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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, June 29, 1870, Image 2

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' J ' rr..'ii.l.o..Mr.--M";'"''- f..n?n-Mi.Hi 1
-iti v LpttlirnWii'noill-'-oiii-loiiJ.nlinu! minor
' of ili'iul eirnl-5 " niaiiireslnllnn of
jUI4 narrow "' l'iosfrlllvo fopllntr : no
s,.riircoriliiiniii(to j:in1lry jicr
'.oiinI nuiMtlon or rpsenlnicnl.
1 :l l It Conui taaltuinl Dlatrltt.
S Coini-nllon of jlie liilnneriu') if I lie Mil
(NmfrrsMrmfil MsHirl nf llllnnl,lll he heM
Mrioli'i MiMfV fount), un ThurwlM, the 4lli
jiyof Auniist, A. 1. lfTO, nt iw.ui f anlil ilay.to
Mmlnleaf:initi.lalofurl.'uii;rc", In uliielil'nn
iriilKntIieeniintii'niniriiii saiil liislrl.t will
M-nlltlr.l tn nin .Ide'atn for r"li !" Vt.tf rat
fur lliiralitf fr'j.inotirlii liiH,niiil one fur mi-Ii fiao
Imnal wirt llierenftn et-e.. of fifty, n follim i
Aliix.uulrr U Pliml( a.
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Willmin.oli "
lark-oil ....... l' ((
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llar.Hi -
Saline II
flillnt.li I" "
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llinioorntii o'r In tin) Ihatrirl will please
It . aiiKiftskftl tliit lipiiuvntiernunty ronton
tion, to .ol.vt iJrMjMtr, Ulid.l nil lint 3.1 Mon
liy In Jill)'.
I.el i trryrminty srmla lull .Iflcg illi'O,
II v i.r.lrr of the iLMiUK-rntlo iVnlr.il t'niiimtllrp.
riiilrin.ii iN.iii. (V ii.t'oin. l::tli Cmix. Ilia. Ill-
Tli.. I)iniawy nf Hi-l"irt fi'iuturlil Hi.lilcl
'willte-intli' In pontt'nlion si llii rlly of Mi'lrn
.li., MiThiii.liy,llii 4llul.iy nf .Mlgii'l.!"''!.
ntl o'i'I.k'I; p.m., fr the minfnillim if a ron.ll
.litf lor. I't.'.i'hUAl.l Hittrk t.ln tlioyiulcSi.iinlc.
Therillo f rpprr.riitMlnn will lm i.tu il.-lfRalP
for m'lt''tntMr"jt fur Hrynmiir mill llliilrnl
tliflint I'rcalilHiitUI flivlinii, uul oim .l luil for
ir fr.v-li(nil.irttli(,r,oriii'i'nfnn) vi.tf,
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AI.KX. II. IllVIN, fli'm.
,tf(.':.vf.7r.v im.ii 1A7 'rm: toiiac-
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i . Thiitoh-xeconUt, If holm no rlt;ht wor
thy .f C"iuj.lerth.n :u n cltlsen, H nt h't
iitilhil to ..iiio re-pect iin n tux-payer,
'Infill. dill tr.-vlllc wlihli nnK-t iiitilhute.
tn Ueep plethoric thd roller of tin govern
. iii.mt. jlut tho Jihti.u of reprwentatlve
net nf if tln'V winded to ( rnli nut the triido
hy jictty 'nnnoyunei'i nod impo'illon,
mthor than tomako it n prnlltnlilu po?.
ihlo to tho government and tho country,
A provUliui in the Schciiek tax hill ii e
' lM ciallv riimplnlnpil of. The tohsero fee.
lion of that hill, after prescribing the ipe-
rial tato.i whieh ahull ho paid by toanufnc
turcr. n ml dealer-, iinpou tin following
oii tho latter clan:
'Kvcrypcr.m who MllnroilViri for aide
uiniiufiiluiml uAmrro, milVjir elura kliull
bo regarded ill n ibMler In tobaecii. Denl
rra ln lobacvo ahall Vn- n lw.il.-, mid 'hall
enlur dally therein nn aceurnto nccntint of
the iptanl'llv, pnckaitea and number of
pound-! of to'biueai piltcha.ed by them eaell
iloyj theiliiWof piireha.-oi the nmne ninl
jiIiipp of residence of tho puron from whom
pun hand; tlm uuiiio of the liiauiifaeturer;
tho regiitered number of the factory whero
. inaiuil'ai turoJ and the diitrliJ and tnlo in
- whieh the annio l nltuntvl. Said book
hall 1m pre-crved by them fur two year
utiil ahall nt all time be pen to the In
spection of any roveiuir uillcer; mid in
ra.o of any refii.nl, or willful neglect to
keep and preserve "aid hook mid nceouut,
or to permit ucii llifpeotlon, j.'ild denier
ball U lined not le thmi one hundred
dollar nor moro than two thoiumnl, mid
liujiriioned not b( than three iiioiitht ur
moro than ouu year,
A wa correctly remarke.1 by Mr.
(JieVolftlid, of New deriy, when tho bill
win on It pauage, till provision wlllhavo
tho practical clfoct to shtil up tlio small
ahop whero tobacco ii aobl, and tlirmv tho
whole trvle into tho hand of the largo
dealer who are able tn keep the compll
tinted book ri-piirnl. Manyof lhe-ohojii
nro kept by women, tho wlvoofpiwr men,
who thui eke.out the tcnnly malntonnnre
of u hoiiichold, mid who, not having tho ed
ucation of a iKKik-keeper, nro totally In
coiiipeteut to Ai ltlll thl provUion of tho
law. Jloprcrcntntivo C'loveland probably
hit tho oinct truth when ho said: "I can
wo no other reaon for tho
luluptioii of thi provitlon than
theo two points that of taking
Ibu biiilneia out of tliu hand of tho fiinr.ll
dealer for the beneflt of large dealer, and
of making ii marketor .onicbody'. book,"
After thowlng how opprci.lve mint be the
pi'rpetual vliitatlori of roveuuo detectives,
to which tho law render tho dealer liable,
even for two year after he or alio may
have dUcontlnued bmlnen", Mr. Cleve
land continued: "I catch tho luggestion
that one of tho object of tho book U to
unlit tho detective in watching tho inaiiu
facturer but you hnvo no right to turn
thciotmnll dealer Into government detec
tive. You have enough already, and mot
rascally onta they are, as a general thing."
