie-iifw rtmln . ii'itiei'
it new iti'j.ir4l"ni "inKHin'i-.l hjr J, J. I.awrrner,
Jl. I)., nf Noifolk, Vrf.. which I fuml'tirii I the
prnfeoion an l the ns. it in an) .li'.iri-l qiuntily
w irtjrnUr i xifiuliie.1 hi Uhniltiry anil Ifemiii
fully k.itUtie I tlmt all hi- work i ilntie in Hit- U t
linnuirr, I'j thf iii"t u)iprutiil irt'c.c-, ami
from ili lt mil 'rel. uirint n u rr-ult i mi 'I
lelne llll'IIIIK lllf i l.lltlilcare f tlw tlf i .
;iv o sic o o
Cures Scrofula in Us Worst Forms.
From A. W. Mill', a pr mint nt an t nr.. Uv u
111. I.lltl.1 ..f V...fl..l V'rt
' .S'u. II MmiiM. .V arotn. V . SM I .. I 1.
Pa. I.srtc Ihur h,r, tour K-koi
Mnrkfl wiin-tcm In my fimllr . My iUiikM'T liii
U-trn u iirfitiT frtiiti Sornlnli ftlm rlnMhooil.
Mielu.l liiirty.f.aii .ie eiof l,nn fr'Hii her anklo,
Mifprmi irnia ner iirin, ifi.ir iuiiiij mcrr in
ttrl inrt of thr Imilr, Whilt in thu ronil'
lion ie i '.tninii'it takini; your K'o.kcei -It u u-J
liken charm on lifr, nieler li uu llio uleer
irrAtiuiiiiy tirnie.1, nnl licr-ffnerl henllh KreMIy
linprosuU. Il ei tUimlr i I (if r iniKh nutftr
ii j, mi i" il,4, le i i f-. 1 r fff I Ktk'i' 'f
citie fur all rofuluii. stir, I, ,. Vour Kotk'.o
nlo eiir-Hl my wlf of .y. p-ii, from w lnli lm
uil. Tt- l Kreolly. Hhe i n . ui iieti. r In tlth (Itin
mi rit in-t-n iii mi )nr.
Wet. Hi- hiKhP.t ii'innl-,
I mi strutt fully "iir. r .
K'i.k'"i ia i n lur-fil liy ih Let j.ir.i. , in
ijr)iihfr' Ken llhofollo,iigfroiii I'r.Till. ly,
n nierwftil irw:tllion'r of inanr yMri ttmlilu
inth"i)U .North. -itite:
Itocky Mount, IMuixvitnlf (Jo .Hi 10. ln.i.
iu. J. J. I,iui-cr liearmr. Il.nt ii.e.l your
Coiiffiitratetl Kill ii 1 1'itriw'tof Koikoin inyrrru.
life m nil the li.iipie.l imult'. I lite I It in I.m a
nwerful liter niiliforitnr, Noml iili(lrr, uinl
iii rv u tonlf. In all iiin u.e. i.f ilm Inrr, --rof.
iilnii", tylulllie, Kiel iieri..ii nil.-. ii..ii, n l.n
rtimeily of ilium n-e tuluoi in fact, in ulmo-l
ilrr sarlrljr of rlininlc iliM.K.a ii me imii
mti'l. Ilo-iinx Jim m.ijr nifiiMiiii the iii'ce.
hn h oa ilfM'tm in ii nm.'ilM I'iri r 'if nl il.li'
lilixlii iiiii, I aiii.Kir, HiUi luii I. Ixpeit,
Vniir oi Uii nt rcri iiit,
It. C TII.MIUV, M l.
151 O 3sT XC O O
rititiw cuito.Mc tni:i;.siAriN.
Norfolk, V.i St ot 7. J".,
I'r. J. J l.-iHioni'i l'ur riir; .My n hn te.
eeiUfl mi mm h Irfinetlt ffiiti niir wiiilrrful K'i
koo, ih.it I oAiiniti reirmi liom etorc-niii; my
iirftliltklc. I ItM'l lrli"l altuoil creryiiiitn; nh'tiit
Unt-fit. I Mime, in nil mii f nly, tint your !
kirn l.nri (iiti.llii.te remi ly fur tlie ili.e.i.n from
whleh h hni mitlfretl, ami. n fr n I run leant,
hit lieier f.nle.l. If luuoalr knrw I tin liiiinuiiiii
otiioillit nf Mitleruiif lie lian mnJerKonit, thnt Jo"
ionM eonelle the il'in mieli n leine.l) at
Jioikoo-tli it mirtlyeuriw. Tin liroatiiiiiotint of
KoikI II U how ilom uliloliif tin l IiientltiuMu,
With much i-rullliiile,
I am, re.t-llullv yotir, ele.,
-MfW. M II. A. .NKI.SUN.