PeMous who venture to touch tobacco
af u business have neod to keep a keen eyo
out tpwarda "Washington. Hero Is unother
little provision of tho Kchenck bill which
might easily bo overlooked to tlio sorrow
of whom it concern :
"Kvery ,rlgar makor shall cauio hi
name and residence to bo regliternd,
oitiout)rtcLiU4 tlemuHtl, with tho n-iiitiint
utjcisor of tho' division In whieh such
cigar maker shall bo employoilj mid any
inanufacturcr of cluar euiiloylng nny
cigar maker who shall have neglected or
refuie4 to mako such registry, shall, on
conviction, bo flnod flvo dollar for each
day such cigar maker no oll'cml lug by no
Klect or refusal shall bo employed by him."
"Wo imbllsU tho nlovo in tho bowi that
Hour tobacconists may get timely notlco
lUiremiim, in, cwo the Hehenck
JMrniuo a 'law
snrxi) diimouhats ,tivwi'i: it. I
.1 nil jo AIIhii, wlinlinilmonliulii'triiiiiily,
lnit fiili;tly lul'iiriiitfor III'1 ni'W emislitti-j
t.... I. h i .... . d...'i iV ,t.'m iV i.,.'
I i.'i . f la I ..(lit I- iiim iv mil iiu..i.ii .. i.j .
nil ovorwhcliniii!; Iilnjnilty. It- I in, mil:
nlmliiiL' fnltli It? tlmviiMin of .tli'. iwililitS
mill eniinnt timlcrslnml how iiny pcrann of
Intiilllypiioo ciiii hciltiilo lictwcun tliu new
find the olil I'Oliitilution. Tlinsi' Demo
rrnt wlio ilplro to lug inlo tint wiiiviw"
tlio stiflVngo ttptl(in he roiirila ni
nii.ohiof-iimlicri, mill bt'livo with Thk
Ufi.U'.TiN'tlmt tlm mlotUloil or rpjootlon
of tlio conitlltitlon will hnvti no nflVft
whntovor upon tlio right of cither tlio
whito or hlni'k man to voto.
Hut. Itnlgo Allen li niittluintilypriiinlnpiit
DiMiincriit of IlllnoU who U nn nJvocatoof
tliu coii-titiitloii. Iiulopil, tlioronro only u
few lending Dpioocriitswliiihiivonnnouiiroil
thciiHolvc'iii Itfoppuiiunt, mill tlipy nroi'f
tlio past uro politicnl ciroimif, fomcwhat
Inlntcd, mid rcnJy for lmrlnf. lion. Junius
0. Allen, lion. .Tnmc Kuliin'on, lion,
riiiiii. Oiim'v, lion. n. r. ."iiiiirtinii, iiuu,
Shinny Hreiuc, mill niiiny other Mich Detn-
ocrntt, 4gi)Inrl yliOJO ilovotlon, to thopnrty
no truthful man -cnu rnv u wot d, uro of
thi opinion thnt tlio bwt liitcrcjti of tho
State requlro the mloptlon of tho now con
ttltullun. Tlioy nro Democrnt who liavo
tho engnclty to undcritnnd thnt tho old
cluptrap cries of tho pnt hnvo
lost tluilr potuncy, ntid that
thontlcmpt of 1'iirtnln Democrntlc paper
to drivo Democrat Iroiii ft injiport of tho
new couillliitioii hv ihoittlnj; nt tlinm:
"Negro niill'rngl.t' Ifo rldleiilotn that It
can frighleii no pjr.on win U not u preju
diced fool or totally devoid of common
CaTTho llenton Simulant, of lart week,
can ii out for tho new constitution.
The Mound City Journal suggest Hon.
N. It, Cafey mlho proper mail to bo mado
tho Dcmocmtlo iiomluoo for thuSlalo rioii
nto in this district. AW shall mipport tho
Hooter with great hoarlinest if ho rhould
secure tho iioinlnalloii, ami peronnlly pre
fer him to any perjoii who hai bocn sug
gested, but wu believe that no comldera
tlou of ii por'omil character should, In Urn
pending canvas, lulluuiico any llcmofrnt;
that ho should net for tho Im.1 Intrrest-t of
hi party oppo'ohl peronal'fricmli mill
support III personal enemies, If, by to do
ing, ho can rontrlhuto to tho defeat of the
Had leal party. Inlluenced by motive or
this kind, wo nro inclined to believe that it
iioiuiiiro htronger than Doctor Cawy can
be on the tiunp should bo selected, u man
who ran hold hold the glll-tongipd, wor
dy mid plnuillilo i.lncgnr to hi Work mul
defeat blm with tho weapon of nrgumeut
and eloquence. As much, therefore, u wo
would like to havo Dr. LVey lioinitiated,
wo nro impelled to agree with many Demo
emtio eitlr.eu of IhodUtrict, that .Mr. .loci
(!. Morgan, of thl city, U tho trongest
mriii wo rould select. Ho U not nn abler
miin than Dr. Casey, mid In tho Senate
would not lmvo moro InlliiPiuv. hut he U
ouo of tlm l.i-t stumjieri In .Southern I lib
tioi, I thoroughly ioted on political I
sin'., mid would bo its.uri'illy successful In
ii rauvAM with .Mr. MtiPnar. NVu havo
uoilouht tho D.iutor, who known .Mr. .Mor
gaii a ability n a debater, will agree witlr
tiilu thl poiltlon, mid throw up hi l:i:iui
to tho iiomluatlou, mid hi liat Tor .Morgan.
Ciay-ICvery elet lor who tvMio to abolMi
tho cure of sppelal legislation, will Vote
for the new constitution.
FiXDisa iiim our.
l'or several yean pint .Mr. .Munn, mid
hWclhpie, have been liuntera of tho situa
tion hero in .Southern llllnots, and have
cracked the party huh about tho ear of
tho Itudlral. with great Induitry and
muphetlVct. Hut tho day of UU power nro
about numbered, lib fellow-partliau nro
coining to the conclusion that ho 1 full of
sound ninl fury signifying nothing; that
ho serve the dovll In the livery of heaven ;
that ho I not a pure public servant; that
ho I trenehorou and revengeful, a man to
bo regarded with upieion mid trusted
only when thera I hUoUiIo knowledge
that ho ha no object of u peroiml char
acter to aecuru by proving treaehcrou.
The treatment (.'id. (Jrahnin h:u reeelvl'd
at hi hand ha compelled many of hi
former friend to t omo to thl rather liur-li
coneluolon. Well, well; wo knew they
would "llnd him out" in time, and now our
prediction I receiving verification.
tHtf" Tho new constitution I n model fun
dnmoutal law. Don't neglect to voto for
Hon no.t .Saturday, July I'd.
mom: nuFKcrio.w
Mr. Charles A rlor, who was it delegato
from this county to (ho convention which
noiiilnated .Mr. l.luegar for tho .Senate, hat
publicly announced hi determination to
opiio .Mr. Munn, mid to labor for
tho ucccs ofCol. CM). Munn' double
dealing with t'ol. Oraham; hi pmer.lty
in inok'iicn; the overbearing conduct of
the Httlo ellijuo of political ollleo-gobbler
who nro In his coiilldeuco; and other con
sideration hao Inducid Mr. Artcr to
inaW thUannounccinoiit. And he I not
nlono in the moveiucnt. .Many other
liadlcnli who havo heretofore bcun of tho
linlllnchlng, tho most faithful havo at last
cut Iikmo from their party allegiance.
Munn and tho heavy dum of nwgrn which
they wcro lately compelled to swallow
hero lu Cairn, niiun-Hted them, and they
have pwwd up all the Hadieidlsm that
win In them.
C6y Don't forget logo tn tho olU not
.Saturday and voto for tho Nuw Constitu
tion. '
tty'Tlio Hurl of Clurendou, Knglith
Kecretary of 1'oreigu All'uir, died hut
(gy'liow doo Dan Munn staiul on the
phr Iron qucUlon'Y
TTne Orirro 3xilletm, Jtuie VJ.
Ann- Illltnei Sperr lira.
Ilnwlluirii? wii nversu to making nftor
illnnerppcohcs. Writing whllo consul nt
r.Iverpixil, ho said: "Seriously, it I tho
most, painful partof my olllctnl duty this
nVce.ilty of inftklngillnnor speeches nt the
Mayor' mid other public, or scmbpuhllc
tHbles,'' i- i
ANrtvPoat. '
William Morris, author of "Tho Karlh
ly l'nradhe," ha acquired considerable
celebrity as n ioct, and his famo Is steadily
Winning widely dlflfmeil bolh In England
ftuil America. "Tlio liovers of Gurun" is
now being published In n scparato vohimo,
adorned with un engraving In the frontis
piece, Illustrating tho lines:
"That r!jrlii clip wit. Ju tome to her (nil
neiie, '
ItiiH-'Imaiiiiii-.l rel lis win, nn.1 llm nml IikIiI, ,
Wl mrei nilufit atu. urow fairer from that .lavi-
H6M prp Hi liK lia ulicrrnilti the ulml ill. I
l'lnor Ulna aill. irnlvil roftli blip llip.pii
Aflr a tliri eiliiy'acalni, an.l to hfr knre
en int;n iney rfai'iit'.i uir Mere llie wlilte liamli
U:Hlllttluituut.MJ.ta wllaiu (ll lrMana itqf p, "
TarllT niiymca.
Tho Doonlo nro bcirinnlnif to sintf mv.
entio reform. Tho followlmr. "Put On tho
Screw," is from tho Uuffalo ChnWrr. It
ia supposed to be suns; by Kelly anil Mc
Carthy, with a chorus by the people : '
('old iron, In tho common foil slisitls zrn.l
Has ImiKtli to hiiIhiiII Ij Hie ln-avltut tinra
Wliltnllii. IiIkI, prlic uf Mil irom n plckla may
Alidniluly oueoflnTPX JrUeraon lMrlt,
ii, uii mo bv n'wn
km I. ... I m 1. . .
liilaiaitlii.lk-j our Kupe call nonr lefuae.
. . , , 1 '" "in iD f"i ti 'una win riOleTP,
(luu.l Inyul nidi uro iron nirnae pruiirlplura:
In ri tiirn fur thla loyally Ipt 11 Pi.iilcnt Via
lly InxloK all otln-ra 11 humlrej K-r ccnluin.
, . , .j .. .... p,
Aaliar.tni youcliooici
From III nxo In ir Immla to llic nulla In imr
Tlioiiiumiii li of aaltapana, the Ionia of tho fur
naee, Au.l ritater of lrp.nl-eriiiiitia to (imre. return
Ho mo aipiottc In Rftoil panipst the laUrlnc
For why ahoutil wo care for the .. of the
l'nl oil tlio aercir
1. 1....1 , .
Till tliPKto.ninr tliu lclliiiiouriaatcuiiinu-p,
Tlir t'lalita 11 ml Npliltra of tlio Mam-
muth Cava,
l'rof. A. Jackson Howe, M. D, of Cin
cinnati, thus speaks of the Ihhc and
spider of tho Mammoth Cave:
'There nro but two kinds of fihe.
namely: ratlbh and crawllih. Thcv havo
rudimentary socket and optic globes, n
well n optla ganglia ami track lor optio
nerve. Hut tho whole optic apparatus
luck iltrrU'jtmenl, which is nrrcsted for
lack- or 11 e, winch tno sun light airord.
Nature, liuimrtial or coniicnsatlug In tier
ends, lin given, in plncoof eyes, feeler of
extraordinary development, which ran feel
their prey, mul otherwise tako tho placo of
eyes. Tlm spiders of tho cava are color
less, but they livo near tliu mouth of tho
cavern, where there I some light; hence,
they uro not eyeless or ilghtlc..
Now, tho cxcwlvo development of the
feeler of tho llihe of the cave come, us
Wllaeoor Darwin would sny, by "natural
selection," etc., which I do not wholly be
lieve. 1 ratliur say by a io of roniyrutu
fi'on In nature, which Is 11 condition of or-
UHiikiitlou 11 iiecoislty n part nf (Jwl
liiio-elf, who aim nt perfection in all Ills
t"yTho Jacksonvlllo Sentinel, cflltpil
by the veteran Democrat, Mr. J. It.