Ieal the'fiilloisiiifriitii Mr. U'oinWe, a promi
nent liurilmire nivn-h.iiit of iliiclly i
No. njlurkHS'tinnrc, Norfolk, Va., 1
Uetohnr I t, lwi. f
Ur. I.aHrenee Heimhlr. Tu ilmliritx hiiiiiIiit
of tenliinoniBl. uhleh Sou ollur of the urn it 111
racy of jour ICo.lino, 1 i.ike iltwtiirt lu ni iIiiik
my own. I utleittl uieatly Hiihiiertotu ilehilily,
lieml.kolie, lorni of ni'ietile, t ie, ''o Imltlo of
Koikoo iu.IiuihI me to henllli,
Yourt truly,
Krom Iti-v. W. II. Christian, r.un.ir Dinu nl.llo
flrnt .Methoili.t Chunh.
I'lirlmnniilh, Vn., Moll Wu
Till Ih to eertily Hint I know ir, l,inrencn
mil. He It n nentleinan of eultivnlloa, uml
worth) Of tho flllleitll'Ollllill'llei-. I ll'IVli llll'il In
Ko.koo mill iiilvantiifl In myself, me I lime
inlonteil lu ii.u In my fuinily In eue oi ni rium
ilehilily utii iletri'lon. W, H,UllltSTI IN,
Kroni Dr. I.lo)il, a iliynielnn of Inro i raclloe.
(Jrrut IlriilKo. Va., OctoU'rS, Hil'i.
J.J. Iiu renee, M, !. Pear Hlr t I cheerfully
i'lu'orMi ynur U'o.koo a IflnK iunt inlimUn
nri'i.imtinn. 1'kui eiiniiimlloa of llm foriiiiil.i,
1 Hint eiwili liiRreillenl hlithly etlolleil hy our lnt
ami mint iroireisiie elialval luvcutik'ntor. I
liavn lenleit il HlectH In my own iraeilce, ami
hninno hemlntlon In ritom-nendliiir it, In my
niiulon, il in thi'tnaeoiuioilliil ot lte:n t ier
I'llt before the ptiblio exeeuilinc l.y far all thi)
mnmncoiu'ionniN of i..-irHiiirilln, elo., eierin
lenti.l. It m aiteeiilti Hunt) lonte, ami Iniinr
ator of tho iiaiinnl fnrec, alilinu ilifiention ami
niilmilntiiin, iiinl llierehy iroiliiciu heallhy
hlooti. irhleli shouM In Ihu luain of In nliiii.nf In
allchronlo ilUiann. Uoi'iiiK y on wilt reap tho
tinillil j til, tii'ii-riu iruui tun jiiiuh'j Ha n LiCllOIAC-
tor, I am, lr.
Vottr truly, I'll AH. "LLOYD,
null leiiiiiui; lull itiai , t nifti! t ti lifUUIVIIUnilOllll
iiiiiilnl r.iiitiol re.isoniihly lieiilt.ite tu eio tlm
i.'i in'iwi i.i.ii "
1 flfl. Kn.l..... 11... I n l.d.l.
, For Additional Testimonials
from iliyicimi, i nilni'iit ilinnen. eilitorn, iliuii
t;lt,, iniich intH, i to., pen Ko.koo Aliiiauao lor
Ihu year.
rituri osk jtui.i. ie pint novn.K.
11 r Mntu I, ir I ti.. iiPiin.lt. ii ilrti (.(,11 i.. I f ..t I ... I
kilstU'i itii'l lliKili Ami ti:i. jvl7tln5in
Krcry family In lrinutty enu nnke li.mwii
At hut a Irtlllni; eot an) little liUir hy K'ttlnx
Goo ch's IXL Freezer
Ii mil frcotn preaiii in lltn miiiiilo Tiioii.-il.
Ions milk will Iti.ike :i l(rillon of thn finet ami
liel let rre.iin Hln ftoin I tu Hitim!" for f.im'
ily lie, ami from 'J I0 Jlllnnf tt.r hotels nlnl
Tor iiliij tho rrer.ir nnj ttv:eli( for limkltn. nl
kind' of leo rre.iin, naler lee, fancy cakes, fie.
ami ill aln hot-hen iiwny grutilltoiuly to (liii.e
dftirililhelii. ,
Weiionlil re-tpectfiilly refer )OII lluMr Jenelt
Wilcox, ho li.noneol lh KreierJ now in u.r.
l'or Io nul) by lies rivarl, Urth tSt Co.,
l:ld I'ontatreUI Air,
ISAM IK I. llt'HU, 1-rrkhlPMli
R0Ht:itl W. MIl.LKIt, Vlr.lrr..:
V. If. ItrsJMI'JS, Cst.lslrr.
Collections Promptly Made.
lIxfllHIIKC. d'AlH, ItllMk rVttlt's
uiil I!.'iill MhIvm N?fiirl
I leu lltiiiKht and
IiitcroMt Allimeil on Tlnm hfjiohll.i.