I lil ley, I advocating (ho mloptlon of tho
new con.titutlon. In tho luu of Juno
'Jth we llnd n well-written rejily to tho at-
tackof Mr. Aiiitin Hrook on that Inttru
ment. Tho reply I concluIve. In it
every position assumed by Mr. Hrook I
carried, mid his sophUtric lire torn Into
lay A motion was yeterday made In
tho .Senate, to go Into executive session on
tho Dominican treaty, and was defeated bv
11 voto of 2.'l aye to 30 noes. This, a tele
gram says, ii considered 11 pwtty fair test
Voto, and how that so fir from tho
treaty being strong enough to secure a rat
Mention by a two third vote, It cannot get
11 majority of the Senate.
IfcOrTlip Munnitoi-lho white, black and
yellow fellow who hang to Mr.- Munn'
coat tail, nro becoming alarmed. Since
tho rcpcctablo portion of tho Republican
party have begun to manifest tinmhtuka
bio evidence or dissatisfaction with Mr.
.Munn, whoi I'opo'iJ-tiKik In trade, quite
n commotion in tho clique It observable.
VKhV (loon. Tho Mound City Journal
I leiponslblo for tho following very good
squib :
If Dan Munn should get elected to Con
greis he can wrlto homo to hi father reaid
'Kin Vermont n tho boy who went to
California did to Ilia mnacullno parent.
Ho said: "Fattier, why don't you como
out hero? Mighty mean men get oWco In
this country."
T10N, becauio it I a great improvement
upon thu pre.ent coiiitltiition, and dams
tip thu Hood of corruption whieh unseen if
over flowing.
$r(" Kvery elector who believes that tho
State should not bo left at the mercy of
hugo railroad corporations, trill vote for
tho now constitution.
ttai1 The Micuri Deinoerut advocate
tho nomination of It. Urats Hrown at tho
Hadical candidate for Oovcrnor of Mi,
sotirl. .
tSf Kvery elector who desire to soo
adopted, In Illinois, nn Improved Judelal
system will vote for tho new constitution.
ioy-Tho I'rcTident it is aid, will modify
his position on Cuba In accordance with
Sumner' 'resolution.
l&yTho Mound City Journal ha ills
covcroil many dofect In the new const),
tittion, 4f
B Would Dan Munn, in Congre,
join liumla with tho Uosoiner-tcclcrs ?
SrThoCarUjnbalo A'cio Kra gives to
tho new conitilutiou n weak enpport.
C27?"IJrlck" l'omoroy, In hi New York
Democritf, threaten to bolt Unll'mmi if ho
should to noiiilnated for tho Presidency.
"Hrlck" Is n Democrat of n peculiar kind.
IIo will support tho pnrty when it nomi
nates his man, mid declare for hi polley,btit
when It nominates soma othor person's man
nnd declare for some othor person' policy
ho eoos off into tho ranks of the men who
Ueslro tlio defeat of tho Democratic party.
Hrlck has ono or two admirers In Cairo.
They au Democrat pf the par rseelltht
kind fer'tho party whcii it 1 of their
opinion, and against lUwhcn It I not. It
would bo bettor If nil thesa Democrat In
precipl and" ixtitl-Democrnt In pructlco
wcrijin the Radical party.
IHon. Geo. ,H. I'epdluton wn In
Washington imIondiiy.
w " M'Xlinr AMD r.CONOMY.
Kvery family In tho city can iniiko It
own Ire crniim at but n trlfllngooit mid lit
tle labor by getting (looeh'a IXh Frcvwr;
1tli ri;ocfonm In live minutes. Two
gallons milk will mako three gniiuim r the
Uncst and best Icccrenui. Sizes from one to
eight quarts for family use, nnd from threo
tooight gallons for hotels nnd cotifoctlon-
Fulldlrectlona for using tho freezer and
rocclpts for making nil kind of Ice cream,
water ices, fancy enke, etc., nccompiiiy
each frectcr, nnd will also bo given nway
gratuitously to those desiring them.
We would respectfully rofor you to .Mr.
Jowett Wilcox, w ho ha ono ortht Freezer
now In use. For salo only by
l.lCCommcrcinl Avenao.
Tho Circuit court, of Alesnndorcoinly,
will not lo called; nor tho Jurors empan
ncled until 10 o'clock n.m, Tuodny
July Cth, 1870. JclI2lt.
JOHN (,. HA KM AN, Circuit Clerk.
Comb and Skk Mk. If you want bar
gain In clothing nml furnishing good,
comor of Sixth street nnd Ohio heron it
the host place to buy them.
tf I. WAhDEH.
Mother a you love your otl'prlng don't
fall to use Mrs. Whitcomb' Syrtji for
soothing children. Head tho ndvrrtbc
Hunt In nnother column, Juno28tU'lw.
How mnnv hnu'ewive aro therr who
havo experienced tho dllllculty of ibtaln-
ntr ltoo.1 vilioi'ar. K'iul llie .nivertise-
mentor W. 11. Hishop In tbW paper.
Skk advortlseineiilof Dr. HutU' I)Ipen.
nary, head.il, Hook for tin million Mur
rlagoGulde In nnolhcr mlutnn. It should
bo read by all. ml'.M.wlf.
i iii:aikst a mii iii:st.
Mr. WhltcomV .yrup for children 1
sold by druggists, f.r 25 unit n lmttlo and
It un admirable pnparation for Infantile
altordor. Juno'JOd.Vwlw.
and furnishing gwib tii ih wkkk. Tt I
repleto with am. tub noveltle of tho
season, at price' to silt the times, Corner
Sixth street nnd Ohiolevw. tf
Remember tho Roigh mid Ready hnl
in whito mid brown, nt John Antrim'.
Thev are nice the; nro cool, So
them. tf.
You will greatly 'nils It" if you don't
buy thoStar Shirt at uhn Antrim, No
73. Ohio lvee. tf.
Good wholesomu inegar. Any ono
can mako It. Seo ndiertlsoment of W. II.
Hlihopln this paiior. my2.rxlaw.1m
Tho old hair dyo nnd "colorerJ," etc.,
aro all moro or ht sticky, muddy, and
fetid, nnd tho hue they Impart nro not
natural, l'halon's Vltalhi, or Salvation
for the Hair, tho nerly discovered agent,
I, on tho othor hmiJ, limpid transparent,
fragrant and c Her. live, mid ha no scdl
ment. Sold by nl druggUta nnd fancy
goo. dealer. Jo'J'.Unlw
KOl'.NI ADYUi:. . , ,
Make It your btiimss, if you need cloth
ing, to go to n relliblo store, whero you
can Qnd all you need, mid made In the etylo
you fancy, nt such prices a to soil your
)iurio nml tho tlmw, Antrim' Is Just ueh
n home. There you will always llnd u
complete nnd select ioortmcnl of cloth-
ing, cither for men, youth', boy' or child
ren, at price a low a tho lowest. Com-
paro bl goU nnd price, us It will U to
your inlore-t.'' tf.
(iiiK.T Kxt'iTKitK.VT, Great slaughter
of Ilfgh rrlceint Anlrim,i',7aOlilohovoo,
whero you cannot only llnd tho most fash
ionable and seasonable stock of clothing in
tho city, but tho largest nml Ut variety
of Straw, Leghorn, Panama, Cnsilmeroand
Silk Hat over otl'ered in Calm. Huy your
hata and clothing right there. . tf
Gentlemen, go to John Antrim', 73
Ohio Levee, for all your muslin shirts,
hosiery, underwear nnd paper collar, and
save at least 25 per cent from tho ordinary
retail prices, JIo has tho best cloth cov
ered paper collar ever offered In tho mar
ket. f f.
Gam. at Wnldcr'a and kxamink iiih
stock of ci.othinci. Ho cannot, and will
not, uk uaoktihoi.u ur any otiiku iiouhi:
KNTIUKLY nkw, and was vovniiT at tlio
1. WALDKR, Corner of Sixth
tf and Ohio Lovce.
-Gossamer, Lisio Thread, Silk, Linen,
cross-barred and merino under-wcar, suit
able for tho season, at tho famous clothing
house of John Antrim, No.' 73, Ohio
Levee. tf.
Juat Rkckivki). Tho Shoo l'ly KIlot
and Don't Rodder Mo Uats mul oapt at
V, NeB'a, No. 7'f OJiio Loveo.
or -
l.lNli:i. IIIIIMI, S'rrl.llllllll
(!. Ml. llt'IJIIi:l, nnshlrr,
Collections Promptly Made,
IlxckuiiKC, Coin, ItiiMk otc
IIUU lirilK'! NIUIl'M NCflirl'
lic lloiiKlit ami
So 111. .
Inlerosl Allowed ou Time DeposlU.
Cnnitni - - $100,000
W. I'. IIAIiMOAY, rraliUul
A. II. NAI'Kflltl), t'aalilrri
WAl.TI'.ll IIVNf.OP, Aaalatans Caaliltr.
Stasia Tajlor IV. I1. HalllJay,
rott Hhllr, llol-t.ll.l'aanlaahasi
l.ro. I. U'llllainion, Mfilira ninl,
A. II. SaiTur.1.
lxeliaiiKcs Coin nud
U. . Jiuiiil ISotiKlif
anil Mold.
DopoMitoM XI. ocolvod
ji:Ti:it i iuu,,
wxci.rsi vie
Millers' Agent,
Or lit I a Nnllrllril, a ml sroillill)- Mil
tillrui liirl- I'llltil.
'. I'. Stilhiii.
i.e. viii.
atii i:s
v mil,.
GK.Vr.UAli I'ltOIMTi:
Commission Merchants
H-M ilalli'hti(iiioli'ii In Ihi'l.ilri h.'t'.eaii'l silif
iti:ri:iis io
I,pi( oiinty.Vat.un.il lima, I'iioii, 111.; Win, I'lil.
I'lsnrii III it V Nnlli.lifil lUnk, (Mini, llltnuia;
MitilK'H-, l.il.ir. All, :iiiiinia.on .Min li.nii -,
Cliii ai'ii, HI j IIiMvi 'i A sti.ni, l nn M.'i li.uils,
t'liieaifo. III., lanr, Meruli A I , t In. .it'. Id.
I ,' luii.im iiiu ni ii, iv , M, ill .'v.ii.ll III 111,
lin'liTiiKlK'd, Mill la aclu fit plll'lll Ullt'tt'lll. Oil llie
(.III iiny nt July, IkTi'.Io im) ii.'ltliUiiiiJi lurii',
if nut i'l.iiiiir.1 i.r eullcl ur l-.for.' tin ilule ulxiii
llll'lllllilli' 1, . ill In l lkl'l l.'ir.'im Wliu if Ilu.1l, i. p.
'. I... ........ ..I.. .A....... ... . . . I .
. ill' .iixiii .11111,1 nro. iinnnm, ni in oi iimk
1 1 M l plnmler
' 1 tin mul 1 tf tli.. .
niA. t. iii.nm:
no mul;
K., r.nro.
no iitnr.t
t. ..;
K ,
1 1
I I ill .llllrril.
I pktfrliirriiins
1 eiiu.lv irimk....
1 pkK hariifa. T It II fniiier. Trim
1 b'.ithi'rtr'lK'mpiy,. no niTrli
I I.I.I ipii'i'ii.ttare Un
I Imx pluielcr H Tli'inua
I l.l.'K m in v..v... Im limi k
2iVi u i.Aiir....M. In
I ll'l; uii.leniili'lit. In
I .In mi'.llcin.' m... It i:T.liine, Mi'inp
,'iiloz wi.iir.1. r.M l .rroi nnlianl
1 1H...I I'liiii'i. r nn in in,
I li. ..... ..... Mist: in'i.imsy, An
mm, Iml .
, l rlirat pluieli-r nn in.nl;
, 1 Ir'lc ninl i i.uli nl.... ilu
I On
I .1.1
A .N llhlH'.NO
nn mill;
W, It V A (', West
1 iln
1'mIiiI. Arlt
.Im.... I On a
i". 1 ill!
zC 1 tallne
:i I .in
S I trunk
m uo mark
.. UI'lA'rlxlit
..lU'try Mm i'H. IVoiii
II llruH. t.i ro
, i ii ia .i ,iuuie, care
i) 1 trunk ln
:i I Lureaii ami kI.i......