Capital - - 100,000
V. l. IIAIiMllAV, I'rtiliUnt)
A. H. HAKFOIIU, Caahlrri
WAI.TKIl IIYNI.OI', AiUIMI faililtr.
Stt. Tajliir IV. I. MallltUr.
rott Whltr, lloht. II. ri.nl.il,. w
(itn. II. ttlllliui.ii., strplira UlrJ,
A. II, S.ITaril.
Kxirliaiic, Coin and
V. sS. Jlond Uought
and Mold.
aDopowltoM Zlooolvod
.. .iin.
j3i:Ti:u 'ijiiim
St(. lfttt.4l,
Millers' Agent,
oo ozxio xjSvjdi
tlrtl.rf Nnllrllril, mitl I'roiniilly Mini
NiilUfttf lorllv I'lllrtl.
.. I'. Mitlliu.i. K, V. Ihl
(;i:.t:uAi, ntont'CK
Commission Merchants
Ohio I.ctec.l'.VIItU.Hiltl.NOIS.
fi-ciitlatlfIit.on i-nt-n 1 1 the 'Uri Iik .ml snleof
tttlt'KMS Til
Lee County NAtiunnl Il.n., In ton, III.; Win. VIS,
I'inuii, in , ,hj ...iiiiuni ii.uk, l.iro, llllltoii;
.M.lhfH.. IMr A Co., CoiniulMlon Mrrrhant.,
ftitoajjo. III.; milium A l-lone, l.oio. JliTrh.nl.,
t, iiit-HKo. in., injH, .tiornna ittt, Liueairii. ill.
io in: som ion ciia iicjkn
. ...iim i, k nilllli Ilua III l..'l.ltll 111 ll
in: ler.ijnr I, w l U..cllnl i 'iil.lt- Bin iiiin, on thu
Mh tl.iy ut July, liTu, In (r eifhtt ami eharce,
If not i uiiiiiil or i'.IIi 'I lor hofore the tl.te nUne
inentioni-I. h.lotn l ike .veon wharf lloat, op.
Iinte .Villi Mrttt, lulco, lllinom, nl In o'eloek
a. in
i II a, t. III.Mih
1 .
t. .
a... .
t Mil tilumler ., .. no mink
1 .In uml I k ilo KH, diro.
I I-oji imiteni. un mart
I ki;rliairriini tlit
1 tiniiiy Iriiuk .. ilo
1 l'k harm-it 'I'll It Comer, Tffill
it-niiirr ir . euiiiy. no in.rK
I Ml illnnre In
10 1 rki! .clre
i in uiiDir ... n Tlioma.
no m.rk
II ti tit. r iiuimr.
1 . I Ir'k uieleoiilenln
II.. .. I tlOlnetllCllle...
lr I'T Jonep, Menip
t...... no w iMinnii ,
H , lehit.l l.lunilt r
10 I lox U'....
r .i i ,i ran I'lenani
nn m.ik
,Mr0 1('.inny, An
i.o mark
torn, Inil
I chint nluniler
I tr'U anil content.
I ilo llO llll
.. I ilo ilo. ...... a N llluue, N l
i. 1 ilo ilo no murk
1 'In ilo H, ilo
.. I it , ilo V It W A Co, Wel
Point, Ark
.. I ' ilo no murk
,. I ilo ilo ill)
, Irallie tin . OKWrlxhl
-T...... I ilo do l!e rryhlimter,l'e(irin
-! I trunk . do I'hnvM Sloore. earo
II Ilroi. Cairn
. 1 lrunk do
nu mark
M'Cli llatU C
, I liuremi ami uliim
, i uiiii ionateo ,
. I Mill lolmcvo
, 1 do ilo
1 hoi binnkliiKiln,,,
, leietiiie tnoanro
I eookin mole,,
no mail;
i no no..,,
Uo.iiol; n mi rontent.
1 do do
I do ilo
1 ill! do
I do do.,
I t t do
Tlio Ximv To tv ami Jul) Itout
W. U. COULTER, Master,
prepared at nil limes (oilorll kimNul toiv
lii( ami jotihinie on Hie iiiomI reuionable Ifllii.,
lli.iilipuirlerH at t'.iitu, llliuoi-,
I III I! illlHI
W. II. Morrlii.
Notary 1'iiblli'.
... ... ..iiiipft,
Nnt.rv I'nMIe ami t H
AstnelH - 3,r(l1,aoi U7
Amvin ii,7sis:i.nso uo
liAUTFoien, co.vv.