.'II I l.llll IllljU'l'll
ii , I oiitltiikiciui ,
.Ti 1 .In ilu
31 llrfii ainukliiiln,,.,
I o:i. I. Ilu tolmi'io
i...., I eot.n.i.ij .love
IIT I iln On........
0 1 eaaolc nnd content
:ri I iln do
. nn in.irU
. Un
.. .M'ClillJiiAt'olllaip
.. i.'inie
nn mul It
' iln
i I iln ilu
ii i no no
'.' I iln ilo
i'J 1 ilo ilu
Tlii Xiv Tow mid Job Ilout
ir. 11. CjQULTJiJi, i-Mast ar,
U prepareii 'at all tltnl to fu'Vll lelmM el low
lux uuJ Jn.l,lnK on tlm in( riH.onal.le ti'ilim,
lii'.M.pi.irU'ra ut C'.iiro, Illinois.
rpif f t.im: 'ni ih::vii
It V.NOl,TJIKHH...C.,n It. I'.WII.M t.Ml...(.'l'U
Will (ily rrKiilaily. Iioviiu 1'alro every il.iy (Suu '
lay a exrnpti'it) at lnlf..!i,l .'lu'i lnek p.m. ,
Tlm AriNiula ia a ill aiile.vtlirrl .if .mir. Iini-.,
iiiir vorv auiieriariuriiiiiiiicrlntiena for l.olh m,i
nicer ami ltuilil.
blie cuuiiiita u J'jilue.ili with llin Cinutwrluod
Rnd'lVnliitMlTr i.arktla au.l llio -N. w Urlenn.
anil Olnn rallreil'l. I'nr p.lr lii'iil:irf, ninily oil
liuaM.cirlo M, .1, IIICKMV,
i-ril Ari'iit m Olio,
riin i) in miinf
'IMS." ,
pit- LAWlMiiNCJE'S
HlKhly relebraltil I'lul.l t'xlr.K'l f
No Quick Meilielne-rorlnlila Arnim.l Iln- llaltlr
ritl'.tltS'.ll SOI.KI.Y II V
Dr. J.J. Lawrence
Organic Chemist,
Htrlki's nl tin rent nf ili-cnse l.y i.iulfyfnK tlir
iiinon, r.'-ii.ri njr inn im ir uu.i khiiifjainn iirnlihy
artlmi, ninl invlxnriitluK llin iit-rtmla Mili'fn.
Tlilal. iltn .rtit uf Ha i,wii.,aliil ,ii...t... in cur
Dyspepsia, Syphilis, Scrofula,
Tjivcr oiapIaiiil
f'lironir lllipiunitlam. NVuralKla. N.'M.,u. Ailia.
Hon., Kruptlon.. nf ili t-klri, llumor-, l,of of
viK'ir, inaraai-aoi inn ivlilncya aiul l.ln Mcr, ninl
all disi'iiaca eaitacil by n
o Or a illaraacil ean.lltliiii of llie
Liver, Kidneys,
Norvoua Syastotu, oto.
It tlioroiiKlily rradU-nfri evrry kiml ut liiunnr
an.l ti l t.iini,Hii. rraturea tlmrullru aystrin In a
hr thi Use of thin nir. II. 'ine from writ. lrLI .
auirrini(erralurrii, tustrunj;, Inallliy im.l liappy
lliru anil wiiuirii,
.No lil.'.llrllK. In atlalnnl such a if'i'l li'l'Ula
linn . thi.Jii'ily rcli l.r.ili).! Vuniu,uii.l,
Kn.lol I :ili 1 rrJ'i.ln.i.i n.le I I.r ll." l'l.l.lfut
nf tin. Iw llllt of tlif I. Nr. Ileal t,llj.. nl Uir
cny in .Irs li. Ik.
3?roi'. !R. S. ISTcwLou,
I'infi -..ii uii.l I'ri i li nt i.f iln. Kvnlly, lla'l'ri
fia(.r nf llicory ami I'nn tn v" nf Mi.li.'iii.., I
Inn,.(j, fie, .
llin nf tlm inOnt etnineiit tnnli.Ml turn of llila
a.. a.'ll Itimwu n Iln iinllior of llin fiJluMinir
aian.hr.l Itinlieal nik. . .Ni wloii'a "I'f trllennl
Jli'.lli'lii'," "lli.ej. a nf I tillitfrit, Vli.li'.
Snn' i-uifU'ry,'' i lc in !. niU-r nf .lwtni i
.Vfthtiu littirir 'p.1Ki' - t .a) t
"Aliivnx III" limin li . eiit i-rt'irla In ,ulr...liire
(.ipiilarly, mini.iir II." n. u irunli. ur noli.-.,
u Iihh pri'utr.iliiuii .iux,iiii.i', l.i J, J. lAxniK i,
M. Is., nl .NArfi.lk, V.i., Hlneli ia (urlil-li. .l .)lln
r I i ,ii iin.i in., i .111.1 if iii nuy il"ain u un.l.l)
Wil rf.'Milh i.xalilllnl Ma tlifAlurv au.l Irfa-aii.i
full) Hut all In. Hiirk l l - In ll.rl- l
nuuurr, l.y I Im inn. I upj.rutnl .i.m .m-, nnl
.mi in" i.--i iu,iimi, Kiinif ii. n rf.ini n an-i
I. .In. m.'i lliiK llie i jlill'll ln . f tin' pli). ,ni
an I Ihe nnio."
Cures Scrofula in lis Worst Forms.
Frii.ll A. l. Hill, a j.lOllllllflll I.ll'l aril klll'all
....... i.... .t v .r.i. ,'.
....-it i...... ... ,v iimim,
Nu. It MuiiiM, NukniLK. Vi..nVit li. 1 .'',
ia, l.ir.rft -Ivar lr i aur Ko-kmi In
mki-i Hunileralu my faintly. My lUmrliUr Ii u
I. ii .nlti iiT frnm .Sen. luu iii.' eliil.lliunii.
Hie In.t ililrlyum. plt.ii of Unm frnm lirr mikli',
irrai iiinu nrraiin, ix-amia ii.itinii uirvr. in
aerirnl part, nf thr t.Mlr. Wlnl.l lu llil, tM.
li'ilislieenuiint nv.t liiklnif '"r ICo.kn i -ilk, n J
likeiirlurui en lu r. liii.f.r II. n Iln ulri-is
jinxJuall) tiial l, an t lif r K. ii. ril In-allli fti ully
IIIII.IOll'.l. II fllUllllv .all- I lirr lillli li aullrr.
Iiik, nn. I ,.-rl,i. nriWr I ri'ifv.l Ku.kmi n api
eilie fur all u-roliiloiiaalliHlii.u.. Vuilr liu.kno
al'.iruri' l in) ml., nf il)pr.ui, frnm mIik-Ii alix
sum ml Kt'iuilf. Htm la no in i. ti. r In allli titan
in- n. i u hi nivjcir.
Willi llnlilitl.fl nvinJ.,
I am i:ratrfiitly ) ours, eto.,
A. W. MII.I.
Ku-kn.i a rli.(ire. liy tho bt l.liy.lel.lns
jii'Dniii r. ni-.'viiiu'r.iunuiiixfroiii it. Tllliiy,
n sin '..fill praclitluiirr nf many yini. .UiiJinx
ill nn win .luiiunmiii.
Ilik'tv .Xluunl. Klittnitj!L'u..t''i'i.t. in. lw1
I'm. J.J. I.a ri. Ikar Mr I I hai.liii )nur
, ..... I L ..... I I. . . . . ... .
, ....,--,., ,u riui.1 i.tuw iiii nu,h.u ill III) i.ruc
lies Mill. Iln li.i.lrl ir.ull-. I till. I II lube n
iMini.rfnl lirrr liirirnrntfir. l.ol Miniler. noil
in-rinii. lonle. In ulloiaOAea nl lli llicr, srri.f
un. ii-, )iiuiiir, uii'i nerieua uiiix uuna, ll la a
ri'innly of linm. ii-o r.iliifrj In fail, in almu.l
i'Titt larii'i ni I'lirnnic llai'.l.tfa lis list la la.li
raliil. Ilnpinif )nu liny inri-l hIIIi tin vnceeas
wuini ;nu iitrrii n. n iiiiwiiiiai-iiirf r ni rn :imi'
mclii-iiias, I inn, Sir, mill iiin.ili rerpi-ct,
nur olHallrlit arrVHIlt,
U.lT. 'J,Li:itV, M, 1 1.
ic o b k; o o
."avrfolk, Va. Hpj.i. 7, 1'li.
)r. J. J, wmcneO' -ln-arHiri My win lias rf
ei'Uisl aumileh Lcni-llt frnni uiir uuu.l,rriil i;...
kun, lint I I'nin'.t refrain frnm eiine-alnif my
LT.iliiu.lii. I liu.irliHlaiiiukt etorylliinii ill. nut
la-iK-llt. I tM'lli'ie. In nil ini-frliv. tlmt vi.nr I;..,.
knn a an llifullil.tr. rrine.ly fur 111 iliai ii.ii fn.lll
uhit'li hi. tins auUi'ri.!. ninl. an fur & I an l.in..
l.aM ni'ii rfilliHl. If tnitAulr klinwr tlm iiiiin.'ii...
ninmiiii ni auiiiTiiiK lie una unilf rifiine. Ini-n )nu
Cillll.l 1'lilll'l.lVl lh, iiillly lit aln.ii ii rpm.Mlv .
Iveakiui-lliiil niiri lycuffa. The Ki-i't 1.111..111.I 0f
KWI 1 1. Il'.ar uuiiio UlllUUIKm llil'.IIIUUIl',
Willi luui'll Knilllii.li',
I inn, rv.aa.tliillr yuiir., 1 in,,
Head the fnlluwiim frnm Mr, U'uiuMu, u promi
mul lur.lauri) iiienluuluf llifeiiy 1
.Nu, UHarki'tHuiure, .S'nrfolk, Va., )
IMnlair 11. lail. i
Ir.l.anreni l'aWr. Tullmlarxu nimiUr
Of Irallliiuiilula hIiii'Ii )nu btli-r of llin Kreal elll.
e.u..v of kuur Knakuo. I lakn iilnaaiirtf in ui'ilinr
1111 own. I aiilteriilKriallv Willi nennua ili-liiliiv.
Iiiaiku'lilf, lyaa nf apiiflile, i-U. Ty lailllca uf
,v,'Y .. ...w ... ,iv..iii.
Voara truly,
J. (i. wii.Miii.i;.
eni lli v. W. II. t.'liriatian, l'ator Uinwulilie
a" tyflllVVfll
, , . V ' l"rt.inoiilh, Va., 0.'tnber'J.. 1S,
'11. la la'lft tu ,1..,, 1 I...
.. .. '"'J nn'... Iff, lllirvui'l
Hell. Ila la a Ki'lltlrliiMl of rlllllllitjon, uini
Kurlhy of Urn fullealetinllili'iiee. I l.atu uaeil Ilia
Kiwkoo' aiitli wlfautaKa tu inya.lf, nml have
. '.'I., in lauiiir in i-aatw 1. 1 in'rvulla
jJvl'illty.iuia Urirw1iiu. V, II.C'IIHI.STUN.
iil a r-
From I'r. Unyil, a iiyi)iiin of larije praetve.
(ireutUriilKe, Va., OctulwrH, janti.
J. .1. I.ih riii. i', M. D.-Oearj-iri ! e'leerfully
eni'inae )our Kuskoo n b Inn a rnl taliial.lt.