AsiM'li U,II.2IU 'J
I'HUIMX, ir iitn Oltll,
ASSM'I.. f.dlll.I'lN HU
I Ti:itATIO.AI;. X. Y.,
AMt;ii I.:t5:i,ts 17
Atiel .. 70,:7 7:1
IiKVi:i.AM, liKVl'l.A.Ml.
AotrtM 5lff,07:t Nt
iioMi;, :oi.tJnni .s.
AH'I siat2?s 1:1
:o..v. NiiTVAi. MFi:,
AsiMii :io.ooo,on 00
At4.i i.fto,eou 00
AhsI 500,000 OO
Assm I., Ht);o,HH'i JH
Saffofd, Morris & Canto
71 OHIO liKVK:
City N.llon.l lluik,
Onlro, Xll.
" J?X Iteinlru. l.win II K.II...
, .opna:.
WIiiht'k ltts('k,'orii'r't is
Mrtl anil srHiRi4r'lal
nil no, f,.vof.v
W'n r-ie'nt th. fiilluwinr lllnij, we.lllt)
.nil fair-tle.lini ii.ii.ni-Hi
MKIt( IIAN .S In.. r., of Chlcnk-o:
SI'ITAl. AND .ItJitl'l.llt... S41,IS u
fSKCL'ltn V In. Co.. or vr Vorkt
CAl'ITAI. AMI Ht'ltl'l.t B..r.OI7,tIHl I
COXMt.'KCI.Ui Inii. Co., of thlciorot
CAl'ITAI. AMI Hf'ltl'I.I .- l,1l,Ms A
IMIE1'N1KNT In. 4 o or Itoslon ;
CM'ITAI. anii bl lll'l.t " tjn.io.itn'j oi
SAM.AMO Inn. Co., ur Siriiii;ll'llt
IJAI'lTAI. AMI llil'Ll J':i.1.ii:i7 "T
AL'ltdlJ.V Iii. Co., or Aurora, 111. :
CAl'ITAI, ami t;iti't.t'H . nno.iit -jh
STATK Hro Int. Co., or CloTrlnnd, O.
CAl'ITAI, AM HUIll'l.rH....fiO(l,tl7 U
LIMA It Ini. Co., or Clilrau'o.
( AI'ITAIi AMI ."TIII'Ll'.-t il,00,OUO Oti
nii'IiirfllinM. .ml conLnU, lrti h.n.li.e
Clin k', MinnfVI'.rin nn l M.v lunrry, llutl,
I ir e, nn I KreightL.K ln.iif.1 en Hie inn.l
II a-oiiiMr Unit., itih U,ir nint tl i .ini.inie
j. s. ki:aiiii:.v v .o., Agi..
TSlntriii-a, f. Y. :
AKStKTN, , ,. ..f l,-Je,41a UK,
Gei'miuiin, IX. Y. ;
AHNtfSTN ....-... tl.Ofti.r! 7
Ilimovoi, IV. Y, ;
ASSHt.TH., 740,7H
lijublio, IV. Y. ;
AKNirlS.............. 7l,U.'.,5 11
4'oiiiirl.iiK tlio I'ssilrrM rllrr.'Aif
Yonliin'K, IV. Y. ;
ansi:tn ,..)K7H,ot 1
Albtiny City;
Ahhl.TH .UI3:i,tOS J
Virem,ni l,llnd,S.i',
ANHirrf ... ...a7t.oo
Sooui'ity, IX. Y. ; Mart
ANNKTN .............MX 1 .
PT-jlorr., Imelline., Kiirnltuic, II j)
Crifoen innireil at rati, a. f.toraUu .
--rinaiii'iit m urlty will warrantt
I ri'm'tfnlly nk of llm i-'llirwa.
hare uf their pilrona-!.
c;. .V. inciiii:w,
llllli el I1r.t N'.llnii.l .u
yy u. (L'aiiy.
Principal Undertaker
Xo. lit. Sixth Street. Cairo. Illinois
Keen i niiatuutly on haml a large atipply of 1'r.iue
.V llreeil.- ni iraml linjiroieil
Burial Oasopr
the fluent ami Ul iiietalic eatei lion in nn. A'"
reii.li inailii
Woodou OoQ-a,Xlto.
A HfiiiHd niiil.CariiuBt'H AhvujH In
lloiile. ilUInterrcil ami .hipped Io any aiMrrsa.
Also on liuinl for Kile
liiiliol.tirir.' TrlsumlssK
Hair Cloth, linen licit., (Jiinpi, llitllnn, liohl
nmlHilver I'liiiKC, (lolifiunl bilier Htarn, VHrultli
Tni'lii, M111.1T11W, C'lialr.Ciiiii', lloil.priiiKH, liltle
etc., flu.

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