Iri'uiatiuu, Uuiii exaiiiiiialinii f the foiinuU,
I lui'l fink li.:ri'.lli'iit highly estolletl l.y our I11..1
ami 1001: pruxroirlri' I'liui'al luienliKutura, I
h ive li-.tcil ila iittK'ta In ny uhii .r.u ii i., au.l
have 110 lieaitiitlou in !uiiiiiieinliiiu II, In my
opinion, it l Ihe Iwal futujxiuml nl ilxi laaa eier
put Ulore the put.llo i xifeilliic hy far nil Ihe
VUtiOiwci.n).tfnnJa of i-araapiilllai lo., ever in
ventetl, It la a ilfeMcd'neri. ionic; anU luvlKor
atur ut Ihe niiimsl fnn i , ulilinK ilinc'tlnn and
luaimilatiun, sail lli.'iil.y pruiliiciiiK htalthy
l.lun.l, whii'lialmiil.l la Ilu liaila uf trfiiliut'iit in
all ehronlo .jii.'iHi'n," ,UoplilX you. will n ap thu
ri'wnr.l jou ile.i'ivc 1 nun ihepuMi'iiia a lieuefae
lur, I urn, air.
inura iriiiy, uii.ih. i.i.uvh.
Aftf.f r;l,n,l,rt Mni. ii t..i... .......I.i .
.. IK till ,M. MiniM' UIKII t "IlllllVIIUnilUflPI
(nVMlliU n 11 111. 1 vow.n-il.ltr l.amlt.lA it.
Fqr'Addltlenal -Testimonials
', n. ...ii., , iiiki. hi 11 nil.. I'uiivr a, ijriii;
Kiats, .aivrrliaul, ulc.-, hod Kuskon Almunau fur
flllCt: ONK B0I.LAU Vt.il I I10TTIK.
I'ur aale l.y llie priuelpiil ilfiij;al in ihe United
HUh-o iiml lrUMi ,uicri;n, JuUilanJin
.tin ik
W. II. Moi l l.
II. II, ninl. .
.Sntiir) 1'ul.lif an.l f
Cl.lll III !M. ... .
Notary i'lihlk'.
AmhHh Mrf,f310,.')OI u?
A ! !i,?:i,ntio uo
A. a, 11.2IO 7'i
AhsM'IM I,fi!l,l IS Nil
Ahmi i.riffii.auH 17
A awl 70n,t)7 7U
oiiKVUiaAKD, ;m:viJi,ai.
Arh'Im ;.. ft 1 ft, 07:1 N't
llOMi:, COI.DM lll'N.
Aftuein 1... BlftJT III
AMIM!ll 500,000 OO
AaMcia 30.000.0n0 00
1.11K1V accmi:m.
AmmvIm 1.500,41011 00
NI'UA.K f.'O., HA UT
AmhcIk ftOO.OOO 00
Anaela, MO:tO.SIl'i UH
Safford, Morris 6 Candeo
71 onto Li:vi:i;
(..!,' National lUnk,
Oa-tll-O. XXI.
J. h. I!i ir.l' n. I m j II I i.lN.
j s. ici:titii: v 'o., aki"
A. O O X U 33 osr 'X A. X
WlnlrH lllofk,'oriMrSvinl
hirt'ol aiid 'iuiiiorial
UltO, iJjist.VOiS.
V.V Kprr.rul ll.f foll.mlli ll'A.llli, l'.llll.
un.l faJrialln( ron,niif
MKItt'ilANiS lH. Co., or Clileuifo;
OAI'irAI. AN'I) rll'Ill'U H kll.HIN 11 1
HKCI'ltlTY In. Co., or New York ?
(Ul'll'.ll, AMI SLIil'U ri.OI7.NIIM -t
COMMEIU'lAlt Inn. 'o or Chleairo;
I'Al'ITAI. AMI Hrjll':.UH...,3., Vila S3
1MK1'KM)I:XT In. Co., or ltotou ;
AI'ITAI, AM) hUM'MH uHu:iO,hr)'j rlk
SAMiAMO Int. Co., or Snrliik'Helil;
I'Al'ITAI. ANft MMlPl.t'.-, :t1,lin7 T
AUIKIIt.V Int. Co., nr Aurora. III. ;
IHI'ITU, AM) HL'HI'MH rj',0.711 '-
STATU lire lit. Co., or CUn-lnwl, O.
OU'lTAli AND H'lll'l.tW iOO.H7.IO
L.U1AII Iuk. Co., or Clilrau'o.
tAI'ITAI. AMI HI Itrl.L.alll, 100,000 OU
irDni'lllnK. ami rontruta, Mi-rrliinJi.f
Hlw'ka, .Miiiufulurli-a au.l M.K-hliin), Hun
I'arKura nnl King lit 1,1, 1, luuit-. nu H.r inct
ri a.uuat.il. ti'iui., in tin alovi.tainJ c u.. !:-
fa n. hiuhui:iw t co., aki.
IViiitrn.ii.i, IV. Y. :
akni:ti. ..h.iub.iiii
Carei'mivniii, K". Y. ;
ANNirrs..... i.oaflii i
Hnnoveri IV. Y, ;
Ktn s;'4ii,7o,
Topnllic, IV. Y. ;
AHMi:rns.-... siin.M.'.i
S'uiiiprUInu llie t'liilervvrlltra'Att
YonkurH, IV. Y. ;
r-aauuBJjr Vltj1 j
AKHi-rT.........-........8i.i:i,iy u
Pirom'n'm lund, tS. I
AHNRTN .........tfl7H.00
Security, IV. Y, ; Mar
AN9II2TN.m...........m....)I'I3,4. U
UT-alori'a, lnnlliu., Knruiture, II. il
CurKoea in.iire.l at ratea aa f.uoral.lii
pi'iinancnl aecurily Mill warrant,
I rci pit; I fully ask of tho citiii na j
than, uf lhlr palrouaff.
. . IIFGIIFrt,
Oltk-f-at Fir.l Nalloual .11. u
Cl. AHY.
I'Tincipal Undertaker
Xo. lil. Klxlk Street, i'ulni. IlllnnU
. 0 j a. . taaaaf.-y ,i
ICeriM cnaatinlly pi, him. I alareo Miiioly of 1'iainl
A 111 if J. iii'ivniHt Imj.rovcl 1 4
"-.."".' lil,.',UI 111111. ,1,
ready-Muni. t m n
WOOdon dofllnu -rrtv-
A IltarHe aia.Crriaarc.s Ahvii)lu j
iifiiuinouM. a
llo.Kia illalntpiTu.l All.) ut.tl,.,,..! n'' n..a. n i l. .
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